The boring night home alone with my little sister. What could possibly happen?
It was late at night and nobody was home except for me and my sister. Being bored out of my mind I decided to go bother my sister. As I walked towards my sister's room I saw her on her bed laying on her stomach as she was watching TV. I quietly climbed on her bed taking precautions for her not to hear me. I then climbed on top of my sister and grabbed her from behind and restrained her arm while laying on top of her. I felt her shiver with fear.

“Don't make a noise.” I said.

Recognizing my voice she then felt relived that it was me and not some intruder who broke in our house. “ Tom don't ever do that again!!! You scared the shit out of me.” my sister exclaimed.

I replied with “I'm just trying to have a little fun on this boring night.”

“Okay well you had your fun so now let me go!” my sister said as resisting from my grasp.

“I am not done with you just yet.” I replied.

My sister was still trying to resist, but she was hopeless and couldn't escape so she finally gave in and said “Okay I give up. What are you going to do to me now.”

I started thinking to my self. Right here in front of me was my sister. My little sister. My 13 year old little sister. Not only was she my sister, but she was also sexy as hell. I admired her tan flawless skin and her sexy brunette hair. I also admired my sister's nice developing B cup tittes, but what was most attractive about my sister was her perfect round ass which was one of the nicest bubble butts that I have ever seen. My sister's sexy body sent my cock into an erection that pressed against my sisters perfect ass. I was a mindless dog who wanted to fuck his sister.

I pressed my cock even harder against my sister's ass and said “ I think you know what I wanted to do to you.”

My sister was horrified and responded with “Tom we can't do that! It isn't right!!”

“And I thought my little sister loved me.” I said

“I do love you more than anyone in the world, but what it somebody found. This would be embarrassing for people to know about. “

“Don't worry we are home alone and nobody will ever find out.“ I assured my sister.

“Okay Tom. You can have sex with me, but please be gentle.” My sister said nervously.

I couldn't believe it. My 13 year old sister had given me the go ahead to fuck her and I was going to do it. I then slid down her pajamas to her knees, revealing her bubble butt to me. There was a little thong hiding my sister's asshole and her pussy. I decided to play with my sister's ass. I grabbed her soft perfect ass as she laid innocently on her bed. I then spanked my sister's ass and she let off a soft moan.
I then pulled aside my sister's panties revealing her juicy pussy. As I pressed one of my fingers in her pussy my sister let off another moan.

My sister couldn't take it no more and said “Stop teasing me and just fuck me already!!.”

I took her advice and pressed my cock against her pussy. I kissed my sister on the cheek and then pushed my cock inside of her. As entering her pussy I realized she was not a virgin, but this didn't bother me because her pussy was still tight as hell. I decided to start off gentle with my sister, slowly sliding my cock in and out of her young cunt. As I slowly fucked my sister's pussy from behind I felt her pussy get wetter and wetter. My sister was letting off soft moans of joy, but I could tell she wanted more.

“Just fuck me harder!! My sister demanded.

I was surprised of such a demand from a young girl, but I did not contest. I gave into her demands and pounding her pussy harder and faster with each thrust. Her pussy was getting wetter than ever and my cock was getting harder and harder. This was the greatest single pleasure ever for me and I am sure it was also so for my sister.

“Oh god brother this is amazing! I think I'm cumming! I' m cumming.” My sister yelled while moaning louder than ever.

My sister started to cum, but I wasn't finished. I remembered the pleasant sight my sister's asshole and wanted to fuck her in the ass.

As I pulled my cock out her pussy and pressed my cock against her asshole I told her “ I'm sorry.”

I shoved my cock into her ass as she cried out in pain. Feeling a little remorse for my sister I decided to go gently to lessen the pain. I was slowly fucking her ass and it was tight as hell. To my surprise my sister was no longer crying pain, but rather enjoying me fucking her tight little asshole and within minutes she was demanding for more.

“Oh fuck Tom, fuck my ass harder!” My sister yelled.

I gave into this demand and her tight little asshole harder and harder. I was pounding her ass so hard that I was sure that it was going to split into two. My sister was going into another orgasm and so was I.
I pulled out of my sister's asshole and shot my load all over her ass and the cum dripped and slid down all over her asshole and pussy. My sister passed out from all this sexual pleasure. I got up and walked away towards my room , but before I left I turned and saw a smile on my sister's face as she said with her ass and pussy exposed with cum all over her. I smiled and realized my night wasn't so boring after all.

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2016-10-25 22:37:27
Good story and I love the sister being 13 and loving cause it made the sex easier BUT the story was too easy so please rewrite it with more drama.

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2016-04-03 22:17:25
How many times do you have to mention the fact that your fucking your sister, 500? NO YOU FUCKING DONT

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Think people got the hit that you were fucking your sister? You only said it 380 times. I litteraly feel like this story was written by a 13 year old. Ever hear "the devils in the details" learn it then attempt to write a story. Dont half ass it motherfucker

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Nice story i too want to fuck my sister hardly

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Dope hot shit wet sisters pussy hmmmm I'd fuck it till I saw smoke come out

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