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Chapter Five: Reborn

Night was quickly falling as Amy walked ahead of the man with a gun, the little girl she had saved still clutched in her arms refusing to let go. Eddie, the man who had found her in the middle of a crumbling New York city didn’t trust her and he had good reason not to, a few hours ago he had seen her kill a demon with her bare hands like it was something she did every day. She could taste his emotions in the air and she began to wonder if she should just make a break for it. She didn’t have time for this right now, she needed to find James or his sister Erin and get answers to what was going on with her. The strength hidden just beneath the surface of her skin scared her and she was sure her wild emotions were a part of it.

The anger she had felt when Eddie refused to step in and save the child when the demon was moving in for the kill had been so blinding for the briefest of moments she wanted to kill him herself. If it hadn’t been for the girls screams she might have actually done just that. She was beginning to think she couldn’t trust herself anymore and she had to fight hard to keep the fear from controlling her actions.

The little girl squirmed in her arms, nuzzling against her neck as a few tears touched her hot skin. Amy felt bad for her, she had been through so much and the world they were living in now would just keep throwing hardships at her. Her parents had probably died running from a pack of the monsters that would always haunt her dreams and no matter what she did she would never be able to get over that pain. She was so young and fragile that it was amazing she had survived as long as she had so far, but it had only been a single week and if things didn’t change it would only get worse as the months rolled past.

‘Are you an angel?’ the girl asked suddenly, her voice muffled in the crook of Amy’s neck.

‘No I don’t think so sweetie,’ she said loudly, ignoring the cynical laugh Eddie let loose.

‘I think you are,’ the girl pressed on; ‘I think you are my guardian angel. What is your name?’


The girl lifted her head and had a teasing smile cross her tear stained face, ‘That’s not a very angel like name is it?’

‘It’s the only one I have,’ Amy answered softly, her thoughts moving back to James who had is old name known in every corner of the world; Gabrielle the messenger of god in the bible.

‘You must be a new angel then,’ the child said in a matter of fact tone, ‘Where are the other angels?’

Amy took a moment before she answered reigning in her warring emotions. ‘I don’t know sweetie, but I wish I did.’

‘So you DO know the other angels? Did you meet Michael or Raphael?’

‘You sure know a lot about angels,’ Eddie remarked from behind them.

‘My daddy was a pastor so I know all about the angels. Which ones did you meet Amy the angel?’

‘Gabrielle,’ she answered before she realized it and instantly wished she could take it back. The girls face lit up and she hugged Amy tighter with girlish squeal as a sense of false safety washed over her. Amy didn’t really know a whole lot about James or his family but she could tell they weren’t angels. They didn’t have wings and there had only been twelve of them, well now she guessed there were only ten of them left. Whatever they were they seemed to have fled when the world needed them the most.

‘Where is he? Are they coming to protect us?’ she asked and Amy refused to answer this time. With everything she had seen she doubted they would come to save anyone. Those who did want to protect the people had been forced into hiding in fear that their crazed leader would kill them for defying his orders to stand aside and watch the world burn. Catherine had paid the ultimate sacrifice for what she had believed in and Amy had watched in horror, powerless to do anything.

A sudden blinding pain rocked through Amy’s entire body and she felt herself falling to the ground, pushing the girl she had been holding a second ago aside roughly as she clutched at her head. It was the most intense pain she had ever felt in her life and it felt both physical and emotional, like someone had ripped her heart from her chest and crushed it while she watched with fixed eyes. She could feel her body screaming and it was all she could do not to pass out where she lay. A single name was branded into the walls of her mind and she knew instantly what it meant, even though she had no idea how. Alexander, the fifth born had been killed.

No sooner than it had started she could feel the pain start to ebb away as her body visibly shook. She could feel a soft tugging through the distance and knew where he had died, but her brain struggled with the concept of teleporting. She had seen the immortals do it numerous times but when she tried to wrap her mind around it she couldn’t concentrate.

‘Get up NOW!’ she heard Eddie yell as he roughly tugged at the loose trench coat around her naked body. Amy was still recovering and could barely move, but she could still taste the man’s emotions in the air and knew he was beyond angry and scared now. He felt threatened. Amy guessed he thought she was playing possum for an attempt to make an escape and if she didn’t follow his commands he would get rid of the threat for good.

‘You leave my guardian angel alone!’ the little girl screamed wildly and Amy could hear her launch her tiny body at the man with the gun. There was sickening sound as bones broke under pressure and Eddie cried out in agony.

Like a shot Amy was on her feet once again and stepped in between the man and the helpless child as he raised the butt of his pistol in the air to strike at the poor thing that had just bit down hard on his hand and drawn blood. Before he could even complete the strike Amy’s hand was on his chest and she thrust out sending him flying out of the dark alley and into the middle of a destroyed street, smashing into the side of a burned out car.

‘Are you okay child?’ she asked, turning to the little girl who smiled happily at her guardian, a small dribble of blood on her lips from when she had bit Eddie.

‘You saved me again!’ she exclaimed, ‘My name is Anna Milton.’

