Don't forget to vote and comment! This is the third chapter of the Defiance story and centers around Amy, the fragile mortal caught between the imminent war of the immortals.

Chapter Three: Righteous Fury

‘Are you going to tell me what is going on?’ Amy asked angrily, shaking the beautiful brown haired immortal by the shoulders. Catherine had drawn into herself and wasn’t responding to anything Amy was doing, sitting quietly by the water’s edge staring off into space. She had been like this for a few hours and Amy was really starting to get worried, she had no idea what was going, where exactly she was, or even how to get the hell out of there. She desperately needed to find James; he would have the answers she was looking for.

“Cat I need your help!’ she begged, ‘Just tell me what is happening please!’

A good five minutes passed before the strange woman decided to speak, her eyes still locked on the same spot in the middle of nowhere and her face passive, ‘The world is ending.’

Amy screamed in frustration, pushing down the urge she had to hit James’s cousin. She had said the same thing earlier, when they first arrived in this hidden oasis, and Amy still didn’t know what she had meant. It felt like only half an hour ago she had been with James in his dorm room, their bodies pressed together as they enjoyed the feelings they gave each other. It was amazing how quickly things changed as she soon found herself in the middle of some massive fight. It had all been so quick that her mind had not been able to keep up with it. She remembered seeing James get into a fight with a bigger looking man, getting tossed around like a rag doll. The last thing she saw before Cat ripped her away from that weird room was James running for his life as the man called Ares threw a giant spear at him. She didn’t even know if he was still alive and that scared her more than anything else.

‘What do you mean?’ she asked frantically, shaking the woman again.

‘None of it happened like I saw it in my visions! We failed in our only purpose!’

Having enough of the insane babbling Amy finally screwed up enough courage and slapped Cat hard on the cheek, the sound reverberating off the walls a dozen times. It had been the wrong thing to do and Amy quickly regretted it as the incredibly strong woman’s eyes hardened and grabbed her by the throat, lifting her high into the air. Her feet dangling Amy grabbed the woman’s hands and tried to pry them off her, but all the strength she had in her body wasn’t enough. She could feel the life starting to seep from her and the edges of her vision started to darken as her brain cried out for oxygen.

‘Catherine!’ a strong sexy voice called out. Catherine released her grip instantly, a look of confusion crossing her features as Amy fell hard to the ground and landed on her ass. Another incredibly beautiful woman, known as Erin, had entered the oasis and was staring holes into the younger one. ‘Do you really want to hurt your love again by killing his mate?’

‘I’m sorry, I lost my temper,’ she apologized to Amy and offered her a hand. She took the help up cautiously, rubbing the spot she had hit on her tailbone.

Erin walked closer, her golden arm glinting in the pale light coming from the walls and her long sword clutched tightly in her hand. ‘Where is Gabrielle anyways?’

‘He didn’t make it here,’ Cat said sadly, hanging her head as grief gripped her.

‘He must have! I saw him teleport away!’

‘Then he is still alive?’ Amy asked hoping that the new arrival would have the information she desperately sought.

‘I hope so,’ Erin whispered, ‘It was confusing in those final moments up there, and I’m not really sure of what all happened. I saw Gabrielle vanish, but I think he might have been injured. If he is still alive he could be anywhere but we can’t go looking for him right now.’

‘Why not?’

‘Ares hunts down those of us who do not agree with him,’ Catherine said, her voice hard with a dozen different emotions.

‘You have seen this in your visions sister?’ Erin asked quickly.

‘I don’t need to. He is losing his grip on both his emotions and reality, how quickly he attacked us is proof of that. In the moment he tried to kill you sister I saw the current of destiny shift around him, he is no longer the brother we once loved.’

Erin sighed heavily and embraced the smaller woman, their armour clattering together in a noisy symphony. ‘I fear you are right, but this is not our only problem. Rifts have opened in every major human city across the globe and demons pour from them unchallenged. The meagre resistance men have been able to give has already failed, and our own brothers and sisters do nothing.’

‘What?’ Amy asked as the words sunk into her brain.

