A young girl 11 years old gets molested and has intercourse.
11 Year Old Kasey's Beginning

Mr. Mike Johnson, or Mr. M as he had the girls call him, appeared to be your normal nice guy. He knew everyone in his elite, high upper class neighborhood, and knew all the cuties that lived in the neighborhood. Mr. M appeared to be your most trusting person who could have around your daughters, but no one knew that he had a lust for them. He have had a few of the cuties in his neighborhood, and outside his neighborhood. He was a nice man and eventually could talk any one into doing what he wanted. He was always able to get the girls to trust him by talking with them and not to them, by giving the attention they did not get from their parents, by being a friend and allowing them to have fun.

His house was the largest in the neighborhood. It had 6 bedrooms including his master room, a game room, a bar, a in ground pool, play-set in the backyard, a hot tub, library and had just about anything a little girl would want. His back yard had a 9 foot wood privacy fence, no one could see inside it unless they were in the back yard.

Mr. M was out running errands this early Saturday afternoon, he was trying to beat the heat that was coming. He loved the hot days as he loved how girls would wear less clothes to keep them warm. He had finished all his errands and was traveling back home. On the road that divides his rich neighborhood with the not so rich area he spotted a little girl walking alone. She appeared to be the age he just loves. So he decided to slow down and come to a stop on the side of the road in his Black BMW sports car. He had on a white polo shirt, brown khaki shorts, and brown sandals.

He hit the button to lower the window on the passenger side as he smiled at the little girl. "Hey sweetie. Is everything okay?" he says in a trusting voice and tone.

Kasey had left the foster home that morning bound and determined never to go back. She had walked for several hours and was getting tired. But at least she was away from all the crap that went on there. The last straw had been when that new boy Jimmie had shown up last week. He was 16 and was a sex addict that had been passed from foster home to foster home due to his molesting of every little girl he came near.

By the second day he had already feltup the two younger girls that shared Kasey's bedroom, Alice 7 and Melissa 9, although they had brought it on themselves because they loved to tease boys and make them get a hardon and squirt. It was pretty common in foster homes that Kasey had been in.

But then Jimmie tried to get her to suck him off. She had been sleeping and was awakened by his his dick rubbing on her mouth. It was the middle of the night and he had come into the little girls room. It was hot and the youngster didn't have any covers on and was only wearing her little thin cotton panties.

He had manged to get her panties down on her thighs and now was rubbing her lips with the tip of his boner. There was something wet leaking out of the tip and it tasted bitter. She groggily tried to push him away and he held her head and said "Suck it Kasey."
"No, get away." she pushed at his penis and when she did he started squirting all over her face and hair. He made a big mess on her pillow and it was yukkie.

She told her foster parent, Katy, in the morning who just shrugged it off. The woman needed all the money she could get and she was getting a bonus for keeping Jimmie as he was a problem case. Katy told her to keep her mouth shut.

So here she was now on the road and a nice man asked her if she was Okay. Nobody ever asked that back at Katy's, ever.

"Well......" she didn't know what to say as she had realized the last 20 minutes or so that she really had no place to go. " Well yeah....maybe." then she started to cry. Kasey was overwhelmed that the nice man was concerned about her.

He leaned over the passenger seat and lifted the handle to have the door click open. "Well maybe I can help sweetie. Why don't you hop in and lets see if there is something I can do to help you out" as he gives her a approving smile. Mr. M was very good at talking to girls and getting them to trust him. He could see this little thing needed help and sure he could give her the help and have her trust him more than anyone. He was never mean to the girls, well not in a violent way. He was very giving and treated them like they were older girls, and most of them in the end gave in to what he wanted to.

He could tell she had no place to go and that she seemed to be running from somewhere, and it was just way to hot for her to be out and walking about. "So what you say sweetie, hop on in. Its much cooler in here." he smiles

Kasey hesitated a moment and looked around. No one was nearby as she decided to get in the car with the stranger. But he seemed so nice and her female instincts told her he wouldn't hurt her.

