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By Hardrive

It was bitter cold and the fridge air hurt Danielle’s lungs. Every breath felt like razors ripping open her chest, but, in spite of the pain… she was forced to… take in large gulps of air… to satisfy her desperate need for oxygen.

The struggle to the top of the ridge was exhausting. The icy terrain made the climb difficult, allowing her only a few steps forward for each step she slipped back. That was frustrating but she had no choice but to persevere and do everything in her power to get to the truck before sunset. Tonight was the second night of the new moon and there is nothing darker than a mountain forest on a moonless night.

Danielle had forgotten her flashlight and without it she’d never find her truck. That could be fatal in the sub-freezing temperatures that were expected that night. Fortunately, her struggle to reach the top of the hill was fruitful and she accomplished her goal with enough daylight left to give her time to catch her breath.

Letting the backpack slip off her shoulders, Danielle dropped to her knees and pulled off her gloves. Cupping her trembling hands over her mouth and nose, she let the air warm up in the palm of her hands before taking a breath. It was one of the many tricks she learned from her father during the years they spent together tracking deer and other winter wildlife in the snowy Appalachia woods. Those were the good old days, but her dad was gone now and it was up to her to carry on the family business.

After only a few moments of rest, Danielle looked up, and spotted her truck through the white misty clouds that streamed from her dry lips. That was encouraging, but the daylight was fading fast and there would be time enough to rest after she got the gear into the truck. With an audible grunt, she hoisted herself to her feet, and though every muscle in her body ached, the thought of sitting in the heated cab inspired her to move on.

As she approached the waiting truck, Danielle thought about the task that brought her to these cold and snowy woods. With a deep sense of satisfaction she reviewed her profitable day of hunting. For a while, she had almost given up. After hours of patiently sitting in her blind, high on the branch of a sturdy Birch, she had nothing to show for her patience other then a little frost bite and a very full bladder. Then her patience was rewarded. A herd of white tailed deer stopped to graze just a few hundred yards away. Finally, her luck had changed.

Peering down on the herd through her twelve hundred millimeter lens, Danielle rested her cheek on the gun stock and pressed it firmly against her shoulder. Through the viewfinder she followed a large 12 point buck and watched as it passed by a group of does. It paused momentarily to look at the females and then continued to walk away. Holding a steady beam on the large buck, Daniel took a deep breath and slowly squeezed the trigger. A satisfied smile curled her lips as the buck presented a perfect profile just as she got off her first shot.

It was a beautiful, but Danielle quickly fired off a few more shots just to make sure. Without hesitating she quickly moved to another target. It was a doe sitting with her faun. She didn’t hesitate to take 4 or 5 shots of the mother before moving on to the baby. Daniel waited until the faun lifted its head, its large brown eyes opened wide with curiosity. Two shots were all she was able to get before the faun’s head went down and she had to move on to a new target. Scanning the heard she spotted two yearlings looking directly at her. She got them both with one shot but then zoomed in and took individual head shots of both. All and all she was able to get dozens of excellent shots before the sound of her rapidly clicking shutter spooked the herd and they moved away.

Yes, Danielle was a hunter but her gun was a long lens DSLR Reflex camera mounted on a custom gun stock. That adaptation helped keep her aim steady and accounted for much of her success as a photo journalist. Some of today’s pictures would be very useful illustrations for the articles she’d submit to several environmentally conscience magazines. Articles she hoped would help save the habitats of her beloved animals. The rest of the pictures would go to various Nature Magazines.

The pictures of the does with their fauns were the meat and potatoes of her stock portfolio. People just loved pictures of baby deer huddling with their mothers. Those were the real money shots and for a moment Danielle thought about following the heard to try to get a few more pictures, but the light were fading fast and it would soon be too dark to work. That’s when she decided it was time to pack up her gear and head back to the truck.

The first thing Danielle did when she got to her vehicle was to turn on the motor and cranked up the heater. While the cab warmed up, she put away her equipment and prepared to enter a few notes in her micro recorder. She always started with technical data… camera settings, deions of the animals and the locations in which she found them. Once that was done, she gave herself a little creative leeway to record observations she knew would catch the reader’s attention.

