This Story Was Written By A Lady Friend And Sent To Me.. Be Nice Guys..
Ok its Saturday the 30th I don't want to go but seeming as I promised the guy in work I would go with him to a halloween party my girls said to make the most of it, so I have done, I have had my outfit planned for a couple of weeks and have been buying bits of stuff till the whole outfit was ready. My mate works for the BBC in the makeup department and I have her booked for this afternoon to come and do some make up on my neck to make the outfit complete.

My girls were doing my hair so at 4 I start to get ready, I'm usually a get dressed in 20 mins kind a girl but this will take some sorting out for it to look good, I jump in the shower and wash my hair, I dried myself and put on my white bask it has white lace all over the body with tiny little daisys all around the bust line it has a very high leg line and it goes into a thong at the back fastening underneath with a popper, it has suspenders attached and I put on my white stockings and my bally white high heels. I put a dry towel around and go and sit in the living room for the girls to sort out my hair they dry, straighten, and then start pinning it up leaving a few wispy bits hanging around my ear and the back of my neck, they spray silver strands in the right places and just as they finish the door goes, ah my make up I think to myself, by the time sophie has finished I look great, made up eyes which really stood out she made my complexion pale and a brilliant snake bite to my neck which of course was Dracula's bite, she had droplets of blood which trickled down my neck to my breasts. I am very well endowed and also because the bask and the dress have a tight bodice they are pushed up which makes them veluptuous and full and round so they stand out even more if that was possible. She wanted me to wear the bask so she could see where to put the droplets and they looked fantastic. I was getting excited myself and the girls opened some wine for dutch courage, I downed one pretty quickly and they filled my glass right back up.

I went and put on my dress and it was perfect, I say so myself I look great and now couldn't wait to get to the party. I put on the finishing touch my perfume and grab my bag I walk out into the room and both my girls smiled you look perfect Mum, lets take your picture you look fantastic. We laughed drank some more wine and then the door bell went my ride was out side. I don't know if I'll be back tonight or in the morning i say, have a good night they shouted as I dissappeared out of the door. We arrived at the party half an hour later it was at a house in Whalley Range and it was big and spooky the music could be heard as we pulled up in the taxi and I was really excited I don't go out much and this seemed perfect for a night out to treat myself I felt good and sexy and it showed. I walk tall and if you feel sexy you act sexy without realising. Keith, my friend helped me out of the car and told me I looked fantastic and he wished I was his date, I wasn't though and he knew it, I had always made it perfectly clear although he fancied me he wasn't my kind of guy, but he always says he hopes one day my feelings would change meenwhile he had his eye on one of the girls who would be at the party tonight. It was compulsory fancy dress if you weren't dressed up you wouldn't get in and Keith was dressed as batman he said the idea was bat .... halloween get it, I did but I thought he could have been a bit more orginial. We walked up the drive and was greeted at the door with a glass of smoking liquid god knows what it was but it was nice and I walked in. It was already packed and I looked around to see who I knew, I was already turning some heads of the guys there I am a very shy person but love knowing someone thinks I look hot, and tonight I did.

I spotted a couple of girls I knew and Keith saw some of the lads so he asked, was I ok and off he went I scanned the rooms I could see with my eyes and I saw a few fit guys, hmmm it could be a good night after all. There were people walking round with drinks and a bar in the corner I grabbed a few more of the smoking glasses and stood chatting then I decided I should go walk about to see what was going on, I met people I knew on the way and kept getting introduced to many new people, I had my bum pinched a few times on the way through rooms, which made me smile, then a guy whom I was told was the host caught my eye, he walked a talled, he was a black lad dressed in a black suit his make up was fantastic, the music was hotting up, there was a few couples getting heated up in corners of the rooms and the aroma of the cigs being smoked was a dead give a way. We stared dancing and the night continued, After a couple of hours and a lot of chat up lines later I was getting quite drunk thats when you walked over to me with a drink we started talking and then danced to the music which had now changed to soft and gentle music I found myself telling you I wanted to smoke a special ciggarette and you said come with me I took your hand and you walked me to the stairs I was swaying a lot as I was now drunk you moved me in front of you and I walked up the first few steps and then your hands came to my hips I could feel you were a strong guy and your hands helped me up the stairs, you pointed to a room which was your bedroom your hands were now on my waist helping me walk.

