This is the 2nd part of ...... The love of guy
After the small sex Episode Ms. Black and I had, The day went on as it normally would. The whole day I had Ms. Black on my mind, Her moans... Her legs.... Her nice tight pussy... Ya, I had a hard on for the rest of the day. After school let out I was on my way to work when Tim came running up behind me.

“ Hey Gavin. Wait up.” He was running like something was wrong, or that something had happen.

“ You alright man? Whats going on? I asked.

“ Dude, Did you hear about what happen today?” He asked with a very intent look on his face.

“ No what happen?”

“The rumor is a teacher was fucking someone in one of the home rooms classes, One of the girls herd them.” My eye grew wide open staring at him...

“ Do they know who it was?” at this point my hands had sweat on them,nervous to think if anyone knew it was Ms. Black and I.. Or to think what would happen to Ms. Black if they knew it was her....What happens if she lost her job? What would happen to me... So many questions came to me at that point.

“ Nah, All I know is I want to be the guy that tapped that ass. We have some hot home room teacher's man, Mmmmm.. I would want Ms. Black, She has a nice ass.. “ When he said they had no clue who it was, My body relaxed and I started walking again.

“Ya, Ms. Black does have a nice ass.” I said with a smile on my face as we walked down the road. “ You know her right?”

“Ya but she likes older guys, like around fortyish. “
“ Ah I see.”

We talked about everything that was going on that day as we made our way down the road. Tim was bitching how he had to come in at six thirty to school to train for football, and the normal stuff he likes to bitch about... The Food of the school... The bathrooms... As you can see Tim liked to bitch. Some times I would have to ask him if he was on the rag, Would end up with him hitting me and telling me to fuck my self. Around twenty minutes later we parted ways, I was heading to my job at the steel shop.

Work was the same as always, running my saw, getting beams cut... Just the normal day for me. I was in the middle of loading the saw rack when I got a phone call, It was my sister Tracey.
“Hey Tracey, whats up?” I had an odd look on my face when I said this, she never calls me at work so this would be a first for her to do this.

“ Hey can you pick up some stuff from the store for me and Lindsay?” She was talking with Lindsay in the background, they had been laughing, from what I could tell. Tracey was talking like she had a smile on her face, now and then I could hear her talking with Lindsay and they would laugh. I couldn't make out what it was that was so funny, so I gave up and trying to find out.

“Sure what do yall need?”

“ Can you pick up some thin noodles and peanut sauce? We are craving some of that for dinner.”

I knew tonight I was going to get a pizza for dinner, I hated when Lindsay and Tracey cooked... The whole house would smell, and the food was just nasty.... But they loved it, so I would just order myself a pizza and be done with it.

“ Ya, I will stop by the store and pick it up for yall. Anything else yall need when I am at the store?”

“ Nope, Thanks you Gav.” Tracey said with a laugh.

“ Oh, Lindsay and me have a gift for you when you get home” As she hung up the phone. My jaw dropped open, Everything that had happen this morning came rushing back to me. I forgot about it after what had happen between me and Ms. Black..... My head was spinning... She said Lindsay and I have a gift... Was they both in on this?... Was that both of them this morning?... I had to have been standing in that same spot with my mouth open, and my eyes wide open just looking at my phone for a good amount of time.

I heard a voice that snapped me back to real life and out of my dream land.

“ Hey Gavin!!!” My boss called, about ten feet behind me.

“ Oh fuck sorry Mike. That was my sister, and she wanted me to pick some stuff up from the store.”

“ It's all good man, You just looked like you was in shock or something.” He said laughing
“ After you get this row of beams done, call it a day” He said walking away with a wave. When I was done with the last beam I grabbed my bag and time card to punched out.

On the way to the store my mind was still racing, going over every dream I have ever had about my two sister. A gift for me? Would they both be on the table in the kitchen naked, and licking each other? Would they be naked waiting in my bed for me when I got home? You could say I was day dreaming my ass off.