Pushing the record button, she began to describe her surroundings. “It was twilight,” she spoke into the recorder “and the snow covered valley below was… Transforming.” Holding the pause button she stopped to think before continuing. “The sky above the horizon has turned a deep purple.” Pressing the pause button again, Danielel hesitated for a few seconds and collected her thoughts. “Several gold and orange colored clouds hovered low in the sky floating just above the setting sun. These are the moments when nature is at its most beautiful and…” Daniel paused again. “… and makes you realize what an awesome artist God is.”

Pausing the recorder again, Danielle looked towards the bottom of the hill and saw the blanket of snow that covered the valley right up to the tree line. She described that and added, “How peaceful and serine it all seems. Nature is beautiful beyond my limited ability to describe. Even at twilight when the stillness and the darkness take possession of the woods… turning the magical green garden into a mysterious and foreboding place… it is still more beautiful than any moral words can convey.”

Danielle smiled; pleased with her poetic prose she stopped the recorder and turned it off.

She was just about to get into her truck when she saw four streaking lights emerge from behind the pastel colored clouds. Watching them trek across the sky made her smile. She had seen hundreds of shooting stars before and they always brought back memory of her childhood. Her father told her the lights were meteorites burning up as they entered the earth’s atmosphere. But her mom called them wishing stars and encouraged her to stop and make a wish whenever she saw then. So Danielle closed her eyes and made a wish. When she was done she was about to turn away when she noticed that one of the lights suddenly made a sharp turn and was heading her way.

The strange movement of that one light caught her interest and held her in place as she continued to watch it move in her direction. This was clearly not a shooting star since it was obviously flying under its own power. It was some kind of craft, she thought to herself, but it definitely wasn’t like anything she’d ever seen before. A jet plane can’t make a ninety degree turn and helicopters don’t fly that fast. This was clearly something else so she continued to observe its movements as it came closer and closer.

When the object was about a quarter mile from her position, it suddenly turned and dropped towards the ground. Even at that distance Danielle could see that it had no lights but rather the body of the craft itself was giving off a glow. It had an oval shape but no identifying markings or other surface features such as doors or windows. Then it suddenly touched down in the meadow causing the snow to fly into the air leaving what speed boat enthusiast call a roaster tail.

The fast moving object continued to skim along the snow for several hundred yards before disappearing behind the timberline. Danielle expected to hear an explosion after the craft entered the woods but all she heard were tree trunks breaking and branches snapping as the object plowed deep into the forest. From her position on the rim, Danielle was able to track its course by following the line of topped trees it left in its wake. The devastation came to an end at a cluster of leaning trees whose branches swayed for several minutes after the crashing sounds stopped. Then there was total silence except for a flock of squawking birds flying around their former homes.

Acting instinctively, the photographer pulled a flashlight and a first aid kid from the cab of her truck. Slamming the door shut, she hurried down the hill towards the crash site. Her concern was only for the possible survivors so she left her camera behind and practically slid down the icy embankment. By the time she reached the bottom of the hill it was very dark but using her flash light it wasn’t hard to find the deep, long gouge the object left in the snow. Walking along the mound of freshly plowed snow lead her to the spot where the craft entered the woods.

Looking down the long dark corridor created by the fallen craft, Danielle’s flashlight revealed that it was boarded by broken vegetation and filled with a misty haze that gave the passage a very spooky appearance. It was with considerable trepidation that she followed the trail of fallen trees into the woods. Danielle had no thoughts about her own safety until she noticed that there was something missing. Normally, at this time of night, the woods were filled with the sound of thousands of small critters chirping and buzzing all around. These woods were very quiet and the stillness made her think that the forest itself was paralyzed with fear.

After a few seconds of hesitation, Danielle overcame her fear and continued walking slowly towards the crash site, but each step increased her growing sense of foreboding. What had she gotten herself into? She came to help whatever was in that fallen craft but she wasn’t sure who or what she would find. Once more the fear and uncertainty overcame her and again she stopped to reconsider her situation. This is crazy, she told herself. I don’t know anything about aircraft crashes. Looking down at the first aid kit she shook her head. What could she do with the supplies in this kit? Any saviors would be severely injured and would need something more than Bactine, Band-Aids and aspirin.

