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Sorry this took so long, I didn't have a lot of time to write recently.
Weeks went by and it was like nothing had happened with Mr. Henderson. He treated me the same class, and gave me all the assignments as the other kids. If it weren’t for my steady ‘A’ despite that fact that I had turned in no work whatsoever, I would have thought I imagined the whole thing. At first my feelings were a little hurt, but then I started to not care. I had an ‘A’ in the class, and that was what really counted, or so I told myself.

“I’ll be handing back assignments shortly class.” Mr. Henderson said one day during class. It didn’t come as a surprise, he did most Fridays. I ignored him, I was sure I hadn’t done it. “Just sit tight and you’ll get yours soon enough.” Mr. Henderson started handing back a very old assignment, one from almost a month and a half ago. It was a letter we were supposed to write from Alexander the Great to the queen of Egypt. I was surprised when he put mine on my desk. I guess I had been worried enough about my grade back then to do it.

“Good work on this one, Mark,” Mr. Henderson, and he flashed me a quick smile. I grumbled something to myself. The assignments were all in envelopes, so I opened mine real quick. I peeked in and saw not one, but two letters inside. The first was my assignment; the second looked like something in Mr. Henderson’s hand writing. I was confused at first, and then I understood. I looked up at Henderson and he chuckled a little bit. I didn’t read it yet, but decided to wait for passing period, so that no one could intrude on my privacy.

Class droned on as it normally did, and I got through it, as I normally did. I may have fucked Henderson, but I still hated his class. When the bell rang I through on my bag, put the letter in my pocket, and strode out the door. My next class, math, was just down the stairs outside his door, so I walked to the closest bathroom to read the note. When I walked into the bathroom it was empty, so I just read it there. It was a full sized piece of paper, but he only wrote two words on the entire thing: Teacher Lot. I decided to meet him in the teacher lot after school.

School went by at its usual pace. The final bell rang, and I was excited to go home, but then I remembered that I had to go meet Mr. Henderson. I walked into the teacher lot, and watched as it emptied pretty quickly; apparently teachers enjoyed their weekends too. All but two cars were gone, and decided I was just gonna take the bus home. As I got up to leave, one of the two cars suddenly got in motion and drove over to me. It was Mr. Henderson. He rolled down the window a little bit.

“Get in,” He said. No argument from me. I went for the passenger seat, but there was a box on it, so I sat behind him. He quickly drove away.

“You took long enough,” I said. He snickered.

“You know what, you’re right. I should have let everyone see you get into my car and drive away with me.” The sarcasm was thick.

“Who knows? I certainly don’t. You could just be giving me a ride home for all I know.” He laughed outright at me.

“No. I’m not taking you home. You’re coming to my house.” I was shocked at this. He had a wife and kids, and unless something had happened, they should be home. Plus, I had a family that would be expecting me right around this time. This plan sucked.
“What about your family? What about my family?” I asked.

“My wife took my kids out of state to go visit her parents in Minnesota. They’ll be gone for the weekend. As for your family, text your parents that you’re staying the night at someone’s house, and that’s the truth.” His logic was sound, so I did what he said. We drove for about 10 minutes, and I got a response from my mom saying that it was okay. 10 minutes after that we were still driving.

“How far do you live?” I asked him. He smiled.

“Pretty far. My house is out in Glendale.” Yeah, we had about five more minutes to go. We chatted about this or that, but for the most part we rode silence. We pulled up to his house, and it was rather average. We walked in and I looked around. It was two stories, average in Glendale, and had four bedrooms. He had two kids and a wife, so one was probably a spare. He had carried the box in with him, and he set it on the counter.
“What’s in the box?” I asked him.

“Nothing interesting, just papers and stuff.” He walked into his kitchen and turned on the sink. He washed his hands, and then pulled open the fridge. “Hungry?” He asked me. This was certainly different from the version of him I saw most of the time.

“I’m okay.” He pulled some tub-aware out of the fridge and nuked the contents. Smelled like some kind of ground beef. He sat down and ate, and I sat with him. He took a couple of bites, and then asked me a question.
“You like your new grade?” I grinned.

“That was the only thing that convinced me that I had actually fucked you.” I said. He smiled at this.

