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I promised you stories about my ex-girlfriends. It might have sounded like I was going to give you one story on each of them, but I'm not. Most of them have several stories to tell. So I'm going to give you one more on Susy, the big-breasted redhead I used to date for about 1½ year.

When we had holidays away from the boarding school, we would most of the time visit each other at our homes. This story takes place at her house, an old, small manor in the village side. Quite a nice place really, especially in the winter. They had even build a sauna (scandinavian tradition, a wooden room with a hot stove in it, where you sit naked and turn up the stove really hot).

We had been sitting in their sauna, me, Susy, her parents and her sister, getting really hot. I had a hard time not getting a hard-on, because her mother, her sister, and herself are really good looking. Especially when all of you've only got towels on, and the heat is making you feel really good. From time to time, we'd run naked into the snow, getting a quick dip and then returning to the sauna. Her sister, Ditte, had gotten a great idea - pour some beer on the stove! This causes a great drunk-like effect, especially if you drink some cold beer at the same time (the danish beer Carlsberg preferably;-) . Her dad didn't care for all that, so he left to take a nap. Susy had started giving her mother a massage, at the same time loosing her mothers towel so I could see everything, except her breasts. She noticed how a tried avoiding to stare, and smiled naughtily at me. Then her sister, blonde, medium-sized breasts, exceptionally good-looking, beautifull legs and body, asked me for a massage too. But she didn't just ask for a massage, she wiggled her shoulder in a hint-like fashion, not wanting Susy or her mother to notice I guess, but wanting to show me that she'd really like it from me.

Of course I checked with Susy, who had no problem with it, so I went right at it, telling her to lie on the wooden bench. Her slender body stretched on the hot wood, making her moan slightly. She looked really great, especially when she took her towel off, and showed me her sweet ass. Now I was wondering whether she meant something by the hint earlier, and decided to give it a go, trying to see what she was up to. So I told her that it would be easier for me if I sat on her, not just stand beside her like Susy and her mother did. So she happily agree, partly because of the beer in the moist air in the sauna, and partly because she wanted to feel her sisters boyfriend close to her. Her slightly tanned body looked really good to me as I sat on her, just below her ass, feeling her skin on mine. I poured a bit of massage-oil into my hands and started at her shoulders, giving them a good massage, real thourough, causing her to moan slightly, really loving my strong hands on her skin. I moved lower, rubbing her back, once in a while only just tracing one single finger on her skin, something she apparently liked me to do. I noticed Susy's mother thanking Susy for the massage, and leaving for a shower and her husband.

Meanwhile, I had moved lower on Ditte, rubbing her loin I looked at Susy, as for approval. She understood and nodded slightly, so I moved even lower, rubbing the top of Ditte's bum. I could feel her holding her breath a bit, not knowing what I was going to do. Susy had moved over to me, and was feeling me up and kissing me all over. The air in the room smelled of more than just beer now, something musky had started blending in. And I knew what it was. Ditte had started shifting underneath me, as my hands now were pratically groping her ass, and she moaned slightly when my hands moved towards her now clear moist pussy, feeling her inner thighs up. Susy had started licking my nipples, just the way I like it. A bit hard, biting once in a while, the same way she gets turned on. And she turned me on, getting a huge hard-on. Ditte obviously onticed when I moved my hands up to her neck again, bending a bit forward, causing my dick to lean in between her ass cheeks, making her moan again. She was really loving it, judging by the audibility of her feelings.

"John, could I... " She started "Could I, maybe, if it's ok with you Susy, could I perhaps feel... feel you inside me?" She sounded rather nervous, but very hot too, half moaning every word she said.

"Well... " I started, looking at Susy.

"It's OK John, you can go for it if you want to, but I want some later too, so don't waste all that delicious spunk of your's in one go!" Susy smiled at me, french-kissing me hard again, and then grabbing her beer and sitting on the bench looking at us.

She obviously knew what I was going to answer.
So did Ditte, so I felt that an answer from my part would be irrelevant, I just slapped her ass slightly and asked her how she wanted it. She looked really happy and told me she wanted to sit on me, so she could really feel me deep inside her. So I streched myself on the bench, my hard dick pointing straight into the air. She licked her lips and took me in her mouth first, waving Susy over to her. Then they both gave me the best blowjob in the world, using their hands, mouths, kissing each on my dick, licking my shaft, my balls, Susy deep-throating me and Ditte kssing me all over. They did this for about five minutes, telling me not to come yet. It was really hard, in two ways. One way - my dick. And then the holding-back part, having to hot girls giving you a blowjob isn't exactly everyday life.