Danielle was just about to turn back when she noticed a light up ahead. Maybe the crash started a forest fire. That last thought caused her considerable concern. She imagined bodies burning and that was enough to make her forget her fears and run towards the light. When she arrived she saw that there was no fire, only a large glowing object half buried in a nest of up ended bushes and broken tree limbs. As she came closer she saw that the object came to rest at somewhat of an angle but otherwise it appeared undamaged. That was both surprising and unnerving considering the path of destruction it left behind.

Danielle was now sure that the craft was a UFO and most likely of extra terrestrial origin. It was smaller than she expected but it was still three or four times larger than her truck. It was oval in shape and smooth as a river stone but unlike her truck, it had no wheels holding it up. It just hovered about a foot off the ground and it glowed with an interior light that covered its entire surface.

The fact that this was not a man made object both intrigued and frightened her. If the military had seen this thing crash they would have sent a whole company of men, so what the hell was she doing here alone? Then she remembered. She came to look for survivors and offer assistance. Slowly making a full circular scan, she carefully scrutinized everything around her. The area was well illuminated with the eerie glow that came from the downed ship, but she continued to use her flash light to look into every nook and shadowy area around the craft. After a careful search she concluded that other then the broken ground and toppled vegetation, there was nothing.

Perhaps, Danielle surmised, the pilot was thrown clear of his ship or was so badly injured that it wandered off in a daze. Drawing on her skills as a woodsman, Danielle stood perfectly still and listened carefully for any sounds that might reveal the location of a wounded survivor. She listened hard but the woods were strangely silent except for the sounds of her deep breaths and rapidly beating heart. Then she heard a faint sound. It was a clicking noise that sounded familiar. In her state of apprehension, she thought it might be the sound of a weapon being cocked and made ready to be fired. The sound filled her with anxiety and it seemed to be coming from behind her. Turning slowly, she pointed her flashlight into the woods. Peering deep into the darkness, she saw nothing. Whatever it was, it was hiding from her or worst, it was staking her.

For the first time since she entered the woods Danielle became aware of the very real danger in which she had placed herself. If this was really an extra terrestrial ship, whatever piloted it across interstellar space had superior intelligence and no doubt superior weapons. Gripping her flashlight she explored that thought. Hell, if it only had a sling shot it would be better armed than her. All she had was a flashlight and a quickly growing supply of methane gas in her large intestine.

Alone and unarmed, if there was anything out there that intended to do her harm, she would be totally at its mercy. That dreadful thought conjured up visions of creatures with two heads, long fangs and tentacles holding deadly laser weapons. As is the case for most people that find themselves in mortal danger, Daniel began to pry. ‘Oh God please, don’t let me die like this.’ But her hope for divine intervention quickly faded when the clicking sounds returned. This time they were louder and seemed to be coming from behind her.

Fear totally paralyzed Danielle and she remained frozen in place until a faint sense of recognition blossomed in her head. The clicking sounds were somewhat like the sounds her camera made when she tripped the shutter. Closer scrutiny led her to the conclusion that the sounds were in fact identical to the sound of her shutter. That thought brought her to a new hypothesis. She wasn’t being attacked, she was being watched and whatever was watching her was also recording her movements.

Danielle’s dread began to diminish as she reevaluated her circumstances. If there was really a malevolent two headed creature standing behind her, it probably would have attacked by now. And if it was waiting to attack her later, she’d be better off turning to face it then waiting helplessly for the deadly onslaught. Face to face she’d have a better chance to defend herself so slowly turned to face her fear.

There was noting there. Releasing a long auditable sign, she allowed her body to relax and tried to calm herself. Surely any creature that could build a craft like this and travel across interstellar space could not be a murderous monster. Whatever piloted that craft was an intelligent being and probably came to earth as an explorer. The fact that it had not shown itself was probably because it was as scared of her as she was of it.

No sooner had those thoughts crossed her mind then a small gray colored creature appeared before her. It was standing in the very place she had looked before but seen nothing. Her experience as a hunter led her to surmise that it must have been there all along but was obviously using some kind of camouflage technology that made it invisible until it chose to be seen.

“You’re right Danielle.” The creature said in a clear and somehow familiar voice. “We have the ability to conceal ourselves and we also have the ability to communicate telepathically. You are wondering where you have heard this voice before. I took it from your memory. It is the voice of your high school volleyball coach, a man with whom you had a very close and trusting relationship. We know that a first contact is very stressful for you so we try to use familiar voices and sounds to help put you at ease. That’s why I used the sound of your camera’s shutter to get your attention.”

