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John Joseph Myers, at age 14 finds love unexpectedly.
A New Home, Meeting the Neighbors: Chapter 2

As the last week of June during summer break in my fourteenth birthday has just passed, I like some fourteen-year-olds I'm going through a growth spurt and outgrow my jeans almost weekly, I wasn't too small to start with but now I'm five foot eleven and still growing I grown taller than mom, who is five foot six and she doesn't let me forget it.

The house we moved into his older and still have some of the design features of a house built in the 1920s. It's actually a Sears house I found the floor plan on-line.

We share a bathroom but mom is never been one to be modest, but that gives me problems. Although mom did catch me nude just stepping out of the shower with water still in my eyes I didn't notice her standing there until I pulled the towel off my head. She was looking straight at my semi-hard cock. I quickly covered myself mostly out of surprise my mother has never looked at me that way. Mom was a beautiful tempting woman, like I said before she stands five foot six with 34C firm breasts a 24 inch waist with a flat stomach and 34 inch hips. She turned and left the bathroom as I quickly finished and dressed.

I walked into the kitchen to get breakfast. Mom was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a strong cup of coffee. As I poured a large bowl of cereal, mom looked me over one more time. Mom waited until I was finished and seated to begin eating before she began to speak. “JJ you're not a little boy anymore. In some ways you're far more grown-up than other fourteen-year-old boys. You remind me more of your dad every day. From what I seen in the bathroom just now you’re going to start chasing girls real soon."

This I realized for over a couple years now that I really like girls and women. Maybe mom finally noticed that I have the equipment to really please most women. I'm now five foot eleven inches tall and my cock was fully hard is over eight inches and pretty thick. But while mom says is embarrassing especially how she looked at me. So I groan. “Oh Mom.”

Mom is met the neighbors and they invited her over for a party they're having this Friday. “Why don't you get out today, the neighbors have a lot of kids and you should try to make some friends.”

I've noticed that several of the neighbors are attractive girls around my age there's three brothers and five sisters. The eldest maybe twins and I'm not too sure how old they are. If they are twins, obviously not identical, they did take strongly after both their parents. The twins have come by the mailbox a couple times but I wasn't close enough to talk to them.

We being the furthest houses out of town the mail truck usually get here around eleven I'm waiting for it my first dividend statement should be arriving today. I'm interested to find out how much a month difference is going to be made due to the fact Yahoo seem to be advertising the site strongly. Just judging from how the bidding goes I should be getting around five or six hundred thousand.

Unfortunately for me the youngest daughter who looks to be nine or ten years old comes and waits for her mail too. I strike a conversation up with her it can't hurt to get in good with the neighbors. I say, “Hello again. It’s Katie right?”

Katie smiles and says. "You remembered, yes I'm Kathryn you can call me Katie everyone else does.”

I smile back. “Well Kathryn if you want me to call you Kathryn I will.”

Kathryn smiles broadly and says. “You would be the first one to call me Kathryn; I'm beginning to hate being called Katie. My older brothers call me Katie Cat. I hate that, when they do."

I smile back and say. “Then that will never cross my lips, I wouldn't want you ever to be mad at me.”

Kathryn still smiling her Hazel eyes looks greener now. “If you never call me Katie cat I don't think I would be.”

The mail truck approaches and they get their mail first four large boxes that are too large and heavy for Kathryn. The mailman jokingly sets them down by the mailbox and says. “Now Katie Cat don't you dare try to carry these. Go get one of your brothers those are the parts your dad ordered.” I noticed she stiffened as soon as he referred to her as Katie cat. For some reason it just got under my skin I knew he didn't really mean any harm by it and was probably just repeating what he heard her being called.

Trying to be courteous but firm I say. “Sir, Kathryn would appreciate that you not referred her like that.”

He turns to me. "You're the new kid that's just moved here from California right?"

I reach out my hand in greeting. "Hi I'm John, John J. Mayer. You can call me JJ."

He shakes my hand then says. “You know she's never said anything about that. I'm sorry Katie... Kathryn."

Kathryn again smiled as she replies. "It's okay Uncle Steve maybe I should have told you before."

I reached down and lift the boxes they are too heavy for her but not too bad for me. “Kathryn if you show me where to take these I will carry them for you.”

Steve laughs as he speaks. "You're going to fit in just fine around here. Are you sure you don’t want to make two trips?”

I smile knowing just how heavy they are. “No I got it, it's only 220 pounds.”

Steve laughs and pulls forward to our mailbox. “Hey young man, you have something here from Yahoo.”

I called back. “Yeah I've been expecting that, I'll get it after helping Kathryn.” I walk on following Kathryn as she leads me towards the barn, good hundred and fifty yards away. The door to the barn was open and her father was bent over a tractor removing parts.

Kathryn called to her father. “Daddy we got your parts. This is JJ he's our new neighbor.”

I set the parts down on a work bench adjacent Mr. Edwards. Mr. Edwards wiped his hands on a shop cloth before offering his hand to me. I shook his hand firmly not caring about the grease still left there. He looked me directly in the eye and smiled before saying. “You carried that stack of parts all the way from the mailbox and you’re not winded."

I joke telling him. "The air here is better than LA must be a higher oxygen content to it."

He laughs at my jokes. “That may be so, but most of the football team would be winded as fast as you carried those a crossed.”

I really hadn’t noticed but Kathryn had set a fast pace not as rapid as a run but she had been skipping. I hear the horn of the mailman and turn to see him wave for me to return. I quickly run back to see what he needs. Once there he shows me the letter from Yahoo is certified and requires my signature. I apologize to him. "Sorry if I knew it was a certified letter, I would have set the parts back down and sign for it.”

He smiled his acceptance of my apology and friendly remarks. “This isn't LA we’re not in that big of a hurry around here, besides it was fun watching you carried all that out there. You should be winded carrying that out there and returning in a run. What did you do in Los Angeles to get in shape?”

I tell another joke at LA's expense. “I ran from the gangs.” He chuckles before leaving.

Kathryn is waving at me from the barn. I put the letter in my back pocket and run back. Once I'm there Mr. Edwards is now under the tractor and asked if I could hand him the parts. I'm begin opening the heavy boxes and removing the parts, there several heavy parts in each box.

As he gets under the tractor he begins to remove and reach out the old parts one at a time, I place them in order on the workbench as he reaches me each part. He's now ready to take the new parts and I hand them to him in reverse order from the ones he reached me. It takes us another hour to complete reinstalling the new parts.

I couldn’t stand it curiosity made me open the envelope. I carefully cleaned my hands before opening the envelope and examine it. It was actually more than I expected at $864,900 not bad at all for 4%. That's when I discovered it just wasn't the statement it was the check as well, I'll have to get Mom to take me into the bank to make a deposit. Mr. Edwards bangs an old part against tractor to bring me back to task at hand, taken the old part I hand him one of the last of the replacement parts.

