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Before I left for college I was had a reputation at my school for being a ladies’ man. That was fine for me because I learned a lot and I realized that the best way to keep a girl was to satisfy her, now I wasn’t made of money and I didn’t have a hot car, but I did play sports and socialized amongst the right people. I, at that time, was about 6 feet tall with a fairly good muscular build and decent looks, so it wasn’t hard to pick up girls with it being high school and all. My junior year I met an incoming freshman she was a cut above the rest and knew it.

Her name was Jana and the minute she walked through the doors of the school she put every guy on notice that she was the new miss “it”. She was around average height and for her age was already fairly developed. Around this time she had bleach blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. It gave her kind of an innocent look even though she was to become a major prick tease. She had a style that couldn’t be rivaled by any of the girls at the school. She didn’t have to dress up to turn heads, she would just wear blue jeans and a nice blouse to get a guys heart racing and she just continued to grow into this for as long as I was around.

Now movies tell us that this girl is a certified slut coming into high school. But she actually wasn’t she did date but nobody could crack her code. Guys tried; older, younger and even guys her age, tried to get in her pants but none could. I just settled with hanging around her and watching all these guys fail. Most of the crash and burns were funny to me until my brother actually failed. That one I felt bad for him about, because he tried to do it right by dating her for almost a year, but even then all she did was lead him on. This girl was a serious tease. I had only seen what was done in public and that was enough to give her that reputation, but once my brother filled me on just how bad of a tease she was, even I thought it was fucked up. He told me that there was more than the normal amount of nights where they went swimming and she wore slinky bikinis that were either almost see through, didn’t cover anything, or both. Now that’s one thing, but it didn’t stop there she had no problem letting her hands roam free over clothing, but nothing else. She would apparently talk a little dirty, but would never go through with her talk.

Now if there is one thing you need to know about me is I can read people better than some people can read a book. It’s a gift my father taught me that I have almost perfected with years of practice. Another gift I had was always being aware of what was going on around me. This is a great tool even to this day, but by looking and listening back then, I could get information that usually no one had. So this gave me an advantage with people that the others didn’t have. That gave me a bit of mystery to my reputation because I could read people and tell you your secrets that you thought no one knew. But those attributes caused a lot of girls to be attracted to me, I guess because no one knew how I did it, but I also had some charm and wit to my personality so I wouldn’t be a total creep. Most people joked about me being a modern day James Bond. I thought that was a bit much. But being that was my reputation a lot of girls were attracted to me back then because of the mystery I held along with my personality.

Now I didn’t warn anybody about what I had seen or heard about Jana because I didn’t want to cock block anyone who wanted to try for her, but I could see through her and saw what type of game she was playing, so instead of trying to fuck or date her, I just sat on the sidelines and became a good friend of hers. Before I left for college, her, my brother, and a few other friends of mine would hang out a lot especially on the weekends, because we had access to alcohol and private land. If I was single I would flirt with her but nothing to the point to were anything ever happened, but that was what she wanted I knew this because if she wasn’t single then she would try anything to get my attention, whether if it was sliding up next to me or if it was making sure she locked eyes with me from across the room. But again I was about getting a girl that wasn't all talk and would actually act on her instincts instead of hiding them or ignoring them. So I would acknowledge her and her behavior, but at the end of the night I would go off with another girl and have a little fun.

All this flirting and being together finally caught up to me on. My last day in our hometown before I left for the state university 3 hours away, we had a party and she did the unexpected, she was with a guy who I didn’t know, he was from another county. She proceeded to do her normal teasing with this guy, all the while looking at me to see if I was looking at her. I would occasionally glance over there but nothing big. Finally after about an hour of this, she got into an argument with him, this was a normal page out of playbook. She would for no reason either start yelling about something small and minor, but it would be enough to cause a break up, which was what she wanted. But after the break up instead of just going home, hanging with her girl friends, or drinking more, she came up to me.

