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The story of the time I went to help a special friend in the middle of the night and ended up having a very good time
The Time I had a Threesome (kind of)

I was speeding down the freeway in heavy rain at two o’clock in the morning, thinking that this was crazy. Regina had woken me with a telephone call, saying she needs help because her friend is drunk and sleeping outside in the rain, too wasted and too heavy to get inside.

Regina was a married woman a few years older than me. I had met with her a few times in the middle of the night for fun, usually in my car but once on a children’s playground. She didn’t know who else to call. Her husband was near useless and they didn’t really talk much, and I guess she didn’t have any friends who she knew would understand.

As I merged onto another freeway, she went me a message saying, “How far away are you?” I didn’t bother replying. I had to concentrate on driving. It was raining heavily, I was half asleep and it was night time.

She sent another message two minutes later and again I ignored her. She did this every time I came to meet with her. She sent me numerous messages to see where I am as I drove in, and I ignored them. I figured it’d be quicker and safer for me to just drive there and wait nearby, then reply.

Regina was a shorter, slightly chubby, blond woman with average tits and a cute face. She was quite extroverted, which was the opposite to me, but we got along well. I honestly liked the way she acted around me, it was like having a personal slut. She had been married for about ten years and had two kids, and a dog.

This was the fourth time I was going to meet her. The last time was when she was upset and needed a shoulder to cry on. Something awful had happened to one of her friends and it had shaken her up. It wasn’t long before she was lying on her back asking me to fuck her in the back of my car.

The second last time we met, she was not responding to messages when I got there and I found her wandering the streets barefoot in a summer dress and looking for her dog which had escaped. She told me to park around the corner out of sight, where I found her dog running toward me. She came over and got in the car and told me to drive. “What about your dog?” I asked her. “He’ll be fine,” she responded, hiding down in the seat as we drove away.

I watched her dog chase us in the rear view mirror and hoped he was going to be okay. I worked out that she was drunk that time and I took full advantage of her in the back seat of my car.

Now, as I pulled into her friend’s street, I parked down the road a little from the address she had sent me. I messaged her to let her know I was there and waited. “Come around the side to the back yard,” she messaged me. I stepped out into the rain and snuck around the side of the two-storey house in the darkness.

Opening the side gate, I walked down an unfamiliar corridor to the backyard where I found a large woman passed out in an outdoor chair around a table, and then Regina appeared. “Hi!” She was all smiles and relieved I was here. She was standing in the rear door wrapped in a towel.

I walked over to join her. “So what’s happening?”

“Nothing much, thanks for coming.” She was soaked. I could see that she had tried hard to move her friend inside, but her friend was quite large indeed, with massive, round boobs. I recognised her. It was Tracey, and she was married.

“Where’s her husband?” I asked, a little alarmed.

“Drunk upstairs and asleep. He’s no help.”

I expected Regina to have been drinking as well, and I was sure I smelt it on her breath. I think she was at least tipsy. She certainly seemed to have drank less than the other two. “Well, we better get her inside.”

Regina put the towel over the porch rail and I saw her clothes sticking to her body. I liked what I saw, especially with her wet hair. I have always found wet hair to be sexy.

We went to Tracey and each put an arm under hers and lifted her. She seemed to be semi-conscious and somehow helped us by staggering into the house with our assistance. “Where are we gonna put her?” I asked Regina.

“In here,” she replied, as we reached a side room from the back corridor. She hit the lightswitch and a couch became visible inside the room. We dragged Tracey over and put her onto it. “Can you get some towels from the laundry?”

I went looking for the laundry which wasn’t too hard to find, and returned with a heap of towels. I handed some to Regina and she started patting down Tracey’s hair, face and arms, who was unconscious and non-responsive. “Is she going to be okay?” I asked.

“She’ll be fine. She just had too much to drink.” Regina sat down on the couch and continued patting down her friend, even going inside her top a little with the towel.

I picked up a towel and sat on the arm rest behind Regina, drying her hair and patting her down as she did Tracey. “Thank you,” she said with a smile.

I looked over Regina at Tracey’s chest, seeing her wet clothes clinging to her big body. “Do you think she’ll get sick on those wet clothes?”

“Hmm, it’s possible,” said Regina as she patted down Tracey’s face some more. “Can you find a big blanket?”

I returned after finding a bundle of big blankets in the laundry. “Will these do?”

Regina stood and held the blankets. “Yep. Can you go out of the room for a bit and I’ll take off her wet clothes and dry her, and put her under a blanket?”

“Of course.” I left them together and closed the door, going off to look around the rest of the ground floor of the house. It was a nice house. Lots of photos hung on the walls, showing a seemingly happy family. The house was quite clean and tidy and they had a beautiful kitchen.

After a while, I knocked on the door and Regina answered. “Can I come in?” I walked in and found Tracey asleep, all tucked in under a blanket, and Regina had a towel wrapped around her. I closed the door behind me.

“Thanks for helping us, I appreciate it,” said Regina.