Kathryn had gone into the house and I noticed she was on her way back carried a picture of lemonade with three glasses. My hands were dirty again so I didn't bother stuffing the envelope with the statement and check. We're on the last few parts as Kathryn set down the lemonade. Her eyes were drawn to the statement and for a ten-year-old she had a very good grasp of what it was. As she read her eyes went wide recognizing the check made out to me. I am uncertain if I should say anything to her or just play it off. I decide the truth would be better if I want her as a friend.

Carefully wipe my hands after setting the last new part into her father's hands. I asked her. “What you think about my part-time job?"

Kathryn smiled brightly and asked. “Where could I get a part-time job that pays like that?"

I'll have to explain it. “Actually Kathryn that is a revenue check I get from Yahoo for selling an Internet company to them. It was part of the agreement when I sold it to them that they would give me 4% of the profit and my partner would receive 1%.”

Kathryn's smile lights up the barn as she asked. “How often will you get these checks?”

I whisper to her. “Kathryn as long as you won't tell anyone else.” She shakes her head yes. “Okay I'll trust you. I'll get one every month they won't always be the same amount of money.”

Mr. Edwards overhears enough to understand what's going on. He has finished under the tractor and is making his way out to stand to get some lemonade. He catches a glance at the documents and gives a long whistle. “That some part-time job you got there.”

I can’t stop it now, so I say. “I guess the secret is more or less out, yes I do make a lot of money for a kid.”

Mr. Edwards says. “That's a lot of money for anyone.”

I'm a little sad thinking I may have had a chance to make friends and my carelessness spoiled that. “Yeah it is. I hate the fact that people treat me differently just because I make a lot of money.”

Mr. Edwards smiles thinking and then slowly speaks. “JJ you helped when my sons couldn't even be bothered to help me. If you don't want anyone to know about that, well I'll just forget it.”

Kathryn slips her hand into mine before saying. “I didn't see a thing.”

Mr. Edwards asked. "JJ before I forget. How in the world did you come up with an idea that pays you like that?”

While we drink our lemonade I explained it all to them. How I went to school. How I was treated and hated it. I started homeschool and need tutors. How my first Internet Company helped kids like me locate competent tutors for them, and provided online tutoring for a monthly fee. I got the idea watching an auction how some people seem to enjoy bidding more than just buying the item. I decided to create a website where items were auctioned. I decided against a monthly fee in favor of a per bid fee. That turned out to be the best idea I have had to that point.

Mr. Edwards interrupts and ask. “Why was it such a good idea for a per bid fee?”

So I continued my explanation. “On the site I sold high-end electronics and several automobiles per month. A car costing around $30,000 would auction off at between 12,000 and 18,000 dollars. With each bid only raising the price one sent, I collected $.50 fee per bid.”

Kathryn is definitely a smart person. She begins to giggle realizing how much each car made. “You mean you sold a $30,000 car for $12,000 but made $600,000 off the bids.”

“I made up the difference in the price of the car but I always made a profit off every car. And we sold anywhere between eighteen and twenty-nine cars a month. Second-year running the site I got at dealerships license for my Corporation so we made more profit.”

Mr. Edwards looks at me, calculating the math one more time he shakes his head yes before he asked the obvious question. “Why would you give up a company that made money like that?”

I explained this to Mr. Edwards. “Well at one moment my server glitch and I sold four cars for between $7000 and $10,000 I didn’t make a lot of profit on them. That's when I knew my equipment couldn't handle the traffic load, I checked with having one of the major companies host my site but none would even entertain my offer. Yahoo offered more money to buy it than I could refuse so I sold it to them.”

He smiled and says. "At least you knew when to get out of the game when you were on top.”

“Yep one more bad crash similar to that, and I would've got that price out of Yahoo, and deftly not got a percentage.”

Kathryn still holding my hand says brightly. "Your Mom deftly is right you are a smart one."

Mr. Edwards asks. “JJ just how old are you?”

I smile and tell him. “I just turned fourteen last week.”

Mr. Edwards a little shocked but recovers quickly and says. “Guess you can call me Coach. I coach the football team at Foxmoore high school it is the unified County high school. I expect you will be trying out for football right?”

I started to blurt out I had already finished high school, hell I had three Associates degrees already. I never thought about it going to home schooling I had one goal that was to complete it. Now I could spend my time trying to make a lot more money but already had plenty of that. I think I might try school after all this is a different place and I will not have the same problem I had in California. It might be more fun to be a student in high school; the work could not be that hard. Besides, I’ll never get to meet a girl my age if I don't. All the girls around here my age go to high school. “What about homeschool, I did that for a while when I was in California.”

Coach says it gently. “I hope that doesn't cause a problem because here the County does not recognize homeschooling from out-of-state.”

Well that settles it; I'll be attending high school in the fall. “I'll have to ask my mother for permission to start practice, but I'd like to join the football team.”

Coach smiles saying. “Judging from you bringing in those parts and running back and forth without being winded you may be in the best shape of all the freshman starting practice.”

I smiled telling him. "Just got these longer legs they help a lot.”

He laughs saying. “You’re at that age when everything goes crazy, with your hormones going wild.”

Why does everyone keep saying that? I know it is hard being this age. A girl bending over will give me a hard cock, before she can touch her shoe. But isn't that normal? I just smile and nod.

Kathryn folds the papers back up slides them into the envelope and folds it over, places them in my shirt pocket for me. “Don't leave that lying around for everyone to see.”

I smiled warmly saying to her. “Thank you Kathryn.”

Coach Edwards smiles and asks. “Would you like to have lunch with us? I kind of like to pay you back for helping me."

“I would like that Coach.”

Kathryn grins at me. “Maybe you can get my brothers to stop calling me Katie Cat, like you did Uncle Steve.”

I'm joking so I give the coach a wink. “I bet I could but I'll need to get rough with them.”

Kathryn smiles at me and says. “Good they need to be taken down a notch.”

I asked the coach the question to change the topic. “Coach does the high school have a martial arts team that I may join.”

He shakes his head no. “I wish we could get the money for something like that. There are more than a few girls that could use some training in self-defense.”

"Well I happen to know a wealthy benefactor who would like to help with that. How would one go about something of that nature?"

The coach chuckles saying. “I wouldn't have you do that. Your secret would be out very quickly.”

“Well I have heard of money being donated anonymously.”

The coach smiles as he is replying. “If you insist I could help with that, but we would need an instructor in at least one discipline.”

I give him a quick boul. “I have a third Dan in tae kwon do and a second Dan jujitsu.”

