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When Toni's boyfriend spends her rent money, she has to find a way to keep from being evicted.
Toni just got off the phone with her landlady telling her that she does not have the money to pay the $700 rent this month. Mrs. Jackson was not pleased to hear that and she said that her husband would be at the apartment that evening after he got home to see about getting their money. Toni had rented the apartment for six months now and had never been late so she hoped the owners would be understanding. The fact was that he live-in boyfriend Jake had taken the money to get some new hotrod parts for his car.

Toni was a 20 yo tall and slim blond with a thin waist and a great set of 34-C breasts that stood tall and proud. If anyone looked at her face they would see that she was really cute too, but few guys ever got to the point of looking at her face. About two months ago she let 22 yo Jake move in with her. He didn't have a job and she was paying all the bills. Toni had never been promiscuous. Jake was only the third guy she had had sex with. She thought he was going to be her guy for life and maybe they would get married. Jake was well built with a deep tan, short surfer blond hair and a cock that made her feel just wonderful. It was almost seven inches and thick and hard as a rock. He could screw her to two, sometimes three orgasms before he unloaded his huge load of spunk deep into her belly and he was ready to do her anytime she got the urge, which was frequently.

Jake and Toni sat in the living room about a half hour before Mr. Jackson was due to arrive. She was thinking about what she could tell him and hoping that he would give her a little more time to get the money together. It was a nice apartment and she did not want to get evicted. Jake looked at her and said, "Why don't you tell him that if he will forget the rent this month, you will let him fuck you? You know how he looks at your tits instead of your eyes every time he talks to you. I'll bet he'll do it is a heartbeat." "Jake !?! What the fuck are you talking about. I can't do that. That would be prostitution and beside that, he's short and fat and old. Screw you. You spent the money. You fuck him." "Well Toni, it's up to you but I don't see any other way to get to stay in the apartment. It won't be so bad. Maybe you will even like it."

They argued for a few more minutes and finally Toni decided that maybe it was her only hope to get from being kicked out on the street. She was going to give it a try. She changed from her shorts and tank top into just wearing a robe with nothing under it. She kept it tightly wrapped around her and the belt tied. She brushed her hair and put on just a little bit of makeup. A few minutes later the doorbell wrung. Toni nervously went and opened the door. To excuse how she was dressed she said, "Oh, Mr. Johnson, you're earlier than I thought you would be. Please come in." Jake had gone out the back door. Mr. Johnson stepped inside. "My wife tells me that you don't have the rent money. I told you when you moved it that the rent had to be paid promptly on time if you wanted to keep the apartment. Do you have the rent or not?"

"Something came up. If you can only give me a couple weeks I know I can get the money and I promise that it will never happen again." "My strict rule young lady is that the rent has to be paid on time. If you don't have it by tomorrow I'm afraid I will have to ask you to move out." Toni did not see any other way out. She gently let the belt of her robe come untied and the robe opened slightly, showing enough cleavage to make it fairly clear that she was not wearing anything under it. "Mr. Johnson, there must be something I can do to make you give me a chance, anything?" Toni saw a bulge in his pants and knew what he was thinking. "Is there anything?" "What are you suggesting little lady?" "I would do anything. I would even let you have sex with me if you would like that." Toni let her robe open further. It still covered her nipples but was open all the way down so it even showed her smoothly shaved snatch.

"I would have to come home with $700 or my wife would know something was up. I'd have to take it out of my personal bank account so she didn't know. And I'm sure not going to pay $700 for one fuck, even with a beautiful young girl like you. You will have to fuck and suck me any time I want for the rest of the month." "I'll do it enough to keep you happy but don't think that you can spend all your time here getting your rocks off." "I'll be over several times but I have other things to do too." said Harold Johnson who was actually 52 and about twenty pounds over weight for his age. "Now get down there and show me what a good cocksucker you are," he said as he reached out and pulled the young girls robe wide open, exposing the remainder of her beautiful body as the robe fell to the floor. Her tits stood out without hardly sagging and her nipples pointed straight forward. He had admired and wanted her body from the first day that she came to ask to rent the apartment and had spent a lot of time trying to figure out a way to get between her legs. Now it was going to happen.

