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Becky comes back to sell more chocolates with her friend
After lunch Becky and Nicole hopped on their bikes and cycled out to my place making plans as the came. If my wife came to the door they would try and sell her some chocolates and ask about chores in order to earn some spending money. Becky told Nicole not to let on that she had been there the evening before as she didn't know what I might have told my wife if anything.

"But how are we going to get Mr. Thomas to do anything with us since we will both be there?" Nicole asked Becky, feeling her apprehension mounting. Nicole felt a growing excitement but also was a bit scared at what they were planning on doing. Nicole knew that she loved putting a dildo into her pussy but a real cock she didn't know if she was ready for that. "Becky I don't know how far I want to go, maybe if something gets started I could watch you and Mr. Thomas if he's okay with that."

"Its okay Nicole lets just see what happens, he didn't force himself on me or even try to get his cock close to my pussy. I want to feel his cock again today and somehow I'd like to make that happen. We could give him a blow job together, even if nothing happens today I would like to line up something for next week." Becky said thinking about what might happen had her excited already but knew she was not ready to lose her virginity just yet.

I heard the door bell ring but didn't bother to answer because my wife was in the kitchen and being Saturday it was likely her mom or sisters. I was watching football not paying attention to who was here when my wife was calling me to come to the front door. When I came into the entrance way my stomach sank for there was Becky with her black friend, I thought what is she doing here and am I in trouble.

My wife Mary introduced me to Becky and Nicole saying they where sell chocolates for a school fund raising and looking for odd jobs to do. Since I had mentioned to Mary some time ago that I was thinking of getting some yard help, she suggested that maybe I could hire the girls and they could start by weeding her garden. She could take her mother to the city shopping and for dinner that evening. I gave a sigh of relief. Smiling at the girls she asked them if they had ever weeded in a garden.

"I have to help in the garden all the time and my friends also have helped in ours. We would be happy to that for you and you could go shopping. We sure would like to earn some money if you would try us out." Becky had that winning smile on her face and I knew my wife was hooked by her charm. Mary nodded and gave the girls twenty dollars each to clean the garden and said if I thought that I was happy with the work then they could do chores for me to but I had to pay them myself. Looking past Mary I caught Becky giving Nicole a wink, I could sense her excitement. Mary bought two boxes of chocolates almonds, then asked me to show the girls to the garden shed while she called her mom and see if she would like to drive into the city which was an hour away to go shopping. She would be right out to show the girls what to do.

The girls followed me to the garden shed being very quiet. I showed them where the hoes and rakes were kept. Out of the corner of my eyes I was admiring Nicole. She was tall maybe five foot six or seven with skinny coltish legs that ran up into her loose fitting shorts that were half way down to her knees. She had small boobs that did look a bit bigger than Becky's and her face was beautiful framed by her long hair. Her skin look so soft and so blemish free just asking to be touched. Mary showed up and took the girls to the garden to show them want she wanted done saying that she was in a hurry and that they could find me if they needed anything.

I went and started some of my yard work that needed to be done today. I figured I better stay away from the girls before I got anymore ideas which would just make me hornier. Just seeing Becky had me thinking about another blow job and wanting to eat her pussy again. I noticed Mary leave shortly after and was trimming some shrubs when the girls came looking for me.

"Mr. Thomas can we talk for a minute?" Becky asked. At my nod she said," Nicole kind of got me to tell what we did last night and wants to try stuff too. Would it be okay to suck your cock while she watches and if she could try and see what its like? We experimented this morning with each other but would rather play with a cock."

"Nicole are you sure this is what you want to do, and if you say yes can you keep it a secret? I don't want to scare you but as sexy as you girls are I hope I can control myself. I'll promise not to force you to do anything you don't want to. So what did you do with each other?" I asked.

"We licked each other to an orgasm." Becky said blushing. That got my cocks attention, I could feel myself swelling at the thought of Becky and Nicole in a sixty nine position,black on white, now that would be so hot. I said a little thank you to the stars, where two days ago I had not any sex for years other than by hand, now I had two horny girls wanting to play. Becky was on her knees already pulling down the zipper of my shorts and sliding my shorts and boxers down, my cock was sticking straight out. Nicole looked on in awe as Becky was stroking my cock going back and forth slowly. I took Nicole's hand and place it on my cock and told her to feel my cock and play with my balls. They were taking turns pumping my cock, the feeling was out of this world having their small hands exploring and becoming more aggressive. Becky started licking the head of my cock while Nicole just held the the shaft watching Becky.

