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This is for all those incest lovers out there. I love it myself and i honestly do not care if you dislike it or not. Please comment and tell me what you think! Thank you for reading and ENJOY <3
It all started when i was real young. I had developed way faster than the other kids. I weighed 90 pounds and was about 5'2. I had already started my period and
My breasts were now C cups.Yea, i was developed look wise, but i hadden't done anything close to sexual. I had kissed one or two boys playfully but never in a sexual
way. That was the farthest i have ever gotten. I never really thought about sexual things either.

I lives in a small 3 bedroom house one bedroom was mine, one mommy and daddys, and one our computer room. I had a queen sized bed in my room because my
grandparents had redon my room for my birthday and bought me a bigger bed. My mom worked alot and I didn't see her much, as for Daddy he recently lost his job and
was always home watching me. Daddy and I were often home together all alone. After Daddy lost his job he picked up the habbit of Drinking. I thought nothing of it at my
young age.Now that i am older i know Daddy had become an alcholic. My Daddy and I have always been really close. He would always smack my ass and call me beautiful
playfully, or so i thought. Daddy started sleeping with me till mommy got home and taking me on long car rides shortly after mom got her raise and had to work often.

On My birthday one year i had a sleep over with a couple of older girls. They we're VERY experienced in sexual activities. They we're pretty much Little Whores.
They explained to me what blowjobs were, and what eatting out was but they didn't tell me much else other than how good a guys penis felt inside them and what a penis
looks like. Our little talk got me thinking.

A couple weeks later......
I was in my room, i had looked up how to masturbate on the internet and decided to try it. I took off all my clothes and lasid down in the middle of my bed legs spread
wide open. I began massaging my soft pink lips, then pushing in a little to feel my silky smooth clit. I slid my finger in my mouth to get some spit and began rubbing
My hot little clit. It felt really good, unlike anything i have ever felt before. Although i didn't think i was doing it quite right. I leaned back, and shut my eyes
still going at it. Now I was breathing heavy with a slight moan here and there. When all of a sudden my door flew open, and there stood my Daddy. Mouth wide open,
Hand on his crotch. I didn't stop, being my age i didn't know any better.

"s-s-sam.. hunny i uh baby i'm" Daddy studdered still suprized at what he is seeing.
"MMMM oh daddy its so good." I moaned.
"Sam hunny i, I'm, Daddys sorry i'll just" He said pushing harder on his now noticable erection.
"Daddy, mmm DDDAAAADDDDYYYY" i moaned as i was about to have my very first orgasim right infront of my Daddy.
"I gotttaa, sam i gotta." daddy said fast as he ran to his room and slammed the door.
As soon as I heard his bedroom door shut I came hard. "WOW, that was amazing" I thought to myself still out of breath. I put One of daddy's football jerseys on
and a pair of panties and wondered down the hall. I stood in front of Daddy's door and put my ear against it. I heard some sort of slapping noise and it sounded
like daddy was saying something so I listened closer." oh shit baby, ride daddy's huge cock. That's it make your daddy cum in your wet cunt" he moaned.
Then I opened the door a little and peeked in. Sure enough there daddy was jerking his cock, he was right it is big.I sat there and watched him for a few minutes.
My insides started to get hot and my vagina started to get moist. It was weird my vagina had never done that before. I reached Down and rubbed myself through
my panties while I watched daddy get ready to blow his load. I must have made a noise or something because he jumped up yanked his boxers up and ran to his door
catching me. "Sam what the hell!?" he yelled and I ran to my to my room.

I thought Daddy was mad at me for the longest time because He didn't smack my ass anymore. He didn't even hardly talk to me. That all changed one day when
Mommy had to work super late.

"Hey Sam, Mommy has to work till 7:00am So Daddy can sleep with you tonight baby." Daddy said lovingly.
"Yay! What's for dinner Daddy?" I asked now excited.
"Hambergers and shells&cheese"
"Sweet my fav!"
"Go shower Beautiful and get dressed for bed, dinner will be done soon."
"I'm on it Daddy!"

I showered then dryed off real good. I had forgotten my clothes were in the dryer in the kitchen where Daddy was. So i walked out there naked. Knowing i
wouldn't get into any trouble considering Mommy wasn't there to yell at me. As soon as i walked in the kitchen Daddys eyes were glued to me. He looked me up and down
Soon a buldge formed in his pants. I bent over exposing my sweet bare pussy to him, got my clothes and went to my room. Not saying a single word. A few minutes later
Daddy yelled for me.
"Sammmm its time for dinner baby"
"Comming Daddy" i yelled back.
We sat down at the table and ate our dinner talking about football and school. After we got done eatting we washed the dishes together and then layed down in my bed.
daddy laid super close to me that night & he had the biggest hard on. When i was almost alseep i could feel him sort of grinding on my ass a little and running his
hand up and down my bare leg.

