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It was finally happening, and I was getting what I had always I wanted…..

I’m Edna, and I had to take action for my son. His so called ‘girlfriend’ was not….what I wanted for my son. She looked so smug as her hand rubbed across the front of his pants, barely hiding it from me. I knew my son and he got a hardon quickly and then he was helpless against a girl. She didn’t know our past and all that had taken place.

Brad was very young when I first saw his hardon and the sexual jolt I got never went away. He had a beautiful cock, it was big for his age and I soon saw it in my dreams. Soon I would wake up rubbing my clit and then putting the fingers of my other hand in my wet pussy. This made it seem real as I pictured him having sex with me. I could feel him sliding his cock in and out of my pussy. We fucked in my dream as he and I got so turned on. My climax was building as I wanted to feel his cum shoot in me. I moaned in bed at night and I didn’t care ….in fact I hoped he heard me and got aroused by it.

I slept alone, he slept alone and Brenda his year younger sister had her own room. I better explain about Brenda.

Brenda, was a full blown Shemale. Brenda was totally female except she had a beautiful cock.

I accepted Brenda for what she was, and before we moved here, Brenda and I slept together. My older son Brad ignored us and of course knew all about Brenda. Brenda always wanted to play ‘sex’ with Brad, but Brad liked girls with pussys. He had been told you didn’t fuck your sister or your mom….. so to make Brenda happy, I played sex with Brenda. We talked about sex and I built up a hidden desire to feel her cock and even fantasized about sucking on it.

I started off having her feel my tits as I felt hers. A boyfriend for her was out of the question. It came out that she liked boys and girls. She wanted to put her cock in a girls pussy, but also wanted to have her tits sucked and felt by a guy. I had a pussy for her to fuck and now I wanted to suck that cock of hers real bad. Night after night it built up as we made each other hot by playing with our bodies.

That first time I let her feel my tits we got real horny and then we got into sucking on our nipples. I reached down and felt her hard cock. She liked that and felt my pussy. That night I jacked her until she came big as she had her fingers fucking my pussy. We both moaned at the hot thrill. I had her cum on my hand and she had my wet pussy juice on hers. It was our first mutual hand sex and we wanted more…. than just that.

The next night I turned to go down and suck on her beautiful cock. She wasted no time in licking my pussy. She moaned beautiful as I sucked and jacked her. She rubbed my clit as I was going to have a glorious orgasm. She got super aroused, held my head and shot many huge bursts of hot cum in my mouth. I orgasmed like no other time.

As I lay there in my euphoria, she turned and I felt her cock enter my wet pussy. It was so hot I was going to have a climax as she pumped me deep and felt my tits. We began to fuck. It was her first time to fuck a pussy and she was fucking me hard and fast. I loved to feel her body slapping against mine and that cock of hers going in and out my pussy. I had dreamed about Brad and I having sex but not Brenda. This new thrill was awesome. Being fucked by your own daughter was a high I can’t explain. I knew I was about to have a super climax and she was going to feel her first cum in a pussy. It built up to that golden peak and she began to shake and moan. She pulled me real tight to her and pushed her cock in as deep as it would go. I squeezed her cock with my pussy as strong as I could.

We both yelled as I felt hot cum blast in my pussy as I climaxed. We squirmed as we wanted to make it last as long as possible. Shot after moaning shot of hot cum flooded my pussy. We just kept going and going. It was the most exciting cock I’d ever had in me. Our tits rubbing on each others nipples just added to it. We lost track of time as she left her cock in me and we slow fucked for a long time…

It didn’t take long and it built up again. I lost track of how many times we fucked that wonderful night…

All was exciting, sneaking sex with Brenda, but….I still longed for sex with Brad. Brenda dreamed of having oral sex with him We tried many things to get his sexual interest in us, but no luck.

Ever since I saw his hardon as a young boy, I wanted it in me. I felt him up every chance I got. He would get a hardon quickly, but that’s all. I put his hands on my tits, and even on my pussy, but he would giggle and get embarrassed and dart away holding his hardon. Brenda said tried too with no luck.