We got to the door and your opened it and I walked in, you walked over to the dresser and removed two rolled ciggarettes, oooh thats what I want I move towards you and take one, I inhale deeply and can feel the effects straight away you lean over and kiss me and tell me how sexy I look, I inhale more of the cig and smile back, my breasts were heaving inside my dress and you walk behind me, you'd not lit your cig yet and you start kissing my neck I move my head over allowing you to kiss more of my neck you make little gently bites but not hurting me, your undoing my hair as you kiss me and it falls around my shoulders I'm getting very arroused I always get so horny when I smoke special cigs, I've only done it twice before but this was no different your hands come up and cup my breasts and i lean back on you, you can see right inside my dress and you want me, you move me round the bedroom as I carry on finishing the cig and I drop it in the ash tray, your hands are undoing the zip on the back on my dress and you pull it down and it falls to the floor I step out of it and walk towards the bed your cock immediatly stands to attention when you see my bask and body you love the thong and my arse wiggling as I walk away from you, I want sex I want to be fucked and you want me, you come over and push my legs apart you stand between them and lean down on me you kiss me your hands cupping my breasts, there full and sexy and you want to feel them you ease the bask below my boobs and they are on full show your mouth goes straight for my nipple sucking on it nibbling, I wrap my legs around your waist and I reach up to undo your shirt but you grab my hands and move them above my head you hold them both there in one of your hands and your other cups my boob whilst your sucking and gently biting the other.

After a few minutes you let go of my hands but I leave them above my head I get the picture thats where you want them to stay, you kiss down my bask over my belly and your hand reaches between my legs finding my pussy you rub over my panties quite rough you feel my hips responding to your touch, and my arse gently moves up and down, your mouth has reached my pussy now and you are licking me over my panties then your hands grab them and remove them you push two fingers inside me, I'm moving more now my hips are lifting up and down now to your touch, I want to feel your cock inside me, I say.
I want fucking so bad, you see this, you see what I want and you just want to please me so you put your cock to my pussy I feel the tip at my opening and I wrap my legs tighter so it pushes you inside me, you push deep and hard you know I dont want a gentle fuck I just want to feel something inside me, fillling me, pleasuring me, your pounding my pussy now your cock is deep inside me pushing hard and deep. My tits are bouncing about you reach up and grab one pulling on my nipple, I'm moaning loudly now and you can see I'm cumming. I'm not a one orgasm woman though I will have many but it makes my pussy nice and wet and your slipping in and out easier you pull me down the bed a little and raise me so you can reach my arse with your fingers you find my hole and insert a finger inside me to see how I react my face tells you I like it, you pull out of me and flick me over onto my belly pulling me up on all fours and dragging me to the edge of the bed you push a finger in my arse and two inside my pussy and start finger fucking me I'm pushing back now and the effects of the cig and the alcohol have taken full effect.

I want your cock inside me baby, fuck my arse Oooh baby please, I tell you. Your not the kind of guy that needs telling twice and you pull out your finger you slap my arse cheeks a few times and your looking at me thinking how nice and fit I look you can see my tattoo at the bottom of my back at the base of my bask and you put your cock to my arse I move back on you feeling you enter my arse its tight and hot and you move gently first, then as you get further inside me and i'm moaning like mad you push further in me until my arse is taking all your cock, its tight but you love it, I start to drop down and you grab my hair and pull me back up your fucking me hard in my arse my tits are swaying back and forth, you tell me your going to cum and I'm screaming now with my head in the pillow and I nod yes yes, and I feel your hips moving faster, you push a few more times and you feel your balls tightening and then your shooting, your shooting deep inside my arse shot after shot deep in me, your holding me still by my hips as you cum inside me, I start Moaning and screaming again Into the pillow as I cum so hard, and then you let go and I fall to the bed you lay next to me and pull a sheet to cover me as I drift off to sleep..
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