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She was bored
Shopping in the supermarkets is usually no fun, but sometimes you can get surprised. Once when I was shopping, I asked a worker where to find soap. She was in her early 20's, pretty and had a literally outstanding chest. Ok, so I didn't want soap, so what? We started chatting, but it turned out she was a lesbian. Shit! But before I went to her, I had an eye contact with another lady and I thought it was more than just an accidental one. She looked a little shy, but something in her just attracted me, and while I was talking to the big-boobed chick, that lady went past us and our eyes met again. At first it seemed a crazy idea, but she looked disgruntled by be talking to a nice girl. I got excited even more by her, so when the lesbian told me she won't fall for me, I wasn't very disappointed.

The lady turned out to be married, I followed her from a distance and saw her walking away with a man in his late 40's. I was 23, she was 35, but looked a lot younger. She's a blonde with an amazing curvy figure, nice ass and F sized boobs. They went to pay for their groceries, I had to as well. They left a little earlier than me, we locked eyes with the lady again, but she probably thought it was the last time we'd see each other. It probably would've been so, if not for the car they got in. I saw them outside, and it was his company car that her husband drove. Lucky, huh? I googled that company later, when I got home, and found out the guy was the boss of catering company, there was a picture and his name with title. Of course I found several addresses under that name in the phonebook, but from an article in some news site I knew the part of town they lived in. I called the only two numbers in that area, and one of them was correct, husband answered. I asked him if he was in catering, he said "yeah" and I hung up. So I knew where they lived.

I have to admit, it was very exciting but also scary to go there, because the husband could've seen me in the supermarket. I knew the place they lived in because I had a friend living in the same block, so I also knew there was a coffee shop in front of their building. I would sit there for 3 mornings, waiting to see when her husband leaves. He left each morning about the same time, so I knew when I could visit her. But it was already Friday, so I should wait the weekend. But I couldn't...

Come Saturday, I decided to play a trick: I borrowed an outfit from a pal who was a pizza delivery boy, called them at their house and told the husband they'd been randomly selected to be given a free pizza. He believed it! Of course I had to pay for the pizza, but when I delivered it paid off. The husband was happy like after doing his wife because of the free pizza, and when the wife saw me her face just changed. She stood there like she'd seen a ghost and I was smiling. I asked the husband for a glass of water so he went to the kitchen, and while he was gone I whispered to his wife's ear: "it's just a cover to see you, sexy". She didn't know how to react, then I kissed her briefly. She pushed me away, scared that her old man would see that. I just took her finger and put it on my pants to let her feel my dick was hard. She was totally freakin' out and right before her man came back with water I slipped her a card with my number. I drank the water, said bon appetite and left, but the wife was no longer looking scared, she looked pretty excited, because she clearly remembered me from the mall and I was sure she'd love to fuck me.

Next day she texted me that her husband liked the pizza (!!) and I'd have a chance to drop by. In a few minutes she called me pretending to be ordering a pizza. Of course I rushed to my friend's, took the outfit, bought the pizza and got to her doorstep. At least this time they paid me ;) and Lisa (that's her name) gave me a tip. Their kids were home. From their ages (about 12 & 9) you can guess they'd been married long time and Lisa was getting bored. That's when I appeared in the picture. Paying me she also gave me a piece of paper, but I wanted more so by the door where her family couldn't see I grabbed her ass and we made out for several seconds. She was hot and not scared like the day before.
When I left I looked at the paper, it said she'll be waiting the next day at 11.

When I came to visit her, she was in a robe, curtains drawn so it was dark and it smelled really great from the candles she'd lit. I told her how I found her, she told me about their marriage. It was her first time cheating on her husband and their sex life was already boring for some time so she was afraid to let me in her life because she thaught I wouldn't find her interesting (that's bullshit). We drank some wine and started making out. She said she liked how my cock felt against her and was thinking about me since the mall. I undressed her, licked her boobs, then she got down on her knees and started playing with my member. It felt great when she licked the tip, ten took it inside deeper. She asked me to fuck her mouth, I did exactly that. We both were moaning, and when I came in her mouth, it seemed she came too. My cum was dripping out of her mouth on her breasts, she rubbed it in and let me do it. I licked my own sperm off her nipples, she was breathing deeply, then I slid down and put two fingers inside her. While I was fingering her I also licked her clit. She asked me to keep doing it, grabbing the rug we lay on. She soon came and shouted. We lay on the rug next few minutes, then went to their bedroom. She lay on her back, spread her legs and told me to fuck her. I got on top of her and thrusted my dick inside her. We talked dirty:
Yeah, put that cock in me, oh...
You like it, right?
Yes, please, fuck me, fuck me
Bitch I'll fuck you like your grannie husband can't
Oh, shit your so big,oh fuck fuck yeah, oh ooh
Like my big cock you whore?want me to fuck you right?
baby,oh,oooooohhhhhhhhhhh,ooohhh shit yeah fuck me fuck me don't stop baby, give it to me, ohh, oohhhhhhh
I'll cum inside you slut, you got it?
oh pls,pls don't stop, yeah, I'm coming,oooooooh,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh-yeeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

I came inside her, she lay there shivering and catching her breath, I was amazed by her body and lust. Then we kissed goodbye because her jids were coming back from school.
We met several times after that, I took her her anal virginity. She has the tightest ass I've seen, and we played with dildos once. She liked to do it in the cafe in front of their building when her husband was home, we'd lock ourselves in the toilet and get it on. Once I came to her when the whole family was home. That was a bad idea, but she slipped me in to their bedroom, told her husband she was tired and she needs some sleep, he was watching a game on TV. We fucked in their bed for an hour, then I used the fire escape. Best sex is with slutty women

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2012-06-22 18:01:02
Courageous and daring

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2012-06-18 12:22:38
You have a good imagination....but your story needs a lot of work....more detail about the woman would have been nice......and to tell the truth i don't believe word you have said......please don't get discourage.....jest work harder and make it better....that's the beauty about writing you can keep going till you get it right

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2012-06-05 21:17:46
tht was rly good those bad comments r all cocksuckers the only bad thing was a few spelling errors

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2012-06-05 20:39:32
The only size F here is your bullshit. What a retard. You also forgot to mention your 4 I mean 9 inch dick.

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2012-06-05 13:13:04
you really need to proof read before you post stories.

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