The final part to the story
The next morning I called Juanita right at 8. She answered on the first ring. Before I could even say anything she blurted out "I'm 13" in a loud declaration.

"OH! OK, How do you know I'm the right person?" I ask jokingly.

"Cause you said 8" she excitedly informed me. Juanita had all night to make her decision about doing nasty stuff and obviously decided she really wanted it. By doing as I told her she confirmed it all by answering the phone and lying about her age. Now she was 90% mine to do with as I pleased. A lot of preliminary stuff had to get done as I gradually enticed her into my trap.

"Are you all alone now? Your Gram went to work?"

"Yeah I'm all alone here now." she revealed.

"So you thought about it all night and want to learn as much about sex as you can baby?" I asked to enforce her commitment.

"YES" she replied emphatically "You said we would do it today!" Juanita reminded me. The little girl was eager to get started.

Laughing I replied "You are one hot momma Juanita! It's a good thing I'm going to teach you about sex so you don't get in trouble. I'm gonna get started on you right now. Are you dressed yet honey?"


"What are you wearing?"

"Just my jammie top" she replied "OH yeah and my panties!" she giggled.

"The same panties you had on yesterday?" I asked with baited breath.

"Yeah" giggle

"Can you go outside in your jammies? I have a surprise for you waiting out on the playground in that green trash barrel. The one by the parking lot next to the playground."

"YEAH" she quickly replied. "Nobody will see me cause the back door is by the park."

"OK baby go out to the trash can and you will see a McDonalds paper bag. That has some toys in it for you. Don't take them out till you get back inside your trailer cause we don't want anybody to see them, OK?"

I had put a Doc Johnson Natural 3 Inch Mini Dong with Balls that was 3/4" around, a small Doc Johnson Mini Slim Mystique Vibrator White 5" x 1" and also a small tube of KY Jelly in the bag for the little girl. This would get her started on her road to sexual pleasure. But the most important item was a headset with two ear pieces and a microphone. Instead of using the phone I was going to use the IM program her brother had setup on his PC. We could talk in private and I could see her with the cam he had installed. I couldn't detect the camera when I was working on his computer last night so it might not be plugged in. That problem would be solved soon. Also if her Gram should call during the day the phone line would be open so Gram would never suspect anything. A $20 bill to get her started was also crumpled up inside too. She was going to earn it for sure!

"You have to hide them after you play with them so do you have a hiding place where you can keep the toys?"

"Yeah out in the shed out back where I keep my lipstick and stuff" Juanita giggled as she confessed about her lipstick. Good, hiding all the stuff was going to be easy as she was a sneak already.

"Gram never goes in there cause she saw a mouse there once and she's scared of mice so she makes me go in there when she wants anything. I ain't afraid of mice. They are cute!"

"Your not scared of mice? Wow your a pretty strong girl." I complimented her. "Most little girls are sissies and afraid of everything. Your pretty grownup Sweety! I like you!"

"Gram gets mad if you put on makeup huh baby?. See, she doesn't want you to grow up. But you have already grown up huh baby. You are quite mature and need to know about how grownups do things so you don't get in trouble when you start kissing boys and stuff." I knew she had kissed a boy already because of the pictures on the computer her brother had taken.

"Yeah! She thinks I'm just a little kid and is mean to me. She don want me to have no fun!.....Kin I go get the stuff now? I wanna see it!!!" The little slut was anxious now to see the toys.

"Yes baby, go get the stuff now. Remember don't open it outside and make sure no one sees you get it out of the trash can."

I knew no one would see her because nobody was around the playground right now except me. I was in an old 80's Toyota Dolphin 20 foot camper that blended in with all the other old junkers that were parked in the dirt storage yard adjacent to the playground. I parked about 20 feet from the trash can with the sun to my back so that if she even looked at my junker the sun would be in her eyes. My windows were hard to see through from the outside even if she looked hard. Soon I would get to see the hot little shit.