By the time I got home with the food, my mind kicked back in to perv mode. I wanted to see take a peek and see if I could spy on my sisters doing something naughty. I walked over to the living room window, that we always keep open to let sunlight come in. Looking into the living room I could see the TV on and both of my sister sitting on the sofa, watching some show... Damn well that dream is dead.. I said to myself, as I walked over to the door to walk inside the house.

“ Hey I'm home” I said in a normal tone of voice, Walking in the door turning into the living room. Tracey jumped up from the sofa and ran over grabbing at the bag.

“Thank god you got here we are starving.” Looking at me with a smile on her face. She gave me a kiss on the cheek, and then ran off with the bag to the kitchen.

I set my bag down next to the sofa sitting down and looking at the TV.... Some woman was crying, and like 6 guys was standing in front of her... I had no clue what was going on.

“ What is this shit......” I asked out loud, Looking over at Lindsay.

“ I don't know, Tracey had it on when I came home so ya...... I am going to go help with dinner as she started to stand up. She was in short shorts, and tank top. As she was walking away I could see that she had nothing on under them shorts.. My cock started to get stiff just thinking about it. Her hips were moving seductively from side to side. I don't know if I was just horny, or if she was doing this on purpose. As she went around the corner she looked at me with a smile on her face. So she was doing it on purpose, my cock started the throb more. At this point I wanted to fuck something, and I could have use a nice wet pussy, or a set of lips wrapped my cock.

I kicked off my shoes and socks, and pulled the sofa blanket over me to hide the bulge in my pants. I was stroking my cock, and looking for something to watch on TV as the girls came back in to the living room. Tracey had one hand behind her back, the other had her bowl of noodles. They both sat down on either side of me, both smiling and looking at me...I looked from side to side, with a curious look on my face.

“ Why are you two so happy?” They both laughed at the same time.

“ Well we know how you don't go out much, and you don't get to do all the stuff a normal guy your age would. Soooo..... We got you a gift.” Tracey said, pulling out a bag from behind her back. Just from the purple color of the bag I knew what it was. She set the bag in my hands and I turned it over. One thing I enjoy to drink is crown.

“ You two are great!” I said looking at the bag. Then undoing the gold string at the top, to pull out the bottle.

“Well me know you don't drink much, So we was thinking of letting you drink when we are home now and then.” I had a big smile on my face, Looking at both of them. Putting the bottle in my lap, I put my arms around Lindsay and Tracey. Giving them both a hug, and a kiss on the head.

“ You know I get shit faced just with a glass or two right?” I asked them, picking up the bottle and walking over to the bar.

“ We know, That is why is't better for you to drink here then out at a party or something” Lindsay said, They both laughed and went back to eating the noodles. Pulling a glass from under the bar, I pulled the bottle out of the bag that it was hiding in. Pouring a glass for myself, I set the bottle down on the bar and headed back to the sofa to relax.

Sipping on my glass I picked up the TV remote, and looked for something good to watch. I found a movie to watch, Die hard..... It's an old one but me and the girls liked it. The rest of the movie me and the girls set on the sofa with the blanket over us, Lindsay and Tracey would occasionally take my glass of crown and take a few sips. I made around three or four trips to the bar to get a refill. By the end of the movie the bottle of crown was empty, and I was buzzed off my ass. When the movie came to an end, I started to get up when I tripped over my own feet, and fell on the floor. Letting out a grunt, with my sister starting laughing at me.

“ ey, shut up.” rolling over to my back with the house spinning around. I closed my eyes to stop the spinning.

“ You know you two lovely women could help me up, instead of laughing at me all night” They just laughed, getting up from the sofa.

“Alright get that arm, and I will get this one. You know your ass is to tall for this shit right?” Lindsay said, I think it was her was hard to tell the difference between them with my head spinning.
“ I love you two.” Looking at both of them as they helped me to my feet. They helped me get to my feet after a minute or so, as we walked to the bottom of the stairs. I could feel a hand on my ass, something came over me to ask.

“ Who's hand is on my ass?”

