Chapter 1

I had proposed to Marie, my four months pregnant lover, at the beach on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. I had a little help—an advertising banner--pulled by a plane--that said in large red capitals, “MARIE WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Marie looked at the banner for almost thirty seconds before turning to look at me. Then she looked back at the banner and when she turned back to me again I was on one knee in the time-honored proposal pose. When Marie kissed me I produced a box with her ring, a 2.5 carat solitaire in a platinum setting. We were both shaking like nervous kids on their first date as I placed it on her hand. All this had been observed by a large group of “golf widows”-women left alone by husbands gone to play golf.

They quickly surrounded us, hugging and kissing Marie and congratulating me, while they admired her ring and commented on her pregnancy. Naturally, the crowd attracted others in the area and soon we were surrounded by more than fifty well-wishers. We finally escaped when I grabbed Marie’s hand and led her to the water. Being early in the season it was cold by local standards, but the waves were small due to a sand bar perhaps five hundred yards out and an offshore breeze from the northwest. Marie exclaimed how cold the water was, but she never let go of my hand or turned back to shore. When we were chest deep we held each other close. “I love you,” I told her. In response she pulled me in for a hot kiss punctuated by an occasional salty intrusion from a passing wave. Marie laughed into my mouth the first time it happened, but she kept her long strong tongue wrapped around mine.

I was concentrating on the kiss so I didn’t immediately recognize her hand running up the leg of my suit. Marie giggled into the kiss when she took my manhood into her hand. “I thought cold water was supposed to make it shrink. Why are you so big and hard, George?”

“I think you know very well why I’m hard, you sexy minx! Now that you have me, what are your intentions? Gonna jerk me off or fuck me here in front of hundreds of people?”

“Neither, George, but I do want to see what’s in store for me when we get home, and I really like what I’m feeling here.” I laughed and soon we were laughing and hugging and kissing. As I led her from the water Marie asked me, “Think we can go home soon? I really need you!”

We walked up the beach hand in hand. Back at our chairs I grabbed a towel and dried Marie’s spectacular body. I dried my own while she put on her shirt and shoes. I began to gather our chairs, umbrella, and cooler and, with a wave to the group of women, we were gone. I had barely started the car when Marie had her hand up the leg of my swimsuit again. “I thought you were going to wait until we got home for this.”

“Can’t…need some of it now…just don’t have an accident,” Marie gasped as she pulled my rock-hard cock free. Leaning across the console Marie swallowed me in a single gulp. Her tongue ran circles around my helmet before licking up and down my shaft. “Mmmm, a little saltier than normal, but just as yummy…I love sucking on your cock, George.” She attacked it with renewed energy and vigor as her head bobbed up and down. She was seriously getting to me as I crossed the bridge back to the mainland. I really had to concentrate to keep the SUV in the center of the lane. I pulled to the side of the highway just before cumming deep into Marie’s throat. It proved a good move as I saw a police car a few hundred yards behind me. Being pulled over for erratic driving from Marie’s mouth would have been the last thing I’d need. I shuddered several times just before spewing hot cum into her mouth and throat. Using that delightful tongue she wiped me clean, tucked me back into my suit and resumed her seat next to me, seemingly the model of decorum.

When I drove into our driveway we noticed our neighbors—Ray and Brenda Thompson and their three girls—in their back yard. The Thompsons are great people, but when it came to naming their daughters they clearly weren’t very creative. Brenda is tall—about five feet ten and thin; Ray isn’t much taller but goes at least 240 pounds. Fortunately, the girls all take after Brenda. Tracey, 18, just graduated from our local high school. She is the mirror image of her mom, except with slightly larger tits, I’m guessing B-cups. She came on to me before I brought Marie home with me, but since then she has looked up to Marie like a big sister or close confidant. Then there’s Stacey (see what I mean?) who’s sixteen and going into eleventh grade. Believe it or not, she came on to me, too, jumping into my lap at a St. Patrick’s Day party and grinding her ass into my cock while looking into my eyes and smiling at me at the same time. She’s about five foot seven, rail thin with A-cups, but quite the hot looking little package who flirts openly with anyone carrying a dick in their pants regardless of their age. Finally, was Lacey, 14, the biggest flirt of all, and only in ninth grade. All three girls were born in mid-December which must have meant that Brenda attended some wild St. Pat’s parties when she was younger.

They waved to us so there was no escaping them. We had a great relationship—Brenda was Marie’s first and best friend here and their teenage daughters thought of Marie as an honorary older sister. Marie gave me a peck on the cheek and pulled me toward their yard. “Been at the beach, eh?” Ray joked.

“Yep,” replied Marie, hiding her hand and ring. ‘George wanted to go and I’m really glad I did. We saw one of those planes pulling a banner and you’ll never guess what it said.” I looked at Brenda and the girls; I could see that they were paying close attention. Marie ended the suspense by jumping up and down as she yelled, “Marie will you marry me?” She whipped her hand from behind her back to show her ring. Now there is no worse sight than seeing five females jumping up and down in celebration so I turned away to take a can of beer from Ray who greeted me with, “About fucking time, George, I thought she’d have your whole family before you got around to it.” He gave me a playful punch in the shoulder before grinning ear to ear and pumping my hand with his congratulations.

We were interrupted by Marie asking, “George, when are we getting married, anyway?”

“Tuesday afternoon at three; we have to get our license Tuesday morning.” I almost fell from laughing at Marie’s shocked expression. “Neither of us has any family,” I continued, “and the Thompsons are the only real friends we have so it’s going to be a really small ceremony. I made an appointment with the Justice of the Peace last week. That’s OK with you, isn’t it?”

“Oh, yes, George, I can hardly wait.”

“Can we come?” It was Tracey. When Marie nodded she turned to her mom, “Can we, Mom?”

Before Brenda could answer Marie suggested, “Tracey, I’m going to need a maid of honor. Interested?” Now they began jumping anew. I thought they’d never stop so I grabbed Marie saying we needed a shower and we’d be back. I brought her hurriedly into our house. I stripped Marie out of her wet suit and I joined her in the shower. In our excitement the wet suits had gotten us chilled and I didn’t want Marie to get sick as a result. I held her close, rubbing her skin as we luxuriated in the steamy water. I took the soap, rubbing it over Marie’s perfect skin. I washed her back and butt cheeks before running my fingers up and down her crack. “This is really important,” I told her seriously, “We wouldn’t want any sand getting in the wrong places, would we?” Marie looked up at me, nodding as though I were really serious.