‘The world as you remember it is no more, dear child,’ Erin said softly, ‘Your cities are being destroyed, humans killed indiscriminately in the streets as the blood thirsty hordes seek to destroy everything in their reach. Earths protectors have abandoned it.’

Amy felt herself falling; the enormity of what was happening weighing down on her mind as she struggled to come to terms what she was being told. Before she could hit the ground one of the women, she wasn’t sure which one jumped in and caught her. Amy’s brain was in overdrive and she could barely understand her own thoughts as tears started to stream down her face.

‘Why aren’t you people stopping it?’ she heard herself sobbing, her words like daggers.

‘It is complicated,’ Erin spoke.

‘How is it complicated? People are dying and you sit on your asses and just watch it!’ she screamed at the top of her lungs.

‘If we go out into the open and try to take on the demon forces Ares will hunt us down one by one and kill us. When we make our next move it has to be perfect. If Ares wins the world loses, he truly believes we should let it die in fire.’

Still not understanding it Amy started the thrash at the woman holding her, slamming her fists as hard as she could into her chest and face as she let her rage out. The tall, beautiful woman took the blows but didn’t move and it angered Amy even more. How could someone be so calm when the shit was hitting the fan? Nothing made sense!

‘Erin!’ Cat suddenly called out, ‘They are coming for us!’

‘How long?’

‘I can’t tell, but soon!’

Erin stood up quickly, lifting Amy until she could stand on her own feet and then let go to move over to her sister who was back to staring at nothing. Both the woman’s looked panicked and Amy could feel the air ripple around her as they flexed their muscles sensing impending danger.

‘We must go sister,’ Erin said fiercely, ‘We cannot take them on alone.’

‘I need more time,’ Cat replied, her eyes unfocused. Amy could feel the tension in the room as it built up and knew something very bad was going to happen very soon, but she was powerless from fleeing from it. She had no idea how to get out of there, trapped like a rat.

‘Tell me what you see!’ Erin hissed, grabbing hold of Cat’s shoulders roughly and shaking.

‘I know how this ends! I can see it falling into place! Sister, you must leave now and never come back here; it is the only way you will live!’

‘And what of you?’

‘Go now!’

‘I will not leave you Catherine!’

Suddenly Cat’s eyes focused again and she stared directly at her sister, her own hands reaching up for the ones on her shoulders. ‘This is the only way. Go from here and wait for the sign, it will be hard to miss! Send my love to Gabrielle when you find him and tell him that I am so very sorry for everything that happened!’

In the time it took Amy to blink Cat tossed her sister into the air and held her hand out, a blinding white beam hitting the other woman directly in the chest as she vanished into thin air. The short haired beauty then turned to Amy, a small smile on her thin lips as she moved closer to the crying girl.

‘You have nothing to fear child, you will not be harmed today,’ she said gently.

‘What’s happening? Where did that other woman go?’

‘This is not the day my sister dies,’ Catherine said, a weird calm and warmth clinging to her words, ‘so I sent her away and barred her from my Gabrielle’s realm. Now listen Amy, there are a few things you need to know before they arrive and I must also ask you for a favour. But that can wait.’

‘What are you talking about?’ she asked in a hurry, panic gripping at her heart.

‘You need to understand what happened to Gabrielle, why he is living among the mortals instead of with me. You see he and I were meant to be together, to be mates for all of time but something wasn’t right. While I was drawn to him he did not feel that same pull to me and instead fell in love with a mortal woman, something that goes against our laws. Aglea had his heart, and when I discovered this I grew jealous and told Ares what I had seen them doing. He grew furious and dragged both my brother and his love to his realm, tearing Aglea’s body to shreds while all Gabrielle could do was watch. I instantly regretted my part in what happened, but things only got worse.

