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JJ gets what he has been waiting for.
Kathryn and I are learning to be lovers. Chapter 4

In four more months I will be seventeen a week later Kathryn will be thirteen, eight months has passed since I proposed, I am so ready for this moment, and I waited so long to be with the one I love. I know I passed up opportunity after opportunity to have sex but I decided I want love and to be loved more than sex, now's about pleasing my lady. I know technically what to do I fantasized about this moment so many times.

I run my hands over the smooth skin of her shoulders touching her arms encouraging her to move closer, I kiss her passionately feeling her body against mine my heart races faster than if I had sprinted a mile. I kiss around her face along her chin and under her ear; I nipped at her ear lobe gently and then whisper. "I love you Kathryn. I love you with all my heart I will always be yours."

I hear her whisper back. "I'm always yours my husband.”

I begin kissing down her neck finding the spot that always makes her giggle I kiss and nibble it causing Kathryn to giggle merrily. I move on down kissing along her collarbone, until I reach her breastbone then down to the center of her chest. Now between her breasts I kiss left and right and then left again until I eventually swing out till over her nipple of her left breast. I open my mouth wide and bring my lips in contact with her beautiful B cup breast, I suck gently as I draw my lips inward towards the nipple my tongue lightly plays with her nipple as my lips slide closer to it. Kathryn leans forward and arches her back and moans, "Oh JJ that feels so good."

My hand moves to her right breast as I gently caress it my fingers lightly run across her nipple as it hardens. Both her nipples stand out on her perky breasts as I move my mouth to her right breast. I really love the feel of her breast in my mouth my lips playing across them my tongue on her nipple. As soon as my mouth closes on her breast her hands cupped the back of my head holding me there. And she moans, “Oh yes my love tease me make me yours.”

I continue as she makes soft moans with each suck of her breast I start gently but increased the strength of the suction, she begins to respond louder with each passing moment. My hands playing where my mouth isn't one hand gently rubs down her belly as the other caresses her breast. She shudders and shakes as she moans louder. I kiss on down her belly kissing her bellybutton several times her hands push me further down. My hands run over her hips and thighs their incredibly smooth. I kiss across her belt line I can smell of musty sweet aroma of her sex. I inhale deeply and it excites me even more as a kiss her totally hairless pubic mound. She spreads her legs revealing her labia to me. It opens slightly as she spreads her legs even more.

I studied everything I could on the anatomy of a woman; I've asked hundreds of questions to my mother she is used pictures to show me what each part how to touch caress them, first you must be gentle then stronger hand to bring a woman fully to orgasm.

I gently kiss the area of skin at the top inside of her thighs. Kathryn moans as I lick the top edge of her outer lips kissing along them as well I take a few minutes to enjoy my lady love, with each kiss with each lick her aroma become stronger and sweeter. Starting at the hood her clitoris I gently run my tongue along the inside of her outer lips all the way down one side and back up the other crossing the hood a few times then back down and around. I jump to the bottom of her slit now that her inner lips protrude past her labia running down the center over her opening I press my tongue in just enough to fill her begin to open then running in circles just on the inside of her opening. I run my tongue up through the soft pink flesh between her inner lips her clitoris is halfway outside of its hood I lightly touch it with my tongue sending shivers through Kathryn. She throws her hips forward forcing her clit into my mouth I close my lips and nurse it running my tongue across it several times.

Kathryn moans. “Don't stop JJ that feels too good if you stop now I will rip your ears off.”

I gently raise my hand and part her lips sliding two fingers down the center until I find her opening rubbing the fingers crossed several times until the opening itself relaxes at with each time I finger pass it becomes slightly larger until I finger can easily slide into her vagina. I stay very shallow not even pressing but past my first knuckle just using the very tip my finger I start to stretch her opening. Even the shallow I can feel her body begin the tense and her vagina closes tightly around my fingertip as she throws her hips forward and moans, “Oh yes JJ. Oh yes JJ. Ah, Ah oh yes, I, I, I'm Cumming!" She bites the back of her hand to keep from screaming; grabbing a pillow she covers her face and screams in to it, “I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING.”

Her body relaxes as she removes the pillow to pant trying to catch her breath. With everything I read I know this is the time to position myself and before she is fully recovered and the endorphins wear off from her climax I should break her cherry.