“I think I want my ass to be free of any sand right now, especially if I get to use it the way I’m thinking. Use plenty of soap on my asshole, George. Then let’s wash your cock really well, too.” I knew when to follow directions so I soaped up Marie’s fine butt hole then moved it to my cock. I turned to see Marie bend over and clutch her ankles. “Go ahead, George, I’m not going to break, you know.”

Marie braced herself against the shower wall as I stepped behind her, my rock hard cock poised at her anus. I soaped again—both organs—and pushed. Slowly my cock forced its way into her tight dark cavern. Once in Marie pushed back against my intrusion. Her tight sphincter gripped my cock like vise-like fingers squeezing and constricting my organ. The resistance was incredible, so tight the loose skin on my cock remained stationary in the strong circular muscle, with only the hard tissue within actually moving as Marie drove me to an incredible orgasm. “Fuck me, George. Fuck me harder,” Marie pleaded as she met my every thrust with one of her own. So intent was Marie on making me cum she barely noticed when I reached under her to rub and pinch her clit, but she found out quickly enough when my fingers touched her hard hot little button. I used my nails to irritate it while I rammed two fingers into her cunt in search of her G-spot. I knew I was getting close—the only reason I hadn’t cum yet was Marie’s wonderful blowjob less than an hour ago. I felt her ass begin to spasm as her pussy clenched around my fingers; her orgasm was coming on strong. Marie’s body was going through a series of growing tremors. On and on they went building to a crescendo before ebbing suddenly. It was at that point that I thrust forcefully into her as my semen jetted deep into her bowel. Marie began to collapse as my orgasm continued; I held her up until I was too exhausted to continue. I eased her down to sit in my lap, my cock still in her ass, the hot water still cascading over our bodies.

Chapter 2

We sat there together for what seemed an hour as we recovered. “Damn, George, that was some incredible orgasm,” Marie finally said when she had recovered. My cock had softened at last and slipped out of her beautiful ass. Cum drained all over my legs. I struggled to my feet, pulling Marie up with me as we finally finished our shower. I dried Marie lovingly, taking time to pat dry every part of her luscious body, before drying myself. Marie pointed to the clock—we should have been back at the Thompson’s by now so we dressed hurriedly, Marie tying her damp hair into a ponytail as we walked out the door.

Ray and Brenda greeted us warmly once again and the girls all wanted more details on the proposal. Ray, in his usual sarcastic manner commented on the length of our shower. “Geez, forty-five minutes for two showers—you must have some hot water heater,” was what he said, but what he meant had more to do with the sex he suspected we’d had than any cleaning that had occurred. Not to be outdone I replied, “Forty-five minutes—one shower, Ray!” I took a beer and walked away leaving him to draw his own conclusions.

It was almost time for dinner so we all had to give Ray our orders; the adults all had burgers, the girls, hot dogs. There was also a delightful tossed green salad, some homemade potato salad, and coleslaw. We enjoyed the food and the company and the conversation. It was amusing to listen to the girls fantasize about our upcoming wedding; it was not amusing, however, when Stacey ran her hand up my leg shortly after dinner. We said our good-byes shortly before nine pleading exhaustion from our day at the beach. The only negative came just after dinner when Marie withdrew from the conversation.

Her mood continued at home as we undressed, showered again, and made our way to bed, naked as usual. I lay on my left side with Marie spooned in front of me. I put my arm over her, pulling her even closer. I loved the touch of Marie’s skin and experiencing it from head to toe was something I looked forward to every night. We lay in silence for almost thirty minutes when I heard the barest whisper, “Are you awake, George?”

“Ummm hmmm,” I replied, rubbing her stomach.

“Good…because I have to talk to you. It’s important; it’s taken me all day to build up the nerve.”

“Wow,” I whispered back as I lifted her right leg over mine, placing it behind my body. “That must be important. What is it, Marie?”

“I’m afraid when I finish you’re going to hate me.” I rubbed my cock into her slit; it was wet and hot. “Ohhh…George, what are you doing? This is important.”

“Don’t worry, Darling, I can multitask—fucking you with my cock and listening with my ears.” I made my initial thrust, driving almost six inches into her silken pussy.

“George,” Marie whined, “please…I need to talk to you. It’s going to be hard enough without you fucking me.”

“OK, I promise to keep perfectly still.” This was a promise I knew was impossible to keep.

“George, I have to confess…I lied to you. Our whole relationship is based on a lie!” She started to cry, the sobs wracking her body. It was time for me to confess.

“Marie, I have a confession, too…I know all about it.” Marie stopped crying and jerked her head around to look at me. “When I met you at your apartment you gave me the impression you were a wanton woman. Just the opposite is true, isn’t it?”

She began sobbing again, “Yes, George,” she sniffed, “but how…?”

“It was easy, Marie. Wanton women use sex all the time—not only at home, but at work, shopping…everywhere. You never once used your sexuality at work, did you?” Marie shook her head and sniffed; I could just make it out in the darkness. “And, your bustier was brand new—it still had the tag on the back. I saw it when you led me into your apartment. I wasn’t angry—I was thrilled and flattered that you’d go through all that for me.”

“Yes, George, but the real me is timid, meek, and shy.” I took her head in my hands as I resumed fucking her, “Ooohhh…George…that feels so good. I love when you fuck me.”

“OK, Marie, I’m going to answer you and then I never want to hear this silliness again. Have you been timid with me?”

“Umm…no, George. Ohhhhhhhh….”

“Have you been meek or shy?”

“No, George. Oh, God, that feels so good!”

“Yes, it does feel wonderful, but to continue--why are people meek, timid, or shy, Marie?”

“I am because I’m afraid. That’s why I hardly ever dated, and why I never had a real boyfriend.”

“Right, so why aren’t you timid or shy with me? Because you’re not afraid, Marie; doesn’t that tell you something about our relationship? You’re not afraid because you love and trust me just as much as I love and trust you. You didn’t lie to me, Marie…a little fib, maybe, but I knew all about it the entire time. There was no reason to tell you. I was afraid I’d embarrass you and I’d never do that to you.”

“Yes, but wait until you hear this…I...I…I got pregnant on purpose.”