Sliding up under my arm like she had done some many times, as soon as my buddies left to get another drink, I called her out on what she had just done. She was shocked to hear that I saw and heard that because she didn’t know I was looking. Jana just looked down at the ground and I smirked, she couldn’t believe that I had caught her and called her out on it. A shyness came out of her that I had never seen before and shortly after she placed a kiss on my cheek and said goodbye to everyone at the party and she was gone. Before she left she said that she would see my around and to have fun in college. She walked away looking a bit down, I felt like an asshole, but in true self-centered asshole fashion I forgot about it the minute another girl came up.

Now I did manage to keep in touch with her mainly through phone calls, text messages, and my brother who she still hung around. When I would come home on the occasionally weekends and holidays I would see her but it wasn’t the same as what it was. Even though I did come around about three times a year I never noticed the changes that were happening to her. While I was in college I did continue to keep up the lifestyle that I had while in high school, I dated several girls and had several girls that I met and got to know that would be an occasional booty call. I got pretty good at giving a girl what some guys don’t bother giving, which is an orgasm. The level of orgasm varied by how attractive they were and how much effort they put forth, but they all left with at least one orgasm. Now being I had kept up the lifestyle of a lady’s man I had acquired several interesting items for the bedroom like some handcuffs and other odds and ends that one of my former frequent booty calls liked to have used on her. So this provided me with anything a girl could need at my house.

Well one day out of the blue, while I was at work I got a text message from Jana, it read “hey, I have orientation at the university, do you mind if I stay at your place?” This was something I wasn’t expecting because I never thought she would have the ability to get into the school let along want to go to the best college in the state. So I told her that she could, my roommates had left our three bedroom house for the summer and I had plenty of room for her to crash. This wasn’t anything that used to be out of the ordinary. I talked to my brother leading up to the weekend she was coming up and I had several questions for him and according for him she was the same old Jana that I remembered from back home. He said that she had filled out and was more dangerous that what she used to be when I left.

The reason I choose the state university was because it was on the coast. I literally lived only a block away from the beach and it was the only selling point I needed to go there. The social scene wasn’t the greatest, but there were a few bars that were reasonable for college students to go to and drink at, but it wasn’t Panama City or any of those other big spring break hot spots. I guess that was her reason for coming was the beach.

The day finally came, I had given her the directions to my place and I was expecting her around lunch which was exactly the time she got out of her mustang that was parked in my drive way. When she got out she swayed her hips to the right threw her left leg out and put her hands on her hips, you will find out this was her signature poise. She had definitely grown up since the last time I saw her. She was maybe a little taller, but her body was what the big difference was, her tits were full with instead of firm from what I remember when I left. She still had the same bubble ass that filled out a pair of cut off jeans and she had developed a nice tone six pack that was just the right amount, nothing crazy, but no fat either; she also had a more mature look on her in general. She had also grown her hair out to well past her shoulders and what used to be bleach blonde was now more of a dirty blonde.

But my brother was right she was the Jana that I remembered every bit as confident as when I left, but that sex appeal that she had back then had only grown. She knew she had a rockin’ body and didn’t mind showing some of it off. She was wearing a short pair of cut off’s that showed off her long tan legs and a decorative low tank top that showed off everything from her what was new cleavage to me and her flat stomach. She stood like that for a while, letting me gaze at the changes that I had missed out on. Finally she said, “Well what do you think?” I smirked and said, “Is it all real?” knowing what I was talking about she said, “Well wouldn’t you like to find out.” As she walked passed and into the house. She put her stuff down in my buddies room and hopped into the car to head to orientation.

When she got back I was in the back yard fixing a hammock and the post that held it up. I said, “Well that didn’t take long.” She smiled and said, “Well I have someone to show me around the campus already, all I had to do was sign up for classes.” I smirked and said, “well I guess I’m going to be showing you around the town before your leave?” Jana flipped her hair and said, “More like showing me off.” I couldn’t help but laugh at this because she thought that she was going to walk into college and do the same thing she did in high school, which granted she was going to be a head turner on campus but she wasn’t going to be the only hot coed on campus. As she went to walk back into the house she asked, “Can we go to the beach? I want to see what they have going on down there.” I agreed and we both went inside to change into appropriate beach attire. Once she stepped out of my buddies’ room, I couldn’t tell what she was wearing underneath because she was wearing a long tank top that cover down past the bottom of her ass cheeks, but knowing her it was something revealing.

