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My name is Jesinta Jovanoski. I am a 16 year old school girl, who is thinly built at (32-25-34); my breasts haven’t developed like most girls my age and was a B-cup. I am a brunette, with past my shoulder straight hair. Currently I have a live in arrangement with the school Vice-Principle aka Mr. Anderson aka VP. Also I have started experiencing a new relationship with my boxing trainer, Jim Broadbent aka Jimmy.
Going to the Gym

I woke up some time after 1:00pm, naked and with a messy ass. It was sloppy from the session I had with Mr. Anderson this morning. Cum had leaked out, while i slept.

I went to the toilet and did my business, and then showered. Once I had showered, I dressed in my gym clothes and gathered my gym bag.

My gym training gear usually consisted of; a loose hoodie, tracksuit pants and runners, along with shorts and a sports bra.

I caught the bus to the venue and walked through the doors as per usual. I had never been to gym this early and there were different people there training. Jimmy was there, which was a relief.

What I didn’t expect was some of the Sudanese gang members, that I had runs in with a year ago. The ones that used hassle me, when I used to mule packages, for the biker club.

They spotted me straight away, and whispered amongst themselves. I pretended not to notice them and went ahead to the women’s change rooms.

When I returned, there was only one of them there. The others had disappeared and left.

The lone Sudanese or Congolese guy was lifting weights and looked like he had little interest in me being there.

So I went about my training as per usual. I hit the big bag, with both my fists and feet; before moving on to the speed ball.

Then I went onto the treadmill, and then stretching before taking a cigarette break.

When I returned, Jimmy was instructing that same Sudanese looking guy.

I went back to hitting the bags with both my feet and hands. I decided that I needed a break and stretched myself out first. I then sat down on a work out bench.

While I sat with a towel over my shoulders and head; I watched the room go through the routines.

Jimmy eventually came up to me and greeted me with smile and roughed up my sweat soaked hair.

“Ok kiddo, time to see what you got, hey Sonja come here,” Jimmy said.

Sonja was one of the more experienced mixed kickboxing female fighters. She wasn’t the best. But Sonja was the stepping stone, for all wanna be fighters. If you matched up well to her, then you may become her or even better in time.

So I tied my hair in a pony tail and put my fingerless kickboxing gloves on and boots, and entered the ring. Sonja smirked at me, and cracked her knuckles.

Jimmy met up in the centre and gave us instructions. Then he told us to go to our corners.

I was very nervous and had butterflies in my stomach.

Jimmy stood in the centre of the ring with a whistle in his mouth. He pointed to us, and then blew his whistle.

Sonja hit me so hard I hit the mat, but she didn’t stop. She had me in a submission hold, before she paint brushed me head and released me. This made me, wake from the aura of worshipping her and get angry.

She came at me again, but this time I was ready for her. I did a look away spin kick which stunned her. Then I punched her in the stomach and as she folded down, I almost kicked her head off. She fell to the mat. I immediately jump on her and swung my fist at her head.
I owned her, as she tried covering up. So instead of paint brushing her, I reached and yanked her shorts down.

Exposing her private parts briefly, to whoever was watching us. Before I stood up and moved away from her.

She pulled her shorts up, a little embarrassed, but she acknowledged and showed respect to me with a nod.

We both were in our corners taking a drink. I looked around and saw we had an audience of about ten guys watching.

Jimmy blew his whistle and we attacked each other once again.

I went for my spin kick again and stunned her once again. I then went to follow up with a punch to the stomach again. But this time she was ready for it.

She caught my hand and grabbed me by the wrist and twisted it behind me. It hurt like hell, the way she twisted and bent it.

I used my agility and squirmed out of the hold. She gave me a smirk and backed off. As I backed away I decided to try kicking her again.

My leg kick went to her head, but she caught me and threw me to the mat. She then had my head and an arm in an unbreakable hold. I couldn’t get out of it.