Anna stuck out her tiny hand with a smile and Amy couldn’t help but shake it. The instant their hands touched a loud crack tore through the still air and something hard struck Amy in the back followed by three more cracks and three more hits. The impacts of the bullets on her skin felt like nothing more than someone flicking mosquitoes off her and she once again had to pull her emotions in as rage threatened to overtake her. Not managing to stave off the anger entirely she spun around and in one leap, faster than the blink of an eye she was on Eddie, her hands grabbing him by the front of his shirt and lifting him high into the air.

‘You could have killed Anna!’ she breathed, ‘Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t kill you right here!’

‘Please don’t!’ he pleaded, dropping the gun from his fingers and raising both hands high above his head, ‘I didn’t mean to hurt her but out on the streets now a days it’s kill or be killed!’

‘I am an angel of the heavens!’ she roared, using the role Anna had already given her to scare the man she held.

‘I’m sorry it won’t happen again! Please j…just don’t kill me! I’ll change! I… I swear!’

Anna was suddenly beside Amy and she looked up at her with her bright green eyes, ‘I believe him,’ she said softly. Amy found herself gently putting the man back on his feet, ensnared by the girl’s innocent outlook. There was certain wisdom in her words and Amy couldn’t help but trust her judgement. There was something about this child that wasn’t natural, but it was in a good way.

‘If I find out you went back on your promise I will hunt you down myself,’ she said with an icy edge to her voice as she looked at the cowering man who knelt before her, his hands pressed together in a prayer that Amy wondered if anyone was actually listening to.

Anna smiled and jumped back into her arms, locking her legs around her waist so she wouldn’t fall and snuggling her cheek against Amy’s neck once again. ‘I love you,’ she sighed softly into Amy’s long hair and the quasi-immortal couldn’t help but return the sentiment. There was just something about this child in her arms that she couldn’t put her finger on. Amy knew she would protect Anna with her life if it came down to it.

‘What now?’ Eddie asked, his voice quivering slightly at the prospect of asking a direct question to the strange woman who had almost ripped his head from his shoulders.

‘I bring Anna somewhere safe and then I have to go find someone,’ Amy answered, bouncing the girl in her arms gently.

‘I want to go with you!’ Anna pouted.

‘You can’t sweetie, it will be too dangerous.’

‘But you can protect me!’

Amy gently pulled Anna from her chest and held her out a little so she could look directly into those pretty green eyes that seemed to stare right into her soul, ‘What I have to do will be very dangerous and is no place for a pretty little girl like you. If anything were to happen to you it would hurt me Anna. I need you to stay safe so I can do what needs to be done.’

Anna thought about Amy’s words for a second then slowly nodded, buying into the half-truth she had been told. She would be in danger if Amy brought her along with her, but it wouldn’t be from the monsters that hunted people in the streets. The innocent misguided ideal Anna held on to about the angels coming to save them would be shattered if she saw the way the immortals tore at one another’s throats and Amy didn’t think she could recover from such a sight.

‘Where’s the safest place I can take Anna?’ she asked Eddie.

The man quickly pulled a torn up map from his pocket and flipped it around until he found where they currently were, towards the outskirts of the Bronx. Amy noticed a large red dot not far from the western edge of Central Park and Eddie told her that was where the ‘aliens’ portal was located at, and under no circumstance was she to go near it. The demons had established a beach head in that area and were slowly pushing forward from it each day, exterminating every human they came across before moving on to another block. The further you got from Central Park the less likely you were to see a demon roaming around, but they did send scouts out so you still had to be very careful when moving around.

‘If we can get out of the city we should be pretty safe, then we can head to the military camp that is supposed to be around here,’ Eddie said as he plotted a route on the map with his finger.

‘Supposed to be?’

‘Well yeah, we don’t really have any real information on it. Everything we know is just rumour people bring in when we find them. Whenever we send a runner out that way they don’t return and we think they don’t even arrive. If there really is a military camp out there then the aliens know about it and don’t want anyone going near it.’

‘What about the hideout you were gathering food for?’ Amy asked trying to find another option that didn’t put anyone in danger.

‘It’s back here,’ he answered pointing to a spot on the map that was back in the city, ‘but I wouldn’t recommend going there. Sure it’s safe and all, but for how long? It’s no place for a kid that’s for sure.’

Amy looked at the map held out before her and wracked her brains as she tried to think of the best thing to do. She knew deep down in her heart that Anna had to be protected at all costs, and if Eddie was right about the demons pushing their lines forward each day then there was no such thing as a safe place within the city limits. But the military staging area he was talking about was a long distance from where they were now and there was the chance that a demon hunting party was guarding the way making sure no one got through.

‘I’m going to take Anna to the military base,’ she started slowly, ‘I don’t expect you to take that risk Eddie so I’ll understand if you turn back now.’

‘Are you kidding me?’ he laughed, ‘after what you did to that alien with just your bare hands there is no way in hell I’m going to leave your side if it means getting free passage out of this hell hole! What are we waiting for? Let’s go!’

The journey through the lifeless city was an eerie experience and on countless occasions they had to stop and hide in a looted or burned out building while a pack of gnarled demons wandered past looking for their next meal. Each time they hid from the hideous creatures Amy could feel the power in her body struggle to get out and she knew if she wanted to she could rip them to shreds with little to no effort, but with Anna refusing to let her go Amy had to be mindful of what could happen if she did get into another fight.