I looked over and saw Tracey unconscious. Regina looked sexy with her wet hair and I got a little turned on thinking about the shape of her body under the towel. I stepped toward her and rubbed her elbows to warm her up, looking into her blue eyes. “No problem, I’m glad we were able to get her inside.”

We came closer and I held her in my arms. She turned her face sideways and rested it on my chest. I cuddled her and swayed her gently. She looked up at me and we kissed. I felt her breasts pressing against me and my penis started to grow. It wasn’t long before it was erect and I was becoming quite horny.

“What’s this?” she said, grinning up at me and moving her hips against it.

“Yeah, well, you’re quite a beautiful woman, you know?”

“Thanks.” Regina giggled. “Tell you a secret?”


“I’m not wearing anything under this towel.”

My eyes lit up and I’m sure my penis hardened even harder. I put my hand in between the open fold of her towel and could feet the soft flesh of her body. “That’s really hot,” I said. She always liked being told when she’s being hot and turning me on.

I reached down and started fingering her. To my surprise, she was already quite wet and ready to go. She sighed and cuddled me as I inserted a finger inside her and fucked her a little this way. I looked over her shoulder to see Tracey fast asleep, so I used my other hand to undo the towel and let it fall by her feet. She was nude.

“Do you want it?” I asked her. I always asked her before we had sex, showing her a sign of respect.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Now?” I asked.

Regina glanced at Tracey who was still asleep. “Yes, I want it now.”

Without discussing the presence of another person in the room, I took her hand and walked her over to the couch, next to Tracey. Regina stood before me and I started undoing my belt, undoing my pants and letting them fall to the cold, tiled floor. I grabbed some towels and threw them messily onto the floor in front of me. “Show me how much you want it,” I said to her, staring into her eyes.

I sat down on the couch and opened my legs, inviting Regina in to suck me off. She didn’t disappoint. She knelt down with a hand on my knee, took hold of my dick and closed her eyes. She went down on me, taking half of me in and sucking me as she withdrew.

As the rain fell on the house outside, I watched this blond married woman working her magic on my dick in her mouth. I caressed her head gently and she soon found a rhythm. She wore her hair down around her shoulders and I grabbed it up on top of her head.

Regina continued sucking on my cock and I looked across to Tracey, who was still asleep. I looked at her mouth which had fallen open as she slept, had evil ideas. I looked back at Regina and enjoyed watching her sucking on my shaft.

Taking a chance, I reached over and put my hand under Tracey’s blanket and groped her tit slowly and gently. It was huge, so big and round and full. It was twice the size of Regina’s. I loved watching Regina’s tits move as she gave me a blowjob while I felt Tracey’s big tits next to me.

I was wide awake now, receiving a great blowjob. I started thinking about what Tracey would do if she opened her eyes and saw her married friend sucking off some strange guy. Would she be disgusted? Would she get turned on? Would she scream? Given her drunken state, she probably wouldn’t do much and might forget all about it anyway.

With this in mind, I started being a little rougher with my groping of her breasts. I wanted to pull the blanket down and see them wobble as I moved them in my hand. I wanted to see her big, hard nipples in the wet cold. But that was too much. I should be glad to be getting a blowjob from one woman.

I retracted my hand and pulled Regina’s face up. I leaned down and kissed her, giving her my tongue and tasting myself on her lips. She knew I liked doing this. I groped her tit with my other hand. How different it felt to Tracey’s. They were still both individually very beautiful types of breasts, I loved breasts.

“I have to tell you,” I started. Regina gave me attention. “It’s really turning me on to be doing with your friend sitting right here.”

Regina wiped her lips and looked over at Tracey, “She’s asleep, she has no idea what’s going on.”

“Still, imagine if she woke up, imagine what she’d do.”

Regina grinned, “She’d probably join in!”

“Really?” I said.

Regina detected my interest. “Oh, you’d like that, wouldn’t you? Fucking two girls.”

“Only if you’d be okay with it,” I answered.

“Well she’s no good to you now,” replied Regina.

“Oh well,” I said, sitting there with my cock sticking up and glistening wet from her mouth.

“Can you fuck me now?” she asked, grinning.

I stood up made her lie down on the couch where I had been sitting. She slid down and opened her legs. To my surprise, she threw one leg over Tracey’s lap and the other over the armrest.

“Careful!” I warned.

She shook her head and dismissed it. “Come on,” she whispered.

I stared at her shaven pussy. She always kept it clean and tidy and it was a turn on. I was going to fuck her right away but I decided to return the favour and kneeled down to lick her. I got my tongue right into her hole and dragged her juice up to her clit, pressing firmly and swirling it around against her. She moaned once loudly, grabbed my head and pulled me into her. I knew for a fact that her husband didn’t do this for her.

Regina stayed quiet for a while but then her moans returned and she started bucking my face. I kept my mouth planted at just the right spot to bring her to orgasm, which resulted in an uncontrolled moan and grown. She jerked and clammed up and then came down. “God, fuck me now! Please!”

I got up and quickly shoved my hard dick deep inside her, not being gentle. She groaned from the sudden hard penetration and as soon as I was fully inside her, I withdrew and re-stroked back into her. I started fucking her hard and fast almost right away. I loved banging this married girl.