Instead of increasing the pressure, she held it.

With a free hand she tore my shorts in half. Now I was exposed to everyone.

She whispered in my ear.

“How’s that feel, not good ah,” She smugly said.

Still in this hold I tried to kick myself free. Then something I wasn’t planning happened.

Sonja stuck two fingers inside my pussy and start finger fucking me. Oh good, what was she doing and was this even in the spirit of the fight.

I began to moan, but I was in two minds. I needed to break this hold and also I was enjoying her rough fingers inside me.

“Ooh, oh, ooh, oh, mmmh,” I moaned. I stopped trying to break free and fighting her soon.

I just gave in and for a moment, I wasn’t in the ring but miles away. I simply gave in to her pleasuring me.

“Ooh, ooh, mmmh,” I mumbled, as I orgasm.

I relaxed and let Sonja do whatever she wanted at this stage.

My eyes rolled back in head, with the wave of pleasure from my orgasm.

The guys were wolf whistling and clapping.

I began to regain my composure and saw the audience looking at me. Sonja then rubbed insult to injury by making me taste, my own wetness on her fingers.

“Finger licking good, huh,” She called out.

Jimmy blew his whistle, as he saw that the fight in me had stopped.

I felt embarrassed and ashamed, but I still embraced my victory with a hug.

Then I climbed out of ring and with head down, walked to the girl’s change rooms.

Sonja, followed me soon after.

“Sorry about that, but I needed to make a statement,” She said, and kissed me on the forehead.

“But you seemed to enjoy it, too much too,” She said and scuffed my hair.

“You reckon, there wasn’t much I could do about it, but give in,” I said, semi pissed off.

“I know, but if we spar more often, you will learn too,” Sonja kissed me on the lips, and rubbed my pussy briefly.

She then grabbed her belongings and left.

I took a shower and got changed. I was about to leave, when Jimmy called me over.

He chatted about our fight. Jimmy told me, at one stage what Sonja did to me, always happened to her by better fighters.

I also need to learn from it and will need to find away to get out of the hold or never get in it.

I told Jimmy, that Sonja spoke to me about sparring more often with her and she was going to give hints. Jimmy thought that would be good.

Jimmy hugged me. He knew I felt crappy and the hug felt good. It helped me, calm down a little.

I smiled at him, and left for home.

As I walked to the bus stop, I noticed the other Sudanese boys hanging across the road. I think they were waiting for their friend. As I walked near them, they muttered and giggled amongst themselves. I could care less. I was still angry at Sonja’s tactics. I was so angry, that I was ready to kick their asses.

The bus arrived soon after.

For the remainder of the week I had been in a real foul mood. VP picked it up straight away. Jimmy noticed it too. All I wanted to do was to kick Sonja’s ass and humiliate her.
VP would still fuck me in the ass, in the mornings. We would have more anal sex before bed, but not every night. I was beginning to suspect he had another girl on the side. VP was arriving home much later and didn’t always want to fuck me.
It didn’t bother me as I was getting my own fair share of attention elsewhere.
In the mornings I would see off VP, with an ass pounding followed by a sleep in. Then in the afternoon I would he to the gym. This usually ended, with me giving Jimmy a blowjob. Then a bus ride home.

On the Monday after my fight or spar session with Sonja, I gave Jimmy a blowjob. Afterwards I told him, I wanted to train with a guy who was into submissions. Jimmy would still train me in boxing and kicking.
Then on the next day at the gym, Jimmy introduced me to Phillip. He was the Sudanese guy; that stayed as the pack left.
He wasn’t even Sudanese but from England. He shook my hand and told me a little about himself. Phillip was once a junior contender for the Commonwealth wrestling team, as a fourteen year old. Then he got ahead of himself in some trouble. His father could change him. So his father sent him to his auntie’s, in Australia. He has no migrated to Australia, and became a citizen when he turned nineteen.
So now I had two black trainers, both of which are foreign to Australia.
Phillip taught me basic wrestling first, before teaching me submission. I tried to train with him on days, when Sonja wasn’t around.
I was happy with life once again. Phillip also told me, that his younger cousin was with the Sudanese crew and that he was not part of them. Only if his cousin’s big mouth got him in big trouble would he do something. I also found out through Phillip, that they are not all Sudanese. Some are from Congo, Sudan and of all places Jamaica. They are also deal in trouble, drugs.

