Jena and the kids awaken a new form a fun for the whole family
Little Devils
Pizza Night
Young woman finds that getting drunk has its drawbacks when her children discover that mom is fun to play with when she is drunk and sober. (FbbgF, fist, pedo, ins, beast)
Jeana is a single mom of three who has the knack of over indulging her drinks. Once drunk she is totally incoherent of her surroundings. A mother of three, Shawn – age 12, Matt- age 11, and Betty age 10. The children were really good kids, clean, great in school and behaved quite well. Each child had a particular way of doing things but was mostly content in play with each other. Jeana was thankful for not having the typical brats. Monday thru Thursday, Jeana worked in an assembly plant making furniture while her children were home with a baby sitter. Working 4 days a week 12 hours a day, she brought home the bacon as well as the beans. Not wanting much of a social life, Jeana was content in staying home instead of going out on dates, which is how her children came about; luckily they all had the same father who had abandon them long ago. It was a Friday morning when Jeana’s check was deposited at the bank and she went shopping as usual and by the liquor store for her favorite poison. Deciding that tonight like many other nights she would let the kids stay up and watch a movie then off to bed while she sat and slowly lost her senses to the bottle. Shawn walked the two younger kids’ home from school. While on the way home Shawn mentioned to them that tonight would be fun if Mom would get pizza considering the report cards they all had were all “A’s”. When they came thru the door, Jeana was already on her second drink at 4 in the afternoon, the kids asked if they could order pizza and stay in since bad weather was approaching for the night. Jeana agreed as a reward, that would be fun and Betty would pick out the first movie for the night. Jeana called in a pizza and it would be there in an hour so she told the kids to go change into their pajamas while she took a long bath.
The children scrambled off to their rooms to change. Jeana went to her room and stripped in front of the mirror taking notice of her young body still looked great for a woman who has had three kids. At 30 years old her nipples still stood up on her 35C size tits, and her neatly shaved pussy still had the clit hood which stood out all the time. Starting the hot water and finishing off her drink of rum and coke, she slowly lowered herself into the tub to get a good long soak before the pizza delivery came. Laying in the tube she slowly worked he clit hood to a frenzy just to relieve the tension. She cupped her left tit and lifted it to her mouth and gave it a soft and wet suckle before returning to her relaxed position. 20 minutes later she could hear the children back in the living room discussing what type of movie to watch; when she decided to get out of the tub and she put on only a dressing gown. Totally enjoying the feel of the little drafts of air on her body as she walked thru the house, Jeana answered the door and paid the delivery guy with a 5 dollar tip. The kids all settled down to watch the movie but Shawn had noticed that mom was naked under her robe. He could clearly see her shaved pussy when she sat on the couch. His mind was racing, but he wasn’t the only one who noticed. Jeana returned to the kitchen and made a strong drink then returned to the couch as the kids watch the show. Only Betty had noticed that mom had gotten up and returned. She too noticed the revealing body of their mother. 30 minutes had passed and Jeana was up again to make another drink, 15 minutes after that she was up again for another, by the first hour was over she had 4 drinks in her and was now feeling light headed. She asked Shawn to clean up the mess from the pizza and they could watch another movie, as he was finishing wiping the coffee table off she asked him to make her a drink if he knew how. Being a young boy he tried hard and brought back a drink for her. She took a sip and holy smokes was it strong. She drank it down with no problems and went back for another. By now, Matt was getting tired and Betty was just laying there on the floor. Their usual bedtime was 8 pm but its Friday and they could hang till 10 pm. As the clock struck 9pm Shawn woke up Matt and told Betty not to make a lot of noise while he and Matt went to bed. Shawn looked over at his mom and noticed that the rum had hit her as she was slumped over sleeping on the couch.
After 30 minutes or so, Betty was the only one in the living room with her mom lying across the couch. She looked over at her mom and got up on her knees and crawled towards her mom to look at her closely. Her robe was open and she had an open view of her mom’s pussy which was totally exposed. Betty looked down into her own little panties and noticed that she and her mom had the same looking pussy, clean and no hair. Daringly she reached up and touched her mom’s clit hood with her fingers. Jeana didn’t even move, so Betty slowly used her index finger and moved it into the grooved area down between her mother’s legs. This time Jeana moved, spreading her legs, one on the floor and the other high up on the back of the couch, basically spreading wide open. Betty couldn’t believe it, her mother’s pussy opened up like a small little flower showing off the middle which was shiny and wet, with a hole about the size of a nickel. Betty was so curious and leaned over and smelled the musk which was wafting from Jeana’s pussy. Betty couldn’t believe what she was looking at, so she stood up and took off her pajamas and panties to compare her little pussy to her mother’s. Betty was noticing that the large clit was almost a quarter of an inch across and about half an inch tall, hers was a little button. So she reached over with her finger and thumb and squeezed it to feel its rubbery texture. When she did this, Jeana didn’t even flinch, just laid there, so Betty continued to play with it then thought that it looked like a nipple and leaned in closer to suck on it. It was warm in her mouth as she sucked and bit slightly down on it constantly rolling it with her tongue. Betty leaned back and looked at the opening, hmm she thought comparing it to her own, maybe I can get a finger in there. Betty reached out with her right hand and using her index finger again and slowly pushed it in without even touching all of the sides and went all the way in, wow she thought! So she added another finger, using 2 fingers she still went in slowly all the way to the knuckles again with no resistance at all. Ok she thought, then went to three fingers, again all the way in. Well since three went in so easily, she cupped her hand like a duckbill and slowly inserted into her mother’s pussy. All four fingers slid in, then her knuckles, then her thumb, she was amazed to see that now her whole hand was inside her mother. Without even a second thought, she continued to push in a far as she can. Three inches of her forearm, and then six inches, finally she had her arm in that warm wet pussy up to her elbow. Feeling the back side of her mother’s pussy, she felt a small opening, wow she could get a finger or two into that as well! She made a fist and withdrew out to her wrist and pushed hard again all the way past her elbow. Jeana moaned softly as Betty continued the assault. Thrusting harder she had not expected the next thing to happen, a long and steady stream of fluid jetted out of her mother’s pussy and caught Betty right in the mouth! Betty removed her arm sat back down on her haunches gasping and savoring the flavor of her mother’s ejaculation.
