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For any of you that follow Normans books of Gor this story does follow it. The female in this story is what's called a Panther. The man is a free man. Gor was a harsh world. and this definitely shows that. If you don't like it and believe it to not be your cup of tea... please i ask that you not write anything negative.


....Coal black locks fly into her silver eyes a she runs, her breath panting, tiny
Clouds of fog following behind her, her throat raw from gasps as she takes the
Cold morning air into her chest. Looking behind her she spies him, still
There, still chasing her, will he never leave her. Turning suddenly she draws her
Bow, crouching down she takes aim her arrow going into his upper thigh with a
Clean shot, watching as the male trips and tumbles into the brush and newly fallen
Leaves she chuckles hearing the echo in the air.

"Damn panther!"

Holding her bow down to her thigh, ever vigilant of the male’s sneakiness she creeps closer to him, reminding her of a wounded deer kicking in frustration at being taken down by the hunter. Hunching down her eyes locked on his hands she holds the bow up, already notched with the next arrow.

"Throw your weapons away male, you won't need them."

Raises her brow as she hears curses from her world and from another, her upper lip
Curling...” an earth man" shuffling even closer she looks him over, glancing at his
Hands, holding his upper thigh, watching as his blood seeps though his pant
Leather and down to the leaves, the crimson mixing in with the yellow and browns.
Since he had already pulled the arrow free and tied it off she turned her nose up
At it, not her problem.

"Throw your weapons or my next arrow will go through your neck"

Keeps herself hunched over as she watches one knee down to the ground, a dagger and bow go flying with a groan of pain as the male gets rid of them freely. Grunting at the semi-smart male she stand up fully, willing him to look her way, see the Huntress that took him down, she thrusts her chest out her chin proudly raised.. but all he does is whine and curse at his paltry wound. Frowning she pulls two leather ropes from around her waist, walking forward with caution she prods the males boot tip with her arrow head.

"Don't move, or my last threat will come true."

Hanging her her bow quickly onto her back, she pulls her dagger from the sheath, palming the handle smiling as it fits her like a second skin she steps closer still. The male suddenly kicks out at her with his good leg, making her dagger slam down into his calf, already prepared for his treachery. Quickly binding his ankles as he howls she jumps on his chest holding the dagger blade to his throat, pricking his skin wanting him to know she was serious she whispers into his face, hers hovering inches from his.

"Put your wrists together male, and if you move again it will be your last."

Waiting on a bated breath as he looks up into her eyes, he moves slowly locking his wrists together over his chest, quickly and expertly she bids them to match his ankles, sliding off his chest trailing the blade down his stomach, smiling as the fabric rips and turns to shreds. Stepping back away, rising she looks down at him, his cheeks starting to turn pale, wrinkling her nose she kneels down to inspect the calf wound, not wanting him to bleed out before she could get him to her make shift hut near the cave she found earlier this week. Taking yet another smaller binding from her thigh she tightly ties his leg, right above the wound, her ears starting to ache from his bellows about the injuries.

"Be quiet male, you are hurting my ears, might mistake you for a female."

Snickers as he curses again, her personally this time. Nodding in satisfaction at the somewhat tourniquet, she bends over grabbing his ankle bindings, slowly but surly she starts to drag the male behind her, any other female wouldn't be able to move an inch, but running, climbing trees, swimming and hunting her whole life, she was in top shape, but her grunts and groans were not unheard as she continues to drag him to her 'home'.

Spotting the small fire as they come out of the small clearing she keeps dragging the male, knowing with the smell of blood, the animals would be coming soon, she had to finish her business quickly. Giving one last pull she drops the males legs down to the ground, giving only one glace to him to make sure his binding were still in tact she turns away from him and the look he was giving her.

"Going to kill me then?"

Ignores him as she sets up her camp, frowning as her furs are all over the place, her belongings scattered, muttering under her breath about sleens and always stealing her things. Almost forgetting the male and why she had brought him with her instead of just killing him she finishes her house cleaning and stands. Walking back over to him she stops looking down, her eyes roaming over his body, his boots, his leather clad legs, the muscles bunching underneath them, his crotch, her lips turning up at the corner as his cock twitches under the pants at her stare, up to his chest, watching it rise and fall with his slow breathing, then up to his face, around his strong chin, his plump lips, a spot of blood on the upper one, his straight nose, bypassing his eyes for his hair, knowing she would feel it by the nights end, knowing just knowing it would feel as soft as it looks. Gritting her teeth she looks finally to his eyes, her heart jumping slightly as they stare back into hers, knowing they had never left them with her slow inspection. Lifting her head almost defiantly she smiles.