It always felt like because we could never be a couple, I could slightly abuse her and bang her any way I wanted. But to my surprise, whatever harder action I did always seemed to make her go wild, so she always got the best out of me.

I moved in closer and used my arms to raise her legs up in the air, putting her ankles around my neck. “You like fucking me like this, don’t you baby? You like fucking your baby girl like this.” She knew I had a thing for this position. “Fuck me, baby, show me how much you wanna fuck your baby girl like this.”

Staring down into her eyes and listening to her filthy words, I pounded her hard and let her feel the full weight of me fucking down into her. Her pussy was always good, always tight, always hungry and willing to suck my thick shaft inside her.

Cuddling her up under me, I banged her so hard, giving her pussy sexual trauma deep within. I looked over and caught a glimpse of sleeping Tracey next to us, moving around as I bumped down into this married woman. Tracey certainly was not going to wake up, no matter what we do.

I bent Regina’s head up and starting licking and sucking her neck and made her turn her head the other way to distract her. I quickly grabbed Tracey’s blanket and pulled it down, revealing her big tits to the air. Oh man, what a moment. I was banging this horny babe and eyeing her friends huge tits at the same time.

I focused back on Regina, fucking her and keeping her happy. “Yes! Yes!” she grunted with each down stroke into her body that I made. She held her arms tightly around me and I moved up, letting her legs fall by my side. She wrapped them around me and kept me deep inside her.

“Hey, look!” I said, gesturing to Tracey’s chest.

Regina laughed. “Oops, we must have pulled down her blanket.”

I grinned. “I have an idea.”

“Yeah?” Regina said with suspicion.

“Let’s each lick a nipple.”

Regina took a moment to respond. “Umm, what?”

“You heard me. Let’s both lick one of her nipples, for fun.”

“Fuck, you are a kinky bastard, aren’t you?”

I pulled out of Regina’s pussy and climbed off, going to the furthest side of Tracey. I hovered over her breast and invited Regina to do the same. To my surprise, she sat up and leaned over. She did it first, licking her friend’s nipple and then sucking it. I followed her, sucking it straight away.

We grinned at each other and broke out in laughter. “This is weird,” said Regina. She went back to sucking, though, as did I.

Together, we showed each other how good we could suck nipples, and then I moved off and sucked her breast meat. I took hold of it in my hand and massaged it and sucked it again. Regina just sucked on the nipple and watched me with her little eyes.

I pulled the blanket off Tracey further and revealed to Regina that I had been fingering her pussy while we did it. Regina’s eyes widened and she let go of the nipple. “What are you doing?”

“I’m sure she’d like it,” I simply said, going back to sucking on her nipple.

Regina grinned and went back to sucking it as well. I saw her arm moving out of view and realised she must have been fingering herself.

“Does it turn you on?” I asked between sucks.

“Yes, I love watching you do that.”

I had an idea. “If you push her tits together, I’ll give you a good show.”

Regina didn’t question it. She leaned over and pushed them together while I climbed over her sleeping friend, one foot on the couch cushion, the other on the armrest. I lowered my dick to Tracey’s chest and spat on her cleavage.

“Oh, Jesus,” responded Regina.

I looked at her as if to say, get over it. “Hold them together tight and watch.”

I rubbed my dick in my saliva on her cleavage, then pushed my shaft down between them. It felt so good as her round breasts swallowed up my shaft between them. It felt warm and soft and tight at the same time.

With a slow motion, I started rocking back and forth, tit-fucking this sleeping big, beautiful woman. The feeling from her big breasts was so intense and Regina’s efforts in keeping them together worked so well that it wasn’t long before I was very close to having an orgasm.

I had an idea to pull up and blow all over Tracey’s face. She probably wouldn’t have known anything about it once we cleaned her up, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that. I had never even met this woman before, or even spoken a word to her. I climbed off, threw Regina down on the couch, up against Tracey’s arm and fucked her silly.

So close to my orgasm, I let loose with energy and banged Regina’s tight pussy hard. Sleeping Tracey bumped around with us at the same time. Like always with Regina, I let my cock explode inside her. That’s the way she liked it. She said it feels like the right thing to do, and we always did it.

My orgasm was intense as I filled her sweet pussy with my cum and collapsed on top of her, falling to her side. I was totally wiped out.

I looked over and saw a big grin on Regina’s face. She always went quiet and affectionate after we fucked, while Tracey was still asleep. I gestured to her friend. “You better cover her up.”

Regina pulled the blanket up and then we cuddled while my erection went down. She was still very quiet during this time. “Did you have fun?” she asked with a big grin.

“Do you really have to ask that question?” I grinned back and cuddled her some more. It was starting to feel cold now that we had finished exerting energy and I started thinking about going home. “I better get going.”

“Can you drop me off at my place?”


We got dressed, made sure Tracey was comfortable and left the place by the back door. I took Regina home, gave her a kiss goodbye and then drove home at a slower pace. When I got home, I fell into bed and slept in a little the next morning.

I woke up a little sore the next day and a series of text messages telling me how good it had been last night.

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