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Okay so here is the chapter 5 installment. I hope you enjoy this one. I had a lot of fun writing it. If you have any suggestions for the future story line or wish to see something special leave a comment or a private message and I will take it into consideration. Chapter 6 to follow soon.
Chapter 5
I floated on air the whole way back to the office. I just had great sex in a place that at least every dirty minded school child had dreamed of and I was pretty certain that I was now dating the object of my affection and lust at least. My mind was racing. I needed to really sort out the feelings that I was having for Charlie. Was I in love with him or was I in lust. Was this just going to be a short how do you do or did he really mean that he wanted to be a part of my life. As I approached the office door I realized one thing; that extremely loud voice in my mind needed to shut up!
I went to open the door to the office when Zyria had wrenched it open. She didn’t say a word she just put her finger to her lips, held up her cigarettes, and pointed to the outside door that lead to our smoking spot. I promptly did a 180 and high-tailed it for the door. Once outside she exploded “So what happened? You were gone for over an hour. What did he say? What did you two do? Do you love him?”
Once Zyria took a breath, she can get very excited and when she does watch out she can talk 100 miles a minute and you may not be able to respond for a good 20 minutes and if that happens take notes, I replied “Not here. We need to go shopping I have a date in the city tonight. We will talk while shopping and I don’t know if its love or lust but its good. So what is with the whole let’s go outside thing?”
“Oh that’s nothing. Marc is on the phone with the human resources department. Something about the overnight guard had a heart attack or something like that. Didn’t think you would like them over hearing about your little secrete rendezvous.”
I smiled, “Zyria I sometimes wonder about you. You don’t want me to be over heard when Marc is on the phone but you bring me outside to the most public spot on campus and begin to pump me for information. Sometimes I just wonder.”
She took a drag off of her cigarette. “Hell, Shilo you know damn well I just wanted to hear all about it first. So where you two love birds going tonight?”
“I don’t know. He hadn’t made the decision or reservations or whatever it is yet.”
“Well it is a Friday maybe this will be a whole weekend affair.” Zyria began to giggle.
“Hmmm. I wonder if you are right. Better leave extra food out for Raggs. I’ll call you if this will turn into an all weekend affair. You know how that cat gets if I leave her alone for too long.” I smiled. The last time Zyria and I had gone on one of our road trips and not taken the cat, Raggs shredded her way through my furniture in protest. There was couch stuffing everywhere. It took weeks to clean it all up.
“I remember. So what are you thinking that you need to buy?” Zyria said with an evil smile.
“I was thinking a little black dress, sweet heels, I’m going to need pantyhose or thigh highs, maybe some new jewelry, and either some tasteful black lingerie or some not so tasteful black lingerie. Maybe a corset too or do you think that would be too much?” I looked off dreamily.
I began to think of Kevin again. He loved it when I would put on a corset and a tight fitting dress. He always said it accentuated my best two features, most of the time we would barely make it to wherever we were going. I was thinking about the first time I had ever put on a corset for him. I had done it on a dare. Kevin and I were getting ready to go to the Marine Corps Ball on this particular evening. He had asked me if I would be bold enough to put one on. He wanted me to drive his buddies wild. I was quite a bit shier back then. So I blushed the whole time I was in the store to buy it. The sales lady had been nice and quiet helpful. I had to admit that the way it shaped my figure did do wonders not only for my boobs but for how my dress hung on my frame. As I looked into the mirror I almost wanted to fuck me. Kevin wrapped his arms around me and began to kiss my neck. I had closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling as his lips caressed my neck and shoulders. It was so sensual I do believe that was the first time I had felt so beautiful and loved in my life. He began to run his hands over my frame and we were making out like the world was about to end and only the passionate kisses of two young lovers would stop the apocalypse. When we came up for air Kevin stood back and looked at me. He said “If I kiss you anymore we are going to be so very late.”