She looked back at her own pussy and wondered if she could get her fingers inside as well. Betty was extremely flexible, she could bend almost in two; so she shifted her position to her back, kicking her legs over her head and pulled down to where she could just kiss her own little pussy. She spread her little lips to gaze deeply into herself. As she continued the self examination, Betty, placed one finger into her own pussy. She felt the tightness of herself and slowly worked her finger in and out which was sending the most wonderful electric jolts throughout her whole body. Betty continued her fingering, wetness engulfed her finger and it became more easily to slide in and out. Adding a second finger was just a little painful but the feelings it caused were greater. Oh my God, she thought, as she pushed both fingers deep into herself. Then she felt the resistance which was too much pain. She had pushed right against her maidenhood. Well this was a little more than she was willing to stop for. Quickly she jumped up and went to the kitchen and grabbed the candle box. These candles were 6 inches long and about half an inch wide. She looked into the box and counted out six of them, leaving the other six in the box on the counter. She returned to her mother’s side on the floor, re assumed her position and inserted one of the candles into her own little pussy. It went in about three inches when she felt it hit the hymen membrane again. Gritting her teeth, she pushed hard against the candle and felt the maidenhood give way. OUCH she growled, but on the other hand, the candle went all the way inside. This was just too much for Betty. The feelings of this deep inside of her was stimulating her so much she didn’t even notice the little trickle of blood dripping out of her pussy.
Now she thought, maybe I can do to myself what I did to Mommy. She reached back to her mother’s pussy and swiftly inserted her hand in to Jeana’s pussy to get it all wet again. Laying back down she slide two fingers in all the way to the knuckles it was tight but they went in. Working both her fingers in and out of her pussy faster and faster loosening up her pussy more and more; Betty added a third finger. This seemed a little tight but her own bodily fluids came to the rescue as she slid even more in and out of her own pussy. Her body was soon starting to feel weird; an experience which she had never felt, an orgasm was washing over her like the tides at the ocean. Wave upon wave of pleasure hit the little girl with such force, she was stunned. After what seemed like several minutes, she continued the act which she wanted to achieve. Now completely wet, juices running out of her pussy, she licked them from her own pussy as she was bent so far over. The taste was wonderful, not like moms, but her own flavor. Now came the tough part, she added a fourth finger into her pussy. Working with some resistance she tried as hard as she could and finally she was all the way up to her palm with only her thumb sticking out. Tucking in her thumb, she pushed in harder, wanting to achieve her goal, and then a sudden pop, and her hand was inside herself. This had an effect like before, the orgasm became more intense and her whole body shuddered and she passed out. Her hand came out and body went ridged.
About ten minutes later, she awoke with a wonderful glow and feeling all about herself. Reaching down again just to see if she could do it again she pushed her hand firmly back into her own pussy. With a little effort she did. Oh Wow, she thought. Looking at the clock it was a quarter passed ten pm. “Hmm I’m wide awake and I want to play some more”, she said aloud. Wow I have all these candles here, let’s see how many Mommy can take. Knowing she could take her whole arm, Betty grabbed three and slowly placed them into her mother’s pussy. Adding each of the remaining three with ease, she went back to the kitchen and grabbed the box. Adding one by one she finally got all 12 candles in her mother’s pussy, all the way inside with only a little bit showing. Oh my God she thought, Mommy has such a big pussy. Well fatigue finally set in and she removed all of the candles from her mother and took them back to the kitchen. Before she covered her mother up with a blanket, she reached deep inside her mother’s pussy once more just to feel the opening and to see if she can get her fingers back inside. Stretching her arm, Betty felt the opening placed two fingers inside her cervix. Amazed and thrilled that she could do this with easy, she removed her arm and covered her mom, then went to bed with the glow of an orgasm still on her face.
The Next Morning
As the boys awoke, Shawn and Matt went to get their sister up for breakfast. All three still in their pajamas, Betty started to tell Shawn her adventure last night with mom. Shawn just coming of age and his hormones were acting in overdrive with such a tale his 6 inch dick got hard as steel. Matt was somewhat confused about the story but listened anyway. Both boys didn’t believe that Betty had her arm inside their mother. All three walked into the kitchen where Jeana was standing by the sink. Her robe still on and her back was turned to them. She felt like she had had sex the night before but couldn’t understand why.
The kids all sat down at the table and were discussing Betty’s tale, in true disbelief, Shawn said brazenly, “Well show me then”. Betty stood up and walked over right behind her mother. “Mommy, spread your legs a little please”, Betty asked in such a sweet little voice, without questioning her request she spread her legs about shoulder width apart, Betty asked for just a little bit more. So Jeana spread her legs about a yard apart and then without warning Betty reached up and grabbed her robe, raising it above her mother’s ass and pushed her hand deep inside her mother’s still hot and wet pussy. Pushing deeper and deeper, Betty was on her knees with her arm disappearing into her mother’s pussy. Betty made a fist inside and continued in until she stopped at her elbow, withdrew it to her wrist then continued back and forth with her arm. Jeana was in Shock, not knowing to move or to stand there and take such an assault by her little daughter. The feelings soon came over Jeana, and the orgasm was reaching its climax and her knees buckled slightly as the waves of sheer pleasure consumed her. Both boys had moved away from the table watching as Betty drove her arm deep inside their mother. HOLY SMOKES cried Shawn; his little dick was so hard he hurt. Matt in complete surprise was still grasping at the idea of what is happening.
Jeana’s climax hit, she squirted a hard jet from her pussy, splashing right into Betty’s face. Betty tried to catch it all in her mouth but couldn’t. As the juices flowed down Betty’s face, Shawn reached down and took some on his finger and tasted it too. Betty removed her arm and stood up; she was smiling widely, and said “See I told you”! Totally amazed, and truly caught off guard, Jeana turned around slowly. Shawn was standing there with his hard on, Betty dripping the pussy juices from her face, Matt was opened mouth; all three looked into their mother’s eyes with complete and utter amazement. Then Betty broke off and said, “Well that was the first part, so here I will show you the second part”. Betty climbed onto the table pulled her panties off and laid back showing her pussy to her mom and brothers. She assumed the bending position with her pussy right above her face and reached in again with her finger to open up her own pussy. She was dry, needing some type of lubricant, “Mom, do you have something slick, or slippery, I’m dry and can’t get my fingers inside”. Jeana without thinking grabbed the olive oil on the stove and coated her little girl’s hand with it. This was new to all of them, open sexuality. Betty placed her fingers at the opening of her little pussy and pushed! She went straight in to the wrist. Jeana was a gasped. Shawn was now stroking his dick, all 6 inches was fully erect. Matt looked down and his 4 inch dick was hard too. Betty straightened back out and climbed down from the table. Jeana shook her head as if it was an etch-o-sketch. “Ok my Little Devils”, Jeana whispered. “Everyone into the living room, NOW!”