Danielle was startled by the creature’s response. What it said made perfect sense but she didn’t know how to reply until she heard herself say… “You look just like the pictures I’ve seen of aliens in magazines. Small, gray with a large head and big black eyes. Why do you all look alike?”

It was strange and incomprehensible that that would be the first question she’d ask an extra terrestrial visitor, but Danielle heard herself ask the question though she knew the words where never formed by her lips.

“Don’t be alarmed that you are speaking without forming words. You are responding telepathically and though you may not have wanted to say what you said, those were your thoughts and that is what was transmitted. To answer your question, I am wearing what you would call a space suit and this large head with what seems to you to be two big black eyes are just the viewing portals of my helmet. We all wear these space suits when we visit other worlds and that is why we seem to all look the same.”

Then Danielle heard herself talking again. She was like a smart ass kind that couldn’t control its mouth and so another dumb question emerged. “But why are you so small. You look to be about the size of a child.”

“Size is a relative thing and in space there is no particular advantage to being large. I am the size I need to be to perform the task I was assigned.”

“Task?” Danielle’s mind involuntarily formulated the question.

“Yes, I came to give you something that may answer many of your most pressing questions. Let me begin by answering a question that is at the back of your mind. Yes, I have been here many times before and your ancestors have known me as Gabrel.”

“You’ve come to give me something? But why me Gabrel? Why have you chosen me?

“We did not choose you Danielle, you chose yourself. As we passed by in our vessel we heard you make a wish and the nature of that wish direct us to you.”

“But my wish was a silly child’s dream. I wished for peace on earth even though I know that can never be.”

“On the contrary, that is how you were meant to live, in peace and harmony with your fellows and your environment. When you made that wish, we scanned your mind and saw that you are generous and brave and that we shared many common goals. That is why we decided to enlist your help.”

With those words, Gabrel, waved his hand and a stream of thoughts and images went past Danielle’s mind as he narrated a short history of mankind.

“Your brothers and sisters were assigned everything they needed to fulfill the goals they were created to accomplish. However, to do this you needed to have free will and that made you vulnerable. This vulnerability has caused your species to become distracted from your goals and to loose your freedom to corrupt and evil creatures you were meant to overcome and vanquish. This is the cause of our concern, that your species has left its assigned path to follow lesser creatures whose destiny is self destruction. They are holding on to life by holding you as hostages.”

“Who are these lesser creatures and why are they destined for destruction?” Danielle asked.

“They are a part of you that was meant to be a stepping stone in your evolution. Like the embryo’s placenta they were meant to be used and left behind when you were ready to move on. However, this part of you, the part that was created to be a link between the flesh from which you come, to the beings of light which you are meant to be…, have taken over your lives and become your masters.”

In just a few seconds Gabrel showed me the full history of mankind and two possible destinies from which it can chose. He turned my head in one direction and showed me visions of wars, famines, pestilence and the eventual destruction of the world. Then he turned my head the other way and showed me a world at peace, living in a state of shared prosperity and wellness. In the final vision I saw myself standing at a crossroads with a long line of people standing behind me.

“Why are you showing me all this? Do you expect me to lead the world to its intended destiny? I can’t do that. I don’t know how. Just because I made a wish on a falling start doesn’t qualify me to become mankind’s savior.” Looking at Gabrel she pointed to him. “That’s a job for someone like you. You are advanced and have the knowledge and the power to change mankind and save him from himself.”

“You are asking me to do something that is beyond my power.” Gabrel replied. “We are all created to be sovereign beings and responsible for our own fate. My race has overcome its obstacles and moved forward. You and your kind must make your own decisions and accomplish your own goals. I can not directly interfere in the fate of mankind; however, I can respond to individuals who ask for directions. I can help them to help themselves. So, I will give you something that will help you to overcome your enemies so that you can help others to do the same.”

With these words the alien extended its arm towards me and opened its hand. In its palm it held a small oval stone that looked like a miniature replica of its craft. “Take it.” The creature said. “We call it a Moon Stone because it serves to illuminate the darkness. It will help you to see what your eyes can not see. With it you will be able to probe minds, project images and make suggestions that will influence others.