"I will call you in five minutes. Bye" I hung up and got my camera ready. I saw the trailer with the shed out back. It was the only one that had a shed so I knew it was her's. Sure enough the gate opened and out ran the little girl in her jammies.Juanita made a beeline for the trash can and looked all around to see if anybody was nearby. Good. She follows directions. I had a hunch she was sneaky anyways from some of the stuff I found on her brothers computer. He had some pictures of her kissing a boy that looked to be about 15 or 16. She also was smoking a cigarette and had what looked like a mixed drink. For a preteen of 11, soon to be 12, she had a lot of experience and was eager to have more.

I called and she answered instantly. "Well baby, do you like your surprise bag?"

"YEAH!!! Dis is NEAT!" she exclaimed.

"We're gonna use all that stuff today to teach you about sex. Do you think you will like it?"


I had her hookup the headset and got it working along with the cam. We hung up the phone and she was hot to go.

The cam showed a bed in back of her that was on the against the long side of a wall. When she lay down I would be able to see her full body from the side.

"I bet you had fun last night rubbing yourself huh baby, after we got done talking? I know I got all hard and had to jack off thinking about what we were gonna do today."
She hesistated a bit and must have decided I was ok to confide in as she answered meekly "Yeah."
Rewarding her confession I went on "Oh yeah baby I shot the biggest load of white stuff I've ever made in a long time. It's fun to cum! Did you cum?"
Again a bit more forceful but still hesitant she admitted cumming. "Yeah I cummed."

"Oh that's perfect because we are going to learn about how to cum today and why it's very important for a girl to cum, or have an orgasm as it's technically called." I went on to praise the youngster "So it's good that you know how to make youself cum and that you like it." I hesitated "You do like it don't you sweetheart?"
This time she was more relaxed and giggled as she replied "Yes, I like it."

"Well that's what helps a girl to mature into a woman and the more you cum the more you grow." Then I started leading into what we were going to do today. "Now I know you said yesterday that your brother liked to look at you as he jacked off. And you said you liked it when men looked at your breasts, right?"
"Yeah I like that." She confessed.

"Well baby today a lot of men are going to look at you while they jack off and squirt their white stuff."
"They are?"

"Yes sweetheart we are going to go on the internet and do a thing called cam to cam with some guys and you are going to tease them by showing off your nice body to them while they jackoff and I promise you they will squirt a big load of the white stuff looking at your sexy body."
She giggled "How do I do that? I don't know how."

"I have it all setup baby. Just watch the computer screen and I'll get you setup in a cam to cam chat room and you will see different guys on there jacking off. I'll pick some out and have them do a private chat with you where only they can see you being nasty. After they jack off and squirt I'll have another guy ready to go and you can make him squirt too."

I took her to a cam chat room then and let her watch the chat screen as various people hooked up and went private to do their stuff.

"See how that guy BigDick just asked "SallySlut" to go private and they disappeared offscreen?"
"Yeah" Juanita eagerly replied.
"Well, right now they can only see each other and nobody else can see them. It's all secret so you don't get caught. She's prbably looking at his hard cock right now while he's having her show him her privates." I let that sink in a bit.

"Wanna try it baby? See if you can get a man to jackoff and squirt for you?"

"Yeah" she instantly replied.

"Ok I logged you in as -LittleMexGirl-. Down at the bottom of the screen you see the place to type? Just type Hi and hit enter."

She did it. "Oh wow this is neat. It put it right on the screen huh?" she had never chatted before. "Yes baby. Now I want you to chat a little with some of the guys and I'll watch and make sure everything is going OK and then'll I'll finf some guys close to cumming and hook you up with them to do a private chat. You'll be able to talk with them too and they will tell you what to do. OK?"

"Yeah!" Juanita eagerly replied as she started chatting with a couple horny dirty old men already.

"Just don't tell them your under 18. They will soon discover that in private."

I let her play while I got the cam in my RV aimed at a 2nd monitor I have and started the video I had previously made a few months ago. I had collected a bunch of short videos of guys jacking off and cumming from various porn sites. They were all anywhere from a minute to three minutes in duration and always had good cum shots.