‘You see Ares wanted to make an example of Gabrielle, show the rest of us what would happen if we willingly broke his laws. He meant to kill my love, but when his spear neared his heart another of us jumped in the way and died. Baal was Erin’s husband and he felt we had gone too far, that we were not meant to kill one another. It all happened so fast that no one could stop it, and we all watched in horror as Baal was impaled on Ares’s spear. I guess Ares figured that one death was enough then because he stripped Gabrielle of his eternal youth and cast him into your world, to live and die over and over again so he could always feel the pain of losing both his mate and his friend for the rest of time. He would always be considered lesser than we were.’

‘Why are you telling me this?’ Amy asked, soaking all the information up. It was hard to believe that James had once been like them, but a lot of it made sense now. His strength, his smarts, even his quickness were from his immortal side. She also felt sad knowing that James would die only to be brought back again and she couldn’t imagine how much pain he felt when he lost a loved one knowing that he would be the only one to come back.

‘Because it is important to you and time you will understand. You love my brother, I can see it as plain as day, and I know you will watch over and protect him when I could not. He will need you in the coming fights, and you will need him even more. Your destiny is tied more tightly to him than I ever thought, and I am sorry for not seeing it sooner. I may have been able to avoid what comes.’

‘Cat it’s not too late, we can still get out of here and you can go find him,’ Amy pleaded suddenly realizing what this young immortal planned to do.

‘We are not god’s child, simply immortal. I can see the flow of destiny but I have no power over it, so what happens now must happen.’

‘Nothing is written in stone!’

The gorgeous brunette smiled at her, a twinkle in her light hazel eyes. ‘You are very wise for someone so young; it is refreshing to see such a quality. You are right that nothing is certain, but only in the most extreme of circumstances can destiny be changed. Yours is far greater than mine is and you must live through the day. You won’t understand it now but in time you will come to see what I am talking about.’

Catherine pulled her into a strong embrace, her flowery scent easing some of the fear Amy felt and she couldn’t help but hug the woman back. Nothing she could say was going to change what was going to happen and she knew that now, but she couldn’t believe this was the only way. She felt lost, adrift in turbulent seas without a life jacket and she just struggled to keep her head above water.

‘Now on to that favour I spoke of. I know time is rushed but this is something I truly want to experience and I hope you will agree to help me out.’

‘I’ll do whatever I can for you,’ Amy sobbed.

‘I hope you won’t be mad, but I saw my brother and you make love and it intrigued me greatly,’ she began but Amy cut her off.

‘You watched us have sex!’ she exclaimed, her face burning from embarrassment.

‘How did it feel for you?’ she asked ignoring the outburst, ‘You see I have never been lucky enough to experience it and I really only know what my siblings say about it. I just wish to know what it is like before my life ends, the last great experience I have never tried before.’

‘Are you asking what I think you are?’ Amy tried to push herself away from the strong grip of Cat but found she was locked in her powerful arms.

‘Please Amy, it means a lot to me. I can’t have the one I want, our Gabrielle so I wish to have the next best thing, his mate. I know you find me attractive,’

‘But I’m not into other girls!’

‘Okay, I understand that you are uncomfortable with this so I will not ask again. I am truly sorry.’

Cat dropped her embrace and walked off towards the edge of the water, her shoulders hunched and her head down. Amy felt bad for her, she asked for one last thing but it would always elude her. To make things even more worse, the man Cat loved would never be with her because he had chosen mortal women instead, one of them being her. Could she really deny her what she wanted? She still felt lost and confused by everything that was going on but she knew enough to know that this might be the last request Cat ever made, and who was she to turn it down?

‘Am I seriously considering this?’ she asked herself in surprise. She wasn’t into the whole bi-curious thing, she had never once had the urge to see what it would be like to be with another woman but as she stood there watching this immensely beautiful immortal woman pout she couldn’t help notice her body. Her short silky soft hair a perfect crown for her beautiful face with those big brown eyes, her slender waist and flat stomach, the small perfectly formed and gravity defying breasts, and even those long sensual yet extremely powerful arms that only a few minutes ago had been squeezing the life out of her. Nothing Amy had ever seen compared to Cat’s beauty, well expect for those that were like her.