When you first use it, it will seem to work like magic but The Moon Stone is not a magical device. It is actually a thought amplifier that will enhance the powers of your mind. This is a power you are destined to acquire on your own, but your inner enemy has interfered with your progress by blocking your mind. This will overcome their interference.

Danielle hesitated for a moment. “Why am I being entrusted with this? I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I’m just barely out of college and take pictures for a living. I have no wealth or influence. You need to find a great statesman or some kind of genius thinker to entrust with this power.”

“Listen Danielle, most of the leaders of your world and the men of wealth and power owe their position to your enemy. They have chosen their master and are unsuitable to champion the cause of mankind. That is why we seek out the poor and the humble. And do not think that you are the first to be entrusted with the stone. There have been many before you and they have all been humble men and women who shared one common dream. And that dream is to free mankind from the path of self destruction. That desire is all you need to become a hero, a champion and a benefactor of your people.

Here, take the stone and do with it what you think needs to be done. Use it, don’t use it, you may even return it if you wish but you must tell no one about the stone. The enemy would surely try to stop you from using it or force you to use it for their purpose.”

With trembling hands, Danielle reached out and took the stone. The moment she touched it the stone flared with a blinding light and when she recovered her sight, she found herself back on the crest of the hill standing next to her truck. The digital recorder was still in her hand and the swarm of meteorites that she had seen before, continued their path across the sky and disappeared behind the horizon. It was as if everything that happened from the time she first spotted the streaking lights, didn’t really happen or it all happened in a flash.

Danielle felt confused and disoriented. For a moment she wasn’t sure of anything. Did she really have an encounter with an extra trestle or was this all some strange hallucination caused by not getting enough oxygen during the climb up the hill. Looking down at the valley she noticed there was no gash in the snow nor did she see a line of toppled tree at the entrance to the forest. But then she felt something warm in her hand. It was a small white oval stone like the one Gabrel gave her.

“Now what?,” she said with her eyes turned up to the sky. “What am I suppose to do with this little white stone or thought amplifier or whatever it is?”

There was no answer, only the flicker of a bright star that appeared above the setting sun. It was only a tiny light but it seemed to be telling her something. Then a thought entered her mind. It was a crazy thought that seemed to say that the world would not be left alone in darkness. A champion of the light had been chosen and she had to decide what she was going to do. That made no sense and she had no idea what it meant, but she did know one thing. It was getting late and she had a ton of things to do. She had to get home and review her days work. Get her pictures ready for publication and post them to her editor’s wed site.

Throwing the Moon Stone into the cup holder of her truck, Danielle promised herself that she would think about what happened tomorrow. Right now she had a ton of things to do, so she put her truck in gear and drove down the dirt road that led out of the forest. When she got to the paved blacktop she stopped and looked to her left. That road lead to the city and she considered going into town to have a few drinks with her friends. Her friends always had her back and she could tell them anything, but if she told them what just happened to her, they’d all think she was crazy and suggest that she go see a shrink.

Turning to the right, she decided to take the road home and give herself some time to think, but she wasn’t on the road a minute when she noticed blue and white flashing lights in her rearview mirror. She slowed down to let the emergency vehicle pass but instead of going around her, it came up behind her and flashed its lights. For some reason, she was being pulled over.

The officer took his time and it was several minutes before he opened his door and approached her truck. When he arrived she rolled down the window and asked with a tired smile, “What can I do for you officer?”

The officer’s face was devoid of expression as he asked for her license and registration. Danielle had no time for this nonsense but she was taught to treat all police officers with respect, so she just asked one question as she handed him the documents. “Is anything wrong?” Without giving her a reply, he took her documents and returned to the patrol car.

After about 10 minutes, he returned to her truck and stood by her door. Danielle opened the window and waited for him to tell her what this was all about, but he didn’t say a word. He just handed her, her license and registration attached to the top of a clipboard. Under her documents there was a summons which he asked her to sign.

“Wait a minute,” Danielle protested. “It says here that I failed to stop at a posted traffic sign. I came to a full and complete stop at that sign. In fact, I stayed there for several seconds while I considered whether I wanted to go into town or head home.”