With a tear in her eyes, Toni reached out and unbuckled and unzipped Harold's pants and pulled them and his jockey shorts down. His semi hard five-inch manhood flopped out in front of her face. Her landlord reached down with both hands and grasped the young girl's tits and gave them a firm squeeze, slightly hurting her. "Take it easy." She reached out and wrapped one hand around his prick and gave it a few strokes as it grew. Placing it to her lips she gave a suck and lick to the blood engorged purple head. Harold put his hands behind her head and pulled her firmly to him till her nose was deeply in his pubic hair. His manhood reached it's full and hard six inches.

Toni was accomplished at giving deepthroat blowjobs but she always had been able to do it at her pace as she would gag each of the first few times the cock would touch the back of her mouth, but after that she was able to take it fully into her throat. This time she didn't have that control. Mr. Johnson shoved himself fully into her throat with the first push. Toni almost threw up but managed to keep her dinner down. Holding her by the hair he fucked himself with her face at a rapid pace, pulling her head back and forth and pumping his hips at the same time. The feeling of the edge of his bulbous cockhead rubbing on the walls of her throat was enough to make him close his eyes tight and concentrate on the feeling and moan with pleasure. Toni had to concentrate to be able to breath at the right time.

Neither Toni nor Harold realized that Jake had re-entered the apartment and was busy filming what was happening. His thoughts were about using the film to blackmail the landlord and never having to pay rent again. Harold lasted much longer than Toni would have guessed that he would. Finally after almost ten minutes of her talented cocksucking, without a warning his 52 year old prick exploded in Toni's mouth with great force and volume. It was more than her full mouth could hold. Her cheeks puffed out and some escaped between her lips and his pulsing cock and ran down her chin. His cum was thick. It was the thickest cum Toni had ever had, even though he was only the forth guy she had ever had any kind of sex with. Toni thought of cum being like raw, uncooked scrambled eggs that somebody had put several shakes of salt from the salt shaker into.

Two long strings of thick white cum hung from her chin. Toni started to pull off. She was going to the sink to spit out the load of baby seed that was in her mouth. She never swallowed but Harold held her to him. "Show it to me and then swallow it or we don't have a deal and you can move out." Toni hesitated only a couple seconds, opened her mouth, closed it again and swallowed the thick salty slime. Then she opened it again to show that it was empty. Harold took two fingers and scooped the two cum icesickles still hanging from her chin and shoved them into her mouth. Toni sucked them off his fingers and swallowed. Jake smiled as he filmed, realizing that he never had to see his jizz go down the drain again. Harold stuffed his softening prick back into her mouth and told her to clean it. Toni obeyed.

"No bad, Cunt. We are going to enjoy the rest of the month. Tomorrow is Thursday and there are four Thursdays this month. I'll be over every one of them to collect the rent. I hope you are on the pill because I'm going to fill your cunt and make you beg for more." Toni was on the pill. The third time she had sex with her first boyfriend, at the age of fifteen, the condom broke. Her next period was a few days late but that was enough to scare the shit out of her and promptly get her on the pill. Harold pulled up his pants and left. As he left he said, "When I get here I want you to answer the door completely naked." The door opened out onto the street but Harold did not care about that. In fact, he thought it would be fun if someone noticed.

"Wow Toni, that was hot. You gave him one fuckin great blowjob. I loved watching you swallow his load." "You watched, you prick?" "I not only watched but I filmed it." Jake told her his plan. Toni just listened in stunned silence. Jake took her to bed and fucked her as she just lay there without reacting.

The next night at 9 o'clock there was a knock on the door. Toni stood there naked and opened the door just enough to let her landlord enter. He took the doorknob and opened the door fully, exposing Toni's naked body to anyone that might be watching from the street. Toni backed away. Jake had left the apartment again but this time she knew that he planned to return and film her being fucked by the 52-year-old landlord. Harold entered and shut the door behind him. "Come over here and undress me and make me think you are enjoying it." Toni could feel that even though she had not wanted to get fucked by this man, she was getting wet between her legs. She really enjoyed sex and honestly she was beginning to think of the four Thursdays that month with wanton anticipation.

First she unbuttoned his shirt, rubbed his chest and then sucked his nipples. Next she helped him shed his pants. He wore no underwear that night. She dropped to her knees, took his balls in her left hand and wrapped her right one around his almost fully hard shaft and gave it a big lick on the tip. Harold pulled her up. Let's go to your bed so I can give that cunt of yours a good fucking and sperming. They got to the bed and he pushed her down on it. "I want to taste your pussy." She spread her legs and he dove head first between them. She looked and saw Jake and his camera in the doorway. He waved to her. Harold licked and sucked on her cunt lips and clit and finger fucked her at the same time till he brought her to orgasm. Toni thrashed her head back and forth, grasped the sheets in her hands and let out a loud orgasmic moan. Harold lifted his wet face and smiled at her. Toni was actually looking forward to feeling his dagger plunge into her.

