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I never really felt any feelings towards my brother, Sam, nothing sexual. Well he was always a hunk by
many girls. He's 5'8, dark brown hair and a sexy body. Sam was one of those few guys that was
really fit but had a amazing body and he had a nice ass. He also had lean legs from working out
so much and let me tell you, it worked out prefectly for him. The one reason I dont think about Sam as
a hunk was that he was my own brother.
My parents owned a beach house in a quiet town. We went there every summer after school
ended. The beach house was a few hours away from our house. Every morning, I would look
out my window of the beach house and see Sam doing some exercises; sit-ups, jumping
jacks, push-ups. That was when I first started feeling something
In a small beach house on the beach, there wasnt much to do besides surfing and hanging
out with the family. At night time, we would tell stories and have memories from the past, it was actually pretty fun.
One night during telling stories, I notice Sam across from me and he looked....nervous? I should probably asked him later to see what his deal was. I got up and walked over and sat next to him. I bumped his shoulder and smiled, "Hey Bro, you okay?" He stared forward but spoke, "I..Im fine"
I gave him a look even though he wasnt looking at me at the moment, "Hmmm" I was about get up when I noticed something at him. He was very stiff and had his hands clsoe to his... I looked down
and was shocked. He had a hard on!
I fely my pussy begin to get wet. I couldnt help staring at his bulge. Maybe he felt my stare
because he turned his head and realized where I was looking. We both stared at each other
when a voice interupped. I broke the gaze and looked at the voice which belonged to my mother who
sat next to my dad across from us. "Are u guys okay? Ur both quiet" We both nodded and
remained distance from each other for the rest of the night.
It wasnt until a couple days later that I walked right into the bathroom and caught Sam jacking
off to some panties. I stared at him well mostly his Cock that was rock hard. "Im sorry..sorry!" I quickly ran out and to my own room breathing hard. I leaned on the door and signed, "Damn" I was walking to my bed
when a knock was on the door. Since my parents were out for a few hours, I knew it was Sam. I became nervous as I went over and opened the door.
Before I could say or do anything, Sam grabbed and kissed me hard. Soon we pulled back
and gasped for breathe
"S..sam?" I asked
He smirked, "Dont say anything, just let me fuck you!"
When he kissed me at first, I was going to pull away but then he said THAT and all things went away
as I pulled him in and kissed with alot of passion. We back walked to my bed and dropped on it. Soon he released from the kiss and leant back, and smirked as he started unbuttoning my shirt. My hands
moved along his smooth back to his ass as my shirt peeled away from my body. I smirked and moved
my hands up his shoulders after taking his own shirt off “After last night, I knew I wanted you when I saw
the bulge n ur pants” He kissed my neck which made me moan, "I've always been wanting you. But never thought..I would get the chance since were related" I flipped us over and straddled
his waist, "Dont worry, ur secrets safe with fuck me!"
I pushed him back down onto his back as he leaned up and kissed me. I positioned
my pussy over his rock hard cock and pushed down. We both moaned as he started
pumping his cock in and out of my pussy. Apparently it was to slow because he flipped
us over and thrusted hard and fast.
"OHH FUCK SAAMMMM!!" I put my hands on his hips and dugged my finger tips into his skin. Sam slammed himself into me then pulled out, turned me over and thrusted into me again. I moaned very
loud as he pumped into my juicy pussy.
"Fuck, I've never done it doggy style before!"
I could see the smirk on his face when he said, "Well either way, ur pussy wont be tight for long"
I moaned at that and thrusted against him, "Fuck me hard and deep Sammy!!"
And he did. I leaned my head down and moaned very loud, "Im gonna Cum Sammy!"
He grunted as he pumped as hard as he could, " too!!!"
I moaned VERY loud as I felt Sam coming into my pussy. I quickly turned around and was
breathing hard as he spilled his Hot Cum onto me. It landed on my stomach, tits and face. I licked
off the Cum and grinned at him, "Damn you came hard!" He smirked at that.
I got up and also smirked, "Its not over yet thought"
He moaned as I grabbed his Cock and put it into my mouth. He was still semi-hard and still growing. Fuck, that feeeels good!” He screamed, “keep going baby”. His Cock was so hard as I licked
around the underside of his dick, as he began pushing more and more of it down my throat. I almost
came right there after feeling him. I moaned for encouragement, as I quickened my strokes and
bobbing my head up and down faster and faster on his Cock.

“Aww baby, I'm gonna cum!” He warned me in deep breathes. He looked up at me with those
perfect brown eyes. I grabbed his blonde pubic hair with both hands as I felt his dick swell
and erupt hard into my mouth. After we got our breathes back, we got up and got dressed.
We both smiled at each other, "Our Secret?"
He nodded and caressed my cheek, "Our secret" He then kissed me hard on the lips
That night I slept like a Baby. I was pretty tired after today's 'activities'. The smell of Sam's
cum filled my bedsheets, reminding me that it wasn’t all a dream and that I had the best big
brother in the world. I mean..we fuck every night and Sam is the best fuck I have ever had ;)

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2014-12-02 23:48:09
That's a smart way of thknniig about it.

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2013-02-06 00:58:07
i luved it dont listen to them theyre dicks


2013-02-03 21:07:43
That was enough to make blow my load

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2012-06-05 23:59:39
You should make it longer, describe it more

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2012-06-05 16:49:18
Please leave the "short strokes" verbiage for your cell phone and use real words when writing a story. UR, is really you are. It is not difficult to write that way.
As for the story... A bit too short. No character development. Story line is all right, but once again, too short.

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