The coach raises an eyebrow. “You have to forgive me but I’m not familiar with those terms.”

I explained. “A Dan is commonly known as a black belt.”

Kathryn is grinning from ear to ear; she rubs her hands together with a devilish smile she asks. “How rough are you going to let JJ get Daddy?”

Coach grins and asks. “That means you’re good enough to put them in the dirt without really hurting them right?”

I reply. “Every day of the week and twice on Sunday if need be.”

“It's about time someone come along that could do that, those boys of mine, I love them but they gotten too big for their britches.”

“Okay I can put them in their place for you. I won't hit them but I want to be sure they land on something soft.”

The coach laughs and says. “Just take them into the backyard the grass is high enough to break their fall.”

His oldest daughter calls from the porch as were nearly halfway there. “Hurry up, Dad lunch is on the table.”

Coach shouts back to her. “Set one more place we got company.” She disappears into the house without calling back.

Kathryn changes the subject. “You said your birthday was last week. I wish I had known you then I would have given you something for your birthday.”

“That's nice of you. Thank you Kathryn.” I think what Joan gave me. It is a handmade birthday card. I have it stored away safely, once I have mine room set up I'll display it.

Kathryn informs me. “My birthday is tomorrow I'll be ten.”

Smiling I tell her. “That makes me four years and one week older than you.”

At this point she acts like normal 10-year-old and sticks her tongue out at me. Then she giggles and runs ahead of us. I start the chase her but the coach puts a hand on my shoulder. I turned to him as he begins. “You know she's getting a crush on you.”

I hadn't even thought of that. I had a crush on one of my tutors when I was just a little older than her. I know how painful they can be. That stopped me dead in my tracks. “Coach I don't want to hurt her, what can I do?”

He gives me the wisdom of a father who has been through it with his daughters before. “There's not much you can do, just be her friend and it will all work out.” The coach says. “By the way we got her an iPod she's been asking for. You could get her something small if you wanted to.”

“I am going into town today you have any suggestions something nice, but don’t send the wrong message.”

Coach thanks for second. “Get her brothers to stop calling her Katie cat, and tell her that's her birthday present.”

“I think I can do that for her.”

The coach slaps me on the shoulder as we step onto the porch. “I think you're going to work out as a good neighbor.”

I notice he is pulling off his shoes, and do the same. I follow him in and go to a downstairs bathroom to wash our hands before we eat. It's a real meal, not something I expected for lunch. I was thinking soup and a sandwich. But the menu is Salisbury steaks with mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, fresh green beans, and Apple pie for dessert.

Then after we are seated the Coach introduces me to his children. The older two are twins and do resemble him and their mother. First the twins a boy seventeen years old is named Michael Junior and his sister is Michelle, a sixteen-year-old boy named Mark closely resembles his father's appearance. There forth child a daughter name Maria fifteen years old. Their fifth child a son named Edward, called Eddie is fourteen years old. Their sixth child Kara a girl of thirteen closely resembles her mother, the seventh child Krystal a twelve-year-old girl with strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes she looks a lot like her sister. The eighth child is Kathryn who also has strawberry blond hair and hazel eyes. That's a total of eight children three boys and five girls.

Their mother’s name is Helen; she has blue eyes and blonde hair and is a very attractive woman for having eight children. She stands about five feet six with probably the 34 B-cup breasts a slim waist and probably a 34 or 36 inch hip. Her oldest daughter is slightly slimmer probably 32 B-cup and probably 32 hips. The fifteen-year-old daughter has the darkest hair of the girls with medium brown hair and deep Hazel eyes. She appears to have 34 C-cup breast with 34 inch hips, she's only about 5 foot one. The thirteen-year-old has Hazel eyes and lighter brown hair then her sister. The twelve-year-old like her sister probably has A cup breast on a 30 inch frame, with slim waist and hips. Kathryn with her tenth birthday tomorrow is he probably stands four foot four, probably only in a trainer bra and maybe a waistline of 18 inches, and 22 or 24 inch hips and shoulders. I can see the difference a couple years will make.

Edward her fourteen-year-old brother asked Kathryn the past potatoes he said. “Hey Katie cat reach me the potatoes.”

Kathryn tensed I could see her looking at me through her peripheral vision to see if I would do something. I gently correct Edward by saying. “I think since tomorrow is Kathryn's birthday she's a little too old for that name now.”

Edward teases me a little. “Oh you think you can make me stop.”

I turn to the coach and he gives me a wink. I face Edward and say. “Edward, I could probably make you stop, but I'm a guest in your house and it would be rude for me kick your ass.”

Edward not one for backing down says. “Is LA boy afraid I’ll kick is ass?”

Little more forcefully I state. “First I'm not LA my name is John or you may also call me JJ but I'm not LA or loser ass.”

Notice the coach is whispering something in his wife's ear. She gets a devilish look and giggles as she shakes her head yes to her husband. The coach says to Edward and I. “It looks like you're going to take this outside to settle this. I don't want you breaking anything. So if you two are going to fight about this I wanted it a fair one.”

I nod to him. “Do you want us to wait till lunch is settled or should we take it outside right now?"

Kathryn whispers in Maria's ear, Maria turns to Krystal and seems to repeat what Kathryn told her. This goes from one girl to the others as is passed along. Each of the sisters looks at me then back to their brother. Finally Michelle asks. "Dad is it true you're going to let Edward get is ass kicked?”

The coach answers. “Well if he's dumb enough to start something with someone he knows nothing about, it's about time he learned a lesson.”

Edward looks a sister with anger in his eyes. “Who said I’ll get my ass kicked, everybody knows where the three toughest boys in the County.”

The coach laughs. “That might've been true last week, but JJ moved in now I don't think that's true anymore. Everybody knows how tough Los Angeles can be.”

Edward even gave his father and angry look. He turns to me and says. “Right now, you and me in the backyard.”

I calmly tell him. “Before we start I want you to agree that if I put you on the ground three times, it's over, and you'll never call her anything but Kathryn and only Kathryn from now on.”

He angrily says. “What will I get if I put you on the ground three times?”

I reach into my wallet and pull out a hundred dollar bill. I set it on the table than say. “If you make it back in before I do, because I'm on the ground you can have it.”

Edward laughs and says. “Only a 100.”

I chuckle and return and say. “Okay, I still have my birthday money.” I pullout four more hundreds and add it to the first.

The coach picks them up. “I'll give them to the winner.”

The girls are wide eyed seeing the money I dropped like it was nothing. It seemed to only make Edward angrier. He jumps up and heads towards the back door storming through, I calmly rise and walk through the door he left open. He's walking in circles in the backyard fist clenched at his side.