When they stopped, Ditte sat on top of me, taking in a bit of me at the time, moaning everytime she managed to get a bit more inside her. She was really tight, just the way I like it. When she had finally taken all of me in, and I could feel her vaginal walls on all sides of my cock, she started rocking on me, in slow motion at first, but soon going wildly at it. Susy logically didn't want to be let out of the fun, so she sat on top of me too, allowing me to lick her. Then the two half-drunk girls started making out over me, whilst letting me fuck Ditte and lick Susy at the same time. Their hands were feeling each other up, pulling each others nipples, which made Ditte gasp quite loud. All this was making me feel really hot, so I thought I'd make it hot for them too. So I took my finger and moved it up to Susy's ass, licking her at first moving my tongue around her rosebud, and slipping the tip of my tongue in her ass, whilst fingering her pussy with three fingers, almost making her scream. Then I switched, inserting my finger in her sweet ass, first one, then two fingers, finally making her come all over me, flooding me with her musky love juices. When Ditte noticed that, she asked Susy to do the same to her, after Susy had recovered a bit. So Susy went down from me, and behind her sister, and slapped her ass lightly, for fun. But Ditte liked it, "ahh! more, slap my ass you bitch!, make me feel naughty!"

So Susy slapped her again with one hand, using the other for her asshole, slipping it easily in. I could feel her finger on my cock, banging away inside her pussy. She finger-fucked her whilst she slapped her, really hard now, making her ass cheeks really red and warm. This was too much for Ditte, so when Susy started licking her ass, she came all over my cock, really rocking and and screaming. She came so hard she had no control over her body, so she let out a stream of piss on my cock and letting the warm, golden drops spill down my sides. Susy had stopped slapping her ass, but started again as she saw her pissing on me, calling her naughty, and telling her what a bitch she was.

Ditte was embarassed at first, but when she saw how it turned me on, she got really hot about it, and started moaning as Susy slapped her harder. Susy moved down on her ass again, licking it, whilst slapping her. When she had finished peeing on me, I had gotten really hard again, and started fucking her again. But this time Susy stopped us. She wanted some too.

"Hey, now it's really my turn to get some! John, fuck me from behind while I lick her dripping pussy"

And so we did. I stood behind Susy, with instructions to slap her once in a while too, fucking her, while she was licking her sister, sitting on the second-level bench. I love to fuck her from behind, leaving me in control of everything, allowing me to get really deep into her, making her moan really loud.

When she was close to cumming, she changed places with her sister, letting me fuck her, and herself getting licked. Ditte fingered her in her ass and pussy at the same time, making her cum really fast. Then Susy held Ditte head in place, and started pissing all over her, in her mouth, on her breasts, telling me to piss in her pussy while I slapped her. "Ohh, ahh, yes, piss on me, make me feel your warm liquid all over me, in me, ahh!!" Ditte was getting really turned on by this, so she started licking Susy, whilst she was pissing on her. I started fucking her again, but in her ass this time, making her scream into Susys pissing pussy. This turned me on so much that I came in her ass, slapping her at the same time. Susy had stopped pissing, and moved over behind Ditte. First she took my cock out, whiped it clean with a towel, deepthroated me shortly to get me hard and told me to fuck her hard in the ass. As I did that she started licking my cum out of Dittes rather red ass, making her moan really hard.

"Oh, yes, Susy, lick me, drink that cum out of my ass, use that tongue good, uhm!"

After all this we all took a long shower, the two of them finishing of with giving me a blowjob, letting me cum all over them, and then licking it of me and each other, biting each others nipples. I also poured some beer over Susys pussy, letting Ditte lick it up.

"Uhm, damn this is good" Susy moaned "Remind me to get another box of Carlsberg for our next home-weekend!"

To be continued....


2006-11-10 20:30:02
yay pussy!


2005-01-29 11:31:28
Excellent! Keep up the good work.


2005-01-28 09:08:56
Good. The pissing bits really got me going. Had a really good wank to this.


2005-01-28 07:59:24
I like that! would have liked more detail of how it felt though!Did see ma little hurried. But all in all it got me wet so im not guna moan! (well, thats probably a lie! ;) )

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