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Alex and Terri get there cum-uppence in more ways thabn one.


Where was it coming from...?

Where am I...?

Geez... My head is pounding... I... Uuuuugh....

Wait... that was me groaning... I had a wrecking ball swinging inside my head.. Just what happened anyway?

“Hey, look who’s waking up...”

“Well... wouldn’t you know it...? It’s about time. I was tired of waiting on this one to wake up.”

Who... was that...? Damn it, why can’t I focus? Wait... Let me open my eyes...

I was greeted with the sight of a gray ceiling. My vision was a little blurry but I still managed to make out what type of building I was in.

It was a warehouse-like building, the light from outside shining through the windows and to the floor to illuminate the dark room. Lucky me. Even so, I was still in the dark, and not just in a literal sense.

Just how did I get here, anyway? Those voice...? They sounded so familiar...

“Well, then, shall the fun begin?”

“Yep, but first things is first. Who gets first shot, eh?”

“Hmm... I smell rock, paper, scissors...”

I didn’t have a clue what was going on, but something deep inside me had a bad feeling about this... I’d best try to get up and out of here... Hey... Wasn’t I supposed to be in school, anyway?

I focused on my arms and tried to lift them and bring them closer to me. As I moved them, they jerked in place, a rattling noise emitting from something as I did so. I moved my head to look at my left arm... and gasped.

Chains? What the fuck?

“Shoot! Ha! Paper beats rock. Looks like I’ll take the honors...”

“Sure. You do that. I’ll just spend my time with the other one...”

Other one...? Did that mean....?

I gasped.


I looked down below me and that’s when I realized that I was on my back, with some sort of table/bed under me at a slight angle to lift my head up. Chains held on tightly to my ankles, just like my wrists, preventing me from moving. On instinct I strained on breaking the chains. No luck...

As I was going this, a strange man made his way to my ‘resting’ body. I didn’t recognize him at all, but his black hair was sulked back with what seemed like some type of grease. Other than that he didn’t seem out of the ordinary... He had to be a good few inches taller than I was and definitely bigger... and the look he gave me made me VERY uneasy, like he was a pirate and I was his new treasure. I tried to speak, but as I opened my mouth no words came out.

“Yeah... This is much better, don’t you think, babe? Now you can really enjoy the ride.”

Wha...? What did he just call me?!? He must be either blind, stupid, or nuts! Warning bells in my head flared off all at once and I tried to struggle to break free from my chains, trying harder this time.

“Oh, I thought you’d get this over by now. You’re not getting away. You’re not going anywhere for a long time... babe.”

Do I look like your babe to you, freak? Can’t you see that I’m a boy? A grown 14-year old boy!? Are you that dense?

I wanted to scream but my vocal chords wouldn’t work. I tried to get away but I couldn’t snap the chains. I was trapped. Hopelessly trapped...

I then looked on in shock and horror as the guy put his hand on my right leg and squeezed it firmly. Just what was he planning to do me?

“You’re quite the sexy, little bitch, aren’t you? I like em young like you are...”

You sick freak! Stop rubbing your hand on me. Who the fuck do you think you are?

I tried to fight it again but like an animal in a trap I couldn’t make any moves. He still had that damn grin on his face as he continued to feel me up, this time using both hands for both legs. I arched my back to try to fling him up, but it wasn’t helping me much. He was right. There was no way I could escape him... Why? Why is this happening to me?

“Ok, time to play with your hot little pussy...”

I kept my eyes on his arms... What did he mean...?

He then brought his hands up to the top of my pants... and grabbed hold.

Wait... my pants, no way!

It all finally hit me. I was just seconds away from getting raped, then the horrible scene in the ally of Terri being raped came back to me, I felt a fire of anger grow inside of me. It was a power I had never felt before.

I tried the best that I could to move my hips, but that only served to help him pull them down rather forcibly even with my belt on. As my pants went past my sneakers and off my body, he carelessly threw them to the ground. I was left in my underwear, suddenly feeling very cold below my waist. I shivered... and I could’ve sworn I felt myself about to cry...

“Yeah... That’s it... I love it when they cry...”

A wave of anger coursed through me as I stared at the nasty look on his face as he continued to have his way with me. As he lustfully reached for my briefs…I suddenly felt a sudden oddness... I suddenly started panting as something started to tingle down below me... specifically between my legs... where my dick was located. That was weird... This feeling... was so foreign to me... Different to when I try to... Hey! Why am I thinking about that at a time like this!?

I couldn’t think about the subject anymore. I was cut off by this pervert as he reached for the ends of my underwear, his strong hands brushing deliberately against my thighs... and he started to pull them down...

“Ah, yeah... show me how wet you are...”

I was NOT going to let this freak do this to me! NO WAY! I’m stronger than this! I’m a street fighter! I don’t need to take this! I won’t!!