Through the thick black clouds that seemed to hover over the city a few stray rays of sunlight managed to sneak through and herald the start of a new day. After just hiding from a group of over grown scaled dog like demons they slipped from the shadow of the tavern they had taken refuge in and clung close to the walls as they headed down the street. The going was rough as they had to climb over fallen buildings, over turned cars and buses, and hide at the first hint of danger and Amy was beginning to wonder if she had made the right choice; if she had decided to go to Eddie’s little hideout they would be there already.

‘You know if you were a real angel you could just fly us there with your wings,’ Eddie said as he thought out loud and Amy knew he still wasn’t totally sold on the idea she had tried to force down his throat.

‘Be nice to her!’ Anna replied angrily, ‘Maybe she’s a fallen angel and lost her wings!’

Anna and Eddie quietly bickered back and forth about what Amy was and she was surprised that the youngster was not only managing to hold her own but also stump the older man a few times in the process. Amy didn’t include herself in the debate because, first of all she just didn’t know anything about herself anymore, and two because she was starting to feel uncomfortable. Something was happening very far away from where they were and she could feel all the anger and sorrow flow through the air, sinking deep into her bones until it became a part of her.

She withdrew into her own mind, focusing on the feelings she was being pelted with trying to see if she could discern what was going on. There was a lot of anger, that much was for sure but there was also sorrow and it was almost as powerful. She was so focused on trying to figured out what happening that she only realized at the very last moment they weren’t alone anymore. A horrible stench was wafting through the air and she knew instantly that a demon was stalking them.

‘WATCH OUT!’ Anna cried out a second before Amy could but it was already too late and the two girls watched in horror as a massive clawed hand ripped through the chest of Eddie, blood splattering their faces as a blood curdling scream escaped his lips. The claw that tore through his soft flesh vanished back in the direction it had come from and the loss of pressure on the wound caused Eddie’s organs to spill out into a steaming pile on the ground as he fell to the side, his eyes wide and staring at something only he could see now.

‘HIDE!’ Amy yelled out as she let Anna down and the small girl rushed off to hide inside an over turned car, her pale face staring out at the scene unfolding. A massive humanoid like demon stood before Amy, towering over her small height. Its eyes were large and pure red like burning coals and its head was crowned with a savage set of horns reaching into the air. Its body was muscled and red in color, with two massive arms and clawed hands. Its face was like a twisted skull and its lower jaw had been removed, showing a massively thick and barbed tongue that hung freely between a large set of fangs that dripped with ruby red blood.

Like a flash of lightning the demon slashed its massive clawed hands toward Amy and she barely had enough time to duck out the way even with all her new strength and speed. Calling forth every ounce of power she had in her bones she flipped over the back of the creature and grabbed its head in her small hands, applying an insane amount of pressure to crush the skull like she had the first one. She had barely even managed to get a grip when the demon stepped aside, brushing her hands off and hitting her square in the chest with its elbow hard enough to send her flying into a nearby wall where she landed heavily.

The strike knocked the breath out of her lungs and she struggled to her feet, her head spinning from the pain she was in. Four shots from a gun to the back had been nothing to her but this creature was far stronger than that and Amy knew one wrong move would spell her death. She had seen Catherine fight Ares and admired the speed she used to get the upper hand on a much stronger opponent. If it hadn’t been for Ares using Amy as a shield Catherine might have won that battle, and Amy knew if she had any hope of living through this one she would need to be just as fast.

The demon levelled its shoulder and charged at Amy hoping to catch her off guard and smash her through the wall. Relying less on her sheer strength and more on her speed she jumped high into the air and landed hard on the ground behind the charging demon, the cement cracking under the power of the landing. The red skinned monster had put all its momentum into the charge and couldn’t stop quickly enough as it barrelled through the wall with a loud smash as it disappeared from sight.

Amy was smart enough to know the fight wasn’t over yet and that the enemy she was facing hadn’t been hurt from the stumble it too, and sure enough a half second later the top of the two story building it crashed into erupted with a cloud of dust and debris as the demon tore through it and flew towards Amy. Its claws were reaching right towards her, their extremely sharp tips glinting in the pale light on the street. Once again Amy moved out of the way, stepping to the side as the talons harmlessly flew past her, but this time she kicked out with her left foot and caught the demon directly in the knee, the bone and cartilage snapping from the vicious attack.

The demon let loose a howl of pure rage and brought its self-back to standing, the shattered leg crunching loudly with each step. Amy had the upper hand now though, with the broken leg it wouldn’t be able to build up enough speed to catch her and she took full advantage of it, dancing back and forth around it and landing multiple powerful strikes before the demon could even turn to face her. With each punch she could feel the soft muscle rupture and the bone crack under her hands and after a few minutes the demon could barely move let alone pose any real threat anymore.

Feeling a little winded Amy stopped a few feet away from her broken foe, ready to move in for the final blow that would kill it for good. As she stepped closer the massive tongue suddenly shot out from its half jaw and grabbed her around the neck, the sharp barbs digging into her hard flesh. Amy could feel the hot blood pour from the small wounds as she was being pulled closer to the disgusting maw and she couldn’t stop it from happening. She tried to tear the tongue out of its horrible mouth but the barbs cut into her hands and she could feel her strength starting to vanish as she bled. She could hear Anna screaming from her hiding place as Amy got closer to the monster and she realized that if she was going to die here then Anna wouldn’t be too far behind.

