A 10 year old girl learns about sex with her Uncle
Anna was nervous about staying with her Uncle Jim for the week. She had really never spent much time with him and thought this would be a boring week for sure. She was sad about staying so far away from her friends and not seeing her mommy the entire week but she understood it had to be done. Anna wore just a simple white sundress with pink panties underneath which, though she didn't know it, could clearly be seen through her dress at all times. He blond hair tied in a ponytail and bobbing as she walked up the steps with her mommy and then entered the house.

She watched as they chatted for a few moments and gave a couple of nods when asked various questions. It was already boring and she was feeling like this week would last forever. Finally, it was time for her mommy to leave ans she gave her a hug and kiss and then she and Uncle Jim watched as she walked to her car and then slowly drove away. When the car had vanished in the distance Anna let out a long sigh and then turned her attention to her uncle. "What are we going to do now Uncle Jim?" She says looking up into his eyes and giving him a soft smile that felt half hearted even to her.

Jim knew his niece was coming to stay with him and had prepared well with lots of candy and goodies that her mom had said she liked. He also had gone to the adult store and bought some little sex toys in the hoped that he might be able to talk her into fooling around with him.

After all, he knew could have orgasms because he had babysat her when she was around three and hadn't started talking yet so he took advantage of her inability to tell on him. Several times while babysitting the little blond he had licked her little pussy and made her cum. The toddler loved it and learned to masturbate while watching cartoons. Her mom never said anything about it other than she thought one of the daycare kids showed Anna how to masterbate but wasn't upset about it.
So now she was 10 and Jim would have her for a week to molest her if she was still as willing of a little slut as she was years ago. But he would have to be careful because he didn't want to get in trouble if she had changed her ways.

His plan was to expose her to some mild sex stuff on the adult channel on TV and also to let her use his computer that had some links to porn pages. He put a computer in her bedroom and had a webcam on it which, unbeknown to her, was broadcasting to his other computers in the house. He would be able to see if she was still masturbating and also what she knew about the internet as she played on the computer. Jim had a few more tricks up his sleeve for when he gathered enough knowledge to begin his assault.

"Well sweety" he said to the cutie "let's take a tour of where you will be spending a week." He smiled down on the little girl who was quite a bit shorter than him. "Do you remember when I used to babysit you when you were little and still in diapers sometimes until you got potty trained?" He wanted her to know he had seen her privates already.

His apartment only had two bedrooms, one bath, a kitchen and a living room. It was a bit dark and the bed in the spare room had seen some pretty heavy sex use with a lot of sex stains on the mattress that was covered with a set of worn out sheets. Hopefully her juices would soon adorn the sheets and nasty mattress.

"Tell me what you've been doing since I last saw you on your eighth birthday." He'd never forget that day when one of her little friends became quite nasty with him. He didn't know if Anna had found out about it or not.

Anna vaguely remembered the days when her uncle used to babysit her but did not recall anything specific, only that she had fond memories and had good feelings about her time with him. "Kinda, but not really" She said honestly and with a bit of a giggle. As they walked around the house Anna took everything in and was delighted to see she would have her own computer and what looked like a big comfy bed to sleep in. She had always been a sexual little thing and never really knew why, it just always seemed to her that she had been touching herself and feeling that special tingle all her life. This often lead to her playing doctor and other games which often included touching and rubbing with some of her friends.

Anna and a neighbor girl actually were caught once by the girls mother dry humping one another in the kiddy pool in the backyard of the girls house. This caused her to not be allowed over at the girls house anymore but they still talked at school and sometimes even the girl was able to sneak to Anna's house for some of their underage delights.

She heard his question and this naughtiness was the furthest thing from he mind, in terms of telling her uncle, and she looked up at him and said "nothin' just lots of school and playing and boring stuff and sports and more boring stuff." She says with the typical amount of candor of a child. Then, she remembered another of her friends had told her something about her uncle Jim and the girl but Anna couldn't remember more than it being naughty. She gave a soft blush and then said. "What about you Uncle Jim?" Her eyes now trained on him as her eyes darted around the room, still trying to take it all in

Jim listened closely as she spoke trying to pick up as much information as he could to help in the seduction of the sweetheart. Her body was still a mystery to him other than her flat chest. He remembered that she had a nice butt and that when she was a baby her mons pubis was very large. He really wondered about that and if it had changed at all.

