Your working on an extension and new plans for a high school, the project has been running for quiet a while now and there have been so many hitches you have been sent over to carry out the final assessment. It the school holidays so the school is closed down all except for one section where there is a summer school going on for the 6th year girls who will be taking there A levels shortly.
You've been there for two days already and you just want to get home its your last day and you just have some final prep to carry out then you can close off and head home for a long weekend.
Its a hot day but standards have to be kept up and you have a dark grey suit on with a crisp white shirt. Your working on the plans on your lap top and you sit out in the garden at the summer tables which have been placed in the shade, you just have to check out the siting of the extension to confirm the measurements and then thats it.
You leave your brief case and lap top and head of in the direction of the old summer house which is to be bulldozed, when you get there you see one figure sat by the wall behind the summer house, your not sure who it is so you walk over for a closer look and when you get closer you can tell its a young girl she's crouching down behind a wall and it looks like she got caught short cos she's having a pee, you can see a little trickle running down the path from where she is you look at her she has white socks on to her knees and then a short black pleated skirt which she has pulled up her white cheeks of her arse are staring you in the face and she has a white shirt with a tie, pretty pigs tails encapture long black hair, you get right up behind her before you tread on a twig and she swings round and see's you, oh sorry mister she says jumping up and pulling her panties up from round her ankles please dont say anything. She is about to run but you catch her hand its ok you say in a very gentle tender voice I wont say anything, do you feel better now, your smiling at her and she is thinking to herself how nice you look in your suit.
Whats your name you ask Anabel she replies thats a very pretty name for a pretty girl you say, come sit with me and tell me how you holidays are going you point towards a bench which is under the shade of a very large willow tree, you start to walk over and she follows she sits next to you, you place your arm behind her on the back of the bench, its boring she says I hate school I cant wait to finsh, how old are you, you ask smiling I'm 17 now 18 next month, she's blushing now and you ask her to come and sit on your knee it would be far more comfortable than the wooden bench, a girl of that age is so gulable and so the next minute she's sat on your lap talking to you, after about 5 minutes your hand wonders onto her lag and you carry on talking but start to stroke her soft white skin, moving a little higher with each movement very slowly and subtly, till you fingers and going up inside her skirt, you can tell she's getting turned on cos she's wiggling on your knee you keep the hand on her leg just inside her skirt and you bring you other hand to her shirt, so Anabel would you like to kiss me, she giggles and blushes again and leans over and kisses you on the cheek meanwhile your undoing her buttons on her shirt she notices and goes to stop you but you say its ok I wont hurt you, but I haven't been with a boy before she says and you see a slight panic on her face, if you dont like what I do just tell me to stop and I will you say and you lean forward and kiss her on the lips very gently, whilst undoing another button on her shirt there all undo now and you pull it out of her skirt and push it open, you see a beautiful pair of tits facing you she quiet big a handful at least and you smile there now that wasn't bad was it you turn her round so she is facing away from you and you cup both your hands around her bra catching her nipples with your thumbs your neading her breasts and moving her tits out of her bra pushing her bra beneath them so you can see her breasts, she moaning now being a virgin wont take her long to cum, your thinking to yourself, you keep one hand on her breasts and move the other hand down to her panties she has her legs either side of yours so you open your legs to make her's spread wider your rubbing her pussy over her panties and she's really breathing hard now oh you like that Anabel your a naughty little girl arn't you, but your still smiling at her she's playing with her pig tails now and you can tell she's not far from coming you slip your hand in her panties, she gasps and giggles at the same time, your my naughty little school girl arn't you baby, you slip a finger inside her and you can feel her tiny pussy is all wet and very hot, you want to get your cock inside her you want to fuck her little virgin pussy where no man has been before you keep rubbing her breast and pushing your finger in and out of her and she is cumming over and over again she's so wet its running down your fingers, I have a lollipop for you Anabel do you like sucking lolly pops she nods you lift her down of your knee and tell her to kneal facing you on the floor you openyou trousers and get out your stiff cock there you go Anabel suck it like its a lollipop and you put your hand on the back of her head and guide her down she's not sure at first but soon has her mouth round it your telling her what to do, to move up and down and to suck on the way up to put her tongue down to the bottom of your big black cock and lick it right to the tip she sucks you off good your starting to feel your self coming and you want to fuck her pussy so you tell her to stop and to turn around again you pull her nicks down and lift her back onto your knee spreading her legs over your knees there's somewhere else the lollipop can go Anabel and you'll like it you say your neading her breasts again and with a quick lift you place her on to your cock only a little way first as she screams oh no stop she says that hurts, no baby you dont want me to stop you'll like it soon and you push a little further in your pulling on her nipples now and she likes that but your cock is hurting her you open your legs more to get her pussy wide open and your cock goes further in she's so wet but so tight her pussy is so tight and hot round your cock oh god your lifting her up and down now and with each downward movement your cock goes further and further in she's crying now but also enjoying it her nipples are hard in your hands and she's bouncing a little on your knee herself, you lift her again and turn her round to face you, your cock finds her pussy again and your cock pushes inside her, your mouth goes to her breasts and your sucking and nibbling her nipples she likes that and starts moaning again, you move your mouth to her neck and mark her with small bites she's your property now, she's enjoying her first fuck ever she is moving with you now she has started to grind her hips with your help you moving her with your hands showing her how to take your cock inside her, your so close to coming her pussy is so tight around you she moves faster and faster up and down she has nearly all your cock inside her now and its fucking fantastic, she's moaning loudly and your breathing is getting short your going to cum and your going to shoot your load inside her tight virgin pussy yes yes faster you can feel it starting to pump up from your balls oh baby yeah I have a present for you its coming and with that you feel yourself pumping up inside her filling her pussy with your spunk, you wait a few minutes and then you lift her off you and turn her round kiss me baby she leans forward and does so, will I see you again she asks yeah I'll be here someday again I'll come and find you, now be a good girl and dont tell anyone about this will you or your Mummy might be cross with you, your fastening up her shirt again and pulling her skirt down you run along and I'll see you soon, she smiles and skips of towards the school you fasten up your trousers return for your brief case and laptop and leave for home...............

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2012-06-07 04:26:16
فيدؤسكسي عربي

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2012-06-06 23:05:59
Sounds like she be 6


2012-06-06 14:04:58
I wouldn't read it. Just a page of words. Try using paragraphs next time. negative vote.

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2012-06-06 10:30:59
Well, Youy tell the story like she's really 12 instead of 17.

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