I positioned myself between her legs as she looks up at me still breathing hard her eyes show the love she feels for me. Rubbing my head of my cock between her soft lips of her cunt she shudders as her legs lift off the bed. She moans. “Yes my love give me yourself, put yourself in me make me full.”

Finding the opening I begin to push gently till her opening has stretched around the head of my cock and I slowly sink into her. Sinking deeper I begin a slow movement back and forth forcing slightly deeper each stroke. I'm 2 inches in and feel no resistance other than her incredibly tight body. She shows no sign of pain as I continue moving deeper and deeper. I'm slightly confused as I expected her hymen long before this. I'm five inches in and I'm past half my length, now with each stroke I pull out till only an inch or so remains within her and push deep adding a fraction of an inch each time I finally touch bottom with only a fraction of an inch left a myself. I hold still against her cervix as I feel her body contract and release around me. She begins to relax a little more and she feels a little wetter as I begin to stroke again. My mouth goes to her left breasts, teasing her nipple as my cock strokes in and out of her beautiful body.

Kathryn moans. “Oh JJ, if I'd known it was this good I when the made you wait so long.”

I'm moving to kiss her face, her mouth our kisses becomes passionate and hot our tongues plays with each other's as she moans softly into my mouth with each stroke my body gives her. She pulls back and shouts “OH YES JJ I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING."

I hold onto her as her body shakes her legs wrapped around my hips as she tries to pull me deeper into her I grind against her cervix forcing it open that only increased her spasms as her body tries to milk my cock. This is so much better than I had imagined I'm over the edge as I push huge amounts of semen directly into her womb. She screams. “OH JJ I FEEL IT, I FEEL YOU, I FEEL YOU CUMMING. IT FEELS SO GOOD!”

It takes a long time, well it felt like a long time for both of our orgasms to stop. Hers seem to be heightened by mine and mine only got stronger with hers. We clutch to each other as our breathing is so fast were both dizzy. Her legs and arms are wrapped tightly around me and she won't let me move not even just to roll her on top me. Once our breathing is normalized she looks into my face and says, “That was so good I was such an idiot to make you wait I was so afraid of the pain. JJ I'm sorry I made you wait.”

“Kathryn you didn't have a hymen there was nothing there to cause you any pain. I'm so happy that you didn't have any pain the first time we made love.”

Kathryn confesses, “JJ I was so afraid of the pain that I had my mother take me to the gynecologist. I had a doctor remove it. I was afraid if I had a lot of pain you would stop and I didn't want that.”

I say to her. “I was ready to break her hymen and it would cause you some pain but I was trying to make sure it wouldn't be a lot. The way you done it is good.” I realize I just had unprotected sex with my love. I start to say. “Oh my God I should never ejaculate inside you I'm could have gotten you pregnant.”

Kathryn giggles. “What are you afraid about getting me pregnant?”

I calm myself before I answer, “It would be too soon I want to spend a lot of time making love to you before we make babies.”

Kathryn holding onto me squeezes my semi-erect cock causing me to groan. She asks, “What if I want to get pregnant? Would you get me pregnant right now?”

That question and then another squeeze was enough to begin to excite me I can feel my cock hardening inside of her pushing deeper as it grows. She grins feeling me hardening. “Oh JJ is that a yes I feel from your body.”

I kiss her and then reply, “I promised to always give you what you wanted. If you want to get pregnant right now I'll do my best. I hope it takes a month or two of lovemaking four or five times a day.”

Kathryn kisses me and says, “That sounds like fun, too bad, I’m on birth control. Now you're just going to have to settle for whenever we can get away with it.” She forces her hips into the mattress then raises them into me causing me to slide in her creamy pussy. That was enough to make me rock hard and I begin to stroke again and her body as she grins. “Oh yes JJ fuck me good, make me cum again.”

I begin a slow rhythm with long strokes each time pushing against her cervix grinding her clit causing her to shudder, Kathryn moans, “Oh JJ I will be yours always.” I kiss her passionately still moving it doesn't take her long before she is meeting each stroke, her legs tight around me each time I push in she pulls us tighter. I’m no longer just touching her cervix I now pushed through with each stroke. Each time causing Kathryn to moan in pleasure as her cervix it stretched around my cock. Each time the sensitive rim of my head is pulled back through her cervix and nearly causes me to ejaculate. I switch to us short deep jab only going back to the rim of my head meets her cervix and then push forward. Kathryn is going crazy she shouts. “Fuck me JJ, I'm about to... Fuck me I'm Cumming.” Her spasms run through her, her cunt milks my cock and I no longer can hold back pushing deep as I can I begin another second strong orgasm spraying the inside of her womb. When her orgasm subsides my has just ended. Her normally flat stomach has a slight bulge to it now.

