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Chapter Two: Secrets Exposed

James was gently pulled from his troubled sleep, the visions of what might come to pass flashing by his eyes as he struggled to get a grip on reality. Someone had softly shaken him until he woke, and focusing on the bright room he searched for whoever it had been. A short, lithe and insanely beautiful woman with short, mousy brown hair stood beside his bed, her big hazel eyes shimmering as she looked upon her half asleep brother. Athena looked troubled as James brushed the sleep from his eyes and sat up in bed, taking in her impeccable albeit plain clothes that fit her tight body like a glove.

‘Who’s Amy?’ she asked in her lyrical voice.

‘She’s a friend. What are you doing here Athena?’ he asked gingerly, pulling a white shirt over his naked torso.

The young immortal blinked at him and continued, ‘I’m known as Catherine now, so call me Cat. Now answer my question Gabrielle, who is Amy? You kept repeating her name in your sleep.’

‘Why were you watching me sleep? And I go by James now.’

James pulled himself out of bed and drained the last of his energy drink that sat on his desk, hoping the rush would clear his mind a little. ‘I thought you, out of all of us would understand that consorting with a mortal is forbidden!’ She accused, her face turning hard, ‘And I will call you Gabrielle! I may not agree with your banishment but I must abide by our laws. You will always be Gabrielle to us!’

James sighed in frustration, realizing that his sister had not changed much in the many years since he had last seen her. She was always a stickler for the rules and sometimes it rubbed him the wrong way, but he also knew that she was still his friend even though she shouldn’t be. That was partially because his banishment hadn’t been on the level, but also because they were drawn to one another and she just couldn’t help it sometimes.

‘I’m no longer one of you Cat, so I don’t think those laws apply to me anymore. Now will you please tell me why you are here? And where is Erin?’

Catherine ignored his request for a moment, choosing to rummage through his belongings with curious eyes. He remembered her as being the sheltered one of the group, preferring to remain aloof from mortals. While their other brothers and sisters would often walk among the lesser beings, participating in their wars and making their chosen names at the name known to every person, Catherine would stay behind, in her little sanctuary where she would do, well James wasn’t really sure what she would do. They barely talked during those times. They had been cordial to one another but she always seemed distant, or even more so disinterested.

‘That was quite the little stunt you pulled at the council,’ she said softly as she picked up a pair of pants and gazed at them with interest, ‘Almost like a repeat of history long past. You do realize you almost got yourself and Erin killed?’

‘I wasn’t entirely responsible,’ he defended, ‘She brought me there without my permission.’

‘Yes, she told me. However you did strike Ares in the middle of his realm, but it matters little now. Erin asked me to keep an eye on you, she fears Ares is doing the same with her so she can’t come to you until she is certain he is not looking.’

James found himself suddenly laughing at the events of the previous night, playing the moment he smacked his older brother in the back of the head with his elbow was something he would always cherish. There were very few times he had ever done such a thing, and now that he could get away with it, not being bound by their laws, it felt even better.

‘What an interesting reaction,’ Cat said excitedly, ‘what brought on the laughter?’

‘Never mind,’ he replied quickly, ‘Look there is a lot we need to talk about.’

The lovely young woman averted her gaze, her face switching back to neutral as she started to withdraw into herself. James was beginning to wonder why, of all the other immortals, had Erin chosen Catherine to watch over him.

‘I shouldn’t discuss what we talked about last night Gabrielle,’ she said gently as she reached towards his lamp and dangled the string, ‘It’s forbidden.’

‘Athena!’ he blasted as he lost control on his emotions, ‘Catherine, sorry. It’s about the prophecies isn’t it? I may no longer be one of you but I am still in tune with our destiny. I have been having the dreams too!’

Cat glanced at him, a hint of fear hiding behind her eyes as he unloaded on her. She wasn’t used to such reactions, especially from the man she was supposed to be mated to. ‘Your human emotions are strong brother,’ she sighed, ‘What do they feel like?’

‘Overwhelming. Now will you please answer the question?’

‘No, but not because I shouldn’t. Someone is approaching and they mean to speak with you.’

No sooner had the words left her thin lips then a knock sounded at his door and startled him. James quickly rushed over and opened it roughly, perturbed at the sudden intrusion. Standing in the hall he found Amy, her hair pulled back into a long pony tail as she glared at him angrily.