I got and idea. Brenda too want sex with Brad so if I could get Brenda to get Brad to have sex with her this would break his resistance.

I knew how to get Brad all aroused. He let me go only so far. I would come up behind him and hold him tight. I would reach down and feel that growing hard cock of his. I planned an attack on him. First I would use painting Brenda’s room to force Brenda to sleep with Brad. Next I would get Brad all horny and have Brenda help me get Brad a big hardon that night.

I put on my sheer see thru nightie and paraded around Brad. I stopped him in the hall and put his hand on my tits. He giggled and whispered: (“…mom, stop it…”). I reached down and felt his hardon and pressed my pussy up against it. He quickly slipped away holding his big hardon.

Brenda was walking around in a sheer nightie in Brad’s bedroom. She had nice tits and a beautiful ass. I quietly listened….She began to talk to Brad about me. I peeked a little. They got in bed and both had big hardons. Now Brad was aroused by both Brenda and me.

I listened at the open doorway. Brenda began to tell him that I let her feel my tits and pussy, and how hot it was. I told Brenda before to tell him everything we did. This time he showed a real interest in it and they both began to stroke their hardon’s.

This was just what I wanted. Soon Brenda was stroking Brad and turned to give him a very sensuous blowjob. Now I watched and Brad and Brenda went 69 together. Brad was so turned on, he was actually sucking on Brenda’s cock.

I eased in the room and sat on the bed on Brads side. Brad ignored me and just kept going. I began to feel him up and joined him in sucking on Brenda’s cock. I slowly got on top of Brad and at last, …I was going to get Brad‘s cock in me. We both sucked on Brenda as I slipped Brads cock in me. Brenda felt both of us as she began to moan. We got her hotter that she had ever been. One final moan and Brenda came in our mouths. Brad grabbed my tits and then my ass and began to fuck me hard. We kept sucking on Brenda while we fucked faster and harder.

Finally….I had Brad’s cock in me…..

It was going to be the first of many threesomes I and Brenda had only dreamed of. Brad began to get hyper as he was getting ready to explode his cum in me. Brenda was going to cum again and we all thrashed and moaned. Brad held me real tight and I felt him drive his cock all the way in me deep…we all moaned as hot shots of Brads cum were being burst in me just as Brenda shot again in our mouths. I had the ultimate climax as he kept fucking me. We were both shocked at how good it felt. We moaned and held each other tight in pleasure. My pussy had never had so much hot cum in it as we just kept fucking. I fantasized it would be good, but I had no idea we would take a trip to euphoria together….. Brenda was a wonderful bonus to my now fulfilled dream of having sex with Brad.

All night we went 69 on each other. Brad and Brenda couldn’t get enough of fucking me. They both made me yell as they ate my pussy. One of my favorite parts was having them both lick my pussy while Brad fucked Brenda from behind. They both jacked Brenda’s cock until she came again…..
Now……all the time we all would feel each other up and get us all horny. Brad and Brenda loved to surprise me and sneak in my room now and get me real hot and take turns fucking me.

….’We remember it Differently’…..

I’m Brenda, and Brad and I we never told mom all that went on between us…

Mom was a horny sexy woman. She felt our cocks all the time to make us get hardons. This got her real horny. She never knew it but we were little when we started feeling and stroking our own cocks. Brad would feel my new tits and soon we started jacking on each others cocks. Next we started fucking us in the ass. Mom never knew this.

When I started sleeping with mom, she got real excited and I played like this was all new to me…. Putting my cock in her pussy ‘was’ new and I now fucked her all the time. I told Brad how great it was as I jacked his nice cock. He said he sure wanted to fuck her too, but he was happy fucking me in the ass and his girlfriend in the pussy. He talked his girlfriend into letting me fuck her in the pussy too as we slowly got into threesomes. All mom really wanted was to fuck Brad.

“I” talked Brad into doing it with mom. We let her plan and get her and us real horny and then faked our ‘first time’ to do this. Now everybody gets what they want, without sneaking around….but the sneaking around was fun, so…. we still do it…..right Brad?