“OK, Marie, I knew that, too. Remember when I first asked if I could cum in you? You told me, ’No, I’m not on anything.’ Later you begged me to cum in your pussy. I knew when I did that there was a chance you’d become pregnant and I did it anyway—willingly…eagerly! It might have been a problem if you had used your pregnancy to trick me into marrying you, but you sent me away--remember? I made the decision to come back and I haven’t regretted that for even a second. I had a hunch you were pregnant. That’s why I asked you about it and know what? I am thrilled—ecstatic—about it. I can’t wait to marry you. Now can we stop all this talking and get back to the fucking?”

Marie obviously agreed. She pushed me over onto my back so she’d be in reverse cowgirl on my cock. Planting her feet on the bed Marie began to work me, bending my cock in her tight tunnel. Faster and faster she forced my cock into and out of her cunt. She was working hard for me and I wanted to help her. I reached around with both arms so I could attack her steaming clit with both hands. Marie groaned as I massaged her clit with my fingers. I couldn’t hold back and neither could she. Our discussion had been a catharsis for her, lifting a weight, even though it was an imaginary one, from her shoulders. Marie arched her back before falling onto my chest, her orgasm sending shockwaves through her body. As Marie fell onto me I shot one river of cum after another into her. My thrusts ejected semen from her as it was squeezed out of her cunt with every push I made.

I rolled her off me and turned her around so we faced each other. I kissed her cheek tenderly. “Now, Marie, I will forgive all your ‘transgressions’ on one condition—that you never again let something get so serious without telling me what’s on your mind, and, in return, I promise the same to you. Is it a deal?”

“George, how did I ever get so lucky that I wound up with you? Yes, it’s a deal.”

“Marie, I’m the lucky one here. On a scale of one to ten you have to be at least a fifteen. You’re beautiful, sexy, intelligent, and more incredibly, you actually love me. Let’s face it—on that same scale I’m probably no more than a five or six.”

“Now it’s my turn to scold. There’s much more to a person than good looks, although in my opinion you’re far more than adequate in that department. I consider myself lucky to have you, but in the interest of preserving our relationship I will grant that we’re both very lucky. Now let me clean your cock for you then we’ll get some sleep. Marie pushed me onto my back to lick my cock clean. Her long tongue circled my helmet before moving down to my shaft. She licked up from the base cleansing me with every stroke, but she had another effect, too. Every time her tongue touched me I got harder and harder. When she finished I could just make out the gleam in her violet eyes. “George, just look at what I’ve done. Aren’t I the naughty one? We should be sleeping and all we’re doing is fucking.”

“You are a terrible, terrible person, Marie Shaw. I can hardly wait until we’re married so you’ll stop all this horrible fucking and let me get some sleep.”

Marie laughed and laughed, “George, I’m never going to stop fucking you. You’d better get into the habit of taking a nap in the afternoon, although I may fuck you then, too.” She rubbed my cock up and down her slit and when it was wet enough she slowly lowered herself until she was completely impaled. Leaning down to kiss me she whispered, “George, I’ll never tire of this feeling, of you filling me and stretching my pussy walls. You make my whole body tingle—and then it gets so much better.” Her tongue penetrated my mouth, wrapping itself around mine as she began to rock. My erection felt like it was granite, yet she bent it like a garden hose. Her friction was intense as she moved us to mutual nirvana. Marie worked like a woman possessed. Our bodies were covered in sweat; our sheets were a mess. Even though I had cum only minutes ago I wasn’t going to last long under Marie’s onslaught—and neither was she. Her breathing had changed; it was shallow and rapid, her eyes were glassy. I’d never seen a woman fuck like Marie was fucking. She reminded me of a male dog on his bitch until she suddenly exploded in a powerful orgasm that shook her body like a leaf in a hurricane. Marie screamed at the top of her lungs as the orgasm ruled over her. Her reaction was all it took for me to cum my fourth time in just a few hours. It wasn’t as powerful as Marie’s—how could it be after cumming only minutes earlier—but it was sensational as I poured what seemed like a gallon of cum up into her wonderful pussy only to have it run back down onto me. When she collapsed on my chest I held her close, smothering her face in tender kisses.

Several minutes later we had recovered enough to stagger arm-in-arm to the shower where we cleaned each other slowly and carefully while telling each “I love you” over and over. Once we were dry we stripped the bed, threw on some new sheets and blankets, and climbed in to fall asleep in seconds, Marie’s body draped over mine.

Chapter 3

Not surprisingly we slept in the following morning, not waking until almost ten. Marie insisted on a long tongue-laden kiss which I welcomed despite my morning breath, something that Marie had oddly never objected to. We rose, relieved ourselves, and retired to the screen porch for a continental breakfast of juice, coffee, English muffins, butter and jam. We sat there naked, enjoying the warm weather and the light breeze until we heard Brenda calling us. Marie scurried in for robes and returned only seconds before Brenda appeared at the screen door. She gave us a knowing look but tactfully said nothing, inquiring instead about Marie’s health, “Ray and I were concerned last night. There seemed to be something bothering you after dinner. Are you OK?”

“Thanks for your concern, Brenda,” Marie replied. “I was feeling a little off last night—the excitement of the day, perhaps, but George put me to bed last night and took real good care of me so I got a great night’s sleep and I feel wonderful today. In fact, I was going to ask George to take me fishing later.” We chatted for a while before Brenda excused herself. “I really would like to go fishing, George. Can we?”

I pulled up my laptop to check the tide. We would fish for flounder by drifting in the inlet and the best time for that would begin two hours before high tide and end two after. The tide was projected for 4:13 p.m. in the inlet so we had plenty of time to prepare. I suggested we leave the dock around 1:30 so we’d be on station by 2:00. All I had to do was check the minnow traps at the end of the dock. We threw on shorts and t-shirts and walked down the dock. I had two traps here for capturing mud minnows—prime bait for flounder (fluke for you from the northeast). I found several dozen healthy specimens so we’d have plenty. I returned to Marie on the bench intent on returning to the house. Marie patted the seat so I joined her as she put her hand to the back of my head, pulling me into a long tender and loving kiss. She broke the kiss several minutes later, mouthing the words, “Thank you.” My reply was simple—I pulled her back into another long wonderful kiss.

We returned to the house later than I had planned, but was I complaining? No way! I went to the garage for our rods and tackle. I put a sinker and hook on each rod. I planned to bring four—the more lines in the water the better our chances of actually catching something, although we’d have a good time together even if we didn’t. I loaded everything into the boat, checked the gas, made sure the drain plug was in place, and put about three dozen mud minnows into the live well with five gallons of water. I lowered the hoist so the boat was in the water just as Marie arrived with our cooler with drinks and sandwiches for our dinner. On an impulse we returned to the house for our swim suits—just in case the fishing was really slow. We left for the inlet only fifteen minutes behind schedule.