'Oh I've been working hard and traveling around the country a lot with my job." He smiled down at her as he continued "My girlfriend left me a month ago because I was gone too much and she needed more se.........ah more, how shall I say, attention." He purposely almost said sex to see how she would react.
Anna 's friend came back to his mind and he wanted to somehow get her into the conversation because he had actually molested her pretty good at Anna's birthday party that was held at an old recreation hall.

Jim noticed she went into a giant storage room with a couple older boys and so he quietly followed them. The boys had her over on an old couch that was stored there and had her laying down on it. He could only see the back of the couch and not her but it appeared that she was sucking them because the other boy stood at one end looking down and laughing and then quickly groaning.

The boys ran out as Jim hid behind the door and then he closed the door as the little girl sat up wiping her face with the sheet that covered the couch. They had both cum on her and she was surprised when he walked over. He remembered asking her if she wanted to see a big one and the little slut eagerly started sucking him off. She was wearing a dress and he slipped her panties off and sniffed them as she sucked and jacked him. The little slut knew what she was doing and he held her head when he came and it shot out of her nose due to the huge load he had built up watching the boys get a blowjob.

The little girl was laughing about it after it was all over and Jim had jacked off many times after that thinking about her and wondering if she ever told Anna about it.

"I remember your 8th birthday party and that little girl, ahh what's her name?, she was a cutie. Do you still hangout with her?" he was hoping she still did because he knew that the little slut would have led Anna astray and it would make things easier for him to get in her panties now.

They were in the kitchen now and he got some glasses out and opened the refrigerator door. He had stocked up on sweet drinks and sweet wine to use on her. if need be, to soften her up but he didn't know whether she would drink wine at this young age. Bourbon and coke was available too and then there were the pills he had got from his friend Arty, who was a male nurse and said they would just relax her and make her very agreeable. He and Arty shared their experiences with little girls and they had discussed maybe doing Anna together but Arty got called out of town and wasn't sure when he would be back.

As he spoke she listened, half paying attention as was normal for a child of her age but, like kids her age certain words always get their attention. When her uncle almost said 'sex' she popped back into the moment and then gave a sweet giggle and blushed a bit. She knew some things about sex, like that babies came from it and that people also did it for fun but she really had no in depth knowledge.

A few times she had crept about her house and seen her mother and one of her mother's boyfriends fooling around which always gave her a tingly feeling in her private parts, a feeling which she sated by rubbing herself to climax in her room. But to the best of Anna's knowledge she had never had any sexual contact. "Oh, that's said Uncle Jim, I bet you find another girlfriend soon. You are nice and smart and have a good house!" She says complementing him the best ways she could think of. Her mind then turned to her 8th birthday party and she put a finger to her chin as she tried to think of which girl he meant.

"Kara? She had black hair? She was pretty I guess?" Said Anna thinking that was who he meant. "She moved a few weeks after that she got caught doing something naughty, I dunno what but it had something to do with a dog, and her parents wanted to get her away." Anna says with a slightly sad tone, as if she and Kara had been close or at least playmates. Her thoughts then turned back to the moment and with a long sigh she said "Well, what are we gonna do now Uncle Jim?" She asks him sweetly, her eyes looking into his as she gave him a perky grin.

"Maybe you could be my new girlfriend." Jim laughed in an easy way as he made it appear that he was joking. But he couldn't have been more serious as he actually did really like the young girl. Perhaps some sort of Lolita thing going on there. In any case he was going to get in her panties one way or another as the week went on. "Thank you sweetheart, I try to keep it looking as nice as I can but it's hard since my girlfriend left. She always took care of it." he looked at her with a sad look and then he brightened up.

"Hey if you were my girlfriend you could do whatever you wanted with this place!." He didn't know if she was into decorating yet but any excuse would do for his ploy to seduce her. "We could go shopping and you could even pick out any bed and furniture you liked for us and make it all fancy." he specifically mentioned bed because he knew little girls liked fancy bedrooms and he knew she lived in a rundown 1 bedroom apartment with her mom and didn't even have her own bedroom.

"You could get us a Cinderella bed or whatever you like." Jim laughed like he was maybe joking. He didn't want to push too hard and wanted to see if she would take the bait and if not he could act like he was just kidding. He then changed the subject a bit to let her think about it.

