My Moms further adventures leading back to me.
My Life With Paul Part 8 Mom Tells Me Her Story Evan, Dan, Troy, Chuck and Jerome.

Only two Parts left this part and Part 9 about Mom and I'll continue with my life story with Paul.

Mom had told me how her dad had kicked her out of his house after finding Evan feeling her up. She told me how she had been taken with Evan to his house and tricked into coming to his room full of his brothers. He had promised Mom she would be spending the night in his sisters room.

Mom also told me about how all four brothers, Dan, Troy, Chuck, Jerome and of coarse Evan himself made her take their big cocks. She sucked their cocks, had them in her pussy and even her asshole. I guess what the surprise was she loved it. That's what led her to become hooked on black cock attached to hot looking black boys and men. That wasn’t' the end though. Here is what happened next that leads eventually to meeting my dad and getting married to him.

Some where through my brain I could hear someone calling. It felt like it was far away but growing closer. “Wake up Alice.” I finally opened up my eyes as I felt Evan's hands massaging my breasts. I looked down and saw my nipples were already hard. But where was I, how did I get here and why was I nude. Then the night before came back to me. I had come home from the party with Evan. He had come on to me in my parents living room. Dad had kicked me out and Evan had brought me here. “She's awake brothers.”

Actually I was more than awake. I felt someone's hand rubbing my pussy. I arched my back trying to get who ever was massaging my pussy to push his fingers into me. I guess I could have said good morning but my body was full of lust. “Some one fuck me.” I heard myself moaning.

I didn't have long to wait. I guess Evan and his brothers woke up horny. It was just like the night before. Evan began fucking my hot pussy first. Before I knew it I was sucking and getting all my holes plugged by his four brothers. I was pretty much covered in cum. After Evan, Dan, Troy, Chuck and Jerome finished fucking me, Evan took one of his large housecoats and led me to the washroom.

No sooner than we reached the washroom door when I heard. “Who the fuck are you?” A six two muscular black man wearing a housecoat open from the waist up letting me see his muscular chest said. He looked to be in his late thirties but had to be in his forties accounting for his grown children.

“It's a long story Sir but I got kicked out of my house and your son Evan said I could stay here for a while.” I answered.

“That's right dad. This is Alice.” Evan answered standing beside me just outside the washroom. “She was one hot fuck dad.”

Did he have to tell his dad for pete sake. I thought to myself. I didn't know what to do so headed toward Evan's room.

“Oh really Evan.” The black man who had to be at least six two called down the hall to his son. “Where do you think your going Alice? Get in your room Evan and stay in your room until I call you and your brothers.” He said looking me up and down.

“I really need a shower Mr........ Can I take a shower and get dressed?” I asked.

“It's Mr. Gordon. Never mind a shower or even getting dressed come in the kitchen.” Mr. Gordon said.

I figured it was Mr. Gordon's home and didn't want to get on the wrong side of him just after meeting him. I followed Mr. Gordon down the hall to a large kitchen with a large table in the middle. Mr. Gordon and I were the only ones in the kitchen. I guessed his wife was probably still asleep in his room.

As soon as I walked in the kitchen I was surprised when Mr. Gordon undid his long housecoat, let it fall from his broad shoulder and fell to the floor. Mr. Gordon was completely nude and wow was he hot looking. Wow even soft his cock was larger than any of his sons. Without any thoughts in my mind I undid the housecoat I was wearing, took it off and let it fall to the floor. “Fuck that's one hot body. No wonder Evan brought you home to share with his brothers last nigh. Turn around and lets have a good look at you. Fuck their cum is dripping off you. Shit I never saw so much cum on someone in all my life but on a white slut like you it looks good.”

I didn't say a word just turned around slowly rubbing my hands up and down my body at the same time and massaging my large breast and nipple that had cum dripping off them. With out Mr. Gordon saying another word I dropped to the floor in front of him and without touching his huge soft cock with my hands I stuck my tongue out and licked his mushroom size cock head. His cock instantly began to get hard. Just looking at that monster grown I knew I had to take it in my mouth and I did. “Oh fuck slut that feels good. I haven't had this kind of treatment in a long time.”

Mr. Gordon's cock was hard now. I had his large cock head in my mouth yet it seemed like a mile of thick, black, cock extended in front of my mouth. I loved looking at his big black low hanging below his thick, black cock and I guessed they were full of his delicious man juice. Just like his sons had been last night and this morning earlier. Then Mr. Gordon grabbed my head in his two hands and rammed his cock in my mouth toward my throat. I choked and he withdrew his big cock and I had time to take in a deep breath though my nose. He entered my mouth about four times until finally I swallowed his entire cock to his big balls. Then he would pull his cock out of my mouth and ram it down my throat. “Oh fuck yea. Oh yes that feels good. But I want that fucking pussy.” Mr. Gordon said and pulled his cock out of my throat and mouth. “Hope on the table and lay back and spread those lovely white legs, white slut.”

I leaned back against the big table and pushed myself up with Mr. Gordon's help and laid back spreading my legs. “Push that big cock in me Mr. Gordon.” I pleaded.