I had been rubbing Nicole's back, now I slipped my hand under her sweater to work my hand on her bare back. She looked at me and asked,"Should I take off my sweater, do you what to see my titties?" All I could do was nod. Nicole pulled the sweater over her head and I loved the look of her white bra on her dark brown skin. I pushed the bra up over titties and out popped these firm hard brown titties with tiny little black nipples. I rolled the nipples in my fingers feeling them get rock hard. Becky had my cock in her mouth now slowly starting to bob in and out. I had pulled Nicole into my side as we watched Becky sucking on my cock. With one hand playing with Nicole's tits and with my other hand on her back I work my way down to her shorts. I was squeezing her ass cheeks and I could tell she was liking that as she was pushing her ass into my hand. Being encouraged by that I slid my hand under her shorts and panties to feel her bare ass hoping I wouldn't scare her off. Her butt was so smooth and she had the tightest little cheeks. It was a bit tight trying to feel her up with her shorts on and she must have felt the same because she pushed her shorts and panties down and stepped out of them. I kept play with her butt squeezing each side reaching deeper between her legs all the time. Nicole had her pussy pressed into my hips as I was reaching for her clit from behind her with one finger then running my finger down over her pussy and rose bud and finally groping her ass cheeks. Then starting all over again, I kept that up until she started moaning. Finally I pushed into her pussy hole and started to finger fucking her tight little pussy. She was so wet and my finger was sliding in easier all the time when she clamped on to my finger hard so all I could do was wiggle my finger. She was hugging me hard too as she cumming.

Becky had stopped sucking and was watching Nicole. " Do you wanted trade places and you can try sucking Mr. Thomas's cock?" She asked. I helped Becky take her clothes off rubbing her budding boobs as much as I could while helping her. "Can you lie down on the grass so that I can sit on your face, Please?"

I laid down on the grass, Becky got on her knees and backed over my head. She was leaning forward so I reached up and started to fondled her small titties and rolling the nipples in my fingers. Becky lower her pussy until I was able to lick into her pussy. I work my tongue from her butt hole up to her clit sometimes sticking my tongue into her vagina. Becky was grinding into my face and I held her down as I was losing continuous contact.

Meanwhile Nicole was stroking my cock and tentatively kiss the head. Every once in a while she would pop the head in her mouth. It felt amazing and wished I could watch while she learnt to suck my cock. Slowly Nicole was taking it further into her mouth making my cock twitch in response, her mouth felt so hot.Suddenly Nicole stopped and she straddled my hips. I could feel her knees on my side as she lowered herself onto my cock putting in just the head. Nicole started wiggling around and pushing herself down on my cock, I could feel it going in a bit at a time. It was really tight and hot, I held myself back from pushing up into her letting her work at her own speed.

I could sense that Becky was getting close to having an orgasm so I flicked and sucked her clti furiously. She came hard jamming her pussy down hard on my mouth and I pushed her ass up enough so I could lick her juices and she kept shuddering have some mini orgasm's until she fell forward and off my mouth. Becky turn around and finally realised that Nicole was sitting on my cock with most of it inside of her.

"Does it hurt Nicole?"

"No its so thick I thought it would not go in at first but its in me now and feels so big and hot. It feels like there is no more room inside." Nicole slowly moved up and down on my cock, the friction was amazing. It was so tight in her pussy. Nicole was going out more and then down more as she was getting wetter. I reached up and started squeezing her boobs.

"Mr. Thomas, don't cum in me I don't want to get pregnant."

"It's okay I have been fixed so I can't make any more babies." I assured her.

"Take your time don't hurry or you will make me cum first." I told her.

"I can feel it building in me. Are you close to cumming Mr. Thomas?"

Becky reached between us and started rubbing Nicole's clit which got Nicole humping my cock hard. "I'm going to cum." I managed to say before I was jamming up into Nicole's pussy cumming hard. Nicole was moaning and groaning falling down on me. I kept pumping up into her feeling the last of my cum being squeezed out by her pussy like it was milking my cock. Slowly we stopped moving and enjoyed our moment of bliss. Nicole slipped off of me and lay down beside. Becky pulled up Nicole's leg and reach into her pussy pulling out some of our mixed juices and licking her fingers. She did it again feeding her fingers to Nicole who sucked her fingers clean. After Becky couldn't get and more juice we all got dressed.

"That was so hot." Becky said. "We better finish weeding the garden, come on Nicole."

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2014-09-28 09:11:17
Love your advent canalder Becky (at least I think that's what it is..?) Huge Congratulations Sonya ~ well done! and Happy Birthday :DWell done little J too ~ clever boy! My C likes to play chess, but he's not competition standard by a long stretch!

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2013-01-14 07:11:31
Nicole, we enjoyed our sosisen with you yesterday. The sneak peek is stunning. The girls look so cute. We love our fine art album, I get all teary eyed when I look at it. It is truly a keepsake. thank you for all your amazing work.


2012-06-03 07:47:23
Decent amount of typos but overall, not bad

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2012-06-03 06:50:47
another excellent part keep the series going

;; JJ

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2012-06-03 03:48:55
Why the fuck would this one have the lowest rating? It's the hottest one of all. Must be the biggot vote.... People who've never fucked a black woman's hot, juicy pussy don't know what they're missing. I've fucked approximately 2000 women and the very best built woman I've ever fucked was black.... She's also one of the very finest fucks I've ever had.... but my white sister-in-law is the best fuck I've ever had. She's the only woman I've ever fucked that I've never been able to control my cum reflex. The head of my cock goes into her pussy like a squeezed grape popping out of its skin... except that it gets tighter and then the ring of muscle around her cunt opening jerks me off while I fuck her and ZOWIE!!!! I have the most complete and total wipe-out orgasms ever. It's been 26 yrs. and she still does that to me. I moved her in with my wife and me after the first month. I told my wife she could leave or stay but I wasn't giving up her sister's pussy. She stayed.

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