The Talk
Taking a few moments to regain her composure, Jeana thought on how to work this out. She just had the best orgasm of her life thus far, and wondered if she could continue this. Incest was nothing new to her, as her mother and her were intimate many times growing up. Her passed came back to her as she recalled all of the things she use to do. As she looked into the living room, the children were still talking and giggling. OK, she thought, here goes nothing!
Jeana walked into the living room and had the children around her. “We need to talk seriously now!” “We are going to need ground rules if we are going to play like this! First off, NO ONE, and I mean No One can ever know! We will all get into trouble and I will go to jail! Second, if you want to play like this we need to understand our bodies better; I will teach you many wonderful things about yourself. Third, we will only do this on Friday thru Sunday; nothing during the week because of school and my job. Finally, you will keep up with your chores and grades, nothing less than all “A’s” will be accepted if you drop than the deal is off, GOT IT! I will get condoms and the birth control pills. You will need them soon enough! Now, what happened last night Betty and why are you able to fist yourself? Have you and your brothers been playing around?” Betty spoke up and explained the whole night in detail with her mom, herself and even the candles. Jeana was flabbergasted. Keeping a cool head, Jeana looked at Shawn and asked him if he jacked-off and if anything came out? Shawn replied with a simple yes. Jeana stood up and took off her robe, totally naked before her children; she instructed them to do the same. Matt beat his siblings and was totally naked first quickly followed by Betty, but Shawn was slow on the draw as his hard-on was painfully erect.
Jeana sat back down on the couch and spread her legs wide; she was giving the birds and the bees lecture to all of her kids as well as pointing out the various parts of her body. The clit, lips, asshole, breasts, nipples areolas, and her peephole were identified in great detail to the six eyes which were staring hard. She asked the boys to stand up, as she indicated to Betty their body parts. Betty was amazed and somewhat curious how his penis or dick as her mother called it was so hard. Then Jeana took in turn to let each of her children touch her in each of her sexual places. Betty went first, she had already fisted her mom and knew the pleasure of that, as she began to finger her ass though. Jeana said to wait until later. The boys however were most intrigued with her clit and pussy, each in turn, Matt wanted to try to get his hand inside of his mother, placing three fingers in her with ease and popped his hand in the second push. He was beside himself. Then Shawn, he placed he hands on Jeana’s tits first rolling the nipples in his fingers as he gazed into her eyes. Watching the response he gave his mother she closed her eyes and breathed deeply at his gentle yet firm caress of her breasts. Catching herself, she asked Shawn to stand directly in from of her. She softly took hold of his hard-on and gently stroked it. Shawn was in bliss. She asked that Betty and Matt to watch, as she kissed and licked Shawn from balls to head and kissed the tip and then took him completely into her mouth. Shawn was moaning aloud as she sucked and worked up and down his shaft. Within five minutes Shawn’s body was reacting in such a way that he knew he was about to cum. “Mom, I’m about to shoot off” he said softly. Jeana continued her sucking causing more and more pleasures to her son. Just as the jism reached the tip and the first shot went down her throat, she pulled back to show Betty what happens. Betty caught some in her hand and tasted it. Sweet salty taste was even more wonderful than her own juices. Matt tasted it too, just to know what it was. Jeana looked up at her son’s face and seeing his expression was the answer she was looking for. “Ok kids, get the laundry done, and clean the house and your rooms. I want all of your chores done! When it is all done, after tonight’s dinner we will play in ways you never knew”.
Part 2
The Day of Days
This was something else, Jeana went to her bedroom and changed into a silky gown, she looked into the living room and the kids were busy, dusting, vacuuming cleaning up the house. As if a white tornado had hit, by 4 pm the house was immaculate. Jeana went to the kitchen where the three kids were finishing up the dishes and ordered them out so she can start cooking. Jeana instructed them to go to their rooms and change into their pajamas. Dinner was cooked by 5 and the kitchen was cleaned up with all dishes washed, dried and put away by 6pm. She thought what a wonderful motivator! Her Pussy! Wow if she could only find a man with that much motivation. On the other hand, she had all she needed right here now.
The kids were in the living room, Jeana made herself a drink, and rum and coke, just to relax a bit before the fun really took off. Jeana walked into the living room looking at the excitement on the children’s’ faces. OK my little Devils she exclaimed, we will have some fun my way. She told them all to make sure the door is locked and bolted and all of the window shades and curtains were drawn. Quickly they jumped up and ran throughout the house closing off the world from prying eyes. They returned to the living room when their mom stood up and took off all of her clothes again in front of them and indicated they should do the same. The four of them, naked bodies all standing together, with the look of lust in their eyes wanting for the excitement to start.