Kathryn giggles, “JJ you come so much I look like I'm three months pregnant.”

Holding Kathryn putting down to her beautiful eyes that now look totally green, I realize that her eyes change slightly with her mood. When she is truly happy there green like now, when she is sad they seem to be blue or bluer, I know they're Hazel but she has magic Hazel eyes. I kiss her before I say, "I'm so happy to be with you right now. I need you, I want you, and I love you.”

Kathryn giggles and says, “I need, want and love you.”

We made love three more times that night until very late we both fell asleep still in each other's arms. I had her atop me and she rode herself into four orgasms before I blasted her womb full. We both were so exhausted she simply fell forward onto my chest still holding my cock in her creamy pussy.

As my room begins to be filled with light I realized it was early morning and my mother should have been home hours ago. Feeling me move Kathryn awakes my cock had harden just before I woke and her pussy was stretched around it she still is creamy from the night before. Now she begins to fuck me as lifted her head to look into my face. I moan loudly feeling the pleasure my love was given me, “Oh Kathryn you can wake me up that way every day of my life.”

After some time Kathryn begins to move faster and faster as she moans her pleasure. “Oh fuck this is good.” With my hands on her hips feeling her movement I do my best to match my movement to hers only a couple minutes later she arches her back and screams. “OH FUCK YES. FUCK ME JJ I'M CUMMING, CUM WITH ME JJ.” I push hard into her cervix opening her womb I explode a forceful torrent of cum. “OH YES JJ I FEEL IT, WE'RE CUMMING WE’RE CUMMING.”

It feels it took minutes to come down from my climax. Then she falls forward onto my chest her strawberry blonde hair covering my shoulder her face is to the door but her eyes are closed as we breathe hard. Just as she opens her eyes I feel her immediately tense. She says, “Oh shit, were busted.” I turn to the door and there stands my mother and Helen both with faces that since a chill down my spine.

Mom says coldly, "You two shower, get dress and come downstairs." They close the door to my room behind them as they leave.

Kathryn looks at me I can see fear in her eyes as she asks, “What do you think they're going to do?”

Gazing into her eyes I can almost watch them turn from a green Hazel to blue Hazel. They continued getting bluer the longer I hesitate in speaking. So I begin, “From Worst-case to best, they had me arrested and sent me to jail for fifteen years, they separate us until you're eighteen, they keep us apart until you’re sixteen, the ground us for a few months, that's all the bad ones. They’re playing with us and their not upset. They know how much we love each other and they allow us to continue. They have you move in with me. They have you marry me. The last one I like the best.”

Kathryn asks, “What about the way they were looking.”

“How good is your mother’s poker face?”

Kathryn answers, “Not that good.”

“Then maybe we are in trouble. Oh shit we were busy and didn't clean up after the party.” That's definitely another problem other than being caught in the act.

Kathryn asks, “You think they're mad at that and not us for making love?”

I point out, “I know Mom would be more pissed off when she came home and the whole house smelled like sex and her bed had a girl and a line of guys fucking the shit out of her.”

Kathryn frustrated asks, “Who would be stupid enough to use your mother's room?”

I'm not going to worry about it this moment I'm going to enjoy having a shower with Kathryn. “I'm not sure but we could always look on the security tapes from last night. Right now let’s take our shower and then get dressed then find out what's going to happen.”

I pull her into the bathroom and adjust the shower with water feels right I pull her in with me. She giggles saying, “You have wanted me to shower with you for a very long time.”

I absolutely have to confess to this, “Yes. Right after I became your boyfriend, even more so after your 11th birthday. ”

Kathryn says, “Well better enjoy it I don't think they'll send you to jail but keep us apart maybe what they're planning on.”

I point out, “For some reason I don't think keeping us apart is part of the plan. If it was they would half taking you out with them.”

Playfully splashing water on my face Kathryn says, “That is definitely true.”

I pull her into my arms and hold her she still feels so good there. As long as they can't keep us totally apart I'll be happy with getting to hold her once in a while. I kiss her still holding her tight to me I body quickly reacts to how good she feels as my manhood again hardens. Feeling me begin to poke between her legs Kathryn giggles and grabs a hold of my ass saying, “I don't think we have time right now lover.”