So for the remainder of the week, I trained two sessions a day with Jimmy and Phillip. Come Friday, Jimmy asked me to stay back.
“Horny bugger, he just wanted a blowjob,” I thought to myself.
So after kicking the dust off the big boxing bag; I went and showered.
I was wearing; a white short tube top, blue denim cut-off shorts and my 8 slot cherry red Dr. Marten boots.
I dropped my bag outside the stairs that lead up to his office.

Jimmy was outside on the balcony looking out at the district.
“Jessy, come here my child,” He said. I walked to him and we embraced with a hug.
My hip rubbed up against his groin and I could feel the bulge in his pants. I smiled and looked up at him.

I broke our embrace and stared at his fly. Smiling and keeping eye contacted I rubbed the bulge.
“Oh Jimmy, is this all for me,” I said, seductively.
Jimmy cleared his thought.
“If you want, and then some,” He said.
“And then some,” I asked, puzzled.
“Wait and find out,” He said.
“Sounds mysterious,” I giggled.

I slowly like my top lip and lowered myself to my knees, while I unzipped Jimmy’s fly. Bringing up some phlegm, I released his cock. I spat on it and start to slowly stroke it.

Before moved it inside my mouth. “Mmmh,”

I sucked and swallowed his big cock and all the while kept my eyes, firmly on Jimmy’s facial expressions.

I continued until there was a large surplus of saliva oozing from within my lips.

Jimmy stopped me and raised me to my feet.

“You know Jess, it so hot watching you gag on my cock, but I wanna test drive your hot sweet ass one day,” He said.

I smiled and we kissed.

“How about today,” I cheekily announced.

He smiled.

Jimmy walked towards the doorway and removed his tracksuit.

I was bracing the balcony rail and looking at the view.

When Jimmy returned he squeezed my butt cheeks and tried fingering my ass thru my cut-off denim shorts.

Jimmy spanked and bit my ass cheeks thru my shorts. Before Jimmy quickly, eased my shorts down to my knees. He started to bite my bare ass cheeks and then work his tongue over my vagina and asshole.

While Jimmy worked over my pussy and asshole, I lifted my feet up off the ground and free myself of my shorts.

I had to bend over more and lean my upper body against the wooden railing, as his tongue slid inside my anal passage. It felt so good.

The more I move my body at each lick, the lower my tube top slid down from my breasts.

He licked my asshole and slobbered all over my ass crack. He’d kiss and bite my ass cheeks, before sliding his tongue inside my ass.

He was tonguing, spreading, spitting and biting my anal passage. This treatment was never anything I received from Mr. Anderson.

Jimmy’s tongue inside my asshole felt exhilarating and was driving me crazy. It left me moaning and wanting some more.

When he began to rub my clit and my recently manipulated asshole, I was driven insane with lustful thought.

When he began to finger my saliva lubed asshole I began to moan. I grunted and moaned when Jimmy, inserted fingers in my asshole and pussy and finger me with both at once.

Jimmy stood up and finger fucked my asshole with two fingers while reaching over and caressing my tiny titties. One minute of anal finger fucking and I was ready for what was next.

He bit the back of my neck and then slow rubbed his cock at my anal entrance. I smiled and I wanted to feel his cock in my ass.

Jimmy grabbed a hold of my right leg by the upper calve and slowly entered my anal cavity with his big fat cock.

With only just the head inside the pain was already greater than anything I had experience in recent times. I grit my teeth and tried not to scream out in pain.