"Kara Hmmm YEAH that was her name. Yeah" Jim laughed "She was having a naughty good time with a couple boys back in that storage room. I don't know if you remember it was clear out back." He wasn't sure if he should tell her what happened because Jim didn't know about whether their conversations were secret yet. "Oh so she liked doggies" he acted like it was an everyday event. Holy shit the little slut was fucking dogs?
He decided to drop another hint about it and then let it go. "She'd make a GOOD girlfriend." He laughed "Too bad she moved honey."

He had dressed in his tight blue jeans and purposely had not worn any underware. He knew his cock showed through just a bit just enough to advertise. A tight red polo shirt displayed his muscles and he made sure she saw him flex them as he got some of the drinks out of the refrigerator and set them on the counter.

"Well I don't know what we are gonna do just yet. We have the whole week and we can do anything you want to do. Even" he pushed the wine bottle towards her "bad things like drinking wine." He casually laughed and went on "remember what happens here stays here. This place is full of secrets!" he looked at her.

"Do you like secrets Anna? I know your 10 but you are very mature and grown up like." He praised her telling her she looked older was always what a little girl wanted. "I'll make you a promise. EVERYTHING we do will be a top secret, OK? I mean everything."
As Jim made the promise he set a couple glasses out not knowing what she would do. It didn't matter though because he had some other plans cooking.

She giggled as he suggested that she could be his girlfriend, surely he was kidding she thought to herself and then her eyes lit up when he talked of how they could decorate the place if she were to come stay there permanently. "Hehe that would be fun, but you wouldn't want some little ten year old girlfriend when you could get a grown lady with big boobies" She says sweetly and then blushes when he speaks of what Kara had been doing with the two boys.

Anna knew Kara was a very naughty girl and then she was shocked when Uncle Jim didn't seem to mind about the doggy. Everyone around her neighborhood made it seem like a really big deal, but maybe they were just over-reacting she now thought to herself. "Hehe maybe, I dunno she's gone though".

She gave a grin when he pushed the wine toward her and then nodded and said "YAY! I would love some, mommy never lets me have any, what does it taste like? is it good? like grape juice? better than grape juice? Oh wow!" She says firing off a stream of questions that weren't really meant to be answered as she took a glass and tapped it against the wine bottle indicating she wanted to try some wine but didn't want to be rude and take the bottle.

Then, when she heard about secrets she grinned lightly and nodded. "Yes, I like secrets, they are fun!" She says cheerfully. "Tell me one of your secrets Uncle Jim" She says and then blushes a bit when he compliments her smile. "Aww thanks! You have pretty muscles!" She says in response, glancing at his rippling chest and arms.

Taking the cue Jim quickly opened the sweet port wine and poured her a small glass to see if she liked it, handing it to her he then poured himself a glass and held up his glass of the dark sweet wine.

"Hold up your glass honey and we'll have a toast and celebrate your first drink, keeping it secret though." He tinked her glass and took a sip as he watched the 10 year old and started talking.

"Well I'll tell you a very very big secret that I never told anyone before so I want you to promise you'll NEVER anyone, especially your mom!" Jim looked at her sternly and went on as he poured some more wine in the youngsters glass.

"When I was just about your age or so i went to a friends house to sleep over night, you know, kinda like a sleep over. Well his Aunt was there and she was a grown up that was about, I don't know, maybe 25 or 30. Anyhow a grown up." Jim walked around the table and took Anna's hand "Come on lets go in the living room where it's more comfortable"

Leading her into the room and sitting down next to her on the couch. "Anyhow his Aunt Julie was so pretty and every time she came near me or put her hand on my shoulder I would get these funny feelings down here." Jim pointed to his crotch. "It turns out Aunt Julie really liked me, like in a boyfriend girlfriend way. And she let it be known that I could be her pretend boyfriend but we had to keep it a secret. I was thrilled because I had never had a girlfriend and I knew she could teach me everything I needed to know about how to have a girlfriend."

He put his arm around Anna as he talked and snuggled her closer. "By the way, Aunt Julie didn't have any boobies either. She said anything more than a mouthful was a waste and there was something else on a girl more important" He laughed in a naughty way.