“I know. I wish you could tell my body that you turn me on more than anything.”

Kathryn giggles, “That's nice to know that. Now wash my back so we can get out of here.” We hurry and finish our shower when we start to get dressed Kathryn notices a problem she can't find her bikini anywhere. She definitely had it when she came in here. So we put her in a pair of boxers and one my old gym shorts the tightest I had use a belt the hold it all up and a dark T-shirt that comes down just past her thighs. For some reason I don't think I'll get the T-shirt back.

Kathryn always enjoys riding the elevator. She says it makes it feel like she's in the penthouse. As she pushes the elevator button I am still amused by her antics. The doors open there is a nude girl lying asleep in the elevator there is a lot of clothing. Across the floor of the elevator apparently people were using it to strip or as a make out booth. I shake her awake and she jumps up embarrassed being caught nude. The girl is Kara. Her eyes go wide seeing the two of us. Kara exclaims, “Fuck what time is it?”

“Time to face the music our Moms are piss. No one cleaned up after the party. They found us in bed together.”

Kara looks at Kathryn grinning she says. “It's about time you made it official. I thought poor JJ was going to die a virgin waiting on you.”

I offhandedly remarked to Kara. “Looks like you were having fun last night by the way you're dressed.” I hate to admit I enjoyed looking at her nude body, she's three years older than Kathryn and it's like getting a preview of what Kathryn will look like when she's sixteen. Kathryn allows me gently bring me back to reality.

Sticking her tongue out before responding she says, “Actually I didn't have any fun at all, the man I'm in love with...” Pausing as she looks down before she continues, “He's totally in love with someone else. If she turned and down last night I was going to make sure he had some fun.”

Kathryn says to her sister, “Kara, get something on before they come looking for you.” Kathryn’s expression is not what I expect is not anger or confusion it sadness.

Looking around she can't find her clothing she knew she had them when she came in the elevator. I got another extra-large T-shirt for her; handing it to her she quickly covers herself. Kara says as she dressed in the T-shirt, “I didn't take my clothes off until I was in the elevator. They should be here.”

Stepping into the elevator we ride it down to the first floor when the doors open there's more than a few couples still lying around nude mostly a few are often searching for their clothing. We find my mother and Helen in the kitchen lecturing two of her daughters they both stand nude in front of Helen. When we approach Helen turns looking at Kara she points her to stand aside Michelle and Maria, when Kathryn moves to do the same Helen stops her and says, “Stand with your fiancé.” Okay you three here is the deal find one man and stick with him. Look at your sister she found a good man and you can always find the two of them together. I don't have to worry about her JJ will always take care of her.”

Needless to say, we’re both taken a little aback as being used as the good example in this situation. Judging from what else occurred last night I'm sure we were the best to use. Helen turns to me, “JJ you have any more T-shirts I need it least two.”

“Sure Mom, I’ll grab them right now.” Trying to keep from laughing at this situation I head back upstairs in a run to grab a couple extra-large T-shirts for my two nude future sister-in-laws. Getting the top two T-shirts from my drawer I head back downstairs then hand them to Helen. “Thanks JJ.” Helen says to me.

Helen hands off the T-shirts to Michelle and Maria, who stand there their faces downcast. “Now put those on and get to helping clean this mess up.”

Now Helen begins on us, “JJ and Kathryn, we need to talk to you.” Some of the other kids are walking around finding their clothing. Some have abandoned finding their own for some that fit some are helping, while others are sneaking out. All the doors and windows are open in the air-conditioning system is on fan to get the smell out of the house. Bom and Helen pull us off into a vacant room. After they know we are alone Helen begins, “JJ, I will only say this once. I'm proud of you for waiting till my daughter was ready. But you two picked the worst time to do it. There were all kinds of kids here any of which could bring the cops down on you. You both should know better you need to make everyone believe nothing happened between the two of you.”

Mom begins, “After we get this house back in order you will tell me before you ever think of having a party here again. It’s one thing to come home to a mess another thing to come home to a mess plus your bed is being used by five teenage boys fucking the hell out of a girl. Mom raises her hand knowing I'm about to say something so she can continue. After we get this straightened out you to need to set down and talk about moving in if that's something you want to do Kathryn.”

Kathryn looks at my Mom then to hers confused only for second then a bright smile crosses her lips. She looks at me and I shake my head yes and say, “The two of us are nearly together all the time but when we're asleep.”

