I find out just how special Sherri my daughter is
Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 24 Sherri My Special Daughter

In my last Chapter, I had just survived a bout with malaria. It seemed it had lain dormant in my body until it decided to cause me some problems. Parts of those problems were nightmares and hallucinations. It also amplifies the monster that dwelt in my soul as well.

Thanks to Kay and Cathy, I survived. It was early July before I thanked them both by sending them on a two-week cruise. Sherri did not want to go, as she wanted to stay at home with me. I did not know at the time just what her plan was until it was to late.

Kay had been training Sherri with running our construction company weeks before she left. Sherri filled in nicely for her mom at work. Frank my partner thought he had seen a ghost when he came into work. He pointed out to me just how much Sherri looked like Carrie especially in her office outfit. Frank was right I just had never noticed until that day in our office as she could have past for Carrie‘s double.

I suggest you read my last chapter, as I am not going to recap the whole chapter. I am going to start this chapter with telling you about the plan Sherri had, the real reason she did not go with her mom and Cathy on the cruise.

The next weekend we worked late Friday and we grabbed a bite to eat before returning home. I was truly enjoying my time with Sherri. I believe that I was learning more about her than ever before. I was not only seeing her as that ten-year-old little girl but also as a mature adult woman. I sat down in the living room with Sherri standing there

Sherri said, “I wonder what mom and Aunt Cathy, are doing right now,” giving me a sexy little smile. “I am going to go jump in the shower,” Sherri added as she walked away.

I did not answer however, I did think of a few things they could be doing as a smile came to my face. Sherri started to call Cathy Aunt Cathy shortly after my hospital stay. I never got the whole story or truth about it from either of them.They also never told me how the two of them came about having fun together. However, I did know that they each knew something about the other but they would not tell me what it was. I chalked it up to “Women.”

I was sitting on the sofa flipping through the T.V. channels when Sherri came walking into the living room. I turned and saw that she had only a towel wrapped around herself. My eyes started at those lovely tanned legs and those tender plump thighs that showed below her towel. My eyes moved up her towel, which was just barely covering her lovely big tits in fact, I could see one of her huge hard nipples had slipped above her towel as she sat down next to me. I turned my attention quickly back to the TV.

I still had not grown very comfortable with her running around half-dressed and even in the nude. Sherri had a habit of taking a shower and not covering herself especially when her mom was not at home. However, I allowed her to do so mostly because her mom told me that it was just harmless fun on her part.

It may have been harmless fun to her but to me it seemed as if she was flirting with me. I knew just how women flirt with you from my years of living the swinger’s lifestyle. If it had been any other woman than Sherri my adoptive daughter, it would not have troubled me.

Sherri wrapped her arm around my shoulder as she asked, “What are you watching?”

“Just flipping through the channels,” I replied not looking to her.

I felt her finger teasingly playing with my ear as she asked, “Do I make you uncomfortable when I flirt with you daddy?”

I wanted her to think I was liberal enough so I replied, “Sometimes Princess,” as I turned my head from the T.V. and her as well.

“Then why don’t you look at me?” Sherri asked.

“Just because princess,” I replied turning toward her trying not to stare at her huge hard nipple showing above her towel.

“Is it because I look like Carrie did when she was my age?” Sherri asked.

I sat there for a few seconds before I replied, “No Sherri you do remind me of Carrie at your age.” “However to me you are still that sweet little girl who skate I fixed,” “But believe me I can see that you no longer are, what with those,” I added as I went to point to her tits however my finger brushed against her exposed nipple.

“DADDY,” Sherri yelled as she smiled at me.

Sherri threw her arms around my neck as her towel dropped exposing her luscious big breasts. Her lips went to mine as she kissed me deeply and with passion. Her lips were smooth and silky just like Carrie’s lips at that age. They tasted as Carries had to me. It may have been the lip-gloss she wore I was not for sure. I breathed deeply in through my nose only to inhale the scent of “White Diamonds.”

I felt her tongue poking and trying to slip through my lips into my mouth. I suddenly felt her hand groping at my cock through my pants. My god my daughter was seducing me. To make matters worst she was Carrie to me as she did. This chapter picks up from here.

At first I started to slip my arms around her but my mind told me no. I gently pushed her away from me trying to make it look like I was not disgusted about what she had in mind. Sherri looked at me with sadness in her eyes as she gave me that puppy dog look she always used on me to get her way.

I cradled her face in my hands as I said, “It’s not going to happen princess so forget it,” “Even if your mom said it was OK it still is not going to happen,” I said as I dropped my hands from her face.

Sherri looked at me tilting her as she replied, “You know if I was to ask mom she would tell me it was OK,” as she smiled to me.

“I know princess but you understand why I can’t,” I said with a pleading look in my eyes.

Sherri thought for a few seconds then she replied, “Because of her,” as she pointed her finger to the heavens.

“Yes princess,” I replied.

Sherri covered her body as she got off the sofa. She walked slowly to her room hanging her head all the way. I sat there somewhat in shock at what had just happened. I had never seen it coming or I would have never left it got to what just happened. I was sure that I had hurt her feeling and maybe more as I sat there.

I realized most men might have jumped at the chance to bang their stepdaughter. Especially if she was as lovely as Sherri was. However, I am not like most men. To me Sherri was not my stepdaughter but Melissa the daughter whom I never have gotten to hold in my arms.

I do not judge others who are involved with incest, as I know a brother and sister who are very happy with their 25-year relationship. It is their choice how they run their life not mine. It might have been fun and I may have even enjoyed it. However, I would have felt terrible about it afterwards, as my mind would have seen it as abuse toward Melissa the daughter I lost with Carrie.

I sat there wondering if I should go to her room to explain it more to her. However, I could not as I was afraid I might not be able to resist her again. Mainly because of just how much she did look like Carrie at seventeen. In fact, if Sherri changed her voice just a little bit she would have been Carrie.

Sherri returned to the living room in about fifteen minutes. She was dressed in a tee shirt and jogging pants as well as bra and panties, which you could see, under her clothes. Sherri sat down taking my hand into hers looking at me.

“Daddy, forgive me for what I just tried.” “I do understand it would be wrong not because of whom we are but because of the bond we share,” Sherri said.

“I forgive you princess,” I replied.

Sherri looked deep into my eyes, as she said, “Please don’t ever tell mom.” “Please daddy,” she added with begging eyes.

“It will be our little secret princess I promise,” I said as I wrapped my arm around her. “Princess, just how long have you been thinking that?” I asked her.

“Since my nightmares started,” Sherri replied. “You saved me in one and it turned into the nicest dream I ever had,” She added as she smiled to me.

“Did Cathy know of your plan?” I asked.

Sherri hesitated before she replied, “In a way I guess,” as she looked away from me.

“What do you mean in a way?” I asked.

Sherri started to tell me how one day she told Cathy about her nightmares. Cathy had told her that with what she had been through as a child it was no wonder that she had nightmares. Sherri explained how when she had the nightmare in which I rescued her the next day she went to Cathy to talk to her about it.

“That was how I sort of became interested in Cathy,” Sherri said to me.

Cathy explained to me that it was normal for me to have dreamed of you. She told me it was because I saw you as the man who saved me from a ruined life. She also asked me if my feelings toward you actually were those as in my dreams.

“They weren’t at first daddy however when I seen how happy mom and Cathy were after sex with you I wanted to feel like them,” Sherri said looking into my eyes. “Cathy even told me that your love making skills made you even more desirable to her.” “Cathy said you could eat pussy as good as any girl could,” “That was how I started with Cathy as I told her I had never been with a woman,” Sherri added staring into my eyes.

I was not sure if I was mad at Cathy for introducing my little girl-to-girl sex or not. I also wondered why Cathy had done it behind Kay’s back without her knowing. At least Cathy was pleased with my love making skills. According to her, I ate pussy like a girl I thought before my mind returned to the matter at hand.

I stared back into her eyes for a few seconds before I replied, “I hope you are reading that I did not apply that you were not appealing or that you were not attractive.” “Because you are very lovely and sexy,” I added as I thought why did I have to say sexy.

“You really think so daddy, I did not think you ever noticed,” Sherri replied with a smile.

“Oh I noticed princess and worry about it every time you go out on a date,” I said as I did not what to tell her I would break every finger on the boy’s hand who touched her anywhere.

“You worried about some boy having his way with me and that was why you had me take classes with Rod to defend myself,” Sherri said.

“Yes princess that was why,” I replied.

“See I misread your eyes when Todd would come pick me up,” “The look was worry however I thought it was a look of wanting me.” Sherri said. She stared at me as she added, “Daddy sometimes my gift causes nothing but trouble.”

“Princess we all make mistakes or misread others meanings as well as our own feelings,” “That is why you ask when in doubt,” I replied.

“Daddy, I was warned never to tempt you,” Sherri said as she hung her head.

