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Dear reader,
The following is an RP I did with a friend (name removed ^.^). It contains beast, impalement, cum-swallowing, insertion, brutality, dislocation and anything else you may read that I haven’t mentioned (~.^). My main reason for putting this on here is to find like-minded people to RP with. I am 23, F, in Florida, so if you like what you read, think you could do better deions or have more imagination than my friend simply send me a PM and I’ll get back to you!

Hope you enjoy,

Laina (author) = me, Yournamehere =P = friend ~.^

Yournamehere =P Nothing yet was hoping ud help with that

me (author): hehe, force me to help you mean?

Yournamehere =P Ya u know ur role so what u wearing where r u who's with u

me (author): I place the saddle up over the fence, brushing the horse hair off my tight white pants before turning to slide the barn door shut. I look down the row of 2- stalls, the horses munching on their oats before sliding the heavy door closed. My breasts are enclosed in the tiny riding jacket and are virtually falling over the top, the bulging skin jostling to get out as I begin to fiddle with the lock on the door, not realizing someone is creeping up behind me

Yournamehere =P I push u forward into one of the horse stalls that will teach u to tease me slut

me (author): A fist slams into the back of my head and i ricochet off the wood to the floor. Struggling up a strong arm comes around my neck and yanks me up, another hand punching the side of my large breasts like punching bags. I wince and kick ahrd as im dragged into the stables. My boots clattering ont he ground as I pass out. You throw my body into the first stall, my head hitting the fence and my hair cascading over my body as I lay crumpled in a heap. I bat my eyes slowly, my head throbbing as I look around

Yournamehere =P U ever fucked a horse cunt well tonight u will I drag u by the hair under the horse ur mouth touching his cock suck it cunt take it all in

me (author): I struggle back against something strong as you approach. The 20 horses in the stable are all male and I suddenly look to my shoulder as I feel something heavy resting on it. I scream as you grab a fistfull of hair and force me onto all fours underneath the animal. Your other hand crabs the cock and forces it into my red lips, tucking the massive flared head into my cheeks. i gag as the slime and gunk coats my mouth from the sheath. Suddenly you stop and then grab my jaw, jerking and yanking my head forward on the meat. My eyes wide I feel it slip into my esophagus, painfully straining my muscles. A large bulge appears as you jerk me forward again, the cock disappearing into my tiny body, behind my breastbone until you jam my nose up between the animal’s massive flanks. I feel the cock

me (author): twitching and pulsing inside my stomach as you hold me there, my face pressed right up against the base of his leathery groin, the massive male member deep inside me

Yournamehere =P Where u learn to suck like that cunt I would love to see that in ur cunt. I pull u away from the cock I can see it throbbing now I hit u a box on the jaw knocking u to the ground I pull ur legs apart opening ur pussy and guide the cock into u

me (author): I scream as bile mixed with horse gunk, yellowish flakes, and drool out of my gaping mouth. your rough hands yank me off his cock into a collapsed heap and then jack me up with my ass in the air. I try to protest but I’m too weak, my thighs tremble as I feel the massive cockhead flare against the back of my thighs. Suddenly the animal thrusts and 4 inches of stallion meat embeds itself in my body. It feels strange and I hear you laughing, "He stretched you pants inside you, you fuck-pig." you punch my breast hard, the riding jacket doing nothing to dull the blow. I feel the air knocked out of me as the stallion thrusts again, his cock slipping deeper and my pants constricting around my thighs. I groan as his flanks tense again, the massive muscles bulging over my tiny body

