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My tribute to Heniti...set with American kids in Tokyo. This part things go horribly wrong. Terri and Alex fight the bad guy, and Alex looses more than the fight!
Tokyo’s a big place, but it isn’t as busy in the morning as you think As we got closer to the school which, thankfully, is just a few long blocks from home, we often either sprinted across green lights to avoid getting ran over or hopped over stationary cars waiting for the light to change. Other people were definitely watching our run on this obstacle course and must have thought that we were nuts

Also I was trying to eat my apple as quickly as possible, which was almost done with.

“There it is!” I heard her announce. I looked beyond her to see the sight of the courtyard in the distance, a few less than a block away. I took the last bite of my apple and chewed. It was time to speed things up.

“Alright. Full speed ahead. Let’s make a run for it!”

I never finished the sentence. Out of nowhere someone plowed into me from my left, instantly knocking me down and on my back. Parts of the apple I was chewing flew out of my mouth on contact, the core in my hand flying through the air and landing just in front of Terri, who, if it weren’t for that interruption would’ve kept on running, slid to a stop and spun around. The collision left me seeing stars a bit, but I shook it off and looked up to see who I ran into.

“Geez,” I moaned, “couldn’t you at least help someone up after you knock him down?”

“I don’t have time for this. Out of my way!”

I couldn’t get a clean vision of who it was, but it was definitely a guy, wearing dark clothing. Without saying anything else he rushed on across the street, safely crossing traffic.

‘Hey, are you ok Terri?”

“I was just about to ask that,” came Terri’s voice. The two of us looked on towards the door of the store, laying eyes on a middle aged woman who appeared to be the owner. I got to my feet and shook my head once again.

“Who was that guy...?”

“That man just went and robbed the store...” she solemnly replied. Both Terri and I gasped at that. A robbery? That’s why he was in a hurry.

“How much do you think he got?” I asked.

”I’m not sure. About.... 12000 yen, I think, “ said Terri

Damn. That’s a pretty big haul. We nodded at each other without saying a word to one another, then looked at the woman.

“Don’t worry about it. We’ll get him for you!” Terri yelled over the busy street.

We ran down the alley after the robber.

“He’s got to be around here somewhere...” Terri murmured. “He’s just got to.”

“Yeah... No way could he have gotten far. I can feel it. He’s close.”

I might not know his face, but I saw his clothes. Plus, the alleyways that rested behind the store across from the scene of the crime were pretty narrow. Unless this guy was Spider-Man in disguise, he wasn’t going anywhere. To be honest, this was the first time that either of us was in a place like this. It sure wasn’t a place I’d like to be in either. There was litter all over the ground that we crumpled under our sneakers. There was an intoxicating smell in the air that I couldn’t put my finger on, but wasn’t very interested in knowing what made it either. It all gave off a bad vide to sum it all up and it made my heart beat a little harder.

“Ugh...” I groaned, feeling a wad of something sticky cling to the bottom of my red and white sneakers. I didn’t want to know what it was, either. “Terri, let’s make this quick. I know for a fact we’re late for school now.”

“Yeah. Not only that, but this place is creeping me out,” said Terri.

I took a deep breath after that. “At least I’m not the only one who thinks that...”

Since I was ahead of Terri at the time I was first to try out the next turn around a corner. By this time we were pretty deep within this wooden ‘maze’, but I could sense that we were right on his tail. The moment I looked over the edge of the building that we were next to, I gasped and jumped back behind the wall again, startling my friend.

“Huh? Alex, did you-“

“Shhh!” I hushed. “Take a look.”

As I said that, Terri leaned over me, putting a hand on my chest for leverage and balance, and looked for herself. After a second, she stood up straight.

“It’s him alright...” she whispered. “He must be checking if the coast is clear or something... but why would he...?”

“Doesn’t matter. He might be waiting for someone to do some business with or make a getaway. If that’s the case, then we better do something before it does happen.”

“Right. So do you have a plan?” said Terri. I could see the stress on her face.

I took a moment to think it over. We had two choices. Either we wait for events to unwind and possible have to deal with his buddies as well, or we take the initiative and beat him down, get the stolen money and head back to school without wasting too much time. I gave Terri a firm look as I made my decision.

“I say we go and get him.”

Terri’s eyebrows arched up, smiling. “Now that I can deal with.”

“You ready?”

“Just a sec...” Terri slipped her hands into her skirt pockets. I smirked. I knew what she was going for. We bother equipped our hand guards that we used for street fighting and dropped our book bags on the ground. Terri then went on to say while looking over the corner again, “He hasn’t moved much... He must be waiting for someone. Ok. Now or never. Let’s do it.”

“I’ll go first... He owes me an apology...”

Terri gave me the go ahead and I started to sneak up on him. My heart started to beat harder as I moved slowly up behind the robber, hugging the wall. The brick wall silently scraped against my gloves, but there was no way he could hear it. As I got within a few inches from him I held my breath. I didn’t know who this guy was, but he’s going to apologize to me one way or another....

I took my right hand, ducked down to the ground silently... took a pause to get my sights ready... and swung...