‘Where the hell were you!’ she spat, ‘Not only did you miss your first class but you also stood me up at lunch!’

Shit! He knew he had forgotten something but he had been so caught up with everything that was going on in his other life that he never took a moment to think what that was. ‘I’m so sorry Amy! I over slept,’ he said, which was the truth. For the most part.

It was at this point that Amy noticed someone else standing in his room and she moved around James to see who it was. ‘Wow!’ she breathed, ‘Just wow!’

This was a common response the full immortals received when spotted by a mortal. Their beauty, charm, even their aura was so overwhelming to human eyes that at first it surprised them and they could do little more than drool. ‘This is my cousin, Catherine,’ James quickly interjected as he moved further into his room and introduced the new girl to Amy.

‘Your cousin?’ both girls asked in unison, Cat’s dazzling voice made Amy’s sound almost hoarse.

‘Yes my cousin,’ he explained to both of them, hoping that Catherine would understand the need for a rouse, ‘She lives in town and heard I was here so she came by to say hi.’

‘I thought you had no family James,’ Amy pointed out the flaw in his plan, ‘Why did you go into foster care if your parents had siblings?’

‘My parents wanted to care for him,’ Cat lied flawlessly, ‘But at the time they didn’t have the money to take him in.’

Amy looked from the stunningly beautiful woman to James, an odd look streaking across her face as she tried to figure out what was going on here. He could tell she was having trouble swallowing the lie she had just been given and she furiously tried to figure out what was really going on. James had to step in fast or things could go very bad, very quickly.

‘When’s your next class?’ he asked trying to sound cheerful.

‘I’m done for the day,’ she answered slowly, not taking her eyes off of Catherine.

‘How about that lunch then?’ he asked. Amy nodded quickly and turned towards the door, James right behind her as he grabbed a light jacket and threw it on. When he turned to close and lock his door Cat stood in his way as she tried to get out as well, ‘You can stay here. I’ll be back soon.’ He said quietly.

‘I can’t do that, I was asked to watch over you and that is what I intend to do,’ she replied loudly, catching Amy’s attention.


‘What does she mean James?’

James tried to think quickly but his mind was a total blank. How in the hell was he supposed to explain this strange woman to Amy? All her quirks, her lack of social knowledge, even the way she spoke were all so out of place that people would start to notice that something was wrong with her. Not to mention her sheer beauty had already captured the attention of a dozen students who had been walking down the hall and now stood rooted on the spot ogling her with little regard.

‘My sister Erin asked me to watch over and protect Gabrielle,’ she answered using his old name.


‘What she means is that her sister Erin just wants me to be safe in the big city so she sent Cat over to show me around,’ he lied through his teeth.

‘But she just called you Gabrielle.’

‘Yeah she’s weird like that. My middle name is Gabrielle and she likes to call me that instead of James for some reason.’

Again Amy seemed to struggle with the lies but eventually brushed it off and started down the hall, weaving her way through the throngs of people who were now quietly muttering to their friends about the beauty before them. James and Cat followed, walking in silence as Amy led them out of the dorms and towards a small bistro that was just down the street from the campus. She would sneak glances at Cat ever so often and James was begging to get nervous. If she started to question everything about her, and even him, he knew the story he had concocted this time around wouldn’t hold up and even bigger questions would bubble to the surface.

When they arrived at the small bistro Catherine became engrossed in a small dog that had been tied up outside, studying it with her curious nature as James and Amy slipped into the restaurant without her notice. No sooner had the door closed behind them Amy turned to him, a strange look on her face.

‘What’s going on?’ she asked.

‘What do you mean?’

‘There is something seriously wrong with your cousin James! It doesn’t take a genius to see the look in her eyes, it’s like she is seeing everything for the first time. Was she dropped on her head at birth or something?’

James couldn’t help but chuckle at the idea. If her creation had been normal he would have wondered the same thing himself, but alas she had not been born. It was a great deal more complicated than that. ‘She’s just a little eccentric I guess. I really wouldn’t know though, we talked a few times by phone when I was growing up but we never met until today.’

They grabbed a small table near the entrance, by the large front window so they could watch as Catherine gently poked and prodded at the small puppy. James made a mental note that he would have to tell Erin to make it mandatory for their sister to get out more often and experience the world. It only took a few minutes before she realized she had been left alone and a flash of panic shot across her features as she glanced around looking for her charge. She quickly spotted James in the window and rushed in, her eyes angry.

