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Chapter Four: A Brave New World

The end of the world started like any other day had, the sun rising over the horizon as the citizens of the world awoke and prepared for the day ahead, nothing but possibilities in sight. Even the worlds governments and military’s were unaware the horror that would befall them before the day was out.

Steven Prahlow, a husband and father of two wonderful children began his day as any other, rising to his alarm and showering with his wife before getting the children up so they could get dressed and ready for school. He was having a good morning so he decided to cook the kids up a special treat for breakfast, chocolate chip pancakes in the shape of their favourite cartoon character and even letting them put as much maple syrup on them as they wanted. Hell why not, their teachers would have to deal with them, not him.

Double checking to make sure they had their homework completed and putting the stack of business papers into his briefcase he kissed his beautiful wife goodbye and ushered the kids out to the minivan parked in their recently repaved driveway. It was a glorious fall morning and the sun was shining brightly casting warm rays of light over every inch of the world it could touch and all Steven could think about was how well he had prepared his presentation and how impressed his bosses would be with him. That promotion would be his by the end of the day.

Stacey and Andrew fought playfully in the backseat, their exuberant voices echoing through the interior of the van as he pulled onto the busy city streets and began the long haul to the public school they attended. This was one of the worst things about living in the big city, morning rush hour was hell but it compared nothing to the mad dash at the end of the day to get home for dinner. More times than he could count he found himself stuck in traffic for hours on end, his stomach growling as he watched the seconds tick by knowing his dinner was growing colder in his absence.

Traffic inched forward and Steven sat back and relaxed knowing that it would be a half an hour before they pulled into the school parking lot. The day had just begun but he already couldn’t wait to get back home and surprise his family with the great news he was sure to receive today. With the extra money he would bring in each month they could finally afford the bathroom renovation they desperately wanted, with hopefully enough left over to surprise the kids with a trip to Disney World during their summer vacation, a trip he and his wife had wanted to take for a few years now.

‘Daddy where did the sun go?’ Stacey, his nine year old daughter asked from behind him as shadow enveloped the entire street.

‘It’s hiding behind a cloud sweetie,’ he answered.

‘Wow that could is really black!’ the girl exclaimed, sticking her head out the open window. Steven leaned forward over the steering wheel and looked into the sky as a massive roiling black cloud swept into the heart of the city. He had never seen such a sight in his entire life, the cloud seeming to move on its own accord and expand from its center as it quickly covered every inch of the once blue sky.

He quickly turned on the radio and found a news network seeing if they were talking about a storm that was supposed to pass by. He had checked the weather when he first got up but they had predicted blue skies and record highs for the day. This wouldn’t be the first time a meteorologist screwed up but this seemed to sudden to have just come out of nowhere. He had caught the news at the right time and they were on the weather portion of the show.

‘If you’ve looked out the window today you’ve undoubtedly seen the storm system move into the city. This seems to be a strange phenomenon that isn’t showing up on radar and the American Weather Service has released a statement saying they are looking into it as it has appeared over forty separate cities across the world,’ the radio announcer explained, ‘The storm doesn’t seem to be following regular weather patterns and right now has everyone here at the station baffled. We will update you with any new information as we receive it.’

The news returned to sports and Steven turned the volume down as he looked out on the black clouds. Many of the drivers in front of him had gotten out of their vehicles and were looking into the sky using their phones to take pictures and video. It was quickly becoming clear that they wouldn’t be moving very soon and he was starting to get annoyed. The last thing he needed today was to end up being late for work when he was so close to getting the promotion he could taste it.

‘Daddy did you see that?’ his daughter asked in wonder as she continued to watch the clouds above them.

‘What was it baby?’ he asked looking back up.

‘I saw lightning! It was so pretty!’

A second flash ripped through the ominous clouds but there was no way it could have been a bolt of lightning as it was red and not the bluish white he had seen often on stormy day. The clouds began to swirl like a hurricane did and more red flashes streaked the otherwise pure black clouds.

‘What the fuck!’

‘Daddy swore!’ Andrew sang, totally disinterested in what was going on just outside the vehicle.