Jim then stopped his story for a minute "Do you want me to keep on going to the secret secret part? Oh, and would you like some more wine honey for your pretty little mouth to drink?" Jim stood up, his cock now semi-hard and bulging through his tight thin jeans, as he stood right in front of Anna so she'd see it plain as day.

She greedily took the glass back and rapidly drank it down giving a happy moan as she did so "OOommm". Anna then nodded in agreement that she would keep everything he was about to say to herself. She then listened intently to his story, painting a picture of the scene in her mind as he spoke.

She moved to the living room with him and sat on the couch. She raised her legs so that her feet were at the edge of the cushion and she continued to take in and ponder his secret tale. She blushed when he said there was something more important on a woman's body than her boobies and then when he paused and asked her if she was ready to hear the secret part she quickly nodded. Her eyes then darted down and took in the sight of his growing bulge.

She was now blushing a deep crimson and her pussy began to get wet. What she didn't know was that with her legs being raised like they were, Uncle Jim would be able to see her pink panties, and the very noticeable wet spot in them that had just appeared. Her eyes lingered on his manhood for some time and then she looked back up into his eyes and said. "Y-yes, please tell me the secret, secret part Uncle Jim." She said feeling her body heat rise like it had when she caught her mother fooling around with one of her mother's boyfriends. She cocked her head to the side, eager to hear more of the tale, as her feminine scent began to fill the space around her.

"All right honey, but here, have my drink. I see yours is empty." He had filled his glass to the top and planned on giving it to her when she finished hers.

"Well anyhow I was at my friends house and we were watching TV when Auntie came in dressed in just a t shirt and panties. The t shirt was real thin and I could see her red nipples and it made me get all funny down between my legs and my thingy" again Jim pointed to his crotch "started to get all hard and stuff. Auntie looked at my pants and said, --why Jimmie you are getting a hardon---, I didn't know exactly what she meant and asked what that was. She laughed at me and said as she reached down to feel my thingy "Your little dick is getting stiff. It means you like my body honey" and then she started rubbing my hardon through my jeans and it got REAL hard then." Jim paused as he watched Anna take another hit on her wine.

"So then Auntie asked me if I ever jacked off, that means masturbate, you know like when you rub yourself between your legs and get the really good feeling? Well, anyhow, I said maybe because I really did rub myself to get the good feeling but I was too embarrassed to tell her" Jim rubbed his cock just a bit and continued "Auntie laughed and said all girls and boys masturbate because it feels sooooo good and did I want her to masturbate me and get the good feeling." Now Jim laughed easily "Of course I wanted her to feel me and jack me off but I was so afraid someone would tell and I'd get in trouble so I said no.

Jim continued "Auntie simply reached down and unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my knees. My thingy was sticking straight up in the air, begging to get touched." again Jim rubbed his boner and adjusted it because it was getting real hard and was bent at an odd angle so he shifted it so it was straight up towards his waist band. He made sure Anna could see it as he went on "Auntie leaned down and started rubbing me softly and then she opened her mouth and..."

Jim stopped and looked at Anna. "Now honey it's gonna get real nasty from here on. Are you sure you want to know the naughty thing Auntie did to me when I was young like you?"

Anna took a few quick drinks of the wine as she listened to the story, the more he told her about his encounter with the older woman the more hot her little body became. All this talk about sex has her in a continuous blush and her pink panties were now fully wet down bottom as she began to figet restlessly on the couch.

She wanted so badly to reach down and rub her little private parts but didn't want to be rude. When she caught sight of the top of Uncle Jim's penis her eyes locked on it, she now just stared at his swollen member as he talked, trying to picture the whole scene as he layed it out.

She thought back to how they agreed that everything stayed here and then when he asked if she was ready to hear the naughty part she nodded and then added, "ok Uncle Jim. But, please don't tell my mommy okay?". She says with a sheepish look on her face all the while keeping the wine glass in her left hand, her right hand reaches down, pulls her dress up and then she plunges it into her panties and begins rubbing her tiny, smooth pussy lips in small, circular motions as she looked up into her uncle's eyes, eager to hear more.

Her little toes curling into the couch cushions with delight as she pleasured herself before her Uncle, all his talk of this being a safe zone and the tingly feeling in her body having lead the little girl to release her inhibitions in a very carnal way.