My plan was to log on to the chat site using various names and then tell Juanita to chat with the one I logged on with. My voice changer software would allow me to play various men. I would have my cam focused on the 2nd monitor and run the video of a guy jacking off while I filled in the audio part telling the little girl what to do in a voice she wouldn't recognize. She'd think she was making a guy shoot his load looking at her and I was hoping she'd get hooked on it.

Now that it was all ready to go I told her to click on HotDaddy and that I had just chatted with him and he was ready to cum. I, of course, was logged in as HotDaddy.

LittleMexGirl.....Hi daddy how are you

HotDaddy.....horny baby to

HotDaddy.....i never seen u on here b4. u cam?

I coached her on the phone now "Baby you are doing just fine. Tell him you are new and that you have a cam."

LittleMexGirl.....i new here an i got cam old are you

I coached her again to not say her age on the chat page but it was ok in private.

LittleMexGirl.....cant say on here lol

HotDaddy.....can u say in private


I clicked on the "Private Cam to Cam" button and the request showed up on her screen. Juanita instantly asked me what to do. "Just click on the OK button and you will go to a private chatroom and you can then talk to him instead of typing. You will also be able to see him jacking off and he will be able to see you. There will be two videos on the screen honey. One of you and one of him. So he can see everything you do and you'll be able to move around on the screen and see how it looks to him. Just do what he tells you to do baby and have fun!!!"

I watched on my screen and sure enough there she was in her jammies, her hair all messy and her eyes glued to the screen watching the video I had started of this guy with an 8" cock slowly jacking off. It was focused on just his mid section and had probably been shot with a good video camera and wasn't the normal poor cam quality. Juanita wouldn't know that as she didn't have any experience. I had picked out a 4 minute video for the first one so I could get her used to what we were doing. It would only show him jacking off the whole time and not his face. He would shoot a really good load and I knew it would get her hooked on cam to cam. Juanita would think I wasn't able to see nor hear her so she would be on her own.

I came on the audio as she stared at "my" cock. "You like what you see baby?" My sexy, deep bass, fake voice asked.

"Yes!!!" the little preteen answered.

"You are very pretty baby! How old are you?"

"11" she instantly answered.

"Oh wow! You look older honey! I thought you were about 15!" Juanita instantly smiled very proudly as I stroked her ego again. Her eyes stayed glued to the screen as his hand sped up a bit.

"Have you ever seen a man's cock Little Mex girl?"


"Was it this big?"

She giggled "No you gots a BIG one" she declared.

"You like big cocks huh baby?"

Again she giggled "Yeah"

"Whats your real name?"

"Juanita Gomez" she quickly replied anxious to please the man who was stroking his cock for her.

"Juanita, will you show me your titties? I'd love to see them." Would she do it? I waited with baited breath.

"Yeah" she leaned back a bit and pulled her jammies top up. OMG her breasts had started to grow and were already swelling at the base, it looked like they were going to be pretty big when she was older. Her nipples were already dark and had started to expand to about the size of a nickel.

"Oh baby you have nice tits! They make my cock so hard! Put them close to the camera." The little slut smiled proudly as she held her top up exposing her little girl tits to a strange man on the internet who was telling her how much he liked them. Stroking her ego.

She did as he told her and moved her tits close to the camera. I could see she was trying to get used to the effect of what was on screen going the opposite direction she moved. Juanita was quick to figure out how to show off her breasts and adapted to the reverse camera movements.

"Is that OK mister?" she asked in her sweet little girl voice as her nipples were filling the screen.

"Oh fuck yes baby! You are so fucking sexy!" I praised her and worked in some foul language that guys use when they are on the internet or screwing girls.

She giggled and then put her right nipple almost on the camera lens. The screen kinda blanked out as the lighting adjusted. You could tell she was confused about that as she sat back and then the camera adjusted itself back to normal.

"You've never done this before have you Juanita?" She shook her head no.

"When you get too close to the camera it goes all crazy because it can't focus. I went all crazy too baby cause you have some hot tits!"

