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The sun had seemed to disappear; the mist had rolled in from the hills presumably. Sara had no idea how long she had been driving. Her girlfriend Joan had been sleeping somewhat fitfully beside her. The visibility was getting worse, what had been fifty feet had dropped to twenty and now it was hard to see past the windshield. The little car crept along the loose rocks popping beneath the tires, when Joan let out an ear splitting shriek. Sara swerved the car in surprise and it smashed into a fencepost. “Don’t let them get me” Joan screamed her eyes wild with fear.

“Who get you?” Sara asked.

“The … I don’t know what they are just … don’t let them get me.”

“What is the matter with you Joan?”

“It’s… No don’t get out of the car,” Sara let the door slam and walked around the front of the car to assay the damage. There was bright green fluid leaking out of the front of the car, she hoped that she could make it a little farther. She climbed back in and started the car. She drove and saw the needle on the heat gauge rising at a very troubling rate. She sped up in hopes of getting further before the damn thing overheated. There was something in the road, something but not something. It was terrible and gray and with a loud thump it was knocked under the bumper and under the tires. The car spun and swerved on the wet road and she slid down a ditch into the dark mists of the early twilight. The car groaned as it slid down the embankment, the hard sounds of crushing metal grating slowly as Sara stood on the brake to no avail. The engine died and the cool rushing of air and the grinding of rocks on the sides of her car were the only noise. Then a huge tree loomed out of the darkness, its branches bare except for the growth of Spanish moss. The car let out a low groan and bumped gently against the tree.

Joan let out a low moan. Sara stared at the woman who was her friend. Her eyes were sunken and haggard. “Well we can’t stay here” Sara said.

“No we have to stay here.”

“Okay you wait here I’ll see if I can find someplace where we can call or something.”

She climbed out of the car and just beyond the tree was a low rise, topping it she could see a paved road and she turned looking left and then right. She saw what appeared to be lights. She walked closer, the mist seemed to be creeping in making her feel more and more claustrophobic. There suddenly at the crest of a hill it looked like some awesome ancient hotel or castle for lack of a better word. She hurried back to Joan and holding her friend's hand they trekked down the road and up onto the porch of the massive structure.

Sara knocked on the door, Joan holding tightly to her arm. The echoing booms of her knock reverberated throughout the house. The dripping of water from the eaves seemed to count out the seconds; one… two… … seven … … thirteen. Sara tried the door. It opened. The inside of the building had sort of a musty smell and dust appeared to cover most of the furnishings. The door slammed shut behind them and the distant roll of thunder echoed in the empty rooms. Sara pulled the cover off an old and obviously moldy couch and sank into the cushions. Joan looked like a scared rabbit in the middle of the floor her head twitching from side to side as her fingers climbed up her chin and she began to loudly bite her nails.

“It’ll be all right,” Sara told Joan. “I’ll call Jeff and he’ll come and rescue us.”

“Are you sure?” Joan asked not looking the least bit relieved.

“Of course I am,” Sara pulled out her cell phone and opened it up. No signal. “I’ll just be right back.” She wandered out of the parlor and into one of the other rooms looking for a staircase. Finally she found it and walked up the old and creaking stairs. She kept climbing, third floor, fourth floor, till finally she could hear rain on the top of a trapdoor in the ceiling. She opened it and climbed up on the roof. One bar. She looked distressed at the one bar on her cell phone as it flickered between signal and no signal. She opted for a text:

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Jeff, had a car wreck. Car is totaled, We are okay. Come and get us we are about sixty miles from Winslow on the highway. Come get us please. Got a little charge left on phone will turn on in 1 hour.

She pressed send. There was a loud cawing of a bird and a huge black bird flew in her face clawing at the phone. She fell backwards dropping the phone which the bird proceeded to snatch up and fly off with. Rain was pelting down and the hairs on the back of her neck rose unexpectedly. Forks of lighting flashed across the sky and the thunder bellowed almost on top of it. She rushed toward the trapdoor just as the rain really began. It was a deluge, cold and wet, coming down in buckets. She slammed the trapdoor shut as she slipped down the stairs.

“Fricken bird,” she muttered as she climbed back down to the parlor. “Joan are you still here?” she called as she entered.

“Oh yes Joan is here,” a voice from the shadows replied. It was different, more guttural than Joan’s voice and it frightened Sara.