However, and surprisingly, a sharp blow landed right between my eyes. I cried out as I stumbled backwards, falling down to the ground a bit. I managed to find my balance, however, and stood up fully, holding my face with my hand. I saw through my fingers that his elbow was out... How did he know I was there?

“Heh... What’s the matter? Don’t you want to introduce yourselves to me like you’re known for, Alex Martin and Terri Shannon?”

I heard Terri gasp after hearing our names called. “How in the world do you know our names?”

The guy in front of us chuckled. “You Terri are the hottest little cunt in Tokyo. That’s why I arranged this little get-together. I wanted to meet you for a while, now.”

“So... you... robbed that innocent store... and ran out at that time on purpose... so you could meet Terri?” I asked. “That’s obviously pretty underhanded, isn’t it?”

He just shrugged in response to me. “I guess I was bored... but now that you’re here, we can begin.”

For the first time he turned around to face us. He had short brown hair and near perfect skin, save for the weird scar that ran next to his left eye.

“What do you mean by ‘let’s begin?” I asked.

“You’ll see... Come at me. I know you want to. After all... I did make you late for your little class, now didn’t I?”

My face twisted in disgust. Not that I cared for his motives (or rather lack of for that matter), but I was pretty annoyed and with good reason.

“You owe me a fucking apology...” I muttered, my arms tensing as I folded my hands into fists. “Doing all this just for kicks... No decency at all. It’s people like you that really tick me off.”

“Oh, please... All I’m hearing from you is talk but no action. Give me a break I haven’t got all day.”

Ok. That was it. With that, and I sprinted towards him.

“It’s about time you learned who you’re really dealing with, pal!”

Like a bat out of hell I threw one fist after another as I got close. If he wanted a fight, then he was sure going to get it. As he started to dodge my attacks, I started to vary my patterns. I aimed for his chest, head, and stomach... Even his arms, but I wasn’t feeling my moves land. He couldn’t be that good...

Wait! An opening! In a heartbeat I threw my shoulder into his body. Yes, it hit! The blow knocked him back, but not down. Just when I was about to capitalize on that, it happened again. Something hit me right in my cheek, and it made me reel back, throwing me off my momentum. How is he doing all this?

I managed to recover in enough time to see him move towards me. On instinct I blocked high for a hit to my face. Practically a millisecond later a fast fist found it was to my side, making me break my guard. A blow to my stomach made me drop my head, then a hard attack sent me flying into the wall behind me.

“Hah... H... He’s so fast...” I panted, trying to collect my breath. I looked up and gasped to see him quickly closing the gap between us. I tried to react but by that time he was already leaping towards me, ready to strike...


Thank my lucky stars. Terri was right there to pick him off with her version of the Dragon Punch. As he fell onto the ground Terri, in turn, stood in front of me and got into a ready stance, using her arm to block the sudden cloud from the ground from her nose.

“He’s got speed... Too much if you ask me,” she noted. “If we attack him head-on, he’s going to counter whatever we throw at him.”

“Damn...” I swore, getting myself off the fence and back into my stance. “If that’s the case... then he can’t counter what he can’t see.”

“I get you... Double team, then?”

“Terri, you read my mind.”

As we talked strategy, the guy in front of us jumped to his feet. We looked at him then stood side by side, ready for anything to come our way. Obviously he must have thought this was funny, for he gave a smirk in response.

“Ah... the classic two on one scenario... I suspected no less...”

As he took one step towards us, Terri tightened herself, ready to react on impulse.

“You guys think that you’re one the same wavelength, huh?” he continued, beckoning the two of us, “Let’s just see.”

“Gladly!” Terri replied. Her sneakers squeaked loudly as she shot forward ahead of me to test her luck against him. As she gave her set of attacks and our adversary blocked and evaded, I came up from the side to prepare my cut off attack. At the same time, I swept at his legs and Terri aimed high with a strong kick. Our strategy paid off. He jumped my attack but got knocked into his chin by Terri’s sneaker. From there, she jumped up after him in pursuit and started a string of attacks while in midair before smacking him back down with a strong sledgehammer blow.

As he plummeted towards the ground, I was there and waiting. Sorry to disappoint, but you’ll hit the ground when We say you hit the ground! I gave him a dual punch, one going down and the quickly followed with an uppercut, then I finished it by spinning my back towards him...


...and blew him away with a strong fire kick while propelling myself forwards. I flipped as it connected and Terri and I landed on the ground at the same time as our ‘buddy’ dropped on his side on the pavement, sliding a bit before finally stopping.

“Give up yet,” Terri asked, “Or do you want to get beat up some more before our next class?”

The guy responded by spitting on the ground while getting to a kneel. He threw his head up elegantly, his hair flapping up as he did so, and smiled at us.

“Trust me, the party’s only begun, I’m here to fuck your cunt bitch.”

I managed to hear Terri mumble, “You sick bastard...” I agreed with her. He was obviously a pedophile as well as a robber. I quickly shook off that thought of this jerks tongue on Terri’s pussy and focused on him. No matter who he was, I wasn’t going to let him get away.