Now she had one hand holding up her top as she tried to move the camera a bit. Her little tits were almost covered now as she lost concentration on them while fiddling with the camera. She got it how she wanted it and then she sat back smiling and slowly pulled her top up very slowly, already learning how to tease a guy.

"Oh baby you are gonna make me shoot a load. Do you want to see me squirt?"

"YES" she quickly replied, her eyes once again focused on the massive bone hard cock that was getting stroked at a pretty good pace now. I knew by the elapsed time that the guy on the video was gonna start squirting so I timed my voice to the event.

"OH SHIT baby I'm cumming!!!' His cock spurted a gob of precum and than shot a massive burst way up on his chest quickly followed by five more strong spurts that covered his chest and started running down on to his stomach.

The little girls eyes were wide open in amazement as she watched his boner shooting stream after stream of jizz all over his chest. I groaned as I pretended it was me that just shot and then said "Oh baby you made me shoot the biggest load ever! Did you like it?"

"YES dat was cool!" she was stunned with what had happened.

"You are the sexiest little bitch I ever jacked off to honey. Are you gonna be on here again?" The guy was now mopping up his load with a bunch ofkleenex and I knew it the video would stop in about 15 more seconds so I had to time my departure.

"Yeah I guess I will mister." she answered him not really knowing as I hadn't told her what would happen later.

"OK baby I'll be looking for you and thanks again for the great cum." I had timed it just right as his screen went blank. I quickly turned off the voice changer and asked Juanita if she made the guy squirt.

"YEAH he squirted a LOT!" she giggled proudly.

"Do you want to make another guy squirt baby?"


"Ok go back to the main chat page and look for another guy to ask you to chat. Just type HI and wait. Somebody will hit you up" I had already logged on again with another name "BigCock"

As soon as she went back to the main chat and did as I said BigCock requested a private chat with her. She knew what to do and clicked ok. I had a shorter 1 1/2 minute video set to go and started it. I turned on the voice changer to another male voice out of 15 that I had setup in the changer some time ago. This time the guy was adjusting his video camera and was just setting back in his chair. She got a glimpse of his face as he started talking.

"Hey Little Mex Girl how are you? Wow you are cute! and young!" He was now stroking faster and when Juanita told him how old she was.he moaned a bit and exclaimed "Oh baby I love little girls. Show me your tits baby"

Again the little girl raised her Jammies so the camera displayed them and BigCock groaned a bit as she exposed herself proudly.

"OH my God those tits are so nice" His stroking was increasing in speed and I again knew he was going to squirt soon so I had BigCock ask "Would you suck my cock if I was there."

"Yes" Juanita giggled and then he started squirting, the timing was perfect. I groaned "OH fuck baby" as his orgasm started. His load didn't shoot real far like the other guy I had played for her. This guy squirted a bunch though and it ran all over his hand and down onto his balls. Then he reached towards the camera and his screen went blank. I quickly turned off the voice changer and said "Well that was pretty quick. Did the guy cum for you baby?"

"Yeah but he was real fast and didn't say goodbye"

"Oh that's normal honey. After a guy cums on camera he usually just shuts it off. You'll see after you've made a bunch of them cum. Do you want to do some more or was this enough?" I knew she would want to keep doing it but I was playing dumb.

"I want to do MORE" she exclaimed "This is fun!"

I laughed "I told you you were a hot little shit. You're gonna drive all these guys crazy on here. How many guys do you want to make squirt their cum today?"

"100" she giggled enthusiastically.

"'Well baby you know how to do it so just go for it while I take care of some stuff here. I'll check back in with you a little later. OK baby?" I wanted her to think she was all alone now on the internet making guys jackoff and cum for her. She had no idea what so of my screen characters were going to make her do.

"OK" she replied and went back to the main page where I had BonerBoy request a chat with her. His was a 5 minute long video and this was where I planned to get her to take off her panties. I was pretty sure the little shit would do it as this was pretty exciting for her. Not to mention for me too.

