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“So you don’t think it would be weird if we kissed right? It would just be two friends experimenting, and it wouldn’t change anything?” Ellen asked me as we sat over our Spanish notebooks.
What had begun as just studying for our Spanish final the next day was quick becoming much more than that. Even though Ellen and I had contemplated maybe doing some ‘things’ together a few weeks ago, noting had really actually happened. Part of me only thought it was only a hypothetical question to begin with anyways. But as Ellen asked me again as we sat on her bed with her parents not home, I felt myself becoming more and more turned on. I could feel myself getting wet at the idea of taking my clothes off and making out with another girl. Especially Ellen, who was not only great at keeping secrets, but one of my most experienced friends- or as experienced as you could be at seventeen years old.
Even though I’m by no means a lesbian myself, part of me has always wondered what the experience would be like. After countless hours of watching lesbian porn, what girl wouldn’t? What can I say? It turns me on.
“No,” I found myself saying. “I don’t think it would be weird at all if we experimented together.” I could only imagine how awkward it would truly be, at least to start at least. “What do you want to do? Just make out and stuff?” I looked at her innocently, but I knew I was going to do much more than that.
“I don’t know! It’s not like I had a plan or something! I was just going to see where it goes.” She answered with hot, red cheeks. I could tell she was uneasy and nervous.
“Okay, how about we go in your parent’s RV that’s parked out in the driveway? At lease that door has a lock. Plus their bed is a lot bigger, and the windows are a lot smaller.” The idea of doing stuff in the RV together got me hot. Her parent’s bed was much bigger than Ellen’s small twin size and I also liked the idea of being able to hear a car pull into the driveway.
Convincing Ellen wasn’t very hard to do. Two extremely horny teenage girls could be talked into almost anything. To anyone else’s point of view, they might have thought we were darting from the house to the RV to avoid the pouring rain that was coming down, but Ellen and I had our own special reasons. After narrowing avoiding a spill up the slippery stairs, we jumped into the RV, both soaked from the all of two seconds we had actually been in the rain.
“Oh, God I am soaking wet!” Ellen complained as we made our way to the back of the RV.
“Already?” I teased.
“Oh, funny!” Ellen mocked sarcastically. She rolled her eyes at me, but I only took another step closer. Ellen took another step towards me to meet me, inches away from my face. The next few moments of staring at one another were intense. All I wanted to do was jump on her immediately, but I wasn’t sure if she still wanted to back out. Part of me was wondering if she was doing the same- but as our eyes locked, we both leaned in, passionately kissing one another.
Our hands quickly began to rub all over each other and I felt myself falling back with her onto the bed. We continued to kiss, as my hand slid all over her side and toned stomach. I felt her slowly begin to rub my breasts through my thin, skin tight fitting tee, and I jumped at the invitation to do the same. I rubbed my thumb over where her nipple would be, and she began to make soft moaning sounds even though the kiss. As fun as it was to see her like this, I wanted more. I slid my hand back down her side, but smoothly slid it under her shirt as I came back up. As I continued, I could feel myself letting soft moans slip through my lips during our momentary breaks. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening to me.
I rolled over from my side onto the top of Ellen. Feeling my pussy tingling over her own was electrifying, even with a layer of cloths in between. I pulled away, sitting on top of her and sliding my other hand beneath her t-shirt, I practically ripped it over her head. I leaned down to begin kissing her cleavage and her hands slip down to grab my ass. I responded by reaching under her and unhooking her bra. As we tangled though the straps, he small and firm b-cup breasts became visible to me. My mouth watered at the memory of Ellen telling my how her ex-boyfriend used to suck her nipples. Being the great friend I am, I was more than happy to oblige.
What happened next surprised me though, as Ellen reached for my zipper. As I felt her pulling it down and fondling around with the button, I think I could have cum right there. I held myself together though. I knew wiggling out of my tight jean shorts would be easier standing up than sitting on top of someone in bed. Climbing off of her and letting my shorts hit the floor, I took another bold step. Reaching at the waistbands of my black lacy thong, I carefully and as seductively as possible, pulled them down as well.
