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It had to happen
While to the average judgemental person restricted to the boundaries of our current society something such as incest would appear extremely taboo and perverted, they do not realize how beautiful and natural it can be. It gives you an even more unbreakable bond, a connection deeper than any other. In the end everybody ends up at the same place, no matter what path in life you took. The relationship between my mother and I, the lust and performed fantasies, gave us happiness to no end.

When I heard those words come out of her mouth; "Fuck me", I realized that it would be inevitable, I would eventually end up fucking my own mother after all this fooling around. We both wanted it, it slowly escalated and finally the time came.
"Mom I'd love to fuck you, I have been waiting for this for so long" i said as I pointed my cock closely to the entrance of her soaking pussy. She looked down at my penis, so close to her vagina, and began to inhale and exhale increasingly in anticipation, she rested her arms on me and before I knew it, I had sticked my cock straight inside of her. She instantly began to moan, I left my fully erect cock inside of her for a few seconds as we stared into each other's eyes.
"Fuck me hard baby" she begged.
There was nothing I wanted to hear more than that. I slid my cock out of her hot juice-filled cunt again and then began to penetrate her mercilessly as I firmly grabbed her round butt cheeks to hold onto. Her backside kept slamming into the shower wall with every thrust, my mother's cries of pleasure were suppressing the noise of the water splashing on the ground. I felt hear warm breath on my chest, my pubes were rubbing against hers. I tried my best to hold out as long as I could but I wasn't to for much longer.
"FUUUUUUUUCK YEEEEESSSS AHHHH" she yelled and held her pussy tightly, she had cum as I was inside of her. I instantly took my cock out of her and began masturbating, she spread her lips wide to show me the white slimy liquid oozing out of her slowly. I scooped some up with my two fingers and took it to my mouth, it was nearly flavourless but I could taste something a bit salty. At the sight of this my mother immediatly kissed me and invaded my mouth with her tongue. I couldn't control myself and forced my dick inside of her again and pounded her like there was no tomorrow, all she could do was whimper.
"I'M GONNA CUM I'M GONNA CUM" i loudly expressed just after a few seconds of being inside her pussy again. She held me tighly, I could feel her fingernails stabbing me in the back, I was unable to move out in time and ejaculated inside of her. Load after load, the cum filled her pussy. In ecstasy we both hugged each other strongly as I came in her cunt. After a couple of seconds I was done and took my cock out of her, still some semen dripping out onto her feet. My cum was flowing out of the sides of her cunt as she was gently fingering herself.
"Mom I'm-"
"Hunny I can't get pregnant anymore, I should have told you but everything was going so fast and I found no words" she admitted with a huge grin on her face. "That must have freaked you out i'm sorry hun!" she added.
My mother then kneeled down and elegantly inserted my semi hard cock into her mouth and began to clean it, she sucked the last drops out of it making loud slurping noises and caressing my leg. She then stood back up again and kissed me. The mixture of tastes in our mouths was amazing.

We then both got out of the shower and dried each other carefully. As my mother turned around to look into the mirror as she was fixing her hair, I took the opportunity to get down on my knees and further explore her ass. I spread her cheeks apart and started to tickle her asshole with my tongue.
"Oh my god, that feels good hunny" she acknowledged and changed her standing position to better acomodate my mouth and let me have a clearer view. My mother was looking at herself in the mirror as she was pinching her nipples and leaving her mouth open.
I slid a finger into her anus, accompanied by my tongue. It was really tight and I observed how much pleasure I was giving her, which was only motivating more. Not long after I started to finger her ass with two fingers, using only saliva as lubricant. Her legs were shaking and she began to fingerfuck her moist cunt as she let out long and deep moans. My cock by now was throbbing again, pleading for a tight hole.
"I'm going to fuck your ass now" i stated in an authoritative voice, pretending to not care for her opinion, fully guided by my lust.
"DO IT, PLEASE, I NEED IT" she answered with her eyes closed and one of her hands pulling on her ass.
Without any further hesitations I stood up and tried to push my cock into her asshole, it was harder then I imagined, I didn't want to hurt her. She then put four of her fingers her mouth and soaked my cock in her spit, then spread some around the entrance of her anus. I was jerking slowly to not lose any hardness, but she grabbed it and started to push my cock inside of her tight hole, it went in this time. It felt like heaven. I began push it in and out, the friction was intense and made us both gasp for air with out mouths widely open. I slowed down a couple of times and cupped her tits, but the time came and it felt perfect.
"I'm going to cum in your ass now mom" i said agressively.
"YESSS FUCKING CUM" she ordered.
I pushed my cock as deep inside of her asshole as I could and exploded. My mother screamed in pleasure, it seemed like I had to cum almost as much before in the shower. As soon as my cock had reached the exit of her hole, the semen started to flow out and down her legs. It was another of those moments I will never forget. I stumbled backwards and leaned against the wall as my mother was regaining her breath and licking her fingers after she covered them in cum.
"Hunny I need to lay down now for a bit, that was just... I love you so much" she said with the biggest smile i've ever seen as she walked towards the door.
"I love you too mom, I love cumming inside of you and watching you take it in your mouth afterwards" i replied, walking to her.
We then both hugged, I massaged her ass and felt all the sticky fluids being transfered from her chest to mine.

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2017-11-29 18:20:53
you should make the son a little bit tougher and have him do more to the mom like spank her and maybe tie her up a little

Anonymous readerReport

2016-11-29 23:33:29
I say it was great yes pls write more.

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2016-10-23 23:23:43
This is a good

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2016-02-10 17:17:51
I pushed my cock as deep inside of moms asshole as I could and exploded. She screamed in pleasure as I thrust inside her, and rested leaving my cock in her. Being younger was exciting....

Jack S. PratteReport

2015-12-17 00:28:22
Great sexy story. Love the idea of mother and son sex.

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