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This is my first story, so please try to be nice with the comments. Thanks and please enjoy.

It had been six months since Kalen first found his bitch pet, Laina. She had posted an ad in the adult site he visited regular wanting a master to dominate her like the dirty slut she was, so he grabbed her up quickly before another man could lay his dirty paws all over his bitch. Kalen knew she would be the perfect match for him, and he would fill her needs with his commands. He was solid built guy with milk chocolate hair and ice cold blue eyes, but Laina could have been his sister. She had the same color of hair with gentle blue eyes that drove him crazy with lust. Now here they were, he was fucking and humiliating her as he please, and she was being the dirty little slut he had always wanted.
Today he wanted a little spice in the sex, so he put a pincher collar around her neck to make her mind like a good dog she was. Then when she was least expecting it, he pulled her down to the floor to make her crawl on her hands and knees. He took a seat in a chair with her following close behind, and he says, “My dirty little bitch, I want you to suck my cock deep into your mouth. If you fail to make me cum, then you will be punished.”
She whimpered at his words as she slides her petite body into between his spread legs. Kalen rest his hands on the back of his head as she slowly reached for his zipper of his leather pants. Before Laina can even pull the zipper down on Kalen’s pants, he had grabbed a handful of her hair to stop her from moving a muscle. Laina cried out as she says, “Please don’t hurt me, I was just doing what you said. Did I do it wrong, Master?”
He smacked her which sent her to the floor with her eyes filled with horror. Kalen pulls her up by the leash to look her in the eye as he says, “Yes. You did something wrong. How many times to I have to smack you before you realize that I want you to work to get my cock. Now pull the zipper down with your teeth like I told you the first time.”
Laina gets to her knees in front of Kalen, but he stood up before she could even get a chance to redeem her mistake. He pressed his hard bulge to her face and she latches on to his zipper with her pure white teeth to guide it to the seams end. She slides his pants down carefully to avoid angering him again, and his 7in cock jumps forward to hit her cheek lightly. Laina licks the tip off his cock before taking the head of it in to suck on it. A moan escaped Kalen’s mouth at the feel of her lovely lips wrapped around his manhood, and his hips bucked forward to push his throbbing cock deep into her mouth. She greedily sucks him in all 7 in of him, but he forces her to release just a bit of his cock before making her take it back. Kalen says, “Yes! What a wonderful greedy slut you are. Look at how you are just sucking it in. Now do it right or here comes the punishment.”
She stiffs up at his words, and he just makes her mouth take his cock deep in. Kalen grow tired of her sucking him off even though it felt good. He pulled her off him and pushes her to the floor as he says, “You failed me. Here comes the whip.”
Laina cries out as she backs away, but Kalen holds tightly to the leash. He drags her to the bed to handcuff her to the headboard, and he goes in search of his whip. Laina lays there completely naked and shivering as he returned with the whip in hand. Kalen says with a wicked smile on his face, “10 licks from the whip without tears or whimpering and I will release you from the handcuffs. Then I will let you ride my cock, but if you fail. You will stay handcuffed and I will shove the new wonderful dildo up your ass without and lube. Plus I will fuck your pussy the same way.”
He popped her the first time which caused her to twitch slightly, the second and third time went without a sound and the same for five, six, and seven. The eighth time she squirmed a little, the ninth one she bite her tongue to hold back a cry, but she did not last on the tenth one. Laina cried out as the whip hit her for the final time, and Kalen laughed at the fact of her failure. He reached under the bed to pull out an 8 in glass dildo, and he releases just one hand to let her flip over. She slowly raised her ass in the air, and he slammed the dildo in her tight little hole. Laina cried out from how bad the dildo hurt, but Kalen didn’t give her time to think about it. He crawled up on the bed behind her and his big hands grab her ass to hold it in place. Kalen takes one hand off her to guide his hard cock to the dripping pussy, and he pushes it in with easy. As he begins thrusting in and out of her pussy, his body pushed the glass dildo in deeper with each thrust. Laina starts to cry from the pain, but Kalen ignores her as his hands grab her ass hard. He moans a little at the feel of her pussy squeezing his rock hard cock, and he says, “Yes! Yes! Yes! That is what I want!”
Kalen could feel his climax coming quickly, but he just rode her hard and faster wanting to feel the full effect of being inside her pussy. Laina could not help but cum under his heavy thrusting which he had almost fucked her senseless. He thrusts one more time and holds it as his seed filled her up to the brim which poured out around his cock. Kalen pulled out and removes the glass dildo from Laina’s ass which causes her to cry out in relief. Without a word he unlocked her handcuffs and return to his seat before this had happen. He was out of breath, but he knew that had to be the best he had had from her in a long time. She slowly rose up off the bed with her whole body in pain from the roughness of his fucking, and she went over in front of him. Laina sunk down on her knees and started to lick cum off his cock to clean her master up. Kalen relaxed back to let her do as she wanted in cleaning him up, but he then lean forward again. He pulled her up into his lap, and kissed her deeply. She parted her mouth to let his tongue slip past to dance with hers, but he pulled away after a few minutes. Laina asks him with confusion, “Am I displeasing you, Master?”
He just laughs at her words and pats her head gently before Kalen says, “No. I was just thinking about how much I truly love you, my pet.”

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2012-06-13 01:09:09
Amazing story. You really need to write more of them

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2012-06-13 01:08:43
Amazing story. You really need to write more of them

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