The storm was building to an explosive boiling point and Steven could feel the static electricity in the air as his car radio started to pick up nothing but static with intermittent voices. He couldn’t fight the urge anymore and opened his door, stepping out in the street as thousands of others already had. The clouds thickened and hundreds of red jagged streaks fired all at once from the edges to the center where they met. Steven watched in horror as the red lightning combined into a single massive beam of pure energy and shot from the sky onto the street a few hundred feet from where he stood. A deafening crack shot through the entire city as the bolt hit the ground with sheer force, tossing exploding cars and body parts high into the air.

His first instinct was to grab his kids and start running while he had the chance, but an unnatural fear gripped him and he found himself rooted to the spot, watching in horror as charred bits of body rained down on the people ahead of them. The strangest thing was that the bolt of red lightning hadn’t disappeared as it should have, instead it stood fixed on the spot it hit, the intense heat surrounding it literally melting the surrounding buildings. The lightning was roughly twenty feet wide and reached all the way to the clouds where it had come from.

The entire world changed in the span of a heart beat as a great winged creature flew out from the lightning and took to the skies with a triumphant roar. People began to scream and run in fear as they tracked the movement of the great monster riding high above them, several more following from the lightning and joining it. Steven watched as the scaled beast he could only describe as a dragon opened its massive jaws and spewed molten lava onto the running masses, their bodies melting under the intense heat.

‘DADDY!’ he heard his children cry out in fear and he snapped back to reality, dashing back to his van and opening the side door. Without saying a word he tore the kid’s seat belts off and grabbed them in his shaking arms before running through the throngs of abandoned cars as the people who were still alive fled.

He had taken no more than a dozen steps when he came to a screeching halt, a pillar of molten lava crossing the street and cutting off his route as people cried out in agony as they were consumed by the fire. He spun around but the way was blocked again by another pillar of flame as the monsters boxed the survivors in so they could pick them off easily. He gripped his children tightly, looking into their terrified faces and he knew they would go no further. He kissed both of them softly on the forehead and told them he loved them more than anything else in the world.

Before the words were even out of his mouth death rained down from above them, their flesh burning instantly as the molten fire ignited everything around them. Their screams were lost in the sounds of thousands of others dying all around them.

Seven Days Later

The smell of smoke, garbage, and burned hair hit Amy as her eyes slowly opened and she gazed up into the black skies high above her, confusion washing over her. She struggled to remember where she was and how she had gotten there but the last memory she had was kneeling over Catherine as she died. Then there was a blinding golden light followed by an insane amount of pain before she blacked out. She slowly stood up, brushing the dust and dirt from her naked body as looked over her body to see what the extent of the damage was. There wasn’t even a single scratch on her smooth tanned skin and the gaping wound that had once been her shoulder was completely healed not even leaving a horrible scar. Perplexed by what had happened she looked around where she was standing and cried out in horror by the sight she saw.

She stood in the center of a rubble strewn street with cars burned out, over turned, and even a looked they had been thrown into buildings. There were small fires burning everywhere and the destroyed bodies were scattered across almost every inch of available space. These people had once been men, women, and children but now they were simply a warning against anyone who came by them. Amy’s eyes rose into the air and was stunned to see the once dominating skyline New York boasted was left in ruin, most of the tall buildings shattered and burned continuously as large pillars of black smoke rose into the air.

She suddenly remembered what she had heard Erin say back in that hidden cave, how some kind of darkness was spreading across earth and humans had not been able to stop it. She had never dreamed this is what she would find when she got back to earth. It wasn’t so much a battlefield as it was a mass open grave, the bodies of the innocent lining the streets and rotting.

Amy expected to feel sorrow so intense she would get sick to her stomach, instead she was overcome with blinding rage as she looked over her once beautiful world as it lie in ruins. Her fists clenched at her sides and she could feel her sharp nails dig into her skin painfully, a red light highlighting her vision as she screamed out in anger and the echo of her voice reverberating off the empty streets.

‘ARE YOU CRAZY? Get out of the open!’ someone screamed at her from the shadows of a small alley just to her left. The sudden voice took her by surprise and she felt her anger vanish as if it had never been there. ‘Hurry up or one of those aliens is going to get you!’

Amy turned to see who was yelling at her, finding a man half hidden behind the bodies of a dozen slaughtered people. His face was haggard and covered in filth, his hair unkempt and his eyes raking the sky. Even though she didn’t fear something attacking her she did as the man suggested and walked towards him, the shadow of the alley embracing her.