Jeana took charge as she was to be the center of attention. Jeana asked Shawn to lie down on his back, as she straddled his face teaching him how to lick and kiss her soggy pussy. As he licked away he found her clit and began to suckle it like a child to a nipple. This caused shockwaves of pleasure through Jeana’s body as she directed Matt to stoke his penis. Matt grabbed hold of his dick and started stroking it hard, within seconds it was as stiff as a board. He motioned him over to suck on his little dick, while Betty began to finger her own pussy with 2 fingers. Shawn totally engrossed in his new found pleasures, sucking and lapping at the meaty pussy of his mother’s. Jeana asked Betty if she wanted to help out Shawn by sucking on his dick too. Betty lay down between her brother’s legs and started licking on her big brother’s dick, all six inches fully erect and pulsing in her mouth. Betty asked,” Well what if he shoots off again?” Jeana replied, “Try to keep as much of it in your mouth as possible, swallow some if you have too, we can share the rest together, that is called snowballing.” So Betty dropped her head down and began to imitate the actions of her mother. Both mother and daughter were truly dedicated in trying to make the two boys cum. By now, Jeana was starting to have a small orgasm which Shawn devoured her juices as if drinking a cool glass of water. Her squirts filled his mouth even more than her dripping pussy ever could. Swallowing down the last drop, Shawn continued his eating of this wonderful pussy. Matt was shaking, his little dick was trying so hard to orgasm, his cries of pleasure was filling the room while little Betty tried to take her brother’s entire dick into her mouth. Then Matt yelped, his little dick shot several times in his mother’s mouth. Jeana could taste the sweet salty taste of her son. She pulled back and dribbled some into her hand to see if it was clear or cloudy. Cloudy it was, his first real orgasm as a man was in her mouth; she had taken part of his virginity. Matt stumbled backwards to rest on the couch; while Mom, Betty and Shawn were still going strong. Jeana told Matt that it’s ok, don’t worry, you will learn how to control your orgasms to hold out longer. “Rest easy my son”, she said. Looking down watching her daughter give a wonderful blowjob to her son, Jeana gave encouraging words to help her along. Matt was watching as Shawn finally blew his load into Betty’s awaiting mouth, the first stream of cum when directly down her throat the second and third she kept in her cheeks to hold and share with her mother. Lifting herself up, Betty went face to face with her mother and started to kiss her lips. Jeana pulled back and said, ”ok honey, kiss me again but this time open your mouth a little so I can put my tongue inside your mouth and we can share all that yummy stuff”. Betty lean forward again and kissed her mom with open mouth. Pushing all but a little of the jism into her mother’s mouth, only saving some to savor for herself. Betty pulled back and swashed it around in her mouth like mouthwash then swallowed. Releasing a sigh, Betty looked at her mom in the eyes and said, “WOW that tastes great.” Jeana, after two orgasms to her mark, now sat forward and got off of her son’s face, the glazing which covered his face was undeniable. Betty quickly bent over and licked his face as much as she could and Jeana turned around and caught up with her on the other side. Shawn laid there enjoying the taste and treatment of both of them. “Whew, that was fun”, said Shawn. “Mom I think you pussy tastes great!” Jeana smiled and said, “I know I love the taste of myself”.
Shawn and Matt went to the kitchen to get some water, while Jeana and Betty repositioned themselves onto the couch, one on each end lying with their pussies toward each other. Betty started first by placing two fingers into her own pussy and pumping fast. Jeana told her to slow down and it will help get wet faster. Jeana grabbed her left tit and pulled it to her own mouth and sucked her nipple deep inside. Betty was amazed at the sight. Betty wished she could do the same, but Jeana noticed her dismay and told her to be patient, her breasts will develop soon enough. As the boys returned with glasses for everyone, they handed each their glasses and all drank them down. The boys noticed that Betty was fingering herself and asked their mom if she could do the same. Smiling deeply, Jeana spat onto her hand then wiped it off. “Matt, go to my bedroom and get the tube of KY jelly in my nightstand.” Jeana directed. Matt took off like a shot and was quickly returned with a small tube. She opened it up and spread the lubricant on to her hand then closed the lid. With her now greased up hand and all of her juices flowing, she placed her left hand at the opening of her pussy. One finger in, the boys drew closer to watch, two fingers in with ease, they were all watching, three fingers sliding in and out with ease and speed. Slipping in all four of her fingers, Jeana looked up and saw the boys were getting hard again and Betty was keeping up the pace with her own hand driving deep into her little peach fuzzed pussy. Holding her hand up now so they could all see; she demonstrated on how to make the duckbill with her hand and then plunged it deeply into her own cunt. This was too much for Matt, He asked if he could do it to her like Betty did. Jeana’s hand was just passed her wrist and pulled it out slowly. Swinging around and repositioning herself to the edge of the couch she spread her legs wide lifting her knees up some and placed them on each of the boy’s shoulders. Taking some of the KY into his own hand Matt greased it up and slowly worked his fingers into her pussy. Two then three the all four, feeling some resistance but not much; Matt cupped his hand like she had shown then pushed firmly into her wet pussy. Shawn started to stroke his dick as it was hard again. Betty was totally in her own world fisting her little cunt herself. Jeana looked over and said, ”Wow I was 10 before I could do that, but your grandmother has the largest pussy I have ever seen!” These words captivated all of the children. “WHAT?” they all said. By now Matt had his whole hand deep inside of his mother, a couple of inches past the wrist. Jeans had let the cat out of the bag sort-a-speak. As Matt continued his slow moving in and out thrusting his hand deeper and deeper into his mother, Jeana looked at their faces. Shawn moved away from his mother and repositioned himself in front of Betty, she swung over to match her mother as Shawn began to finger his little sister. Jeana smiled and said that the fun all started back with her mother, their grandmother. As Matt now had most of his arm and hand inside his mother, he felt the small opening of her cervix on his fingertips. Jeana jolted a little and looked directly into Matt’s face. “Easy that is the opening to my womb, that is where you came from”, Jeana replied.