“Joan is that you?” she called out again, lighting flashing in the windows. She saw dark gray shadows whipping across the room in all directions. “Joan are you there?” she asked as she backed toward one of the walls. Lighting flashed again and there was Joan spread eagle on the floor naked as the day she was born; her hips pumping up as if she were fucking something. The thunder crashed and Sara jumped.

“Oh shit shit shit Saraaaaa…” Joan cried. “Help meeee.” Sara stumbled toward her friend in the darkness. Sara knelt beside the trembling Joan and took her in her arms. Joan shook as Sara’s hands touched her.

“Ahh good it’s working” a dry cracked voice said from the darkness.

“Who are you? What’s going on?”

“You see my dear,” a man in a wheel chair slowly rolled to the center of the room, “your friend is suffering from sexual overload, something about her brain I’m afraid, this close to the generator she will remain in a state of constant sexual excitement.” He touched a button on the chair and the lights in the room came on. “You on the other hand were just drawn here by the generator”

“I have to warn you my boyfriend will be coming through the door any minute now.”

The wizened old man smiled almost sympathetically “No my dear your car is wrecked about half a mile from here, or I should say it was.”

“What do you mean it was?”

“Oh my, shall we call them, servants have taken care to move your car into the house.”


He smiled again “That part is easy… when and if your boyfriend arrives… I will deal with him easily.” He clapped his hands and suddenly metal cuffs locked around her wrists.

“You can’t hold me here!”

“Oh my dear I have no intention of holding you here.”

“Then why…” she stopped in mid sentence as the man beckoned with his hand. A woman clad only in a bustier, which she was overflowing, stepped delicately up to where the old man sat and offered him one of her nipples, her gargantuan breasts bouncing slightly with each movement. Sara stood dumbfounded, as the man suckled on the young woman’s breast.

He gently pushed her away and licked his lips “Now let us begin.” Sara was restrained and led to an elevator. Another buxom woman, who would from time to time lick Jane’s breasts or neck or lips, carried Jane. The elevator went down. Sara was dragged over to a large metal table. The old man moved to one of the benches and picked up a beaker of silver liquid as Sara was restrained on the table. He waited while two women carefully cut Sara’s clothes from her body.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“Oh a little of this and a little of that, Alice.”

“My name is Sara.”

“I’m sure it is.” He slowly poured the silver liquid onto her left breast, the cool chill of the liquid sending goose bumps across her skin. He continued to the right breast, he then poured the remainder between her legs the silver liquid sinking into the brown thatch of hair. Sara’s body started to tingle as if each part of her was going to sleep.

When Sara again opened her eyes she felt odd, sexy and horny, almost wanton. She was in a small room with one door. The walls and floor were padded with soft cushiony material. She could smell Joan from across the room. She looked over at her friend she was resting her head back her legs spread, two fingers working in and out of her drooling box.

Sara had never considered herself a lesbian but the sight of her best friend masturbating was too much to resist and she crawled slowly over to Joan. She lowered her face between the wide spread thighs and breathed in the intoxicating aroma of the other woman’s sex. Sara lowered her face, her mouth and tongue juxtaposing the fingers tickling Joan’s fancies. Soon her mouth supplanted them and she sucked on the delicious juices that flowed from her friend’s sweet slit.

Sara came to herself finally after so many orgasms she couldn’t count given and received. Joan was still sucking lightly on her swollen breast. They were swollen. She got to her feet and as she moved she noticed large patches of her pubic hair falling out. She scratched lightly at her mound and more fell out. She looked at the door, “Sara love please don’t go without me.”

“Don’t worry Joan,” Sara said, “I’m not leaving without you”

“Oh good,” Joan said getting to her feet. Her legs seemed almost unwilling to support her but she stepped up beside Sara.

“Do you think it’s locked?” Joan asked.

“I don’t know. I have been so fucking horny I never worried about it.”

“Well if that wasn’t obvious.”

Sara tried the knob; it turned smoothly and easily. She stepped into an empty corridor, twenty feet down the corridor the lab where she had been, she didn’t even really know what they had done with her. She was incredibly horny she knew that and she had an very unusual and then immediately adjacent to the lab the elevator. It can’t be this easy, Sara thought. She pushed the button. The door opened and the two friends stepped inside. She pressed the only button on the elevator and some seconds later the doors opened to the sounds of loud sex. She stepped out leading Joan by the hand.

