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two teen girls
Part 1

15 year old Donald was seen sorta in between the 2 groups of the popular kids and the non popular kids he had friends in both groups but 2 special friends in the popular group. There names were izzy and haley. Donald had had an eye on these 2 girls since gr 8 when they had first meet but Donald couldn't tell which one he liked more. Until one day in gr 10 when he was walking down the halway and the 2 girls suddenly appeared next to him "oh hi Donald" said izzy "hi izzy, hi Haley what's up". "well izzy said"( now izzy was a beautiful girl who stood about 6ft tall only 130 pnds, had blond hair a sexy body and the most perfect tits and ass you've ever seen. Well as Haley she stood around 6'1 tall 140 pnds, blond hair blue eyes and she had the biggest breasts out of the entire school and she was still a Virgin.

Part 2
As the three walked down the hall he noticed that both of there skirts were wet in the front. Donald ignore it and kept walking but could fell himself starting to get a boner. " so any way what's up girls" he said "we were wondering if you would walk us to French class in the portables" haley said her breasts swinging with each step "sure" Donald said "there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you to hot ladies" they started to giggle but when they got out side something unexpected happened. The 2 girls stopped him half way to the portables and then unexpectedly dragged him behind the old shed where the school kept all the broken metal to be scraped. "Hey what's going on" said Donald " oh be quiet" said izzy "yah" said Haley "do you want us to be caught". As she finished saying that he noticed that the 2 girls had taken off there shirts and were undoing there bra straps. As there bras hit the ground showing each of the girls beautiful breasts Donald got an immediate boner. "holy shit" Donald whispered. "Oh you like" said izzy as one hand went to her breast and the other went to Haley's "fuck yes I love them" Donald said "am I going to get to fuck you 2" "well that's the plan" said Haley but you have to agree first".

Part 3
"of course I agree" said Donald "I would have to be crazy not to" both the girls started to giggle and blush and izzy soon noticed that Donald had a bonner "oh let's get your friend there better aquatinted with my mouth" she said. "alright" said Donald as he unzipped his pants and his 11in dick sprang out (now Donald was a boy of grand proportions he had dark hair blue eyes was 6'3" and he had a body like the gods, mostly because he played football and ice hockey). " oh my god" said izzy it's huge " oh my god you mean I get to lose my virginity to that god yes" said Haley. (by the way the went to a chatholic private school) as izzy and haley got on there knees to start sucking his cock the first bell went "hey we should be getting to class" Donald said praying that the girls would detest and they did " oh it's ok Donald" said izzy "we were planing to keep u out here all day long, and then after school maybe u could come over to my house and have a study sesh" "sweet" said Donald as Izzy took his monster of a cock in her hand and started to lick the tip as Haley got underneath his and started to suck his balls. "OH MY GOD IZZY THAT'S SO GOOD I HAVEN'T FELT THIS GOOD IN FOREVER PLEASE TAKE IT ALL IN YOUR MOUTH" and the 15 year old girl replied with a big yes. He could hear izzy and Haley slurping away at his dick and balls and he could tell that he was going to shoot his first of many loads today. " Izzy take my cock out of your mouth and jerk it off, Haley get up here I want you both to eat my cum" both girls did as they were told and soon Donald was blowing his load on there beautiful faces and into there mouths.

Part 4
As the 2 girls looked at him there faces now covered in cum Donald took one of each of the girls hand in his own and Laid them over to the old bed behind the shed " both of you get doggy style so I can fuck those beautiful pussys I want to cum in them "oh sure said the girls were on the pill" they said with there fingers crossed behind there backs. They moved over to the bed and the girls climbed on all fours there gorgeous ass's and pussy's in the air "come here and fuck these big boy" Donald proceeded to climb on izzy and aimed his cock rite for her pussy "ready" said Donald "ready" said izzy back Donald then thrust forward putting about 3in into her glorious pussy he heard izzy moan in pleasure as he saw Haley fingering her self. Donald fucked izzy's pussy faster and faster harder and harder until he felt that she was about to Orgasum because he could feel her pussy muscles clamping his cock "oh I'm cumming I'm cumming" izzy started screaming "oh me to" said Donald after about 2 more thrusts he felt her orgasuming and her body started to shake and she started to thrash about she was having an amazing Orgasum and rite then donald lost it and pumped about 6 strings of his warm sticky cum inside of her wet moist pussy both of them grunted and moaned but Donald knew he wasn't done yet he still had to take Haley's virginity.

Part 5
As Donald moved over to fuck Haley's virgin pussy he new this was going to be tough a virgin pussy and an 11in cock this would be like stuffing a tree trunk through a pin hole. Donald took aim and slowly entered her pussy he could hear her groan and mutter as his cock slowly enters her narrow, wet, and warm pussy. He hit a block. "ok Haley this is it your going to feel a bit of pain here then your going to feel really good, ok." said donald. She nod'd and he pushed popping her cherry Donald saw her bit her lip and wince in pain. He stopped letting her adjust as he looked at izzy who's legs were spread wide apart reveling her pussy and was fingering herself. Donald then looked back at Haley and slowly started to fuck her he grabbed her breasts and fondeled them trying to get her more wet and it worked before long Haley was having her first Orgasum and it was a mighty one her body shook like a magnitude 10 earthquake but Donald still managed to fuck her but he to was close to cumming.

Part 6
Donald speed up fucking Haley's pussy faster and faster until he couldn't hold it any longer and began to cum her came even harder and more for Haley then he had for izzy shooting 9 ropes of his sperm into Haley's wet vagina " OH, OH, OH MY GOD YES HALEY IM FILLING YOU UP" said Donald trying to gasp for air while cumming. Haley dropped onto the bed cum dripping from her pussy as he set her down he saw that izzy was about to cum so he acted fast. Shoving his face deep into izzy's pussy he felt her warm juices move across his face izzy fell to her back panting as Donald climed on her and started to fuck her pussy again trying to even out the amount of cum in the 2 girls wombs this was a fast cum he pumped 4 more strings of cum into her pussy and that was that donald collapsed onto her and the three just laid there and slept.

Part 7
Donald awoke to the 2 girls sucking on his limp dick "hey girls we should go to your place izzy so nobody gets suspicious" said Donald. "alrite" said izzy smiling " my parents work late on tues days and it's getting close to lunch so we should get going so people don't see" izzy said but rite then there was a camera flash and one of the gr 8s were standing there with a nasty look on his face "so" he said "I wonder what your willing to do to get this back" in a flash donald stood up and craved the kids camera phone crushing it in one hand and rapped one hand around the kids neck "how bout" Donald said angrily with his Russian accent (Donald was born in Russia) "I break neck and leave you in the shack there to rot" the gr 8 looked as if he had shit himself "NO" he said "then you've seen nothing correct" Donald said "rite the kid said Donald then put him down and gave him some money for a new phone as he turned he noticed the girls had gotten dressed although they were still leaking cum as Donald pulled his pants on the kid left and Haley and izzy rapped them selfs around Donald's arms "come lets go he said “before more come.”

End of book 1

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2012-06-08 19:21:14
you need 2 so back 2 2nd grade

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2012-06-05 22:34:44
You dumb ass as soon as i reached chap. 5 and saw 11" cock i stooped, and learn how to spell

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2012-06-05 21:45:40
Horribly written. Could be hot but it's a bitch to follow.

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2012-06-05 21:45:39
Complete crap, horrible spelling, grammar, and. Completely unbelievable!

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Ending = damn but very good plz write more

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