We danced the night away. It felt magical. He held me close and according to his commanding officer no other woman there compared to the beauty and radiance that seemed to exude from me, the comment was made to Kevin several days later. We took a beautiful moon lit walk through the gardens of the estate where the ball was being held. It was a warm night with just a slight breeze. I sighed. “Penny for your thoughts my love?” Kevin said as he kissed my forehead.
“I was just thinking of how perfect this all feels. I wish I didn’t have to go back home so soon. I don’t get to spend nearly as much time with you as I would like. I hate being so far away from you.”
“Maybe it doesn’t have to be like that. You don’t have to leave. Stay here with me. You could get a small place near the base and you’d be able to see me every day. Or we could just….” Kevin got down on one knee, “get married. Shilo we known each other since we were 3, you’ve been the only girl for me, had it been you kicking my butt in little league or finally agreeing to go out on that first date 4 years ago. No matter how I look at it a life without you is a life that is incomplete. So Shilo will you marry me and be my wife?”
I began to cry, happy tears, but tears none the less. “Yes, Kevin, yes.”
He slipped a modest but beautifully dainty diamond on my finger. It was perfect. It was a small quarter caret heart shaped diamond with emerald accents. I was in love with him and the ring. Kevin got up off of his knee and I kissed him. On our walk back to the ball we decided that we would tell his Marine buddies but wait until he came home at thanksgiving to tell our families.
Back at the hotel that night I was finally out of my dress wrapped in a fluffy white bathrobe and drawing a bath admiring the beautiful ring that I had just been given. The thought of being married was exciting to me. I was looking forward to being the military wife, traveling the world following my husband anywhere he went. I had been molded that way, being raised in a small Midwest farming town by your grandparents will do that to a girl. Just before I got into the tub there was a knock at the bathroom door. “What’s up” I called.
“I’ve got a gift for you. Are you decent?” Kevin called through the door.
I opened the door a crack. “I’m in a bathrobe. Can this wait until I get out of my bath?”
“I want to give it to you now. You’ll understand when you see it. If you want to use it put it on if not you can come out in your regular bed clothes and I will go back to base for the night.” He handed me a bag from a lingerie store.
I took the bag from him. My hands were shaking. I knew what this invitation was. He was telling me in his own way that he wanted us to be together in more ways than one that night. I was nervous, I was still a virgin I had never felt the touch of a man in that way before. I shut the door and began to hyperventilate. I set the small bag on the sink counter top and got into my bath. I was arguing with myself as I bathed in my warm soapy water. Do I do this? Don’t I do this? I love him. Did he just propose to get me into bed? What were his intentions? Was he going to just sleep with me and then leave me just like the men my grandma had told me about? Living in a sheltered small community I, at that point really knew nothing of the world. I was such a backwards child at that time. I had no idea if Kevin had been with anyone before either. What if he had? Would he compare me to prior women? Would I stand up to his expectations? What if I wasn’t any good at it? But, I did love him. This act would be an ultimate profession of my love to him. Was I ready? I was going to marry him. Should I continue to wait until my wedding night as I had decided? I had never felt so conflicted before this point in my life. I made up my mind to at least look at what was in that bag. What could one little peak hurt. It was beautiful and very tasteful. It was emerald green, my favorite color; it was thigh length and satin. I decided to put it on, what could it hurt to see what I looked like in it, I thought to myself. The spaghetti straps fell gently across my shoulders, the heart shaped top fell gently across my breasts, and the feel of the satin against my skin made me feel beautiful. I looked in the mirror to see what I looked like. I felt as if a different woman was staring back at me. She looked sexy and sensual standing there in this little slip of a nighty. Her hair fell onto her shoulders. She looked much older than a young woman of just 20. As I examined myself in the mirror I came to the determination that I was going to go out there and give myself to my future husband body, mind and soul.
I put the bathrobe back on and with my hands trembling I slowly turned the knob and opened the bathroom door. The room was dark, Kevin had placed candles around the room, and their light softly illuminated the room. There were rose petals on the bed and Kevin was standing in front of me. I looked up, my eyes briefly meeting Kevin’s just for a moment. I opened my mouth to speak. He placed a finger over my lips and whispered “Now is not the time for words. Can I see what your decision is?”