‘Jesus what the hell happened to you? You do know you’re naked right?’ he asked and Amy glanced down at herself. The dirty man pulled off a large trench coat he was wearing over top of his combat fatigues and handed it to her so she could cover up.

‘What happened here?’ she asked as she threw the dirty coat over her slender body and buttoned it up.

‘You’re kidding me right?’ he asked and she shook her head, ‘Did you hit your head or something? We’ve been attacked by aliens!’

‘Aliens?’ she asked incredulously.

‘You have a better explanation for what those things are? Look we can’t stay out in the streets! That scream you let out is sure to attract a hunting party. I’ll take you back to the hideout and we can have one of the doctors check your head out or something.’

The man turned back into the alley and started to walk off in the opposite direction Amy had just come from. For a split second she considered if she should follow him, but in the end she realized she didn’t have any other choice. She could have gone off on her own, but she didn’t know where she was going or what she should do. She was utterly alone now that Cat was gone and she had to find a safe place to hide.

‘If it’s dangerous to be out in the streets than why are you here?’ she asked as she caught up to him.

‘People gotta eat,’ he said pointing to the backpack he wore, ‘So I go out and find them any food I can. Not the best job in the world but someone has to do it.’

‘How many survivors are there?’

‘Not many,’ he answered as they climbed around a fallen brick wall and kept to the shadows, ‘new ones come in off the streets every few days but they generally don’t stay long.’

‘Why not?’

‘They want to find their loved ones I suppose, so we give them a hot meal, clean them up and then point them in the right direction. Well at least we hope it’s the right direction anyways. There are rumours of a military staging area just outside the city but anyone we send out there never returns so we have no way for knowing if it is even real.’

To emphasize his point as they turned a corner Amy found herself at the edge of a very large crater in the middle of a small side street with three tanks on the other side, their turrets ripped off and thrown aside as whatever had attacked them went after the occupants. Amy could see blood smeared all over the metallic bodies and was sure if she looked in she would find the shredded bodies of military personnel rotting inside, but that was not something she wanted to see so she kept her distance as they edged around the ten foot deep crater and found another alley.

‘We didn’t stand a chance at all,’ she said softly to herself.

‘The fight was over before it even began. If you think that was bad then I wouldn’t recommend going to Times Square anytime soon, that place is a graveyard.’

‘Why what happened there?’ she asked and the man looked back at her with a sad expression in his eyes.

‘The bulk of the army and air force made their last stand there. The battle was televised live for as long as the news helicopters could remain in the air and I’ve never seen anything like it.’

‘You watched it on TV?’

‘Yes ma’am, I was visiting my parents who live just outside of town when those things beamed down from space. When they showed the tanks, helicopters, and jets converging on the alien lines in Times Square I was excited thinking we would kick their asses back to whatever planet they came from. No one has ever been able to stand up to America’s military might before so it was a lock that we were going to destroy them. Only it didn’t happen that way,’ he explained, ‘the tanks fired an opening salvo while the planes and helicopters strafed their lines and managed to kill quite a few, but there were too many and in a matter of minutes they were overrun. Even the supersonic jets didn’t make it out of the fight, these weird flying dragon like things ripping them from the sky.’

‘So they just gave up?’

‘I guess they had no choice. I think they threw everything they had at the aliens and lost it all. There is a rumour going around that they even tried to nuke the affected cities but the missiles were destroyed before they could hit their targets.’

Amy’s thoughts turned to her older brother who was a corporal in the marines and had probably been sent into combat somewhere around the world when the attack first happened. Misery gripped at her heart and she found it suddenly hard to breathe as she realized he had probably been killed in the fighting. With her brothers smiling face in her mind she suddenly collapsed against a wall of the building they were walking by as tears freely flowed from her eyes and she gasped for breath. The sorrow was so strong and over powering she felt like she was dying and could barely move as the man quickly dashed to her side.

‘What’s wrong? Are you okay?’ he asked in whispered tones. ‘Come on there is plenty of time to cry when we get to safety but if you keep doing it now you’re going to get us both killed!’