I look at Edward calmly and say to him. “You should never fight when you're mad. You have no control, you will lose.”

Edward turns and looks at me anger rules his mind, he shouts. “What the hell do you know; you're just some stupid city kid.”

He steps in leading the left jab; I step back and to the right. I have anticipated this I know he's throwing a right hook as soon as that's left begins to draw back his right arm speeds forward. He doesn't know how fast I am. He is thinking I had stepped into his kill zone. I move a little further back and down out of the way of his punch. Missing his weight falls forward so he’s off balance forcing him to step closer to me, I trip him as my hand firmly pushes them further off balance. He falls turning to land on his ass. I calmly say. “That's the first one.”

He scrambles to his feet, as I calmly stand there. I am standing out of his reach forcing him to move to attack. He comes throwing punches and jabs, I either step out of the way or slap them aside. Taking two quick steps backwards I force him into a lunging punch. I catch Edward by the wrist and throw him over my shoulder forcing him to land skidding on his ass. I calmly say, “That's the second fall. One more were done."

His sisters laugh from the porch, while his brothers remain silent. Edward jumps to his feet and charges, I drop into a three-point stand and watch as he takes the last few steps as he begins to bend over to grab me I lunch forward into his thighs and raise up pushes him completely off the ground and he completely flips in the air landing on his ass for the third time.

I stand over top of him, and calmly ask. “Is it over like you agreed? Do I have to let you throw yourself around the backyard for another half-hour?”

Edward takes a deep breath, that last time knocked the wind out of him. In a moment he raises his hand it's not a fist so I help him to his feet. It seems his anger was knocked out as well as his breath. When he comes to his feet he looks at me then shakes his head before saying. “Dad was right. I should have got to know you before trying to kick your ass.”

I tell him quietly with my back facing the others. “If you had asked I would've told you. I have a third Dan in tae kwon do and a second Dan jujitsu, a Dan is a black belt.”

Edward asks. “Could you show me some of those moves?”

I smile and calmly tell him. “Only once you control your anger. You will be able to do those moves. So if you want to learn how to do that first. I will.”

Edward rubs his ass. “Yeah that last time you put me on my ass was something.”

I say lightly. “I thank you Dad probably can show you that last move better than me. It's from football not martial arts.”

Edward laughs. “I thought I recognized that move.”

Walking back to the porch Edward says. "The deal is I can't call her anything but Kathryn.”

“Yes, that just about sums it up. If she lets you call her something else that's up to her.”

Edward looking at his brothers says. “So if she doesn't like it, you’re coming back to change my mind about it.”

“That would be correct.” Then I look at his older brothers, and then I ask them. “Could I ask you kindly to stop misusing your sister’s name?”

The two older brothers both laugh. Mark says. “I'll tell you what you make me the same offer you did with Edward.” I shake my head yes.

Mark steps off the porch, he doesn't take a step before he throws a punch, I counter and he lands upon the ground. This time I only let him stand before I move in and put him on the ground, for second and third time. I stay in the yard and wave to Michael Junior to come and join me. He calls. “Same deal?”

“Sure same deal.” He steps into the yard more cautiously than Mark a cooler head than Edward. It doesn't matter much as he throws a two punch combination I move faster than I had before holding less back. Three quick throws later I'm now walking back onto the porch. The Coach hands me the $500.

Edward, Mark and Michael finish launch standing. After lunch I excuse myself and asked Helen if she needed anything from in town. She thanked me, but didn't require anything.

After I left the coach asked his sons if they learn anything by it. Edward spoke first. “Never fight when you're angry.” Mark and Michael both said. “If we're in a fight we want JJ as our ally.”

The coach points out to them. “You took on an unknown opponent. That is not wise.”

They each laugh in agreement. Edward asks. “Dad did you know he was a multiple black belt?”

His father replies to them. “He told me he possessed five. You do know how some people boast. I got a feeling he's not that type.”

Kathryn comes by as Mom and I were just leaving; I noticed she changed her clothing she now had on an attractive sundress. Kathryn asks. “Mom remembered she did need something from town if you're going by the department store. If it's okay I'll come and get it, mom give me the money for it."

Mom says. “The bank is in the same location, so that should not be a problem.”

Kathryn shyly asks. “JJ this isn't going to interfere with you getting me a birthday present, is it?"

I chuckle and tell her. “I thought getting your brothers to only use your name correctly would be a good birthday present.”

Kathryn gives me a quick hug. “That was an excellent birthday present. But what if they start calling me that again?”

I smile to her saying. “I told Edward, I would changes mind for him if he started doing that again. I guess I could get a birthday card and write in it to remind everyone not to call you that.”

Kathryn smiling and pleads only like a little girl can. “Oh yes please, that way they'll never go back to doing that.”

Mom inquires. “Did I miss something?”

Kathryn burst out the statement before I could stop her. “He talked my brothers into fighting him, so when he put them on their ass three times each. They had to stop teasing me by calling me Katie cat.”

Mom scours over at me and utters. “I told you to go make friends not enemies of the neighbors.”

Kathryn giggles and informs mom. “My brothers want him on their side if they ever get in a fight from now on. Oh and dad says thank you, they've actually started helping.”

Mom opens the door for Kathryn putting her in front with her. Mom asks. “Why would they start helping just because JJ came over?”

Kathryn giggles then says. “First they’re too sore to set down. Dad told them you're over helping him with the tractor. Said he needed to reward you so any time you come over to assist him you can spar with the boys. My brothers decided if there is nothing for you to do. They wouldn’t have to spar with you.”

Mom laughs and says. “We’ll have to stop by and say hi to your mom on the way out.”

Mom stops on her way out pulling in to the Edward’s driveway. Mom exits the car on the front porch is Mrs. Edwards walks to Mom. Kathryn turns to me. “I bet Moms going to go too.” After saying this Kathryn moves into the middle seat beside me.

Mom and Helen walking to the Edwards’s house and about ten minutes later they return with Kara and Krystal with them. Kathryn and I had been talking and listening to the XM radio. When her sisters came out with her mother she visibly tensed up. They were dressed nicely, similar to Kathryn. Kathryn scooted closer to me and wrapped her arm around mine. She nearly begged saying. "Don't let them take you away."

I smiled thinking to myself. I really got to learn how to avoid having ten-year-olds have crushes on me. It is her birthday tomorrow so I will let her have this. I'll keep her sisters from moving her away from me. "Okay I will not let them. I will always be here for you.”

She doesn’t relax her hold, but she does rise up and give me a kiss on my cheek. Of course her sisters do see it, glancing at each other they giggle. Setting down they attempt to separate the two of us. Until I tell them it's Kathryn’s birthday tomorrow we can let her sit were she wants. Neither of them takes the back seat so it puts Kathryn practically in my lap. Helen turning around shakes her head and tells Kathryn. “Just go ahead set on his lap the four of you will be more comfortable.”