She thought back to when she was 7 and a man came by her on the way home from 1st grade and had her get in his car. He jacked off in front of her and had her help him just a bit when he made his white stuff. The man didn't hurt her and let her out after he did his thing. But Kasey always remembered it and was leary of men in cars.

So she got in, setting her cloth shopping bag with some personnel stuff in it between her legs. She smoothed her short blue denim skirt down that hid her white cotton panties covered rosebud designs. Her white blouse was a bit big, fitting her loosely, but was thin enough that her training bra showed through with just a bit of a her bumps pushing it out almost imperceptibly.

Kasey's long dirty blond hair was a bit of a mess as she hadn't really gotten into the glitzy show girl thing yet and wasn't up to speed on personel hygiene. She didn't have money to buy fancy stuff anyways so it didn't matter to Kasey what she wore.

Physically she was 11 but still very immature mentally, functioning at the 8 year old level, hence running away with no real place to go. She still sucked her thumb occasionally and played with dolls and stuffed animals.

And no one would look for her for several days because it was Friday and she normally spent the weekend with another little girl that lived down the street from her. Nobody would miss her and that was how she planned it so she could get away to who knew where with time to spare.

So now the little youngster was really vulnerable to any male that came along who wanted to molest a little girl with relative ease. And now he had appeared.

Kasey was Impressed with the fancy car and it was nice and cool just like the man said. He was cute she decided for sure as she glanced at him and she all of a sudden got shy and just sat back looking out her window with her hands folded in her lap wondering where they would go. She was a bit apprehensive but felt really safe with him for some unknown reason.

He watched as Kasey hesitated but than got into the car, and even shutting the door. He smiled as he slightly checked her out, seeing that short denim skirt, just barely covering what shouldn't be shown to men like him. "So sweetie where are you headed to?" even though he can tell she is running away but always good to know for sure.

The man needed to know she had no where to go before inviting her to his house. He kept the car in park, did not want to seem to pushy and he did not want people to think this was him kidnapping her as in sense he would be, but on her own free will.

The pedo smiled at her as he plotted in his head. She would need a cleaning and fresh clothes. Of course he had all sorts of new clothes he kept at his house that would fit her just right, might show off some more of that cute little body she has. She was the perfect type of girl he just loved.

"I'm run.....................ahhhh I'm going to see my friend Gia." Kasey almost spilled the beans. She didn't want him to know she was running away because he might take her back to the foster home. Actually, now that she thought about it, her friend Gia had an Uncle that lived in this rich area of town. Gia often went to spend the weekend with him because he had a pool and a fancy car.

Gia said he also liked to play fun games but she kinda kept it a secret from everybody. Uncle had given her some nasty toys that Gia showed to Kasey a couple times, when she stayed overnight, with the promise Kasey would keep it a big big secret.

Kasey hadn't thought about what to say if someone asked her where she was going so this lie would work pretty good.

"But she wasn't home and her mom said she was over here with her Uncle this weekend. I was trying to find her." There. That should do it. A perfect cover story.

11 year old Kasey smiled sweetly, proud of herself for thinking up such a good line to feed the nice man.

He just let out a smile as he listened to her, knowing she was lying. "Well where is this friend Gia of yours sweetie?" he glances over her. "I can give you a ride there if you want since its to hot outside" a few moments of silence as a few cars drove by. "You are more than welcome to wait at my house too if you want, its much better than walking around looking for her" as he gives her a approving smile.

Now it was getting a little more difficult to cover her story. She knew it was over here somewhere so she saw a street sign down the block and decided to use that as an alibi. "I, ah, I don't know for sure but I think it was Wild Rose Way." She looked at him with a confused look "But I don't know for sure." All she really knew was that Gia did have a Uncle in here somewhere. And that she was visiying him this weekend.

"Yeah I could wait at your house." she blurted out after considering the options. " Maybe I'll see her walking around." That was possible she thought to herself. Yeah maybe she could find Gia and stay at her Uncle's. She was going to have to stay somewhere. Kasey was very naive and thought she could just go anywhere and they'd take her in.