‘Living here has made you cruel,’ she said through her teeth, referencing earth rather than the city. Thankfully only he caught that.

‘Just sit down Cat,’ he said lazily and she did as he asked. She was seething and he could feel her anger under the serene visage she wore and he hoped she could keep herself in line. She was still bound by their laws, like she had told him earlier, and showing your true self to a mortal was one of their worst offences. It hadn’t always been that way and back in the old days the immortals liked to play god, showing the mortals they were better than them. Most of the ancient gods from the Greeks, Romans, Catholics, and many more had actually been the immortals walking on earth. The Arch Angel Gabrielle was actually James in his youth, playing practical jokes on people because he had nothing better to do.

James and Amy made small talk while going over their small menus, ignoring the elephant in the room that sat at the table with them. This was honestly one of the most awkward situations he had ever been in and he couldn’t think of a single to say to alleviate the tension that hung around them like a black cloud. Sadly Catherine didn’t seem ready to step out of the light and spoke as their meals were placed in front of them, which she did not order only making Amy get even more curious about this strange person.

‘So are you and my broth-’she began but when James gave her a stern glare she changed her words, ‘cousin mates?’

The question caught Amy by surprise and she nearly choked on the iced tea she was drinking from when she heard it, her face instantly turning bright red from embarrassment. ‘What?’ she coughed.

‘Are you two mates? Lovers?’

‘That’s kind of personal!’

‘I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to offend you. I am merely curious; I have never actually witnessed the act of making love before.’

‘How old are you?’ Amy asked and before Cat could open her mouth to give her some outrageous number James stepped in.

‘She’s twenty-one.’

‘And you’ve never had sex?’

Catherine gingerly shook her head, turning to look at James as she spoke softly, ‘No I haven’t. My mate was sent away before we could and I haven’t seen him since then. I wouldn’t be allowed to now anyways, my brother would banish me as well for joining myself to someone he deemed inferior.’

James swallowed his food hard, feeling it catch on the walls of his throat on the way down and he struggled not to cough. Again Amy looked seriously confused as she held her sandwich inches from her open mouth but never took a bite. ‘Your brother gets to say who you can sleep with or not?’ she asked in disbelief.

‘She’s the youngest of her immediate family and her older brother is really protective of her,’ James quickly covered wishing someone would just strike him down now. This day couldn’t possibly get any more worse could it?

For the rest of the meal James made sure his sister couldn’t talk and tried to keep Amy away from asking her any direct questions. After another awkward half an hour James paid for the bill quickly and they all walked back to the campus, Cat following a few feet behind them, never taking her eyes from James. When they neared the dorms Amy grabbed hold of his hand, moving closer to him so she could whisper into his ear.

‘How long is your cousin staying?’

‘I don’t know, why?’ he asked so only she could hear him.

‘I haven’t been able to stop thinking about last night. I want some alone time with you.’

James quickly excused himself from Amy and moved back so he could speak with Cat, her eyes struggling to stay on him as a million different things screamed for her attention around them. ‘Look I know Erin wanted you to watch over me, but you really don’t have to shadow me wherever I go do you?’

‘She didn’t say it in those exact words, no, but I am enjoying this world and what it has to offer.’

‘Maybe you could go and enjoy somewhere else for a few hours.’

She looked, understanding lighting her face as she realized what he had in mind. They may not have seen each other in thousands of years but they were still connected and she could read him like a book, a skill he never managed to gain on her in their short history. ‘You mean to mate with this girl?’

‘Athena!’ he breathed, ‘First of all that is none of your business! Secondly I don’t need you to protect me! I have lived countless lives and never once needed help from any of you! So just please go away and tell Erin I will be fine!’

His anger had gotten the better of him and he snapped at his sister. A fraction of a second had passed but it was all the time it took for him to regret what he had said, for Catherine to get hurt and instantly disappear as she teleported away. He knew once Erin was able to get away from Ares and visit him she would give him shit for yelling at the young immortal and he would have to apologize to both of them for how he had acted recently.

‘Where’d she go?’ Amy asked as she turned from the open doors into the dorms and found James standing there alone.

‘Her brother called and said she was needed at home,’ he made up and joined his friend who grasped his hand once more.