Kathryn grins and lifts herself onto my lap, setting down with her back to the door she rest her head on my shoulder. My arm seems to have a mind of its own as it slips around her waist to hold her close to me. I turn my head to ask if she's comfortable just a she rises to kiss my cheek again, but our timing is off in our lips meet. I had kissed Joan. I love the feel of lips against mine. Kathryn’s lips touching mine was totally different, I was instantly lost in our kiss as the world seemed to dissolve around us leaving just the two of us holding each other. When the SUV finally comes to stop were still holding onto each other, not until her mother moves her back and our kiss breaks that we come back to reality. I look in to Kathryn’s face and I no longer see a ten-year-old girl. I see my future. Like someone's life flashing before their eyes at the moment before their death, I see my future in her eyes.

A voice from what seemed like quite far away is calling me. "JJ, JJ what do you think you're doing?” It's mom's voice but it seems like it was a mile away.

Kathryn starts to lean back in but her mother stops her. Her sisters had already exited the SUV and her mother had undone the seatbelt. Helen giggled and playfully ordering. “You two, stop that now there's time for it later.” She pulls her daughter away from me.

I blink twice then look around were already in town. “That was a fast trip.”

Mom and Helen both giggle. Then Krystal says. “You two were kissing the entire way here.”

We’re both out of the SUV, and they pull us towards the store as we talk. Helen releases Kathryn’s hand and she immediately takes mine.

Kara looks me straight in the eyes and asks. “Why her?” Looking at her sister she asks. “Why him?”

Now that is the most difficult question that an answer as ever been required of me. And if you ever find, the one, that will be the question you need to answer. If you find that answer you may be a wiser person than me. Looking into Kathryn's face I say. “I don't know, but I'm willing to spend the remainder of my life finding out.”

Kathryn’s reply is to me. “That sounds like fun.” She reaches up to kiss again our lips meet in the world again fades away.

Mom and Helen separate us again, Helen giggles and Mom says in frustration. “You two stop that. You can wait to we get home can't you?"

Kathryn and I both reply simultaneously. “No.”

Mom, Helen, Kara and Krystal all giggle. But they keep us separated for the rest of the afternoon while we run our errands. I did manage to sneak away to a jewelry store just long enough to acquire a birthstone pendant for Kathryn. The clerk eyes got large as I started point out hundreds to pay for the beautiful ruby necklace that I picked out for her. It held three rubies two smaller ones with the larger one in the center. They were not overly large but rubies are expensive the necklace itself made of gold with what looked like roses stems with the rubies for flowers. I hope she loves it.

Just as I'm paying the clerk my cell phone rings and Mom is asking where I'm at. I asked her where she's at I'm on the way there right now. To my surprise mom is right behind me as I exit the jewelry store, she takes the box opens it and says. “Let me see what you purchased. Guys never do it right… Holy Shit! That's beautiful.”

“You think it’s okay, for Kathryn's birthday?”

Mom giggles closing the box. “It will be great for her, She better love it. How did you pick it out?”

“I thought about what she meant to me. What she would like... I found something that covered both.” Actually when I saw it I knew right then it was meant to be hers. Even the story the sells lady told me how it was a special order that was never claimed. Seems to fall into place with my premonition, hell I remember seeing it on her neck at our wedding, how the light caught it as I raised her veil. How do premonitions work anyway, I saw what will happen, I remember that. Of course I'm not going to say that to my mother. Even a mother might have a tough time believing that only on fate.
We speak as my mother leads me back to the bank. “Should I wait till tomorrow to present it to her?”

Mom shakes her head no before saying. "They're going to the grandparents tomorrow and won't be back for a week."

Doing something I hadn't done in years I reach out and take my mother's hand. “I had better give it to her this evening.”

My mother smiles at me a little surprised by my action; she squeezes my hand and says. “You can't be this serious about her this quickly. You'll scare her off she's only ten years old after all.”

Taking my mother's words into consideration I give a thoughtful reply. “I never want to hurt her or scare her in anyway. I see my future with her and only her.”

Mom says. “It's that last sentence if she hears something like that and she is not sure of it herself, you'll scare the shit out of her.”

We deposit the check in the bank we have a joint account, I want $5000 back cash I figure you may need buy some items in the next week or so. The teller goes wide-eyed seen the check amount she calls over the bank manager who approves the deposit and the cash return. Leaving the bank I again hold my mother's hand.

From across the mall I hear Kathryn called to me. I turn and drop my mother's hand as she rushes to me. She dashed straight into my arms like we had been a part for a year. We move into a hug coming as naturally if we had spent a decade together. To everyone else it may look like a man holding a young girl. To us our age is of little consequence, we know we will be together in ten years, in fifty years will still be together. In a decade no one will care about the four years difference in age. Right now it doesn't matter to me she feels good in my arms.

We all walk out of the mall together, on the way home we stopped for pizzas after leaving the pizza joint we sit in the backseat and talk quietly all the way home her hand in mine. We talked about everything from music to her favorite color, which is ruby red. We both have similar taste in music and several other items in common. She loves reading, and we shared several books as our favorite. It's funny the more we learn about each other the more suited we seem to be for each other. Time flies as we are together and soon we are exiting the SUV at the Edwards home for dinner. Helen invited us to share the pizza there.

It really appears my little lesson has changed the fact no one calls Kathryn anything but Kathryn.

It seems everyone is quite relaxed at the table now with Kathryn being almost playful with her sisters and brothers. The coach seems quite happy even after Helen informed on me about the kiss. I know he observed me stealing a few glances at Kathryn but he only smiled. After dinner I asked him to speak with him privately. We walked out into the yard and I informed him I had purchased Kathryn a necklace for her birthday. He asked me if it was expensive. So I answered him. “Not considering my monetary income.” The coach laughs and says. "That is a very interesting answer.”

I confess to him. “Kathryn is a very special person to me. I like her very much; I want to be a part of her life. For as long as she’ll let me.”

The coach still laughing asks. “That sounds like you're asking for her hand. You're not planning on marrying her already are you?”

I don't want the coach to think I'm a nut or anything damaging of me. “No just I want to be with her you know hang out, watch a movie, or listen to music. Maybe even walk down by the river once in a while.”

The coach laughs again. “That should be a good beginning to your relationship with my daughter.”

I then displayed him the necklace, as he looks at it closely he says. "Apparently you know my daughter better in eight hours than her last boyfriend did in a year. Her favorite flower is roses.”

I asked hopefully. “So it's okay if I give it to her?”

The coach says. “After the conversation we just had and what my wife told me. You better give it to her.”

