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Well I had better tell you a bit about me. My name is Eddie I am 18 years old and Live in Glasgow. I have known I was gay since I was about 11 years old. Although I am 100% straight acting and looking I have been lusting after other guys for years and of course this was in secret.

I was recently outed at a party by a guy I trusted.We have been friends for years and to be honest I have had a crush on him for at least 5 years it would be impossible for me to know how many pints of squeeby I have ejaculated while dreaming of Gary. For the past year we have been very close. In November last year we had been to the funeral of a friend of ours who was killed in a accident We both got very drunk after the cremation and he came back to mine to spend the night. I suppose we were both a bit emotional that mixed with drink led to a situation were we ended up hugging and cuddling each other I have to be honest I had a raging hardon as we were doing this I had wanted to hold Gary like this for so long. I kissed him on the cheek and he did not mind a few minutes later I kissed him again but this time on the lips and we ended up having a right good snog. I tried to slip my hand on to his cock but he pushed it away and broke away from the hug we both fell into a deep drunkin sleep and the following day what had happened was not mentioned but it was very clear in my head. We carried on just as before being good mates. I was more in love with Gary than I had ever been the memory of the kiss we had etched in my head I thought back to that night about 100 times a day. At Christmas I bought him two pairs of CK boxers that he had told me he liked and after I gave themto him I offered to fit them for him. He declined the offer but went into our bathroom and put a pair on then came back through to my bedroom posing in the boxers. The sight of him standing in front of me in these bright white tight fitting boxers with the red waistband sent the blood rushing to my cock. Seeing the shape of his cock and balls in the shorts were more than I could handle I walked over to him wrapped my arms around him and went to kiss him on the lips. He pushed me away totaly shocked pulled on his jeans and trainers and stormed out of my house leaving one pair of the boxers I had given him and the pair he had been wearing. 20 minutes later he text me and told me to meet him at the corner and to bring the boxers he had been wearing. I had them in my hand at the time the text came. I left right away and met him about 5 minutes later I gave him his boxers and he threw the ones I had bought him at me and shouted at the top of his voice " Here gay boy give those to some other bender " then walked away. I was pretty upset at his reaction I was so sure that he felt the same as me. I texted him a few times that night but he ignored the texts then the following day he text me to say that he did not want to chat to me ever again and I was to delete his number from my phone and never again contact him. I was totaly shattered No one knew I was gay I was petrified that he was going to tell our other mates and it would get back to my father or brothers that I had tried it on with Gary. Although I had not seen him since boxing day I had seen and texted a few of our other mates and nothing was mentioned about me and Gary so I assumed that he was not going to tell anyone. On New Years night we were both at the same party he made it clear that he did not want to talk to me it was all a bit strained and obvious that we were not talking he was at one end of the room and me at the other. One of our other mates tried to become peace maker saying that we must have had a lovers tiff. When Gary heard this he started ranting that he was not my fucking lover he then told everyone at the party that I was a bender and had tried to get into his boxers that I had groped his cock and tried to kiss him . Everyone at the party was laughing and pointing at me calling me all the benders poofs bum boy all the usual childish crap I could have beat anyone at that party in a fight including Gary but them all together shouting abuse was too much and I left the party the following morning I got out of bed opened my room curtains and wrote on the pavement outside my house in big bold white letters the words
EDDIE IS A BENDER WATCH YOUR ARSE had been painted for everyone to see. I had been outed not only to my mates but to the whole street including my parents and family. My life was in ruins I wanted to kill myself it was the most horrible thing that had ever happened to me in my life I was finnished. I took what little money I had and got on a bus to Blackpool I would have to disapear forever.

I got to Blackpool and only had £16 to my name. My head was in turmoil I had no where to stay and not enough money for a bed and breakfast. I walked about Blackpool trying to find a job it was new year nothing was open . I sat about on the peir for hours just thinking about what I was going to do my head was wasted . Eventually I turned on my phone I had 28 messages and a few missed calls most of the messages were from my mum and dad wanting to know were I was and wanting to know what was going on and about the message painted onthe pavement outside the house. there were 7 messages from mates a couple were abusive but a couple just asking if it was true that Iam gay. I text mum to tell her I was ok she called back immediatly we chatted then I told her were I was. She told me tio find a hotel book in and she would phone and pay by credit card and that she and dad would be down the following day.