"Ok, lets go to your house Mr, uhhhh what's you're name mister?" the 11 year old asked.

He listened as she ramble and tried what appeared to cover her tracks. "Okay sweetie my house it is" he says in a trusting manner. "Oh yeah my name is Mr M." flashes her a smile. "Now do you mind putting your seat belt one?" a few second pause. He looks her over again. He puts the car in drive but does not pull awya yet until she puts her seat belt on. He rather ask her to do it rather then demand it, he found out get more when you ask a kid to do something and they see they have a choice.

"It will be much cooler at my house so thats a good thing and nice cold drinks" he says as a way to spark up conversation and make her more comfortable.

Mr M she thought to herself. Hmmm I wonder what that means the little girl pondered as she quickly put on her seat belt. She seldom ever wore one because nobody cared if she got hurt so his display of concern about her made her happy. She smiled over at him "You can go Mr M my seatbelt is on now." and then Kasey went on "does you got's a swimming pool Mr M.? My friends Uncle has one and she said it was nice."

Thoughts of playing in a swimming pool filled her mind and then she remembered she didn't have a swimsuit.
'What kind of drinks do you have Mr M?" she asked in a curious tone. Now looking forward to going to his house.

He smiled as she placed her seat belt on and than began to drive. "Yes I do have a swimming pool sweetie" he glances between her and the road "So whats your name honey? So we won't be strangers any more".

Taking a few lefts and rights, now driving the roads of the city's wealthiest people. "I have sodas, juice and all sorts of drinks?" as he does have pretty much any drink a little girl could want. "There are all sorts of stuff to do at my house too sweetie, I have toys, games and even clothes to dress in and wear" as he flashes her a bright smile.

Yipieeee!!! he has a swimming pool!! the youngster thought to herself as he started driving around confusing her as to where she was. "Oh my name is Kasey and I'm 11" she stated proudly. She stuck her chest out a bit when she stated her age trying to be a big girl so he would like her and think she was older.

"Cool I like apple juice, does you got apple juice Mr M?" she asked hopefully in a little girl manner. Clothes to wear? Oh wow this will be fun! "What kind of clothes Mr M.? I ain't got many clothes and stuff. Does you got little girl clothes to fit me?" again she leaned forward a bit and stuck her flat chest out.

Thinking a bit she went on "I don't gots a swimming suit. Does you have one?" She was getting excited about seeing his house and everything in it. She studied his face and he was becoming even more handsome as they drove.

She didn't even give him time to answer before she hit him with another question, which was extremely important to her "Does you got a wife or girlfriend?" She really hoped not.

He saw her curiosity and excitement in his eyes as she pounded him with questions, as most children do. He smiled as he saw her stick her chest out a few times as she asked the questions and talked. Then they came to a very large, white stucco home with many windows. His house appeared to be one of the largest around. They stopped in front of a gate as he hit the bottom to roll down his window. He stuck his arm out and typed in a code in a button pad. The gate slowly started to open.

"Yes I've got apple juice and many clothes to fit your cute little body" he lets out as just a test to her reaction to her saying cute body. Once the gate open he drove through, the gate closing on his own. A door on the 4 car garage began to open as they approached it. A light came on inside the garage as he drove in and parked, turning off the car.

There was a large truck, a nice sedan another sports car and a motorcycle. "And not sweetie no wife or girlfriend" he smiles as he takes off his seat belt. He did have a few friends, all young girls. He opened his door and stepped out of the car and walked around to the passenger side. He opened her door for her and smiled at her as he looked at her.

Kasey was totally bowled over by all the opulence. She had never seen anything like this in her whole life! She was aglow with all sorts of happy thoughts and excited to see all the mysterious fun things he had. Her mind had been racing as they drove up to his mansion. Maybe she could not run away but come here on the weekends and say she was at her friends.

Actually now that she had runaway she got a little scared at being on her own. She wasn't old enough yet she thought. So if she could stay here for a little bit then it wouldn't be so bad going back to the foster home during the week.