Shawn was now fingering his sister with two fingers, as Betty began her slow accent to the orgasmic peak. Betty spoke up and stated that she could get two of her little fingers inside the womb. “Mommy can I try to do it again?” she asked. “When Matt is finished I will let you, but now why don’t you let Shawn put his dick inside you, this way you can feel what it’s like to have a man in you”. Moving to the edge of the couch and holding her legs up like mommy, Betty positioned herself to take her brother. Shawn moved closer and placed the head of his dick at her entrance of this little pussy. With a trust slow and sure, Shawn sank halfway in, Betty went ridged. “Easy Shawn that’s a lot to take, your thingy is bigger than my hand.” Slowly he pumped, in and out of her little pussy until he was all the way inside of his sister. His first pussy and it felt wonderful. Holding still for a moment each feeling the new sensation of each other; Shawn slowly started to move back and forth all the way in and out. Betty reached over and started to rub her little button of a clit which intensified the feeling she was having. No more than ten pumps Betty was having a severe orgasm, screaming loudly, her body was shaking and thrashing about as Shawn held onto her. Betty passed out again. Shawn withdrew and waited thinking he had hurt her. Jeana watched in amazement as her own orgasm was building to a peak. Faster she instructed Matt to pump his arm in and out, Matt was working up a good sweat by now as he continued to push harder and deeper into his mother. The orgasm came with a cry of ecstasy and a squirt which shot out like a fire hose. Matt pulled his arm and hand from his mother fast making a squelching sound. Both boys looked at their mother’s gaping pussy. “Mom”, asked Matt, ”how big and how deep is your pussy?” Breathing deeply, and sighing some; Jeana looked at Betty and said wait till she comes around and I will show you. As they all just looked over at Betty who was stirring back to reality, Jeana got up on weak legs and went to her bedroom for something. She returned with a very large object. She called it ‘The Stretcher’. The dildo was 18 inches long and 8 inches around, made of hardened rubber and was a monster. “Ok kids, watch and see what Mommy can do”. Jeana placed the large dildo on the coffee table and smeared a copious amount of KY on it. Then straddling it she slowly impaled herself down. Her pussy opened wide as possible and started to swallow the head. Three inches in and damn near the girth of the object was entering her, 6 more inches down and she was sweating like a whore in church, pain an pleasure riddled through her body. Finally she stopped her decent and there was about 4 inches left from being onto the table. As she slowly bounced up and down the more she took until there was about an inch from the table. Her orgasm came hard this time, her audience was in shock. Cumming like there was no tomorrow, Jeana stopped and pulled herself off and laid back down on the couch. Her pussy looked destroyed. Matt placed both hands in her as well as Betty reached over and placed her hand in as well. Three hands in her gaping oozing pussy, Jeana smiled and collapsed. The kids looked on with amazement. HOLY SMOKES the all said at once. About 15 minutes passed as the kids looked on to mom’s face as she rested. Matt asked, “wow mom, if you can do that, what can Grandma do?”
Shawn was back inside Betty now and slowly pumping away, her tight little pussy griping his hick like a hand. Thrusting faster and faster he was about to cum, Betty was moaning loud as well. As they orgasm together, brother and sister; Betty shrieking and Shawn huffing, they collapsed against the couch. Matt wanted to try that with Mom, but her pussy was too big for his dick. Shawn sat back on the floor and moved away from Betty, Matt shifted his position to get in front of Betty. Betty motioned to him for just a minute please as she calmed down from a great orgasm. A few minutes later, Matt moved into position to start fucking his sister too. Shawn was face into his mother’s pussy; licking the wonderful juices oozing from it. He latched onto her clit and bit down softly with his teeth which sent a waking shock through his mother’s body. Jeana looked down to see her son devouring her again. Jeana asked Shawn if he was worn-out from sex, Shawn simply shook his head and was stoking his dick hard again. Jeana lifted her legs up high now where her asshole was where her pussy use to be. “Lick my ass son, I like that too”, Jeana said quietly. Shawn obliged her and started to lick around her ass, the brown eye was winking at him opening and closing slowly as he stuck his tongue deep inside her. Jeana was in ecstasy; her pussy was on a continuous cum and a rim-job to boot! He sat up positioned himself and plunged ever so forceful into his mother’s ass. Her yelp wasn’t from pain but sheer pleasure. She recalled in her mind the last time her and her mother had sex together as this was the final act in their playtime. Pumping unison, both boys were working with pleasure trying to see who could cum first, Matt straining to keep pace with his brother, Shawn slamming hard into his mother’s ass, Betty receiving wave upon wave of orgasms flickering in and out, and Jeana, grunting at each thrust feeling the joy of sexual pleasure. They all started to cum together; Matt shot first as Betty collapsed into unconsciousness again. Shawn shot with furry up the ass of his mother as she squirted again onto his chest and face. That was Great said Jeana looking at the young bodies lying out on the floor. Holding the best for last, she had everyone take a break and rest some as she fingered her own soaking asshole, she asked Betty if she wanted to taste the love again. Betty crawled over to her mother who rose up again allowing access to her ass; Betty dove in slurping the wonderful taste of her mother and brother’s juices combined. Looking at the clock, 10 pm already, Jaena said there was one last thing she wanted to do, Daisy-Chain.
Jeana got down on all fours with Shawn in front of her, Betty Behind her, with Matt behind Betty. She explained what was to take place, She was going to suck off Shawn once more, Betty was to fist her all the way she could reach, and Matt can take Betty in the butt if Betty wanted to try it. Everyone agreed and even Betty said she wanted to get that too. And so the chain began. Sucking hard on Shawn, Jean wiggled her ass in front of Betty. Not needing lube, Betty placed her closed fist at her mother’s pussy and began to push in deeply. Matt grabbed the KY and smeared a bunch of it on his dick. As Matt began to kiss his little sister’s ass and licking it like Shawn did to Mom, trusting his tongue in and out to loosen her up. Betty’s ass was now opened just enough that Matt could get his finger inside of her. Pushing deep into her ass, Matt worked it slowly until he could get three fingers in her. Pulling back out, Matt kneeled behind his sister and placed his now hardened pecker on her virgin ass. With a slow and steady thrust, Matt sank into Betty with ease. Betty on the other hand felt as if she was going to poop. It hurt a little but if mommy can do so can she. Betty in turn was up to her elbow again and could feel the opening to her mother’s womb. All of the orgasms which Jeana had, the womb opening was bigger. Betty placed two fingers inside and started to work them in and out. As she continued to place another finger, her mother was rocking back on her arm inviting her to go deeper and deeper into her womb. Betty placed her hand like a duckbill again and lunged forward, she sank to her upper arm into her mother as she fully penetrated the cervix. Now Betty had her hand inside her mother’s womb, Jeana started another series of orgasms which was squirting copious amounts of fluid out. Betty tried her best to suck, lap and drink as much as she could.
Jeana released the lip-grip on her son’s dick and said, “Sweetheart, try to put your other hand in mommy’s ass please!” As requested, Betty placed her other hand into her mother’s ass with a little resistance, scooping up what liquids she could to make easier to gain full access into her mother’s ass. Matt and Shawn had a Birds-eye view of the whole thing causing the hard dicks to even get harder. Matt swore as he felt himself grow another half inch inside his sister who agreed. With a little plop, Betty now had both hands inside her mother. Betty pushed hard to match each arm length and then started to thrust each hand and arm further into the bowls of her mother. Jeana’s ass was a blazed with the depth and thrusts of her daughter. Her multiple orgasms were overwhelming her and finally with a scream of complete pleasure she was crying with the overloaded sensors of her body. Shawn couldn’t hold out much longer, as he shot again all of his seed into his mother’s mouth. Matt was pumping furiously into his sister’s ass and he too shot deep into her little bowls. Betty was orgasming as well; she had never in her wildest dreams thought that sex in her little butt was something to consider. They all collapsed into a pile. Betty withdrew her arms and looked at her Mom’s butt and pussy, oozing fluids from both. Jeana recovered somewhat and told the kids to just go to bed. We have tomorrow to have more ‘Play Time’. All three kissed their mother; French kissing her each. As she watched her Little Devils collect their clothes and head to bed. She herself has had a wonderful night and didn’t even need a drink to do it. She thought that she would invite her mother over tomorrow for ‘Play Time’. Jeana walked to her bedroom and crashed hard for the night naked and drooling from every orifice she had.