“Did Cathy warn you?” I asked picking her head up with my finger.

Sherri’s hand started to stroke the side of my face as she replied, “Angel Carrie told me so daddy.” Sherri tilted her head as she added, “She came to me in a dream an few days before you had your bout with malaria.”

I sat there in an almost hypnotic trance as she rubbed the side of my face. She explained that she had not talked to Carrie for many years then suddenly she came back to her in her dreams as well as in her nightmares. Sherri thought she had outgrown her need of Carrie. Then one night she came to her in her nightmare. I was trying to get the door opened but it would not open. The door opened with Carrie standing on the other side of the door.

“She had this intense glow around her daddy and she smiled to me as she told me not worry when they took you once more.” “She told me that she would make sure that you would be safe on your journey and that she would return you to us quickly,” Sherri said to me. “She told me that upon your return to watch over you as something from your past sought to harm you.”

My mind heard Sherri as well as another deep voice as it said, “Do not listen to such nonsense.”

“I tried to ask her what she meant daddy,” “However she told me that the beast would not tell her,” Sherri said. Her hand stopped rubbing at my face as she asked, “What did she mean by the beast daddy?” Sherri asked me.

I shook my head as I replied, “I do not know,” when I actually did know.

Carrie and I had discussed the monster that lived within me in great lengths during our little talks. Carrie had always told me that the beast within would try to take full control someday. I had seen Carrie writing something down in her notebook. A few days later, I read what she had written. It read; the beast is what filled his heart during Vietnam making him so brave however, I fear someday it will lead him to his grave.

“Carrie told me that I was a very special child and that I must always resist temptation no matter how wonderful it may feel.” “Always follow your heart my sweet child or the bond will be broken angel Carrie told me,” Sherri said looking to me. “Sorry daddy I did not realize what she meant until you reminded me.” Sherri added hanging her head down.

“Just as long as you understand princess,” I replied lifting her head with my finger.

Sherri and I spent the next week working together. It still amazed me just how much she looked like Carrie to me when we were at work. It had to be her wearing of that office outfit that caused it. Her office outfit was causing more than me seeing Carrie each time I looked at her as well.

I was on my way to check up on a project and forgot the blueprints at the office. I returned to my office to get them. I walked into our office to find one of my men by the name of Chuck a new hirer in his twenties. I did not like the idea of him leaning onto the desk looking straight down my daughter’s top. As he feasted his eyes on her big succulent tits as he drooled all over himself. Sherri was backing away from him as if she was scared of him or something. Neither of them heard me as I entered the office.

I walked behind Chuck as he stared down my daughter’s top. I placed my hand onto his shoulder digging my thumb into a spot near the base of his neck. His hands slipped from the desk as my hand pushed his face down toward the top of Sherri’s desk.

“Hey what the…” Chuck managed to get out before his face smacked off the desk.

“DADDY, stop we were just talking,” Sherri said.

“I picked Chuck’s head back up by his neck as I said, “Chuck don’t you ever talk to my daughter with your eyes again,” as I pushed him toward the door.

“Daddy he was just flirting with me,” Sherri said.

“We do not flirt in this office,” I replied harshly.

“Tell that to mom and Carrie,” Sherri yelled as she ran to the women bathroom.

I knocked on the door trying to get her to talk to me. However, she would not. I told her I would see her later. I went into my office grabbed the blue prints. I walked out to my truck to find Chuck standing by my truck.

“I heard of you old man everyone is scared of you but you aren’t fucking shit,” Chuck screamed loudly to me with a shove in his hand.

“Son, you were not fired until now,” I replied glaring at him for a few seconds before I asked, “You going to use that shove or stand there?”

“Fuck you,” Chuck yelled as he charged me with the shove high above his head.

“Side step turn with weight bore onto left foot while performing a round house kick to either the shovel or the side of his fucking head,” the monster inside me ordered me to do.

The next thing I knew I was standing over top of Chuck looking down at him as he held the side of his head, as I said, “Not bad for an old man.”

“DADDY, are you all right,” “I saw him charging you with that shove,” Sherri screamed as she came up to me. “Do you want me to call the sheriff daddy?” Sherri asked as she grabbed my arm.

I bent down picking Chuck up from the ground and I asked, “SO Chucky jail or back to work?”

“Work BOSS,” Chuck rather groaned out as he made his way slowly toward the equipment barn still dazed.

“Daddy, he is a bad man and should be in jail,” Sherri said staring into my eyes.

I stared at her as I replied, “He is just a boy who lost his way over a pair of boobs.”

“Sorry daddy,” Sherri replied hanging her head.

I picked her head up with my finger as I said, “We will talk later right now I am running behind.”

I kissed her forehead before I jumped into my truck. I drove to the work site feeling good about myself. The kid had me by about 20 years however I showed him the meaning of pain.

“We did in deed Sgt. J,” the monster with in said to me.

I just shook my head as I drove onto the site. I stayed on site until around four in the afternoon. I drove back to the office to pick up Sherri to go grab a bite to eat before heading home. I walked in and Sherri came over to me.

“Chuck is waiting for you in your office daddy,” “He apologized to me for looking where his eyes did not belong," Sherri whispered into my ear. “Talk with him daddy I believe he is troubled like you,” she added.

I went into my office closing the door behind me as I took a sit behind my desk. I asked Chuck to tell me his story. It was a story I had heard many times before. One that went like I never got along with my father, how I never could have respect for a drunk who beat me daily. My mother was no better so I rather grew up on my own until I ran away. I have a small problem with my temper. It has gotten me into trouble before however I was never the one on the ground until today. I always thought I could handle myself well until today.

“I am sorry to have offended you and your daughter sir,” “I apologized to her earlier as well as giving her flowers,” Chuck said. “I know I am not worthy of her forgiveness or yours yet I only hope someday you both will forgive me,” Chuck added.

“It’s a start son that is all that matters,” I replied.

Chuck and I talked for around an hour. He left himself out of my office. I heard him stop and tell Sherri again, how sorry he was for his actions today. I heard Chuck tell her that it must have been nice growing up with a loving and caring father like the one she has before he walked out the door.

Sherri knocked on my door as she asked, “Can I come in daddy?”

I told her yes and as she stood by my desk she looked at me as she asked, “You did not fire that poor boy did you daddy?

“What happened to him being a bad man?” I asked in return.

“A man can change daddy if you give them something to change for,” “I think you beating his ass gave him something as well as just talking to him,” Sherri replied looking seriously at me.

“Maybe princess only time will tell,” I replied.

“Carrie and you helped most of the men that work here daddy so I know it is true,” Sherri said as she walked out of my office.

I swiveled in my chair as I looked to a photo on the wall. The photo was of Carrie and me with the first five Vietnam veterans we had hired. All had returned home from Vietnam with a little more baggage than they had arrived with back then. I was going to ask Sherri how she knew that as I had never included it to anyone I had told my story too. However, I knew she would not tell me so I left it at that.

“Ready to leave if you are daddy,” Sherri said standing in the doorway of my office.

On the way home, what Sherri had told me about a man can change if you give them something to change for entered my mind. There was a way I could use that. I looked over to Sherri and I smiled at her.

“What is it daddy I seen that look?” Sherri asked scooting over next to me.

“About your mom and you don’t you think maybe if you gave her something she might open up and talk to you?” I asked.

“I will daddy only because you asked me too.” “I am doing it for you not for mom’s sake,” Sherri replied as she laid her head against my arm as she closed her eyes.

“If they don’t bond your to blame,” “There is always the workshop as the way out,” the monster with in said loudly in my head.

I slammed on the brakes. The truck came to a screeching stop. I looked straight out ahead through the windshield.

“What is it daddy?” Sherri asked sitting up.

“Nothing princess an animal ran out in front of us,” I replied.

The rest of the workweek went great. I even took Chuck under my wing for a few days. I found out that boy was one hell of a mechanic. Hell he showed me a few things, which I believe, made him even feel better. I also told him anytime he needed to talk my door would always be open for him. Friday soon got here and as Sherri and I drove home, I asked her what her plans were for the weekend.

“If you have time tonight daddy I would like to sit and talk with you for a while,” Sherri said.

“I am always here for you princess,” I replied.

Sherri and I ordered pizza for dinner. After dinner, we took a short ride around the lake in our speedboat. As the sun started to set we headed inside sitting down onto the sofa together. Sherri cuddled up against me laying her head against my arm.

“Daddy is Angel Carrie real or is she just something in my head?” Sherri asked as she looked to me

“What do you believe?” I asked.

Sherri explained she used to think she was real however when she had told Cathy about her. Cathy told her she was just something her mind had made up which gave her hope. She told me that it also brought me closer to you, which gave us both a special bond to share. I told her that Carrie had told me two things about her as well.

“What was that princess,” I asked.