James could still feel the turmoil brewing just beneath the surface of Amy as they climbed the stairs to the second floor and headed for his room, but she had no reasonable explanation for his strange relative and did her best to let the go of the strange feeling she got.

‘So that’s some interesting family you’ve got there James,’ she laughed as they entered his room and closed the door. James couldn’t help but follow her lead and laugh as well. Oh if she only knew the whole story she would be scared for life.

‘I’ll admit Cat is a little odd, her brothers and sisters are a little better though. Well except for the oldest of the family. He’s just a good ol’ fashioned ass!’

‘She is very beautiful though. Is she a model or something?’

‘No I don’t believe she is. Everyone on her side of the family is like that though, very attractive to an almost insane point.’

Amy moved closer, wrapping her arms around and bring her mouth close to his ear, ‘Not just that side of the family, you’re pretty damn gorgeous yourself,’ she purred and that was all it took. All his worries and problems fell to the side as lust rose in his blood and took control of his body. His last conscious thought about anything other than sex was how Amy was special, something he had only ever encountered once in his long life. He was powerless to resist her and lost himself in everything that she was, everything that she offered.

He picked her up off her feet and together they toppled onto his bed as he kissed her lips hungrily. Like the previous night she was a little shocked by his sudden passion, but as his kisses grew in intensity the shock left her and she gave into her desire as well. His hands found the bottom of her pink shirt and in one sweep he lifted it up and off, messing her hair as the elastic that held her ponytail in place burst off and danced across his sheets. His lips quickly found her jaw bone and he kissed his way across her chin, going from one ear to the other as he gently nibbled the lobe.

‘Holy shit,’ Amy whispered as she squirmed under his attention. She tangled her fingers in his short hair and pulled his face closer to her burning skin as he planted tiny kisses over every inch he could find. In the many lives he had lived, under many names, he was no stranger to sex, but it was a very different thing for him than for other mortals. He had to take in account his strong emotions and sheer strength and be very mindful of what he was doing. His first experience, which is part of the reason he was in the position he was with his family, had been an exhaustive affair spanning five days.

In a whirl wind of motion James threw her flowery bra across the room and exposing her beautiful breasts to his sight for the first time. They weren’t the largest breasts he had ever seen or held, but to him they were the best. Perfectly sized mounds of jiggling flesh crowned by small pink nipples pointing straight up as Amy’s excitement poured through her body. She no longer wriggled beneath him, instead becoming a part of the action as she guided his heads to her soft breasts. His tongue flipped over the tip of one of her hard nipples and she sucked in her breath as the feelings splashed through her nerves and she trembled slight under him.

‘Don’t stop,’ she begged. He had no intention of stopping, even if it was possible. His tongue continued its assault on her nipples, moving from one to the other after spending a few moments with each. Amy, feeling his hard cock pressing against her thigh, reached down and quickly unbuckled his pants, pulling them down his hips and to his thighs along with his boxers. His cock sprang free from their confines and gently bobbed against her leg before she could get a hold of it and gently jerk him off, her other hand still holding onto his head making sure he didn’t leave her chest.

‘I need you,’ he told her, his whole being focused on being with her. In response Amy released both his hair and cock and darted between them, pulling down her tight jeans and spreading her legs as far as she could with her pants around her ankles.

James looked into Amy’s eyes, gauging her intent. As much as he wanted her, he didn’t want to do something she wasn’t ready for. He had learned to control at least that much of his carnal desires in the past but it came with great difficulty. Her big blue eyes looked up at him with mixed emotions, her body screaming for more while her brain tried to decide if things were moving too quickly. Amazingly fear wasn’t present behind her eyes and that was all he needed to know.

Reaching down with his hand James grabbed his cock by the base and positioned it at the entrance of her slick pussy, rubbing the head up and down her slit to get it wet with her juices. As the tip brushed against her tiny clit she bucked her hips up at him gently and a soft moan escaped her lips, her eyes closing as the feeling washed over her. James pressed into her tight opening, his head slipping slowly into her depths. Her pussy was like a vice, squeezing and pressing on him with a surprising strength, and with each inch he sunk into her it only got tighter.

‘Be… be slow… p… please,’ she squealed, her face contorted in pain. Fighting against the urge to just ignore her plea James did as she asked and slowed his pace down. It was excruciating, going as slow as he was, and it took two minutes until he had filled her with his full length. Her hot hole pressed in on him, pulsing along his shaft and head as it drove him nuts. It had been a very long time since he had been with someone who felt this good and he couldn’t wait to drive deep into her at a blistering pace.

