This is about my first experience with a prostitute that happened when i used to live in a South American country.
I've decided I'd like to chronicle some of the sexual experiences throughout my life. I figured this would be a good one to start. I've been reading stories on here for so long, I figured it was my turn to start writing some and see how much the readers here like them. I hope you enjoy it. There will be more to come if the reviews are positive.

I used to live in a country in South America with my family for many years before moving to the states for education and job reasons. This story starts with a visit back to my home to visit while i had already begun studying in a school in the states. Whore houses are fairly common and I had always heard my friends talk about them. Even though i was only 15 yrs old, i hung out with an older group of guys because i look a lot older down there and thus had the advantage of doing things any other 15 yr old wouldn't get away with or go to places they normally couldn't.

My curiosity was peaked one day when me and some of my friends were just sitting around, talking about random stuff, and of course, guys being guys, we started talking about girls and sex. One of my friends had mentioned his last endeavor to one of the local whore houses and the stories just went around in a circle until it came to me. Everyone's eyes on me, waiting for me to tell them about the time I had gone. I told them I hadn't gone yet and wasn't really sure I was ok with the idea of fucking a prostitute. These weren't the kind of guys take make fun of you and give you a hard time about something like this. Instead they just described it to me, told me how it worked an encouraged me to try it out some time telling me that it wasn't that big of a deal. I made some basic inquiries about pricing, what the girls were like, and just some basics questions about how things functioned at the whore house.

My friends were more than helpful to satisfy and answer all my questions about it. We kept talking and the conversation moved to different things. It was getting close to dinner time and everyone was getting up to leave. I stayed back with a much older friend that was in his thirty's. We just hung out for a bit more, it started to get dark and I decided i wanted to know what the whore house was like. He told me about a couple of his other trips there and offered to take me down sometime if I wanted to go. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to go. I made up my mind. I asked him to take me down there and show me around.

We went out to the main street to call a cab. I was a bit nervous, having a cabbey knowing that I was gonna go up there. I was just hoping he wouldn't realize how old I was and tell us he wasn't gonna take us. We got in without a problem and the taxi took us up the the back end of town where the whore houses were. It was only a 15 minute drive but I managed to smoke three cigarettes in the time it took us to get out there. We got out in the middle of the street and took a look around. My friend pointed out the different whore houses, telling me about their quality and the prices. There was only one that charged admission. He assured me that it was by far the best one. It was double the price in there to get laid but he assured me it was worth it. With the exchange rate being the way it was at that time, it was still only going to cost me about eight dollars American. I was all for it.

We started heading in, and he told me to light another cigarette just to add to me appearance to be sure they wouldn't try to hassle me about my age. In this type of place, there was no way they were going to ask for an ID. I paid the admission and walked. There was an open courtyard surrounded with about 30 rooms and a bar. Some soft music was playing in the background. Some of the rooms had red lights turned on over them, others were completely dark with the doors shut. I figured there probably wasn't anyone in those rooms. It was still a little early, the place hadn't filled up yet. I looked around to check out the girls that were standing at the doorways to some of the rooms. I saw a guy coming out of a room, zipping up his pants and a girl lazily walking to the door and just posting up on the door frame. I made a round on the courtyard, getting a good look at the girls that were available there, taking my time to find one that I really liked. This being my first time, I wasn't going to just fuck any girl. I started walking closer to the doors to get a better look at the girls. Some were young, maybe early twenties, and others went up to almost mid thirties I'd say.

I saw some guys walk up to the girls, get a good feel on their bodies, check them out really good, and make some general inquiries. I decided to give this a shot. I approached the first girl, and damn she was hot. She had a nice luscious ass, accentuated by a thong running deep into her big bubbly butt, and some legs that seemed to never end. She was wearing some really sexy heels thought brought out some of the muscle tone in her legs. She also had on a light colored bikini top, housing a nice pair of tits. They looked to be a saggy but still pretty firm. She could have been in her late twenties. I asked her for her name and she gave me some stupid stage name like Candy. I talked to her for a minute, running my hands over her body, giving her ass a nice rub and gentle smack. She was just kind of looking around and not paying much attention to me so I figured sex would have been the same way with her. I turned and left, walking down and going up to a few different girls with much of the same bodies and much of the same results.

This may sound kind of stupid for a 15 yr old but this wasn't my first time getting laid. Being that i looked a lot older and usually had quite a bit of cash in a third world country, being white and sticking out like a sore thumb, it wasn't all that hard for me to get laid. I wasn't going to just jump any old girl and not enjoy my time here, especially if I was going to pay for it.

Losing hope, I figured I could sit for a minute and drink a beer really quick. I sat down at the bar and ordered a beer from the bartender as I lit another cigarette and relaxed for a bit. I took the beer and poured it into my glass and sat to drink for a bit. My friend saw me sitting at the bar and came over to ask me what the deal was. I explained what was going on and he just kind of laughed a little. He took a quick look around the place and explained that things usually got better later on the weekends. It was a weeknight so I shouldn't expect much. I got him a beer and we just sat there carrying on usual conversations, talking about random stuff. I looked behind me for a second and saw this Amazonian goddess standing in one of the door ways. My jaw dropped. My friend asked me what I was looking at and I made him turn around. His expression was much of the same. We both stared wide eyed at this beautiful woman. She must have been about 32 from the slight age starting to show on her face but she had a tight fit body that belonged on an eighteen yr old gymnast. I told him to hold onto my beer that I would be right back.