With trembling fingers I took off my robe. If the lights had been on Kevin would have seen how badly I was blushing at that moment. I felt so embarrassed. I was practically naked in a room with a man who was not yet my husband. I never felt so out of place and inexperienced. Kevin reached up and caressed my face as he had so many times before but this time it was different it felt different. His hands were soft and gentle but there was a sense of urgency in his touch. His lips found mine as he scooped me up into his arms. He kissed me gently starting with my lips and trailing down my neck. As he laid me back onto the bed he continued to kiss across my breasts and down the front of my nighty. He stopped when he got to my thighs, my mind was screaming don’t stop, I just let out a soft moan. He climbed back on the bed next to me and began to run his hand through my hair just looking at me. He softly whispered in my ear “Are you sure you want to keep going? Are you sure you still want this?”
I looked into his eyes and saw nothing but love and affection staring back at me “Yes, with all my heart.”
Kevin kissed me deeply and moved back down the bed. He moved his hands up under the nighty. Blindly he caressed my skin underneath. I lifted up my butt and allowed him to move the bottom of my nighty up over my hips. He gently placed his hand under my back and swooped the nighty up over me leaving me as naked as the day I was born. I no longer felt ashamed or embarrassed, I felt free. Kevin began to kiss me again. It was deep and passionate. I could feel the weight of his body on top of me. My heart began to race in anticipation. He kisses his way back down to my breasts taking care to give personal attention to each of my nipples before continuing on his journey. He parted my legs and kissed my pussy with gentle loving kisses. As he parted my lips he asked again “Are you sure you want to continue? Are you sure you want this?”
All I could do was moan. Kevin continued. He slowly licked my pussy. He suckled on my clit like a calf at a mother’s teat. He began to rhythmically push his fingers in and out of my wet pussy. My breath had begun to quicken, my hips responded by thrusting to meet his tongue. I arched my back as I began to experience my first true orgasm. Kevin let me calm down; he crawled back on top of me. Once again he asked the same questions. I panted a yes to him. At this point my body needed to feel him inside me; I needed to feel him inside of me. He quickly pulled of his clothing. Kevin was so soft and gentile as he placed the tip of his penis at the entrance of my virginal pussy. He placed his lips on mine and kissed me deeply as he pushed though the last shreds of my girlhood and ushered me into the realm of womanhood. I will admit it hurt at first. It was quite the sensation, sharing your body with another for the first time. I felt so full, so complete, it felt so right. Kevin just laid there allowing my body to adjust to this new sensation. He continued to kiss me with fervent passion. After a few minutes had passed he began a gentile poetic rhythm, thrusting in and out of me. Kevin began to kiss my neck as I let out soft moans of pleasure. My natural womanly instincts seemed to take over as I wrapped my legs around his muscular waist and my hips began to thrust upward to meet his. My heart began to race again; my breath became shallow and quick, and just as a wave of exctacy rocked my body. At that exact moment I felt Kevin tense up as he let out a loud moan of pleasure. As we both came down from our first mutual orgasm Kevin laid beside me holding me in his arms, running his fingers through my hair and he kissed me gently on my forehead and asked “was it what you though it would be like?”
“No. It felt like so much more. There aren’t words that can describe how I feel about you, this moment, or this whole night. I love you Kevin.”
“I love you too Shilo.”
We laid like that for hours just kissing and touching each other in our state of bliss until I drifted off to sleep in his arms.
“Shilo, earth to Shilo. Hey snap out of it girl or your gonna set your pants on fire.” Zyria was snapping her fingers in front of my face. “You were thinking about Kevin again weren’t you.”
“Yes but it was a good memory. Are you ready to go put some miles on my credit cards?” I asked with a smile on my face.
“I was born ready. Just let me go get my purse.” Zyria turned to head back into the building.

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