“That someday you will only be Cathy to him,” Sherri replied. “I will not tempt fate by telling you the other part daddy so please do not ask,” Sherri added giving me a serious look.

I looked at her smiling as I said, “I am sure you will tell me when it is time.”

“Daddy it is time I tell you how I learned of your story,” Sherri replied. “Angel Carrie did share a lot of it with me when I was younger, however she told me to look to the books,” Sherri added.

“The old photo albums of Carrie’s and mine,” I said.

“No daddy, wait here I will show you,” Sherri replied.

Sherri got off the sofa and walked to her room. I sat there trying to think what books she was talking about, as I knew the photos would tell her some. However just photos would not tell her as much as she knew. Sherri came walking up the hallway with a stack of six to ten journal notebooks. She stopped in front of me with them in her hands.

I looked to them and I knew what they were. Sherri was holding the journals that Carrie kept on me during those little sessions we would have. I had saved them as someday I was going to read them however, I had forgotten about even having them.

“Daddy, I learned a lot about you, Carrie and about dealing with my own troubles,” Sherri said. “I found them as soon as mom and I moved here down in the basement.” “I am not for sure whether Angel Carrie is just in my head from reading her journals daddy, or if somehow we are really connected,” Sherri added.

“So doc, am I crazy?” I asked Sherri with a smile.

“You asked Carrie that after your first talking with her,” Sherri replied. She smiled as she added, “It’s in the book, daddy.”

“Find anything else interesting in those books?” I asked.

“Only that Carrie was worried that someday she would not be there when you needed her the most,” Sherri replied looking sadly to me.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner about her journals Princess?” I asked.

“In a dream angel Carrie told me to tell you only after she had left you for a second time, daddy,” Sherri replied. “That happened when you no longer saw Cathy as Carrie.” Sherri added as she held the books out in front of her handing them to me.

I looked at the journals then to her as I said, “Why don’t you keep them a little longer for me princess,” smiling at her.

“I understand daddy and they will be in my drawing room if you care to look at them,” She replied as she turned walking back to the drawing room.

I did not take the books for I was afraid to read what was in them. What with all that had been happening, I thought it might do more harm than good. In reality, I was afraid to read what Carrie might have written about me.

Those books explained how Sherri knew some things but not all of them. I was not for sure how she knew some of the other stuff. Maybe angel Carrie was real I know anytime she had came to me she sure seemed real however that comes from a man who listens to the monster within as well. I just chalked it up to her having that sixth sense as I had. Sherri came walking back out and she sat down next to me.

I wrapped my arm around her as I said, “Thanks princess for sharing how you knew.”

“I promised you I would someday,” Sherri replied as she kissed me upon my cheek.

I looked at her strangely, as it had been a while since she kissed me on my cheek. Sherri smiled as she said, “Better not to tempt you or me any longer daddy.”

“Do you believe that Angel Carrie is real?” I asked Sherri.

“If I follow my heart yes,” “If what Carrie wrote about how a stimuli can trigger an part of your brain that causes you to react a certain way then no daddy,” Sherri replied looking at me as if I had the answer.

I smiled to her as I said, “Always follow your heart princess, always.”

“I will daddy I promise,” Sherri replied as she walked back toward her bedroom.

I sat there lost in my own thoughts. I sat there thinking about “The Stimuli Trigger,” as Carrie would call it. That sound, the seeing of something, the touch or even the smell of something that makes your brain reacts with the same response, as that of what it knew to do. I sat there thinking about that when I heard.

“Remember Sgt. J without me you would not have survived that jungle,” the monster within me said.

I did not even have to think about it, as that was very true. If the monster had not taken over in most cases during my tours in Vietnam, I would have returned in a body bag. Sherri returned and she sat down beside me lacing her arm through mine. She laid her head against my arm as she left out a big sigh.

“So princess what are your plans for tomorrow?” I asked.

“I was going to see about maybe going out on a date,” Sherri replied.

“With anyone I know?” I asked.

“Sort of I just have not asked him yet,” Sherri replied with a smile.

“You’re the one asking?” I asked.

“Yes daddy women can ask men to go out with them,” Sherri replied cuddling up to me.

“Then you have better get to asking this fellow before he makes other plans,” I replied smiling at her.

“I was thinking dinner and some dancing that is if you would be my date daddy as I am dateless,” Sherri replied. “I promise no funny stuff,” Sherri added with a smile.

“It would be my pleasure to escort you tomorrow evening,” I replied with a smile.

Sherri hugged me giving me a quick kiss to my cheek before she said, “Thank you daddy thank you.” “One more thing daddy I have nothing nice to wear for you,” Sherri added.

“Then you will have to go shopping,” I replied handing her one of my credit cards. “You can take your mom’s car tomorrow,” I added as she had gotten her drivers license at the end of the school year.

“I would rather take your truck,” Sherri said smiling at me.

“That would be fine princess,” I replied with a smile as I knew she felt at home in the truck not some fancy car.

I worked around the house Saturday morning finally getting some work in at home. Sherri left around noon after giving me a hand. She returned a little after three in the afternoon. She carried three bags into the house I saw from the garage. I walked into the house as I asked her what she had brought.

“You can’t see until tonight daddy,” Sherri replied. “Oh and daddy would you wear your three-piece suit tonight?” She asked.

“I suppose I could,” I replied. “Dinner at about 6 this evening,” I added.

I did not see Sherri the rest of the afternoon. At around 4:30 I jumped into the shower making sure I had locked the door. As I showered, I rather smiled to myself thinking about Sherri trying to seduce me. After all, here I was almost forty and a seventeen year old wanted me. The old man still had it I thought as I shaved.

I put on my three-piece suit thinking that it had been a long time since I had dressed up. I actually felt good about dressing up as well. I went into the living room waiting on Sherri.

About a half hour later, Sherri came walking down the hall. A smile came over my face as I watched her walking up the hallway toward me. Sherri had purchased an elegant black spaghetti strap dress. It came down to just a few inches above her knees. Her tanned shapely legs encased in nylons with black high heels. The dress was a little low cut however; with her big tits, it was hard to hide them. Carrie often wore a dress just like that one when we would go out and it was always my favorite. My heart went to beating fast as I stared at her for she was Carrie to me.

Sherri stepped from the hallway as the afternoon sun hit her. My mind did not have to flashback as I stared at her. As she walked toward me, the sun emitted an aurora around her entire body. Just like the one I would see around Carrie when we were on the lake. Sherri stopped and she tilted her head looking to me.

“Why do you stare like that daddy?” Sherri asked.

“It is remarkable how much you look and remind me of Carrie,” I replied fighting back my tears.

“Would you rather I change into something else?” Sherri asked.

“Not on your life princess,” I replied as I stood up.

I walked over to her and I laced her arm through mine as I walked her out to Kay’s car. Sherri shook her head as she told me take the truck daddy. I walked her to my truck opening the door and helping her up into it. I hurried around to my side as I got in as well.

“Thanks daddy you’re so sweet no one has ever opened my door before,” Sherri said.

“Well then you better tell the dumb shits to get over to your side and leave you in the next time,” I replied with a smile.

I was backing out of the driveway as I asked, “Any place special for dinner princess?”

“That place we went to after work,” Sherri replied as she scooted over next to me lacing her arm through mine.

I was hoping she would say that. The reason was that my fondest memories of Carrie were from having dinner with her there. We would go there to talk and just exchange looks over dinner. We talked as I drove us to the restaurant. It was mostly about my construction company. Sherri told me that a few of the men on my crew had told her she reminded them of someone very special.

“I know now who they meant,” Sherri said smiling up to me.

I drove telling her how Carrie had this way with always getting the best work from our crews. I explained how when Carrie ran our company we had a huge staff of workers. Carrie knew how to run every piece of equipment we own.

“That woman could swing a hammer with the best of them,” I said to Sherri as we arrived at the restaurant. “Now you wait right there princess,” I added as I jumped from my truck.

I hurried around opening her door and helping her from my truck. I laced her arm through mine as we walked to the front door. The people leaving smiled to us as they walked by. When we walked inside more people smiled at us as well as when we were waiting to be seated. Once seated I asked to see the wine list just to impress Sherri where as I was thinking a beer would taste so much better.

I was reading it when Sherri hand touched mine as she asked, “Daddy do they serve beer?”

“AHHh music to my ears,” I replied tossing the wine list to the side of the table.

It seemed strange, as Carrie never cared for wine, as she would rather have a nice cold beer. The waiter returned and I ordered us a couple of buds. The waiter did not even card Sherri. Probably because she looked in her twenties dressed up as she was.

Sherri reached over and she touched my hand as she said, “Daddy everyone is looking at us.”

I looked around the room as men nodded their heads to me. The women stared giving me a strange look it seemed. I thought to myself for a second.

“They are probably thinking what a wonderful couple we make,” I replied.

Sherri gave me a smile as she replied, “As long as they don’t think I am some hooker you picked up,” giving a little laugh.

