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Brother and sister join the camp of a life time
This is a prequel to the next part and because of this there will be no sex. Just like the first Dakota part. I realize this website is for sex and I promise to add more in the next one, but I need to post this to give sort of a background to the story.

Character deions:
Rich: 5 "7", Chest nut brown hair, blue eyes.
Allison: 5"6" Blonde hair, blue eyes just like her brother, 36B breast.
Taylor: 5 "7" Auburn hair, dark brown eyes, 38B breast.
Rachel 5 "5 1/2", Brunette, grey eyes, 32C breat.
Emily: 5 "7", Red hair, hazel eyes, 34C breast.

"Mom this is your last chance to end all of this," I say from the passenger seat.

"Yeah! We don't have to go," Allison chirps up from the back.

"Enough you two. Every summer the two of you have just slacked off and never done anything productive. So I don't want to hear a thing from the two of you just because you have to do something," Mom snaps at me especially.

"I'll be the youngest one there," I complain. Allison is sixteen and I'm fifteen. This isn't bad, but the kids at the camp were sixteen and seventeen. Mom didn't want to have to take us to a different camp that would be much farther away and coincidentally she knew the owner of the camp and she allowed for me to get in.

"But we can't even bring our phones! What if there is an emergency!" Allison adds. I want to tell that she is ruining my case of staying home.

"That's it," mom slams her hand on the steering wheel and it honks,"I don't want to hear another word from either of you!" she shouts. She gives us both a stare that would kill a full grown bear. With that we both shut up immediately and I stare out the window. There is green all around us and the sky is clear, shinning rays of sun through my window. It feels as if it will be the last time I look at the sun with a sense of freedom and I soak up as much as I can, rolling down the window.

When we arrive to the camp I see parents and their children walking around and talking to camp counselors. The sign reads: Camp Hill Ridge. I fight my urge to plead with my mom and when I look back at Allison I see she is going through the same trouble. We lock eyes and hers admit defeat. I accept this fate as well. We both hop out of the car silently when mom gestures for us to join her. I help Allison with her bags as I carry mine we walk over silently.

"Now you both are going to give me the silent treatment?" Mom nags. I want to trip her, but that would go against my pacifist nature. We stop at the center of the camp where all the luggage and sleeping bags were stored and place mine down with the amount of luggage Allison let me carry.

"Thanks," she whispers so quietly that I'm not sure that I heard her correctly.

"Bye mom," I say, holding my arms out and giving her a hug. Since dad left us two years back things have been tough and she just wants the best for us although she never considers to just ask. I appreciate her effort though. Mom holds me silently for a moment and when she pulls back her eyes are a little watery.

"See you in a two weeks," I assure her. I can tell this is a lot harder for her than it was for me. I look over at Allison who stared at us silently. I looked at her then mom and she got the hint. She gave mom a hug, but said nothing. Mom talked to a blond woman who looked well into her thirties, but was still very attractive. I stared at the two and realized by the way they talked and how freely mom speaks to her that the women is the owner. After they speak mom gives the two of us one last group hug and was on her way.

As soon as she pulls out of the parking I felt an ache deep in my chest, but didn't show. Allison on the other hand was completely transparent. The blue eyes we both share are on the verge of tears. I move in and give her a hug and her arms gripped around me tightly.

"Since we'll have to be here for a month we might as well have a good time," I told her. She took a deep breath and long hair pressed against the right side of my face. In my head I thought about the contrast between my brown hair and her blond.

"I want to go home," she mumbles into my shoulder.

"Me too," I sigh. I let go when I feel people staring.

Allison turns away from me then when the counselors call us to the flag pole at the far right. I keep my pace steady behind my sister as I look around at the other camp members. Some of the guys are my height and there are some twice as big. Most of them however are pretty scrawny or overweight and I feel pretty good about that. I'm pretty athletic, which means I have a pretty fit body. Most of the girls on there other hand are absolutely gorgeous. Maybe since I don't have much experience or seen a wide variety, but they leave me staring in awe. Most smile when they see me staring and I eventually stop the girl evaluation and pick up the pace when I begin to loose my sister.

When we arrive everyone crowds around a man who looks to in about his late 20s. He has a Red Wings cap and I hear someone let out a "woop woop" for the team. He smiles politely. His shirt is brown with white letters that say the camps name.

"Welcome to Camp Hill Ridge everyone! I know you guys are probably missing your parents, but by the time you leave you won't want to! Camp Hill Ridge gives the campers a pretty loose leash and we only have activities on Mondays -except today- , Wednesdays, and Fridays. On the days we don't have activities you are free to do what you'd like along the the camp grounds. Any questions?" everything he says sounds rehearsed and when no one raises their hands he continues onwards.