One night when mommy was on a business trip he came In My room and laid next to me in bed and put his arm around me. We laid there for awhile then I
pretended to fall asleep. A few minutes later his hands meet my boobs and his cock rubbed against my ass. It wasn't long before daddy's cock was hard and ready
for some action.He carefully slid down my panties and started rubbing his bare cock on my bare ass. Then he slowly turned me on my back slid my panties all
the way off and got between my legs. He then spit on his hand and stroked his cock.He slowly rubbed his cock between my lips over and over again. It felt so good.
I never wanted him to stop.He began breathing fast and heavy. He speed up and I felt like I was gonna cum. He was rubbing his cock up and down my pussy massaging
my clit and making me so wet. I began breathing heavy but he didn't seem to notice. He started to cum and I felt it go on my belly and on my clit. He let out a
loud moan and stopped. Then he took his boxers and wiped me off. Then put my panties back on and left the room.

The next morning I woke up to the smell of a good breakfast being made. I love when daddy cooks. I walked into the kitchen to find daddy cooking bacon and
eggs, in nothing but his boxers. "Good morning daddy" I said with a smile. " good morning babygirl you hungry?" he said cheerfully. "Oh yes daddy" I bent over to
get the surp out of the cabinet and daddy came up behind me smacking my ass and grinding on me a little.After we ate I watched a movie & played a game. It had been
dark for about 20 minutes daddy told me we were going for a car ride. "Do you know how to kiss baby? French kiss?" " yeah I do daddy" I replied. " show me " he said
and I leaned over and kissed him I slowly slid my tongue in his mouth. I can't believe I was making out with my daddy. After that day we began making out alot and
one day I was "sleeping" on the couch mommy was sleeping in her room with the door closed. Daddy uncovered me and started rubbing my pussy, he had to know I was
awake because I was rocking my hips back and forth. Daddy ripped of my panties and got down between my legs and started eating my pussy it was the best thing I'd
ever felt. He stopped shortly after he started and returned to his room.

The next day daddy had to drop me off at grams house late at night. He began rubbing my pussy I was loving it. Then he pulled over and whipped his dick out.
He put my hand on it and had me stroke it. Then I got out of the car. He asked me if I'd be his secret girlfriend, and I had agreed to. A week later daddy asked
me to get on top oh him while he was laying on the couch he had an obvious boner but I still did as he asked. "baby, do you know what sex is?"he asked
"yes daddy"I replied "show me how you do it"he said. I didn't know how to have sex I just thought I did. I began grinding on daddy's cock and moaning after
a while daddy stopped me and went to the bathroom.Every night daddy would play with me.

A week later Mommy had another big trip to go on for work exept this one would be 3 weeks long. I got extra excited knowing Daddy and i would be alone the
entire time she was gone.The first night she was gone Daddy didn't come in my room at all. I laid in bed naked waiting for Daddy and he never came in. So finnally
I got up out of bed and tip toed into the hallway. Daddy was fast asleep on the couch, he had past out watching the steelers game. I walked over turned the tv off
and slowly got on top of him. Still naked and somewhat horny. Daddy's dick was already hard when i walked out there even if it wasn't it would be now. i was
straddled on top of Daddy and i was grinding on his cock. Finally i got tired of his jeans hurting my pussy and i undid them, yanking his dick out of his pants.
I wanted Daddy to wake up and fuck me so bad but at the same time i didn't want to be caught. I began grinding on his bare cock, now getting wet and breathing
heavier. i was about to get off on my daddys cock. just by rubbing it between my lips. i began to moan, not knowing how loud it was. i was enjoying his cock
so much i didn't even notice he had woken up and that his hands were on my hips pushing me back and forth on his dick.
"Oh daddy, fuck me daddy" I moaned
"come on baby grind on daddys big cock" he said lustfully and out of breath.
"fuck, fuck its so good Daddy dont stop"
"uhmmmgh" daddy groaned
Daddy then picked me up and got on top of me i thought this was it i thought he was going to shove his big dick in me and take my virginity away. But he just
kept sliding it through my lips this time faster.
"oh baby daddys gonna cum on your sweet pussy" daddy groaned.
"Yeah daddy you like my pussy daddy?" i moaned loudly digging my nails into his back getting closer to climax
"fuck yeah baby you want daddy to cum on your pussy you want it you dirty slut you?!" he said breathing heavy
"cum on my pussy daddy please daddy im begging"
"oh fuck baby daddys gonnaaa.. urhhghhgh IM CUMMING BABY IM CUMMING" daddy said as he rubbed my clit with one hand and came on my hole.
"YEA DADDY IM CUMMING FASTER DADDY RUBB ME FASTER" i screamed squirting on my daddys cock as he came on my hole.
That was by far the best night of my life..

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he should have sex with his daughter and get her pregnant with daddy's baby

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