Once we got down to the beach, I was in trouble. I had only brought one big two person beach towel which was going to be enough for us, but I had kind of forgotten about the old high school days. Now there were two things I forgot that was the fact that she would use her appearance to reel you in and second that she would tease anyone she set her target on.

As she stripped off her tank top I got to see what had been killing my brother and the rest of the guys at Turkey Creek High School since I left. I threw my penny or what some call a practice jersey off and was sitting on the towel waiting for her to get adjusted so I could get settled. As I was waiting on her I watched her. As she went to grab the bottom hem of her tank top my eyes followed. As she pulled her tank top off, I could see if rub against her round tight ass, the tank top not even touching her lower back nor stomach and not scrubbing up against her again till it got to her full tits that now stood out a full cup more than I remembered. She didn’t have a single tan line from the looks of what I could see and that was almost ninety percent of her body, because the suit she was wearing was a stripped bikini the bottom barely covered any of her ass, and the top was strained by her tits that were trying to bust out every possible opening. What I had watched would make a 13 year old boy faint, but being I was a “pro” I managed to keep my cool. It wasn’t long before my arm was resting underneath her dirty blonde hair and her shoulder was in my rib cage, but I just kept my cool. I figured behind those big sunglasses of hers she was glancing over to see my reaction to what she was doing.

As we were lying on the beach I decided to take advantage of my situation. Being she was going to be at my place for what I was guessing the night I decided she was going to answer some questions I had about some of her behavior from back in the day. I decided to start easy. “Jana, why did you leave that party early that night?” she replied with “Which party, I don’t ever remember being at the same parties as you.” “Bull shit!” I exclaimed. “We partied together all the time; it was your sophomore year right before I left to come here.” “You ruined it for me that night, I wanted your attention, but I wasn’t good enough! Girls like Kayla Smith and Taylor Johnson GOT all your attention.” I was shocked that she wanted the same attention that I gave those two. All I ever did with those two was a quick fuck nothing romantic. It was always straight sex, no feeling or emotions. I gulped down the pill of information I had just received and said, “Do you know why those two got attention from me?” Frustrated she said, “Because they were older and more popular?!?” I kind of snickered at her obvious guess and said, “Because those were the two girls in high school that I could fuck on a regular basis.” All she could manage was an “Oh.”

It was a bit awkward for the next 30 minutes or so but shortly after the sun took over and we both fell asleep on the sand. After about an hour we woke up feeling crispy and hungry we decided to head back to my place, which was only a 10 minute walk. On the way back I spoke up and said, “Sorry I never tried to date you and shit, but I knew that you were not about the life I was leading so I never bothered to try.” She just nodded and said “It was probably for the best anyway.”

As we made it to the house I said that I knew of a nice local food joint to get some food at that had a really good wings and fries. She agreed and we both went to shower and change into some fresh clothing. I was, of course, the first one out, sitting and waiting on her for a good 45 minutes before she was ready, which gave me enough time to watch most of the baseball game that was on TV. Once she stepped out of the room she was occupying my attention was off of baseball and on her. She looked gorgeous in the dress she was in; it was a sundress that even with its baggy look still showed off her marvelous figure. I turned the TV off and we were out the door.

The talk in the car was nothing spectacular it was more chit chat about the local bar scene, shopping centers and food places to go to, but the conversation was kept off of us and what could have been. Once we got there we ordered and the great thing about being social in college is you make connections. Well the reason I choose this bar is a friend of mine works there, and even though I’m 21 and can legally drink, he never ID’s any girl I bring in so they get to drink also. Now I was not going to get her drunk and sleep with her that’s not how I do it, but a beer or so never hurts as long as she knows what she is doing.