Panic gripped at her as she thought of the poor girl being shredded to ribbons, her shrieks shooting through the air for help that would never come. The fear was paralyzing and Amy couldn’t help but think about Catherine and how she would handle this situation. She would easily fare better than Amy was doing so far, that much was for sure. Amy had watch her stand toe to toe against her older brother when she already knew the outcome, she knew that in the end she would fall to his spear and yet she faced him with a courage that Amy just couldn’t muster. Was this how it was going to end for her? Had her friends sacrifice been in vein? Whatever was happening to Amy, the powers she had somehow received, was for a reason and Cat had made sure Amy survived when she herself could not. But there she was now, staring at her enemy with nothing but fear filling her heart as she was about to die.

The two massive gangs were mere inches from her exposed neck now and Amy could feel the rancid breath of the demon waft over her skin. Thick globs of black poison dripped from the apparently hollow fangs and Amy knew if they punctured her skin she would die in horrible agony as the poison melted all her organs like a spider did to its prey.

‘You are better than this Amy,’ Cat’s voice said in her head, ‘Are you going to allow yourself to die so easily when the life of a child rides on your survival?’

‘I’m not strong enough!’ she cried out loud.

‘You are stronger than you realize my dear,’ the voice said gently, ‘If you die now all is lost! Don’t leave Gabrielle to walk this path alone!’

James’s handsome face popped into her mind’s eye and she gasped when she saw him, her fear of dying only being out done by her fear of never seeing him again. With a terrifying scream of determination she grabbed the sides of the demons head and gathered what strength she had left as she tore it in half, black blood exploding out as the skull shattered in two. The demon cried out in pain as its head split open to expose the black brain hidden beneath the skull and Amy shoved her fist through the soft flesh as the life instantly left the demon, its tongue going limp as it unrolled from around her neck.

Before Amy could even catch her breath Anna rushed her, throwing her tiny frame against her in a fully body hug, fresh tears streaming down her cheeks as she cried freely in both fear and happiness that her guardian angel had won the fight. Amy threw her arms around the child and hugged her tight, feeling the warmth of her youth radiate through her own body and her own tears joined Anna’s.

After a few minutes Amy let Anna down and quickly walked over to Eddie’s ravaged body and searched his pockets until she found the blood covered map. While keeping it out of sight of the small girl Amy cleaned the blood off as best she could with the bottom of her trench coat then shoved it into one of the inside pockets before reaching back for Anna and lifting her into her arms.

Not wanting to be around for another attack Amy broke into a run, her powerful legs pushing her to great speeds no ordinary human could hope to keep up with. The buildings dashed past them in a blur as the wind tossed their silky hair back with a road in their ears. Anna was exhilarated with the speed and her bubbly laughter sounded like the peel of small bells tinkling in her ears. Amy tried not to let the infectious laughter get to her but she was powerless against it. With the wind whipping past her and Anna giggling into her neck she quickly found herself laughing too as the weight of the world slipped from her shoulders.

She was barely tapping into her potential and it was already becoming addictive, she couldn’t imagine how James felt when he used his powers to the fullest and could do pretty much anything that he set his mind on. The question that she was dying to have answered the most was rebounding off the walls of her skull like a child’s bouncy ball and her laughter died in her throat. What was she now? Was she like James and his brothers and sisters or some kind of mutant? Was she as strong as the others were? What if Ares suddenly showed up and tried to kill her, she didn’t even know if she would be a match for him. After seeing what he could do she figured she wasn’t, she would fall before him just like Cat had but Amy wouldn’t be able to put up the sort of fight her friend had.

Before she knew it the buildings had all but disappeared as they left the city far behind them and rushed through the clean street. They were getting very close and Amy sighed in relief thinking they had gotten away safe and sound, but in the back of her mind she knew it was too good to be true. She had only seen a handful of demons on the way here and only got into a single fight; things couldn’t possibly be this easy. Could they?

As if to kick sand in her face fate threw another speed bump in her way as something streaked in from the sky above them and smashed into the road like a meteor sending the earth flying in every direction as a shockwave resembling a wave on the ocean crashed out from the impact zone and tossed both Amy and Anna tumbling as she lost her footing. Amy quickly hid the small girl behind her body as she feared another attack but in the large crater before her a young woman climbed out, her golden armour shining in the sunlight and two wicked daggers clutched in each hand.

Sheer joy shot through her blood like adrenaline as she recognized the armour this woman wore as being the same she had seen Erin and Cat in; she was an immortal. With a wide grin and a girlish squeak Amy bounced forward intending to hug this beautiful creature and thank the gods she had been delivered from the heavens to her. The woman didn’t move as Amy drew closer and at the last second she saw the glint of the golden daggers slicing through the air to her exposed throat, a wicked grin on the woman’s face. Amy barely avoided the fatal attack, one of the daggers scratching her skin as blinding pain shot through her body. Like a shot she bounced back towards Anna and took a protective position. This was definitely an immortal, but not one of good ones Amy had been hoping to find.

‘How did you do that?’ the woman screeched as she watched Amy bounce around at impossible speeds.

Amy brushed her hand against the scratch on her throat and looked at the golden blood smeared across her skin, then held it out for the immortal to see. Her face twisted in disgust in rage when she saw the blood and she let out a terrifying scream that shook the very earth beneath them. In a flash the woman closed the vast distance between them and slashed at Amy with her golden daggers with such an extreme speed that Amy had trouble tracking the attacks and getting out of the way.