Amy was unable to speak or stop herself from crying hysterically, her emotions in total control of her as she struggled with the urge to just curl up and die right where she was. Her tears blurred her vision and the pounding of her heart deafened her ears as she fought to regain control, but nothing was working. Her brother was at the very center of her mind and she couldn’t help but picture his lifeless body in the middle of a destroyed city, broken in half as whatever had killed him showed no mercy or remorse.

Suddenly the man’s dirty hand was over her mouth, her sobs muffled as he stared out on the empty street just ahead of them, his other hand reaching into to his belt and producing a black Glock 21 .45 calibre hand gun. Holding the large, unwieldy gun in his hand he used his thumb to flick to safety off and held it out in front of him. Amy’s mind started to calm just enough that she could now hear what had spooked him, a loud and agonizing scream ripping through the air repeatedly as someone begged for their life.

‘Stay here,’ he whispered frantically and then pulled his hand from her mouth to move to the edge of the alley so he could get a better view. The agonizing scream shred through the air again and Amy found herself getting back to her feet and moving to where the man stood holding his gun tightly in his fist until his knuckles turned white from the strain. Amy peered around the corner and looked down the shattered street to find a small child huddled up against an over turned bus, her hands over her face as a horrifying creature stalked towards her.

The demon stood on two massive feet, its legs as thick as tree trunks and covered in scales. Its movement resembled that of a giant bear walking on its hind legs, bulky and slow as it waddled forward, two massive clawed hands reaching out towards its prey. Amy could barely make out its head from this angle, but it appeared to be massive with a large snout filled with razor sharp and blood stained teeth.

‘It’s going to kill her!’ Amy yelled right into the man’s ear, ‘Shoot it!’

‘Are you nuts? A pistol isn’t going to take that alien down! If I shoot we will all die!’


Without even thinking about what she was doing she grabbed the gun from his hand and elbowed him hard in the chest before sprinting out onto the street. The demon raised on massive clawed hand toward the frightened child and Amy fired three rounds quickly, hitting it in the back with a single round that seemed to ricochet off its scales and smash into the a nearby wall. As quick as thunder the creature turned to face this new enemy, its gaping maw opening wide in a ground shaking roar. Amy fired seven more times, the rounds either missing or just bouncing off the demon as it charged her in a fit of fury.

It wasn’t fear or anger the she felt as it barrelled towards her, imminent death just a few seconds away. What filled here was a feeling she hadn’t expected, peace. It flowed through her veins like a might river, calming every muscle and thought as it grew until everything slowed down around her. She could see every little detail of her surroundings while also tracking the movement of her foe as it drew closer, its massive claws spread wide in anticipation of an easy kill. In a moment of pure instinct she kicked her left foot back and dug it into the rubble, bracing herself as the demon crashed into with all its strength and momentum. Absorbing the attack and reached out and grabbed its arms before the claws could find purchase in her skin and pulled on them, feeling the muscle and bone separate as the pulled them free and tossed them aside.

The monster cried out in agony, black blood spurting from the stumps on its shoulders and covering the ground. Without letting up she grabbed the massive head in her hands and squeezed with all of her strength, the thick bone crushing under her fingers as its massive blood red eyes exploded and its jaws shattered with a sickening crunch. The now lifeless body of the once terrifying demon fell to the ground with a large thud, twitching as the neurons from its crushed brain fired for the last time. Amy stepped over the corpse and held her hand out towards the little girl, who was hiding by the bus, her eyes wide in shock at what she had just seen.

‘You’re safe now,’ Amy said softly and the girl quickly leapt into her arms and clung to her neck for all she was worth.

‘What the hell are you?’ the man who had found her yelled as he emerged from the alley, another gun clutched in his hand as he pointed directly at Amy’s head.

‘I… I don’t know anymore.’

The sensations running through James’s body were starting to push him over the ledge, closer and closer to release. He was swallowed up in total darkness and couldn’t even see the hands he was holding in front of his face, although he wasn’t even sure his hands were actually there because he couldn’t feel them. There was no panic in him though as pleasure continued to wash over him from every direction. The feeling was growing so intense it consumed him and it became the only thing he could focus on.

‘Am I making you feel good?’ a soft feminine voice said and a name floated to the front of his brain before quickly slipping away as he struggled to hold onto it.

He could feel hands moving over his body but something was wrong, there were far too many sets of hands touching him and there was no way they could all be from one person. There was nothing he could do though, when he tried to reach out his own hands and brush them away he found he couldn’t touch them and when he tried to speak no sound came from his mouth.