When Jimmy slid deeper inside, I screamed out in pain. Jimmy tried to comfort me by caressing my ribcage but his cock was too thick. The pain was too immense.

“Do you want me to stop honey,” Jimmy asked.

“Umm, umm, not just yet, Jimmy not yet,” I responded.

Here I was bent over with one leg raised of the gym balcony; with Jimmy’s big fat cock buried almost balls deep in my ass.

The pain was immense, may ass felt like it was bleeding from being over stretched.

I was then that I realized that, I hadn’t felt this much pain since the time my Uncle Steve forced himself on me as a ten year old and raped me.

Jimmy caressed my ass cheeks and slowly began to fuck my ass.

I started to feel as if I am about to black out, from the pain.

“Arrgghh,” I screamed out.

Jimmy kept pumping into me and eventually got into a rhythm.

It was now I started seeing flashbacks, from back when Uncle Steve raped me. The pain must have triggered something in my mind that had been hidden away.

Uncle Steve used to babysit my brother and I during the week, after school and until mum and dad came home from work. We had a back bungalow, which we used as an alternative lounge room. It had a TV, sofa and a coffee table. It was used as our cubby house. Tommy (my brother) used to play ‘Doctors and Nurses’ in there. I played a few times too.

At 3:30pm each day I would race out back. ‘Bugs Bunny Show’ was on. My brother would hog the TV in the house for his “Power Rangers’, so I got the bungalow.

Uncle Steve would keep an eye on me and eventually sit down next to me.

The pain was too great and I could define past and present flashbacks.

After ’Bugs Bunny” one day; Uncle Steve brought up the ‘Doctors and Nurses’ game and wanted to know how to play. I showed him and every day after ‘Bugs Bunny” we played ‘Doctors and Nurses.’

I was in a semi dreamy state now. I had Jimmy pounding my poor asshole with his big fat black cock, but it was Uncle Steve that I was feeling in my messed up head.

I was in both pain and pleasure and filled with terror. Tears streaked from my eyes and made a mess of my freshly made mascara.

In my mind I was ten years old once again. I was reliving Uncle Steve’s weekly rape sessions once again. I had the terror and fear of Uncle Steve in my head, threatening me and brutalizing me.

I lost not only my virginity but my adolescence. I became a withdrawn child and lacked interest in life.

By the time my father finally worked it out, a year of weekly rapes had past. Uncle Steve was beaten up by him and I never saw him again.

Jimmy’s cock was feeling like a baseball bat deep inside my ass.

Jimmy fucking my ass hard, and the immense pain from his cock; was equaled to this time.

I was then made to see a school counselor, after school almost every day.

A family friend would pick me up afterwards and take me home. Also I had to see a shrink for my trauma and she gave me some pills, which I would take until I was fourteen.

I began to start to regain my awareness and realized that Uncle Steve was in my head and I wasn’t in my old bungalow.

My ass was throbbing and shaking. I was in Jimmy’s office; on the floor, trembling and clutching my bare breasts and in a fetal position.

“Jess, Jess, JESS!” Jimmy tried to get my attention.

I looked around and quickly snapped out of my illusion.

Jimmy had been trying to console me. I had lost track of time and couldn’t remember leaving the balcony and coming inside.

“Are you ok Jess,” Jimmy asked.

I picked myself up and hugged Jimmy tightly. He picked me up like a child and I clung onto him. I had my arms clutched around his necks and legs wrapped around his waist.

I began cracking up and crying. Jimmy caressed my back with a hand and soothingly calmed me down.

“There there Jess, let it all out,” He consoled me like a father and his child.

Jimmy then placed me down on his sofa and went and gave me a drink of coke.

My asshole was sore but numb now.

“Jimmy I lost it there for a moment, when I was real young; I was abused and I just had an episode, sorry,” I apologized.

He smiled and scuffed up my hair.

“It’s all good, are you ok now,” He asked.