His voice snapped her out of daydream land. Oh good he had apple juice...and clothes for her CUTE little body. Kasey giggled when he said she had a cute body as she was very conscious of wanting to please him now and that told her he liked her body even though she wasn't very, well, very grown up.

OMG thank heavens he didn't have a girlfriend or wife. Nobody had ever opened her door for her before and she was feeling like a princess now. She jumped out and exclaimed "I'm glad you ain't got no wife an girlfriend!!!" and with that she impetuously stood up on her tiptoes and pulled his head down, kissing him on the cheek.
"I like you Mr M and I kin be your girlfriend or something huh?" she was being quite forward but no one had ever taught her any manners and she was used to saying and doing whatever she wanted to. All 11 year old Kasey knew was that she wanted to be here in this most wonderful place.

He smiles as she pulls down his head and gives him a kiss on the cheek, he lips felt soft. "So wanna be my girlfriend or something do you?" he flashes her a innocent wink. "That just might be possible" as he smiles. He shuts the door and heads up four steps that led from inside the garage to his large kitchen, decorated in mostly black and white. With large windows that displayed his immense backyard. He opened the door and stepped to the side to allow her room to walk in first "after you sweetie" as he looks at her.

He does believe he has found just the right little play thing, she seemed like she could be talked into anything now that she asked about being his girlfriend. First thing is to get her to bathe and than some clean clothes. After that he would have to test her out some and see if she would be the girl he wants around.

The little girl now realized what she had said so boldly and was all of a sudden embarrassed and yet thrilled because her impromptu suggestion had led to a possibly good result. When he winked at her and said it might be possible she got a very funny strong feeling down in the lower part of her tummy in her coochi. A chill went up her spine at the same time as her female intuition told her he was interested in her.

Kasey didn't know what all the feelings meant, just that she now had a very strong warm glow about her whole body. As he opened the door courteously and said after you sweety, while he looked at her with those beautiful eyes, she eagerly ran into the kitchen. "OH WOW this is soooooo cool!" she exclaimed. She couldn't believe her eyes as she looked around and ran over to the windows looking out at the monster back yard.
"Mr M you are really rich huh??!!!" she blurted out, again impetuously. "Am I gonna be your girlfriend?" she asked hopefully as she ran towards him, eager for his reply.

He watched her reactions and expressions. He could see the glow in her face as well as in her eyes. Once Kasey walked in he walked in behind her, taking a look at her bottom, even though could not see because of her skirt. "Glad you like sweetie" as he shuts the door. He watches as she looks around the kitchen, knowing she has never seen such a house. Like seeing the expressions on her face "Yes I am really rich" as he walks and stands by the counter.

"If you want to be my girlfriend than you can be. But need to make it official with a kiss sweetie" as he gives her a wink. He knows he going to have to kiss her for real and see her reaction when he proposes a real kiss between him and her.

Kasey ran to his side when he came to the counter. Her little young woman mind had slipped back into being a little girl living in a castle like on the cartoons she watched all the time. She felt so at ease here that now she could let her guard down, not having to make up lies about where and what she was doing.

That was hard work for her little brain and she was not the sharpest knife in the drawer anyhow. In fact she had been held back a year in school because she was "developmentally challenged"

So now the man who was "really rich" wanted a kiss to make it official whatever that word meant. The child in her responded eagerly and she put her little arms around his waist, tilted her head back and pursed her lips so they could kiss. Kasey had never kissed anybody for real. Yes, she had kissed people but only hello and goodbye kisses so she anticipated a little hello kiss.

He watched as she came to his side and and assumed the position sort to speak to get a kiss and make it official. He decided to kneel down some to be eye to eye with this little thing, his knees on the ceramic tiles of his kitchen.

He put his large arms around her placing them on the small of her back and smile. "Have you ever kissed a boy before, like a boyfriend girlfriend kiss sweetie?" He knew she hasn't so he would have to teach her,oh the things he would teach her he thought.