Something instantly went off on my senses and I blocked. A half-second later I was under heavy attack. The guy literally shot off dust as he rocketed off the ground and aimed all his attacks on me. I don’t know how I was able to block all his attacks at that speed. Some hits did land but I still managed to hold my defense.

After a hook, I suddenly didn’t feel any attacks. I looked above my arms and saw him prepare another attack. He must have thought that he could throw me off with a pause. I kept my arms up and prepared myself...

...and my eyes instantly grew to twice their size before closing tightly. Pain racked throughout my body and I instantly fell to my knees. Tears fell from my eyes as I moaned loudly. The fucker had kicked me in the balls.

I sensed him about to say something, but it was cut off by Terri’s yell as she drew his attention away from me with an attack. As I fully crumpled to the ground, trying to recover, I saw the two of them square off. Terri was a bit shorter than the person we were fighting, but it didn’t matter to her.

“You fucking bastard, that’s not fucking fair!” she shouted, throwing a right hook to his face. However, he was too quick for that. He seemed to move in a blur as he simultaneously parried the attack and threw his own fist to her cheek. My eyebrows twitched as Terri fell back, almost fully to the ground exposing the red crotch of her panties.

Immediately his speedy hand was there ripping at the crotch exposing her hairless pussy lips which were surprisingly wet.

Terri rolled and was on her feet, “You sick fuck!” she screamed.

I had to take my time on getting up to not strain myself. If I did, game over for me, and Terri wouldn’t last long due to his speed. The sound of metal hitting the ground rang through my eardrums as I witnessed the guy miss an ending to a combination string of punches, Terri barely dodging it and making him knock down the cans. Garbage spilled all over the place, and Terri gasped, jumping away from it to prevent it from getting all over her. She shouldn’t have done that, for she paid for it with a hard elbow to the stomach, making her curl up and kneel on the ground. It was her immediate groan that made me forget about my present state and made me focus on getting up and helping her out.

The fucker had his hand on her ass, as she lay immobilized.

I rose to my feet, ignoring the protest my groin area was giving me then set my sights on him. For once he stood still, switching his focus between me and her.

This was it. I had to strike quickly or else this battle would keep on going, and I didn’t want to spend another second with this guy. Without another thought about it, I dashed close, readied myself then threw all my weight into my fist.

No where to go, pal... You’re mine...



Wait a sec....! Where did he....? AH! Terri! Wait! Stop! DON’T!!


It was the single most humiliating moment throughout my history of street fighting. Not only that, but it was my greatest mistake. He dodged me... and before either I or Terri knew it, we found ourselves victim to the other’s attack. We both stumbled back, dazed from the sudden turn of events. Dammit, why did that have to happen now?

“Time to claim my prize!”

The wind seemed to slap at my cheek... then a sickening powerful kick to my tender balls. A second later I was totally laid out on the filthy pavement. Groaning and gasping, seeing bright stars, I decided to at least get up on all fours to recover. I wasn’t going to let him have the satisfaction of beating me. No way I’d let him...

Huh...? What? What’s wrong with me? I.... I can’t move!

“Hehehe... I guess it’s just you and me Terri slut?”

No way... I knew I could withstand more than this. There was something wrong... Something HAD to be wrong... I could barely move any part of my body. My head, my arms, my legs... Not even a finger! Come on... Get up... Get up...!

Terri sent a look of concern my way and it was a mistake. He punched her hard on he side, an immobilizing blow, she fell like a sack of noodles to the street.

Over top of her, he looked down and laughed. He unzipped his pants and pulled out an enormous cock.

He took off his jacket and wrapped it around his arm into a roll and effortlessly lifted Terri’s hips and placed the roll underneath. I tried to scream to call for help but my voice didn’t work either.

“No... no don’t ….please don’t...” came Terri’s straining voice. “Take the money go...”

“I told you it wasn’t the money I wanted bitch it was you.”

I wanted to close my eyes but I couldn’t even do that. I watched horrified as this fucker ran his cock up and down Terri’s pussy lips.

“Fuck you are worked up, you little slut, wet and ready to fuck. Tell me you want it, you hot little bitch.”

“Never, you piece of shit,” there was defiance in Terri’s voice, but an instant later she was whimpering as the bastard rammed half of his cock inside her.

“Fuck I knew it, a fucking virgin!” her turned to me, “You are a fucking girl, I curse you with it. I am fucking your true love and you an only watch…a girl is what you are and what you will remain.”

He pointed his finger at me and a flash of light moved from his body to mine. I passed out and when I awoke the bastard was fucking Terri hard and fast and she was groaning as if in pain, I could see blood on his cock and on Terri’s cunt lips, still I could not move, I felt so, so different, oh god I was passing out, and my eyes fluttered as I saw the man empty a load of cum all over Terri’s beautiful face. No, was my last thought as I passed out again.

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2012-08-27 06:21:08
this kind of shit really happens in Tokyo. As the author obviously knows Tokyo, she also knows the term bastard is normally used in Japanese; After all both the current Emperor's father and grandfather were technically bastards, Some, lots of other pungent insulting phrases.
Anyway, good story so far.

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