As the pain started to fade from her face James decided to slowly start to pull out, keeping just the tip of his hard cock in her velvety folds before thrusting back into her. Each thrust caused Amy to grunt, her nails digging deep into his arms as he held himself above her. Her body started to loosen up around the intruder and after only a few more minutes he was able to pick up the speed a bit and was now driving deep into without pause.

Amy’s grunts of concentration quickly turned into quiet moans as the feelings in her pussy pulsed through her burning body. Her sharp nails which had been on the verge of drawing blood were now gently scratching at his skin sending shivers down his spine as the pleasure mingled with the pain and created an intoxicating concoction that filled his mind. His pace quickened and soon the air was filled with their combined moans and the gentle slapping as their sweaty skin slapped together on each thrust in. James couldn’t look upon his lovers face without getting the urge to kiss her, and seeing it twisted in sheer pleasure he launched himself at her lips, her mouth opening to accept his tongue.

Although new to this, Amy had a certain finesse when it came to pleasuring him and the soft walls of her pussy shivered against his throbbing cock. At first he wondered if it was just involuntary, her body trying to come to grips with the intruder, but after she gripped down on him in several different variations he realized she was quickly learning. James could feel his balls already start to tighten, threatening to unleash a torrent of cum deep into her body. The feeling of being so close to his orgasm hit him like a bulldozer and it was all he wanted right now.

Amy seemed to sense his impending eruption and she spoke in a way he had never heard before, urging on him to completion, ‘Cum for me baby! Fill me up!’ she screamed. In the back of his mind James knew they should probably be a little more quiet, being in the middle of a dorm hall filled with hundreds of students, but it seemed that neither of them cared if anyone heard them going at it.

With her words still ringing in his ears James hit the precipice and jumped over the edge, an earth shattering orgasm ripping through his hard body as his cock shot string after string of his white hot cum deep into her womb, splattering the walls of her pulsing pussy. His hands gripped the damp sheets tightly as he rode the waves of pleasure coursing through him, his mouth open wide in a silent grunt. With nearly ten consecutive shots of cum into her warm body his orgasm subsided and he crashed down on top of her gasping for breath, his head resting on her soft breasts.

‘Wow!’ Amy exclaimed wide eyed, ‘I have never seen anything that intense in my life!’

James lifted his head and gently kissed her on the lips before whispering in a hoarse voice, ‘I’m sorry.’

‘What are you sorry for?’

‘I came before you did,’ he sighed.

‘You don’t have to be sorry for that! You got me off last night so now we are even. Besides, even if I didn’t get off that felt fucking amazing!’

‘You got that right,’ he smiled and Amy kissed him on the lips softly. They lay there for a few minutes, their bodies pressed together tightly as their hearts slowed to a manageable rate. James hadn’t felt this happy in a long time and he relished it, knowing with the storm clouds on the horizon threatened everything he held dear.

‘It’s time,’ a soft feminine voice sounded in his head, startling James. He launched himself off of Amy and stood, his eyes fixed on an open spot in the room by the door.

‘What’s wrong?’ the young woman asked, brushing some of her damp hair from her eyes. Before James could answer he felt the temperature suddenly drop in the room and with a slight snap sound two women appeared before them out of thin air, dressed from head to toe in shimmering golden armour. Erin and Catherine quickly took in the scene before them; Erin smiling to herself while Cat studied both of the young peoples exposed genitals. With a quiet scream Amy grabbed hold of the covers on the bed and threw them over herself, a look of horror on her face, while James pulled his pants back up.

‘Jesus Christ!’ he yelled out, ‘What the hell are you guys doing?’

‘We must go Gabrielle, Ares has called us all together once again and it is of the utmost importance that you be there for what he has to say.’

‘Have you lost your mind in the last three hundred years Erin? Did you not get the picture last night when he tried to impale me in front of you all?’

‘James what the hell is going on here!’ Amy demanded, coming out from underneath the covers fully dressed once again.

‘This really has nothing to do with you,’ Erin turned to the young woman who looked out of place among these stunningly gorgeous people in the tiny room, ‘I suggest you leave now.’

‘No sister,’ Cat held her hand in front of the older immortal who had taken a step towards the vulnerable human, ‘Her destiny is tied to this more than ours. She must come to the council meeting with Gabrielle.’