Yournamehere =P Oh he gonna fill u up cunt I tear off your top let ur tits fall out mmm that's a nice rack slapper the horse buries another few inches in u. He goes in so deep u scream half in pleasure half in pain tell me ur loving this cunt

me (author): You look back and see his massive girth disappearing deep into my pussy. My pussy lips outlined by the stretchy pants as they are literally fucked up into my body. I shriek loudly only to have you punch me hard on my exposed chest, my breasts turning read, the bulging flesh bouncing as the massive animal above me thrusts deeper and deeper. His massive cock bends and i feel a strange sensation as he pulls out of me, just to have my lungs emptied as he thrusts forward again. You hold my head up, sticking pieces of straw up my nose, twisting them and jabbing them until i sneeze repeatedly, the end lodged deep in my nasal cavity. Suddenly i stop moving, my eyes wide as i feel an intense warming sensation just at my bellybutton followed by extreme pressure. I scream and struggle, you laughing

me (author): and holding me in place, "Usually they piss after, might as well keep you here so he doesn’t make a mess." You slap my face over and over and get some more straw

Yournamehere =P If any of that piss spills ur drinking it cunt u caused the mess at this stage a couple of other horses have moved for a look and I see them getting aroused 2 more one for each hole.

me (author): I shriek and try to crawl away. The warmth is so intense now. I feel your rough hand slip underneath me and curve around a bulge that is forming. I breathe deeply, my eyes watering as my muscles clench around the animal meat, and its muscles pulsating as piss is emptied deep inside my body. I scream, the horse neighs and bucks up causing me to pass out, the cock making a massive visible bulge just below my rib cage. I come to, the member still in me as you slap me awake. My shoulder feels numb, ". . . stupid pig, you scared him and he stepped on your collarbone - but luckily you didn’t need it since whatever i force down your throat will need as much room to fit into your tiny body." With a loud pop the stallions cock slips from my body followed by a tiny trickle of yellowy-white gunk.

Yournamehere =P Lick his cock clean then I'll bring in the next one u do as ur told fearing what I might do if u don't I then drag u out by the hair and into the next stall now cunt u know the drill suck him dry

me (author): I insert the slimy cock in my mouth as you place a massive butt plug into my pussy. My riding pants stretched into a gaping hole in my body constrict my thighs as i crawl on all fours out of the stall, a gallon of piss and animal cum sloshing around in my womb. My eyes are downcast as I receive a harsh kick to the ribcage and fall on my broken shoulder. I groan as you yank my body up by my hair and then impale me one the stallion meat, the brown cock glistening with slime as it slips easily into my slack neck tube. This one is larger and i feel the bulbous head poking gently on the bottom of my stomach. I struggle harder and then something moves and i slide easily up the remaining length until my nose is nuzzles in the folds of flesh between the animals flanks and my chin resting on the

me (author): tennis ball sized sac

Yournamehere =P Bitch I don't see him smiling move quicker make him cum
me (author): I gag and sputter, saliva drips from my mouth as the cock embedded deeply behind my rib cage pulses. My pussy trembles around the plug as im forced to slide back and forth only inches, the cock never even leaving my stomach as you savagely punch my chest. I scream loudly as a muted crack signals a rib breaking. You grab hold of my jaw and jerk my body back and forth onto the animal’s meat, using me like a glove, my gaped esophagus stroking his member until my eyes roll up and i feel his warm cum discharging straight into my puke-sack

Yournamehere =P That's a good girl now smile for the camera gonna use that for my special collection now the last stallion is ur ass ready

me (author): I fall down in a collapsed heap below the animal. My lungs barely breathing as a steady stream of yellow liquid seeps out of my red lips. My breasts are bruised and covered with dirt as you yell, slamming your heal into my jaw. My eyes jerk wide open as i feel it dislocate, the muscle tearing. You grab my hair and yank me onto all fours, slamming a massive butt plug into my mouth. The massive bulge pressing the bone away from my skull as it slips snugly into my throat tube. I let out mutes screams as the next stallion mounts my body, stretching my pants tight across my ass cheeks and into my anal tube as another animal cock penetrates with each tensing thrust of his flanks

Yournamehere =P This one fucks u like there's no tomorrow he buries his cock straight in forcing it all the way in u start whimpering and crying not knowing why ur being abused like this

me (author): My pants stretch so tight the fabric shows signs of ripping. My skins tan skin showing through as it constricts my thighs even more. My skin over my jaw is stretched, the bone protruding away from my head as the massive plug stops the constant vomiting as my body is jerked back and forth by the massive cock in my ass. Im forced to constantly swallow the cum back down as the stallion hammers away above me, his massive meat sliding deep into my intestines parallel my spine. I feel you touch just below my shoulder blades, poking at a large bulge that is the pulsating cock head. Between my puking all you hear are muted screams