There on one of the couches was one of the many obscenely busted women bent over one of the arms, being fucked vigorously by Jeff. Her boyfriend Jeff was fucking the shit out of some strange girl. She was pissed off. She walked right up to where the two were intently fucking and she started to say something, but then what she said wasn’t what she intended at all. “Fuck that fucking slut Jeff,” she leaned over and grabbed his bare ass and bit his earlobe. “Fill that bitch up with your hot cum.” She could barely believe that that was what she was saying but she was saying it and she was incredibly turned on by the sight of his hard cock pounding in and out of the woman’s cunt. She wanted to watch him cum inside the woman, and he did. She could smell his hot cum, her mouth watered at the thought of drinking it, sucking it until she was sated.

Jeff fell back against the other arm of the couch, his cock still drooling a little cum, and Sara took it and sucked it into her mouth savoring the flavor of him and the flavor of the strange woman. When she had exhausted the last of the sweet wonderful juice from her boyfriend she looked up to see Joan and the woman locked in a sixty-nine, Joan aggressively sucking the hot cock cream from her snatch. She looked at Jeff, he was out of it. On the floor was his long coat, she grabbed it and pulled it on and ran out the front door and down the road. She hit the fob and she saw the lights of his Acura flash. She spun in place and ran the fifty yards back to the house and half dragged half carried her two friends to the car. She managed to get it started and she shot down the road and found the highway. She could still taste the musky flavor of both Joan and Jeff on her tongue and she realized for the first time that she could think clearly.

When the adrenaline stopped she looked for a place. There… by the side of the road, an old roadside hotel. She had found her purse and wrapped herself in the long coat she walked inside and paid for a room for the night. The clerk, a cute little blonde girl reminded her that checkout was at eleven. She paused for a moment at the desk and the girl looked at her. The name plate said betty and as she paused to drink in the short girl she saw the girls pupils dialiate and a second more the obvious protrusions in the Betty’s shirt as her nipples hardened. She returned to the car with the key and found Joan sucking on Jeff’s cock. She licked her lips and drove around to the room.

Sara opened the room and the dragged the other two inside. She hadn’t said a word to Jeff since the house. She pushed him onto the bed and straddled him the moment the door closed. She wanted that hot thick cream that he had given that strange woman. She rode him as if her life depended upon it and she smiled as Joan first sat beside them masturbating and then straddled his face and finally leaned over and suckled Sara’s clit while she pounded her aching pussy against her boyfriend's cock.

Sara took the load in her clinging sucking twat and sucked him dry. She fell asleep one hand on Jeff’s cock and the other on the back of Joan’s head. Joan had taken it upon herself to suck Jeff’s excess from Sara’s twat.

Sara woke some short time later, she was clear headed again her breasts hurt, they felt like great balloons about to burst and they were obviously swollen more than she could ever recall. Joan was still sleeping and Sara got up out of the tangle of bodies and sheets without waking anyone and she walked out the door. She needed to know more about what that doctor had done to her, but how she could go back. But going back was sheer madness. First and foremost they needed clothes. All three of them needed clothes, she walked into the lobby it was deserted except for Betty who perked up from behind the desk when the door opened. Sara could smell the musty sweet scent of pussy in the air. She walked up to the counter and licked her lips seductively. Internally she was fighting for control she needed to ask this girl a serious question did she have some spare clothing that might fit her companions? But the side of her that was winning the fight was the one that wanted to make this cute little blonde’s toes curl.

“Um Yes Ma’am what can I do for you?”

“Could you…” Sara fought the urge to say sit on my face or suckle my breasts or… “Tell me where I might find some clothes? My friends and I lost ours when our car got stolen” she lied or did she really she wondered about that.

“You don’t have any…” the girl asked leaning across the counter.

Sara couldn’t help herself now she opened the jacket exposing her trim body complete with her oversized swollen breasts. “You see”

“mmmm yes I dooo…” the girl trailed off a streamer of drool escaping one side of her mouth.

“Let me get that for you” Sara said wiping the drool off with her finger tip which the girl quickly grasped and pulled between her rosy red lips, and sucked. Sara couldn’t stand it she was going to have to make this girl’s toes curl and then some as she cupped one of the girls plum sized breasts through her blouse. “So do you think you can help me?” she asked Betty. Betty just nodded her mouth already wrapped around one of Sara’s already sensitive nipples.


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