I just smiled shaking my head at her. We talked some more over dinner. Sherri wanted to learn to operate all the equipment in our company. She also wanted to work as a crew person on the next project. I told her I would show her the equipment come, Monday. We talked some more until the waiter handed me the bill.

Sherri smiled at me then to the waiter as she said, “I hope you did not spend all your money as my services do not come cheap.”

I had trouble keeping a straight face as I handed him my credit card. After paying the bill, we chatted for a while. I then asked her what she wanted to do next.

“Dancing would be nice,” Sherri replied with a smile as her hand touched mine on the table.

We left the restaurant and we went to the same bar I had taken the girls that night we went out together. We found us a table and we ordered some drinks. We had been there for a while and we were up dancing when a few girls came up to Sherri. They were girlfriends of hers and they followed us to our table. Sherri talked to them as I sat at the table.

Sherri turned toward me at the table as she asked, “Is it OK if they join us daddy?

I just smiled standing up as the girls took their seats. I sat there listening to the latest gossip about this girl, that guy. The girls asked me to dance with them however, Sherri told them to find their own dates. The girls told Sherri they were heading somewhere else and they asked her if she wanted to come along. I gave Sherri a quick smile as I told her it would be all right.

“No daddy you’re my date tonight,” She said smiling to me.

One of the girls smiled to Sherri then to me as she asked, “Can I give him my number?”

Sherri chased them off walking them to their car telling me she would be right back. I was sitting at the table when I got the feeling someone was watching me. I scanned the room however I saw no one I knew. I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned my head looking to see who it was.

“Hi John, it has been a very longtime,” Terri said smiling at me.

I sat there just looking at her as it had been almost ten years since I had seen her. Terri had not changed much other than maybe a little older looking. Her hair was shorter; I dared not look into her eyes for fear of what I would see. Terri leaned down to give me a kiss onto my lips. She teasingly paused as my eyes fell to those big tits hanging down in her low cut top. Terri’s hand went to the back of my head pulling it into her lips as they touched mine. Terri rolled her lips over mine kissing me deeply as I just sat there. I felt nothing as she kissed me then broke the kiss.

“Terri, I did not recognize you,” I said as I stood up to embrace her.

Terri did not smile as she replied, “Oh I see you don’t recognize me but you replaced my cousin with her fucking look a like,” as she pointed to Sherri who had returned and was standing there beside me.

“BITCH, you must be Terri,” Sherri yelled back as she tilted her head.

Terri stood there with her mouth hanging open. I looked at Sherri and I saw her eyes fill with hate and anger as she just stared at Terri with glaring eyes. I realized I had seen that same look in Carrie’s eyes when she had some rather unflattering words for Terri as well. Terri turned back to me looking hurt and lost.

I went over to Sherri as I said, “It is OK princess please sit down,” as I sat her down into her chair then kissed her forehead.

I turned to Terri as I said, “Terri, this is my daughter Sherri.”

“John I am so sorry I did not know,” Terri replied rather falling down in a chair at our table as she started to cry.

I stood there lost not knowing what to do. Should I comfort her or do I just walk away I thought? I did nothing as I just stared at her listening to her sob. Terri wiped at her tears with her hand, as I did nothing. I looked to Sherri with pleading eyes, as I did not know what to do or if I even should do anything.

Sherri smiled to me, as her hand slipped across the table touching Terri’s hand on the table. Sherri rubbed her hand against Terri’s as she said, “Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you.”

Terri looked at Sherri with a wondering look. Then Terri looked over to me. I just smiled to her.

“Daddy and Carrie told me all about you,” Sherri said to her.

“Carrie told you,” Terri replied in shock.

Terri just looked at Sherri in wonder. About that time, a man I did not know came over to Terri and asked if she was OK and if she was ready to leave. Terri stood up as she told him she was.

Terri looked to me as she said, “John, promise me you will call me my number is still the same.”

I shook my head yes sitting down as Terri turned to Sherri and said, “Please make him call me,” “I have so many questions,” as she smiled to Sherri before she walked away with that man.

I just sat there until Sherri leaned over. I felt her hand touch the side of my face. I felt her hand begin to stroke the side of my face. I turned to her and I smiled at her.

“She was not nearly as beautiful as Carrie,” Sherri said smiling. “You felt nothing didn’t you daddy?” Sherri asked.

“Nothing other than pain in my heart,” I replied.

“Let’s go home daddy,” Sherri said.

“Just one more dance,” I replied standing up as I held my hand out to her.

Sherri smiled as she took my hand. I walked her to the dance floor. I pulled her tightly against myself laying her head against my chest. I started to dance her around the room as tears filled my eyes. Seeing Terri had reminded me just how much I still missed and loved Carrie.

I felt Sherri’s hand rubbing at my back as I heard her say, “Carrie misses and loves you to daddy.”

As we drove home, Sherri was full of questions. She wanted to know why I never told anyone that Terri still lived near where we did. No one had ever asked me so I never told anyone. Sherri asked why I did not stay in touch with Terri after Carrie’s death. I thought for a second or two wondering if I should tell her then decided that I would.

“Out of fear, princess,” I replied.

“Fear, what did you fear daddy?” Sherri asked.

“Fear of believing she was the cause of all my problems and what the…” I started to reply then stopped.

“I felt Sherri’s hand go to my face as she said, “Daddy your monster only hurts bad men.”

“I am getting to like this girl,” the monster with in said to me inside my head.

“I told you before you leave her out of this,” I replied silently as I drove.

Sherri and I soon arrived back at home. I changed into a pair of sweat pants and a tank top. I went into the living room where I sat down on the sofa. A few minutes later Sherri came out with Coco behind her.

“Care if we join you daddy?” Sherri asked.

I was shocked to see her dressed in a pair of regular pajamas. I patted beside myself on the sofa. Sherri sat down cuddling up to me. Coco jumped up on the other side of me laying his head into my lap.

“Daddy, could we still go out like we did tonight when mom comes back home?” Sherri asked.

“Sure princess, I bet your mom would love to join us,” I replied.

“No daddy I meant just you and me,” Sherri replied.

“We’ll see princess,” I said.

Sherri cuddled up closer to me with her head on my arm. I watched her close those lovely blue eyes as she fell asleep next to me on the sofa. I looked to Coco with his head in my lap. He raised his head giving me a big lick of his tongue across my face before he laid his head back down.

I sat there not thinking of Terri. I sat there worrying about the bond I had broken between mother and daughter. I wondered if that was the reason, Sherri had tried to seduce me. Was it to get even with her mom I thought? I also thought maybe it was fate who had tempted me as I knew fate played cards with the grim reaper every night and I knew death was just waiting for my hand to be dealt to him.

Sherri spent the whole day Sunday at home with me. She kept asking me if I was all right or if I wanted to talk about running into Terri. We ate dinner together and we talked late into the evening Sunday night about Carrie and Terri. I tried to get her to talk about her feelings toward her mom. However, she would not

Monday we went into work where as I had promised I started to show her how to run our heavy equipment. She took to each piece she operated. We were in the office a little after one in the afternoon. Sherri answered the phone. I heard her say, “Let me see if he is still here.”

“Daddy it is Terri,” Sherri said to me.

I just shook my head no, as I did not want to talk to her. I walked into my office closing the door behind me. I sat there looking at a photo of Carrie. I tried to close my eyes to see if maybe Terri was locked away somewhere deep in my mind. I saw nothing and felt nothing as I did. I sat there thinking for close to an hour until there was a knock on my door. It was Sherri, she came in, and she sat down on the edge of my dress.

Sherri had the same look in her lovely blue eyes as Carrie would when she wanted something from me. It was one of those if you do this you would feel better looks. I used to get those a lot from Carrie when she was nursing me back to health when I returned wounded from Vietnam.

“What is it Carr… princess?” I asked catching myself before I called her Carrie.

Sherri smiled mainly because she knew I had almost called her Carrie before she replied, “Daddy you should really talk with Terri.” Sherri added, “After all she is family and all,” giving me that look again.

“Maybe when your mom gets back I will invite them over and we all can talk,” I replied giving her a smile.

The rest of the week flew by without any problems. Everything at work was going great. Sherri was filling in nicely for her mom. In fact a little to nicely as I enjoyed her being there. All right the truth was I enjoyed Carrie being there. It was a small pleasure for a man still deeply in love with his departed wife. Sherri being in the office just reminded me how I loved to sit at my desk and stare at Carrie as she worked.

Friday arrived and we had to go to the airport after work to pick Kay and Cathy up at three in the afternoon. I called Sherri into my office and closed the door behind her. I wanted to talk to her that was why I had called her into my office.

“Take a sit princess,” I said as I sat down behind my desk.

Sherri gave me a look as she sat down and she asked, “Is something wrong daddy?”

“No princess I called you in here because I wanted to ask you something,” I replied.