Mom and Helen both chuckle seeing our reaction, Kathryn hugs both Moms, and says, “Yes I would love to stay with JJ all the time.”

Helen says, “That's not as easy as you might think. Your habits may start to grate on each other's nerves after a little while so you need to learn how to talk those things through. Maggie and I would do her best to help you, but a lot of marriage and relationships end because the couples can't work out how to live together.

Mom continues, “We’re going to let you stay here together because the two of you are definitely in love head over heels and realize that it's safer for you two to be together under a friendly roof. If you two would do something stupid by letting the heat of the moment rule you and getting caught in the act. JJ you could go to jail for a long time. Kathryn would be heartbroken and I wouldn't want to see that. We know you love each other. With no way of keeping you apart, we will make sure it's done safely as possible. So outside of our family no one is to know. Rule one. There is absolutely no sex that's not under this roof. Rule two. If we catch you engaging in or discuss sex outside of this house you will be separated for at least one month. You will not discuss your love life outside of the family. Rule three. If someone not in the family is in this house you to will not engage in sex. Rule four. The mothers rule what we say goes you will listen to us or be separated.

We’re both grinning as Kathryn and I say, “Yes mom.”

Helen says, “Now you two get to work cleaning this house up.”

I address Helen and my mother, “There's a problem someone took her bikini out of our room.” Like always Kathryn caught to use of our instead of my referring to our room, a bright smile crossed her face as she looked at me.

Helen giggles, “That was me. I figured it would be easier to get her attention if she had to stand there nude.”

Mom giggles, “But you came to her rescue again. As for any of those other kids make them help or get the hell out.”

Well I didn't have that much of a problem getting them to help. I kept Kathryn at my side there was to many nude girls in my house. I didn't want any possibility of any of them attempting to hug me and Kathryn getting the wrong idea. I just got our relationship to where I wanted it and I wasn't about to take the slightest chance of upsetting Kathryn. By 9:30 the house was in fair condition and all the kids were dressed as they worked by 10:30 I was kicking them out the door, politely. Only a couple times I have to encourage better behavior of some of the young men as they made remarks about some of the girls.

By noon with only family left in the house, the house was shipshape and spotless. We were completely finished as mom fixed brunch for us. Kathryn and I snuck off to from them to take a quick shower some of the things we had touch was quite disgusting. Helen had dropped Kathryn's bathing suit back on my bed. So she again dressed in her bathing suit and a clean fresh T-shirt.

That afternoon I helped Kathryn move her stuff to our room, she didn’t have all that much. She shared a lot of clothing with her older sisters. I told them we could go shopping for new clothing when their mom was free. I remarked, “I need to replace some T-shirts.”

The following Monday I drove them into the nearest major mall a hundred miles away. Giving each of them a preloaded credit card with $5000 on them and they include two for Helen to go buy anything their hearts desired as long as their father would approve. It wasn't long before I was delegated to be the baggage handler and not long after that all the girls went to Victoria's Secret. Helen was a little more responsible for spending Helen also bought clothing for her men.

The back of the SUV soon filled up. All I've managed to get was six new e-readers that I was going to give as presents. Well I plan on keeping one of them to replace my older one.

We went to a nice restaurant and had a late lunch. Most of the day was gone. One stop left requested by Kathryn before going home. We went to a furniture store I insisted on an upscale store, to which she relented. I knew what was happening, and enjoy the fact she decided to make changes to truly make it our room. The room was a little Spartan as it was, but once Kathryn finished purchasing a new couch with oversized chair, end table, and coffee table for our seating area, complete new bedroom suit, two matching desk and a couple more oversized chairs, and finally matching curtains. Apparently redecorating had been on her mind for a while. Arranging for the furniture to be delivered on that Friday when I attempted to pay Kathryn stopped me. You pay for everything else today I'll pay for this. I asked her. “Are you sure you can afford it?”

She giggles and reminded me. “Hello millionaire here.” Then she placed her credit card on the counter. Clerk’s eyes went wide when she noticed her student ID and her age. When it was approved she blinked as if not believing what she saw. The total was $27643.93 the clerk remarked, "I've never seen anyone your age with a credit limit that high."

Kathryn giggles, “Thank you, he helped with that.” She gives my arms squeeze.

Helen took the keys to drive, once we were back in the SUV Helen says to us, “At least you didn't kiss in the store. You need to be very careful of displaying your affections publicly.”