"No, I'm going to use you."

Steps closer and then growls as the males eyes start to travel the same path as hers did, gritting her teeth as she can do nothing as he returns the favor. Watching his gaze travel up her calves, to her thighs, up higher to her crotch, making her own clit jump, bringing a smirk to her lips as he wouldn't know, but then his eyes change, knowingly, her smirk melts, he knew. His eyes continue up to her belly making her clench her muscles then to her breasts. His eyes spend seconds there, but to her felt like hours, his unusual blue eyes almost memorizing them, weighing them in his mind, then back to hers, where they both stare into each other.

"Use me.. gladly. Untie me and you can use me all you want."

He grins, making her defenses jump. Moving over, her toes pin his shin down, making his calf press against the ground. Regaining her earlier smirk she shakes her head at his groan of pain.

"No, you didn't hear me. I'm going to use you, not the other way around."

Leaning down again she grabs hold of his bindings dragging him the rest of the way, laying him down on one of her furs she stands, turning she lifts a small bota from a swinging tree branch, uncorking it..tipping it and her head back..she drinks, her face twisting at the taste of the liquid inside. Recorking it she hangs it up and turns back to the male, taking her dagger out she kneels down to his feet, knowing his eyes were watching her every movement. Snagging the cuff to his pants she starts to saw through his leathers, up the outside of this thigh, wondering why he was staying silent as she stripped him. Glancing up her heart jerks again as his eyes pierce hers. Giving her head a shake she continues to cut his clothes from him, pants, pulling his boots off one then the other. Bending over him she finishes removing his shirt, her eyes spreading over the broadness of it. Lowering her head down she sets her nose to it, inhaling, smiling as his scent smells of male, woods and dirt. Some of her favorite smells.

"You can cut these and I can help you.."

She laughs out at his words, standing back up she shakes her head, taking back the 'smart' she used about him earlier.

"I don't need to use your hands male.."

Her eyes drift down to his now exposed cock, her smirk returning as she watches it grow, filling with blood.

"See, that's all I need from you."

Reaching up under her arms she lets the ties go from her skins, letting her top half fall to the ground to lay among his shredded clothes, her body starting to grow hot knowing his eyes were looking on her with heat. Lifting her arms above her head she stretches her lithe form up to the now dark skies. Turning on her heel she stalks over to the fire, poking at it making it breath life and flare up, giving the camp a warn glow, atmosphere. Returning to him she rises her fingers to her hips, slowly untying her bottom skins, kicking them away as the fall to her feet. Ever aware of his watching, she pads over, kneeing down on her hands and knees she crawls to him, the fire dancing in her moon lit eyes, a panther on the prowl. Straddling his bound feet, up his thighs she dips her head down and growls softly, chuckling as goose bumps rise up on his flesh. Trailing her nose up past his cock, along his hip bone to his navel the up the center of his chest she hovers over him, her hands propping herself up over him. Slowly lowering her head she nuzzles his shoulder, then up to the crook of his neck, her lips brushing against the skin the bottom lip dragging across his skin, opening her mouth she bites down without any warning, sucking part of his neck between her teeth, grinding her teeth into the flesh, lifting her head she doesn't let go, stretching the piece of skin, closing her teeth down on it, marking it as hers, sudden his body rears up, his forehead coming within inches of her own.
Snarling she jerks up back handing him across the face.

"If you would like, I can stake you down male, use you, then kill you and leave you for the animals." Glares into his eyes.

"Was just getting a bit more comfortable."

Her strike seemingly to be quiet harmless to him. Again his grin flashes on his lips, his eyes telling her a different story, looking over her shoulder, her ear picking up rusting a far distance away, if she was to do this, it had to be now.
Turning back to him, she moves her hips, covering his cock with her mound, watching his eyes go wide, keeping her face wiped clean of any emotion she sits up on his waist. Grinding down her pussy lips to rock on his length, from the head then back down to the base, letting some of her honey slick him up for easy entry, the throbbing of his cock and her clit in unison. Shifting slightly making the head press into her hood she stops, holding herself above him, her palms flat against his chest. Looking straight into his starting blue eyes she moves down slowly, her pussy sliding down swallowing the head inch by inch her walls squeeze pulling him him further.
Sitting all the way down with one final push her back arches, staying still a moment letting herself adjust to his size, her fingers curl into his stomach, claws ready to tear into his skin. Refusing to make any sound of pleasure and have him mock her she lifts up then back down, her pussy sucking on him, coating it with her slick milk. Bucking, she starts to rise and fall faster, keeping her gaze locked on his, she was using him for her pleasure, not the other way around.
Starting to get into a steady rhythm she gasps out as he makes his own hips rise up, making his cock sink even deeper.