Eye to eye, his large hands rubbing the small of her back, she did have a small body but to him it was just right.

She watched as the big man knelt down to her and put his strong arms around her. He was soooo big and strong. She liked that a lot. "Well no I never kissed no boyfriend. Just like, well you know when you go away somewhere or goodnight kisses." she looked at him innocently

"Is it a different kiss if I'm your girlfriend?" She put her arms around his neck now, very naturally as she looked closely into his eyes only a couple inchs from his face, not knowing all the things that were going to happen to her as she agreed to stay here and be his girlfriend. She was just still playing a game.

He smiles, "Yes its a little different but its much more better" as he winks at her. He glances over her and than his right hand slips down from the small of her back some, not completely on her ass but a little bit. "Now what I need you to do is close your eyes and open your mouth. And then when I kiss you do the same to me okay sweetie?"

His left hand rubbing the small of her back while his right hand rests hand on her back and half of the top of her small little ass.
"Than after we kiss you will be all mine...My girlfriend" he says in a kind voice and than winks at her.

The words 'I'll be his girlfriend' made her heart beat faster. That's what she wanted more than anything!

She felt his hand moving around and going down a ways on her small back and it felt good. She didn't quite understand all the instructions but opened her mouth and closed her eyes as she continued to keep her small arms and hands around the grown man's neck. She was feeling his shoulder muscles a little bit as she waited. He was so strong and he smelled good.

"OK I'm ready Mr M" she informed him in her little girl voice when he hadn't kissed her yet. She thought maybe she didn't have her mouth open far enough so now the 11 year old opened it wide and squeezed her eyes closed really hard waiting for him to boyfriend girlfriend kiss her.

He looked and smiled at her for a moment, a little girl eager to please. He moved his mouth to her's and gave her a gently open mouth kiss. He than slid his tongue into her small mouth and began to rub it against her small tongue. His right hand slid down to be over her skirt, her small ass under it. He gave it a gentle rub and than a squeeze as his tongue twirled around her small tongue.

She would be all his now. He knew she did not get loving attention so that would be his way into the little girls heart, and even her pants. Yeah she was his now he thought.

Kasey felt his warm lips gently touch hers and then his tongue went inside her open mouth. OMG it sent chills instantly up and down her spine and made her heart start to beat like crazy. The warm wet tongue moved moved all over inside her now salivating mouth as his hand went down to her behind and gently rubbed it in such a nice, feel good way.

The little moaned just as bit as all the new sensations overwhelmed her little girl body and ignited her female senses.
Her peepee felt like it was on fire and she could feel herself getting wet down between her legs just like when she played doctor but this was even stronger.
It was like he had given her a shot of some magic stuff that made her all tingly everywhere.

She held his head tight now because she didn't want it to stop. His spit was mixing with hers, which she normally would have thought was nasty but now now it was so, well so exciting.

She poked his big tongue with her little tongue and pressed her little body up tight against his in a natural reaction indicating she wanted to mate with him although she had no idea that was what it was all about.

All she knew was this was the most exciting thing she had ever done in her whole 11 years.

He liked how she tried to do as he did with her small tongue. He had gotten slightly aroused and could feel the blood got to his cock to make it slightly erect. She did not react when his hand went to her ass so he was set to try the next little move.

As they continued to kiss, noticeably her lack of experience made it slightly sloppy but was good. His right hand went down to the hem of her skirt then up under it. Feeling her pantie cover little ass, giving it a little squeeze and rub. He let them kiss a few more moments before he broke there embrace, keeping his right hand in place.

He looked at her and gave her a approving smile, her body resting against him. "Well, now its official Kasey, you are mine, you are my girlfriend now" he gives her a wink. "You did a good job for your first kiss too"

She loved this new experience and when she felt his hand go up under her dress and start to caress her buttocks it made her get even more wet. It felt soooooo good and she trusted him completely as their mouths stayed together.
She was glad and sad at the same time as he broke the kiss because she needed to breath. She gasped for air as their mouths parted but she didn't back away from him at all and was glad he kept his hands on her hieny.