“I didn’t want any unusual or constant contact with you. I know how much you talk to your friends, and they would have noticed if you had to come to my class at lunch again so quickly.” That made some sense. We talked about this or that as he ate, and then he put his stuff in the sink.

“Follow me,” He said. We walked up stairs and into the room I assumed was his. He had a huge bed. It was bigger than a king size, so I had no idea what it was. He sat down and patted a spot next to him. I sat next to him. He skipped the chat and pushed me onto my back. He swung his legs over me and bent down. He started to kiss me slowly. It built up, and got faster and faster.

He was slowly grinding our dicks together, and pretty soon I was completely hard. He reached down with a hand and grabbed me through my pants, and rubbed me up and down. He broke the kiss and took off his shirt, and I did the same. We climbed to the middle of the bed, and kicked our shoes off. He tackled me, and sat right on my pelvis, effectively pinning me. He slowly undid the button on his pants, and slid down the zipper. Then he scooted back a little bit, and did the same to my pants. He tugged his pants off so he was in his briefs, and slid mine off so I was in my boxers. He one by one pulled off our socks, so that we were both in our under wear. He went on his belly, and crawled backwards so his head was right next to my boxers.

He grabbed the top edge of them with his teeth, and tugged at them. He worked them down very slowly with his mouth, one inch at a time. When he was finally at the half way point, my dick popped out and stood straight up. He grabbed it with one of his hands and massaged it slowly, and used his other hand to just slide my boxers the rest of the way off. He then took off his own underwear, and I got a good look at him completely naked. He had hairy legs and a hairy chest, and his glasses were still on. It really turned me on, and I sat up, but he pushed me back down. He lined himself up so that way my dick was next to his head and his dick was next to my head. I took him in my mouth, and started to suck on him. He just enjoyed it for a minute, and then took my cock into his mouth. For several minutes the room was filled with the sound of sucking, as we slowly worked each other over.

Mr. Henderson sat up and leaned over to the bedside table. He grabbed a small bottle from inside his bedside drawer, and I knew what was going on, or so I thought. “Normally my wife is the only person to see this bottle,” He said. I smiled, but didn’t say anything. He put the smallest amount on his fingers, and rubbed them together. He started to finger my ass, really slowly at first, because I was still really tight. I was surprised when he crawled back over to me, and stuck his cock in my face. He put a small amount of lube on it, and then I started sucking.

The lube tasted like strawberries, but I paid little attention to it. I was taking him as far into my mouth as I could, but it wasn’t satisfying him. He grabbed the back of my head, and thrust forward hard. He pushed his massive cock into my throat, and I gagged. He pulled back, and rubbed my hair. “It’s okay. You’ll get used to it,” He said. I mumbled something that got garbled over his dick. He pushed back in again, and I attempted to breathe through my mouth. I wasn’t doing badly, but he didn’t look satisfied. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and said we would try again later.

He crawled over to where my cock was located, and deep throated it like a pro. It felt amazing, and I felt like he was inhaling me as the air passed over it. Right when I was about to cum, he stopped. I was ready for the anal, and apparently he had similar ideas. He bent over, and started eating my asshole with fervor. He had a voracious appetite, and went crazy. He licked and bit down a little bit. It hurt a small amount, but the pleasure was well worth it. He stuck his entire tongue up my ass, and it felt amazing. He lubed up his dick while he chowed down.

He pulled his head back, and applied more lube to my hole. He wasn’t moving slowly anymore, he wanted in. When he was satisfied with the amount, he lined up his dick, and shoved it in deep. It really hurt, but he humped me twice before he saw the look on my face. “Sorry, I forgot how new to this you still are.” He went slower, but the sense of urgency was still there. He was always in motion, and soon enough my ass stopped hurting, and started to feel great. He started to speed up, and my ass started to tingle in pleasure. The faster he got, the more intense the feeling got, and pretty soon I felt like my whole ass was vibrating. He pumped harder and harder, and got incredibly deep. He quickly changed angles and it set me off. I started to cum all over the place. It sprayed all over his chest, and all over me. I scooped some up and fed it to him, and he greedily ate it.

He started to slow down, the tell-tale sign that he was about to cum. Once again he put a huge burst of stamina in and drilled me hard, but surprised me when he pulled out and came all over my chest. He slowly scooped it up and we took turns eating it, and savored every taste. I was incredibly drowsy, and fell asleep not long after all the cum was gone.

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