Sherri smiled at me as she said, “Ask away daddy but the answer is YES,” as she smiled.

“I just wanted to make sure you wanted to hang around when your mom got back,” “She will be back in charge of the office,” I said looking at her from my chair. “As to you well you are to become my assistant and you will be going to different job sites working with me and my men,” I added.

“I do not want you giving me special treatment just because I am your daughter daddy,” “You will have to treat me like one of your crew,” Sherri replied.

“I can handle that and the first thing I am going to tell you,” “Your hair will be tucked up under your hard hat at all times,” “The second is that those big ass boobs will stay hidden at all times,” I said. “Do I make myself clear on those two points?” I asked.

“I got you BOSS,” Sherri replied with a smile. “Boss there is one small problem,” Sherri added.

“What is that Sherri as I can not call you princess when working together,” I replied.

“Boss, the coveralls we have do not fit over these,” Sherri said sticking those big tits out toward me.

I shook my head at her as I replied, “We will see about getting some made to go over those.”

“Are we off the clock now?” Sherri asked.

“Yes,” I replied smiling.

Sherri jumped from her seat and she threw herself across my desk wrapping her arms around my neck. She hugged me tightly as she gave me a series of kisses to my cheek.

“Thank you daddy I won’t let you down,” Sherri said as she released her arms from around my neck.

Sherri and I left work returning home to get Kay’s car. We drove to the airport to get her mom and Cathy. It was a long quiet drive as Sherri just laced her arm through mine as she laid her head against me. She said hardly a word the whole way to the airport.

“What’s wrong princess,” I asked as I parked the car.

“Nothing daddy,” Sherri replied.

I turned her face toward mine as I replied, “You never could lie to me.”

“You’re not going to tell mom on me are you?” Sherri asked with worry.

“No princess someday you will explain it to her yourself,” I replied.

“Yes I will someday,” Sherri said. “Don’t tell Cathy neither as she is in love with you daddy,” Sherri added.

“How do you know that?” I asked looking straight ahead.

Sherri turned my face to her as she replied, “Maybe you should start looking into her eyes instead of closing yours,” as she gave me that look again.

We got out of the car and we walked hand in hand down to the gate. On the way, Sherri told me she had enjoyed her time with me the last couple of weeks. She told me she was looking forward to work on Monday so we could be together again. We were standing there together waiting for them to return at the gate. I saw them coming and I told Sherri there they are and they are coming our way.

Sherri rolled her eyes as she replied, “There goes the neighborhood.”

I watched as Kay greeted Sherri first. They hugged but neither kissed the other. For that matter, neither told the other that they had missed the other. Kay came over to me next. She threw her arms around me pulling me down to her level as her lips touched mine. Kay kissed me deeply and with passion as I looked to see Cathy kissing Sherri the same way.

“How have I missed you,” I said as I pulled Kay tighter against me until I saw Cathy and Sherri breaking their kiss as I was afraid she would see them.

Cathy came over as Kay broke our hug. She wrapped her arm around my waist pulling her shelf tightly against my chest. I stood there with my hands down to my side. Cathy stopped her hug as she pulled back and looked up into my eyes. I looked into her eyes where I saw the look of love in her eyes.

I wrapped my arms around her as I said, “Welcome home Cathy,” before I whispered into her ear, “We need to talk.”

We had to go pick up their baggage so we walked to the pick up area. Kay and Cathy were standing there talking. Sherri was standing closer to me than to her mom. I wrapped my arm around Sherri’s shoulder as I pulled her closer to me.

I leaned down and whispered into her ear, “A woman as well as an man can change if you give them something to change for,” “Those nights out together may happen if daddy felt you missed your mom more.”

Sherri smiled at me before she walked over to her mom. Sherri wrapped her arms around her as she said, “It was just not the same without you around mommy,” Sherri kissed her on her lips as she added, “I have missed you much.”

“I have missed you for a long time,” Kay replied giving her a long tearful hug, which brought tears to Sherri’s eyes as well.

I smiled to myself at least it was a start to getting them to bond as a mother and daughter should. I would keep after them both even if I had to blackmail my own daughter. Cathy came walking over to me and she wrapped her arm around my waist. I smiled down at her.

“I take that look to mean I am in a little trouble with you John,” Cathy said.

“Just a little,” I replied holding my finger and thumb with a small space between them.

We all returned to our house where we sat as Kay and Cathy told us all about their cruise. Sherri even sat next to her mom doing all the stuff a loving daughter should do. Sherri would smile at me every now and then as if to say I am doing my part daddy. I thought maybe I was wrong about their bond or maybe Sherri was a good actor as well as an artist. I was about to find out.

“So what did you two do while we were gone?” Kay asked.

Sherri yelled out, “I tried to seduce daddy but he turned me down,” as she smiled to me.

“Sure you did sweetie and I am sure if you had he would not have turned you down,” Kay replied with a little laugh as Cathy glared at me then to Sherri.

“No daddy and I went fishing, to work and to dinner an few nights,” “You know how boring daddy is mom,” Sherri said smiling to me. “OH he also ran into Carrie’s cousin Terri,” Sherri added as her eyes glared at me.

“Terri who,” Kay asked looking to me with glaring eyes.

“Carrie’s cousin the one from his story mom,” Sherri replied taking her mom hand as Kay, Cathy and her sat there staring at me.

“I did not know she still lived around here John,” Kay replied with slight anger in her tone.

“Mom, don’t even be jealous Terri is not as lovely as you,” Sherri said smiling at her.

“Besides Carrie there put her in her place,” I added smiling to Sherri not thinking what I had just said.

“OK YOU TWO you both have some explaining to do,” Kay said.

Sherri and I spent the rest of the night explaining ourselves to Kay and Cathy. Sherri even told them about the photo albums. She also explained to them about how she knew some of my story from reading those journals Carrie kept on me.

“I won’t mind reading that myself,” Cathy said smiling to me.

We both explained how we had went for dinner then to that bar we all had went too. I told them how Sherri had walked outside to see her friends off and that while she was gone Terri had came up to me from behind.

“She called me a Carrie look-a-like and I called her a BITCH,” Sherri yelled out.

“A Carrie look-a-like,” Kay replied in a questioning way. Kay looked to me as she added, “MAYBE it was you who was doing the seducing,” in a challenging manner both in tone as well as posture.

Sherri jumped up from beside her mom and she angrily yelled, “DADDY was always a gentleman toward me while you were gone unlike some of the men you left me with,” as she glared with a wild look in her eyes to her mom.

Kay stared at her for a few seconds before she turned to me. Her lips trembled as she started to cry. She covered her face as she jumped from the sofa running to our bedroom.

“I will go to her,” Cathy said getting up from the sofa.

“NO, I WILL,” I cried out as I got out of the chair I was in.

I walked by Sherri who grabbed my hand as she said, “I am sorry daddy it just came out I did not mean to hurt her,” as she hung her head.

“I know princess, I know,” I replied as I gave her a little hug.

I went into our bedroom to find Kay lying with her face buried in her pillow crying her eyes out. I sat down onto the bed besides her rubbing my hand to her back.

“Everything is going to be alright, Kay,” I said to her.

“NO, it is not my daughter hates me,” Kay sobbed into the pillow.

“Sherri does not hate you,” “She is just having a hard time trying to understand why you did what you did,” I said to her still rubbing her back. “You need to sit down with her one day and explain it to her as you did me,” I added.

Kay rolled over and she sat up in the bed. She threw her arms around my neck. I wrapped my arms around her pulling her tightly against me. Even with as upset she was holding her still brought a peaceful calm to not only my body but also my inner mind. We held each other for a while.

Kay broke our embrace and as I wiped her tears away she said, “I will talk to her John but only because you asked,” I am not talking with her for her sake,” “God knows she bonded better with you than she ever had with me.”

“You two will work it out all you have to do is just talk,” I whispered into her ear as I embraced her again.

I held her for a bit then Kay broke our embrace as she looked at me she asked, “John, did you know what type of a cruise that was?”

I smiled at her as I replied, “The Swinger’s cruise to the pleasure islands.”

“JOHN, you should have told us,” Kay said as she finally managed a smile.

“I bet you two were the hit of the cruise,” I replied.

“We both did enjoy it and Cathy told me why you sent us there,” Kay said as I felt her hand touching my face. “I wish I had known about Carrie’s Place I would have loved to have been with the two of you,” Kay added smiling.

I had told Cathy about the type of cruise it was. I had also told her she could fill Kay in as to what “Carrie’s Place” was all about as I never got to that part of my story with Kay. I also had thought she might understand it a little more if she saw it first hand.

“I trust that Cathy eased you into swinging,” I said smiling at her.

“You could say that as I was her love slave the entire cruise,” Kay replied with a smile. “However we both missed you more than anything,” Kay added as I felt her hand going to my cock.