"We have very few rules here, but these are the most important. One: No sexual contact between campers. Two: Never go into the wilderness without a guide. Three: You can not leave your cabin past nine. Four: If in a cabin of another house you must leave the door open once it is past seven o'clock, regardless of the circumstances. There are more rules in the the booklet which will be handed to you, but these are the biggest ones," he looks us over and a concerned look briefly crosses his face. Even I feel that this camp experience will be nothing more than chaos.

"Now here's the fun part," he chirps up," you will all get your camp shirts!"

He begins to call the names of everyone in camp. Allison is one of the first since he is going in
alphabetical order. Mine is closer to the end.

"Richard," he finally calls scanning for me. I inch my way to the front and he shakes my hand. I expect a
firmer grasp and on accident I shake it a lot harder, but he smiles acknowledging my mistake. I take the shirt along with the booklet and as I walk away I see many of the girls watch me with a strange sense of curiosity and interest. I stare at the ground as I walk around to the back of the cluster. My sister is waiting for me.

"I don't like the way those girls stared at you," she says. I guess I wasn't the only one to notice.

"It was probably because I look a little younger than most of you guys," I shrug.

"No it wasn't that. They looked at you like you were a new toy," she explains/
When dinner bell rang many campers pile into the dinning hall. Of course Allison and I are together and I stand behind her in the line. On some occasion I'd feel the person behind me push me forward and I'd have to move a little to the side so I wouldn't press against my sister. By the fifth time I turned to see a black haired boy who towers over me easily and a red haired girl looking around him.

"Got a problem?" He smirks , daring me to make a move.

"Can you stop pushing me?" I ask. He looks shocked that I actually said anything.

"Let me stand in front of you then," he bargains.

"No," I refused.

When I turned back around he continues to push me forward. The last time when I least expected it I press into Allison. Her warm ass pressed firmly against my dick and when I leap back and turned to the boy.

"Knock it off," I growl.

"Shouldn't you be happy? You got to get pressed against that fine ass beauty," he smiled at the back of her head.

"That's my sister!" I barked at him.

"Even hotter," he smiles.

"Fuck you," I feel ashamed once the words leave my mouth. I always try my best to take the peaceful route yet this boy has broken that rule in one night.

"Rich?" my sister turns around. I look back and she stands beside the cafeteria women and I can see it is my turn. I grab my food and try to dismiss the conversation I just had, We walk over to an empty table and as we sit we see a girl with auburn hair and dark brown eyes approaching us. She looks oddly familiar.

"Allison?" the girl said.

"Taylor!" Allison shoots out of her chair. That's when I remember that she is on Allison's volleyball team.

"I can't believe you're here too. I only saw two people I recognized, but you're here too!" Taylor hugs her tightly then her eyes slowly shift to me.

"Your little brother is here?"she ask confused.

"I'm only a year younger than both of you," I interject.

"Whatever," she jabs her tongue at me and I roll my eyes.

"Let me go get my tray and I'll sit with you guys," Taylor said excitedly and leaves. She returned quickly with her tray and sits next to me, which puts her in front of Allison since I am at the head of the table. Allison tells her everything up to now.

"How come we didn't hear your name when they handed out the shirts?" Allison ask.

"I came late so they didn't check me in," she smirks.

"Of course. You were always late for practice too," Allison comments.

"Oh hush. Anyways, doesn't your mom know the rumors about this camp?" Taylor questions.

"What rumors?" Allison and I say together.

"This camp is supposed to be an everyday sex fest. The campers apparently hook up every chance they get,"as it pours out of Taylor's mouth I feel a shiver down my spine, but is one for anticipation.

"You're kidding right?" Allison ask, looking over at me with concern,"you're telling me the girls I saw earlier checking out my brother were imagining having sex with him."

"They were?!" Taylor looks me over.

"They were not," I counter.

My sister scoffs at me for being so blind.

"Its just hard to believe any girl would think like that about me," I admit.

"You shouldn't talk like that. If the girls were checking you out they obviously have good taste," my sister
says. I can't tell whether she's joking or not, but I refuse to give up the compliment.

"Well girls here don't really have high standa-" my sister must have kicked Taylor under the table since she stops talking immediately.

"Anyways, I think the bell went off since people are clearing out," my sister says, standing up and grabbing my tray. I tell them I'll take it and stack all of ours together before heading to the kitchen. Unfortunately there is another line for that and I sigh loudly. The girl in front of me turns around.

"You're Rich right?" the girl says. I nod and smile at the same time. I was never good talking to girls that I don't know. I also don't know her name, which makes it even more awkward.

"I'm Rachel by the way. Its kind of obvious you don't know my name, but I forgive you," she smiles. She turns back in line and places her tray in the soupy sink full of unclear water and I do the same. I watch as she returns to her friends. She tells them something and look over at me, sizing me up. I smile politely before returning to Allison who is glaring at me before I get there.