‘Don’t fight Gabrielle,’ the voice whispered again, ‘Give in and let me make you feel like a man.’

The urge to struggle was slowly fading from him as a set of hands slipped below his waist and firmly grabbed his manhood, the blood pulsing into the rock hard member. While one hand gently cupped his testicles he could feel something soft and warm slip over the head of his cock sending shivers through his entire body as he struggled not to lose it right then and there. James thought he had felt pure pleasure before on a few different occasions but nothing compared to what was happening to him right now, it felt like he was losing his mind it was so good and he just wanted to remain in this state for the rest of his unnaturally long life.

‘If that’s what you wish then you can stay here for all of eternity,’ the voice whispered again but this time directly into his mind. The sudden intrusion in his deepest thoughts rattled James and he used what little will he had left to push the pleasure he was feeling to the back of his mind so he could think clearly. Something was going on here and the more he thought about it the weirder it got. He had no idea where he was, how he had gotten here or who was talking to him or touching him. The last thing he could remember doing was running away from Ares as a spear stuck him in the middle of teleporting away.

‘Don’t think about those horrible things James,’ another voice said in his mind and he instantly knew it belonged to Amy. ‘You are safe now and you can have both of us for the rest of time.’

Suddenly two faces, one Amy’s, swam in out of the darkness just inches from his own and James stifled a gasp when he realized who the first voice was. With her long curly brown hair, bright blue eyes and button nose, and a smile that always managed to stop James’s heart dead with a single look, he gaze upon a ghost from his past, one that had been haunting him thousands of years; Aglea.

‘I’m glad you remember my face Gabrielle,’ Aglea said, her soft lips brushing together in a symphony that James had missed for so long, ‘Stay with us.’

‘You’re d…dead,’ he stuttered as he finally found his voice.

‘She’s not dead here James,’ Amy said softly, ‘and neither am I.’

The last words of her sentence stabbed at his brain like little daggers and he could feel his chest constrict in sorrow as the thought entered his mind. The last time he had seen Amy she was with Cat, escaping from Ares’s personal realm but he had no idea what had happened after that. Had Ares and his followers tracked them down and killed everyone he cared for?

The sadness quickly gave way to anger as the image of his eldest brother exploded into his mind. His heart furiously pumped raw hatred into his veins and he shook with rage. Things had gone too far, Ares had gone too far and James would not let him hurt any more people. Letting out an angry scream he used every ounce of strength he had to brush away his two loves and force himself up. His power gathered around him and he drew it all in, feeling the strength fill his body as every muscle clenched in anticipation.

‘Your fight is done Gabrielle,’ Aglea’s soft voice echoed in his heated brain, ‘Stay with us my love. Stay!’

James ignored the pleas and turned his ear to the world, feeling his old abilities return. He knew it shouldn’t be possible; he had lost his eternal youth and all the powers it gave him. But he didn’t care anymore; he just wanted to make Ares pay for everything he had done. Out of the infinite sorrow he heard on earth his hearing picked out a single sound he knew wasn’t natural, the metallic clang of an immortals weapon striking another’s. He released a tiny amount of his power and felt himself fly through space as the blackness that had tried to swallow him up fell into the distance.

Serenity, wife to Apollo, hefted her golden tower shield above her head just before a massive golden great sword cleaved in her two, the resulting impact shattering the sound barrier as a sonic boom ripped through the quiet and dead streets of London, England. Her attacker Alexander quickly drew his huge sword back and drove in for a second attack that Serenity once again blocked with her shield, but only just in time.

‘You should reconsider your allegiance sister!’ the well-built blonde man yelled over the sonic boom.

‘I will not fight against my husband!’ she roared back. She used her shield to knock the long great sword aside and ran in with her short sword pointed directly at her opponent. The attack had been too predictable though and Alexander jumped deftly out of the way, spinning end over end before gracefully landing on his feet.

‘You’re husband is a traitor Serenity! He will fight and die with the rest of them, unless you swear your loyalty to our rightful leader, Ares!’

‘I don’t want any of this brother! I am just trying to save as many humans as I can so leave me out of his fight!’

‘You were always one of my favourites Serenity but you know we were given orders not to help them! You must die!’