As she rubbed her hand against my cock that dark voice in me said, “I bet the little fucking slut fucked all the fucking passengers and crew.”

“STOP it just stop it,” I yelled out to the monster within as I jumped from the bed.

I turned to Kay as I said, “I did not mean you,” as I stared at her.

“John, are you all right?” Kay asked giving me one of her looks.

The look she on her face told me that I had said my reply silently instead of aloud as I thought I had. This inner person was starting to cause me to lose my mind. I knew I had to find a way to beat him before he did someone harm. I feared that the monster inside me would bring harm to Kay, Sherri or Cathy if I could no longer control him.

“I am OK Kay I pulled my back a bit at work and when you touched me I must have jerked it or something,” I replied rubbing my hand to my back.

Kay looked into my eyes as the monster within said, “I got you covered buddy.”

“I will rub some lotion or get you the heating pad for that back of yours,” Kay said with a smile.

There was a knock on the door as we heard, “Mom, daddy it’s Sherri may I come in?” she asked.

We both replied “Yes.” in unison.

Sherri walked in with her head down as she said, “Mom I am sorry I yelled at you.” Sherri raised her head as she asked, “Mom could I talk to you?”

I gave Kay a kiss on her lips then went to Sherri. I kissed her on the forehead before I gave her a hug as I whispered, “Thank you princess.”

I closed the door behind me leaving them two alone to talk. I hoped they would be able to work this out between them, as I knew they both still loved each other. They were just too stubborn to admit it as they both had always had me there to hold them instead of them holding each other. I walked out and I sat down beside Cathy letting out a big sigh.

“Long two weeks for you John,” Cathy said.

“A long sexless two weeks,” I replied as I wrapped my arm around her shoulder.

Cathy turned to me, as she said, “Not so fast I think you have some explaining to do.” I gave her a questioning look as she asked, “So did you have sex with Sherri?” As she gave me a long hard, stare.

“Would it make a difference if I had?” I asked.

Cathy replied. “No, I suppose not,”

“Then no I did not thank god I have someone who watches over me,” I said looking to the heavens.

Cathy smiled as she said, “At least your story matches Sherri’s.” “She told me all about it when you were with Kay.”

“Good girl that's my princess,” I replied. “Now if she will only tell the truth to her mom about how she feels toward her.”

“The truth will always set you free,” Cathy said looking into my eyes.

I looked deeply into hers as I said, “Cathy we need to talk.”

I took her hand into mine as I explained how foolish it had been of me to be using her to replace Carrie. I also told her how sorry I was to have ignited the spark of love in her eyes as well as maybe in her heart.

“My feelings for you are love however it is not love from or within my heart,” I said to her. “I hope you understand that I have enough problems with Kay and Carrie in my heart.” “You are a beautiful, sexy and smart woman who I will always admire and lust after however I can not offer you a spot in my heart,” I added.

Cathy smiled at me as she replied, “Never have I ever known a man as you,” “A man who when he breaks your heart does so with compassion and understanding that your heart does not feel pain.” Cathy rubbed her hand to the side of my face as she added, “I understand John and I will always love you more than in a brotherly way.” “However I will not fill your heart or your mind with any notions of love and living happily ever after from this day forth as long as you just hold me right now.”

I wrapped my arms around her pulling her tightly against myself. I stroked at her long blonde hair. My eyes went to the sign above the fireplace. Carrie’s wedding ring gave off a little flash of light as I looked to it. I knew she was here to look over us all.

“John, do you smell “White Diamonds” again,” Cathy asked as I hugged her.

“Yes, she is here to keep us all safe,” I whispered into Cathy’s ear.

I held Cathy for a while longer then we sat and talked. We talked about Sherri and Kay. I explained how I believe I may have come between the special bond between a mother and daughter. I also explained to her about the special bond Sherri and I have with angel Carrie. How she has been there when we both have needed her.

“It may not be real however our hearts wants us to believe so we do,” I said to Cathy.

Cathy smiled at me as she replied, “Then you must follow your heart.”

Kay walked out and she smiled to me as she said, “John, our daughter would like for you to tuck her in tonight.”

I shook my head yes, as I got off the sofa. I stopped and I looked into Kay’s red eyes. I knew she had that heart felt talk she needed to have with Sherri. I walked down to Sherri’s room pausing then I knocked on the door.

“Come in daddy,” Sherri yelled out.

I walked over and I sat down of her bed. She sat up and I saw her red eyes as well. I took a hold of her hand rubbing my hand on it gently.

“Did your mom explain herself to you?” I asked.

“Yes daddy, I still don’t understand it but I am trying,” Sherri replied.

“You will understand when your heart is ready too,” I said.

Sherri wrapped her arms around me as she replied, “Just hold me daddy,” “Tell me that angel Carrie watches over us keeping us both safe.”

I took her into my arms holding her tight. Neither of us said a word. I held her as I filter out all the sounds with in her room. The sound I heard was of three heartbeats. I looked to Coco and closed my eyes as I filtered his heart out.

“Daddy, do you hear?” Sherri asked in my ear.

“Yes princess two hearts beating as one,” I whispered into her ear.

“That means she is here daddy,” Sherri whispered back.

“If you talk with her tonight tell her my heart longs to be with her,” “Tell her my arms need to hold her and lips needs to taste her,” I whispered into Sherri’s ear.

“My heart waits for your heart,” “My body awaits for your embrace,” “My lips wait for your lips.” “Our daughter waits no longer for she has been returned to you John for you know it be true when two hearts beat as one,” “I love you John,” Carrie said.

“Did you say something princess?” I asked into Sherri's ear.

“No daddy just hold me I have missed you much,” Sherri whispered into my ear.

Tears streamed down my face as not a sound came from me as I wept. They rolled down my cheeks and disappeared into the bed. The same way they used to roll from my cheeks in Vietnam. I would sit at night in the jungle shedding tears as I longed to be in Carrie’s arms. My tears would seem to evaporate before hitting the ground due to the sweltering heat of the jungle.

I held Sherri or Melissa in my arms. I was not sure of what was real or what was just a daydream or my own personal nightmare. As I held her, I thought. Had Carrie meant that Melissa had returned to earth from that place I had seen her at before? Could Sherri be my daughter returned to me? Was that the reason she looked so much like Carrie at her age? Had god and fate finally gave me something other than misfortune in my miserable life?

Sherri broke our hug as she said, “Good night daddy,” as she lies back into her bed.

I got off her bed and I bent over kissing her lightly on her fore head as I replied, “Good night princess or whoever you are to be.”

Sherri smiled as her blue eyes sparkled and shined. She closed her eyes as I walked from her room. I went to the bathroom in the hallway splashing cold water up into my face. I took a long hard look at myself in the mirror. The man in the reflection was just me. I shook my head in disbelief over the event that had just taken place. I walked from the bathroom once again putting on my false face.

I walked back into the living room and I smiled to Kay and Cathy as I said, “Time to tell me just how your cruise was,” as I smiled to them.

They both jumped from the sofa as they said, “Better yet we will show you,” as they walked me down the hall way and into our bedroom.

The three of us had our clothes off and thrown about the room in less than a minute. The three of us climbed up into our bed with the girls lying at my sides. They told me of their fun on the cruise as they teasingly rubbed their fingers over my chest.

“I had sex with no one but Cathy, John,” Kay said. “I just could not bring myself to do it knowing that you had not told me it was OK,” Kay added. Kay stared into my eyes as she said, “Sherri told me about what she tried as well John,” “Sorry to have doubted you,” Kay added.

“We will talk later right now I want sex it has been a long two weeks,” I replied smiling to her and to Cathy.

“She was one hell of a clean up girl,” “As well as my lovely slave for two weeks,” Cathy said. “Let us show you what we mean John,” Cathy added looking to me.

“Get his cock ready for me,” Cathy said to Kay.

“May I use my mouth on him,” Kay asked.

“Yes you are free of your rules now slave for we are home,” Cathy replied.

Kay got onto her knees beside my cock. She reached out touching it lightly with her hands. My cock was already semi hard, as it grew harder at her touch. Cathy rolled a little on top of me laying those lovely big tits of hers onto my chest. Her lips went to mine as she kissed me deeply and with passion. Kay’s hand wrapped around my hard cock and she started to pump her hand up and down on my cock.

“The girls on the cruise would have loved their hands around this,” Kay said seductively.

“Suck his lovely cock my slave,” Cathy said breaking our kiss as she looked to her.

Kay’s mouth went to my cock. Her lovely lips wrapped around the head of my cock as she started to lower her mouth down on to it. Kay slipped all my cock into her mouth. I felt my cock throbbing in the back of her mouth or in her throat. My hands were gripping at the bed sheets as she started to move her mouth up and down my cock.

“Don’t forget to lick his balls slave,” Cathy said as her lips went back to mine.