The weather conditions were almost ideal—low but consistent winds. There were a lot of boats in the area, but most of them were parked along Bird Island just as ours was on our first trip here. I drove us almost two-thirds of the way out by the breakwaters before starting our first drift. I used my depth finder to keep track of the bottom, something I found useful although Marie thought it silly. “Just put your bait in the water and pray—that’s my philosophy,” she’d told me almost every time we fished. Unfortunately, she usually caught more and bigger fish than I did so there was no convincing her that science had played a part in her luck. Today proved to be no exception. We had drifted for less than five minutes when she got the first strike. Marie played the fish patiently before setting the hook deep. I watched her rod bend almost in two, anticipating a really big one. I was surprised when she pulled up a useless skate. I hated these ugly fish whose only purpose on earth seemed to be stealing the bait of hapless fishermen. Using my pliers I twisted the hook free allowing the homely critter to fall back into the water. I re-baited Marie’s hook; she had it back into the water in seconds.

“OK, I have to admit that was pretty funny,” Marie told me as she concentrated on her line, “but I’ll bet I do better today than you.”

“All right, define better and what stakes?”

“I’ll bet you I catch more fish than you.”

“That doesn’t mean anything,” I replied, “It only means something if we’re talking about keepers. And what are we betting for?”

“OK, more keepers and winner gets a blowjob from the loser.” I had to laugh—how could I lose?

“You have a bet!” I leaned in to seal it with a long hot kiss. I broke it a moment later to react to a strong strike on my rod. I waited five seconds to set the hook before I slowly pulled in a big flounder—a four pounder that had pulled my drag several times before exhausting itself in my net. Three more times I pulled in a good sized flounder while Marie sat by idly. The fish disappeared when the tide turned—neither of us got even a bite between 4:20 and 5:15, but around 5:30 Marie got a hard strike. She played the fish for almost ten minutes before bringing it to the boat. She looked down in disgust—it was, indeed, a big fish, but it was hardly something we’d want to keep. Marie had caught a twenty pound bonnet-head shark. Using my knife she cut the leader and the fish slipped below the water.

“OK, George, I concede. You win the bet.” I folded up the rods, released the remaining mud minnows, and headed for shore to enjoy our dinner. I anchored in about eight feet of water on the sheltered side of the island. I hosed down the boat, removing any blood or slime while Marie retrieved our sandwiches, some pickles, and two cans of ginger ale. In addition to alcohol, Marie was told to limit her intake of caffeine—one cup of coffee daily was her limit.

I enjoyed my sandwich immensely; something about eating on the water always gave me a great appetite, but I was looking forward to dessert even more. Marie had just finished her dinner when she fell to the deck. “Time for my dessert and your reward. Good fishing, my love.” She reached carefully for my cock which had hardened dramatically in the past few seconds. It pulsed with every heartbeat in the open air. Marie leaned in to teasingly lick the pre-cum from my tip, maintaining eye contact every second. Her violet eyes shone like stars in the night as she swallowed my manhood is a single gulp—all eight-plus inches disappearing into her throat in a split second. She backed off for a second, smiling as she told me, “I’m glad I lost the bet, George, but I have another confession—I spent half the time fishing without bait. I wanted to lose; I wanted to suck your cock, but, more than that, I wanted to do it here, in the open, where there is a chance of being discovered and seen.”

Then she went to work on me. Oh, did she go to work on me! She inhaled my cock, sucking me like a vacuum cleaner. I could see the indentations in her cheeks as I slid into her mouth. My cock popped from the suction when she released me. All the while that magnificent tongue was washing me from tip to base. I tensed—pre-ejaculatory—and fired river after river of white hot cum into her mouth. After the first three she removed me so her chest could receive the final blasts. She rubbed the viscous fluid all over the tops of her firm breasts. It was a sight to make me want to cum again—if only it was possible! Wait until we got home tonight!

Marie rose, ripped off her boat shoes, and dove over the side. Even almost five months pregnant she was lithe and athletic. She surfaced smiling and waving for me to join her. I dove in, catching her half-way to shore. I pulled her under, turned her around and into an underwater kiss as I groped around for her pussy. I pulled her suit aside, probing her cunt with my fingers while she untied my trunks, pulled them down, and stroked me rapidly to my full hardness. She broke the kiss, surfaced, and lay back to float, making her pussy fully accessible to my raging hard-on. All I had to do was pull her close to me and I slid straight into her clenching cunt. Her weightlessness in the water made for some new and fantastic sensations. I wrapped her legs around my waist as I drove repeatedly into her. There were still plenty of people about but they were all on the inlet side of the island. The area in which I had anchored was as deserted as was the ocean beach where we had made love when I had first brought Marie home with me almost a month ago. We freely expressed our love for each other—Marie meeting me when I thrust forward as I adjusted my height in search of her G-spot. Marie trembled when I found it, telling me, “That’s just right, George. Keep…it…up. Keep…it…up. Ooooohhhhh, yes…I’m…cumming!”

I started laughing; Marie’s shaking was making waves in the water. Had anyone been nearby they would have noticed for sure Marie’s orgasmic bliss. Finally, she lay still, floating easily in the water until she raised her head. “What about you, George? I want you to cum, you know.”

“Marie,” I said quietly, “you just did take care of me…remember? I think I poured a gallon of cum down your throat. I’d have to be Superman to be able to cum again so quickly. This one was for you. But, it’s getting cooler. I think we should get back into the boat and dry off.” We swam together to the boat, lowered the stern ladder, and climbed back aboard. We toweled each other dry, pulled the anchor and headed home.

Chapter 4

Tuesday morning was a crystal clear day with the temperature in the low eighties, the sky Carolina blue, punctuated with the occasional fluffy cumulus cloud. Marie and I walked into Town Hall for our license at 9:05 exactly. The whole process took us about forty minutes, mainly because we shared the same last name. We had to sign affidavits stating that we were not blood relatives. We returned home elated. Marie went next door to visit with Brenda; they were almost ready even though we wouldn’t have to leave for another four hours. The girls, she told me later, were all working around with curlers in their hair. I thought that went out in the sixties, but what did I know about women’s fashions or practices. Marie told Brenda that we would take all of them out for dinner that evening to celebrate. She was as nervous as a cat in a rocking chair store when she returned home. I made her lie down and rest, but she refused unless I joined her. I lay on my back and pulled Marie to me. Her head was on my chest, her arm across my body, her leg over mine so her pussy pressed against my thigh. I kissed her head, inhaling the fragrance of her hair as I massaged her neck. I could feel her heart beat ease and soon it was back to normal. We rested there for more than an hour until Marie told me she had to pee, a side effect of her pregnancy. She told me it would get worse as she neared full term.