Once we were home I help unload all the packages the fun part was sorting out these girls’ items. They have similar taste and going through the bags they found many items identical which only added to the confusion. Eventually everything was sorted out to everyone's satisfaction. When they asked if I wanted the cards back, I said, “No. You use them.”

We spend a lot of time together like always, Kathryn would tell me she missed hanging out with her sisters before bedtime. “Tomorrow night we go to your mom's house and you could spend some time with your sisters. I'm sure I can talk with your Dad or your brothers for a while. We will play some cards as you girls catch up.”

It didn't take her all that long to get caught up on everything going on. Maria was getting ready for her senior year. She is also looking at where she wanted to go to college at. By this time they all knew I was paying for the tuitions. She even told Kathryn beforehand what type of car she wanted. Surprisingly was not a very expensive one, she said should feel bad if I spent too much money on her. Kathryn would point out, “JJ looks at you like you're his sister, and he wants to look out for you.” Maria hugged Kathryn and gave her a big kiss and tells her to pass that along to me.

Kara would ask how we were doing. She wanted to make sure we weren't having any fights. She told Kathryn, “You better treat JJ right, if you don't I'll taking away from you. But I'm very happy for you. Why are you over here with us instead of being with him?”

Kathryn giggles before responding, “After sex last night I tell JJ I missed hanging out with you guys. JJ is downstairs hanging out with Dad and the boys to give me some time with you." Then giggling some more she adds, "Don’t worry about him I'll take care of him good tonight."

Her sisters giggle before teasing Kathryn, “Now instead of JJ shadow you're JJ's horny slut.”

Kathryn says, “I'll have to agree with that.” All the girls giggle and hug Kathryn.

We spent the rest of that time till Thursday together in my room only leaving to eat or when other members of the family would drag us out. That Thursday we moved all my furniture down into one of the other Masters that Mom had not decorated yet. We spent that night downstairs sleeping in my old bed together.

Friday at around 10 o'clock the furniture is delivered. It took the rest of the afternoon for Kathryn and me to finish getting the room in perfect order. Mom and Helen helped but would laugh at us as Kathryn had me move the couch over and over and rearrange the chairs several times. I kept my cool which Mom and Helen appreciated. But after moving the couch eight times Helen told Kathryn most husbands would have told you by now it's going to stay here for a week before you decide to make me move it again. You may want to try that leave it in one spot for a week or so to decide then try it in another. Then she whispers something to Kathryn. Kathryn's eyes got large before she asks. “Did Daddy really do that?” Helen shook her head yes. Kathryn quickly looked and make sure everything looked fairly close before telling me. “Let's try it like it is for at least the next two days.”

I chuckled and gave Helen a wink before mouthing. Thank you when Kathryn couldn't see.

Surprising how comfortable our new surroundings quickly become to us. As our first month as an official lovers past we get one scare as her cycle didn't start as normal. Mom and Helen was patient and we were frightened but excited as well. When her cycle started both of us was relieved but disappointed.

In the morning when she woke up to discover she began menstruation returning from the bathroom she informed me. “JJ you're not going to be a father just yet.”

When only a momentary expression of relief was replaced by disappointment she giggled saying. “Look at it this way you get to make love a lot more before you knock me up.”

I pulled her close and kissed her, and then said to her. “I love you and whenever you get knocked up a better be the one doing the knocking.”

She smacked my ass before saying. “Don't worry about it no one else is going to be knocking and not even you for the next few days.” We still slept together just not fully nude, I were boxers and she were panties.

The next day she asked if I could take them shopping again. “Guess I don't have anything better to do.” She punched me in the arm for that remark but we both laughed about it. Our mothers and her sisters all went with this is time. We went in two different automobiles mom laughed saying. “We just need the trunk space.” Mom took the SUV and I my car, Kathryn was in my passenger seat with Krystal and Kara and back. On the first one to acknowledge my backseat is not the most comfortable ride but the sisters talked the entire time I drove.

I let the Coach use the bass boat to go fishing. In a way I wish to been able to go fishing with the Coach and the boys but I would spend time with Kathryn just to see her smile.

After arriving at the mall Kathryn and I snuck off for a while simply walking hand-in-hand talking and window-shopping. We walked by a bridal shop and Kathryn's eyes lit up seeing some of the wedding dresses. I whispered in her ear. "You want to go in and try some on?"

