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Kitty gets fucked by the second cock she's ever seen
I awoke with my dick in my hand, slowly stroking. “Was that a dream?” was my first thought as I opened my eyes & squeezed a little harder as I pumped.

“Fuck really happened! Shit! I gotta think about this. I fucked the hell out of that little 24 year old.”

My thoughts went back to yesterday and the Memorial Day party I hosted at the lake house. Almost 20 people showed up for hamburgers and hotdogs. Since most of my friends are younger than me, lots of 'store bought' food was on the tables as well.

The water was nice and warm here in Texas, so nearly everyone swam…which was fine with me. I love watching girls and young women in wet bathing suits. Some of the women were close to my age, 43, and I figured I had a better shot at getting some attention from them if my trunks were tighter than the younger guys.

Missy & Kitty are sisters who work in a local café. Missy is about 5’4” tall, very pretty, and has a damn nice figure. Needless to say, she gets all the cock she wants...whenever she wants it. She’s only 21 but has been married and divorced.

Kitty, on the other hand isn’t quite 5 feet tall. Her build is a little stocky, but she has a cute little ass and a face that Betty Boop would envy. Although Kitty is able to hold her own with the obscene comments old perverts (like me) make in the café, she never encourages, or gives anybody the opinion that she’d cheat on her husband, Mike.

Kitty’s just recently found out that she’s expecting her second child. Emma, her daughter, is three and just as pretty is her mom.

Back to yesterday… The water was full of swimmers & those who just splash around in the shallows. Missy kept getting in and out of the lake and making some of the other women pissed off because she’d shake her fine tits (with awesome nipples) and ass in front of all the men. I, personally, had no problem with it. If she decided to put some of that pussy on this old man, I’d take it in a second.

Kitty came over to me and asked if I would show her where the bathroom was. “If I just had to pee,” she whispered, “I’d do it in the lake…but I need to poop, if you don’t mind showing me where to go.”

The house is about a sixty yard walk from the shoreline. During that walk, I told Kitty that I thought the new swelling in her belly was very cute, and her butt looked really fine in that bikini bottom.

“It’s not really all that nice, Don. Some things just look better covered than they do bare.”

“I’d be willing to bet a hundred dollars it’s every bit as beautiful when it’s naked. In fact, I’d GIVE a hundred dollars to get a good look at you naked, Kitty.”

The only response I got was a snicker and a ‘yeah, right’.

I showed Kitty to the hallway bathroom & told her I was going to hit the one in the master bathroom myself. Since my cock had been hard for the last couple of hours, I figured I’d jack off while Kitty was taking a shit.

I was just getting to the point where I knew I’d be cumming soon when I heard her.

“Don, can I ask you something?”

“I’m still using the pot, hun, I’ll be out in a minute.”

Then the door pushed open and there stood Kitty with her bare ass towards me, and she was bent away from me slightly…enough for me to see that lovely little, clam shaped, cunt between her legs.

“God, Don, I can’t believe I’m doing this…. Does it look as good naked as it does with my bathing suit on?”

“Kitty! Mike or your dad would kill us both if they knew you were showing me your bare ass.”

I was objecting verbally, but my right hand pumped harder. She turned toward me, and smiled, “Those are the only two men who have ever seen what I just showed you. Wow…your dick is lots bigger than Mike’s. Wait! Don’t shoot your cum, yet.”

I quit stroking, but it wasn’t easy. By then, I was needing to bust that load bad.

“I looked out your window before I took my bottoms off. They’re having so much fun down there, they don’t even know we’re gone.
Mike’s dick isn’t much bigger than your thumb. Uhhhh….can I do that for you?”

“Honey, I’d love for you to jack me off. I’d love to fuck your little pussy. I’d love to eat you until you cum ten times, but we’re gonna get our asses caught & be in some serious shit if we don’t get back to the cookout.”

The little shit wasn’t fazed at all. She jerked the bow in the middle of her top piece and let it drop to the floor, displaying her small tits. She backed to the bed, sat, then leaned back and spread her short legs.

“You can fuck me right here, right now. If you’re standing here with your dick in me, you can watch the crowd, too. Just in case someone does head this way. Please, Don…Mike’s dick is the only one I’ve ever seen, and ever had in me. Please fuck me, please.”

My face went directly to the small patch of dark hair, my fingers into her pussy, and my tongue onto her clit. I knew I couldn’t watch out the window from that position but within seconds I could tell she was about to orgasm.

“Oh..oh..oh! Unggggh...oh..Godddddd! Yessss...yessss!”

Her little hands were tearing at my hair, trying to pull me tighter to her cunt. As soon as she began to subside, I was to the point I couldn’t even think straight. I stood, sank my 6-1/2” fat cock into her tight puss and started humping. I was already so excited, my balls started constricting in just over a minute.
By that time, however, Kitty was literally screaming with another round of orgasms.


As my cum began blasting into her small canal, probably coating her cervix and everything else, I noticed Mike and their daughter, Emma, leaving the edge of the shoreline and heading for the house.
I shot seven or eight streams and pulled out quickly. I noticed Kitty’s curious look and told her, “Mike’s headed this way. Go in my bathroom & get cleaned up. I’ll stall him until you come back in the living room.”

As she hurriedly grabbed some tissues from the nightstand, she caught my arm, “That was the most wonderful fuck I’ve ever had.” She pulled my neck down, kissed me and said, “Thank you.”

It was easy to route Mike to the other bathroom with Emma. I sat in my recliner and winked at Kitty when she came out of my bathroom.

“Thanks, Don. That feels so much better. When a pregnant girl needs to go, she really needs to go.
There’s my big girl! You ready to go swimming with mommy again?”

As I lay in my bed, yesterday’s thoughts transferred to my right hand and my nuts….
I love fucking pregnant women.

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2012-06-21 00:09:35
Understandably short, given the danger of the timing. Maybe now Kitty could return for more action, a series of rendezvous throughout her pregnancy....culminated with your own little swimmers fertilizing her next one.

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2012-06-06 08:39:33
Fuck all of you queers


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2012-06-06 00:09:31
Love it. Reminds me of a story that actually happened to me. Maybe I'll write a story about it.

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2012-06-05 23:48:52
Nicely written, nice story line.

anonymous readerReport

2012-06-05 14:38:16
I thought the story was poorly written with no imagination. There was no build up, not sex scene just bam slam thank you mam. I would give you 1 out of 10 and that is a stretch

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