Please, feel free to include other lines or stanzas with the same idea: My Sword. . .
My sword isn't long or thick.
It isn't decorated with large stones or polished jewels.
But that does not diminish the stabs it inflicts.
Using my given tool to break all the rules.

My sword is practically considered a dagger,
The shaft and tip are small.
No matter the size I am still an attacker,
My sword letting out a sensual assult.

My sword can't pierce through an entire body.
But approaches a thrust as art.
Tender in feel, yet too insecure to be cocky.
Needing only to stab so far so as to touch the heart.

My sword can win a war.
It is my weapon of choice.
My sword may not look like yours
But I am unlike other boys.

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2012-09-11 23:43:14
The garden of Eden was crsdineoed a paradise and since God created Adam in his own image he crsdineoed Adam special The gardenkept Adam safe from harm and well fed the elements could not touch him {the garden was Heaven on earth}with the creation of Eve and the first sin the garden was defiled and Godwas not pleased his creation fell short in his eyes God's punishment was hesitant due to the fact that God still favored Adam, but he could not let it goGod banished Adam and Eve from a paradise where they would never suffer to a life that they would have had to get by on their own never again tostep foot in the garden of plentySince Adam and Eve were so easily duped by the serpent God felt the trustthat they would obey his rules forever broken so he had to make sure thatniether of them would ever come back***

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