Amy grabbed the back of Anna’s shirt and hefted her out of the way, running as fast as she could in the opposite direction of the crazed woman. It was of no use though as the much stronger immortal used powers Amy couldn’t seem to wield and teleported right in front of them, her daggers slashing through the front of Amy’s already tattered trench coat. She let go of Anna and screamed at her to run while she engaged the immortal knowing that was the only chance she would have at escaping alive. Fighting demons was one thing, there was no way in hell she could survive an attack against someone who had been an immortal for thousands of years.

‘I’m not here for the child!’ the woman screamed and slashed at Amy again, the daggers missing her throat by mere inches as she summersaulted backwards, ‘Your mate killed my husband and I will show him the pain he has caused me!’

‘Stop Sarin!’ Amy called, the name suddenly coming to her mind, ‘We don’t have to do this!’

Sarin was beyond being talked down though and dashed back in at blinding speeds, her daggers flashing as she attacked from every conceivable direction as she tried to kill the once weak human. Amy’s arms and hands bled golden blood from wounds she had sustained trying to protect her vital areas, not able to match the sheer speed she was facing. Amy pulled all her power together to enhance her speed but she still had nothing on the shadow like Sarin who seemed to disappear and then reappear an instant later somewhere else entirely. It was so fast that even her new eyes couldn’t keep up with it and the dagger ripped into her flesh over and over again until she collapsed onto one knee covered in her own blood.

The pain from being cut by an immortals blade was even more intense than when that demon had wrapped its barbed tongue around her neck and she couldn’t supress the tears that stained her dirty cheeks. Sarin appeared before her, holding the dagger to her tender throat with grim determination in her eyes as she claimed her final revenge for what had happened to her husband. Amy wasn’t done though and she quickly jumped back, letting the strength flow through her body as she let her instincts take over. She didn’t know how to fight like they did but her body knew and would guide her through the motions if she let it. Her human fears and weakness’s lingered in her blood and held her back but if she let them go she could become what she truly was!

Intense heat built up inside her body and unleashed a torrent of silver flames as it consumed the black trench coat around her slender frame. The fire washed over her naked skin and she felt her cuts and bruises heal instantly as the power increased inside her. As the fire burned and then died golden armour materialized on her body as she accepted what she had become whole heartedly. Sarin, still in a fit of rage charged the new immortal with her daggers and Amy saw the moves she hadn’t been able to see before. She quickly stepped aside as the daggers missed completely and drove her elbow into Sarin’s jaw with a satisfying crunch. Sarin wasn’t over powered by this fledgling though and quickly adjusted her stance to bring her daggers dangerously close to Amy’s face as she leapt aside and landed like a cat five feet away.

‘DIE!’ Sarin roared and charged again, her bloodlust taking over her actions completely and Amy found her attacks to be more predictable. Using her fist she punched one of the daggers out of Sarin’s hands and ducked underneath the second easily enough before slamming her closed fist right into the immortals plated chest hard enough to crack the armour a little.

In a moment of pride at what she had just accomplished she didn’t realize her foe had started moving to her side and was helpless as the dagger cut into the back of her leg almost down to the bone. The pain radiated through her entire body and she collapsed to her knees, crying out in agony at the wound that had just got her while Sarin shifted her body weight and kicked Amy in the side of the head hard enough to toss her ten feet away until she landed in the grass. In an instant Sarin was on top of her, her free hand tangled in Amy’s hair as she pulled her head up and held the dagger back at her throat. Using a move Amy had seen James use when he was fighting Ares she threw her head back as hard as she could and caught her attacker on the jaw and then jumped forward as Sarin lost her grip on Amy.

Amy quickly turned on the spot and with pure instinct she held her right hand straight out in front of her the exact instant Catherine’s golden bow appeared in her grasp, her left hand drawing the heavy string back as an arrow of pure energy appeared on it. With blood dripping from her thin lips Sarin stood back up and summoned both her daggers back into her hand, showing no fear as she saw Amy with her sister’s weapon.

‘Just stay back!’ Amy commanded hoping the immortal would do as she asked but knowing in the back of her mind that this was only going to end in one way; one of them would have to die.

‘You’re already dead!’ Sarin roared in response and launched herself at Amy. Without closing her eyes Amy released the golden bow string and watched as the arrow caught Sarin in the chest, punching through the thin crack in the armour and sinking deep into her body as she was shot backwards from the impact. As if in a daze Sarin brought herself to her knees and grabbed the shaft of the arrow, golden blood pouring from the wound and her hands as she gripped the arrow.

‘It’s over now Sarin! No one has to die here!’

Amy took a few steps closer and was shocked when she saw the tears hanging to the beautiful woman’s eyelashes and her face twisted in a look of pure fear. ‘You’re wrong sister,’ she cried, ‘Kill me!’

‘I can’t do that!’

There was a soft pop at Amy’s side and she quickly turned her bow on the new comer, finding a gorgeous blonde woman dressed in the same armour as her and a sad look on her face. Amy didn’t recognize her but knew she had been at the council where she had first seen what these people could do. She hadn’t been one of immortals to get into the fight that had broken out so she hadn’t paid her much attention.