“Yes and yes please, if you are still in the mood, please continue, fuck me if you want too, I think I am back in this reality now,” I said, smiling at Jimmy and rubbing tears from my cheeks.

I stood up and I immediately felt stiffness or cramping, in my lower back. The gaping hole in my ass was tender as I slowly stretched my legs straight. I tried my best to hide my pain, but the rigidness of my movement gave my pain away. I turned my back to Jimmy, as I grimaced with my back to him.

I then looked back at Jimmy and I smiled. I then turned my head around and slowly bent over; placing both my hands into the back rest of the leather sofa. I shook and wobbled my ass and spread my legs apart slightly. I now waited for Jimmy’s response.

I heard him stand up and walk towards me. I didn’t know if he was still interested until I felt a hand on the lower part of my bent back. Soon I felt him fishing his cock at my anal passage. Then I felt it slide inside without a hassle.

Another hand touched my lower back, as each hand held onto the sides of my lower back. I let out a small moan as he slow slid it in and out of my asshole.

I shut my eyes and was enjoying his big fat cock in my ass. I wanted it deeper, so I lifted my right foot on to the seat part of the sofa. By doing this, I spread my legs wider apart.

I let out tiny moans of pleasure. If there was pain, I didn’t feel any.

Jimmy briefly pulled out and slid his cock into my wet pussy. He fucked me slowly for about a minute; before returning to my ass.

This time I climb on top of the sofa. I had both knees bent and I braced myself on my elbows on the head of the sofa.

I felt like I was on a drug, because it felt so good and I could feel all of his cock inside my anal passage.

The only times my flashback returned this time around, was when he fucked me rough and hard. He could sense my trauma so he controlled himself.

He reached over and caressed my left breast with his left hand and rolled me down onto the sofa.

Here we were, both on the sofa; with him rubbing my tiny nipples on our sides.

He began to fuck me hard now and my flashbacks were few and minimal now. I was in a trance and feeling numb but unbelievably in my own private heaven.

Rolling my neck with my eyes closed, as he nibbles on my right ear and starts biting my neck.

I seem the only one moaning, until I heard a few tiny grunts escape his lips.

Then it happened. He sped up his fucking then suddenly slowed and I felt his cock twitch, before plunging deep inside my ass.

With his cock spasming inside my ass, he bit then kissed my neck.

“Thanks Jess,” He said, and slowly pulled out.

He walked away and showered.

I just lay on the sofa, resting.

I was still in that position when Jimmy returned, from his shower fully clothed.

“Jess, you better get dressed it’s almost eleven,” He quietly said.

“Oh do I have too,” I pleaded.

“I think you better, the last bus is at twelve,” He said.

I couldn’t find my clothes. So I slowly dressed in my gym clothes and gingerly walked out of the gym.

Oh my god, it was a struggle to walk. My back ached, my butt even more as I slowly walked to the bus stop. My body arched forward a little and my legs were spread apart slightly as I gingered stomped my way to the bus shelter.

Oh great, the group of black boys were hanging near the bus shelter. They must have watched me walking.

They laughed and pointed at me.

“Looks like old man Jimmy busted that white bitch’s ass good, look at the hoe walk,” One of them said, and it was followed by laughter.

I clutched my breasts and sat down on the bus seat, and I put up with their taunts for ten at least.

I cried on the bus, but I didn’t know why I was crying for. I got what I wanted; a big fat cock and a few unwanted memories. But I enjoyed Jimmy fucking me. Deep down I thought to myself I needed more fat cock and lots of it.

When I got home VP was sound asleep. So I showered and crawled into bed with him. It was 12:45am in the morning.

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Extra juicy thing about this series is its basis on fact. There truly is a substantial number of Sudanese and other black, immigrant ethnicity in Australia. Your realism adds more to the fun in reading your stories. Loved the way you inserted the memory sequence within the anal sex session with Jim.

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