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This is part two of the Darkest Greetings series
You awake in a prison cell, memories of blood, pain, fear and arousal drift through your mind as you examine your surroundings. Rough wooden floorboards scratch your legs as you sit up and spot a shaft of moonlight pouring through the barred window twice your height above you.
You get up and rattle the iron door that guards the portal to this room, dust motes sparkle silver in the moonlight above you, bringing your gaze to the bars on the window. It’s a long way up, but looks like your only avenue of escape, you crouch to try to jump and reach the bars, then surprise yourself with your dextrous leap as you grab hold of the bars.
Bringing your knees up you pull as hard as you can, you strain with all your strength and are rewarded by a creak as the bars start to bend! Movement on the other side of the door alerts you that your escape plan has been heard and you redouble your efforts. Streams of concrete dust pour from the frame, the bars begin to give as the metal frame they are welded to starts to come loose from the wall, then with a final effort you wrench the bars from the wall, tumbling back as you do so!
To your horror, at that moment the door behind you opens and hands catch you, plucking you from the air with ease, you get one last glimpse of the moon before velvety cloaks envelop you and shrug you into night.
Strong arms hold you despite your struggles and the forgotten bars are knocked from your hands with a bone-jarring impact. For some reason the body warmth and closeness of the cloaks binding you take you back to a calmness, a safety only known before birth. In the darkness you close your eyes and surrender yourself, feeling yourself drift away in peace.

Coming to, you find feel yourself spinning round giddily as hands unwrap your from your velvet cocoon like a birthday present, and you are dropped unceremoniously across the knees of someone.
“You really mustn’t try to escape.” You hear the voice of the man whose lap you straddle, as you try to get up you are forced down by an impossibly strong hand.
“You are staying here at our pleasure.” As you open your mouth to protest your hair is pulled, your head pushed down and you feel sharp nails lightly scratch down your back, followed swiftly by icy shivers of pleasure.

You realise with a shock that you are getting very turned on by this!