“No need to ask twice slut.” Mr. Gordon answered. “Get ready.” He leaned over me and massaged my breasts with his large black hands and suddenly shoved his entire cock into my hot wet pussy pushing against my clit at the same time. I thought almost bringing Mr. Gordon to brink of cumming in my mouth it wouldn't take him very long to shoot his load.

How ever I was lustfully rewarded when he pumped in and out of my pussy for a long time. It had to be at least a half hour. He was moaning. “Oh yes slut. Fuck Evan can pick them. Nice hot white sluts are the best. Take my cock slut.” I could hear the old table creaking under me as Mr. Gordon fucked me harder and harder holding my big breasts in both his hands at the same time. Then he yelled. “I'm cumming bitch. Cumming in that hot snatch of yours slut.”

“What the hells going on out there?” I heard a woman yelling from down the hall. I then heard load footsteps getting closer and closer. Mr. Gordon had slowly pulled his still hard cock out of my cum filled pussy just as the woman entered the kitchen. “Who the fuck is the slut?” Mrs. Gordon yelled.

“Oh dear.” Mr. Gordon answered sounding surprised. I guess he didn't even here his wife yelling down the hall or coming in the kitchen because he was caught up in fucking me hard. I looked down to see his big thick black cock instantly soften. “Evan brought her home last night dear. Something about being kicked out of her fathers house.”

“Evan. Get out here.” Mrs. Gordon yelled. “Bring the sluts clothes out at the same time.”

I heard a bunch of girls' voiced down the hall. “Get your house coat on you old fart.” I gathered she was talking to her husband because he picked up his housecoat and put it on. Mrs. Gordon had pulled me off the table and handed me the other housecoat. I had just gotten the housecoat on when the room was full of girls ranging from young teens to little girls. Then Evan, Dan, Troy, Chuck and Jerome came into the crowed kitchen. “Here's Alice's clothes mom.” Evan said.

I still had the large housecoat wrapped around me when Mrs. Gordon took my clothes from Evan and threw them at me. “Take your dam clothes you filthy slut and get out of my house. It's bad enough you cerupted my sweet innocent sons but throwing yourself on my honest hard working husband. No wonder your father threw you out. Get out tramp. Pick up your clothes and get out.” She halliard at me and slapped my face.

I put my hand up to my face. “Your son, Evan, ticked me.” I moaned from the pain on my cheek. “He said I could stay with your family and bunk with his sisters. Instead he took me to his and his brothers' room and took advantage of me and so did your husband.” I got on my hands and knees and picked up my sweater and skirt and shoes.

“I know my innocent sons and husband. Just get out of here you tramp.” Mrs. Gordon yelled. “Tell me she's lying Evan.”

“Yes she is mom. I found her on the street and felt sorry for her and brought her home. When I told her she would have to sleep on the coach not to wake anyone she followed me up stairs and took all her clothes off and begged me and my brothers to take her. Honest mom. Right Dan, Troy, Chuck, Jerome.” Evan asked, looking at his brothers and then to his mother.

“Yes, Evan's right.” Dan, Troy, Chuck and Jerome answered the same time.

“She was on me like butter on toast as soon as I got in the kitchen this morning also honey. But what do you expect from white trash honey. It's not our fault she stirred us all up.” Mr. Gordon said bending his head and then looking at his wife.

I started to say something when Mrs. Gordon opened the kitchen door. “Out.” She yelled.

“But, But, I only have this housecoat on Mrs. Gordon.” I tried to say.

“Put them on in the porch like the tramp you are. Leave the housecoat then get out and never come back.” Mrs. Gordon yelled again.

“I have no where........” I started to say but was cut off.

“Not another word out.”

I walked out to the porch the door was slammed behind me probably by Mrs. Gordon. I took off the housecoat pulled on my sweater and skirt and put my shoes on. I guess when Evan brought my clothes out to the kitchen he hadn't brought my panties and bra. I left the back porch and went to the front and ran to the bushes and sat down to look around. I saw men walking down the street as well as some boys and girls. I didn’t' know what to do. I didn't even know where I was. I hadn't kept track where I had walked the night before with Evan. I just wanted to get to his house. I remember how run down the neighborhood had been. I looked around the bush I was hiding from and saw what looked like a high school behind what looked like a vacant house. It sure didn't look like anyone lived in it.

I still had cum dripping out of my pussy from Evan, Dan, Troy, Chuck, Jerome and Mr. Gordon and down my legs. I wished I could have at least had a shower. Cum was even soaking through my sweater and I am sure I had dried cum on my face and in my hair. Where could I go looking like this. On top of everything I felt my stomach making noise of hunger. I hadn't eaten anything since supper before I went to the dance the previous night. Well that's not quite true. I did eat a lot of black boy and men cum.

Then I heard a girl's voice calling. “Hay you white girl. You must be lost to be in this neighborhood all alone. Come on in here. I wondered how how she had seen me behind the bushes but some how she did.