We ate a leisurely lunch and reviewed our vows—we decided to write our own. Marie called Brenda just before we left. She laughed when she told me they were already at the Justice’s chambers. We joined them fifteen minutes later, walked in hand-in-hand, and waited until three o’clock. We were invited in only five minutes after. Standing before the Justice it was pretty obvious that Tracey was terribly nervous. I leaned over, placed my hand on her arm and reminded her, “It’s Marie who’s getting married!” We shared a chuckle and she seemed to relax a bit more. When the Justice appeared we told him we had our own vows so he stepped back.

“Marie, there was a time when we were apart and it was the darkest part of my life, blacker than I could have imagined. When we got together again it was like the sun was born and I moved out into its warmth and light. Being with you is everything I could ever have hoped for. You are absolutely everything to me—without you I am nothing.” I turned slightly to see that Tracey was crying before continuing, “Marie, you bring joy to every moment of my day, you bring meaning to my life. Will you marry me, love and cherish me, forever?”

“George,” Marie replied, “I will…with all my heart.”

Then Marie continued, “George, I used to be a timid mouse, afraid of my own shadow, afraid of men and love. Then I met you and you gave me confidence and strength with your love. Your love has made me the woman I always dreamed of becoming. Like you, I suffered terribly when we were apart. That’s something I could not endure again. Please, George, will you marry and love me for the rest of my life?”

Looking directly into Marie’s beautiful violet eyes, I replied, “I will, Marie, and longer. I will love and honor you forever.”

Ray handed me the rings. I placed Marie’s—a platinum band with twenty channel set diamonds-- on her finger. Neither of us was shaking or nervous. Marie took my ring—a platinum band with a single channel set diamond-- and without breaking our eye contact placed it on my finger. We squeezed hands before breaking contact. We turned and faced the Justice.

“Don’t just stand there. Kiss your bride.” I turned back to Marie and we kissed. It was the most tender, most loving kiss yet. We broke it only when the Justice said, “I now pronounce you man and wife.” We turned to leave and found Tracey bawling like a baby. Beyond her Stacey and Lacey joined her. I looked at Ray and he only shrugged as if to say, “Women!”

We drove home to an impromptu party in the Thompsons’ back yard. We removed our suit coats and loosened our ties as we sat on the lawn with a few beers and wine. Marie politely declined any alcohol because of her pregnancy. It was a pleasant way to waste a few hours before we all headed out to dinner on Mr. and Mrs. Shaw—that was us and it had a wonderful sound!

We returned home around nine after a wonderful Italian meal at a premier restaurant just up the road in Ocean Isle. I stopped Marie in the garage, picking her up to carry her over the threshold as newly married couples have done for generations. Marie laughed, “I used to be a lot lighter.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” I replied as I kissed her all the way into the bedroom. I lay her gently on the bed, Kneeling, I slowly removed her clothing. “I can’t believe how beautiful you are, Marie. You’re just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the surface, and that’s nothing less than spectacular.” I kissed and massaged her feet, losing my own clothes as I moved up her legs. Her thighs were like silk, incredibly soft and smooth. She had just trimmed her soft feathery bush so her labia seemed more pronounced, more swollen than they were, if possible. Marie was leaking pussy juice at an incredible rate; I leaned in to sample her nectar. It tasted so wonderful—sweet and musky, laden with the essence of her sexuality. Slowly I penetrated her tight velvet tunnel with my tongue. In a few seconds I began to tongue fuck her while I stimulated her clit with my upper teeth and fingers. Marie gripped my head, her fingers deep in my hair as she pulled me into her pussy. “Ohhhh…George…ohhhhh…ohhhhh…ahhhhh,” Marie gasped as her first orgasm took control of her. She trembled and shook as her body was coated in sweat. Finally, it passed and Marie’s breathing became deeper and more regular.

“I love you so much, Darling,” I whispered in her ear as I pushed her fully on to the bed and joined her. Marie pulled me into a long deep and loving kiss. Her long tongue swirled in my mouth, pulling my tongue into hers, teasing me. I was hard from my oral exertions on her hot cunt, but now, after being mercilessly teased by her tongue, my cock was throbbing with every heartbeat. I needed her and I needed her now. Sensing my predicament Marie pushed me onto my back and straddled my hips. Slowly, tantalizingly, she rubbed the sensitive underside of my erection into her wet slit. I groaned and groaned, “Please, Marie…please…fuck me. I need you so badly…now!”

“Of course, my love; I live to fuck you. I love fucking you. Just lie there and let me work for you.” She placed her hands on my chest, leaned forward, and when she moved back I slid deeply into her hot wet cunt. Marie leaned forward, both to rub her clit into me and to kiss me passionately, pushing her tongue into my mouth, wrapping it around mine in an expression of her love and lust. Breaking the kiss, Marie really went to work on my cock, rocking furiously and bending my hard cock as she drove us to a spectacular climax. Faster and faster she went until we were both drenched in sweat, exhausted, but still in need of release. I could feel the familiar churning begin in my balls. “Oh, Marie, you’re doing it. I’M CUMMING!” I screamed as I poured what seemed to be a gallon of hot white sperm-laden cum into her cunt.

‘Oh, God, George, I can feel your cum shooting into me. It’s too much…I’m going to…CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!” Marie collapsed onto me. We were both too drained to even move. We fell asleep with Marie atop me, my shrinking cock just slipping from her pussy as cum drained onto my abdomen, legs, balls, and ultimately, the blanket and sheets.

I woke to a hard nipple being brushed over my lips. Keeping my eyes closed I licked around her areola and nipple before bringing it into my mouth to suckle. My hand found her other breast. I massaged and rubbed it roughly—urgently—until Marie moaned. She didn’t speak other than to whisper how much she loved me. Then she lowered herself onto my morning wood. Her heat, as always, was incredible; the tightness and grip of her pussy on my cock, awesome. She placed her feet on the mattress so she could rise and fall on my cock. She lifted herself almost to the limit of my dick then fell back again. Over and over Marie fucked me until I could feel a stirring in my loins. I reached up to rub and pinch her clit; Marie responded by throwing her head back and arching her back. We came together—trembled together, shook together, and finally, collapsed together.