Alexander gripped his sword in both hands and jumped high into the air and falling directly on top of her. Serenity barely got her shield above her before his sword struck, the force so intense she could feel it shake though her very bones as the magical golden shield caved and shattered under the strain. Fear grabbing her Serenity flipped backwards, dropping the splinter of her shield she still held and landing lightly on her feet. Her foe didn’t give her a moment to gather her wits together before he was bearing down on her again, his sword slicing through the air loudly. She dove to her left, her back to the wall of a human building as Alexander turned toward her, a wicked smile on his once beautiful face.

‘I will miss you my dear,’ he growled and before Serenity could move out of the way his large sword drove into her shoulder and pinned her against the wall. Her sword clattered to the debris filled ground from her limp hand and she looked into her brothers eyes for what she feared would be the last time. Alexander pulled his sword from her shoulder and held it high above them, his smile growing as the bloodlust filled his mind.

With the sword inches from her skull the building she was leaning against suddenly exploded with a shower of cement dust and large chunks as the entire structure flew outwards. Serenity was tossed like a rag doll across the street as massive pieces of the building fell on her. With her head spinning she pushed the extremely heavy slabs off her with ease and stood to see what had happened. Through the cloud of dust and debris she could make out the tall figure of a man as he climbed out of a crouch and stood proud, his obscured form oozing power.


James had watched the fight unfold below him as he flew towards his brother sister hoping he wasn’t too late. He had been hoping to find Ares but instead found his lackey Alexander, a member of the second generation immortals that James had never really liked. When he had seen Serenity get stabbed he knew he had to act quickly or she was going to die at the hands of someone they had once trusted. The only available option to him was to drop out of the sky like a rocket and smash into the building they were standing by and it exploded into a million pieces of twisted steel, shattered glass, and crushed cement as he tore through it and landed hard on the ground carving out a crater.

Through the cloud of dust James could make out his sister pulling herself from the rubble that had tried to bury her, her eyes wide and locked on him. Alexander was standing a few feet from where she had landed, his sword held tightly in his hands as he waited for the second attack from his brother.

‘Gabrielle!’ Serenity called out in shock using his old name but James didn’t hate the sound of it this time. He felt like he had over a thousand years ago, strong and confident as his powers filled him up to the brim, it felt like nothing could stand in his way anymore. He had become Gabrielle once again.

‘How nice of you to join us little brother!’ Alexander called out, ‘I’m glad to see you survived the wound Ares gave you! I was hoping I would get the honour for killing you!’

‘I’m not here for you Alexander so you are free to leave!’ he called back, only wanting to punish Ares for what he had done and leave the rest of his family out of it.

‘You’ve gotten cocky as a mortal Gabrielle,’ the larger man laughed, ‘I may not be as strong or fast as Ares but I can still beat you easily! You are just a mere mortal now brother!’

James jumped from the center of the crater and stood in the center of the now totally destroyed road, his hands held at his sides just in case Alexander tried to attack him. ‘I do not want to hurt you brother so tell me where Ares is so I can deal with him!’

‘Last I heard he had just finished visiting Catherine and your little human pet! I hear he made pretty quick work of the little seer!’

In a flash James was upon him, his hand around his throat and lifting him into the air as he squeezed with all his might. The sheer speed James had displayed took Alexander by surprise and he hadn’t been able to move out of the way before it was too late. The immortals eyes bulged as his throat was squeezed tighter and tighter and James watched as he struggled to free himself from the strong grasp that held him in place.

‘TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW!’ he screamed as the anger welled up inside him.

Alexander managed to get over the shock at the change in his brother knocked the hands from his throat before leaping away. He turned to face James again as determination painted his face, hefting his sword into a defensive posture. ‘They’re dead! Not unlike what you are going to be in a minute!’

‘Stop this!’ Serenity yelled out, rushing between the two warring brothers as her long red hair bounced on her shoulders, ‘Do you really want to have your brother’s blood on your hands?’ she asked Alexander.

Alexander suddenly charged at the unprotected woman, his sword coming down in an arc as he aimed to kill her where she stood. In a heartbeat James leapt forward, feeling his power pool in both his hands as his ancient weapons appeared, somehow whole from when Ares had shattered them. They all came together in an instant and James felt his amazingly sharp blades slice through his brother’s neck like it was butter, the massive two handed sword falling harmless from his limp grip as Serenity ducked out of the way. One minute Alexander was a live and the very next second he was dead, it was as simple as that.