‘Will you do it Elizabeth?’ Sarin asked weakly looking at her sister.

‘I will not sister,’ she replied and then looked over at Amy who still pointed her bow at her, ‘You must do it Amy, it is the only way. Gabrielle killed her husband Alexander and she will not stop until she has killed you or until you have killed her. The agony she feels at her lose will haunt her for as long as she lives and by ending it now you are sparing her from the pain Amy.’

‘I won’t kill her! I can’t!’

Sarin rose to her feet and slowly made her way closer to Amy, blood dripping to the ground with each shaky step. A single dagger appeared in her hand and she held it out in front of her, her arm shaking as she tried to provoke Amy into doing what she asked for. She pointed the bow back at the wounded woman, pulling the string back to conjure another arrow as she struggled to release it. She had seen what the immortals did to each other, what they had been put through by Ares. If James were here he would finish it, but he wasn’t and Amy couldn’t bring herself to do it. She knew the pain they would all feel at the loss of yet another sibling would be intense and she wouldn’t be responsible for that.

‘Do it Amy!’ Elizabeth yelled as tears stung at her own eyes now.


‘Please,’ Sarin panted, ‘Don’t let me live with this p…p… pain!’

It wasn’t the pleading or the gentle prodding by Elizabeth that made her do it, rather the soft voice of Anna as she pulled herself from a nearby ditch and looked directly into Amy’s eyes with so much sadness it was hard to look away from. ‘It will be over for her my angel. She will feel no more pain.’

As a single tear rolled down her cheek Amy let go of the string and looked away as one final arrow streaked through the air and ended the life of someone who had once stood for justice. The pain of the loss struck both the remaining immortals there and Amy collapsed to her knees as her tears came freely now, gasping for air as it felt like her mind was going to explode as another name was written in her brain. Sarin, sixth born and wife to Alexander.

Anna was immediately in Amy’s arms and hugging her neck as she cried alongside her guardian angel, almost as if the pain was affecting her as well. Amy kissed her softly on the cheek and stood back up, bringing the small child with her as she was the one who now refused to let go. Somehow Anna was able to lessen the pain Amy felt and the longer she held onto her the better it got, like a calming bath on aching muscles. Elizabeth’s soft hand was on Amy’s shoulder as she offered what little comfort she could and Amy had to fight the urge to shrug her off, holding her partially responsible for what she had just done.

‘You did well sister,’ she spoke softly.

‘I never want to do that again!’

‘It might not be that simple Amy, there is still a long road ahead of us and you will have to protect yourself from our enemies. Once Ares finds out what you have become he will stop at nothing to erase your presence from this world.’

‘And what am I?’ Amy spat, a little angrier than she had intended to.

‘I don’t know exactly, but I have a feeling Catherine was behind it. She had a reason for doing everything and in time your reason will become clear. One thing is clear now, you are one of us sister.’

‘I don’t want to be anymore! Killing your own family is not right and I do not want to be a part of it!’

Anna nuzzled into her cheek and heaved a sigh as Elizabeth moved until she was standing right in front of Amy, ‘We did not start this sister, Ares did. Something in him has changed and it threatens everything that we are. If he isn’t stopped we will all die and the planet will be razed. Do you not wish to protect these people? You hold onto the little child as if your life depended on it, what if Ares came for her? Would you just watch in silence as he killed her? I did that very thing when Gabrielle’s human mate was killed by him and the decision to not say a word haunts me every second of my long life.’

Amy held Anna closer to her chest and thought about that for a moment. No, she would not let anything happen to this innocent little girl, she knew that much for sure. But she still didn’t want any of this! She didn’t want to be embroiled in a war on two fronts knowing that everything was riding on their shoulders. It was too much for her and she almost hated Cat for giving her these powers.

‘Do you want to see your Gabrielle?’ she asked and Amy gently nodded her head, ‘Bring the child with you; she will not be harmed where we go.’ Elizabeth gently touched her shoulder once more and Amy felt the earth fall away from her as she was rocketed through space at a blazing speed.

As Amy was deposited at her destination Anna was gently pulled from her arms while Elizabeth’s voice spoke softly into her mind, ‘She won’t be safe when you first set eyes on Gabrielle so I will take her somewhere she can rest. Have fun sister.’

Amy found herself standing in the center of a small desert island in the middle of a great ocean that stretched on and on with no sight of land on the horizon in any direction. Half a dozen tall palm trees dotted the island and the largest moon she had ever seen hung low in the sky, so close Amy wondered if she could actually reach out and touch it. Standing with his back to her James looked out over the vast blue ocean, his armour twinkling in the pale light escaping the massive moon. Amy immediately saw a difference in him, from the way he held himself and the massive muscles that had seemingly appeared overnight. He had been gorgeous to her from the moment she met him years ago but now, standing in the moonlight he was simply stunning and she felt compelled to call out to him in his old name.

‘Gabrielle,’ she breathed and he slowly turned to face her, his bright blue eye shimmering as they met her and a wide grin crossed his stoic face. Passion instantly swelled within her and she launched herself at him, jumping into his massive arms so hard they both tumbled through the sand in a fit of giggles as their lips met in a powerful kiss.