“Focus Gavin, This is hard enough without going into la la land” I laughed as we made our way up the stairs, I could feel them both holding me tight as we made our way up. Just thinking about them being that close to me made me start think about that foot that was rubbing on my cock this morning. I could feel my cock starting to grow in my pants, I didn't care if they could see. I was in a land of my own and I felt good..

Tripping over my own feet as we came into the room, I landed on the edge of my bed rolling over on my back with my eyes closed. I know my full rock hard cock was bulging in my pants, but I did not care if they could see I was happy now and just wanted to relax. I heard them whispering in the dark room, I had no clue what it was about. All I know is I wanted them both to be at my side.

“Hey, you two come here” I said with one eye open, pulling my self up from the bed putting both of my hands out. As my two lovely sisters came closer, I took ahold of both of their hands and pulled them down on top of me. They both let out a scream as I did so, I laughed, feeling one of them hit my chest.

“Thats not funny Gavin!” one of the two lovely women said.

“ It was to me” smiling and closing my eyes.

“ I love you two” Leaning over and kissing the one to my left, I was going for a cheek but I came to a set of lips. The lips became tense as we touched, I almost pulled away as soon as I felt them, But the lips pushed back very shortly after. I stop kissing the sweet lips to turn my head over to see the other lovely shadow next to me. My lips came to a forehead, I smiled and kissed it pulling back to feel a leg between mine rubbing against me. Laying my head back down on the bed with a smile on my face, falling asleep with my lovely sisters at my side.

I was in dreamland with Ms.Black, feeling her tight pussy pulling at my cock. I could hear her moans in my ear agin, Her asking me to cum inside of her... It was feeling Soo good until I felt my cock getting wet, and i heard a new set of moans coming from somewhere. I was waking up to soft moans coming from between my leg's, looking down to see a shadow bobbing up and down on my cock. Letting out a soft moan of pleasure to them soft lips that were working my cock, my hand running down to the back of the head the lips belonged to. As the moan left my lips, I could feel whoever it was start to suck harder. I rested my head back down on the bed enjoying every moment of them sweet lips around my shaft. With a final lick over the head of my cock, the shadowy figure pulled her self away from my cock crawling up to me. I pulled my head off of the bed, to look down to see who them lips belonged to.

As the face started to come into the moon light I could see..... It was Tracey!... My jaw just dropped open looking at her as she got closer to me. The sister that could not talk to me about anything in her personal life.. Just had her sweet lips around my cock....
“Tra..” Is all I could say before he lips came to mine, She kissed me not of a sister.. But of a lustful women... with our tongues playing with each others. Her hand was around my cock stroking it as we kissed, feeling her chest push into me I could feel her hard nipples rub up and down my chest as she moved. My hands running down her back down into her pants, gripping that nice firm ass. She let out a loud moan bucking her hips into me, with her back arched.

With this I rolled her over onto her back, leaning down to kiss them sweet lips. I wanted to tease her a little to see how bad she wanted this... As my lips almost closed around hers, I pulled away to see if she would follow. Not only did she follow but she bit my lower lip makin me let out another moan of pleasure.... I could feel her smile as I gave her what she wanted, pushing her back down on the bed kissing them sweet lips of hers.

My free hand went around to the back of her, undoing her bra with my fingers. I felt one of her arms come around the back of my neck pulling her self up to help with this. Letting her back down on the bed, my hand went to the bottom of her shirt. Pulling it over her head and tossing it off to the side. Looking down at her firm breast, I could not help myself but to lower my lips down to them. Wrapping my lips around her right nipple I could feel her hands start to pull my hair, with moans coming from her lips... ooh baby.. Is all she could say with my lips sucking, and nibbling away at that tasty nipple.

I moved my lips away from her chest and started kissing down her stomach, running my tongue around her belly button. I could feel her body buck with each kiss, and wanting more from me. I undid the button on her shorts with my teeth, and start to slide them down her lovely legs. I ran my hand back up the inside of her legs, as my hands came to her inner thighs she let out a moan. I smiled.... Bringing my hand up and over her nice black thong. I could feel the front of the cloth was already soaked with her sweet pussy juice. So I hooked my fingers around the string and pulled it out of the way, to reveal that pussy I have only dreamed about.