She shook her head no slowly before she says. "I got three more years to wait before I'll need one of those."

The second summer once we get out of high school I'm thinking. When my cell phone rings bring me back to reality. I keep my cell phone four times like these I don't have coverage very far out of town which is fine with me. In town while in high school the phone was normally off but I have used it to call Joan from time to time and when we’re out like this it helps us find each other without having to walk the entire mall. Its Mom calling she wants to know where we are at. We tell her were standing in front of the bridal shop. Mom giggles. "You're not buying that dress today." She has us meet them at Victoria secrets. Walking there I'm thinking I should buy stocks in that company.

Mom sends me off to the computer store. While they shop at Victoria's secret I give a chance to look around for a new laptop. Jokingly mom says. "We will call you when it's time to pay."

I pick up five laptops the ones you change the back on for Kathryn, Kara, Krystal, and Maria and one for myself. There in the trunk of the car before I get to call from mom to let me know it’s time to go the Victoria's Secret she wasn't joking, she wants me to come and pay. I'm hurrying back into the mall when I arrive at Victoria's Secret they are nowhere to be seen. Walking up to the cash register I asked. "Have you seen seven women were in the store waiting for me?” The guy behind me makes remark that sounds like a lucky bastard, it only makes me smile. Then I noticed coming from the dressing room it's Krystal followed by Kara, Maria, Michelle, my mother, Helen, and finally Kathryn. Each blocked the view of the other as they walked directly towards me in sexy new dresses that make the younger girls look twenty something and my mom and Helen look younger. Kathryn nearly knocks me over she is so hot. The same gentleman remarks slightly louder and I can hear clearly as he says. "Fucking lucky bastard not only are there seven with him but there also totally hot."

Salesclerk giggles. “So that's them?” Shaking my head I paid the charges already totaled before they changed into the dresses, also two large bags waiting for me to carry. I gave my totally hot girlfriend a quick kiss before taking the bags to the car and returned to meet them at their next store they want to shop.

All through the mall the girls are getting looks from almost every male that passes them a few even turn to follow them until they turn into a store or stop me to talk to them. Kathryn giggles saying. "You’re our protector to keep all the other horny men away."

I whisper to her. "But who's going to protect you from me."

Giggling merrily Kathryn says. “Who said, I wanted protection from you?"

A few more hours later and several thousand dollars, we start home after a meal. Mom informs me that she's determined to finish furnishing the house one wing only has my old bedroom furniture in it. She wants Kathryn's help with the task. Again we stop at that high-end furniture store and Kathryn makes a few more purchases for our room. Mom and Kathryn picks out the furniture to replace the master bedroom suite and furnish the other two rooms in that wing. Mom also decides it's time to replace the living room furniture. With Kathryn's help the entire house practically will be redecorated.

Kathryn looking at me says. "You could take care of everything else I'll take care of home from now on." Setting her credit card down Kathryn is waiting for the total. The same clerk is busy totaling today's purchase today's total is four times as large as the last. When Kathryn’s card is again approved the clerk asked. "How do you get such a high limit for your age?" Kathryn grins before saying. “I have a wonderful teacher in my boyfriend. He taught me how to trade stocks. He helped me get started big time, over the last year we made 65.1 million together."

Salesclerk smiles at her and says. “The best thing any of my boyfriends’ ever got me was flowers. You are one lucky girl.”

I grin at her saying, “Not bad for a couple of kids.” Mom and Helen giggle in the background but the rest of the girls are wide eyed staring at their sister. After leaving the store Kathryn is bombarded with questions from her sisters and more than a few requests. She grins and says to her sister's request, “Well I'll think about it.” I know her, her sisters will have anything they want. It would just mean a few more trips for me to drive them here. Kara and Krystal have requested laptops and I smile to myself knowing I have already gotten them.

It's time for us to drive home, before we’re out of cell range I give mom a quick call to let her know I need to stop and get gas. The SUV is refueled earlier so she doesn't need to, mom said see you when we get home.

When I finally get home the SUV is still in the Edwards driveway a police car is parked outside on the curve. I drive on into the house parking the car and walked into the living room just as the phone rings. It's Mom calling she wants me to bring Kathryn, Kara and Krystal over immediately.

Kara, Krystal, Kathryn and I walked over to her old home a walk we made probably thousands of times over the years but today it feels as long as all those walks together some reason Kathryn clutches to me afraid of what is going to happen.