Part 3
Sunday’s Play Time
The next morning Jeana woke to a warm set of hands on and in her. The kids came to wake her up and were curious if she could feel them touching her all over. She looked around at their faces full of happiness and love to their mother; a new since of closeness had taken hold as they all expressed how much they really loved her and enjoyed the time last night. They all swore they wanted this to continue as well as pleasing her was their number one priority. Rising up in bed she told them all to go get showers, if they wanted to they could all shower with her. The kids were stripped instantly. Walking to the master bathroom the kids and Jeana all climbed into the doubled sized tube which had 4 nozzles and a hose nozzle attached to the shower assembly. Turning on the water, the warm feeling of the deluge cascaded over their bodies, each in turn started to wash their hair and faces as well as their bodies. Jeana turned around and looked at the kids and said, “Want to see something neat and tasty?” They all nodded yes. Jeana took the hose and nozzle off the hook and turned the knob to activate the nozzle, as the warm water sprayed from the 2 inch round nozzle and the 8 inch long handle, she told them all to line up and one by one she would give them a drink. Jeana placed the nozzle deep inside her pussy, feeling the flow of water inside her. Clamping down on her vaginal muscles and removing the nozzle from her pussy, Shawn was first in line to receive this drink. Spurting from her pussy directly into his mouth she released her muscles as he drank every drop. He stood up and went to get out of the tub to watch the rest of the show. Once again Jeana replaced the nozzle into her pussy and filled the mouths of her two other children. They were smiling and Betty asked if she could try that some time. Finally, Jeana had the children get out of the tub so she could do the same thing again but to her ass. The kids watched as she placed the nozzle deep inside her ass and filled it to maximum capacity before releasing the contents to the tub. Many different textures expelled from her, flushing her bowls and then she asked Betty to reach in with the wash rag and kind of scrub her butt from the insides. This caused an instant uproar, Jeana explained that Betty had the smallest hand to reach deep inside of Mommy. When Betty finished Jeana washed all of the scum and poop down the drain. Jeana bent over and showed them how clean each of her holes were by making them gape open. Drying off with the towel, Jeana told her kids to go get their rooms cleaned up and laundry collected. As they left, Jeana reached for the phone.
Jeana called her Mom, Linda. “Hey Mom, I was wondering if you wanted to come over for some ‘Play Time’. Does dad have a golf game today?” (Play Time was the covert words for sex) Linda replied yes and YES to both questions. The phone call was at 8:30 am by 9 o’clock Linda was on her way to Jeana’s home. Linda dressed only in her housecoat and had her faithful lab Midnight with her. As Linda got into the car, Midnight jumped in and was ready for a day of fun with his mistress. Shortly after nine, the doorbell rang, Matt answered the door with a cheerful Hi ya Grandma; as the rest of the kids came around the corner to hug their grandmother’s neck. Midnight was walked to the back yard and let out. Linda looked at Jeana in the kitchen with a curious look. “Play Time” she said questioningly. Jeana just smiled, at the very moment, Betty walked up to Grandma and raised her housecoat and placed her hand right inside of her grandmother’s pussy, with no resistance what so ever. “Hey guys, Grandma shaves her pussy too and its hot and wet like Mommy’s”. Linda was floored. Jeana looked at her and said we are going to have some more ‘playtime’ if you would like to join us. “The kids and I are, well, we have had some talks and fun and I leaked out that you had the biggest pussy ever,” Jeana said to her mother in her ear. Linda said that this was going to be fun. “Shawn” she called him and gave him $10 dollars to go the store and get 2 one liter cokes and 3 coke cans. Linda was very specific on this! So Shawn and Matt took a look at their Mom’s face, Jeana said nothing is going to happen until you return so hurry up! As both the boys headed out the door and got on their bicycles as pedaled as fast as they could; 3 miles round trip. 20 minute later both boys walked in to see Mom, Grandma and sis all sitting in the living room as Linda was staring at the huge dildo left on the coffee table. Closing the door, Shawn walked over to his grandma and showed her the five sodas he got just like she asked. Linda smiled and asked the boys to sit down.