I noticed that we walked all the way to the barn as we leaned on the fence having our conversation. Kathryn was on the front porch watching us. She set alone in the swing while our mothers set and talked on the other end of the porch in adjoining chairs.

I walked back with the coach he went to a chair near his wife as I moved on to the swing. For some reason both of us seem nervous. I centered myself to calm my nerves. I brought the jewelry box out for her to see. Her eyes lights up in anticipation. As I present it I saying. “I wanted to get you something special for your birthday.” Opening the box her mouth dropped in shock only an instant later she jumps into my arms. She kisses me several times on the face before saying. "I love it." We hear laughter from our parents as they watch us. Kathryn hugs me tight then says. “Thank you, I love it. I love it.” Her mom asks to see it and she happily jumps up to show it to her. In the last light of the sunset the rubies seemed to glow even brighter. Her mom's reaction is very similar to my moms, she shouts. “Holy shit! JJ you done good.”

Her Mom takes the necklace from the box and puts it on Kathryn’s neck. She bounces back to me her eyes nearly fully green she so happy. She slides into my arms as naturally as before then leans up and kisses me. Sometime later I feel a strong hand on my shoulder as her father shakes me. You two come on inside or the mosquitoes will have you for dinner. You can watch TV on the sofa with the rest of us.

The rest of the evening goes by too quickly as we set on the couch and watch a few TV shows once the news comes on my Mom says. "It's time for us to head next door."

The next day I get up early knowing Kathryn is departing to her grandparents sometime today. Walking over Coach Edwards is on his front porch reading the morning paper. One of the things I did after getting up was make that card I promised Kathryn. Apparently I inherited my mother's artistic talents. The front had a character of me looking angry with a phone my hand and the caption, He called you what? I had drawn a caricature of me kicking another caricature but. The caption read I'll never call her that again.

I presented it to the coach who laughed until a tear ran down his face, once he recovered he said. “I'm not sure about my sons but Kathryn is going to love this card.”

Helen come out hearing her husband's laughter her curiosity had gotten the better of her. She's wearing a flannel house coat but stretched sleepily showing off attractive legs. The coach reaches the card to his wife who looks it over good then too begins to laugh but not to tears like her husband. What she recovers she said. “Kathryn is absolutely going to love this. She probably will not be ready to see anybody for another hour JJ.”

“I just come by to drop the card off and say goodbye before she left for her grandparents.” I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get see her yet.

Helen informed me. “You better be back before ten to say goodbye or you're in trouble Mr."

Almost a little shocked I say. "I definitely do not desire any trouble with you Ma'am or the Coach."

Helen giggles and says. “I'm not the one you’ll be in trouble with.”

Then I state. “The last thing I would ever do is get Kathryn upset with me. Unfortunately I got a feeling it will occur once or twice no matter what I do. So please tell me if you can see it coming so I'll never make her mad at me.”

Helen looks at her husband's smiling face. "I wish Michael had that same attitude when we first started dating."

The Coach defends himself by saying. “I had that attitude it's just your father liked seeing you upset with me. I don't think he liked me that much.”

Helen laughs and says. “He didn't until the grandkids came along.” Then taking the card she returns into the house.

“Coach you know a lot of people in this area right?” I ask. Coach nods a yes so I continue. "I need to find a general contractor who can build a house for me fairly quickly."

“There hasn't been a lot of work like that around here lately. A lot of the contractors have packed up and abandon the area. I'm one of the only ones remaining. The real problem is finding enough skilled workers to accomplish it quickly. Labor pool has gone away as well.”

“I'll go get my floor plans and we can begin looking over them.” I jump up and run off back to my room where I have the most recent copy of the floor plans for the house I wanted constructed. I quickly returned with the blueprints in the tube.

After arriving back on the porch the coach opens the tube and takes a good long look at the blueprints. He finally says. “We can have it done before Christmas but no one in the County or this part of the state could get it done faster. That's really an expansive house with all the plumbing and electrical having to go in before the drywall finished, the flooring is hard wood which is quite time-consuming and requires a skilled person to install. But all in all it's a very nice home for you and your mother. I am constantly glancing upward my eyes searching for Kathryn; I hear her angelic laughter coming from the upstairs of her home.

The coach laughs. “Sounds like Helen presented your card to Kathryn.”

I smile and reach out my hand to the coach and ask. “So when can we get started?”

I'll make some phone calls and get the crew ready Monday after the Fourth of July we’ll begin. Now let me see where you plan on setting this house at.

It's a quarter-mile walk to the top of the bluff where I want the house built. Going over the blueprints and the ridge area we know that we will have to do quite a bit of excavation for the basement that's when he suggest we could start that prior to the fourth just to get a head start on what we need to do. The fourth happens to fall on a Friday this year the night of the party at the Edwards. Today is the first and Kathryn’s birthday, at least this will give me something to do while she is gone.

We returned in time to say goodbye before they depart. While Kathryn and I speak our goodbyes, we get a quick kiss. Far too quickly we are separated by her father. Laughing he says. “She'll only be gone a week, I believe you’ll both will survive.”

Coach Edwards and Mom into town to begin filing the paperwork required for all the permits. Mom advances the coach adequate money for the remainder of the week. Later that afternoon coach Edwards shows up with four guys to survey area where the house will be located. They complete the survey by sundown. The permits are finished by noon on Wednesday. Thursday morning a truck with the dozer arrives to begin the excavation work. That afternoon the dozer levels a good portion of the basement area. A necessary step in prepared the concrete work in the next few days. Watching the work progress gave me something to occupy my time instead of moping around missing Kathryn.

Friday being the Fourth of July there's no work and mother and I go shopping in the big city a good two hours away. I wanted to pick up a new kindle fire to replace the unit I gave Joan. We stop by a major computer dealer who also sells parts. Finding the parts necessary to assemble a new PC for myself it is a hobby of mine and mom allows me to go wild buying all this stuff I would like to have. I pick up a new camera with a lot more megapixels than my older one. When we check out mom nearly passes out from the total it's close to $5000.

We go to a jewelry store where I pick out a necklace and earrings that match. After I pay for them mom asks. “Are those for Kathryn too?”

I laugh, knowing they really are for Mom, who looks at me confused for second until I turn to her. “Happy belated birthday Mom.”

Mom thinks for a second I hadn’t told her yet about my money on her birthday I got her a nice gift but nothing like this. “JJ you really are something son.”

"Mom I thought about it what I gave you on your birthday was nice but I should have done better."

We get back in plenty of time for mom to get ready for the party she had bought a new dress to wear, and she looked very hot in it.