Yournamehere =P He then shoots his load in u and u collapse in a heap on the ground puking up some piss and cum thankful that experience is over for now

me (author): The animal suddenly stops and again another gallon of cum is inserted into me. My stomach bulging from the second horse, my womb being impregnated by animal semen, and now my intestines awash with stallion cum i collapse on the ground, his glistening cock slithering out like a snake. You quickly come over and shove another plug, this one in my ass to stop the leakage of the cum from my abused body. I look up at you, a slight trickle of yellowing cum dripping from my nostril. You just smile and say, "It would be difficult to fit a plug in your nostril, slut. I suggest you don’t let any come out" I moan and begin to snort, a large wad of cum dripping back down to my bloated stomach

Yournamehere =P Good cunt u do what ur master tell u

me (author): /poke

Yournamehere =P Now get up and follow me to my car I own u and u will do as I say and please

me (author): Slowly i stand up. Something shifts inside me as my pants, the material fucked deep into my body changes shape around my bulging thighs. I moan and shriek, my broken rib poking one lung and my left arm hanging loosely at my side. You just laugh as you slap my dislocated jaw, the muscle tearing more as the massive butt-plug keeping the animal cum in my stomach slides deeper. i feel bloated as i exit the building, my nipples erect int he air as horse cum, horse piss swirl inside my body. I let out a strange sounding sneeze and hay mixed with jet-yellow cum emerge from my nose. You come over and punch just under my ribcage hard, doubling me over before inserting a finger deep in my nose and pushing the cum and hay back in

Yournamehere =P Cunt I told u not to spill and mind my truck don't dirty it

Yournamehere =P Gotta go now would u like to be gang fucked by blacks tomorrow

me (author): Did you like it?

me (author): *like

Yournamehere =P Oh ya I'm rock hard r u wet

me (author): I have a dildo in my ass and pussy >.> I loved it, but you could be a little more deive (I did most of the typing) and brutal - break me further! Trust me i won’t have any problems with anything you say.

Yournamehere =P Ok and I'd love to see a pic of that u sitting on one and fucking urself with the other

me (author): I dont do nudes - at least not until i get to know the person, but i'll send a pic. If you are imaginative and brutal as i ant (as i asked for and as you see me type) then you will get more and more <3

Yournamehere =P Ok will do some bondage tomorrow with clothes pegs in ur pussy

me (author): (In? =P hehe. Try to think of things to do to break me entirely. i love it all ^.^)

Yournamehere =P Humiliation 2 or just pain

me (author): What would humiliation be? What did we do today?

me (author): (And imagine today but continuing with more horses until my insides are so full of cum, my arms can’t even touch the floor and my breasts are massive and swollen)

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2015-01-20 21:58:55
That was shit

Anonymous readerReport

2014-11-23 04:24:21
Well... That was ...interesting ...I think. But for me horse cock doesn't taste near as bad as you say

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-10 21:07:25
Not really my genre, but I think it would have been much better if you had got rid of the bits written by that near-illiterate that you were messaging and edited it into an actual story.


2013-04-18 13:37:03
RP or not, this a horrible use of the English language. It's lazy, minimal effort like this that convinces me that not only is the education system in the country failing, the intent for which it is there is missed by most because of their staggering lack of intelligence.

What sane, sentient being could find demented topics such as this even remotely erotic has yet to be seen. Only those who suffer from mental deficiencies are likely to be enticed by crap and filth such as this.

anonymous readerReport

2012-06-17 15:27:21
I followed it pretty easily.
Unless it was changed recently, it was written well, don't listen to some of the people with the totally garbage comments.

It is a true shame your RP partner is poor, very poor. Get yourself a new one, there's a lot of people out there like us on Darknest.

Keep it coming <3

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