“Are you sure you want to keep going?” I asked Ellen. She could only weakly say yes with the fervent nodding of her head. I walked back towards the bed as she slid up to sit on its edge. I reached for the button of her jeans as she grabbed onto the bottom of my tee. As I pulled on her clothing she also pulled on mine. Our over whelming need to remove the layers between us made for a bit of an awkward tangling, but as I unhooked my strapless bra from behind my back, we stood before each other, completely exposed.
“Lay back,” I commanded her, as I pushed her shoulders down onto the bed. Of all the things I had always wanted to try, I was finally getting just my number one fantasy. I began to kneel against the edge of the bed, as calling upon every lesbian porno I had ever seen, brought my lips down onto her warm hot pussy. I began to lick and suck and lap of all of the juices that continued to slowly come out of her. As I did this, I began to rub my thumb in a circular motion over her pussy as well, which only made her even more wet. I began to go hard and faster with these movements and my tong went deeper.
Ellen began to cry out in pleasure. “Oh, dear God!” She continually exclaimed. “Keep going, Allie! Ohhh yeah, yeah! Yes!” I continued like she asked until she climaxed, just like in the porno’s I had seen-quivering thighs and all.
As I stood up she slid back on the bed to make room for me. Thinking she had enough, I was a little shocked when she said there was still more she wanted to do. “I want to scissor with you! I want to feel my pussy grinding into yours!” She pulled herself forward and began to kiss me again, sliding her hands all over my body. Her hand reached my warm, hot, and oozing pussy, and her fingers quickly began to caress and finger me, soothingly yet, somewhat violently. As our legs began to tangle, I found myself coming closer and closer, until Ellen pulled her hand out and began to rub her pussy up against mine. Pushing my weight off from my hands behind me, we quickly found a rhythm of mashing our pussies together.
We bother began to moan even more together and I felt myself getting wetter. The moment like this that I had always wondered about was quickly becoming surpassing my wildest fantasies. Just as I was throwing my head back out of complete joy and satisfaction- Ellen stopped short. I quickly raised my head and my eyebrow with it.
“Why did you stop?” I asked, somewhat shocked and annoyed.
A devious smile began to play on Ellen’s lips as she leaned in to kiss me. “Because,” she whispered in my ear, “it’s my turn now.” She immediately pushed me flat down onto my back, and began to suck on my nipples as I had done to her before. She didn’t stay in one place for long however, as her hands continued to squeeze and caress my D-cup breasts, her tongs made its way sliding down my stomach. I couldn’t help but laugh at the strange pleasure it brought within me.
If I thought things could get any better, I was wrong. Ellen smoothly slid herself down onto the floor and pulled my own body to the edge of the bed. I looked down at her smiling at me, her lips just inches away from my ready and waiting pussy, as her fingers rubbing around my edges continued to tease me.
“How badly do you want it?” She mocked me.
For not being into watching porn as I was, Ellen was certainly playing the part with gusto. I was impressed, but more importantly raging with hormones and ready to explode! All I wanted was to feel her soft, little, warm tong darting in and out of me. “I want it bad! Please! Give it to me!” I begged. Her smile only grew bigger however. “Go down on my baby!” I now screamed. “Eat me out! Eat me out!”
Apparently that was good enough for her, because she immediately brought her face completely between my thighs. I felt my eyes roll back and my hands groping to squeeze onto the blanket. As Ellen proceeded to eat out my hot oozing pussy like no boy had ever been able to do for me, I was unable to control the moans that were escaping from me. It didn’t take much to make me cum all over her face after that.
Ellen and I stood up, both panting out of breath, but unable to control ourselves, we went at another session of tonsil hockey. We passionately kissed, collapsing onto the bed yet again, and tangle each other up together in the blankets. We only paused long enough to lick the juices off our faces, letting our hands wander and our fingers fuck each other all the while. I could have continued for what felt like forever if it hadn’t been for the sound of Ellen’s mother pulling into the dive way.

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