‘What would I have to do?’ she heard herself asking, her voice barely more than a whisper. The keen hearing of the other woman picked up the sound immediately and she quickly turned to Amy, a small smile twitching at the sides of her mouth.

‘I just wish for you to make me feel how Gabrielle made you feel.’

‘That might be a little impossible,’ Amy pointed out, ‘considering I don’t have a penis.’

‘No you misunderstood!’ Cat laughed loudly, ‘I just meant for you to use the experience you received with him and show me what it is like.’

‘Can I at least ask why? It is a pretty odd thing to ask for, and I thought your laws forbid you from being with mortals like that.’

‘It seems our laws no longer apply and even if they did it wouldn’t make any difference soon. I have spent most of my life hiding away from such things, even when Gabrielle first appeared, but now I realize it is the one thing I have no experienced. I do not want to leave this world having not sampled everything it had to offer.’

Her answer seemed honest enough and Amy found she could come up with no more ways of stalling the inevitable; she would give Catherine what she desired the most. She just felt too guilty about being with the man she loved so much, stronger than any mortal could probably comprehend. But she also felt a small part of her start to excited by the idea, Cat was such a beautiful creature that she seemed to break the gender barrier for Amy. It didn’t help with her nervousness though and she could feel her body start to tremble at the prospect of what she was about to do.

‘Do we strip now or later?’ Cat asked suddenly.

‘Umm I suppose it doesn’t matter really. We can do it now if you want.’

The words had barely left Amy’s mouth when Catherine was suddenly standing there completely nude, her armour vanishing into thin air like they somehow managed to do. The instant Amy gazed upon this woman in all her glory she grew self-conscious, there was no way she would look anywhere near as gorgeous as she did and maybe Cat wouldn’t be attracted to her. Or did attraction even matter to them?

‘It’s okay, you are a very beautiful woman,’ Cat said as if reading her mind, ‘When you stare at perfection every day for all eternity it gets kind of old. Unless of course that person you are looking at is your mate, then I have heard it never gets old. But I find for me that true beauty isn’t from perfection, rather the small flaws that my brothers and sisters don’t have. Take Gabrielle for example, an immortal soul in a mortal body. I am sure you noticed that he is still a very handsome man, but nowhere near what his brothers look like right? Well I have never found him more attractive than he is now.’

The concept of someone like her being more attractive than one of them was ridiculous and she couldn’t wrap her mind around it. To drive her point home, Catherine quickly walked over to Amy and grabbed the hem of her shirt and started to lift it off her body. Her breasts bounced out from their confines, the warm air of the cavern caressing her like a soft hug and Cat finished by pulling the shirt over her head and tossing it aside while she gazed at Amy’s exposed chest.

‘I like that yours are bigger than mine for example,’ she said nodding to the girl’s chest. While hers were bigger, Cat’s were by far better. They were perfectly shaped, the nipples in the exact same spot on both of her small mounds and stood proud under the scrutiny. ‘I have seen this done a few times but I am not really sure what comes next. Would you mind taking the lead?’

‘I guess I can try, but this is only the second time for me,’ Amy answered. She wrapped her arms around the slender waist of the more stunning woman, her skin like velvet under her touch and it was almost addictive the way it felt. With as little hesitation as she could muster she leaned in and kissed Cat on the lips, their soft lips mashing together in an awkward yet dizzying affair.

Amy knew if she broke the kiss know she would lose what little nerve she had left, so instead of running the risk of upsetting Cat she kissed her harder, sticking her tongue between her lips as she probed for an opening. Cat seemed a little shocked at the sudden appearance of the tongue and her lips closed tighter allowing no room for the intruder to enter her mouth, but after a few more moments she slowly parted them out of curiosity. Amy didn’t leave her with any time to change her mind and drove her tongue deep into her partner’s mouth, tasting the sickly sweet saliva on her taste buds. The immortals truly were perfect in every way, even their breath was a perfect mix of mint and she could swear that was a hint of chocolate hiding just behind that.