I begin the process of assembling my new PC, I had just gotten the satellite linked network installed on Thursday and I was anxious to get back on the Internet to trade my stock. By the time mom left for the party I completed the assembly of the PC and was loading software. Took a break at eight eating the dinner mom had made for me. By nine o'clock I was on the Internet and checked my stock portfolio for the first time in over two weeks. Surprisingly I had made quite a lot by just doing nothing. I transferred a large sum into the local bank planning on using it for construction cost of the house. I rolled the rest back into the market after checking on the stocks I have looked at earlier.

I decided to call it a night, powering down the computer and turning off my TV the house was deathly quiet and I can hear the party at the Edward’s house. This is the first time I went to bed without giving my mother a good night kiss but I'll let her have her fun and not interrupt her.

I'm lying in bed staring at my dark ceiling thinking of Kathryn I begin to slowly masturbate thinking of my life in a few years what we will spend together will definitely be worth waiting for. When she is ready so will I be. I want to be with her but I don't want to rush her.

My phone rings it's not terribly late so I go answer it. My heart soars as I hear Kathryn's voice speak to me. “I have been missing you, so I needed to call you. Are you doing okay?”

I acknowledge to her. “I've missed you too and I'm doing better now that I hear your voice.”

Kathryn giggles. “Me too, hearing your voice makes me feel better.” After we talk a little while, Kathryn asks. “What's all the noise in the background?”

A little surprised that she doesn't know I answer. “That's the party at your house your parents are throwing.”

Kathryn questions. “You sure, they never mentioned it to us.”

Jokingly I tell her. “Unless someone has built a house right behind yours and is doing a housewarming party I'm pretty sure it's from your house.”

“Really I never thought my parents were the party type. That would explain why we spent so much time with our grandparents. Well anyway I got to go before my grandma catches me on the phone. I just needed to hear your voice so I can sleep.”

Smiling I say. “In that case I'll tell you good night and I'm really looking forward to when you get back.”

I can hear her smile it alters the way to voice sounds. “We'll be back on Tuesday morning. Good night.” She hangs up and I instantly feel the loss and emptiness. I don't really understand this I shouldn't be this deep into her after so short of a time but I am. I've heard of this before one author wrote it on that website. He goes by Ka Hmnd, he's quite good and I like his fantasy stories. He called it bonding. I've learned of it as soul mates, love at first sight, and finding the one. So this is what love is, feeling of bliss, ecstasy and happiness when you hear her voice. I'm feeling like shit because she's not here now.

I hear a knock on the door and I turn to open it. It's mom with two women that I don't know. All three are intoxicated but mom can't stand on her own feet. "Is this where she belongs?" One of the women slur out. The stench of alcohol is overpowering on them.

“Yeah that's my mother.” I say as the two women step through my door not waiting for any other invitation.

One of the women slurs a question. “You got anything to drink?”

“Sorry we don't have any alcohol in the house. You’re welcome to soda or water.” I say hoping to get relieved of them quickly.

"Oh okay I guess we'll go back to the party." The other says maybe a little less drunk than her friend. They hand mom off to me who leans heavily on to me. This reminds me so much of a stormy night two, I'm even in my boxers as I help mom back to her bed. The only different is I don't have two sisters I'm missing. Mom stops at the bathroom saying. “I need to go."

I help mom into the bathroom once inside she starts pulling at her dress she's so drunk she can't even lift her dressed to set down the pee. I grabbed the lower edge of her dress and lifted just above her hips this seems to help mom she grabs it and pulls it inside out over her head. She is not wearing a bra or panties I'm pretty sure she left with them. Her exposed flesh smells strange and there something creamy running down inside her thighs. Realizing what the smell is from and what the creamy substance is I feel ill, but mom sits on the toilet. I go to the sink and start water running to splash my face. I let it warm to get a washcloth running it under the warm water I then handed to my mother. In the state she's in she nearly topples off the toilet with her dress wrapped around her neck and draping over her shoulders. I help her come back to an up-right position, and finish pulling the dress off of her head, she is struggling with it.

Mom gazes at me sort of like she did Monday morning. Even though her appearance is definitely a turn off for me, drunk doesn't go well with her for me. She still is a nude woman setting in front of me smelling of sex. She begins to wash the smell only grows more intense. I decide the put her into the shower that would be much faster than just trying to get her clean with a washcloth.

Adjusting the water in the shower a little cool hopefully that will help me keep my mind stronger than my body's urges. I grabbed the body wash and soak the sponge running my hand over it to lather it up. When I'm ready I pull mom up off the toilet and into the shower. Although small the shower is big enough for me to wash Mom. Using the sponge I quickly lather mom up then rinsing the soap off I find several love bikes on her. Both nipples are hard and irritated from the treatment they gotten. I put her head under the shower and washed her hair, twice. I handed her the sponge and told her the wash her bottom I held onto her arm as she washed between her legs and down her thighs passed her knees.

And I pulled her out taken a towel and drying her hair, her upper body and down over her legs when she was fully dried I dried myself then took her to her bed. By this time she was a little cold and sleepy. I moved quickly to turn down the bed and pushed mom into it before she could wrap her arms around me. Once she was fully in bed she spread her legs and said. “Come fuck your mom. I really need to cum.”

I pulled the covers up over her. “Go to sleep you’re drunk.”

She threw the covers off and said again. “Come fuck me now. I need you.”

For the first instant in my life I actually felt angry at my Mom. My outburst came out hotter, louder with anger dripping from every word. “Why would I want my first time to be your third, fourth, or fifth time tonight. I don't care if you need to cum. I'm not going to fuck you.” I threw the covers back over and left.

Halfway back to my room I can hear her begin to sob, but I was still mad so I left it like that.

The next morning I make certain I was up early, before mom awoke, I showered and left the house quickly. I walked the property till late in the morning, I wanted to think. I really wanted to do the one thing I couldn't, forget.

Mom is only human too; she has needs and desires just like everyone else. The way she did them last night I couldn't handle it. If she had offered her body to me in the not too recent past I would happily accepted. But now I find myself torn between a love I have for my Mother and this newfound love that is growing for Kathryn. I hope Mom was drunk enough last night not to remember. What I said was cruel but also true. I didn't want to lose my virginity to Mom's drunkenness.

Entering the house I found Mom at the kitchen table a black coffee in her hand. She observed my face and quickly looked away. I made myself a sandwich and grabbed a soda from the fridge before turning towards my room. Two steps into the hallway I heard mom say. “JJ, please forgive me.”

I turn back and walked to the kitchen table taking a chair by Mom. I quietly said to her. “I have already. I just wasn't prepared for what occurred last night.”

Mom looks at me pale as I've ever remember seeing her. Tears begin to roll down her cheeks. “I'm sorry. I shouldn't drink so much.”