‘No way in hell!’ James yelled, stepping between his sisters and his girlfriend. He would not let her step into harm’s way like Cat was suggesting, he would do whatever it took to prevent that from happening.

Erin turned to him, holding her hands up showing him that she meant no harm. Her face turned from cold to soft when she spoke, ‘The final seal has been broken brother, and it won’t be long now.’

‘Are you sure?’ he asked in horror. She couldn’t possibly be telling the truth, it was impossible.

‘It happened an hour ago Gabrielle,’ Cat answered, taking a small step closer, ‘Ares calls us to a war council. We must prepare for the coming battle before it is too late.’

James’s entire body shook at the news he was being told, his mind running miles as he tried to comprehend what all of this meant. He had known something was going on, the dreams and all the talk of prophecy, but he hadn’t been totally prepared for it. It was too soon, it was supposed to take hundreds of years for the seals to break and the armies of darkness to surge into their world. But his sisters were talking about days, not years.

‘Alright,’ he said suddenly, ‘I’ll go, but Amy stays here. I will not have her in danger if Ares goes off on me like he did last time.’

Erin turned to her sister, their heads coming together as they whispered to one another so James couldn’t hear. Suddenly Erin pulled back and gave her sister an incredulous look, shock written in her body language. ‘You can’t be serious!’

‘This is the only way Erin,’ she answered.

The eldest turned back to the two teens that stood before her, Amy half hiding behind James’s large body as she struggled to understand what was going on. ‘I am sorry for this Gabrielle, but she must come.’

In a flash Erin rushed at him, her hand pressing against his chest in the same instant she gathered all her power around them and shot them through space. Before his room was pulled from sight he caught a glimpse of Catherine placing a gentle hand on Amy’s shoulders as they rocketed out of sight.

A split second later he found himself standing among the stars, the personal refuge of Ares where all their gatherings were held. His was back in his position at the bottom of the circle with Catherine standing close beside him. Erin stood at the top of the circle next to Ares who was brimming with anger, glaring at James like he wanted to crush him beneath his plated boot right then and there. Amy was hidden behind Catherine, next to James, and was glancing fearfully around at her odd surroundings trying to figure out how they had just gotten there. James looked around himself, wondering what it must be like for her to be standing here among the immortals, seemingly in the middle of space and surrounded by nothing but stars, planets, and moons with the Earth a small blue orb beneath them.

‘Now you are bringing stray mutts to my realm Gabrielle? Is it not enough that I let you stand there alive?’ Ares demanded in his deep, booming voice.

James chose not to answer, knowing whatever he said would be seen as an insult and would probably get him killed. Realizing that his youngest sibling had not taken the bait, Ares turned to the rest of the group and spoke loudly so they could all hear easily, including the human among them.

‘The final seal has been broken and the dark horde seeks to destroy our world and us with it! In this, our time of need, the creators have spoken to me!’

A ripple of confusion mixed with excitement rushed through the gathering as the immortals whispered to their mates and neighbours about this turn of events. Even James was confused. The creators, who made the Earth, everything on it, and even them had vanished long before James had ever existed. They spoke only to the eldest of the immortals, Ares, but had long since been absent from his thoughts. After thousands of years it was hard to believe they were still out there somewhere, watching over their children and sending word to them through their vessel.

‘Do they give us a blessing for our victory?’ a strong, black immortal with dreaded hair near the top of the circle asked. James remembered this man as Apollo, a true warrior and one of the most physically strongest immortals there was.

‘What do they say husband?’ an attractive blonde asked. Andromeda stood to the other side of Ares and was one of the more deadly immortals, giving into her bloodlust she was a force of nature and nearly impossible to stop. It was her love of war that attracted Ares attention and they had been bonded together the longest.

‘They have commanded that we not engage the demon hordes!’ he announced and the entire gathering fell into stunned silence. That was not a response any of them had been expecting. This was what they had been created for! They were meant to protect their master’s greatest creation, the earth, from the darkness that wanted to swallow it! Why in the world would they send word for their protectors to stay out of the coming conflict?

‘You must have interpreted their will wrong brother,’ Erin said suddenly and others in the circle nodded silently. Ares didn’t take the question to his authority too well and turned to face his accuser, his eyes dark with rage and his fists clenched at his sides.

