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Please read Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 for a better understanding of this chapter.
Please read Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 for a better understanding of this chapter. Names have been changed.


“You freeballin’ today?”

I smiled as Tommy playfully slapped my sleepy face. It was a lazy Sunday morning, still somewhat overcast outside, yet the mood still seemed cheerful. His face was already painted blue and yellow and he begged me to come downstairs to have some breakfast because we would be leaving soon. It was Football Sunday and we were heading down to the stadium to see our favourite team play. I wasn’t much of a football fan, but the guys were nice to look at. I could hear the boisterous laughing and talking coming from the kitchen downstairs so I nodded and headed to the bathroom. Tom’s friends were over, most of them his basketball team mates and they were hot. The lot of them.

I jumped in the shower and freshened up and slowly walked downstairs in a pair of fresh boxers and a tshirt pretending I had just gotten up. Yeah, this is how I look when I wake up. The kitchen, dining room and den were filled with teenaged boys sprawled all over the place, eating eggs, bacon, toast, and even some leftover pizza I had been saving for those late night cravings. Ben motioned me over and gave me a kiss on the head before handing me a plate of pancakes and orange juice. To hell with those guys and their bacon, I loved Pancake Sunday.

Tommy made room for me on the sofa and we all sat around watching the early morning pre-game analysis on ESPN. I did a bit of analysis myself and many of these guys weren’t wearing much underwear. It was going to be a good day. When I was done eating, a friend of Tommy’s asked me if I wanted to go down to the supermarket to grab some snacks for the game. You would swear by my reaction, I thought he’d just asked me on a date.

His name was Justin and I had a major crush on him. He was just a junior at Tommy’s school but he gained their respect through his deadly basketball skills and gained the girls’ respect with his sexy black buzz cut and piercing brown eyes. He was tall, handsome and had the smoothest skin, with tight abs and an even tighter, rounder ass. I just wanted to bite it. Just once. He sometimes wore glasses, which surprisingly, made him look even sexier and his smile could’ve saved the Titanic. He was what I would describe as dreamy were it not for that horrible tattoo across his upper back. He was a passionate lover and had his girlfriend’s name tattooed quite tastefully on his gorgeous skin and of course, before it had even cured, he found out she was cheating on him. Why anyone would cheat on such a stud is beyond me.

I jumped into his truck and we headed down to the supermarket talking about boring school stuff and movies he thought someone my age would be interested in, even rapping verses from a Kanye West song playing on the radio for my entertainment. He was irresistible and not fearing the consequences, I attacked his body.

I reached over and put my hands on his thighs rubbing it up and down, pulling the end of his shorts and brushing his crotch and resting cock. I could feel his cock growing in size so I crawled up the leg opening of his pants and began softly massaging his stick as he closed his eyes and licked his beautiful lips. I took my seatbelt off and leaned over, pulling down his waistband and exposing his beautiful cock to the morning sunlight. It was gorgeous and uncircumcised. I pulled back the foreskin and inhaled his intoxicating cock smell and dived down, sucking his fat dick, letting it grow in my mouth. He began pushing my head deep down, making me gag while he face fucked my craving mouth before unleashing his hot cum down my throat. I swallowed every last drop enthusiastically and kept swirling his large member in my mouth as it retreated after a satisfied emission. It was the best cum I had ever tasted, and I wanted more, lots more. Then I felt a jerk that knocked me back to reality.

“Shit. Sorry, forgot that they installed a new speed bump there.”
“Haha no worries.”

Fuck fantasies. I was leaking precum in my shorts and trying to hide the raging boner I had just given myself, imagining that I had the balls and courage to actually do that in real life. When we got back to the house, I raced upstairs and stripped my clothes hoping there was enough time for me to enjoy one last jerk before we left for the game. I grabbed some lube and pasted it all over my throbbing cock and began working it hard and fast, moaning and sighing in pleasure. Within a couple short minutes, I was shooting blasts of cum all over my body in Justin’s honour. Oh that boy could use me as a fuck toy anytime. I didn’t care how big his cock was, as long as it was in me.