“How awful is your hangover Mom?”

Mom statement it's humorous but I force myself not to laugh. “On a scale of one to ten, Thirteen.”

I get up to go to the fridge and fish out a Gatorade, one that Mom will drink. I hand it to her and take away the coffee. “That will help more than the coffee. The caffeine helps keep you dehydrated and most of the hangover is dehydration.”

Mom asks. “How do you know so much about hangovers?"

“I had a lot of tutors that were in college and a lot my tutorial sessions were in the morning.” That one girl I had a crush on drank heavily. That's one reason I reacted the way I did last night. A few mornings she would show up smelling strongly of perfume and another strange odor, and now I realize that was the smell of sex. It's funny that only makes the hurt feelings I had about her all come rushing back.

Mom asked the question I really possessed no desire to answer. “JJ, did I come on to you last night?”

Since I've never really like being dishonest to my mother I responded truthfully. “You were drunk and not at your best. You did and I overreacted, I'm sorry for that.”

Mom cradles her head, there’s an unmistakable sign of her crying. “I'm sorry JJ. I should never have…”

I interrupt mom, I can't bear to see her so depressed. “Mom you just over did it the first time out. You hadn't been out like that in so long that you were off your game. You drank too much and got a little out of control. There's not that much to forgive. Just try to forget it and not do it again.” I pull Mom up to hug her, once in my arms I continue. “I love you Mom. I think I'm in love with Kathryn. That's why I got irate, even though you’re a gorgeous tempting woman. I just couldn't and if you were not intoxicated you would've known that.”

Mom begins to relax then giggle. “You're right if I hadn't been intoxicated I wouldn’t come home like that. Hell I'm wouldn’t have done any of that. JJ, are you certain about being in love with Kathryn?”

Still holding her I say. "Mom if I was not in love with Kathryn you would have woken up beside me."

Mom jokes. “That might've made the hangover worthwhile.”

“Mom I'm still a virgin. I want my first time to be with Kathryn but she's only ten. I know I'm going to have to wait until she is older but when I do I wanted to be good for her. How am I going to learn how to do it right without doing it? It's kind of like martial arts I read all the books before I started classes but practice and theory were totally different. And I'm done the sex ed. class for homeschool I aced that, but making love isn't at all what the theory is it?”

Mom chuckles and then groans say. “Well if you had done what I requested of you last night you would know for certain. I understand why you wouldn't. I could inform you about what to do and how to accomplish it. But that's more theory; even watching porn from the Internet may not be enough. Any one of Helen's older daughters would be happy to educate you from what Helen said; after you kicked their brothers’ ass they're all crushing on you. Kathryn seems to be the worst she has a major puppy love for you too.”

I ask. “Are you saying Kara and Krystal are both active sexually?”

“Helen voiced to me that she believes they are and quite regularly. She just doesn't know with whom. None of her girls appears to have a steady relationship with any young man.”

“I don't care I wouldn't jeopardize my puppy love for anything. If her twelve-year-old sister is having sex, which means we only have to wait a couple of years.”

Mom giggles. "But they may be having sex with other twelve-year-olds. There is a vast different for a sixteen-year-old to have sex with a twelve-year-old."

“Somehow I think it's not of much consequence I'll wait till Kathryn is ready. Besides if I can turn you down her sisters don't have a chance.”

Mom giggles. “Was that a compliment son?”

“Yes I intended it as a compliment. Let's drop that before my hormones take over.”

Mom says. “We need to have that discussion this afternoon. When my hangover subsides, I should be able to handle it.”

That afternoon we finally had the talk. It was amazing the amount of information lacking in the sex education curriculum. I found out a hundred questions I required answers for. Every answer seems to generate more questions after an hour my mother held her hand up she needed a break so we stopped. This is going to take longer than I thought. I found out two things for sure every woman is different and every time you make love it will be different.

When Monday came around Coach Edward come by early in the morning to meet with mom and me. He needed additional money up front to pay for several items. Having the contract drawn up I have advanced $1,250,000 for the materials and services needed to start construction. A truck comes by later to fill up the dozer and drop a 55 gallon barrel of diesel for the dozer to use later. Another dump truck pulling a front end loader arrived and soon truckloads of dirt and stones were leaving. When the excavation was at to the correct level we needed. We discovered the stone lacked the strength to support the foundation. We contracted a well drilling company to place peers deep into the stone. We required harder rock which would support the foundation. We also required holes for geothermal heat pump and they will return when the process needed to begin. I had to admit my engineering degree was beginning to pay for itself. A 40 year vapor barrier in place under rebar and steel beams created a framework within the concrete. Placement of several conduits to provide the electrical services throughout the home was completed. The plumbing installed and checked. A full inspection of conduits and plumbing was completed prior it being sealed within the concrete.

Kathryn didn't get home until around five, the last of the trucks having removing stone finished maybe two hours ago. We spent an hour on her porch talking about everything that happened that week. I tell Kathryn about the new computer that I put together.

She tells me about the great jelly that she helped her grandmother made. How many buckets of blackberries they had to pick for the jelly. Her grandmother took her fishing, which is something Kathryn really enjoys too.

I tell her. “Kathryn if you enjoy fishing, I'll bet you love fishing on my bass boat.”

Grinning Kathryn smugly says. “I bet that I catch more fish than you do.”

I think before I reply. “And what do I get if I win?”

Giggling she says. “The real question is, what do I get when I win?” She pulls me close kissing me. We make a date to go fishing, but her brothers overhear us and invite themselves along. Kathryn only squeezes my hand letting me know it’s okay. So the five of us are going fishing the following Saturday.

Authors Notes:

I like to apologize for any errors, but please remember you’re getting what you paid for. If you really want something perfect I'm sure you can find it, try Amazon, Barnes & Noble's or any other major bookseller on the Internet but that isn't free is it?

I've also not written this for grading by your amateur English lit professors, or for that matter the professional ones. I hope you've enjoyed it. I try to eliminate as many of the errors without becoming painstakingly hard about it. Yeah I hate making errors too.

I'm using Dragon natural speak in conjunction with Microsoft Word 2010. Dragon helps me write faster due to my poor typing. But it can make some easy errors and some that are hard to find. Dragon has a tendency to confuse words occasionally words like through and threw. If you notice the spelling of the word themselves is not incorrect therefore spelling check doesn't find it. If you don't believe me, paste my story into word yourself run it through your find are very few graphical errors that word finds. On one or two fragmented sentences. So please forgive these minor errors, let's not get OCD about them.

Also this is fiction and I do use poetic license on some items. Like the state of North Carolina not a excepting homeschool from out-of-state. Before you say it I'm sure that's not the case, but I needed to have JJ attend high school.


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