‘You dare question me? The creators speak only to me and I have not made a mistake! What give you the right to say such things sister? We will do as they wish and stay out of the battle until told otherwise!’

‘But why?’ Catherine asked, her voice shaking under the strain of defying her leader. Ares turned back to the group, his rage building even hotter at this new question and James could tell he was close to losing control and doing something everyone would regret. It had been wrong for them to bring Amy into this ordeal.

‘Mankind has become corrupted! Their thirst for power and wealth blinds them and the creators wish for everything to be reset! In the fires that will sweep across the surface of the world the weak will die off, leaving only the strong to carry on! From the ashes they will rise up and become what the creators had always wanted!’

‘This is madness!’ Erin cried out, taking a step into the circle, something only Ares was allowed to do, ‘I cannot believe the creators would want such a thing! We were made to protect the humans at all costs and must do exactly that!’

‘You will die for you insolence!’ Ares roared and launched himself at Erin. Drawing his power into his body James leapt forward and barely intercepted the attack that would have drove Ares’s spear through her hear and killed her instantly.

Suddenly the entire area was a flurry of action as the once cohesive immortals fell into sects, splitting amongst what they believed their purpose was. Erin and Cat naturally fell in line right behind James, their magical weapons appearing in their hands. Apollo was the only other one who appeared at his side, a massive golden trident held firmly in his hands as he held it up defensively. Ares jumped back from his initial attack, his spear at the ready as his wife Andromeda came to his side, flanked by Sarin, Tobias, and Alexander. The two remaining immortals stood in their spots, their weapons out but choosing not to pick a side.

‘I see now what your plan has been all along Gabrielle,’ Ares spat, ‘You wish to take my seat of power and become the leader of our family!’

‘That’s not what I want brother!’ he cried out, ‘That has never been what I wanted!’

‘You cannot lie to us!’ Andromeda snarled.

‘First you kill Baal and now you come to finish me off!’

Erin stepped in, her rage boiling over as her power washed over everyone in the sanctuary, ‘You were the one who killed Baal Ares! He died at the end of your spear trying to protect Gabrielle!’

‘Lies! He was in league with our little brother in his plot to wrest power from my husband! He died as a traitor and nothing more!’

‘Enough!’ James yelled, ‘Everyone calm down! We must not let ourselves be divided like this!’

‘It’s too late Gabrielle! You have been exposed and you shall pay the price for treason! You will die here today!’

Ares charged at James, the rest of his followers following close behind as they tried to protect their leader from harm. Before Ares’s spear could make contract with James’s soft flesh a golden sword got in the way and deflected the attack away, Erin moving past him as she launched herself into the fray. Apollo rushed in, brandishing his trident back and forth causing their enemies to jump out of the way before getting impaled and allowing James to jump backwards to safety. Cat hefted her elegant golden bow up and drew the string back, a magical arrow of pure energy appearing, ready to fire at anyone who got too close. James knew she merely wanted to protect him and anyone else who fought, including those who aimed to kill her and that she wouldn’t last a minute if one of their siblings got in close.

‘Catherine get Amy out of here now!’ he yelled out. She looked at him for a moment, a quizzical look on her face, but then she remembered the mortal she had brought and quickly rushed over to her. Before she could make contract with the mortal, Sarin, wife of Alexander got between them and slashed at her sister with deadly looking daggers. Cat deftly jumped to the side and tucked into a roll before coming back to her feet, her bow string drawn again and ready to fire an arrow. She hesitated though, too afraid of hurting a member of her family. Sarin wouldn’t make the same mistake though and launched in for another attack.

Even without his weapon James knew he had to step in and protect the youngster, so he dashed forward and threw his shoulder into the frail form of the woman with all his strength, sending her flying across the realm until she crashed into her husband who was currently locked in a duel with Apollo.

Cat stood there, rooted on the spot with her bow still drawn and pointing at the spot her sister had been standing a moment ago. She was in shock, a multitude of different emotions coursing through her fragile mind and it was overwhelming her. She had been so sheltered her entire life that the emotions that were warring within her right now were too powerful and she couldn’t focus on anything.

‘Cat,’ he said softly over the din of combat, ‘Cat look at me.’

His sister slowly turned her gaze to him, tears threating to spill from her eyes as she opened her mouth and a sob came out. James felt bad for the girl, but right now he needed her to get Amy to safety and protect her. ‘Cat you need to go! Now! Please, it is of the utmost importance.’