Shaking your head in rejection of this you hear a ‘Smack!’ and feel the impact of a hand upon your buttock. You are still in shock when you feel a strike upon the other cheek.
“This is how we treat those who try to escape.” The deep, wicked voice intones. Strikes upon your buttocks become rhythmic, alternating between cheeks, high and low, hard then soft. At first it stings and you start to cry out, then a warmth flows through you and you feel a strange detached safety. You lower your eyes, giving in to the torment and feel a thrill of pleasure flow through you, as if anticipating this, the strikes come hard and fast, sending a shiver through your body and a guilty dampness between your legs.
A moan rises from within you as you lift your head and are startled to fine a pair of bright green eyes gazing into yours. Your nervous smile is reflected by one with confidence and mischief and as you open your mouth to say something to this pretty girl she leans forward and kisses you deeply. Your mind swims as you feel your body raise in arousal, a hungry lust growing within you as she sucks your tongue and soft, warm hands find their way to your bare breasts.
The rhythmic pounding behind you increases as her tongue flickers in and out of your mouth. You feel a dampness run down your thigh and smell your musky aroma of arousal, a shame and a thrill arouses you further as your hands reach out to caress this beautiful stranger. She is wearing some sort of Victorian bodice, and you massage her breasts through the stiff corset. You feel her deft hands fumble underneath you and feel the man’s strong thick manhood placed between your breasts by her.
Playful, soft hands knead your warm, soft breasts like dough, enveloping his manhood and pleasuring him amongst your pendulous cleavage. For a moment you feel outraged! You are being used for their pleasure, as a plaything! Before you can do anything about it two strong, slender fingers slip within your slick womanhood, filling your body with rapturous waves of pleasure, they push deep within you and explore your femininity. Whether tis the warm pain on your behind, the debasement you are suffering, or the complete lack of control, you don’t know, but your senses feel more alive, the feelings more intense than you’ve ever felt before and you arch your back in guilty pleasure.
As you do so the girl in front of you moves back to adjust her bodice, presenting you with a beautiful pair of pale breasts. Her red curls tickling your nose as you pounce on her breasts, covering them with kisses and licks.
Deft fingers play within you releasing a moan from your lips as they find your G-spot and gently caress it, you can feel your juices flowing and an orgasm rising within you as the girl in front of you speeds the rubbing of your breasts against his swollen shaft.
You feel closer and closer to the edge of release until his finger slips underneath you and begins to tease your bud. The change of pleasures calming you and leaving purring in the soft, warm mounds of her breasts.
“How is she doing?” you hear his deep voice intone,
“Good.” She purrs, “Though I think I’d like a little more.” and her hand guides yours as she lifts her skirt, leading your fingers to her soaking wet quim.
“Give her release, and you shall be rewarded.” He whispers to you. You try to reply, but your voice is muffled by the red-haired woman’s breasts as she presses into you. He leans over you, and you hear kisses as you dip your fingers lightly into her hot womanhood, then dampen her bud with the juices. She shudders and presses closer, squashing you and moving your breasts up and down his length. Behind you, you feel his thumb slip into your womanhood, it twirls around making your knees weaken, then his thumb gently caresses your arsehole as his fingers return to slipping in and out of you.
For a moment you feel fear rise in you. Your own previous experiences with anal sex having been clumsy and painful, but his thumb gently massages your sphincter, relaxing and uncurling it and you feel yourself open up to him. With gentle ease he slips a finger into your awaiting bum, your juices lubricating you as he slips his fingers in and out both of your holes in a gentle caress.
“I love watching that.” You hear her musky voice from above you, her quim is damper than before and pressing hard against your hand as you rub on her hot throbbing clit. A nipple is presented to you and you eagerly suckle upon it, barely noticing the second finger slipping into your arse.
”She takes it very well doesn’t she?” His hand strokes the hair from your face revealing you sucking eagerly on a nipple. The pace of his hand increases, you find your fingers dipping within her, and teasing her bud faster and more often as the kissing above you resumes. Your hair is being stroked by one hand, as his other violates you so deliciously. You increase your tempo making little wet circles of her juices upon her clit faster than before. His hand behind you quickens and eases, bringing you so close, then easing you away . You feel frustration at being teased so mercilessly. You take her other nipple in your mouth and notice her hands slowing on your smooth breasts. You can feel her tensing in anticipation, as taut as a bowstring and you dip your fingers and rub twice more around her bud, and with a shuddering gasp! She comes, clutching your hand tight to her crotch as you continue to pleasure her. She shudders twice more, and relaxes, sitting back down behind you.
“Good girl.” His smoky deep voice uttered as he takes your juice-moistened hand and licks your fingers clean. You can hear the red-haired woman still breathless behind you, as you look up at his noble face. He smiles and you see a glint in his eye before he guides your head down onto his lap and you take his swollen manhood in your mouth, and suck hard on him, taking him deep to the back of your throat and you feel a tremble of pleasure rock your knees.
It feels so wrong to be doing this, but the lust within you has left you at it’s mercy. You feel the need to please these two strange captors as you kneel before him, your head bobbing up and down gently your tongue dextrously tantalising him. Behind you, you hear the woman shucking her clothes, from above you hear his contented sigh.
You lean upon his leather-clad thighs, cupping his balls as you run your tongue up and down his length. His fingers brush your hair out of your eyes as you tease the tip of his shaft with your tongue. As you start to look up sharp nails scratch down your back, slowly and languidly from your shoulders to the curves of your bum. Shivers of pleasure ripple through you as the nails scratch harder, and you take him deep into your throat eager to please. The redhead’s hair brushes your back as her lips grace your flesh, kissing away flecks of blood.