"Who was that?" she ask.

"Her name was Rachel. I don't know her, but apparently she knew me," I shrug it off. My sister looks past me at my new acquaintance and must not like what she sees because she stays close to me for the rest of the night. We head toward the campfire that produces embers that flow toward the sky. There are nine logs set out, which is enough since there is a little over forty of us. We take a seat at the very back and Allison takes the middle so that I have the most room. After a few minutes I see the boy from the cafeteria and the red head approach. He smiles widely and takes the seat beside me. I refuse to talk to him and stare straight ahead.

The owner of the camp comes into view, wearing a hoodie with the camp logo and sweat pants that show off her gorgeous calves.

"Hello everyone! I'm Ms. Susan. I see some familiar faces out there and also some new ones. For those of you who are new please stand," she scans the crowd as people begin to rise. My sister tugs my arm with her as she goes to stand. Taylor joins us quickly. I can feel people staring at me and Rachel who is closest to the fire comes into view. Her jet black hair is barely visible, but her blue eyes stare towards me intently.

"Alright, when I point to you I want you to come up and tell us your name, your age, and a little about
yourself," she explains to us.

"She makes it sound like a crappy dating site," Taylor jokes from beside Allison. Ms. Susan must have heard her because she calls Taylor up first. The whole time she's up there her voice sounds confident and sure of herselfthat I find myself in awe.

Four people go before Allison gets a chance to go up.

"Hi I'm Allison. I'm fifteen and I didn't really want to come here, but my brother Noah," she points to me," has been pretty supportive. So I'll try my best to enjoy it." People clap a little louder for her and look in my direction. I wish I could sit down. Unfortunately I'm last and when I go up I have everyone's attention than most of the other people who went up.

"I'm Rich-"
"We know!" someone shouts from the back and everyone laughs. My face blushes a bright red.

"I'mfifteen," this starts a some conversations," and I've never been to a camp before."

Ms. Susan stands then and pats my back gently before telling me to take my seat. I sit back down next to Allison who is giggling.

"What?" I ask.

"Nothing. You just looked kind of cool," my sister assures me. I assume she's was telling the truth when I

catch girls staring at me for most of the welcome ceremony.

When it ends the boys head to their cabin and the girls to theirs, which rooms about about four each. My three roommates are a real piece of work. One is extremely tall with a skinny frame, while one of them is short and pretty overweight. The last one is pretty normal and is about my height if not a few inches taller. The only thing irregular about him is that he has long blonde hair with a black head band on his forehead.
"I'm a black belt in tae kwon do," he tells me when he catches me staring at his forehead. I mentally note not to get on his bad side.

At ten we all climbed into our sleeping beds on our beds. For the whole night I toss in turn and wake up in a pool of sweat, feeling repulsed I get out from bed and put my shoes on to go to the bathroom. I forget about the buddy code set up and lone dog it. From across from us I can hear most of the girls are still up while all of the guys have crashed except me. Breaking my first rule I go over to my sister's cabin. They're up of course and open the door.

"You're not supposed to be outside," she says giving me a disappointed look.

"Let him stay," Taylor calls behind her and the other two join in.

"I couldn't sleep," I admit to her and she lets me in. This makes me look incredibly vulnerable to everyone in the room and Allison brings me in for a hug.

"I didn't say it for you to feels sorry for me. It's just too hot to sleep," I tell her.

"Then why come here? It's just as hot," she argues.

"Because none of the boys are awake," I inform her. When I look behind her I see the other two giggling. Rachel and the red head who wouldn't leave the dark haired boy's side.

"Oh they're awake," Rachel laughed.

"What do you mean?" I ask, not getting the joke and neither does Allison apparently since she had the same puzzled look.

"Let's just say that even if the lights are out the fun doesn't stop there," the red head remarks. You can literally hear the click in my brain as I put together what they're saying.

"Don't the counselors care?" I ask.

"Not really. They can't control any of us. They tried a few years back, but the kids were just too much. As long as you're discrete about it they won't punish you. They probably saw you walking over here too, but of course they haven't come busting in here," Rachel informs me.

"Leave it to mom to pick a camp that is one gigantic orgy," Allison sighs shaking her head. I nod in agreement.

"Hey! Saying it's one giant orgy groups us with "them"!" Rachel protest.

"I just assumed since you're friends with Emily who I caught making out with that Tyler kid when she supposedly went to the bathroom thirty minutes ago," Allison refers to the red head who seems quite offended.

"Her friends have nothing to do with her choices! I just came here since the camp was so laid back. Who cares what I do in my free time! You act like you're so perfect, but your brother was practically grinding on you in the lunch line!" Emily claims. My faces flushes and my sister's does as well. She's so speechless it's my turn to speak.