"You is my boyfriend Mr M too." she was all red faced due to the sexual excitement that had stirred up her female organs.

At his compliment she replied "I did?" she asked proudly. "Am I as good as a big girl Mr M?" she needed some reinforcement about her female persona.

His right hand continued to rub her pantie covered ass as he listened to her. He gave her a smile, "Yes just as good as a big girl. You are a big girl sweetie" he gave her a wink. "It feels like you have a cute little ass too" He gives her an approving smile. "So what do you think about getting a bath and putting on some new clothes?" A few moments of silence as his right hand roams over her ass.

"Then we can play like girlfriend and boyfriends do, we'll have lots and lots of fun my sweet and cute girlfriend" he knew by her expression she like being called a girlfriend.

Kasey was really liking his hand on her buttocks and he seemed to know just exactly how to make her feel good there. She smiled sweetly at him letting him feel her as much as he wanted. After all she was his girlfriend and she guessed that's what girlfriends were supposed to do. When he told her she had a cute ass she wiggled it under his hand, sticking it out a bit like she had done with her chest.

But she really didn't know if that was what she was supposed to do so she asked innocently "Is that what I should do Mr M and wiggle my ass.....err hieny for you?" she didn't want to sound nasty.

He showed her an approving smile as she wiggled her ass and stuck it out. "Yes sweetie you can do that for your boyfriend" giving her ass a little squeeze. "You know you should let me see just how cute you little ass is. I am your boyfriend now so its okay to show me." He wanted to see it, actually see all of her and he he knew he would.

She was eating right out of his hand as the phrase goes. She would be doing anything he asks by the end of the weekend, and he means anything. Having a little thing like her around could lead to so much more opportunity and the way he will teach her. The molester let out a big smile as he thought about all this.

She listened to him eagerly as he told her what to do. It felt good when he squeezed her harder "dat feels good boyfriend." she acknowledged his hand feeling her up. Wanting to please him she instantly turned around when he said he wanted to see her behind and bent over a bit as she pulled down her panties to her knees and then stuck her behind out seductively hoping he would like it.

She looked over her shoulder at him. 'Kin you see it boyfriend?" she wiggled it again like he said was OK to do. It felt very exciting to have a man wanting to look at her privates. She knew it was being bad but it felt sooooo nice.

"We're being bad huh boyfriend?" 11 year old Kasey declared. She liked to say boyfriend because she had never had one before.

He was smiling and that meant he was happy. That boosted her female ego a mile high as he looked at her naked buns.

"I'm glad it feels good sweetie" he smiled as she she bent over with her panties to her knees. "Mmm" he says as he sees her small round ass and a tad of her little cunt. "Oh yeah I can see it. And it looks so nice" He reaches out with his right hand and begins to stroke her small little ass. "Its so perfect and very soft Kasey." A few moments of silence as he continues to rub and molest her little body softly, slowly turning her into a sex fiend.

"Well its okay to be bad when you are with your boyfriend Kasey. You like being bad don't you sweetie" he runs his fingers along the cheek of her ass. "Want to be real bad for your boyfriend don't you?" as he flashes her an approving smile.

Kasey just stayed bent over letting him feel her up as he talked to her. Now her vagina was really starting to tingle and she could sense her wetness starting to flow. She didn't know why it always got so wet down there.

Recently she would be at school and her wetness would start and her panties would get all wet.
Now she started humping back against his invading fingers and as he told her it was ok to be bad and told her she liked it she admitted it in no uncertain terms

"Yes boyfriend. I love it!" she hissed "feel my little asshole boyfriend" she ordered huskily.
Kasey had no idea where that all came from. It was like she was possessed by a devil or something. She was shocked that she said it and yet it turned her on immensely "Do it boyfriend feel my little girl ass!!!" she looked back at him with a mean look "NOW!"

He smiled as she said what she did and he proceeded to do just that. He played with that ass of hers. He liked how she began a humping motion backwards as he played with Kasey's young firm ass. He saw that small cunt of hers and he could not take it any more.