Oh hell yes….mom knows we sneak it, and I know you and her sneak it….but….when mom and I sneak it, she feels she has me all to herself. It’s a old dream of hers and she goes wild. I know you’ve heard us, that moaning of hers drives me wild with her.

A lot of things happened that you never knew about Brenda, mom’s not telling it all… here goes….

I remember the first time mom saw me with a hardon in the bathtub. I was barely a teen. She started washing me and smiling as she washed closer and closer to my hardon. I liked her doing this and let her keep on. Slowly she touch it and began to stroke it. She whispered that no one but us would ever know about this. She made me hot and my cock feel good. She knew nothing about you and I jacking off and ass fucking together. I didn’t tell you about this Brenda for fear mom might stop doing it. We agreed, that around you, I would resist any sex play and shy away. We planned my next bath when you were asleep. I was so excited and so was mom that late night.

We snuck into the bathroom. As you know, mom is a quite a looker. Big tits and a hot shape. She left the light off, just a small night like was on. She had on only that sheer pink night gown, I had on only pajama bottoms. She grabbed me and started rubbing herself on me like a boyfriend or something. I think every young boy fantasizes about fucking his mom, and I was no different. Instant hardon. She pealed of the night gown and pushed my pajamas down and off. She put my hardon right between her legs and started rubbing her pussy on top of it. She put my mouth right on her big tits. I was in heaven.

She was breathing hard and making little moans as she squeezed my butt cheeks. She had a big soft bush I had never seen or felt before. She took my hand and had me rub her wet pussy. (“Rub right here.”) she whispered. She guided my fingers to her thing called a ’clit’ and had me rub it. My cock was throbbing I wanted to fuck her so bad.

She moved her pussy back and forth on the top of my cock, I almost came right then. She stopped and had me get on my knees. (“…kiss my pussy Brad…”) she whispered. She parted the hair and wanted me to kiss her clit. I gladly did and licked it too. She jolted with each lick and moaned softly. She held my head and started fucking my tongue. I almost came it was so hot to lick her pussy.

She moaned and pushed her pussy firm against my tongue. She shook and moaned as I thought she must have had one of those ’orgasm’ things. She pulled me up and she got on her knees. I felt her warm mouth go around my cock. She let me fuck her mouth and I couldn’t hold back….I shot cum like never before. She made a ’mmm’ sound and kept sucking as I came and came. She swallow it and started licking my cock. I got weak in the knees as she kept it up.

She then laid on the floor and had me turn so she could keep licking my cock. She put her pussy right in my face and I licked it over and over. It was the biggest thrill I’d ever had. She played and sucked until I had to cum again right while I was sucking on her clit. She held my head tight to her pussy and again fucked my tongue. We were dizzy with all that and planned my next bath. I hoped then she might let me fuck her. We never did that but came so close. I was waiting for the night we would fuck together.

Week after week we played and sucked. I think she had a plan for us to fuck and make it special.
I know now she wanted a 3some with Brenda for our first fuck….

Now…. I love to ‘walk in’ on you and mom having sex. You guys jump up and chase me and drag me back in the bedroom. You pretend to hold me down as mom gets on top of me. I’m already rock hard as she slips my cock in her. You turn me over and lay on my back and put your cock in my ass. You guys fuck me like it was the first time…..just like I planned would happen…..


Well there you have our little family secret. I had planned to end the story here…but…my kids were planned something for me I had never even dreamed of. They planned my first double fuck, their two cocks in my pussy.

They came in one night and did a feel fest on me. Four hands feeling and massaging my tits. My nipples both being sucked. They turned as I sucked on both their cocks as they licked my pussy. Brad laid down, turned and put me on top of him. Brenda lay on my back. I was so horny that night as I felt Brads cock enter my pussy. We started a wonderful slow fuck when I felt Brenda’s cock start entering my pussy too. There is no way to describe the feeling exactly. Two hot cocks in your pussy with 3 people reaching for the ultimate climax with me. Between the squirming and moaning, I began to have the ultimate climax. Brad and I locked in bliss as my world began to float in euphoria.