When the guy videoed this one he did it from a camera that must have been mounted on the ceiling as it looked straight down on his bed where he was laying down. You could see a laptop over to his side that every now and then he would type on but for the most part he was flat on his back stroking with a pair of panties he wrapped around his big cock. I had picked out videos of guys with big cocks or ones that shot massive amounts of cum. I figured the little girl would love both of them.

Juanita's eyes were again glued to the chatter's screen. BonerBoy was just starting to lie down and his 10"cock was bobbing around, presenting a lewd view to the little 11 year old girl watching his monster bone hard cock. "Hi baby, my my my aren't you a cute one. You look pretty young. How old are you?"


"Where's your momma? She know you do this?"

Little Juanita giggled "My Gram is at work and no, she don't know I do this." I could then see Juanita looking at her own camera and adjusting for the best view of her face, already she was turning into a selfmade movie star wanting to look the best she could.

"Are you gonna show me your titties today baby? I love little girl tits."

Juanita was used to this request now she moved back a bit, her eyes focused on herself again as she slowly pulled up her jammies giving what she thought was a live guy a view of her little girl breasts. She surprised me though this time and started rubbing her right nipple and pinching it. I could see it harden quickly as she played with it. "You like them mister?"

"Oh fuck yes baby. You are a hot momma!" I exclaimed. The video showed me jacking harder now just by coincidence as the little girl put on a beginner show of feeling herself up. I wondered what else she would do as BonerBoy's screen showed him picking up a pair of panties.

"Are you wearing panties Little Mex girl?" I asked as the guy held up a pair of very small panties.

"Yes" she giggled.

"I love to sniff them. Does anybody smell your dirty panties baby?"

She thought for a minute "No, that's nasty huh?"

"Yeah that's real nasty baby and a lot of guys really like to smell the cotton crotch that's been rubbing on your little girl pussy. Do you wipe when you pee?"

"No" she giggled, a bit embarrassed "Well sometimes" again Juanita giggled.

"Oh baby I'd love to smell your dirty little peed panties. I'd shoot a load big time into them. Would you like to sell them to me? I'd give you $20 for them."

I could see her eyes light up "$20?" she hesitated "For my panties?" She was quickly grasping the idea of taking $20 for her little panties. "YES"

I knew the guy was gonna shoot soon so I told her to "Stand up and take off your jammies and panties so I can see your pussy that has made your panties all dirty and nasty that I'm gonna give you $20 for."

Juanita quickly stood up and took off her top in front of the camera. For a couple seconds just her pantie covered stomach was visible and then she pulled down her panties right in front of the camera. Her pussy lips were very fat and you could see just a trace of hair at the top of her slit.

Right then the guy shot a giant load all over his chest as I groaned for him while he continued to spurt several good ropes of thick white cum juice. Juanita just stood in front of the camera nude letting herself be seen naked. I could tell she watched it because she said "Oh wow, you made a lot mister."

As he quit spurting and started to mop up the mess the screen went blank and the little girl sat down and stared at the screen wondering what to do. I turned off the voice changer and came back on her computer with my camera.

"Well baby did that guy shoot a load for you too?"

Juanita hesitated a bit as she was hoping to make a deal for her panties. "Yeah but"

"But what honey?" I played all dumb.

"Well he said he'd give me $20 for my panties and then he squirted and went away." She sounded confused.

"Oh yeah baby, a lot of guys promise you stuff but then when they get what they want they drop you. Did he ask you to do something before he squirted?"

"Yeah he made me take my panties off and show him my pussy." She quickly explained.

"Yeah, see baby guys are like that, you got him all turned on with your cute sexy body and he shot his load and left. That will happen a lot on the internet and in real life too." Now I reminded her of how I kept my promise. "When you got that bag out of the trash you found out how I kept my promise and gave you $20 besides. I'm not like the other guys baby."

"I know!" she said excitedly. "The $20 really surprised me!"

"See baby I want you to be happy and learn about sex at the same time. Have you learned about sex this morning?"


"And it was fun too. That's the best way to learn about sex huh?"