Throwing herself back her breasts thrust out, one of her hands slides up to cup it as the other dips down between their bodies, one set of her finger tips pinching and pulling at her bare nipple, the other circling her inflamed clit. Riding harder and faster, she lifts her eyes to the three moons above them both, her heart thudding deep in her chest as his cock does inside her heat. Suddenly she's on her back the male above her replacing the moons, his eyes shining down on her with anger and passion.

He was free!

In her own delirium he had somehow gotten his hands free. Getting ready to hit and scratch and do anything to get away from his revenge one of his hands wraps around her throat, choking her, her own hands bound in his other huge paw.

"Think you could use me did you little panther girl..we shall see."

She start to roll and struggle only making his choking hand tighten, freezing she gasps in trying to get air, knowing if he killed her now he would be justified. Closing her eyes not wanting his face to be the last thing she sees as she dies her lips work open and closed, white stars start to grow behind her lids when the pressure on her throat is eased up, taking in a deep breath to her air starved lungs she parts her lashes and gasps out again as his eyes are inches from hers.
His hand still around her wind pipe she jerks in confusion as his lips touch hers, the tip of his tongue snaking out to lick the slit of her lips, pushing them open then plunging inside her mouth to rub against her tongue. She had never before done this with a male, her mind reeling as her belly starts to ache deep inside from something foreign. Staying still under him knowing he wasn't being a threat but not knowing what this was either she waits, letting his tongue twirl around his, her own moving to taste him back timidly. He growls making her mouth vibrate, a hard shiver races down her spine.

Starts to shake her, no, she uses him.. this, he can't do

Her mind starts to fight with her body as he kisses her, his hand slips off her neck and into her hair, gripping it into a fist, holding her head still he ravages her mouth, tearing at her lips and tongue, their teeth clink together her jaw bone almost cracking as he pushing her lips even wider, she moans against her will when he breaks off, breathing even harder now, then when he released her throat she looks up to him, her mouth bruised and drenched.

"You forgot to do that before you did this."

He thrusts back inside her, burying his cock deep, her pussy lips wrapping around him, arching her back as the head hits her cervix, making her moan again, forgetting to breath all together as he starts to fuck her. Her body slamming into the ground as he rams into her over and over, her small hole swelling up making an even tighter fit as he pounds into her harder. Her head gets pulled back with a vicious jerk as he moves his arm up, exposing her neck, even with him thrusting inside her, making her world spin he lowers his mouth biting in the same spot as she did him, making her moan turn into a scream of pain and pleasure.
She had used males before, but never to this degree. Having all thoughts leave her head thismales sex overtakes her, a primal growl rises from her chest, turning her head her teeth latch onto his ear like a dog to a bone."Yessss" comes from her throat making him fuck her harder, the sounds of their slapping bodies echoing in the night.

Not knowing how or when her hands were released from his grip, she grabs his shoulders as he rises above her, pumping, his sweat dripping down to the valley of her breasts. Every time her womb is hit her orgasm rises to the surface, bucking her hips high trying to take even more of him into her she rides it to the peak, howling as he cums with her, at the same time they hit the pinnacle. Shaking hard, simplely worn out, her whole body making her think back to her first hunt she simply lays there, not caring whatsoever about the male laying his full dead weight on top of her.

...Opening her eyes she sits up then jumps to her feet, her eyes looking for her weapons, on guard, her mind fuzzy for the first time in years as she comes out of sleep. Glancing around she picks her bow up slowly, listening intently to the forest. Turning on her heel she ignores the fact she is naked, or that her thighs are smeared with the males drying seed, she looks for him. Stepping over to her belongings she gives them a quick once over, growing low as she is missing some of her stolen clothes.

He was gone.

Her lips start to curve into a small and secretive smile, she straightens, feeling the forest empty now, only herself and the animals that lived there with her, keeping her smile she stands tall wincing then grinning at the well used feel of her body.

She will find him again..

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