I moved quickly across the courtyard hoping no one would get to her before me. As I approached her, I took in every little detail of her body. She was standing sideways showing off each amazing curve her body had to offer. She had dark curly hair extending down her back almost down to her waist. She looked over at me and I saw some of the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen even to this day. They were a dark, milk chocolate brown, asking to have strawberries dipped in them. They looked ready good enough to eat. She had a light mocha skin color, about the same color of a cup of coffee with a good amount of creamer added to it. Her shoulders and arms were nicely defined. She was wearing a very small and revealing bikini, tiny triangles barely covering her nipples and areolas. Her breasts must have been about a 36 D. They were plump and full with no hint of sag. Those itty bitty strings on the bikini wouldn't have been able to hold them up if they didn't resist gravity on their own. She had tight taut stomach, begging to be licked and kissed all over. A nice trim waist followed that gorgeous belly. Her wast flared out into some nice wide hips that accentuated her amazing thighs that led down to beautiful legs. There was nothing on the girls body that anyone could ever say was a flaw. Then there was her ass that protruded out just the right amount. I could see the full shape of it as she stood sideways to me. It formed a perfect half moon. Her gorgeous ass cheeks consumed the small string of her thong that just disappeared inside them. I didn't bother asking her any questions or coming up with some stupid shit to talk about. As I neared her door, she shot me a look that could have melted me if she wanted to. Her eyes had fire in them that caused fire inside of me. My dick was fully erect by the time I got to her door. She was a little taller than me and she looked down into my eyes. All I said was, "Let's go".

She opened the door for me and let me walk in ahead of her. Now, from all the stories I had heard from my friends, the girls were all business. I pulled out the cash, handed it to her, and started to undress. I was unbuttoning the buttons on my shirt as she put the cash away. As I was about to take it off, she turned back around and told me to slow down. This caught me a little off guard. She stared into my eyes with those beautiful gems she had for eyes. I just stood there with my shirt half off as she slowly walked over to me, swaying those tantalizing hips. She reached me and went for my shirt, slowly sliding it off me shoulders as she looked deep into my eyes, making almost hypnotized. I was frozen just letting her take control. Once she got the shirt off of me, she slid her hands down my chest and stomach. She went in to kiss me and I felt those soft luscious lips against mine. They felt better than i could have ever imagined. She took my hands and placed them on her body, rubbing them across her back, down to her hips, and finally to that gorgeous, smooth ass of her. I gripped it firmly as she moaned lightly into my mouth and kept sliding her hands across my body. She reached down between us and did my pants, sliding them to the floor. She tugged down on my boxers and I clumsily tried to take my shoes off and kick off the rest of my clothes all bunched up at my feet. She pulled back and smiled at me, "Am I supposed to keep my clothes on?" she said. I laughed a little and started to untie her top. I had pretty much seen all of her breasts, but when i saw those perky, erect, perfect little nipples, I got even harder which I didn't think was possible. I had been right about her breasts, no sag at all. They each filled my hands and had more to spare. I lowered my mouth to them and started to hungrily suckle on them like a new born hungry for his mother's milk. She kept moaning lightly as she ran her hands through my hair, pulling me more into her tits. I slid my hands back down to her ass and squeezed it more. I then untied the sides of her bottom and let it fall to the ground. She pulled me away from her tits and got down on her knees in front of me and placed her hands on my hips. "Just relax, baby", she said as she moved her head around the capture my dick in her mouth without using her hands.

The feelings I felt from this point are were nothing short of amazing. She slowly slid my dick into her warm wet mouth, taking all of me in with one fell swoop. I felt the back of her throat press against the tip of my cock, and then she slowly slid her mouth back off of it. I was in heaven. I just let my arms fall limp to my sides as i rolled my head back in ecstasy. I looked back down to her, watching those beautiful soft lips slide back and forth on my dick. She looked up at me with fire in her eyes and I felt like I was going to cum right then. Just as I felt I was going to blow, she pulled off of my dick and told me to lay on the bed. Thank God. It would have been a waste if I didn't get the chance to fuck her. She fumbled around through a small drawer on the side of the bed as I laid down then sat on the bed at my waist and produced a condom. She took it out of the wrapper and then placed it on my tip. She lowered her mouth onto it and proceeded to unroll the condom onto my dick using only her mouth. She lightly scraped the sides of my cock with her teeth, getting the condom to go all the way down. Once she was satisfied, she looked back at me and said, "Are you ready?" She gave me a devilish seductive grin and all I could do was nod.

If you like this so far, leave some comments and good reviews and I'll finish the story very soon. I have to go for now. Hope you like it

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