His hand moved from her ass to the back end of that cunt as he began to rub it. He did this for a few moments before he slipped his whole hand between her small legs and began to rub the youngsters bald and soft cunt. He felt the slight dampness she had already which was a good thing.

"Oh honey you are so nice and soft, you know you are mine to do as I want since you are my girlfriend now babe".

He through in the babe to get her all the more giddy, the rush of blood was now causing his cock to grow hard under his shorts and boxers.

When his hand went for her slit Kasey groaned like a slut as she was totally aroused now. She had never been in a state of total arousal like this ever before and all she could do was spread her legs and try to get more of his hand in her privates.

She didn't know what she wanted but her vagina knew and it was preparing itself for what nature intended. It was swelling larger and producing copious amounts of lubricants so a male could mount her and fill her cervix with sperm.

Her cervix was now swelling a bit too and this was causing a lot of new sensations inside her.

"YES do it to me!!" was all she could say. She didn't even know for sure what 'do it to me meant' but she had heard it on the porn videos that her foster brothers had showed her for the last few months.

The 11 year old waited for him to do whatever he wanted to do to her. She was his heart and soul.

Hearing her say do it to me let him know she has heard phrases like that. Oh he was going to do it to her alright. Kasey's small cunt was nice and wet, even though it would be tight he was ready to claim his prize. Claim it over and over.

The aroused man stood up, reached and picked her up by her hips, her back still facing him. He carried her over to the kitchen table and set her down on it, bent over. Her small legs hanging over the side and her stomach laying flat against the table.

He took her panties and finished removing them from being around her knees. He than preceded to unzip and drop his shorts and than lowered his boxers. His large erect cock sprung out, ready to claim its reward. He pulled her back some more so her pussy was not over the table and than precede to step in close behind her.

"It sounds like you want to be real bad. Well its time I give it to you sweetie"

Kasey was now eagerly awaiting for boyfriend to do what she knew would satisfy her lusty craveing. 11 year old Kasey was glad he took her panties off, that meant he was getting ready to do something nasty to her young body and she could hardly wait.

She heard him unzip his jeans and the rustle as he dropped his under-ware. As his warm strong hand pulled her back she got chills knowing it was almost time for her to be a real girlfriend.
She lay there with her face on the table waiting for him to do whatever he wanted to her, she just wished he hurry as she was sooo on fire.

"Yes I want it real bad boyfriend. Make me a real girlfriend OK?" she spread her legs as wide as the position would allow when she felt his huge frame move in between the back of her thighs.

He looked at her small body bent over the table, getting ready to feel him inside that small cunt of hers. He knew it would hurt the first time but it would feel real good to him. He moved in against her as he held his cock with one hand. Grunting he pushed his cock against that wet pussy of hers. Moving it around as her lips opened up for him and the head of his cock was against her small entrance.

He began to work the head into her entrance, she was wet but she was still very tight. With all the fucking she would do it would soon stretch to accept it better. with one hand helping his cock enter her his other hand was placed on her lower back to keep her from moving.

He eventually got the head and little of his cock inside her entrance. Once he did he placed a hand on both her hips and began pushing it in and than backing up some until he felt her hymen. He held her hips and pushed deep and hard until he pierced her hymen. Her entrance stretching around his cock, he wasnt all the way in her but he slowly began to fuck her as he also held her little body tight to keep her from escaping his very hard cock that was now penetrating her youngsters vagina.

When she felt the hot head of his penis starting to rub around her wet slit Kasey knew she was gonna get it. Her entire vagina was tingling and was lubricating fiercely as the large mushroom tip started to enter her little hole. It felt so good even though it was quite large and spongy yet firm enough to stretch her opening.

The man's hard cock went in gently and then back out, then back in a bit further each time going deeper. It was just what her cunt was craving and she backed towards him a bit but he had his hand on her back holding her so she couldn't move much.

The little girl knew he was in charge and was going to do what he wanted with her body and that made her feel like a woman and very subservient to the male who was mating with her willing young body.