Her eyes bore holes into his and he could tell she was going to be of no use. He turned from her, looking at Amy who crouched down and watched in horror as these warriors attacked each other so fast they were nothing more than blurs to her mortal eyes. Her whole reality was crashing down around her and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Before James could take one step to the frightened young woman Ares appeared in front of him, a crazed look in his eyes and a bloody scratch along his cheek from his combat with Erin. ‘Where do you think you’re going?’ he spat.

‘We don’t have to do this brother,’ James said hoping the elder would come to his senses, but he could see the bloodlust raging in him and his plea fell on deaf ears.

‘You are not my brother!’ he roared and thrust his spear towards James. The youngest immortal side stepped the attack and grabbed the shaft of the spear, spinning on his heel and driving his knee right into his brother’s gut causing him to double over in pain from the power behind the attack. But Ares was the strongest and fastest of them all and quickly regained his footing, grabbing James with a free hand and easily tossing him into the air, landing heavily several feet away.

James had barely gotten to his knees when a fist streaked in from nowhere and caught him full on the cheek, snapping his head to the side as small splotches of black popped before his eyes. Ares made to strike him again but James quickly deflected the attack and brought his head up, catching him in the chin making him stagger backwards a foot. Without letting up James leapt to his feet and the stronger immortal, catching him around the waist as they both tumbled backwards landing roughly. Ares drove his elbow into the back of his head with such power it would have snapped a regular man’s spine instantly. He easily tossed him off him and got to his feet, summoning his spear, which lay across the realm, into his hand as James struggled to clear his vision and get back up. He was winded, hurt, and was seeing double and knew that any second Ares would drive his spear through his skull and finish what he had started so many centuries ago.

‘You cannot beat me peon!’ he crowed and James was sure the rest of the immortals had stopped their fighting and were watching with rapt attention. ‘I should have killed you when I had my first chance, but I never dreamed you would become such a problem! But it ends now!’

He could hear the tip of the spear slicing through the air as it came closer to him, and with all his strength James rolled out of the way and bounced to his feet as he ran away from his crazed brother. Everything happened so fast he was barely able to see it all. He summoned his remaining energy and pictured his sanctuary in his mind, hoping he had enough left to get him there. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted Catherine, finally moving around again, reaching for Amy to get her away from the carnage. In the blink of an eye the two women vanished and he felt the world start to slip away from him as his power built to a crescendo and started to hurtle him to his destination. In the very last instant a sharp shooting pain erupted in his shoulder and he knew he had been speared by Ares. The pain was so immense he lost his concentration and his vision of where he wanted to go vanished.

He was lost, tumbling through space as he faded into unconsciousness.

Amy opened her eyes slowly, the roar of combat having faded into silence and the weird sensation of being thrown from a building passed she glanced around to see where she was. She stood in the center of a magnificent oasis in the middle of a massive cave, the smell of fresh flowers and clean water permeating every inch of the area. She was on the edge of a small turquois lake, lilies floating on the surface and a small waterfall feeding it from the rocky cavern wall. Large palm trees dotted the area, stretching for the roof of the cave but coming nowhere near it as it reached high above her. The light source seemed to be the rocky walls themselves as they emitted a soft sun like light that reached every corner of the area.

‘Where am I?’ she wondered aloud.

‘This is Gabrielle’s private sanctuary,’ a soft singing voice sounded from behind her. Amy spun around, bringing her hands up defensively even though she knew if this had been one of the people from that weird star filled room she had been in a moment ago she stood no chance of living.

Standing before the young woman, in her glimmering armour was the beautiful Catherine, her magical bow held in her hand loosely. Her face was painted with sorrow as she looked upon Amy and she instantly realized something was wrong.

‘Where is James?’ she asked and a single tear rolled down the beautiful woman’s face. Amy’s heart sank and she fell to her knees as she quickly realized James probably hadn’t made it out of there alive.

‘He was supposed to be here,’ Catherine said softly, ‘I had seen it in my visions. I was supposed to bring you here to safety and he would appear right in front of a second after we arrived, but he didn’t. I froze. I froze and screwed everything up! It’s all lost because of me!’

‘What’s lost?’ Amy asked choking back tears.

‘Everything that has ever existed! The final seal was broken and right now, as we speak the armies of darkness pour into your world destroying everything it touches. I have failed!’

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