‘Go ahead and take my pants off,’ she said slowly, breaking the kiss for the briefest of moments. Cat’s hands found their way to the top of her jeans and she struggled with the button for a few second before finally undoing them. As the immortal slowly pulled them down over her thighs, the tips of her warm fingers crazed her flesh sending chills down her spine.

Amy kicked the jeans off her ankles and stuck her thumb in the elastic of her underwear, gently pulling them down so she was standing against Cat completely naked, their body’s two sides of the same coin. Looking into her big brown eyes Amy saw a glimmer of apprehension hidden just beneath the surface. Amy quickly realized Cat was just as nervous about this as she was, even if it was something she wanted to try so badly. Knowing she wasn’t the only one afraid and feeling a little awkward Amy decided she would try to make this as good for her as humanly possible, which may not be very good at all considering the difference between them.

Bringing one hand back to the woman’s waist she pulled her body closer while letting her other hand run up her flat toned stomach, through the cleft between her small breasts until she finally touched the side of her neck and pulled her in for a deep kiss that she tried to throw as much passion into as possible. She could never match the sheer overwhelming emotion James had shown her the night before because her own feelings were a small flicker compared to the immortals blazing inferno, but she did her best as she swirled her tongue against the soft one she found in Cat’s mouth. Her partner seemed to get a little more into it and her hands had skimmed across her aching skin finding her small ass cheeks and gently squeezing them as her own tongue started to participate and wrestle for position as they made out.

Having never been in a situation like this before Amy had no real idea what she should do next, and she hesitated a moment before Catherine broke the kiss and whispered, ‘I want to feel your fingers.’ Shrugging the stunned sensation off Amy did as she was asked, moving the hand at the back of her lovers neck and traced a line down her chest and stomach, gently making a circle around her small bellybutton before coming to her pelvis. Cat started to squirm with every inch her finger got closer and her inhibitions fell from her like raindrops.

Amy’s fingers skimmed through a soft tuft of hair until she found the sensitive area she had been looking for. A hard little nub hidden behind a bit of flesh brushed against her fingers and the second she touched it Catherine’s hips bucked out unexpectedly as she moaned into her mouth, her sweet hot breath filling the other girls lungs. Amy wanted to ask her partner if she had ever actually touched herself in her immense life but she guessed the answer would be no. She didn’t know much about this beauty but one thing she was becoming to understand was that when it came to human acts she was very inexperienced.

While using one finger to rub the tiny clit she drew her middle finger lower, into the tight lips of her pussy and found that she was slick with juices. Cat’s hips were in full swing now and she had to break the kiss as Amy continued to play with her tender pussy, eliciting sharp little moans with each movement. As the pleasure increased to an intensity Amy could never feel the immortals knees started to buckle and she had to help her gently to the ground before she fell and hurt someone, mainly Amy.

‘Please… d… don’t s…stop!’ Catherine begged as her head rested gently on the smooth rocky ground. Amy quickly brought her hand back to the soaking wet pussy of the immortal and started to gently rub her clit again, making small circles around the sensitive little button as Catherine closed her eyes and let the sensations wash over her. Amy studied her dazzling face, the pleasure changing her gentle features as her nose scrunched and mouth gaped open. It was almost like watch James again as his orgasm surged towards him, his face a sheet of pure concentration as he thought of nothing but the pleasure he was being given. It had been a very intense moment and one that she would always remember.

Wanting Catherine to get the full experience Amy used the finger that was massaging the soft pink flesh between her silky lips and gently inserted it into her very tight opening only to find the way blocked, a thin piece of skin covering the entrance. Amy tried to push against it, to break this woman’s hymen but no matter how much pressure she used the little thing wouldn’t budge.

‘I can’t pop your cherry,’ Amy said softly, trying not to laugh at how weird her statement sounded.

‘I’ll do… it,’ Cat replied and her hand darted down to her opening. She drove her index finger into her slick pussy breaking the thin piece of flesh like it was nothing before removing her hand so Amy could keep going. She should have realized that it would take another person with her strength to pierce her flesh like that and felt stupid for even trying, but with it out of the way now she continued to gently rubbing her clit and finding the opening once more, slowly inserting her finger. The soft wet, velvety interior gripped at her finger like an overpowered vice and Amy could feel the circulation get cut off.