I felt my ki energy start to burn inside me as my emotions capsized. Anger, distress, disgust... So many of these filled me up and strengthened my body.

“You want me to feel the burn!? Then I’ll burn... you straight to hell you sick fuck!”

In an instant, I was enveloped by a burst of fierce green flames, which erupted straight out from my body and I immediately sensed that they were intended to protect it. What the fuck is this green fire…it came from me…out of me?

The bastard’s face and hands were on fire and he fell back with a crash into a stack of boxes. He was writhing but I could see that the flames were consuming him, killing him. I looked at my wrists... and sighed heavily in relief.

Yes! I was free! Now I could get the hell out of here. I gave me captor one last look before spitting right on his bulging crotch.

“I don’t know how I did that but fuck am I glad you didn’t get your hands on me, bastard,” I spat out. I then pulled up my briefs and then reached for my pants, throwing them back on as quickly as I could. However, as soon as I put them on, I froze. The belt was still around the pants, so how did I slip into them so quickly....?

Wait! Better question!

“What the...?” I gasped, then held my throat, my eyes widening in shock.

My voice... It was different. It couldn’t be my voice. It had no bass in it. It was trembling..

“Eep!” I let out then covered my mouth with both hands. What was going on here!? Why did I sound like this?

I then looked down at my hands... then down to eye the rest of my body, which I couldn’t see due to the sheer bagginess of my school uniform.

Wait... My clothes were a perfect fit earlier. Why did I have so much room in them now? Things aren’t adding up here!

“AAAHHH! Get away! G... get off me! H-help!”

Despite the shock and confusion of my situation, I immediately put those thoughts out of my mind once I heard that scream. I could recognize that voice from anywhere.


It was then that I remembered what happened earlier. It all came flooding back. How I’m not in school and who put us here in the first place. Damn that guy! I bet he’s the one that was with Terri!

I then brought my hands in front of me... and shouted out a bit, channeling my ki to form into a long sword of fire in my hands. I held it with my right hand.... prepared myself... and swung.

The stuff that blocked my way crumpled to the ground and quickly I moved through the warehouse, slashing at anything that stood in my way. I couldn’t forgive myself if she got hurt... As I slashed and shouted, trying not to pay attention to my weird voice.

Uh... oh... I skidded to a stop, finding myself coming up to a wall. A solid wall. I quickly looked to the left and then the right for a door.

“I don’t see why you’re so resistant. I mean... if I were you I’d take this lying down. Wait... isn’t that what you’re doing right now?”

As he laughed I heard a Terri scream! Thinking fast, I reared back, getting some distance between me and the barrier. I’m not going to let this happen any longer, even if I had to slash through this until my strength disappears!

“Here I come Terri!”

I stepped forward and gave it one huge slash... and it literally ripped through the wall completely, giving me enough room to jump through the blaze that I created and into the next room. I didn’t stop running. I just kept going until... There he was! The guy who beat us up earlier! He gasped as he wheeled around on the spot and let out a terrified cry of shock.

“Let’s see you dodge this you bastard!”


I let him have it with my Shakunetsu Ittou, right in the side, as fast as I could and as hard as I could. He had no chance of escape. I came too swiftly for that. He cried out as his body crashed into the wall, instantly crumpling up against it. Blood flooded from his side. I had killed him.

I then sighed and closed my eyes for a bit before turning to the person who was held by the chains against the other wall by her wrists, legs, and waist. As I did, I stammered and blushed simultaneously finding myself face to face with Terri’s naked body, as I had seen it in the shower, that morning. My eyes then quickly went up to see her face.

“Are you alright, Terri?” I asked. For some odd reason she was staring back at me in total awe and surprise. I blinked. She must’ve been in shock. I don’t blame her. The same thing nearly happened to me a few minutes ago, but unlike me, she doesn’t have such protection against bastards like Sir Speedo on the ground there...

“Uh.... yeah.... Yeah, I’m alright....” she said cautiously.

“What a freak... He almost—did it again. I’m so sorry I didn’t protect you earlier. Hold still. I’ll break you free...” I said in a soft voice.

I backed away a bit, readying my aim on the metal chains on her body...


I summoned my flames away as the metal shattered. First the legs and then quickly the arms were freed then after a pause, the waist.... I then gasped as I instinctively ‘caught’ my girlfriend as she fell. She didn’t need it, though, since she did manage to land on her feet, but I needed to make sure... However, as I did so, the both of us gasped loudly. I grabbed her by the waist... and somehow, her sliding against my chest seemed to bruise me.

I quickly let go and took a step backwards as Terri held her hand back on the wall behind her, the both of us panting. As we recovered from our sudden shock, I found myself divided. How did that just happen? That never happened before!

“I’m sorry...” I found myself saying while holding my chest, savoring it... Uh!! Wait!! My chest , this isn’t right what the hell!