When Kay’s mouth came off my cock, I felt her tongue running down to my balls. They heaved in and out, as she flicked her tongue around my sack. Kay slipped her mouth over my cock once more as she started to suck at just the head of my cock. I shot my tongue into Cathy’s mouth as my hands went to the back of her head.

I danced my tongue deeply into her mouth as her danced in mine. I felt Kay’s hand rubbing at my balls as she started to move her mouth up and down on my cock. Kay was sucking hard each time he worked her mouth upward on my cock.

“Ahhhhhh Fuck,” I yelled out as my cock felt like it was going to cum already.

“Here let me get your mind off my slave working on your cock,” Cathy said sexily to me.

Cathy got up and she straddled my face as she squatted over it. Her pussy lips hung open allowing me to look into her smooth pink pussy. I raised my face up sticking my tongue out licking at her hanging pussy lips. I used my tongue on her pussy lips then flicked it against her swelling clit.

“AHhhhh,” Cathy moaned out as she dropped her pussy onto my face.

My tongue slipped right up into her pussy as she sat down onto my face. Cathy rocked her pussy on my face as I danced my tongue around inside her pussy. I felt Kay moving between my legs as her tongue probed my pee hole as Cathy rode my face. She used her hand pumping on my cock as she did.

“AHhhhhh JOHN,” Cathy moaned out as I felt her pussy give me a taste of her juices.

Cathy spun around on my face moving her body down as she got into a 69 with me. Cathy laid her face down by my cock as her hands went to her butt cheeks. She pulled her butt cheeks apart as her asshole winked at me. I licked around it as it did.

I slipped my thumb into her asshole as I licked at her pussy. I was thumbing her asshole as I buried my tongue into her pussy. Cathy squirmed on top of me as I did.

“You keep thumbing my ass John and you are going to make me pee,” Cathy moaned out.

I slipped my other thumb up into her asshole as my tongue shot back up into her pussy. Kay was licking at the head of my cock as my pre-cum flowed freely from it. I worked both thumbs in and out of Cathy’s asshole. She backed her pussy up tighter against my face. She pumped her pussy up and down on my tongue and my face.

“AHhhhh I warned you,” Cathy screamed out.

A torrent of her golden pee came rushing from her pussy. It splashed my face and ran into my eyes. I closed them tightly as it started to burn. Kay was sucking wildly at my cock during this and I felt it throb as my balls pulled up into my sack. I pulled Cathy from my face moving her with my thumbs still up her asshole.

“KAY,” I yelled out as my cock twitched wildly.

I felt cum shooting out from my cock as her mouth closed around my cock. Kay sucked hard at my cock causing me to rise slightly off the bed with Cathy still in a 69. My cock flowed cum into her mouth as she sucked at it.

“I want some too,” Cathy said.

I felt Kay removing her mouth then her hand wrapping around it as she held it while Cathy sucked and licked at the cum flowing from the head of my cock. The girls took turns licking at the head of my cock. I pulled my thumbs from Cathy’s asshole as they drained the last drop of cum from my cock.

Cathy rolled off me as Kay climbed up from between my legs. Kay ran her tongue up over my chest and around both my nipples. I felt her wet hairy pussy sliding back and forth on my still hard cock. Cathy moved up to Kay and the girls kissed. I could see that Kay had cum on her face. My cock throbbed as Cathy licked it from her taking it from her face using her tongue. Her tongue was almost snake like as she pulled cum back into her mouth.

“I need your cock, John,” “I have only had the use of a toy for two weeks,” Kay moaned out.

I felt her hand grab my cock as she slipped her wet pussy down onto it. Kay started to move up and down on my cock. I saw Cathy slip from the bed as Kay rode wildly on my cock. My hands went to Kay’s butt as I helped her ride my cock. I was slamming my cock upward each time she sat down onto my cock. I was slamming my cock upward each time she sat down onto my cock. Kay placed her hands to the side of my head raising her body from my chest. Her tits swung back and forth, as she rode my cock. She moved her tits toward my mouth I stuck my tongue out letting it glide over her nipples as she rode my cock.

Kay bent down whispering into my ear, “Fuck me John Fuck me.”

I saw Cathy standing beside the bed with a fat strap on dildo on greasing it up with some lube. It was a fat around one not long but it was as round as a beer can. Cathy got behind Kay who stopped moving on my cock. Kay tightened her ass cheeks as Cathy got behind her. Cathy smacked her hand on Kay’s ass.

“Pull her ass apart John so I can have at it I owe her a hard fucking up her asshole,” Cathy said.

Kay rocked on my cock as my hands went to her butt cheeks. I pulled them apart as wide as I could. Cathy squirted some lube into Kay’s opened butt hole. Cathy took the big dildo strap on into her hand. She placed it to Kay’s asshole and she eased the head in.

“AHhhhhh shit,” Kay moaned into my ear.

I felt Kay’s pussy as it tighten around my cock. Cathy pushed forward as the fat dildo slipped into Kay’s asshole. I could feel it pressing against my cock as Cathy shoved it in. Cathy stopped when she had gotten it all into Kay’s ass.

“The last night of our cruise I had a little too much to drink,” Cathy said looking to me from behind Kay. “Your lovely wife here decided to have some fun with me while I was passed out,” Cathy added.

“I was horny John and she left me hanging fucking my pussy with that strap on,” Kay whispered into my ear.

“Your lovely slut wife got herself off then decided to take my ass with it,” Cathy yelled as she started to move the dildo in and out of Kay’s asshole.

The fat dildo was rubbing against my cock as it throbbed in Kay’s pussy. I did not even have to move my cock as the movement of that fat dildo up her ass was doing enough for me. Cathy worked it in and out a few times then she pulled it out until just the head was in her asshole.
“That fucking slut fucked my asshole while I was passed out,” Cathy said. “I would not have known it if not for my asshole feeling twice as big and the shit on my side of the bed,” Cathy added.

Cathy went to town on Kay’s ass with the fat dildo. I only lasted a few ins and outs of it. My cock throbbed and started to fill Kay’s pussy with waves of cum from my cock.

Kay moaned deeply into my ear, “Fuck my ass,” as she started to ride my cock as Cathy fucked her ass.

I was lost in the nut I was getting as I felt her pussy convulse around my cock. Kay’s pussy squirted as my cock slipped from her pussy. Kay kissed me deeply and with passion as her orgasm coursed through her body. Cathy finally pulled the fat strap on from Kay’s asshole.

Kay shot up on top of me as she screamed, “OH DEAR.”

Kay jumped from the bed with her hand going to her asshole. Kay ran to the bathroom. Cathy laughed as Kay went running to the bathroom. Cathy took the dildo off and she crawled up beside me.

“Now she knows how it feels,” Cathy said as she pressed her lips to mine.

Cathy broke our kiss running her hand across my chest. She told me that Kay asked her tons of questions about swinging during their cruise. Cathy told me that she believed Kay was interested in trying it however only if I agreed.

“I won’t mind joining you and her if you are going to explore it some more,” Cathy said. “I did whether enjoy myself,” she added.

“We would be happy to have you as our third,” I replied as I wrapped my arm around her.

Kay crawled up next to me as she said, “Damn girl you fucked the shit from me.”

“At least you made it to the bathroom,” Cathy replied smiling.

I wrapped my other arm around Kay as I pulled both of them against me as I said, “That’s enough girls as I am not into getting shit on before either of you ask.”

“JOHN,” They both screamed as they smack me on my chest.

The girls cuddled up to me telling me that they missed me and wished I had gone along. I did not tell either of them that I would not have missed the time I spent with Sherri, Carrie and Melissa all rolled up in one sweet little girl. I left the girls fall asleep before I quietly got out of the bed.

I slipped my robe on making my way to the bedroom door. I opened it and walked into the hallway as I closed it behind me. I went to Sherri’s room and I stood by the door. I slowly eased the door open as Coco looked at me from the bed. He lie his head back down onto the bed as I walked over to the bed.

I smiled as I watched Sherri’s eyes dance underneath her closed eyelids. I saw a smile come to her face. I knew she was in dreamland and not hiding or running from someone or something in a nightmare. I bent down and I kissed her on her lips.

“Sweet dreams my dear special child,” I said silently.

I walked silently back out of her room closing the door behind me. I walked out to the living room stretching out onto the sofa. I fluffed the pillow out there, as I thought. At least the sofa is not soaking wet as my part of the bed was. I closed my eyes as I drifted off to sleep.

“Daddy, DADDY wake up,” I heard Sherri saying as she shook me. “Are you and mom fighting?” Sherri asked as she tilted her head.

“No princess, just a little drier out here,” I replied.

“DADDY,” Sherri yelled as she smacked me in the arm.

I grabbed her arm and I scooted back against the back of the sofa. I pulled her down in front of me as I wrapped my arms around her; I laid my chin on top of her head as she settled in against me.