‘Try to relax or I might lose my finger,’ she giggled. Cat giggled gently in return and closed her eyes once more, her whole body going a little limp as she forced calm on herself. Amy could feel her pussy loosen up just a bit and drove her finger deeper, the strong walls rippling as it passed through and Cat groaned loudly at the feeling. Being a virgin and never having played with herself Cat’s pussy was tight enough that Amy was sure her finger felt about five times larger than it really was.

‘A little faster!’ the immortal begged and Amy did her best to oblige, her fingers starting to dance over the small clit while she gently fingered her tight snatch. With each little thrust Cat would moan and the lyrical sound spurred Amy on until her finger was darting in and out of her. Looking up she found the gorgeous face of Cat was screwed up as her quickly approaching orgasm gripped her thoughts, her chest heaving and a soft tinge of pink filling her cheeks and chest. Her pussy was dripping now, flowing over the single digit Amy had in her as she gripped her finger extremely tightly, and all the pressure of god knows how many years of not having an orgasm crashed out all at once. Cat’s head snapped back and she let out a guttural scream, her entire body tensing as she arched her back and her fingers clawed into the hard ground causing deep gouges in the rock.

The orgasm ripped through her body for what felt like an hour as her screams soon subsided into loud gasps as she struggled to suck in enough air. All Amy could do was hold on for dear life and hope in her lust that Cat didn’t closer her legs around her and crush her. Her finger was still stuck deep inside her vice like pussy and she could feel the muscles push all the blood out of it until it felt cold and stiff under the pressure. Thankfully after a while she finally came down from her high and relaxed almost instantly, allowing Amy to pull her finger free and massage the blood back into it.

‘Why have I never done this before?’ Catherine asked herself, her eyes still closed and a wide smile crossing her tender looking lips, ‘That was the most intense feeling I have ever had before!’

‘Let’s see if we can change that!’ a booming voice yelled from behind Amy and before she could turn around to see who it belonged to a hand caught her roughly by the hair and threw her high into the air before she landed hard in the small body of water in the middle of the cavern.

Her head killing her from the toss Amy struggled to bring herself to the surface of the water as little stars burst in her vision. Her head broke the surface and she gulped in a lung full of air as she spun around to see what had happened. Standing still completely nude about a dozen feet from where she had been before, Cat held a golden bow in her hand and pointed an arrow that seemed to be made from pure light at the imposing figure of an impossibly well-built man with short hair holding his long golden spear before him.

‘You are so much like your mate Catherine, attracted for some inexplicable reason to mortals!’ the man spat towards her. ‘What surprises me the most is that you are still here! I had figured with your gift of vision you would have seen me coming from a mile away!’

‘And I’m surprise you came alone Ares. I would have bet that you would send Alexander to kill me!’

‘Come now sister, you must realize that you are the greatest threat to me and that I would make sure the job gets done properly. I trust no one but myself to finish you off!’

Ares took a slow step towards Cat, his spear pointed directly at her. She stood her ground though, her arrow aimed at his head as she loosened her grip on the string as if taunting him to move any closer. ‘It does not scare you that I saw you coming but chose to stay and wait?’ she asked and a flicker of doubt crossed his face as he considered what she meant. ‘You may have just done exactly what I wanted you to do!’

Amy watched as the man glared at her, his brain quickly running through every possibility trying to discern the truth. It didn’t take long though for his fear to subside and a wicked smile to cross his lips as she spoke, ‘You are alone dear sister and no match for me in combat. Surely you know this will only end one way.’

‘You are right of course, but it will not be the outcome you think it is!’

The small cavern erupted in a flurry of movement as the two immortals attacked one another. Amy could only see streaks of silver and gold as their weapons flew through the air, arrows striking the cavern walls with so much force massive chunks of rock exploded from where they hit. Too afraid to move all Amy could do was watch as the blurred figures dashed back and forth and she struggled to see what was actually happening. They were just moving too fast though and her eyes had no chance of seeing the fight. She knew one thing for sure; Cat was still alive and seemed to be doing pretty well against her stronger brother.