I rubbed Marie’s back as she lay atop me, slightly tilted to one side because of her swollen belly. “Is this what I have to look forward to as a married man?”

“Absolutely—at least, I hope so!” We laughed together, kissed, and headed for the shower where we cleansed each other, dried each other, and, eventually, dressed, ready for our first full day as a married couple. Over breakfast I asked Marie if she would like to go on a trip while she still could. She agreed enthusiastically, adding she’d like a golf trip. We checked several locales on the internet before deciding on St. Augustine, less than two days drive down in Florida. I booked a package online and we spent most of the day getting ready. I checked our golf bags, made sure we had plenty of balls and gloves, gassed up the X5. Marie packed the suitcases—golf clothes, bathing suits, sunscreen, and even some semi-formal outfits in case we had the opportunity to go to a show, or maybe even a casino.

We rose early the following morning, stopped for a good breakfast at one of the many pancake houses in Myrtle Beach then headed toward I-95 via Florence. We drove all day, finishing in Brunswick, Georgia, less than thirty minutes from the Florida border. We ate dinner in a barbeque restaurant we both found delightful. The interior was a hokey faux-western motif, but the food was plentiful and inexpensive. I used the “Smokin’ Hot” sauce; Marie used something a lot milder—she was having enough problems with heartburn as it was.

Marie had a difficult night, waking often to use the bathroom, so I handled most of the driving the following day as we arrived in St. Augustine in the early afternoon. We checked in and tried to book a round of golf that afternoon. Marie had rested all the way down from Georgia and was feeling much better. We booked at the King and Bear, a course at the World Golf Village designed by Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. We were paired with two men who laughed when they saw my very pregnant wife step onto the first tee. We introduced ourselves and teed off, Marie opting for the senior men’s tees rather than the women’s. I smoked my drive about 295 yards down the right middle while they hit about 210 and 220. Marie stroked her ball more than 225 yards, also down the middle. Their laughing ended immediately when Marie hit a wedge to within ten feet of the hole and putted out for a par; I also had a par. Marie had two birdies and ten bogies. I had three birdies and five bogies, so when we finished Marie had shot a very respectable 80; I had a 74, only two strokes over par. Our two critics scored in the mid-nineties. They invited us to join them for a drink and asked the obvious question of Marie—“You have a great game, how long have you been playing?” Marie responded honestly, “George introduced me to the game about two months ago. I really enjoy it—we play three or four times a week, although not for too much longer unfortunately.” I thought the guys were going to choke on their beer—nobody plays that well after only a couple of months, but Marie I had learned was a tremendous natural athlete.

We had a wonderful vacation—well, to be honest, every day is a vacation for us. Still, it was great to get away. We played golf, swam in the warm ocean and even spent a day deep sea fishing. Yes, Marie out-fished me again, catching a sailfish and a bull dolphin while I got skunked, losing three fish near the boat! When we got back home Marie couldn’t wait to tell the Thompsons about the trip, her great golfing, and how she beat me fishing. That night as we made ready for bed Marie asked me, “Don’t you owe me something for out-fishing you?”

“Ha! I didn’t realize that bet was going to hold every time we went fishing.” Of course, I was teasing her and she knew it, but, playing along, she began to pout until I pulled her into a hot kiss. Breaking it I whispered, “You know I love eating your pussy. We don’t need a silly bet.” I kissed her again and made my journey down to her tasty cunt. I made several detours, stopping at each delicious breast where I licked my way around each bumpy areola and her hard hot nipples. Next I kissed and licked her navel and all around her swollen abdomen before moving between her legs. I raised and separated her legs as I applied my tongue to her labia, licking up one side and down the other. I pushed her legs up so I could massage her breasts which were now at least a double-D and pinch her nipples. I licked Marie’s slit, soaking up her juices on my tongue. I had played with Marie so far, getting her hot, but ignoring her clit. From my vantage point I could see it poking from its hood, red and hard and engorged. I tongue fucked Marie, ramming my tongue deep into her hole. Marie was panting, her breathing irregular, when I finally relented, taking her clit into my mouth, sucking it between my teeth. She grabbed my head, almost pulling my hair out as her passion overcame her. When I licked and sucked in addition to the gentle biting I had begun Marie exploded, bathing my face as she squirted several times. I dropped her legs and climbed up the bed to join her. I expected her to be drained—exhausted—from her sexual exertions, but, instead, she began to lick and kiss her ejaculations from my face. We fell asleep shortly after.

Chapter 5

The summer was uneventful. We continued to play golf almost until Labor Day when her doctor suggested she take it easy her final month. We still fished several times a week and I gladly ate her tasty pussy every time she beat me, which was often. We continued fucking right up until Labor Day weekend. We used cowgirl and doggie almost exclusively now—it was just so much easier with her belly enlarged to hold not one but two babies. It was Friday night, just before bed when I kneeled behind her. I slowly pushed and was almost completely in when I heard her cry out in pain. I pulled out immediately. “Go ahead, George, it’s not too bad. I can take it.”

“Absolutely not, Marie; I’m not hurting you and I’m not taking any chances with our babies. I’ll do without.”

Marie turned around and I could see the look of determination in her face, “Oh, yeah? Even if we can’t fuck we can still do other stuff, can’t we? I’m going to take care of you one way or the other.” She pulled me up onto the bed, flipped me on my back, and engulfed my cock into her hot wet mouth. Using her mouth and tongue she fucked me to a spectacular orgasm. It was all she could do to swallow my entire load.

Tuesday, September 8th, was a day I’ll never forget. I played golf with a men’s league at a nearby club. I eagled their famous 679-yard par six with a 300-yard drive, a 230-yard fairway club, and a lob wedge to within fifteen feet of the hole. It was a twisting putt with a double break. The ball died just as it fell into the hole. I couldn’t wait to tell Marie! I joined my fellow golfers for lunch and a few beers before driving home. Parking my Porsche in the garage I walked in calling, “Marie…Marie I’m home.” I was surprised there was no answer. I looked in the living room and bedroom for her before checking the room we’d set up for our twins—still no Marie. I returned toward the kitchen. My eyes went big as saucers, my heart in my throat—Marie lay on the floor in a small pool of blood. “MARIE!, I shouted. I checked her pulse—it was regular but weak. I grabbed the phone and called 911. While I waited for an answer I opened the gate and the garage door with my remote. I sat on the floor to cradle Marie’s head in my lap. The emergency operator took my information as I tried unsuccessfully to remain calm.