“Close your eyes princess and take me to your dreams,” I said as I closed my eyes.

I drifted back to sleep with Sherri lying with me on the sofa. We both awoke a little later to the smell of coffee brewing. My arms wrapped tightly around Sherri when I did. Sherri woke up at the same time. She sat up as I did. We both looked to the kitchen to see Kay standing there.

“Morning you two,” Kay said with a smile. “Breakfast will be ready in a little bit,” she added as she disappeared into the kitchen.

Sherri looked to me and I looked to her. Our smiles came across our faces at the same time. Sherri cuddled up next to me lacing her arm through mine. She laid her head against me as she looked up to me.

“It was so lovely up on the lake this morning daddy watching the sun rise standing together, wasn’t it,” Sherri said.

“It truly was princess, it truly was,” I replied smiling to her for I knew she had the same dream I had as we laid together on the sofa.

The summer continued with Kay back in charge at our company. Sherri went to work for me at different job sites. I was amazed at how she took to construction work that girl was every bit as handy as Carrie ever was. The only difference really between the two would be the uniform they wore during work. Carrie would work in tank tops and shorts and yes, sometimes my men would stare at her however, she used those lovely looks of hers to get the job done.

Sherri on the other hand dressed just like the rest of us in work coveralls. She may have been able to handle the looks from her fellow workers. However, I was not willing to take the risk of what I would do to someone who I thought may be getting a little too friendly with my daughter. The monster within wanted someone to screw with her as was.

I really did not have to worry as word got around rather quickly of the little run in I had with Chuck. I had heard some talk while on different job site about it. From what I gathered most of my men knew about it and they all agreed that Chuck was lucky I had not killed him.

As the summer progressed so did Sherri’s talents she was soon running her own crew at her own job site. I made sure her crew consisted of people I knew who could watch over her as well. However, from the reports they gave me I had nothing to worry about as Sherri was on time and under budget on her project.

Kay and Sherri were working hard at rebuilding the bond between mother and daughter. I had to give Kay some incentive to keep her going with the bonding idea as she thought Sherri was just fine with the bond she had with me.

“You do this for me Kay and just maybe I will see about us doing some swinging of our own,” I said to her.

Kay smiled and told she would do her best. I even kept up my end of my bargain with Sherri. We would go out every Friday night together. We called it father and daughter’s night out as most of the other nights Kay and Sherri spent them together working on their bond together and spending my money.

Sherri and I would go to dinner then dancing afterwards, it gave us the time we needed to talk to each other. In the fact, I no longer saw Cathy as Carrie I had no one to talk to about any problems I may be having. It also gave Sherri the chance to talk with me about her mom if she had any questions about why her mom had done what she had when she was a little girl.

Sherri also kept her promise in that our nights out would not involve any funny stuff. She would always dress very nicely for me never in any slut looking outfits. Sherri brought joy to my heart as well as peace to my soul for the night I would spend out with her. Some nights she was Sherri my lovely daughter who I was so proud of what with her taking to my construction company as she had, other nights I would think of her as Carrie or Melissa when we were out together.

I never asked Sherri about that night when I heard or thought I had heard Carrie telling me that Melissa was here with me through Sherri. I guess what I may be talking about is reincarnation, which is the belief, a person or animal in whose body somebody's soul is born again after him, she, or it has died.

In some ways, it made sense to me. How else could you explain how she knew the things she did? If a part of Melissa was with Sherri, did that explain her bond with Carrie? I kept all that line of thinking to myself never sharing it with anyone. The more I thought about Sherri, Carrie and Melissa the more the monster within would visit me.

“Let me out I can get her to tell you the truth,” the monster with in would tell me sometimes.

When I would get depressed sometimes when I thought of her as Carrie or Melissa the monster would tell me, “The answer is in your workshop just one pull and you can be with them forever.”

I was able to hide this from Kay and Cathy however Sherri was another story. Sherri caught me a few times talking to the monster within me. When she would or if she saw that, I was, troubled she would rub her hand to the side of my face.

“Daddy, I am here,” “It helps to talk about it,” Sherri would tell me as she stared into my eyes.

I just could not bring myself to tell her that I was thinking of taking my own life just to end all the voices in my head. I had heard and listened to Carrie anytime I heard her, as I trusted her. Well I trusted the monster with in me as well. I just wanted all of their voices to leave my head as it was driving me deeper into depression, nightmares and flashbacks not many about the Vietnam War but about my time, I spent with Carrie.

I had to stop closing my eyes and going to my happy place with Carrie. Because when I did the monster inside would tell me, “She is waiting Sgt. J and you have that key in your pocket,” “Let me out I will help you.”

The one place my whole life that gave me the peace I sought spoiled each time I closed my eyes. The only time I found true peace with myself was my nights out with Sherri when she was just Sherri that sweet little girl whose skate I had fixed.That vision of her like that kept me going. I could not just leave her like that. My fear was it would drive her to do the same.

I would visit my workshop from time to time during that summer. I never did a single project inside there. I had placed Carrie’s journals out there as well because I was going to read them. However, each time I reached for her journals my hands shook with fear. I went to going there just to stare at the drawing of my eyes and to make sure the thirty-eight was always loaded. I thought about it but never placed it to my head as I sat at my workbench.

Summer ended and Sherri returned to school however, she only went a half day as she worked for me the rest of the day. She only needed a few credits to graduate. It was a chilly October morning as I saw Kay off to work. I was going to wait for Sherri before we went to the job site together.

Sherri was acting a little strange in the morning as if she wanted to tell me something but could not. I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee when she was just going out the door to school. Sherri stopped at the door and she came over to me.

“Daddy, please don’t go anywhere until I get home, PLEASE,” Sherri said to me looking frightened as she did.

“I won’t princess I will wait for you,” I replied assuring her I would not go anywhere.

About 10 in the morning the phone rang and I answered, “Hello.” Cathy was on the other end.

“John, my car broke down,” Cathy said.

“Rod is out of town would you come get me, please,” Cathy asked.

“Sure can,” I replied then asked her where she was.

Cathy’s car had broken down in the town next to ours. I knew the area well as my old drug dealers lived in the area. It had been fifteen or more years since I had been over that way. As I rode through the neighborhood, I saw it had not changed any. Dealers and addicts stood at most corners.

As I pulled up behind Cathy’s car I saw a man about my size with her and it looked like they were arguing at the front of Cathy‘s car. I saw Cathy push the man away from her. I jumped from my truck and I got between Cathy and the man.

“Is there a problem here?” I asked looking at him.

“There sure is buddy and I have the solution,” the man yelled.

I felt pain as blackness filled my mind. This will end this chapter. Just what was that man’s solution? Why was Cathy even in that part of this neighborhood? Why had I not listened to Sherri and just stayed at home waiting for her? Those questions answered in my next chapter. As always let me know if you are enjoying my story.

This chapter was long in that I wanted to explain the relationship that had formed with Sherri as well about the bond we shared. I hoped I explained it as what we shared was not something most fathers ever dreamed of sharing with his daughter. I also only wrote of a brief encounter with Terri however, there is more about her in my next chapter as well as this chapter may have been 100 pages if I had.

I had someone ask me once some years ago what an daughter was to me. I replied, “A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future.”

If you have an daughter and she is near go give her an big hug. If she is not near then pick up that phone and call her telling her you just called because you care. Because the depth of your love will forever show in your daughter's eyes.
Sgt. J

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2013-02-15 00:05:46
wonderful story John. I like the way your bond with Sherri and Kay and Sherri is working out. Sherri is doing great working for you. Now what in the world has happened to you now? Let me get to the next chapter and find out.

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U know, I also never believed, but in someway their such thing as fait - it brings happiness and amazing relationship, and in other ways pain and sadness. We all have deamos within us, but that is life I figure, what is satisfaction and self fulfilment with out the struggle. But you said it well, and I thank you for your observation - and it is true "Fait does play cards with the Riper every night"

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I have read all of the parts of your story up to this point in the last 3 days or so, and i must say, never have i read or heard anything as heartfelt and as emotional and touching as what you've been through. I am not ashamed to admit that your writing has brought tears to my eyes more than once. I am also not ashamed to admit that I, as many of your other readers and yourself, am struggling with a monster within myself, one made up of pure anger and hate, and reading about your struggles has helped me learn to tame it for the most part. I am eagerly awaiting your next chapter. Thank you for sharing your life with us, as i do understand that it is always hard to relive the hard parts of your life, but often necessary to get your sanity back.Thank you for being the brave man you are and serving us.
@ ElBlanco, this will be the 5th time he has cheated death... Once each on his tours in Vietnam, and again as his truck rolled off the ravine, and again with the battle with malaria..

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Oh my, this is amazing. Can't wait for the next chapter

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good story , i know what u are going through about monsterr inside been there have same problem but just remember u are the one to control it always

good luck and may god grant u peace and love

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