‘You are much faster than I thought!’ she heard Ares roar and she saw a flash of gold as he undoubtedly thrust his spear out at a shimmering figure before him, but by the time his spear got anywhere near her she dashed out of the way and Amy could hear the twang of the bow string as she unleashed a volley of deadly arrows. ‘But you air seems to be off!’

In the time it took the words to echo off the walls Amy suddenly found herself hauled out of the water by the neck and shot through the air until she was standing on solid ground again, her naked body dripping with water. Out of thin air Catherine appeared a few feet in front of her, her bow raised and an arrow notched as she aimed at Ares who was holding Amy, the tip of his spear resting against her spine.

‘Let her go brother!’ Cat roared with more anger than Amy had ever heard before.

‘You fear for the life of a single insect?’ he laughed, the sound more like a bark, ‘How silly sister, I never imagined you would be so emotional.’

‘Our quarrel has nothing to do with this mortal Ares! Let us finish it!’

Ares dug the spear harder into her back causing Amy to cry out in pain as she felt the tip tear into the first few layers of her fragile skin. ‘This has everything to do with her!’ he growled, ‘You have broken the same law as your precious Gabrielle by giving your body to her! She will suffer the same fate as his mortal whore did all those years ago, but this time I will not let my sibling off with such a generous punishment. You will die alongside this animal!’

As everything happened all at once time seemed to slow down for Amy. She could feel the spear start to press into her soft skin the same instant Catherine released her arrow, shooting across the small space between them so fast it was nothing more than a blur. Blinding white hot pain tore through her shoulder as the arrow struck her with such force that it blew through her and hit Ares hard enough to send him flying back twenty feet, his spear thrown from his limp hand as he landed hard.

The world spun out of control as she slowly fell to the ground, her vision black around the edges as her life started to pour from her gaping wound. There was a flash of golden light as Catherine moved towards her, and a spear stuck out of her chest as she fell to her knees hard, gripping the smooth shaft.

‘I told you this would only end one way sister!’ Ares yelled from behind Amy and a second later there was a soft popping sound and both he and his spear vanished into thin air.

In excruciating pain Amy crawled on her hands and knees to the wounded woman who sat motionless on the floor, tears rolling down her face. Amy reached her and saw the brutal wound her in chest for the first time and gasped in shock. Bright white light shone out of the hole between her breasts as golden blood bubbled out onto her pale skin.

‘Cat no! You can’t die! Please hold on!’ she cried, grabbing her hand with the only one of hers that still worked. Catherine’s eyes locked onto hers and a small smile crossed her tear stained face.

‘This is the way it has to happen,’ she spoke, her voice soft and full of emotion, ‘Come closer.’

Amy leaned over, the pain in her shoulder ramping up with the movement that she almost blacked out and she moved her head closer to that of her friends. ‘You can’t go Cat! We have to go find Gabrielle! You two have to stop Ares together!’

‘No it is not my destiny, it is yours. You are more beautiful now than you were in your first life, Aglea, and I envy what you have with my Gabrielle. Take care of each other!’

Catherine’s hand struck Amy directly in the chest, palm out and a blinding golden light filled her vision as a warm feeling surrounded her. The warmth grew in intensity and began to burn every nerve in her body as she screamed out in agony wishing to die. Every last inch of her body was in pain as the golden light entered her and her mind couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted to pass out so she didn’t have to feel this pain anymore but it never came and for an eternity she screamed out in horror wishing the end would come.

Her blood boiled and a thousand different thoughts exploded in her brain as the fire that was coursing through her grew to an even higher level of pain. Her own screams filled her ears as she cried out with everything she had, her throat burning from the strain. The golden light blinded her sensitive eyes and she was sure she would be blinded for life if she ever survived what was happening. She couldn’t see that being a possibility though.

Her last thought as her body gave out on her was of James, wishing she could see his handsome face just one more time.

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