"Do you want to make another $20 and learn some more stuff about sex honey?" I was pretty sure I could get her to come out to my camper now that she was all turned on and I knew now that she was a little slut.

"Yeah! I like money." she giggled.

"Well sweetheart if you go back out to the trash can and look at the old junkers parked there you will see a camper. I'm inside that camper now and if you come inside with me I'll show you how to use those toys that were in the bag. We'll be all alone and Gram will never know and you'll make another $20. So what do you say sweetheart, do you want to have some fun with me all alone?" I waited anxiously for her reply that came very quickly.

"YES!! I want to come have some fun. Will you pay me this morning?" She asked eagerly.

"Oh yes baby and" I waited a second or two "I have lots more money too. You'd like to make a lot of money wouldn't you baby?" Now I was hooking her into making money for hanging out with me.

"YES!!" she again eagerly replied.

"OK baby bring that bag of stuff out back and make a beeline for my camper. I'll open the door so you can duck inside and no one will know you are with me. Then I'll give you a real good sex lesson."

"OK, I'll be there in a minute. Should I turn the computer off?" she asked hurriedly.

"Just turn the monitor off honey just in case your Gram comes home early. We don't want her to see those guys jacking off or she would have a heart attack. Oh and put those nasty panties back on, I want to sniff them."

The little girl giggled at that request and sure enough in a minute I saw her running to my camper as she looked around to make sure no one saw her. She came flying through the open door, bag in hand, and I slammed the door shut and locked it.

OMG I couldn't believe it was true! I had talked the little slut into coming into my camper for $20 worth of sex. She was going to be my little whore and love the whole thing.

I turned around to face her and watched as her eyes dropped instantly down to my rock hard cock that was sticking up out the top of a pair of little dirty cotton panties. She giggled when she saw I had on panties. "How do you like my panties baby?" I laughed as I cupped my balls and rubbed my boner. I wanted her to know right away that we were going to be nasty and see how she reacted to it. If it bothered her I would send her back but if she liked it then I was good to go.

"I like them." Juanita giggled as she watched me continue to feel myself obscenely in front of her. Her hair was a mess and her jammie tops were dirty and worn out as I reached to her and started to pull her top off. I took her sack of toys and set it on the table as Juanita lifted her arms to help me so I knew right away she was going to stay and I would screw the shit out of her.

I pulled Juanita's top clear off exposing her swelling breasts which she made no effort to hide as I stared at them. Her nipples were very dark already and had nice firm buds on them. The preteen stood there in just her old panties that were too small and outlined her large mound. The video hadn't shown how big her mound was and It excited me to see the large bulge in her filthy panties. Juanita was smiling as I looked at her lewdly while I rubbed my hardon. Juanita knew I was going to be nasty and didn't object a bit to my display of male aggressiveness as I reached out and felt her nipples that grew hard instantly.

"You like that huh baby. I can tell because your nice firm nipples are getting soo hard sweetheart. I love it when nipples get hard, it means you like getting felt up."

"Yeah dat feels good." she looked down at my hands caressing her young breasts and then she started feeling the muscles in my arms and running her hands up and down my wrists. "You gots lots of hair huh? I like dat." she smiled up at me as we both enjoyed each others bodies.

"Yes baby I have lots of hair down here too on my chest." her little hands went instantly to my chest and started feeling all my thick black chest hair. She rubbed her fingers oner my nipples and they became hard just like hers. She giggled when she discovered that and kept doing to me what I was doing to her. As I gently pinched her nipple she gently pinched mine.

As we continued to feel up one another I steered the little sweetheart towards the nasty bed mattress in the back of the camper. I pulled the full curtains closed that acted as a privacy door between the front and back of the RV. Now nobody could see us even if they tried. It got a little darker and Juanita giggled when she figured out what I was doing.

"We're all alone now honey. Are you ready for me to put my boner inside you?" I asked her as I pushed her slowly down on the cum and pee stained mattress. She willingly laid back as I slipped my hands into the waistband of her now damp panties and slowly pulled them down revealing her huge mons pubis to my view. Her pussy lips were swollen with lust and very red as I leaned down between her wide spread legs and started licking her mons just above her slit.

