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This is part fantasy part reality and for the perverted things i dream about, if you are offended too fucking bad do not read this story then. If bad grammar i apologize in advance no one is perfect.

Hi, i am the perverted sick man your mother warned you about. The teenaged boy under the bleachers looking up skirts, peeking in the girls shower from eye holes before they turned to glory holes. surfing porn on the internet, reading incest stories and fantasizing about fucking.

When i was 6 i was found under the bed with the neighbor's daughter playing doctor. At 13 i was babysitting a 12 and 10 year old girl. Martine the 12 year old was sucking my cock while i fingered her tight pussy, while the 10 year Pauline watched from the hallway. I longed for her to come and join in but common sense said no.
At 18 when i was in the army i fucked a woman on her bachelorette's party with no condom i wonder sometimes if she got pregnant, as i never saw her again. When i was 19 a girl at a house party sucked my cock in the driveway while people looked on i came all over her face, i later mistakenly fucked her best friend in bed thinking it was her. She came in looking for me, instead of being mad she joined in.

These are some of my stories but here is one of the more perverted things i have done in my life, my first incest experience with my cousin. This is reality this really happened and i loved doing it.

At 22 i was drinking with my cousin Barb who was 21 she was tickling me. I told her to stop she said no, i warned her if she did not stop i would pinch her nipples. She did not stop so i spun her around lifted her shirt and twisted those nipples hard in my hands. She moaned, i was surprised by this reaction so i stopped. Hey, why did you stop barb asked. Because you stopped tickling i warned. With that she took off her shirt and started to tickle me with fervor her face flush with anticipation.

What am i to do? It had been a while since i was with anybody my cock was straining in my pants. Barb was no centerfold, she had long blonde hair 40 DD that were firm, with a curvy figure but cute none the less. We were best friends for the past 3 years since i moved back home but we were attracted to one another.
I warned her if she did not stop i would bite those nipples, she laughed and said i would not dare do such a perverted thing. oh yeah, i said i am that perverted. With that i pulled down her black lace bra, those DD'S spilled over my mouth watered and eyes filled with lust. I gripped those heavy tits with both both hands and bit down hard on her pink nipples hard, Causing her to yelp.

See i told you i was that perverted i said, will you stop tickling me now? i grinned still hold her breasts. She grinned back, took hold of my mid section and said tickle tickle, with a glint of mischief in her blue eyes. OK now you have done it, i am gonna fuck those tits after i suck them.I lowered my face to her tits and started licking and kneading them in my hands. Causing moans and gasps of pleasure escaping from her lips. You like that don't you, you like your big cousin sucking your titties you love my tongue don't you. Yeah i love your tongue, suck my tits bite those nipples.

After about 5 minutes i could not take it anymore i released my cock from the confine pants. As i am not gigantic i am not small either, 6" inches of love and 3" inch girth. Barb took hold and started jacking my cock, i glanced at barb who was twisting her nipple while jacking me. I pulled my pants and underwear off fell back on the couch pulled barb in my arms, are lips met and we made out. I want you barb, i want that sweet tight pussy. No i can't, we can't, we are cousins. I might get pregnant, i am not on the pill but i love that cock, i want that cock. OK barb we will wait for fucking but for now i want to fuck those tits i want to feel what my cock feels like between them. With that i placed my cock to her tits letting my precum dab her nipples, getting them wet with my precum. i wanted barb to taste my cum so i told her to suck her nip and taste my cum. Her look was fearful as she never did that before but she wanted to make me happy.

She lowered her mouth to her nipple sucking my precum from her nipple. You like that don't you? You like my cum, well get ready you are going to get all i can give. I slid my cock between those tits placing my hands to the side and started fucking them. What a glorious feeling that was, pure heaven as she helped squeeze them together our hands combined in search of mutual pleasure. Our breathing started to get heavy, she said she was going to cum with me only playing with her tits.

Cum for me, cum for your cuz. i said still fucking her titties. She screamed then creamed her pants, with that i unleashed a torrent of cum . I grabbed hold of her hair and forced her mouth on my cock and pumped string after string of cum down her throat. After i came i slumped on the couch and warned her that whenever she tickled me i would fill her mouth with my cum. She smiled back at me and said good.
I spent the next year fulfilling my promise filling her mouth with my cum. I did fill her other holes with cum but that is another story for another day.

I did not put quotes due to hard work but maybe next story.

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2013-05-03 21:25:45
Stop insulting us ALL, not everyone here is like that!

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2012-06-05 20:44:48
Good story. Dude it would be a great story if you cleaned it up a little.

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2012-06-04 11:16:21
Ugh, your giving us a bad name dude. I apologise to anyone who reads this story. This is one of our lazier north americans. -.- We all arnt lazy you know. lol oh well, you think what you think and I cannot stop that.

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2012-06-04 02:25:56
You did not put quotes due to, as you say, hard work? My fucking GOD, the lazyness of north americans knows NO bounds anymore, does it?

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