Brenda was peaking as she gave out a long moan. We all began to peak together just as both cocks started shooting hot bursts of cum in my pussy. I had a mind shattering climax. We all yelled with pleasure. They fucked me deep and fast and just kept going. I squeezed both their cocks firm with my pussy, just to hear them both moan and shoot some more. It was our very first…
… triple cum fuck….

Now,…catching my breath…from just thinking about it… I sit here in bliss. I can hardly feel my fingers on the keys as I try to finish this story.

Brenda and Brad came in and stood behind me to read the story… thing I know I feel two beautiful cocks rubbing on my face. I reached up and slow jacked them both as I took turns sucking on them. They led me over to my bed and we all undressed each other. Brad was very hot and put my legs on his shoulders. He teased my pussy with his cock. Brenda sat on my face and teased my lips with her cock….we all started in again, moaning, fucking and sucking. I wondered….will I ever get to finish this story?…they switched and now Brenda was fucking my wet pussy. Brad’s beautiful cock was going deep throat in my mouth.

There was no stopping us as we all knew by our squirming and moaning….another super cum was on the way. I locked my legs around Brenda and held Brad’s butt cheeks. We all moved in one wonderful motion. My pussy was throbbing as a big climax took over my movements. I yelled with Brads cock in my mouth, all the way in.

Brenda was shaking as she started to cum. I swear the earth moved as I peaked and Brad let go with a big blast of hot cum in my throat and mouth. I felt Brenda push her cock deep in me and unload a gusher of cum in me. My legs locked, my hands squeezed them as theirs squeeze me…we did it again…a triple cum waved over us all as we fucked and fucked until we all…just collapsed…

I woke up sometime later with Brad eating my pussy and Brenda’s cock in my mouth…..

I don’t think this story has an ending. I have to go now, I’m getting real horny…‘again’…and I can’t resist those two. When they see me typing the ending, they have to come in and read it. Next thing I know I’ll feel their hands feeling my tits and they start kissing my neck and down to my nipples. Their hands are up my dress and inside my panties….I’m losing it….. You can’t type with this going on…hold on…

I have to stop and feel their hard cocks over their clothes. Up goes Brenda’s skirt and I pull her cock out. Its warm and throbbing…I have to suck on it. Brad is working my panties down and is on his knees with my legs wide open. Oh that heavenly tongue of his is right on my clit. They are as hot as I am and to the floor we go. Brenda’s cock is on my lips and going in my mouth. She moans as she slow fucks my mouth. Brad is putting my legs up and is putting his beautiful cock in me.

We don’t bother undressing, we all want to cum right now. My hands are under Brenda’s blouse and under her bra. She has heavenly tits to feel. I love the feel of her hips going back and forth on me as her sweet cock is goes in and out of my mouth. She’s holding my head and moaning as her cock goes deeper in my mouth. I feel Brad’s hands on Brenda’s tits too. We all know where we’re headed. We want that triple cum. Brad and I are squeezing Brenda’s tits and rolling her nipples, this drives her crazy and we’re on our way. She can take no more and her cock goes deep down my throat thrusting and she pulls my head in deeper still….it’s happening.

Her cock swells….she yells and shakes…I feel the flood of her cum pumping in my mouth as Brad’s cock pushes deep in me and his cum meets my climax. It’s a squirming, moaning, thrusting action by all three. Brenda’s cum is flowing out the sides of my mouth and down my neck. Brad’s cum is overflowing in my pussy and onto my legs and down my ass. We’ve all gone to that special place where euphoria is born. Our bodies keep fucking automatically ….we float away as we lay all locked together and all slowly take a trip to euphoria land…….
The kids are both gone for a short while so I’ll try again to finish this story….

no….I won’t. I’ll start a finish and wait till they return and let them find me typing again…..

“Until next time I…“… Oh my god!…I hear them coming up the stairs. My heart is pounding …(damn!… my pussy is sooooo wet!)….

“Good bye for now!…”
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