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(So I've written stories like this and now I think I'm ready to share one...not sure how well it'll be because I came up with it off the top of my head.)

From the day I was born my parents regretted having me and by the time I was fifteen they had kicked me out. I had to drop out of school and the only job I could get was at a cheap strip club. I remember the first day I walked on for my job interview because it was the day my life started to become about men using me to their pleasures. It was the lucky strip club and the owner was Mark who didn't exactly run a legal club. He told me that we weren't just required to dance and entertain but also we had to do extras for the guys that wanted them. "What do you mean by extras...?" I looked at him not sure what he was getting at. "Well lets say a guy pays you for a lap dance and starts to get a little touchy and maybe starts to rub your breast or play with your thong." "Umm wouldn't I tell him to keep his hands to himself?" "No. You let him do what he wants. Here come here let's practice. Now give me a lap dance like you would a costumer." Doing as he said I walked over to him and started to give him a lap dance. His hands started to wander touching my breast and play with my thong. "Now for some guys they might pay for more. Which is specifically why we have these "interviews" I guess you could call them. See we want to make sure our girls can please these guys who come here and some people would call it prostitution but I like to say we give extras." "Oh umm...I'm not sure that's such a good idea then for me to be here...I mean I'm still a virgin..." "Well hun then this makes this that more fun for me. See I test drive all the new girls and I've never been with a virgin before. So this will be fun." "I'm not sure I mean I heard that it hurts a lot...and I really can't take pain well..." "You will do as I say. You are a no good little whore and you will work for me and do as I say and right now I say sit down over there and I am going to fuck you so hard you won't know what hit you." Siting down I did as he said and he walked over to me. I thought it was going to be simple he would enter me and it would be over with but instead I got the biggest surprise of my life. He pulled down his pants and positioned himself so his cock was right in front of my face. It wasn't quite hard yet and I didn't know what he wanted me to do. "Suck it you little whore." "I can't...I don't know how..." After I said that he walked away and grabbed the remote for the tv and turned it on. When the screen came on it was a porno of him and a girl who didn't look much older then me. "See what she's doing? Do that." Before I could say anything else he grabbed me by my hair and and forced his cock into my mouth. "Now be a good little whore and suck my cock. Make it nice and hard and then it won't hurt so much for you when I fuck you." I did what I was told and sat there as he shoved his cock in and out of my mouth. At one point he pulled out and I thought he was done but all he did was shove back in and enter with his full length causing me to gag. "Mmm you've got a nice mouth my little whore. Now I'm going to cum and your going to swallow it all like a good little whore." A few seconds later he came in my mouth and I tried to swallow it the best I could. "Good girl thats a good little whore." After I was done with that he moved down to my pussy where he slipped his hand under my jeans and stated to rub my pussy through the fabric of my thong. It felt kind of nice and it wasn't something I knew because I hadn't ever had sex before. After awhile he stopped rubbing my pussy through the fabric of my thong and instead pressed two fingers into my pussy through the fabric of my thong. "Mmm is the little whore starting to get wet?" not knowing what he meant by that I just sat there. After a few seconds he reached over into a drawer and pulled out a pocket knife. I started to panic a bit not sure I wanted to do this anymore. "Wh-what are you doing..." all of the sudden a hand came flying across my face. I heard the sound of his hand hitting my face before I felt it. "Don't speak unless I tell you to!" I just sat there tears streaming down my face from the situation at hand and the pain of him hitting me. None of that stopped him though. He took his knife and sliced the fabric of my thong reviling my hairy pussy to him. Taking the the knife he started sliding it around my pussy and it made me very nervous. I think he could sense that because he continued to caress my inner thigh with it. After awhile he put the knife down and moved his hand towards my pussy and started playing with clit. It felt kinda nice because he smirked at me. "I know you like it you little whore." at that point I just sat there not sure how to answer or if he even wanted an answer so I let him play with my clit and use me as he wanted. After awhile he slowly started moving his fingers over to my pussy and put it one and then another until he had 3 fingers in me and was fingering me in a circular motion well still giving my clit some attention. It hurt but he kept going anyways. Finely after what seemed forever he took his fingers out of me. He repositioned himself and started to rub his dick across my slick pussy before shoving in his full length all at once. I screamed so loud but all that got me was a slap in the face. He kept going in and out slow and then fast getting harder and harder with each thrust until he was getting close to cumming. When I realized that I begged him not to cum inside me because I'm not on the pill but he just slapped me again and came hard. After that I thought we were close to done but we were far from it. Getting up he walked over to a drawer unlocked it and pulled out a double sided dildo and a vibrator. I stared at him my eyes wide with fear. Walking over to me he sat down so he was positioned right in between my legs. Taking the dildo he put it in my pussy and started to fuck me with it. I was in so much pain at that point but he just kept going and going until suddenly a bunch of blood started running out of my pussy and the pain started to dull. He has popped my cherry with a dildo, I thought, can things get any worse? As soon as he realized he had popped my cherry he pulled the dildo out and turned the vibrator on and placed on my clit. As soon as it started going Mark turned his attention to my breasts and started sucking on the left one. He nipped at my nipple that was hard and because my breasts were so small he was easily able to take a whole one in his mouth. Between Mark at my breast and the vibratoryu at my clit I was getting really close to an orgasm. Noticing this Mark dropped my breast and moved the vibrator off my clit and he shoved his cock back into my pussy. It actually felt good now that he had popped my cherry. After a few minutes I came and he came shortly after. When he pulled out he put his cloths on and told me to get dressed. "Congratulations. You have the job." with that he walked out the door and my life changed forever.

(Hope everyone liked this and i know my grammar isn't perfect but if you guys like it then I might post more)

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2012-06-10 09:29:16
Wonderful story! The only thing i suggest is breaking it up into paragraphs, just makes it easier to read for next time

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