For a split minute seeing the girl that looked to be about fourteen I forgot about my appearance and went running up the side walk to the front porch.

“What happened to you? What's all that white stuff on you?” The young skinny black girl asked.

I stopped in the tracks. What was I suppose to say. How could I explain away my appearance. So I just let out the first thing that came to my head. “I fell in some mud. It must be dry mud.” You don't think I could come in and take a shower?” I asked.

“We do but you can't come in our house. My parents would freak out seeing a white girl in the house. But I can sneak you in the girl's locker room at school. There is a side door that leads into the girl's gym that leads to the girl's locker room. No one will be there first thing in the morning. Come on. By the way my names Tonya. What's your name?” The slim black girl around fourteen asked. My age but she was shorter and slimmer than me. She also had small breasts compared to me.

“Alice.” I answered. “Nice to meet you Tonya and thanks so much for your help.”

Tonya lead me around the vacant house and through a small unkempt park. I could see the front of the high school where young black girls and boys were headed. At last we were at the side of the school and just a couple feet away was a door. “Run Alice. Once we get in the gym there's no problem but we have to cross over that open walk way.”

“Okay.” I answered and ran across the short space between the tree and the entrance to the gym. We made it without being seen thank goodness. Tonya opened the door and I followed her in. It was a large gym something like the one at my school. I followed Tonya across the gym floor to a door and enter the girls locker room.

“There's the shower Alice. Hurry though and come right out. I have an extra towel. Take it with you. I'll wait here for you.” She said.

I took off my cum soiled sweater and cum socked skirt. Tanya had sat down on one of the benches. I took the towel she offered me and went into the showers. I really wanted to just stand and let the hot water rush over my body but I knew I couldn't waist any time. I took the soap and scrubbed my body and tried to clean out my pussy of the ton of cum in it. I washed my hair with the soap and rinsed myself. After drying myself I went back to the locker room with the big towel wrapped around me.

“Thanks Tonya so much. I feel so much better. Can you give me directions how to get out of the neighborhood and a safe place?” I asked.

I picked up my soiled sweater. Darn what was I going to do? I am all clean but my clothes are all soiled with cum except my shoes. “You can't wear those clothes. There all wet and dirty with mud even though some has dried they look horrible.” Tonya said.

“But I have to. I have nothing else to wear.” I answered.

“I do have an extra skirt and blouse. I guess you can have then. I'll just make up some excuse to my parents about loosing them.” Tonya said looking into a locker she had just opened. She took out a pretty dark blue shirt and light blue blouse and handed them to me. I looked at them and knew they would be too small for me. I was at least a couple inches taller than Tonya and probably a good inch or more around the waist. I was slim but maybe not that slim. However what other choice did I have. Soiled cum stained skirt and sweater or perhaps slightly small skirt and blouse. “Sorry I haven't got an extra pair of panties bra Alice. The skirt should fit around your waist. Mom got them a size too big for me. She does that because she says I'll grow into them.”

“That's okay Tonya this is much better than those other clothes.” I said. I held up the skirt and could see the skirt probably would go just above her knees. I put the skirt over my head and let it fall to my waist. I could just do the button and zipper up. But the skirt fell maybe a couple inches below my pussy. I had bigger hips than Tonya and the skirt fit tightly around my hips. That will have to do. I thought to myself. I put the blouse on that just fit around my stomach and I did it up as far as possible. Because my breasts were much larger than Tonya's most of my breasts were showing. At least my nipples would be hidden.

“The best way to go to get out of the neighborhood is probably to head behind the school but instead of turning the direction we came go the opposite direction. You'll have to run across the football field to the street behind it and three blocks you'll be in a safer neighborhood for white girls like you. I see you have a watch on. Waite here until nine when the school bell goes and then leave and run across the football field. No one will be there because everyone will be in school. Sorry I can't stick around but I got to go to class.” Tonya said and headed to the gym. I followed her to the gym. “Good luck.”

“Thanks I'll need all the help I can get.” I said.

I was surprised when Tonya hugged me and then opened the door to the outside. The door closed behind her and I was all alone in the gym. I looked at my watch. It was ten to nine. I walked back and forth waiting for the time to pass. At long last I heard the school bell and looked at my watch. It was nine o'clock. “Ready or not.” I told myself. “Here I go.”

“I opened the door and looked around. No one was outside. I walked to the corner of the school and looked around and got ready to run for my life across the big football field. I started to run. I felt a breeze gusting up as I ran and suddenly the skirt I was wearing flew up. I was getting winded and took a deep breath. Suddenly the buttons on the front of the blouse popped off and my large breast fell free. I looked up and saw I had only crossed half the football field but did my best to run faster. I thought once I get to the woods on the other side of the football field I could try to do something about the open blouse.

“Holly shit coach. Your great idea about football practice instead of regular gym was a great idea.” I heard across the field to my left.

Mom stopped talking and took a deep breath. “You can't stop now mom. What happened?”

“Get me some water out of the fridge over there Marie. My throat is dry. Then I will continue.” Mom said. The last part of mom's story before meeting dad to follow in part 9.

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