The instant their lips met Amy felt a hole that she hadn’t even realized had been gaping in her being fill up and shine brightly as the one person she would ever love held her tightly, her mind wanting to explode from joy. There was nothing gentle about the way they held one another and the lust was so powerful she didn’t want it to be. She wanted to feel his strength as he made love to her, feel his power roll over both of them in an explosive dance that she hoped could last for the rest of eternity. Without even thinking about it her golden armour vanished from her body the same instant his did and their bodies touched for the first time in what seemed like years, the warmth expanding exponentially as the feel of his hard body against her sent shockwaves of pleasure down her spine.

They had barely even moved but Amy was panting, sucking in deep gulps of air as the sensations ravaged her tender mind. James’s strong hand reached around her back, pressing her closer to him as she felt his heart race beneath his chest and his lips found the crook of her neck and he kissed along her jawline. Each kiss was like a live wire against her skin, a pleasure so powerful it almost hurt and she craved it more. Her hands touched his hard abs, feeling each muscle as it rippled under her hand and she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as each second passed.

The most intense situation she was feeling was the swirl of emotions radiating off their bodies, mingling and exploding like fireworks as their passion deepened. For the first time she could feel the effect she had on him, taste the want that was wafting off him in waves and she sucked it all in as her stomach constricted in anticipation. James’s lips lingered on her throat, tracing a soft scratch she had received from Sarin as his hands found their way to her ass and cupped each cheek, his touch sending shots of electricity through her nipples and clit as she moaned out loud. She couldn’t help but laugh a little about how naive she had been before; thinking the best thing she had ever felt was when James was buried deep inside her body when she was still mortal. That sensation had nothing on this and it the memory started to fade like a dream.

Suddenly she was lifted to her feet as James hauled her up with no effort, their lips meeting again as she stuck her tongue out and propped at his soft fleshy lips looking for an opening. He immediately opened his mouth and her tongue brushed up against his as she wrapped her hands around his back and pulled him closer, her large erection poking her flat stomach leaving a small trail of pre-cum on her flesh. Amy wanted to take control, the toss James down and straddle him but he wasn’t having any of that. When he felt her shift her weight he quickly broke the kiss and leaned forward as he sent them both flying through the air once again. A palm tree splintered under their impact and they landed in the soft sand as the tree collapsed on top of them with a crash but it did nothing to stop them.

He was on top of her now and he used his legs to spread hers open so he could settle between them, his hard cock a few inches from her tingling opening that cried out to be touched. Amy looked into his eyes and saw her own lust mirrored in them and in less than a second he buried his full length deep inside her, his balls slapping against her ass with a satisfying smack as she cried out in pleasure at the feeling. She dug her sharp nails into his back just above his toned ass and used the grip as leverage as she tried to induce a blistering pace for him to drive into her. She could feel little dots of blood pop up under her nails and for a moment she feared she had hurt him, but when she looked back into his face she saw nothing but pleasure there as he trust in and out of her for all he was worth.

His movements were powerful and each time he sunk his full length into her tight pussy they’d both slide a few feet along in the sand as the deafening crack of their lovemaking rang in their ears. Sparks were literally flying before her eyes and she could feel every single little bump and groove along his shaft as he sank it repeatedly into her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled his face down to hers as their lips mashed together again. The pleasure was too intense and she felt her body start to tighten up, her pussy muscles pulsating along his cock as the most powerful orgasm ripped through her causing her to scream out at the top of her lungs, her toes curling and her heart pumping so fast she was afraid it would burst from her chest.

Before her intense orgasm slowed James lifted her into the air and threw her back against another palm tree, the rough bark almost like silk across her sensitive skin. His teeth gently pulled at her bottom lip and she ran her hands through his hair as his pace picked up even more and he used his cock like a jackhammer on her soaking wet pussy.

‘Faster!’ she cried out as another smaller orgasm washed over her and she clenched every muscle in her body, ‘I want to feel you explode inside me!’

As if he was just waiting for her to beg him James’s movements became erratic and she could feel his rock hard cock tense inside her as the first spurt of burning hot cum splashed inside her sending waves of pleasure through her. Gob after gob of his sticky hot cum filled her up until it felt like she couldn’t hold anymore and she could feel it dribble out of her pussy and along his shaft as it fell to the sand with soft sounds. His arms squeezed her tightly and she clung to him for all it was worth as their hearts, minds, and bodies became one and a sense of peace filled both of them.

When James was finally able to move on his own again he gently let her down, his arms never letting go though and he kissed her gently on her now tender lips. Amy knew neither of them was completely satisfied and they could probably go on like this for weeks before they needed to take a break, but with the initial passion fading a bit the rest of the world came crashing back down on them.

‘I love you so much,’ she whispered into his ear, ‘You have no idea how much I’ve missed you!’

James pulled her closer and rested his cheek on the top of her head, ‘I love you too Amy,’ he whispered, ‘I thought I had lost you forever.’

‘Never!’ she said fiercely, ‘Now I will never have to let you go!’

James suddenly pulled himself from her and turned around, looking back out over the glimmering ocean as his shoulders dropped a bit, ‘How is this possible?’ he asked, ‘None of this makes any sense! We don’t have the power to make people immortal, only the gods can do that!’

Amy stepped towards him and wrapped her arms around his chest, resting her head on the back of his shoulder as she spoke, ‘All I remember is holding Cat in my arms as she died, then there was an intense light and I was in so much pain that I passed out. When I woke up I was different, I crushed a demons skull in my hands! Whatever is happening to me I think it might be a good thing. I never have to leave your side and we can be together for the rest of eternity.’