Harold climbed up between her legs, reached down with his left hand and guided himself to her fuck hole. With one shove he buried himself balls beep in her cunt. She was plenty wet from both anticipation and him licking her pussy till she climaxed. He slid in easily but was pleased to feel how tight she was. He fucked her hard and deep and she started to enjoy the feeling that was building inside of her. Harold was good, better than Toni had expected. Ten minutes of hard and fast rutting brought her to another orgasm and shortly after, Harold groaned, held himself deep in her and pumped shot after shot of his seed into her belly. Then he started stroking into her again and for another three minutes you could hear his prick making her pussy make squishing noises as it stirred the cum that he had filled her with. Finally his cock deflated enough that it fell out. Cum poured out and puddled on the bed. Her landlord moved up and presented his cock to her face. Knowing what he expected, she opened her mouth and sucked his cum covered shaft clean.

Jake had been filming the action. From his position he could only film from behind so he would not be seen by the landlord. He decided that before the next Thursday came, he would install a small hidden camera at the other end of the room so it would get a shot of his face. Harold Johnson was very happy with the fucking he was able to give his attractive young tenant. He dressed and left the apartment.

The next two Thursdays went much as the first. Toni did not let on to Jake or to her landlord that she was looking forward to his arrival each time. Jake got a lot of great footage. Harold got a lot of good fucking and so did Toni. The last Thursday of the month arrived and when the doorbell wrung, Toni happily threw the door wide open and stood there naked as the day she was born. Harold entered the apartment but he was not alone. There was a second man with him. "This is my friend Peter and I owe him a big favor. I brought him along to share your pleasures this one time. Take us to your room and we will show him just what a good fuck you are."

Toni was standing there with her hands and arms trying to cover herself as best she could. She had never been with two men at the same time and she was pretty mad that she was expected to welcome another man of her landlord's choosing without even being asked or told ahead of time. She didn't see anything she could do about it so she just turned and walked to her bedroom. She lay on the bed and waited for what was coming to her. As they stripped out of their clothes, Harold told Peter, "This sweet little bitch has one tasty pussy. Go ahead and get yourself a sweet desert." Peter buried his face in Toni's twat and had himself a feast. After a couple minutes he pulled up. "Very tasty but I'm ready to bury my dick in her cunt and see if you were right about how good it is." Harold told Toni to get on her hands and knees and she promptly obeyed.

At Harold's suggestion, he got behind her and Peter positioned himself in front of her face. They both entered her openings and started having their way with this lovely fuck toy. Peter only lasted about two minutes before Toni felt his prick pulse twice and shoot his thin watery spunk into her mouth. Now, she no longer hesitated to swallow. Jake was very pleased at this change. Peter had not softened and he spoke to Harold, "Let's switch. I've gotta get my cock buried in that cunt."

Holding her hips and pounding her twat, this time Peter lasted maybe four or five minutes before sending another small load deep into her. Then he pulled out and got off the bed. He was done. Harold moved back behind her and fucked her long and hard to a good orgasm. Toni had matched his thrusts with ones of her own. When he pulled out, without being told to, she spun around and cleaned Harold's sloppy cum covered cock and licked her lips. She smiled at him and gave the tip of his cockhead a little but loud kiss. Jake had not been able to stand there and film because he would have been seen by whichever guy was positioned at Toni's head. However, his hidden camera still recorded all the goings on.

"Well young lady, it's only a few days before the rent is due again. Are you going to have it?" "Yup, was her answer. But what if I said I didn't? Would we start all over?" Toni asked in a giggling tone of voice. "I can't afford to loose the rent every month, even in order to be with such a great fuck as you. But maybe if I could spend some time with you on the nights I come to collect the rent, I might be persuaded to let your rent include your utilities." As he was leaving, Toni jumped in his arms, still naked, and gave him a big kiss. "See you in a few days."

The next night Jake was at his computer editing all the footage that he had taken of Toni getting fucked. He looked at her, "We're never going to have to pay rent again, Doll." Toni did not respond. She was thinking that if she 'accidentally' made the computer crash, then all the video of her and Harold Jackson and also his friend would be gone. Was that what she wanted?



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