So after our first round of beers and food, the tension between us loosened some and we started back chatting like the old friends we where. Well shortly into this I started picking up on signs that she was giving off and it wasn’t long before I paid for the meal and we headed back to the car. Before I could get to the car to open her door she had already placed a passionate kiss on my lips, as I was pressed up against the car she ran her hand down my chest past my stomach and right to my groin. She started rubbing against the fabric of my shorts. I felt an electricity in my body that I hadn’t felt since the first time I had sex. I quickly took back control of the situation, slapped her on her ass, which caused her to let out a yelp and we hopped in the car. On the way back she was running her hands all over her thighs. I was beginning to think that she had already fucked someone, forgetting she that she had been a tease in high school and looking back this was some of the same shit she pulled with my brother, but I wasn’t thinking clearly as most of the blood in my system seemed to be in my fully erect cock.

Once we got back to my place her hands were all over me again, I too was trying to grope and feel, but to no avail. She had her legs clinched together as tight as possible, her tits were pressed into my chest and I couldn’t get my hands on them without pushing her away. All I could get my hands on was her ass which I proceed to knead and slap. Finally she broke free of my lips giving me enough times to ask, “So when did you lose it?” With a lustful voice she said, “I never did.” About this time she reached inside of my shorts for the first time and cupped my balls, I threw my head back in pleasure and frustration, cause I knew this wasn’t going to end with her naked in my bed. But I knew I just couldn’t pass this up so my mind started racing, what could I do to have sex with her, what trick do I know, how can I get her out of her clothes? While all this was running through my head I gradually lead her to my room, I finally threw off my shirt in hopes that she would get the hint.

With every step towards the room she stroked my cock; I was begging to free my cock which was straining to break free from the restriction of my shorts. Once we got into my room she let the straps on her dress fall and she stood in her bra and thong. She stood there and said, “Well I’m glad to see your cock likes what it sees, do you like what you see?” With that I picked her up and threw her on the bed. As I slid onto the bed I continued to kiss and pet her, but she wasn’t letting me get a grip on her bra strap or down to her sweet pussy. So here is where I made a rash decision. I reached into my night stand and pulled out the handcuffs that Meredith had me buy and I slowly ran one cuff up to the bed rail slowly attaching the cuff to the rail as not to be heard. Once I heard the first click I knew I was going to do this.

I moved the other set of hand cuffs to the bed rail attaching one the same I did to the first set. Now here was the hard part, I was going to have to cuff both hands at once in order to successfully do this. If I couldn’t it wasn’t going to happen at all and I was going to be a creep.

I slid my hands down to her wrist and in one swift motion I cuffed both one hand all the way and the other I had to quickly secure. In surprise of all the quick movements she asked, “What’s wrong?” With that she went to move and could feel the restraints on her wrist. “What the hell are you doing!?” she screamed. I stepped back and said, “Jana, I’ve known you for a long time, I hate to do this but I feel like you need it.” “I don’t need to be raped!” she screamed again. “Jana, I’m not going to rape you trust me. I just need to show you what you are trying to do now.” “Yea, well what am I trying to do!?” she yelled again. “You have been teasing guys for years now right?”

By me saying that, a realization came across her face and she said “Yea, I guess I have, but I don’t want to be a slut, but I can’t keep my hands off a guy when I’m close to them.” “Does that jumpy feeling start with your pussy becoming wet?” I asked. She looked up into my eyes and I could see even then she wanted to know any bit of information I gave her. “Well that just means you are aroused, you are horny. Do you know what I’m saying? Have you ever had an orgasm?” Nodding she said “I know what you’re saying, but I haven’t. Guys have tried to touch me and get into my pants, but I just start squirming till they get aggravated or get tired.” With this I knew I had to show her what she had been missing out on, “I’m going to show you but I’m leaving the cuffs on because I don’t want you to fight my hands away, just verbally tell me. Ok?” again I asked, “Are you clinching your thighs together because you don’t want me to get to your pussy or cause it feels good?” She said, “Cause it feels good.”