‘Or until Ares comes down on us,’ he sighed, ‘We still can’t find him and the demon armies are spreading across the world. If we don’t catch a break soon everything will be lost.’

Suddenly the small island they were standing on was full of people as the night was interrupted by soft pops as they teleported in, their golden armour sparkling in the moons light. Apollo, Serenity, Elizabeth, and Erin stood before them, some wearing soft smiles at the sight of their brand new sister and others had sad frowns at what they had just discovered. Anna was standing next to Elizabeth half hiding behind her legs as she smiled out at Amy, her green eyes shimmering in the light.

‘Brother,’ Erin spoke, the eldest of them besides Ares, ‘We have grim news.’

‘What is it?’ James asked as his armour suddenly appeared over his naked body. Feeling a little underdressed Amy pictured herself wearing her armour and a half second later it appeared over her frame.

‘Serenity and Apollo tracked Ares down, but I’m not sure I am able to believe what they have told me.’

The large black man with dreads stepped forward, dropping his wife’s hand as he pulled his trident into existence, ‘We searched for hours in every hiding place we could think of but found nothing. We were about ready to give up when we happened across a group of refugees fleeing Tokyo as the dragons picked them off from above. We helped them escape and when they were safe they told us stories of others like us near the a nexus in the heart of the city killing any human they came across and even protecting the demons from harm. We wouldn’t have believed it if we hadn’t seen it with our own eyes.’

Stunned silence shot through the gathered immortals at this discovery and Amy could feel disgust bubble up deep inside her at the prospect. Everything she knew about the immortals was that they were here to prevent the demons from destroying everything the gods had created, yet now there were some of them that were actually helping them along!

‘This needs to end now Gabrielle!’ Serenity spat as she joined her husband in front of him. Amy looked at the love of her life and saw the weight of the world on his shoulders weighing him down. The others seemed to turn to him as their new leader and she could see why. He was powerful both in look and in stance, Amy had always thought of him as a natural leader and it seemed she wasn’t the only one.

‘I agree,’ he said slowly, ‘It needs to be done. Our brother Ares has gone so far from the path that he is lost to us forever!’

‘We have them outnumbered now,’ Erin spoke, ‘We should be able to take them easily!’

‘You are forgetting the demons sister,’ Apollo said gently, ‘They will not just let us run up to their gate. But with all of us together we should be able to break their lines.’

‘No!’ James said loudly, ‘Elizabeth’s husband Tobias will be there and we cannot ask her confront him, it is too cruel. As for Amy I don’t think it would be a good idea if she were there as well.’

‘She is one of us Gabrielle!’ Erin defended her.

‘You’re not leaving me behind James!’ Amy protested, ‘If you don’t take me with you I will find my own way there!’

James turned to her, his eyes filled with sorrow and Amy knew he was just trying to protect her but she didn’t want that. She wanted to be by his side and protect him! Her new emotions were warring inside her and she knew if he didn’t return it would destroy her. ‘I’m sorry Amy, but this is not for your sake. If something were to happen to you in the fight I don’t know what I would do! I need total focus and if I knew you were there I wouldn’t be able to get that.’

Amy didn’t know what to say, his words didn’t change her mind but she felt a little stunned with them. He pulled her into a tight hug and kissed her on the cheek before turning back to their siblings and saying, ‘It ends now!’

With four soft pops James, Erin, Apollo and Serenity vanished from sight leaving Amy with her new sister Elizabeth and a tiny little girl digging in the sand as if she hadn’t been listening to the conversation that had taken place. A little angry Amy crossed over to Anna and knelt down beside her, helping her clear some sand away from a spot she was digging in.

‘Are you really going to just stay behind?’ Elizabeth asked softly.

‘I don’t really have a choice,’ she answered, ‘I don’t really know how to teleport.’

Anna looked up at her guardian angel softly and flashed her a small smile, placing her small dirty hand on Amy’s larger one. ‘You’re an angel, you can do anything!’

‘I wish I could sweetheart.’

The three of them remained silent for a while, Amy expecting at any moment she would feel the pain of losing another brother or sister and hoping it wouldn’t be James. She desperately wanted to be down there with them fighting to protect everyone who couldn’t protect themselves but she had no way of doing it. After about ten minutes Elizabeth finally knelt down next to her and Anna, her soft golden hair bouncing on her slender shoulders.

‘I will take you.’

‘What?’ Amy exclaimed loudly, scaring Anna into destroying a section of her sand castle, ‘But your husband is down there!’

‘I think if I talk to him I can convince him that what he is doing is wrong,’ she said sadly, ‘I won’t fight him, but I know deep down he is the good man I fell in love with still and he has just been misled by Ares.’

‘What about Anna?’

‘I’ll stay here,’ the small girl said happily, ‘it’s really pretty here and I know you will come back to get me when you have saved the world.’

Amy found herself standing; a sense of purpose filling her body as she knew what she had to do. She still felt the need to protect Anna but knew the girl would be safe as long as she stayed here, the immortals weren’t after her after all and she doubted the demons would find this place. Elizabeth stood next to her now and with a stiff nod she clutched her hand in her own and they shot across time and space towards their destiny.

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