I headed for the bathroom to clean up but as I opened the door, I was met with a bit of a shock. There was Tommy’s friend, Dean sitting on the toilet taking a dump and now looking straight up at my naked, cum covered body. I think even my toenails turned red with embarrassment but he was charming, well at least as charming as someone could be when they’re on the toilet.

“Oh my god.”
“Haha. Sorry lil man. Tommy said I could use his bathroom cus someone was using the one downstairs.”
“’s okay.”
“Haha, yeah. Wanted to get one out eh?”
“Yeah, I know how it is. I tried to get one out this morning. Living with 6 other guys don’t give you much time in the bathroom, if you know what I mean.”
“Haha yeah…well you welcome to have at it. I’ll give ya some privacy.”
“No man, you go shower. We’re leaving soon anyway.”

I stepped past him and jumped in the shower, still naked and cum leaking down my torso back towards my now hanging dick. It had gone dead with embarrassment. I couldn’t see his cock too well through the glass doors but it looked decent enough to give me another hard on and I continued with my shower as he continued with his shit, which thankfully, did not overpower the pine-scented air freshener. Soon enough, he got up and wiped off but didn’t pull his pants up, and grabbed his cock and started tugging on it hard. It was long and slender, but about average length and he leaned over the toilet bowl, his hand propping his body up as the other worked furiously on making him nut. He seemed to be one of those guys that couldn’t masturbate without lube though and he was finding it difficult to jerk his dry dick to ejaculation.

“Hey, lil man? Can I use some of this cream you got here?”
“Sure, yeah.”
“Cool…haha. I really need to nut now otherwise I’ll have blue balls all day.”
“Haha. Yeah, that shit hurts.”

He popped open the cream and squeezed a generous amount into his palm and rubbed his hands together, before wrapping his fist around his cock once again. I was done with my shower and slid the door just a little so I could peek in on his jerk off session. He had a fat ass and it was clenching in and out as he stroked back and forth. The cream was working wonders for him though and very soon after, his hips stopped pushing forward and he let out five or six ropes of cum, some missing the bowl and flying onto the tank and magazines. After he drained the rest out, he glanced over to me and happily sighed, wiping the sweat off his forehead and cleaning the excess cream off his cock with toilet paper, before flushing it all down.

When he pulled his pants up, I stepped out of the bathroom and he gave me a playful pat on the ass and said thanks before exiting through Tommy’s bathroom door. I quickly got dressed and went downstairs to meet the others before we left for the game, hoping that the rest of the day proved to be as glorious as this morning.

When we got to the stadium, the queues were packed. Tommy and his buddies met up with some other friends from school and the added female presence made the guys act even louder and more aggressive than before. It was an all-out testosterone cock fight. As we lined up single file heading into the turnstiles, I could feel Justin’s free wheeling cock rubbing against my lower back as one arm flexed to the side of me holding him in balance while the other hand rested firmly on my right shoulder, waiting to brace any sudden push from the back. With Ben at the front of me, and Justin at the back, you can imagine all the thoughts going through my head.

We got seated and the game was going along pretty solidly before a bout of rain ended the day for me. The guys loved it, stripping off their tshirts and enjoying the girls’ wet ones but Ben didn’t want me getting sick again and he and I returned home when the poor weather didn’t let up.

Unfortunately, by the evening, Ben started experiencing symptoms of the cold and when the guys got back to the house, the after-party was shifted to Tommy’s apartment as to not disturb him. Tom packed his bags and promised that he would stop by again during the week and I spent the rest of the quiet Sunday night, cleaning up the kitchen while Ben tried to sleep off the boos.

Finally, we were alone again. Not that I didn’t enjoy all the experiences I had over the weekend with the other guys, but it was much simpler with just the two of us, for now.


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love it so hot would of been awesome if one those guys did you before your dad.


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CHAPTERS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and the last chapter 10 uploaded. Have a read! I finally got a chance to upload them. I know its been a year and more sorry! ENJOY!

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