I wont go in to too much detail here. I will just paint a general picture. I went to the nearest hotel and explained that I needed a room and mum wanted to pay by card. The Receptionest let me phone mum and she gave her card details. Mum called and we spoke for ages she wanted to know why the message had been painted outside the house and more importaintly if I knew who had done it. She told me that dad had painted over the words and that he and my two brothers had been out looking for my mates to see if they knew anything about it. My dad was a bouncer for years he had been in prison a couple of times in his younger years for violence he can be very aggresive when he gets annoyed I was dreading what he was going to do. Mum asked me about a hundred times why anyone would write that stuff and why if there was nothing in it why did I fuck off to Blackpool. Eventualy she gave in and told me to get some sleep they would be leaving early in the morning to come and get me. I lay on that bed tossing and turning (well more tossing I must have had 5 or 6 wanks that night so much so that I had friction burn on my Cock)even though I had caused all this trouble I still could not get my perverted thoughts out of my head it was better than thinking about what my dad was going to do when he got his hands on me. I eventualy dozzed off must have been exaustion. I woke up with the sound of my phone ringing it was just after 10am it was mum telling me that they would be in Blackpool in about an hour. I got up showered well I had a wank then showered. I had butterflys in my stomouch I felt sick I even concidered doing a runner before they got here but that would have just made things a hundred times worse. I got dressed and sat on the bed waiting for them to come I had to be out of the room before 12 it was 11.15 when I heard a knock on the room door. I cant explain in words how I felt walking towards that door I wanted to throw up my whole body was shaking. I opened the door mum threw her arms around me and dad closed the door behind him. Right what the fuck is going on dad demanded mum growled at him. " That wee cunt Gary Stewart told our John that you tried perv him up is it true " Dad more shouted than asked. I did not know what to say I just held my head in my hands. " Look if your a fucking queer just admitt it" Mum lost her rag and told him to get out of the room and wait in the car. Dad stormed out of the room slaming the door. I broke down crying like a two year old mum hugged me she was crying to. " your mine and no matter what you are or what you have done I love you son I would give my life for you"
"I did try it on with Gary I thought he wanted to do it"
" it's ok son we all make mistakes your probably just confused lots of teenagers get confused and do stupid things on the spur of the moment it's not the end of the world we will get it sorted out John has warned Gary if he ever says anything about you again he will smash his face in"
" Fuck sake mum I am not confused It's true I am a poof Gary is not the first Just go home and leave me here I will be alright as soon as I find a job"
" Look and listen to me if your gay so what we will deal with it but there is no way I am leaving you here your coming home with us and we will deal with it"
" Dad will go mental when he finds out it is true he will kill me"
" He will kill anyone who gives you a hard time son He might not like it but he will stand by you and support you no matter what you are or do"

it was exactly 12.00 when we left the room I checked out and we went to the car Dad drove to a cafe so we could get some breakfast I ate a little then went outside for a smoke I wanted to give them a chance to speak. When I got back in it was obvious that mum had told him I was gay Dad hugged me "dont worry about it son your my son and if you like guys rather than burds I will be behind yea 100% but for fuck sake dont start wearing your mums dresses I could not handle you turning into Lily Savage" He was squashing the life out me but I knew he ment it. I was surprised how well he took it I expected to get punched black and blue and disowned but the total opposite happened all the way back home in the car we chatted probably spoke more to each other in those 3 hours than we had in the previous 10 years I laughed when he said " But for fuck ake son if your going tae get a boyfriend get a better looking one than that cunt Gary Stewart he is one ugly bastard" All was going to be ok.

Back in wet and Windy Glasgow. The family sat down my father ,mother and my two brothers. My dad put my brothers in the picture and warned them that they had better look out for me incase anyone gave me any hassle over the Gary Incident. My oldest Brother John told me that Gary had been warned if he even looked in my direction again he would be going to Hospital. Over the next couple of days things were a bit Strained. I text a few of my mates to test the water 2 of the 5 I text replied 3 ignored me the two who replied were sound both wanted to know if it was true that I am Gay. I text back that I think that I am Bi. Scot replied " Fucking cool with me bud" Danny replied " Ed I dont care who your shagging as long as it is not me Ha Ha Gary Stewart swears it was not him that wrote that shite outside your house if you want tae go out for a drink gies a shout but no fuckin gay bars Ha Ha love yea mate"

I went back to work on the Monday and carried on with life lost some mates but very few and they werenot realy long time mates.Belive t or not within 2 weeks I met Gary I was dreading this but it was fine infact we are mates again not as close as we were but at least we are on talking terms and have been in company together a few times of course I did not get off scot free as they say I get the odd sly comment about being a poof but mostly in a joking manner. I am happier now than I was for years I still claim that I am Bi but I am sure everyone accepts that I am Gay and through time I will come clean

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2013-08-16 01:11:40
Everyone has a story to tell your not alone

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2013-06-11 10:24:24
Lust at first sight MORE Please

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2013-04-07 05:42:12
ohh so this is your story. everyone has a story to tell and by your story i know you are really a good person.

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2013-03-16 10:19:48
Is it your real story ??? Its really nice ..

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2013-03-16 10:06:15
Isn't there any brotherly lust part 7 .. i like those ..

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