“A.... Alex....?” came Terri’s completely confused voice.

I looked up to see her staring at me, giving me a really sexy look. I found myself scared to answer, as I remembered that my voice wasn’t sounding like myself... but...

“Y... yeah... It’s me...”

Terri then furiously shook her head. “No.... no way. It can’t be... Just look at yourself!”

“What do you mea....”

I paused as I looked at Terri pointing to our side. Next to us was a small table where Terri’s blue skirt and panties lay at... but most importantly there was a glass mirror... and I just looked at it in horror. I saw Terri in the reflection.... but not myself...

“N... No.... way...” I gasped, my heart dropping.

I was not staring at my old self at all. It was someone completely different. For one, I was definitely slimmer and a bit shorter. Even though I had all my clothes on, I could tell. Also, my hair was a bit longer (and a mess to boot) and definitely not black, but a dark brown; almost auburn. My skin wasn’t a dark brown, but a lot more like Terri’s (a mix of a tan and normal brown). My figure was all off, too... I didn’t have these curves before... Even my eye color changed from a dark brown to a normal, lighter brown. My... everything was all off... And most important of all...

“Oh... my... God....” I gasped. “I... I...”

And then I finally blurted it out.


Then Terry was behind me her naked body pressing into my back, “You are a beautiful girl,” she sighed.

Suddenly I felt Terri’s fingers unbutton my shirt to reveal my breasts…I gasped in shock, and then Terri cupped them in her soft hands and kissed my neck.

“Your body is amazing, “ she hissed in my ear. I groaned as she pulled on my erect nipples.

How could this be happening. Terri showed no interest in making out when I was a boy but the moment I for some insane reason turn into a girl her hands were all over me. I couldn’t get over how sensitive my nipples were. The sensation was new to me and I loved how Terri rolled my nipples between her fingers.

Terri stripped off the loose shirt and then unbuckled the belt, the only thing holding up my pants.

I looked at my body in disbelief, not only was I a girl, but I was a fucking hot one.

“These don’t look good on you now,” breathed Terri and she stripped off my briefs revealing a shaved and puffy pussy…my fucking pussy. The sensation of seeing it and then feeling the sensations that I could no longer deny were over powering. I was wet, dripping wet and Terry wasted no time getting on her knees in front of me and letting her hot long tongue flick up and down my slit.

“Oh fuck Alex, you have the prettiest cunt I have ever seen,” with that Terry buried her tongue inside my cunt I moaned and buckled over from the pleasure.

My cock was nothing like this, so sensitive and wild, my heart was racing and I couldn’t believe what I was saying, “Eat me Terri, eat my wet cunt, I want you to suck on m y clit. “

Terri took my words to heart she sucked my clit which not surprisingly resembled my old cock only it was about one and a half inches long. Terri couldn’t get enough of it, sucking it into her mouth letting her tongue play back and forth over its smooth flesh. It was almost more than I could bear. I was moaning and thrusting my cunt into her face when she broke off contact with her mouth.

“Your clit is amazing Alex, I want you to fuck me with it!”

She climbed back onto the table and spread her legs wide, “get between my legs and fuck me Alex make me cum…oh fuck I want you so bad.”

I did as she said her half-lidded eyes were looking at me with total lust. “Kiss me Alex, I know you’ve always wanted to kiss me.”

I leaned over and I kissed my girl friend, her soft lips so sensual against mine. Our tongues tussled and she sucked my tongue deep into her mouth and I moaned. She began sucking my tongue in the same way she had just sucked my clit, so sexy. I bucked forward so our cunts meshed together.

“Oh fuck yes!” her voice echoed through the big room, “Now fuck me you sexy bitch with that big clit of yours.”

I reached down and I positioned my growing clit over Terri’s cunt hole and rammed it inside. I began forming circles with my hips to keep my clit/cock inside her.

“Oh fuck I’ve never felt anything so fucking hot! Fuck me Alex, make me cum the way these bastards couldn’t, with their big cocks! Oh fuck Alex don’t stop, never stop!”

My sexual energy went into overdrive my hips were a blur grinding my big clit into Terri’s tender cunt and her clit grinding on my pussy lips.

Terri’s eye’s opened wide and a piercing squeal came form her mouth, “Ieeee….Ieeee mmmm cummming!!”

Terri’s hot little body was one large convulsion as she thrust her hips upward and our cunts crashed together. Her hot cunt erupted in a gush of how wet cum that washed over my pussy with such force that I was tossed into my own climax hot wet creamy cum shooting from my cunt and splashing all over Terri’s lips and eliciting a second climax from her. I shifted , my hips and my second gut crushing climax sent my cum flying across Terri’s beautiful body great gobs of it pooling in her navel and under her firm titties.

Gasping, breathless, we collapsed into each others arms, lovers at long last, but oh what a difference a day makes!

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