Juanita moaned and adjusted her hips while grasping my head and holding it tight to her little girl privates as I continued to molest her unabashedly. I wanted to make her cum before I had intercourse with her so she would want more not just for the money but because I would make her feel good. I wanted her hooked on orgasms.

As I moved my mouth and tongue around on her female organs I soon discovered what movements turned the little girl on the most. Sure enough my thorough licking and sucking was now bringing her to an orgasm.

Her little hips suddenly started thrusting up at my face and her thighs started squeezing my head that was buried in her youngsters crotch. "OOOHHHH" she groaned as she held onto my hair and thrust her pussy up against my mouth as hard as any woman ever had done in the past.

And then the unbelievable happened....Juanita was a squirter!!! As her orgasm intensified I felt her juice squirt from her vagina and she squealed like a little pig as the preteen thrust up extremely hard and I pulled away just in time to see her fluid squirt out like she was peeing, soaking the already stained mattress completely as her hands quickly went to her clit and she masturbated herself to completion as I watched.

What a fucking little whore she was! Her eyes were closed as she lowered her hips down onto the wet mattress and her fingers continued to gently rub her clitoris, clasping her legs together slowly, then opening them again as her wetness flowed down her little ass crack onto the bed.

I was rock hard now and leaking precum as I got on my knees between her thighs and started to aim my cock down into her slit. The hot little bitch knew what I wanted and she wanted it too. Juanita grasped my boner and pulled me to her wet opening. I rubbed my dick head around a bit in her juices and eased the giant head just inside her hole about an inch so I was stretching her wide open.

The little girl moaned as I backed out a bit and then I penetrated her with about two inchs of my extremly hard penis and stopped, letting her adjust to the large organ that was going to impregnate her. Backing out just a bit and getting more lubrication on my shaft I eased about 3/4's of my cock clear into her, bumping up against the youngster's cervix opening.

"OOOHHHHHH" she moaned then and that triggered me into an intense ejaculation. I wanted to last longer but all this excitement had me really turned on and I shoot a massive load into her. I know a bunch went inside her cervix as I kept my cock head tight against it while I squirted.

As my orgasm subsided I gently fucked her, feeling my sperm and her juices lubricating my tight fitting shaft. Then I started to lose my hardon and my cock popped out followed by a torrent of cum juice, both hers and mine mixed, and ran down onto the nasty mattress to make yet another permanent stain.

"Oh honey that felt soooooo good to cum inside your nice pussy. Did you like it baby?" I asked as I got up, wiping my cock off with her panties.

Juanita giggled "Yeah dat felt gooooood." the little victim of my molestation just lay there with her legs spread obscenely, my man juice leaking from her red swollen vagina.

"Did it hurt at all honey?" I asked her kindly as I started to clean her up.

"Well just a bit at first but den it felt really really good." Juanita confessed as she let me rub and wipe her pussy with her panties that I would now keep as a souvenir.

I had got my camera out and took several pictures of her during the cleanup process and now I showed them to her and she was proud of how sexy she looked. "I'm gonna show these to my friends and let them jackoff while they look at your sexy little girl body. Would you like that honey?"

"Yeah!!!" she exclaimed as she put her jammie tops back on. I pulled the curtain open and grasped her little nice ass for the last time. "Thank you for the fun honey and here's another $20."

The youngster took the money and her sack of sex toys and then ran back to her apartment.

I started my RV and drove off, a happy man.

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Better than part 1, but a really long build up, then it sped up too much at the end - make it last!! Great idea for a story though, and I admit I got really worked up and had to shoot off at the end.

Well done!

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2014-03-22 11:53:59
WWyEmt Very good article.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on...

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2014-01-31 17:05:58
8NdqDm Im grateful for the article.Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.

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2014-01-17 07:24:41
4ZvL3s Very informative post. Will read on...

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2013-11-19 19:26:51
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