Jeana stood up and said ok kids, we are about to have ‘Play Time’ so go close up the house and doors and curtains. Off like a shot the kids ran throughout the house closing curtains and locking the doors. They came back to the living room where Mom and grandma were starting to undress. The eyes of the children were on their grandma, watching and looking at her. Linda had saggy tits which hung down about 3 inches, her body was slim but tan and her pussy was huge. Her lips extended down a full 2 inches below the rest of her body. Shawn and Matt’s dicks were as hard as steel. Betty was licking her lips wanting to taste grandma. Linda stood there for a minute noticing her grandchildren were staring at her, with a smile she sat on the couch and lifted both of her tits which nipples were dark and red. Standing about three quarters of an inch high, Linda’s nipples were permanently erect. She grabbed both nipples and pulled strait out holding them taunt in front of her all three of her grandchildren watched closely. Then Linda cupped each of the 36C tits and drew both nipples into her mouth sucking hard causing her mouth to expand as she looked back up she opened her mouth to show she was biting them holding them in her mouth as her hands went to her pussy. “Mom, quit showing off to the kids” as Jeana did the same thing. Linda sat on the couch placing her knees up and her feet on the edge she scooted forward so her huge gaping pussy opened up 3 inches wide. The kids finished undressing and moved closer to have a good view. Letting her tits fall down, Linda then reached out and pulled the lips of her pussy wide open, Betty swore she could get her whole head in the gaping chasm which was Grandma’s pussy. Linda said aloud, “Yes Betty, you can get your head inside if we take our time at it.” This was crazy huge to Betty, Jeana said “when I was your age Betty I could we use to have these swim caps that were made of rubber and I would lube up with olive oil as Mom would sit on my head. I would slowly go inside of her and lick her “G” Spot!” Betty was eager to try. Linda re-grabbed the insides of her pussy and opened it up more, this opened it up to 4 inches across and she wasn’t even trying to stretch it. The boys knew fucking her in the pussy would be impossible. But just the same they were all eager to start with Mom and Grandma. As Jeana showed the kids that Grandmas pussy was so huge, she reached over and pushed a hand all the way inside up to her forearm. Then with the other hand she slid it in too. Now both hands were in Grandma and the kids watched in amazement. “Shawn,” Linda called,” How would you and your brother like to fuck me in my ass at the same time?” Shawn and Matt looked at each other in bewilderment then back at grandma and said sure. Linda instructed both the boys to lay down with both of their dicks touching each other. As they positioned themselves, each one leg over the other and scooted close so their balls touched and their dicks made one. Linda straddled them both and lowered herself right on top. Shawn noticed her asshole was already opened like a mouth. Without any lubricant, she sat right on the two dicks then started bouncing up and down hard forcing them deep inside her bowls. While the boys were having fun with Grandma, Jeana and Betty positioned themselves into a 69 and began sucking on each other’s clits. As the boys watched in wonderment, Jeana was busy trying to bring Betty off fast. Betty was sucking her mom’s clit so hard that it was literally stretching into her mouth. Biting and nibbling this growing clit kept Jeana in a tingling sensation. Linda was working the boys hard, almost painful, the boys watched their grandmother jam their dicks into her ass. Linda’s pussy was opening and closing like a second mouth hungry for the next meal. Each boy said they were close to cumming as Linda increased her pace to milk each dick dry. Jeana felt the familiar opening of her pussy as little Betty pulled apart her ass-cheeks to get better access to this wonderful pussy she was eating out. Placing three fingers inside Betty was pulling open the vaginal channel. As Jeana’s pussy drools her juices, little Betty looks over to her grandmother and said, “Hey Grandma, look what I can do”! Linda looked up as Betty drove both hands deep into Jeana’s ass and cunt; causing an instant orgasm which spurted right out and across the couch. Squealing in sheer delight, Jeana returned the feeling back to Betty by plunging all four of her fingers in the little pussy. Linda smiled and replied, “I will put on an amazing show as soon as I cum, boys, are you ready?” As Linda continued pounding on the boys; they were very close to spewing cum up into Linda’s ass. Then everyone came together, the boys shot first, Linda dropped onto them like a brick as her ass sucked the cum from their young dicks; Jeana squirted hard into Betty’s face as Betty released a small spurt into Jeana’s mouth. As if conducted, all 5 sweaty bodies sighed as one.
Grandma Linda’s Show
Body fluid dripped from everywhere, vagina, ass and dick. Linda was laying down hugging both Matt and Shawn. Betty was resting her head on her mother’s breasts nibbling on the extended nipples. The boys recovered first and went to get water for everyone. When they returned, Linda took the water and drank it down fast. Both sister and mom slowly sipped theirs. Wiping the sweat off of her brow, Linda stood up and asked everyone to sit on the couch and fondle their mother. Jeana slid down off the couch so her ass was suspended as she balanced her feet against the coffee table. Shawn started with her nipples as Betty fingered and caressed asshole opening. Matt wanted to try what his little sister did by placing his hand on his mother’s pussy lips. Linda stood up on the coffee table and asked Shawn to hand her the three soda cans. Shawn reached into the bag on the floor and feeling the coolness of the cans handed each one to his grandma. The audience’s eyes were glued to the performer as she pushed the can out just as easy as it went in. Linda said, “Yes Betty to answer your statement, Grandma has a huge pussy and deep too.” As Linda stacked all three soda cans on top of each other, she positioned herself right above them and then descended down deep the first 2 cans all but disappeared as she slowed down and made the third can damn near go in as well, only an inch remained from the bottom. In comparison, Shawn placed his elbow on the table and pointed up with his hand to see how far that was. Linda rose up and there was only inch difference from the top of the can to the top of his fingers. Linda smiled and said, “You and I are going to have fun later.” This was too much for Betty, as she thought of different ways to stretch herself mommy. Next, Linda grabbed the ‘Stretcher’ dildo and sat right down on it straight to the bottom. Matt had successfully entered his hand and didn’t even notice that he had pushed that far. Betty is still fingering the asshole but the relax state had allowed it to open up like a small mouth. Shawn was looking at his Grandma in disbelief, wondering if he too could get his arm in that far. With a captivated audience Linda continued her little show with more assistance from her oldest grandson. As Shawn passed the 2 large bottles (1 liter bottles of coke) she placed one on the table and held the other in her hand. Lowering herself onto the first bottle she aligned it up with her ass and sat down slowly taking the whole thing deep into her bowls. Slouching backwards, she then took the second bottle and shoved it hard into her gaping pussy. A plop sounded as she let loose of the first bottle and slid out to the floor. Reaching over she picked it up and pushed it back into her again until the bottle was out of sight then reached around and did the same with the one in her ass. To totally amaze the kiddos, she stood up and walked around the room as if on a shopping spree. Clapping from Jeana was the only sound heard. As Linda made it back over to the coffee table, she asked if the grandkids wanted a special drink. Of course they all cheerfully agreed. Linda removed the bottles from her expanded orifices and proceeded to carefully open the one in her ass and placed it back to her ass which swallowed it again. Flinching her sphincter