Jim's cock was now bone hard as the little elf of a girl started to masturbate herself right in front of him. He knew then it was just a matter of time before he molested her really good. But he wanted her to enjoy it and not be frightened because then she wouldn't want to do it any more so he went on with the story he was fabricating to make her think all kids and grownups did sex all the time just like it was a natural thing.

As Jim stared unabashed at her privates while she rubbed her pussy he continued "Her lips kissed my peepee and it really felt so good and then she, here's the good part, she sucked my whole hardon inside her mouth and started rubbing her tongue on it. It was sooo warm and wet inside her mouth and then she starting feeling my balls and legs with her smooth fingers."

Jim noticed the little girl rubbed faster as he told the story and he was hoping she would cum, telling him she had no inhibitions about letting him see her being bad.
"She sucked on my cock like a real whore and my balls were about to swell clear up out of their bag" he started using very bad words to see if she would look puzzled and not know what they meant. So far all he noticed was a glazed look starting to come over her little face.

"Then Auntie said -shoot your load little boy shoot your load in my mouth you little fucker- and I knew I was going get that good feeling everybody loves so I" Jim stopped and now quickly pulled down his pants exposing his giant hardon and started jacking off in front of little Anna whose eyes were now glued on his huge cock.
"So I let loose and squirted inside Auntie's mouth as she sucked my cock and kept sucking every bit out of me." Jim's cock was now starting to leak precum as he watched the little girl for his own pleasure enjoying the show she was giving him.

A light glaze of sweat now on her brow as she was furiously masturbating listening to Uncle Jim's naughty story. Her love juices were now flowing from her honeypot as she rubbed her pussy like she never had before. She felt as if something had been unlocked inside her, a new appreciation for this tingly feeling she was now trying to sate.

The little girl was now biting her lip hard as she pictured the young boy getting his dick sucked by the mother of a friend, the idea was so wrong but yet so right all at once. Once her uncle Jim showed himself to her she quickly raised her hips and slid her panties off, having now set the glass on wine to the side.

Anna's pussy lips were rather large for a young girl and now they were swollen from all the attention. Uncle Jim now had an unobstructed view of her rubbing her hairless cunt right before his eyes. She was panting harder and harder with passion as she watched him jerk him cock.

A few moments later she raised her hips high and then let out a loud squeal "OOOOMMm!!!" She then came hard, her juices flowing from her young pussy which was contracting and expanding as she she lay back down, panting, her soaked private parts and legs hanging off the edge of the couch as she looked up at her Uncle Jim with that same, sheepish grin.

The sight of a little whore girl masturbating shamelessly in front of him turned Jim on more than he had realized. His plan had been to slowly work his way into feeling her up but now things had changed for the better and very quickly too. He realized this week would be full of dirty nasty sex with a little 10 year old blond blue eyed slut who would be his to molest to his hearts desire.

When the little girl started to moan and jerked her hips up uncontrollably Jim lost it. He shot three massive spurts almost all at once like a solid stream of pee but it was thick white sperm and he aimed it at the little girl as best he could as his cock was spurting like crazy. Moving in closer as he ejaculated he hit her face and chest and then he aimed back up at her blond hair and blasted it with another couple strong spurts.

Jim groaned as he saw his white goo covering the not so innocent little child "OOHH FUCKKKKKKKK BABY." He was now very close to the youngsters mouth and, in fact, shot two small spurts that hit her lips and went up in her nose a bit so cum was leaking out of her tiny nose. He grasped her head and pulled it to his cock as he was now done marking her body and clothes with his cum.
"Baby suck me, hurry!!" he commanded.

The surprised little girl quickly leaned forward and grasp his still rock hard cock that had white sperm dripping from it into her young mouth, stretching her lips tightly as he pushed inside her opening. The sensation of her little wet mouth caused him to spurt another large load and she gagged as it squirted out her tiny nose and ran down her chin.
Jim held her head as he kept his large penis inside her young mouth letting her suck the last bit of cum out of him until he softened and pulled back with a plop as his meat popped out along with a large amount of his cum and her drool.

The top of her dress was soaked completely with all their juices and Anna's face and hair were splattered with his ejaculate. Her eyes were drooping as he laid her back and started to clean up the mess he had made as she feel asleep, totally exhausted.

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