After breaking the connection I phoned her doctor who told me to have her taken to Myrtle Beach’s Grand Strand Hospital where she’d meet us. Finally, after what seemed to be an interminable wait, I could hear sirens approach. The first was a Sheriff’s deputy. For some reason I pushed my security remote after he gave me a funny look. It proved to be a good decision. He shoved me out of the way which I wouldn’t have minded if he did anything to help Marie, but he didn’t. He just waited for several minutes doing nothing but keeping me away from my love until the EMT’s arrived. I told them that her obstetrician wanted her to go to Myrtle Beach, and they left immediately. I went to follow but was detained by the deputy. Shortly thereafter, two detectives entered and began interrogating me—a suspect in a domestic abuse case! I patiently explained what had happened, even showing them my pro shop receipt and a gas receipt from a purchase I’d made on the way home. No matter what I said, no matter how I explained, they were determined that I had assaulted Marie. They even started pushing me around.

Eventually, I ran out of patience. “Listen, I’m going to the hospital. You can either arrest me or get the hell off my property. If you arrest me be prepared to deal with my attorney. I have plenty of money and I can afford the best lawyer in the state.” The detective’s response was to punch me in the stomach.

“Listen, asshole, there’s nothing you can do. We’re in control here, not you. Who would believe you, anyway? It would just be your word against ours—two highly respected officers of the law.”

“You think so? My word against yours? Guess again—this whole episode is on video, so who’s the asshole now? See these little cameras in the ceiling? I turned them on when your deputy arrived and shoved me away from my wife. Now I’m going. I dare you to stop me. My security company has the evidence and the only way you’ll ever get it is with my permission, and that’s never going to happen.” I got up and walked out the door. On the way I yelled, “I’m setting the alarm now. If you don’t get out in one minute the alarm will go to the Sheriff’s office. Then you can explain why you’re in my empty house.” I jumped into the Porsche and took off. It was all I could do to keep under the speed limit. I got to the hospital in just over forty minutes.

Running into the emergency room I learned that Marie had been taken to surgery and that Dr. Jonnson was with her. I was told to sit, but how could I? I paced for several hours. I couldn’t believe that I had been brought back from the dead for this. Was this someone’s idea of a sick joke? Eventually, more than two hours later, Dr. Jonnson found me. “You can relax, Mr. Shaw, everything is OK.” I thought I’d collapse so I put my hand against the wall to steady myself. “Marie,” the doctor continued, ”is in room 227. She’s going to be fine. I had to take the babies by C-section to save them as well as your wife. They’re in incubators but they’re healthy and should be out in about two weeks once we have their body weight up within normal parameters. Marie will be unconscious for a few hours yet so you may want to get something to eat.”

“If it’s all the same to you, doctor, I want to be with her.” Dr. Jonnson pointed me in the direction of her room. I found Marie with a bunch of tubes in her and monitors tracking her vitals. I took a chair, sat down, and prayed. I sat there well into the night when Marie stirred slightly. I took her hand, kissing and stroking it gently. She didn’t open her eyes but I would have sworn she squeezed me back. I prayed some more. Finally, around eleven Marie opened her eyes, turned her head, and smiled at me weakly. I kissed her hand again and pulled the cord for the nurse. I was amazed to see Dr. Jonnson respond.

She removed some of the tubes—those that were helping Marie breathe and checked her vitals. “You two can talk for a few minutes, but that’s all. I want you to get some more rest.”

“Oh, George,” Marie began hoarsely, “ I’m so sorry. I felt a little dizzy so I went to get a drink of water. I guess I fainted and hit my head. I think it was around 1:30. What about our babies?”

I kissed Marie’s forehead as I explained. “Dr. Jonnson had to take them by C-section so your abdomen will be sore for a while. They’re in incubators and will be, she says, for about two weeks until she’s sure they can sustain themselves. You’re all going to be just fine.”

“Did I hear some cops at the house? I thought I heard someone giving you a hard time.”

“Yes, for some reason they thought I had assaulted you and….”

“That’s absurd…ridiculous,” she interrupted.

“Yes, I know and now that you’re OK you can tell them. The first deputy gave me a funny, kind of an accusatory, look when he came in. I turned on the alarm system’s video. The detectives got a little rough with me, even threatening me, but all that will be on record. I’m going to contact an attorney about suing and maybe prosecuting them. Idiots like that don’t belong on a police force. But, right now I don’t want you getting too excited. Go back to sleep and I’ll visit our children. Then I’ll come back so I’ll be with you when you wake up.”

“What time is it now, George?”

“Just a little after eleven, so go to sleep.” I kissed her forehead again and turned to leave, but Marie held my hand.

“George, if I know you there’s nothing in your stomach. You haven’t eaten any dinner, have you?” When I shook my head she continued, “It won’t do any of us any good if you get sick, will it?” I shook my head again, but before I could leave Marie pulled me down for a kiss. “I love you, George,” she whispered just before falling again to sleep. I kissed her back and left, but not before thanking God for all my blessings.

Chapter 6

The only thing I could find open at that hour was a Wendy’s a couple of miles away. I ordered at the drive through window then parked in the lot to eat as quickly as I could. I knew deep within myself that there was no reason to rush but I couldn’t help myself—I had to get back to the hospital! I finished off the burger and took off, eating the rest of the fries and drink as I drove. The traffic was light at that hour but I stayed under the limit all the way. It was only seventy two blocks but it seemed an eternity. I was relieved when I finally parked in the lot and jogged back into the empty lobby. A security guard tried to stop me but I told him I still had two twins to see. He smiled and pointed me toward the nursery. I stood outside, staring at the two occupied incubators.
Even at this hour there was a nurse on duty. I was incredibly grateful. I thought I had just found another worthwhile charity for my money. From what I could see my children’s heartbeat and respiration rates were higher than normal but regular. I was relieved to see them, but—damn—they were tiny!

I waved at the nurse and she walked over to the window, asking through hand signals which one was mine. I traced letters backwards on the window—S…H…A…W. She lit up and walked straight to the incubators. I nodded “yes.” She replied by giving me a huge smile and flashing the “OK” sign. I blew her a kiss as a way of telling her “thanks.” I returned to Marie.