The officer’s face remained unchanged as he informed her that she could request a hearing if she wanted to contest the ticket. Then he smiled and added, “But that would be a waste of time. The Courts,” he said, “always take an officer’s word over the word of a civilian. So, unless you have a video recording that proves that you made the stop, I suggest you just pay the fine and save yourself the Court Cost and the wages you’ll loose by attending the hearing.”

Danielle was stunned by the officer’s arrogance. “Why?” she asked herself. “Why is this asshole giving me a ticket for an offense he knows I didn’t commit?”

No sooner had Danielle asked the question than the Moon Stone she put in the cup holder began to glow. Within seconds she heard the answer to her question. Without saying a word the officer revealed that he gave her the summons because he was about to end his shift and needed to write one more ticket to meet his quota. That revelation really angered Daniel.

“That’s bull shit.” She said out load. “I can’t believe you’re giving me a ticket just to make your quota.”

Her sudden outburst surprised the officer. Of course, she was right but he knew she couldn’t prove it so that didn’t bother him. However he had to play his part so he Puffed himself up with false indignation and said, “Meme, we don’t have quotas. What we have is a sworn duty to uphold the law.” Then he tipped his hat and walked away.

That pompous reply got Danielle even angrier. She knew better than to get into a screaming contest with a police offer but she couldn’t control her thoughts. “You are so full of shit.” She said as he walked away.

Danielle was just about to drive away when she saw the Moon Stone glowing and heard the policeman moaning. Turning to see what was going on, she saw the officer leaning against the patrol car, bent over and holding his stomach. “Oh god!” he said as his stomach grumbled and whoopee cushion noises came from his pants.

Danielle couldn’t believe her eyes and ears. The officer was literally shitting in his pants, and from the sound of it… it was a very wet and copious discharge. Could it be? She thought to herself. Was this man’s problem a direct result of the negative thoughts she just had about him?

With genuine concern, Danielle stepped out of her truck and approached the ailing officer. “Are you all right?” She asked even thought she could smell that there was a very definite problem.

“No, I’m not all right you stupid cunt.” He lashed out at her. Then he gave her an angry look and added in a terse voice. “Get the fuck out of here and leave me alone.”

That discourteous outburst drained Danielle of all the sympathy she felt for the man. Her heated thoughts returned and as she opened the door to the truck she murmured something under her breath, “I hope he shits a a fuckin’ brick.” Again the Moon Stone glowed and the officer began to scream, “Oh no, oh god, no, no, no, please no!” as he ran screaming into the bushes. Than Danielle heard more whoopee cushion noises and some loud screaming that reminded her of the sounds a hen makes when it’s trying to lay an egg that’s too big for its ass.

After several minutes of grunting and heavy breathing the office called to Danielle. In a very tired and weak voice he said, “Please don’t leave. I need your help. Get me some paper towels and a bucket of ice cubes.”

Danielle smiled. “Sorry, I don’t have any of that. The only paper I have is the summons you just gave me.” The officer didn’t answer. After reading his mind she knew just what she had to do to motivate him. “I’m going to call 911 and let them know there’s an officer here that needs assistance.”

“No, don’t do that.” The officer begged. He knew his co-workers would tease him mercilessly if they found out about his situation. “Go ahead and toss me the clipboard with the summons pad. If you promise to forget about what happened here, I’ll forget about your traffic ticket.”

On her way home, Danielle thought about what just happened. With the help of the Moon Stone she had taken down a corrupt police officer and the unjust system that supported him. It was a small victory but it felt super cool to stick it to the man. And she was just a novice. Imagine how much better she’d be once she got the hang of it. That thought excited and exhilarated her.

Looking up at the sky she said, “Hey Gabrel, bring on the bad guys” but she got no reply so she added, “How is this going to work? Will I have to go after them or will they come after me?” Again, no reply so she said, “I guess I’m going to have to figure this out as I go. Sort of like, on job training?”
to keep up

Danielle pulled into her driveway and pressed the button on the garage door remote. As she drove into the garage she jokingly hummed the theme to the old Batman TV show. She was beginning to think of herself as a super hero but she had no idea what that really meant or how it would change her life. The only thing she knew for sure was that saving mankind was going to involve shaking up a lot of established institutions and kick a lot of pompous ass. Somehow that thought pleased her and made her think it would be a lot of fun.

The End (Chapter One)

I've been asked if there will be a second part to this story. The answer is... maybe. What do you think?

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