"I was not. Your friend Tyler kept pushing me. You were there, I tried to tell him to fuck off when he wanted to get behind her. I didn't do anything bad. I just didn't want that creep behind her," I say calmly, but I feel unsure. When I pressed against her in the lunch line I had felt an electric shock travel from my dick to my spine and it was the best feeling I'd ever had. My dick was getting hard just thinking about it.

"See my brother doesn't think like most boys. He's seen me naked up until I was twelve and couldn't care less so I doubt anything has changed now," my sister explains to her.

"Twelve is a lot different than fifteen," Emily informs her.

"How?" my sister ask. Taylor who is sitting silently on her bed cuts in.

"Boys start hitting puberty at thirteen. Eleven is when they are still in their cootie sage and think girls are the scum of the earth."

"Why don't you just ask him?" Rachel offers, looking to me. She's the only one to insist on taking my opinion on how I feel. They all turn to look at me.

"I don't like her like that," I say. When I look over at my sister she looks somewhat disappointed like that rest of the girls. One thing my dad had programmed into me when I was little was to never do anything to my sister. Although she was a year older it was my duty to protect her, which meant from myselfas well if I ever became a threat.

"Prove it then," Emily says, smiling sadistically.

"Didn't he already prove that enough to you?" Allison is beginning to switch to protective mode.

"Words are but only artificial. You never know if someone is telling the truth or not," Emily replies. She tells me to sit down and for Allison to sit next to me.

"Kiss him and see if his... you know what responds," she commands Allison. Allison shoots up immediately and looks like she's going to kill Emily.

"You want us to prove he doesn't like me by having me kiss him? Where's the logic in that?! He's my little brother. We don't have any sort of secret relationship. You just have to take our word for it," Allison announces.

"I'm just saying. You don't want people to get the wrong idea and if you two do this I might be able to know for sure where your guy's relationship actually stands," Emily winks at me. I feel myself go uneasy. My conscience is the only thing that prevents me from wanting to kiss my sister. Every other part of me wants very much so to have her warm lips pressed against mine.

"They don't need your confirmation," Taylor comments.

"Actually putting Ms.Susan aside I run this camp. If I hate someone, everyone will as well. If I say
something, everyone will believe it. I can make your two weeks here miserable if you don't start listening to what I say," Emily dictated.

Rachel is the only one silent and when she looks her to me her eyes are torn with going against her friend or siding with the people she's just met.

"Are you threatening me to do this?" My sister's voice is rising and she really sounds pissed off now.

"Of course not. I just strongly suggest you do," Emily smiles wickedly.

"Fine," Allison sighs in defeat, sitting down next to me. She turns to me, grabbing my shoulders and forcefully pressed her lips to mine. It doesn't feel as pleasant as I thought it would for a first kiss and is actually uncomfortable if anything. This only last two seconds though and my sister pulls back, rubbing the back of her hand against her lips. I do the same.

"That was the worst kiss I've ever seen," Emily says standing. She moves to me and leans down so that her face is onylinches from mine. She softly places her lips against mine and I feel something pressing against the entrance of my mouth. Her tongue slowly slides in and it's the most pleasant thing I've ever felt. She uses one hand to pull my face closer to hers and moves my tongue with hers as a way to silently tell me to use mine. Although I'm not experienced at all in the matter I seem to pretty good at using my tongue since she doesn't do anything else, but she finally does after Allison tells her get off of me. When Emily goes to sit back down my sister glares at me. I look down at my lap and see that a small tent is beginning to form. I try nonchalantly to cover it up, but of course they all notice and a satisfied look cross Emily's face.

"That's kissing," Emily nods to my lap and I catch everyone take small glances at it.

"I should probably leave now," I say, wanting an excuse to leave. My sister follows me outside and closes the door behind her. She places her mouth against mine and her warm and soft lips feel amazing against mine. She uses no tongue, but it still feels just as great. She pulls me to her with this sense of hunger and crave that I feel in the pit of my stomach for her as I crave more and my hands find their way to the small of her back. She doesn't pull away or stop, but instead presses herself even tighter so that my boner is sticking into her stomach. When she finishes my dick feels as if it's about to burst from all this excitement and I have no idea what to do with myself. She waves goodnight and quickly goes back to join her roommates who are all gathered up by the door whens he opens it.

"What the hell are you guys doing?" she barks at them. They all slither off to their beds.

"See you tomorrow," she says to me, closing the door and opening another that will lead to so much more.

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If you have to tell us what the characters look like outside of the story it automatically tells me that you can't write shit. You shouldn't have even bothered writing if you don't know how to tell us that from within the story.

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