I sat in the uncomfortable plastic chair all night. I was glad it was so uncomfortable—it kept me awake the entire time. Marie stirred just after eight; I could see she was in pain, no doubt from her incision. I called for the nurse as I leaned over to hug and kiss my love. For the first time in the past two days she was able to kiss me back. It wasn’t much of a kiss, but it didn’t have to be. We already knew that we loved each other. I anticipated her when I pulled back. “I saw our babies early this morning. They seem to be doing fine.” I told her about my “conversation” with the nurse and I was relieved to actually see her smile. It turned to a frown when she looked beyond me. How she knew these men were the two idiot detectives I will never know. I excused myself, walked past them, and laughed, “Good luck, you’re going to need it. My wife can be a tiger when she’s aroused.”

They were in the room less than ten minutes and when they left they walked right past me without saying a word. They may have been finished with me, but I definitely wasn’t finished with them—not by a long shot!

Marie recovered quickly; she was young and healthy and strong. Just after noon the staff allowed her to visit our children. We were given gowns and surgical masks as well as covers for my shoes. We couldn’t take the babies from the incubator, but we did get a great up-close look. Marie did agree—they were tiny!

When we returned to her room Marie was helped back into the bed. “Well, George, I guess we should come up with some names, don’t you?” I nodded and we talked for almost an hour when I could see she was tired. We agreed on Matthew and Sandra, just two names we liked. I had no family that I knew of and almost all of hers were dead so we had no outside influences. One thing she had insisted on was that we would not use either George or Marie. I agreed completely. I wasn’t all that keen on George anyway. I wanted Marie to sleep and she agreed on the condition that I go home and do the same. Reluctantly, I agreed.

When I got home sleep was far from my thoughts. I walked over to see Ray and Brenda, filling them in on everything. They agreed that some of the Sheriff’s men had been problems for years and hoped I’d follow through. When I went into the house I headed straight for the phone. I’d used a local attorney when I purchased my house so I phoned him for advice. I wanted a top attorney, but not a local one who might be intimidated by the Sheriff. He said he’d call me back.

An hour later I took a call from Raleigh, the state capital. It was the senior partner of a major law firm—a real heavy hitter. We spoke for almost an hour; I retained him and forwarded the video to him for review. Several days later he called again. We definitely had both a strong civil and criminal case. I told him to do whatever was necessary.

Marie came home three days later. I had to help her into the house and I made her promise not to strain herself. I promised I’d do everything for her. I was so thankful she and our children had survived I’d do anything. Marie refused to lie in bed so I made her comfortable on the couch, brought her a small blanket so she’d be warm and gave her a pile of magazines. When I asked if she wanted something to drink she threw one of them at me, but she smiled and laughed as she did. I brought her an iced tea, placing it carefully next to her. I was about to sneak away when she stopped me, “Not so fast, Mister Shaw—over here now,” she said pointing to a spot next to her. I sat and she took my hand. “Remember,” she continued, “I’m not made of glass; I’m not going to break. I’ve been sitting in that damned hospital bed doing nothing so I’m restless. I need to get up and move around. I promise you I won’t over exert myself.” She leaned forward to kiss me. It was long and sweet and tender. She wrapped her long tongue around mine. Marie stroked my cheek as we kissed, so I reached around her to gently pull her closer. “That’s the idea,” she whispered as she placed my hand on her breast. I slowly massaged her, loving the increased size and weight of her wonderful mammary.

She pushed my head down to her swollen nipple, urging me to suckle. Her warm milk trickled into my mouth. “They gave me a breast pump with instructions to use it three or four times a day, but I had a better idea! Wouldn’t you agree?

Chapter 7

I took Marie to visit our babies every day. We always stayed for at least an hour, questioning the nurses and the neo-natal specialist who had taken control of their care. One day I was contacted by the business office about their bill. I just asked them how much and wrote a check. It was over $50,000—way over—but I had the money and all I cared about was their health.

Five days after returning home I took Marie to Dr. Jonnson’s office to have her stitches removed. She was healing nicely, but when she sent me to get the car I saw her whispering to the doctor. I learned about it that night when we retired. Marie leaned back against me, raised her leg over mine and moved my cock toward her pussy. “Marie, what are you doing? I don’t think you’re ready yet.”

“That’s what I was talking to Dr. Jonnson about when you went for the car. She thought you were pressuring me, but, of course, I laughed that off. I know you’d never do anything to hurt me. But I need to feel you within me—it makes me feel loved and wanted. I know it’s silly but that’s how I feel. She said we could, but very carefully.” Slowly she rubbed my cock against her slit. I got hard in a world record time. Grasping me firmly she pulled me into her; I stayed perfectly still—OK, not “PERFECTLY STILL;” I just moved a tiny bit, enough to stimulate her. When she moaned several times and moved against me I knew for sure she was going to be just fine.

My attorney had, over the past week taken the video of the detectives along with Marie’s deposition to the state police. He told me they were extremely interested in prosecuting the case—there was a long history of complaints against the Sheriff and his staff. He also filed a twenty million dollar law suit against the county and the Sheriff’s office. Thus, I was surprised when I answered a call from the gate announcing a visit from the man himself—the Sheriff had come to call. I turned on the video system just before opening the door.

He came right to the point—the lawsuit was going to make his office look bad and he strongly “suggested” that I rethink it. “And if I don’t?” I asked.

“Bad things can happen. You know, we’re always looking for drug dealers and that fancy car of yours can attract a lot of unwanted attention. It could get so bad that you’ll never want to leave your house. And, who knows what might happen to your wife and those two little babies once they come home from the hospital--just a little something for you to think about. I take real good care of my boys and those two who were here are two of my best.” He turned, walked out, and left. I watched his car leave. Five minutes later I received another call from the gate. He identified himself as a lieutenant from the state police. He showed his ID and I buzzed him in.

Unlike my visit from the sheriff this one was extremely cordial. He was following up on the case and had observed the Sheriff entering my driveway. He asked what had transpired so I showed him on my computer. He was smiling ear to ear by the time the show finished. I gave him a copy DVD, telling him the original was for my attorney. Three days later all three, the Sheriff and the two idiot detectives, were arrested on a long list of charges. It turned out that they were all under investigation for a variety of charges including corruption, graft, theft, witness intimidation, and more things than I can list here. A week later the county attorney contacted my attorney about settling the suit. I agreed to take enough to cover my attorney's fee and $500,000 I'd donate to the hospital. The following morning Marie and I brought our two children home. All was well in the world.


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