His manhood begins to throb in your mouth, your ministrations bringing him close but before you can finish him you are spun around, and pushed face-first into her naked lap. You pause, unsure with yourself, having never gone down on woman, but forever been curious, then the smell of her musk appeals to something deep within you as you feel your hips lifted, and your arse held up in the air. Leaning forward gingerly you lick along her lips, your tongue catching droplets of moisture, as you gently lick up and down and a thrill runs through you as a wish comes true.
The red haired girl sighs above you as you dip your tongue within her. Tentatively you explore her femininity, savouring the pleasure you are giving her as she strokes your hair. Behind you he begins to lick and nibble at your sodden quim, you feel more dampness flow from you as you circle her bud with your tongue. The reaction is explosive! She grabs your hair and grinds your face against her hips, moaning loudly. Behind you his tongue expertly probes you, and two fingers press against your arsehole. He places his hand underneath your belly, and with gentle strength lifts you slightly as he slides his fingers within you. As he does this he sucks upon your clit, making your legs weaken and you give yourself up to these pleasures, wildly licking and sucking at her bud and feeling his dextrous fingers pleasuring you from within.
The woman grinds her hips against you, moaning as you suck on her bud, pausing only to whimper as your own bud is sucked and teased betwixt teeth and tongue. Movement in the corner of your eye catches your attention for a second, and the whisper of velvet, then his fingers stroke within you, making a feeling of prickly relief and you are very distracted.
She reaches underneath you, cupping your breasts. To your surprise she lifts you up to her face, and licks and kisses her moisture from your lips, a warmth grows from your bud, the room spins and the heat rises within you as you start to lose control. Your juices flow as the sensations become more and more overwhelming then he stops licking you! You groan into her mouth, you were so close! You try to object then gasp! As you feel his manhood pressing against your quim-lips and slowly entering you. His fingers slip in and out of your tight arsehole, playing with his end through the thin wall between arse and pussy. You can see the redhead watching over your shoulder and enjoying the show.
He gently rocks his hips as, inch by inch, he slides within you, filling you gloriously you’ve never felt so little control, but so hungry for satisfaction. Twice he brought you so close, the bastard! Below you, you sense her moving something underneath you, removing her skirt and putting something on. As she does so she kisses you deeply and hungrily, watching him fill you with his rock-hard length. Your pussy-lips are spread so that he can enter you more freely, and you feel a third finger assertively slip into your bum, momentarily uncomfortable, he strokes within you, stroking his length inside you and leaving a relief, of an itch finally satisfied.
You feel yourself pushing against him, having never taken such a length within yourself before, he feels so strong and satisfying, one hand holds your hips as he begins thrusting in and out of you, his strong manhood filling you and emptying you as her tongue teases yours. You feel another orgasm rising within you, your quim tightening and rippling around him as he pushes in and out of you, slowly getting deeper. A low growl rises in your throat as she slides in and out of you from behind, your senses becoming more alive than ever before as a tremendous coming approaches you need to take him deeper within you.
Rocking your hips against him, you try to take him deeper but he stops you, and takes his length out of you. Before you can complain the redheaded girl stands up and you find yourself facing a large leather strap-on dildo belted to her hips. You look up nervously and she grins at you mischievously before he hoists you up between them and they hold you close.
“Do you think she’s ready for this?” The redheaded girl asks as she looks at you, her beautiful green eyes glittering,
“I believe she is strong enough.” His strong, deep voice intones as you are slowly lowered. Both their lips find yours as your tongues entwine. His swollen glans presses against your bum, guided by her hand as she presses her dildo against your soaking quim. She takes your thighs in her hands and spreads your legs, a little. A tiny panic rises within you, but resistance has been lost to you and you feel them slide within you effortlessly, completely fulfilling you.
Deeper and deeper they fill you, a slight pinch on the wall between cock and dildo but it feels so good! You feel completely submissive to their power, the strength of these two as they begin to thrust within you, getting deeper and more satisfying. Tongues flicker onto each other as you feel a great gorge rise within you, he begins to bite your shoulder as they press in, and out of you, leaving you full, them empty, full then empty. Never have you felt anything like this, used, pleased, and dominated with such power! She bites your neck, the pain and pleasure intermingling as they thrust simultaneously, a powerful rhythm like a great steamtrain. Great heat rises from within you building up from both sides of you sending your nerves tingling and your entire body more alive than you’ve ever felt before, a great animalistic cry erupts from your throat as they both bite harder, until you finally find your release!
A great white sun boils within you as finally your passion is fulfilled. Waves and waves of euphoria wash over you as your entire body seems to come, the power of the moment making your soul sing in pleasure. Your blood flow unheeded from your shoulders as the girl shudders and comes with you, her nails digging into your flesh. Behind you, you feel his strong manhood throb faster as he thrusts once more, and finally flows within you, his hot essence filling you and stirring deep primeval feeling within you.
Their coming releases another wave of pleasure from you. The three of you collapse in a heap, him still coming within you, and the both of them holding you close. For a moment their great strength seems weak, you open your mouth to say thank you, your voice hoarse from the cry you gave and a cool black cloak falls upon you. Before you can object several more cloaks come from the darkness and the last thing you feel is a gentle hand stroking your hair and a whisper,
“You’re half-way there.”

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This is an amazing story; please keep writing!

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