The headless body of his brother teetered for a second and then fell backwards, golden blood splattering everywhere from the impact. James watched for the second time in his life as the power in all the immortals bodies exploded from their dead corpse and destroyed the once handsome body of his brother. The explosion was so intense and bright James had to cover his eyes as the light reached into every dark little corner and chased the shadows away.

James didn’t have time to delve into the grief that was poking at his conscious like a dull knife for the life he had just taken. He was quickly surrounded by half of his family as the ripple of power let out from the death of one of their own traveled through the universe and called out to each of them. Serenity, Apollo, Elizabeth, and Erin flanked him from all sides as they stared in wonder at what had happened.

‘What happened my love?’ Apollo asked softly, rushing over to his wife and embracing her.

‘Alexander attacked me when I was trying to save some humans, he nearly killed me,’ she answered, her light skin contrasting against her husband’s darker colour, ‘If it hadn’t been for Gabrielle I would not be here!’

‘You have my thanks brother,’ Apollo said and extended his hand towards James.

‘Did he speak the truth about Catherine and Amy?’ he asked suddenly, almost too afraid to hear the answer.

It was Erin who answered, moving next to him and pulling him into a strong embrace as her own tears flooded down her pretty face, ‘She is gone Gabrielle,’ she cried, ‘Ares found Catherine and killed her nearly a week ago.’

‘And Amy?’ he asked trying to keep his voice even when all he wanted to do was break down and give into the emotions threatening to sink him.

‘We don’t really know,’ Elizabeth spoke slowly, ‘We didn’t find her body where Catherine fell so we think your mate managed to sneak her out before Ares arrived.’

James stared at his slender sister, her golden armour glinting in the pale light and a two handed axe attached to her back. He couldn’t figure out why she was here when they had seen her husband Tobias choose to fight alongside Ares. It was nearly impossible to be apart from your mate for any length of time, but he couldn’t imagine what it must be like to stare them down in combat.

‘It’s even worse brother,’ Apollo spoke now, ‘Ares has not only let the demons invade our world but he and his followers are also helping to exterminate the humans. Two days ago I saw Sarin cut down a group of fleeing humans with no remorse.’

‘We have to stop them!’

‘I will take it from here,’ James said slowly, ‘None of you need to dirty your hands with this, and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. I will deal with our lost brothers and sisters while you focus on pushing the darkness back to wherever it came from.’

‘You can’t do it alone Gabrielle,’ Erin said softly, her hand grabbing hold of his, ‘Ares killed my Baal and he must pay for that as well, so I am going with you.’

Apollo and Serenity quickly joined hands with them, pledging their help to James with what he had to do. Elizabeth stood apart from them, her eyes a mixture of fear and rage at what was happening to their family. James knew she couldn’t bring herself to join them in their quest to make Ares pay, not if it meant having to fight her own mate. To kill one of your own kind left a unique scar on their psyche, but none of them how horrible that pain would be if they killed their own mate. No one ever wanted to find out.

‘We understand sister,’ James said softly to her, ‘Your mission will be to save as many humans as you can from the demons that hunt them.’

‘No,’ she answered, ‘My mission is to find out what happened to the human girl you are in love with. I stood idly by and watched when Ares killed that first girl you loved and then stripped you of your powers. I knew what was happening was wrong but I was too afraid to say anything, I will not be this time. I promise you Gabrielle that I will find this Amy and bring her to you safe and sound.’

With a faint pop she disappeared from sight as she began her search and James hoped with all his heart that Amy was still out there somewhere, alive and safe. But he had seen what the demons had already done to the major cities and knew that if Amy had been trapped in one during the attacks she wouldn’t have been so lucky. With his powers returned, one enemy dead before him and someone looking for Amy, James set his sights on the murderous immortal he had once called brother. He would know the kind of pain he had caused everyone in the end.

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Too me, at least, the sex is very much secondary, And for those that seem to thrive on that sort of thing enjoy. However I find the story much more preferable and the sex, when appropriate, okay. Like this work as well and all I have to say is...there is no such word as "anyways". The word is simply S. Sorry. I just had to let that out.

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