"Owwee" she winced as there was a sharp pain inside her love canal and her body convulsed a bit as it tried to getaway from the source of the object that made the piercing move. Boyfriend had held her very tight when he caused the sharp pain and she was unable to move at all as his now extremely hard organ started going deeper and deeper inside vagina where no one had ever been before.

It was stretching her a lot and was painful but in a strange way that actually felt good. It was a feeling she would come to crave constantly for the rest of her life.
She groaned as he started slowly fucking her from behind, holding her ever so tight as he had his way with her. Little 11 year old Kasey was now taking a grown man's huge erection and even though it hurt somewhat she was getting the fucking her maturing body so desired.

Kasey started humping his cock as she quickly developed a feel for a man's penis deep inside her love canal and her natural body movements tried to coax the sperm out of him.

Her little head rocked back and forth on the table as his thrusting continued inside her privates, her eyes closed as she relished the fucking she was getting.
Kasey was now introduced to sex and would turn into a slut quickly as she learned all the ways to be molested.

The pedophile was now inside her as far as he could go, which was only a little over half his large cock, and he could feel the entrance to her cervix. The nasty man expertly worked the opening of his member tight up against her cervix's opening and started to squirt a massive load deep inside it. He heard her protest as he hit her cervix to hard and he adjusted so she wouldn't feel the pain it caused.

He held her tightly as his sperm entered the youngsters fertile body, his powerful squirts ensuring the seed would be deposited all the way up to her womb entrance. He reached around to her clitoris and masturbated her as he continued to pump his sperm inside, wanting to make her cum as that would cause her cervix to draw in his potent male seed.

Kasey's eyes were closed and drool was running out of her mouth down onto the table as the man had his way with her. The little girl felt his cock go up against something inside her and it hurt a bit causing her to yelp and jerk. His cock now adjusted and then she heard him groan as his penis seemed to get even bigger and harder.

She felt it pulse as he held her hips tight and squirted his man stuff inside while he rubbed her happy spot between her young legs.

OMG it felt so good to her and then she started to have an orgasm, the most intense one she had ever had in her young life and the first with a man's cock deep inside her squirting it's potent sperm in her female organs. She had a proud feeling sweep over her as she sensed she had satisfied her first of many males that would ejaculate inside her over the many years to come.

Waiting for his cock to soften after it had filled her body cavities completely he softly carressed the little girl who was laying there with her eyes closed after she had cum too. His long cock still buried in her but now it was shrinking and all their juices started to leak out.

Then he pulled back and a torrent of his massive load squirted out and dripped down to the floor as he grabbed a towel and started cleaning her up.

The conquering male now picked up his little conquest and carried recipient of his cum to her bedroom where he laid her down, her eyes closed and her thumb stuck in her mouth as little Kasey fell deep asleep after her first sexual encounter with her new boyfriend.

He had plans for her when she was rested and her vagina was over being sore, which he knew it would be for a few days. He got his video camera out and took about two minutes of footage of the little slut laying there in just her filthy dress that was soaked with the results of his molestation of her.

Gently rolling her over he pulled up her dress, videotaping her recently violated privates that were now still oozing his while liquid and soaking the nasty mattress under her little frame. Rolling her on her back he slowly spread her legs and focused up close to her red and enflamed pussy lips.

He would post the video up on his private website that only the men members could see and jackoff as they watched his new conquest.

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"Eleven Year Old Kasey's Beginning" - Eleven Year Old Nuile, Pixy-Like Pre-puberty Virgin Kasey and Mature Male Pervert Pedeophile Mike "Mr. M" Johnson.

Although the story is non-fiction, not real, there are many oversights and details that make the story even less believeable. Such as, there is no vocal paid nor crying when Mr. M plunges his "big cock" into her very immature pussy. Additionally, the fact that she probably has not had her first period, will make it highly improbable she will get pregnant for maybe another couple years!! The oversights does make the story more purient and greatly sexually inspiring!

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