I could see her clit was swollen.... wet.. throbbing... I just has to run my tongue over it. When my tongue started working in circles around her sweet clit, soft moans came from her lips that I have never heard. With the moans getting louder, It made me lick faster... then wrapping my lips around it and sucking to the best of my ability, with the tip of my tongue flicking away at her yummy clit

“ Oooooh... yes.. I am going to cu....mmmmmmm..”

I moved my tongue faster over her clit wanting to have her juice in my mouth, Her body bucked wildly her hands in my hair pushing my face down into her pussy... the warm stream of her pussy juice came flow after flow.. Frist one hit my chin, as I lowered my lips down to get a mouth full of the juice. I lapped up every drop I could with my tongue, pushing inside that warm pussy digging for more of her sweet juice. After I had clean her pussy with my tongue, she pulled on my hair to bring me up to her. Leaning down to kiss her soft lips...

“ Mmmmmm... I taste good” With a smile on her face looking at me with them lovely eyes. Her hand ran down between my legs pulling on my hard cock.

“ I want this now baby, I want you to fuck me like you do in your dreams”

With that she ran the head of my cock up and down her slit, lowering my hips down as she guided my cock into her. I was about half way inside when she let go of my cock, and put her arms around my shoulders as I pushed more of myself inside of her. With still another few inches to go, I made a hard thrust pushing what I could inside of her. She let out a scream, digging her nails into my shoulders...

“ Oh fuck... its sooo tight Gavin......” she was breathing heavily, her pussy squeezing my cock as I sat still inside of her for a minute. I started to pull my cock back feeling her pussy grip tightly around it, not wanting to let it go. I pulled my cock out far enough that the head was showing, Then giving it a hard thrust I pushed back into my sister.. feeling that pussy welcoming me back. I started making long deep thrust, with her moans getting faster I started to speed up my thrust.

Her nails started to dig in again, with her mouth on my neck sucking and nibbling... Her moans of pleasure ringing in my over and over with each thrust I made, could not help my myself.

“ Fuck.. .Tracey, I am about to cum..” I let out with a grunt, feeling my ball tighten up as my load was ready to explode.

“ Yes.. Cum inside of me baby boy... I want you to feel me up..” She started to buck her hips against hard, wanting me to cum deep inside of her. My load exploded with her hips bucking wildly on me..

“ oh my god...” is all I heard as my cum shot load after load inside of her. She let out a scream, feeling her body start to shack and jerk. Her mouth locked down on my shoulder, with her teeth biting my skin ... Letting out a moan from her bite, I could feel her pussy jerk and then a flood of her warm juices came flowing out over my cock... Her pussy jerked wildly, her body clinging as her pussy dripped cum from the both of us out... breathing heavily we both started to relax, lowering our shelfs down on the bed. I rolled over on my back, pulling her on top of me to let her rest. My arms around her, one on her head stroking her hair as she panted on my chest. My eyes were closed when I heard her say...

“I love you Gavin, I hope you always know that.” I smiled opening my eyes to look at her loving face. Leaning my head up to give her a kiss. We kissed for a few minutes before we both passed out in each others arms.

This is the 2nd part of the story..... It is kinda.... Long.....

I did one draft, and lost it due to my hard drive giving out on me. So this is the 2nd one.... I know I could have done better with this part.. But after I lost the 1st draft I just wanted to get this one done and out of the way.

I Looked over the comment from the the 1st part " Thank you for the positive ones" and did what I could. I was never good at this type of stuff, so forgive me if you hate me for how bad it looks >.<.

Other then that, If yall enjoy this part of the story I will start on the next part and get it up as soon as I can.
Drop a comment below.

Also, I would be happy to have someone proofread over my stories" To make them more enjoyable for everyone". Just send me a message on the site with Email or something, and I will get in touch with you :)

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You should continue the story and get her pregnant and start with the kids in the next few chapters

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