Walking in the police officers we pass on the walkway they’re silent as we pass. On entering the house it feels strange normally a happy feeling pervades the house but not now. Helen rushes to Kathryn and holds her tight; she's crying and can't bring herself to say what's wrong. Mom has tears streaming down her face. Mom approaches the three of us as I try to comfort both Helen and now Kathryn as they both cry.

Mom takes deep breath to steady herself before she begins. Looking at me she says. “The boat exploded and Michael and Eddie are missing. Michael Junior and Mark survived they were thrown into the water another boat pick them up.” The Coach had become a substitute father to me. I knew he and my mother were close friends as well. Mom continues. “They are more boats out looking for them right now, Michael Junior said they jumped into the water just before the boat exploded they said there was a fire and everyone got out but were are separated. They were knocked out and couldn't tell their rescuer that there's two more in the water.

The phone rings and everyone jumps shaking Helen answers. Her facial expressions change an instant hearing Michael's voice. She puts the phone to her chest and screams. “HE'S ALIVE, THEIR OKAY.”

We rush off to the hospital where the four are at. It doesn't take his very long to get there, but it seems like forever. The Coach is a little worse off than his sons, he was the last to get out of the boat and have a few burns that are serious. They all will survive which is a good thing.

Michael Junior Mark and Eddy had some time in the hospital being treated for minor burns and concussions, released in a day. Edward has to stay two more days, but the coach's is there for an entire two week. He's lucky that the burns her on his back and legs. Although little scar badly he won't be too disfigured from them. They do some skin grafts due to the loss of such a large area of skin. A lot of special care will be required. As a result he will not be able the coach this year.

I felt so bad about it being my boat that exploded and injured them. They had to be a reason. I hired an investigator, to retrieve the boat from the bottom of the lake and find the causes. What the investigator found surprised me. The fuel tank had a problem when it was on the trailer it was stressed by road vibrations. Small cracks due to metal fatigue eventually developed. Creating fuel leaks from the tank, when enough fuel buildup between the deck and hull the bilge pump coming on could ignite it. The fuel vapors in a confined space would then explode. A secondary explosion as the fuel tank ignited usually was much larger. If I had been on the boat I would've been injured or possibly killed too, the fuel tank was located near the pilot’s seat. That's where the Coach was near when the explosion occurred. What really made me angry was the manufacture had done a lot to cover up the problem. The way the boat was designed replacing the fuel tanks was very problematic and usually required replacing the entire boat. I got a lawyer and begin the action against the Corporation that built the boat.

The Corporation offered a large out-of-court settlement to the Edwards family. When their lawyers discovered I was the initiator of the action the settlement doubled. They reluctantly accepted it on the condition that the corporation would recall all the remaining boats that had that problem.

It took time but they would heal, and the coach was restless not having anything that he can actually do due to his injuries. Kathryn and I made sure her mother and father's finances will not be a problem during Michael's recovery. Kathryn pays off the mortgage on the Edwards farm, and covers all the bills.

Mom decided that Thanksgiving dinner is at our house and Helen agreed.

Thanksgiving dinner is good; mom had plenty of help making it. Michael Junior and Mark both made it in with their fiancés, both were going to leave on Friday to visit their fiancés families before returning to school. Mark and Michael Junior were taking classes at the same university.

Michelle also made the long trip in. Michelle pulled me over to the side and needed a special request of my time. She informed me she had not done well having taken her father's near loss harder than she thought she would. She had gone to college far from everyone else. She said she just needed to leave for a while, she requested knowing that I was paying the tuition to take the rest of the year off she wanted to come home and help take care of her father. I wrapped her in my arms saying. “That will be fine with me I can always use another sister the push me around. I know your Mom can really use the help.”

Kathryn entering the room catches Michelle in my arms. Walking up behind me she slaps me on my ass, giggling she says, “What are you doing to my sister?”

Giggling Michelle says, “Don't worry little sister I won't be taking your husband away from you, like anyone could, He’s too in love with you."

I inform Kathryn that Michelle would not be returning to school on Monday. "Michelle is going to be staying here with family, and help take care of your Dad for the rest of the school year." So I leave her and her sister to talk after giving Kathryn a long hug and kiss.

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Assuming you could somehow dilate the cervix enough to introduce the penis into the womb, seminal fluid in the womb causes severe cramping and shock (which can be fatal). Look up prostaglindins and IntraUterine Insemination.

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