With this I began running my hands up and down both her thighs, she twitched a little the closer I got to her pussy. I looked up and could see her breathing had changed, with her hands cuffed up above her head, and her breathing being deeper and shorter, you could see her chest heave in and out causing her breast to bounce with the powerful motion. With this I reached up and removed her bra, freeing her tits. As I removed the bra, they barely moved, falling a little and shifting to her side. Her nipples were small, but they were rock hard. “Now, the thing about a girl is there are many places that are sexual sensitive. It depends from person to person, but that’s why a guy should take his time and find those places.” With that I removed one of my hands from working the inside of her legs and moved it to her tit. I began with just caressing her full globe, this amplified her arousal with just a touch of her tender breast, and she was starting to go to places that she had never let any guy get to.

As I caressed and kneaded her breast she let out a soft moan, this was my cue to pick up the attention on her nipple, from there I moved over and started pinching her erected nipple. She let out a high pitch moan with the new sensation. I just kept repeating relax, relax your body. Finally she started separating her legs more and more till finally I was able to run my hand to where it was right up against her pussy. She was breathing heavily, and was starting to squirm. Her pussy was more than wet; it was trickling from her outer lips and down to her thigh. As I moved the fabric covering her pussy I could feel the heat her pussy was giving off. She was absolutely on fire. I didn’t know how much more she could handle of me just playing with her tits and teasing her thighs. Finally with the first stroke up the lips of her pussy she let out a roaring moan, her whole body lifting off the mattress, it seemed, with a crash her hips landed on the bed and she still breathing heavily began to laugh.

She looked down at me with a well satisfied look on her face, laughing she said, “If I knew it felt like this I would have done it years ago.” Laughing I said, “Well if the guy is willing and has the knowledge than yea, you have been missing out, but I haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet.” Smiling she said, “Like inserting that fat cock into my fresh new pussy.” I smirked and said, “Naw, not quite yet, I got to get a taste of what I’m going to be fucking first.” With that I cupped her sex, and ran my finger up her lips to her clit, causing her to yelp again. I moved into position and began running my tongue up her and down her lips. She cried out, “Oh yea, you were right, this feels amazing.”

I just kept my tongue moving all over the outside of her pussy, not wanting to force anything just yet. As my tongue flicked against her clit for the first time, it sent a short, brief shockwave through her causing her to shoot up from the stretched out position she was in. With that I ran my tongue down, up and back down her lips before finally inserting as much of my tongue into her soaking wet pussy. I was sucking down her sweet juice as I began to flick, lick and suck on her sweet hole. Without any warning I slid a finger as far into her as I could without breaking her hymen. “Holy fuck!” she yelled out. I started moving my finger in rhythm with my tongue causing her to orgasm to build she was getting more and more into it, she was starting to talk even more dirty than what her normal self would. She starting cussing between every short and sudden breath, she wasn’t going to last much longer with all the new found attention her body was getting.

I decided to end it quickly for her because it seemed to be too much the poor girl could stand. So I curved the one finger I had inside of her up towards her pubic bone and I ran my tongue up her lips and when I got to her clit I took a deep breath and sucked as hard as I could on it, her hips bucked against my face as she cried out in pleasure, I managed to stay locked onto her clit as her hips began to lower towards the bed, again I sucked hard causing her to buck as soon as her ass had touched the bed. Finally she was screaming, “Stop, stop, …………please! …………..Holy hell!” So I let go and slid my finger out of her pussy, she was panting hard like she had been running for miles, but she had a look of being well pleased. She said, “So when are you going to let me see you cock?!!?” I laughed and said, “Well as long as you are ready to suck it, you can see it right now.” With a lustful look in her eyes she said, “Well I have always liked having lickable objects in my mouth!”

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That was really good(:

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So where's the payoff? I want to see him stick his fat dick in her and have her scream and writhe in anguish, as payback for all the decent guys she cockteased ... and for her to realize only when he pulls his dripping dick out of her snatch that he didn't use a condom, and now she'll have to bear his bastard.

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