muscles tight, Linda jumped up and down causing the coke to fizz and foam up deep into her gaping wound. Then she asked Shawn to go get a straw from the kitchen and bring it back to her. He returned to the living room with not one but the whole bundle of straws. Linda got on her knees and placed herself with her shoulders on the floor, this caused her ass to be the apex. Reaching over and removing the empty bottle from his grandmother’s ass each took a straw and sucked out the heated mix from her bowls. Once empty, she went to the toilet just to squeeze out the remaining drops. Then Linda returned to the crowd who were anxiously waiting for the next act in this sexual show. Linda asked for little Betty to help on the next act. The laid back to open her huge pussy up for all to see, as she indicated her pee-hole to Betty and asked her to try and get her pinky finger inside. Betty worked her little finger in her grandmother’s urethra and slowly worked and stretched looser. Shifting fingers during some time she finally worked up to her index finger going in and out of the peehole easily. Linda asked Matt to come over and she sucked him little dick as hard as she could his little boner was as stiff as steel. Guiding him into her peephole, Matt started fucking Linda. This was amazing to Betty. Shawn on the other hand was stroking his dick watching while Jeana started fisting herself first with one hand and adding fingers of the other. When Matt reached his climax, Linda did too, squirting so much fluid out that it was causing a puddle. Jeana had worked both of her hands into her pussy wrist deep. Betty had 3 fingers jamming hard into her pussy as well. Shawn stood up as he wanted to be next. Linda waved him down and said, “You’re too big for that hole Shawn so I have a special one for you!” Linda asked Jeana to place her fist in her ass and reach for her uterus. Jeana slide her hand and wrist deep into her own mother’s gaping asshole and found the top of her uterus. Linda asked Betty to grab her pussy with both hands and pull it open as far as she could. This all in turn with Linda pushing her maiden muscles down her cervix popped up and almost completely out of the loose vaginal canal. The opening of Linda’s cervix was about the size of a dime. Linda instructed Shawn this was the hole he could personally fuck! So Shawn repositioned Betty to sit on Grandma’s lap and spread her wide again so he could gain access to that wonderful hole. Lubing his 6 inch dick up Shawn placed it at the opening of the cervix and slid in slowly, this caused Linda to inhale in unison. As Shawn sank balls deep into his grandmother Linda, her breathing became more short and choppy. Gasping at air Linda was convulsing with this feeling as Shawn stroked away slowly causing so much pleasure to Linda she was nearly faint. Increasing speed and thrust Shawn became a rhythmic pump thrusting harder into Linda, she was short in timing as her orgasm breached and she screamed aloud and collapsed flat backed onto the coffee table, while Shawn himself was spewing hot cum deep into the uterus of his grandma. He stepped back and Betty quickly hopped down to suck his dick and all of those new juices from deep inside grandma. Jeana released the uterus and relaxed back onto the couch watching her children recover from some serious sexual climaxes. Breathing slowly now, Linda sat up and pulled Shawn over to her and kissed him deeply. She explained to him that he was the first to ever make her pass out from an orgasm. He stood before his grandma and smiled as she regained strength and breath, smiling the whole time. Linda announced that she was near the grand finally of her little show, the most of depraved of acts! All four of her audience retook their seats well kind of, as Betty was now between her mother’s legs stroking her pussy; Matt was behind Betty slowly pumping her pussy again. Shawn sat beside his mother sharing nipples between each in turn sucking it. Linda stood up, walked over to the back door and let Midnight in.
A Final Act for the Day
As Linda entered the room with midnight, the kids all watched in confusion. Surely not, having sex with a dog? But Linda approached the small gathering as all were watching. Linda commanded midnight to lay down, then went to the shower. As each of the four followed her she commenced to flush her pussy as well as her ass with the nozzle. Linda then said, ”I want a fresh hole for my boy”. She slowly waltzed to the living room again and asked Shawn and Matt to stroke them hard. Well Betty and Jeana both jumped up to give each of the boys a hand or a mouth. Linda said don’t make them cum, I want them both to cum in my ass and pussy. Linda got down on her hands and knees and Matt was the first to say he was close to shooting, she directed him to her gaping ass, plunge as deep as he could and let it flow into her. Matt exhaled hard as his orgasm released deep inside of his grandmother. Shawn thought he could not get any satisfaction if he only stuck in his dick in to that huge pussy, Linda said, “well reach in there and keep jacking it.” Shawn was in awe as he slid his hand inside her pussy and was jacking off in the gaping space. Jeana came up behind her son Shawn, reached around and entered her hand into the sopping loose pussy to help. As Jeana’s hand entered, Shawn withdrew his. How bazaar this felt to Shawn as his own orgasm jolted him and released a larger than normal quantity. So now Linda is completely lubed up with the sperm of her grandsons, she asked Betty to come and lay under her and watch this sight up close. Linda made only one command to midnight, “Mount!” Midnight jumped up licked her pussy and asshole and mounted Linda in true doggy fashion. Midnight’s dick was 8 inches long with a baseball size knot which he was trying to shove into Linda’s ass. Linda thrust back against the invading dog cock and the knot when in. Linda then moaned like a whore in church. She looked down at Betty and said, “ Ok honey, try to get your hand and arm in my uterus. Betty balled up her fist and rammed unmercifully into her grandmother’s cunt. She plunged deeper and deeper, passed the elbow and hit the cervix, then pushed again right into the uterus. Linda was screaming with sheer delight. Meanwhile, Jeana was bellied down on the coffee table and Matt was fisting her pussy as well and Shawn was fucking her in the ass. The whole fabulous four were pumping together. Jeana screamed as her orgasm hit first. Shawn shot off as felt his mother’s ass grip his dick like a vice. Linda screeched as her own orgasm peaked. Midnight yelped as he too was shooting his doggy cum deep into Linda’s bowls. After a few minutes, Midnight’s huge knot popped out of Linda’s ass and she flinched up tight to hold in the mixture of juices. Only Matt and Betty were the only two who hadn’t cum. So while the others withered up in euphoria, Matt and Betty fucked like two rabbits. Matt was shifting from hole to hole driving Betty into an ear piercing scream and then passed out. Sweaty, out of breath, and glowing from the orgasm, everyone returned their eyes back to Linda. Linda rolled over on her back and brought her legs well above her head when her ass and pussy lined up right over her face and mouth. She grunted loudly as she tightened up all of her abdominal muscles and forced all of the mixtures of juices to flow from her asshole and vaginal canal right into her open mouth. Linda got up when she had a mouth full and went to each one to share the flavors. Even the boys took some as to taste such a mixture. They all just sat back, recovering from some intense sex and basked in the feelings of the aftermath. Jeana spoke first, “Mom, would you like the kids to come over during the summer? I am sure the boys could have some fun with you!” Linda just smiled and said, “I would enjoy all of you everyday if I could.” So as they came together in a group hug, Linda and Jeana reminded the kids that this must be kept a secret or they would all be in trouble. Jeana added again that the grades had to maintain or nothing! All three of the kids smiled crossed their hearts and swore on their life that this is only family business.

More to cum in following adventures of Jeana, Shawn, Matt and Linda.
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