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My learning experiece with myself and my dog

save if you can not read the whole thing A MUST READ STORY

Must read completely and slowly this is were I learned everything about being
a women. Read to the very end and enjoy. Must read all

First off this is a story and if you have bad comments to say, close the
page now. Dont read any more and have a nice day, but for the rest off us
enjoy yourself.

My name is Pam and this is my story. My age now is not important. This is
my learning experence. I always keep my pussy shaved bald, I shaved everyday
in the shower or on my bed with a glass of water.
It all started when i learned to rub myself felt good.

I would go in my room, lock the door (blinds shut if they are closed no one can ever see in your room)
and get naked and just lay there rubbing my pussy. I didnt have my first orgasm for a while later. Now to that, everyday after I got home I would go to my room and lock the door, get naked and go crazy on
my pussy then I thought I am going to rub my pussy as fast as possible for as long as my arm would let me go. So I started and after about five minutes I felt myself getting wet between my legs, wetter than I ever got before and then it started to happen I felt my body starting to go crazy on the inside and then it came I was shaking like crazy it felt like I was peeing myself and I just keep going and going. It was the best thing I have ever felt. I orgasmed like 20 times that day until I was to sore to go on any more. when I was finish I thought to myself that was the best day ever
(or so I thought)...................

So that went on for a while and then we got a computer, I dont know what I typed but I spelled it wrong and a bunch of naked girls and guys came up and thats when me and the computer became best friends (or so I thought). I got up and went to my room as fast as I could and locked the door got naked and started to masterbate. I looked at everything I possible could that day, I saw guy and girls fucking, guys putting there dick in womens asses (which I didnt even know people did) two dicks at once one in the girls pussy and one
in her ass. I saw guys coming on girls faces.

I saw black guys fucking white girls and that was the NASTIEST thing i ever saw. How could some girl ever be that nasty. Her family and friends had to hate her for ever.I closed that page and never looked at another BLACK guy again NASTY to mix races.

Then i saw girls licking and fucking other girls. I came as much as my body could take.

well after that day I learned to never masterbate with clothes on. My pussy hurt bad and smelled really bad that I had to go to the doctor and tell him what I did, I was so embrassed ( and would never tell again). He told me that the clothes rubbing against my pussy gave me a yeast infection and another dieasee and said that I should not do that, I also told him I wear pads alot because i am always leaking in my underwear. And he said that is really bad for girls to do also that girls get yeast infections sometimes but
underwear and pads dont let you breathe or let your vagina drain like its
supposed to and that that stuff rubbing or touching your vagina causes yeast infections and other dieases really fast. He said your vagina has to breathe, and pads are not the greatest for you either. He gave me meds and sent me home. I could not even touch myself for a week it hurt so bad and
smelled worse. Worse thing ever.

After that my meds where up and I was feeling hornier then I ever felt in my
life so I went and got the computer. Sit it on my bed and got naked. this time I got naked completely I sit my clothes next to the bed. I didn't care about my bra or underwear, so I alway put my pants and shirt right next to the bed in case someone came to the door I could put my pants and shirt on really fast and act like I didnt' hear them as I was getting dress. But since the infection i knew from that day on I would never wear clothes again while I masterbated. I had the computer put it between my legs and just was going to porn
everywhere on the internet. I would put a video on cum a couple of times and
go to a new video. Then I saw a video titled GIRL STOLE MOMS VIBRATOR and so
I watched it. Then that is when it happen, I saw the girl masterbating
naked and she had nice tits, so I kept watching and she grabed a few markers
and put one in her ass and started to masterbate, she aslo had a computer
between her legs watching porn and her bf was filming with his camcorder. I
kept watching and then she put two markers in her pussy and had the one in
her ass at the same time she was rubbing on her clit. Then she told her bf
that she was going to her moms room and getting her dildo and vibrators so
she could cum all over them I watch this girl naked using her moms dildo on
herself for like an hour and half she first put it on her clit and came then
she was shoving into her pussy and ass just going crazy coming all over,
Telling it to fuck her harder and faster. I came probably 30-40 time
watching this girl go crazy on her self. She said she neveer had a vibrator
on her pussy before and it was the most amazzing thing ever. That was the
end of the movie.

The next day I was thinking that I bet my mom has dildos and vibrators so I
went to her room and started to search in her drawer and under the bed. I
didnt find nothing in her drawers besides a bunch of porn movies and then
under her bed I found a vibrator, I kept looking for a dildo or something.
Then I went to my fathers office and in his desk he had a vibrator so I put
it in my pocket and then i knew my mom had to have dildos so I went back to
her closet and thats when I found everything. She had dildos and vibrators
and lube

we alsways showered with the doors open and went to the bathroom together so
we always saw every part of each other, I loved it every day I got to see a
cock and no one cared. When I went to the bathroom I always spread my legs
as far apart as I could so everyone could see and would wipe really slow and
spread my lips to make sure it was dry. And no one ever cared everyone would
look and not say anything about it so I doubt anyone would care if I did get
caught with the dildos anyway.

I ran and grabed a bag from my room and put them in the bag and took them
back to my room.. I was so excited because I saw the orgasms the girl was
having with the toys. Dad was always in his office and mom only used them in
the morning everyday that means i had all day til bedtime with her toys and she would never know
they were gone.Now I have the toys in my room, I got naked and put my pants and shirt next
to my bed and I got the computer put it in the middle of my bed and put on a
porn movie. I then put some lube on my pussy and started rubbing my pussy
like crazy it was so wet. Then I grabed a dildo and i looked at it and was
wondering if it would fit in my little pussy. i first put it in my mouth and
started to suck on it like I was sucking a cock. and after that I put it to
my pussy and started to push it in, it was really hard to get in. It hurt
but at the same time it felt so good. I finally got it in and started to
shove it into me I started to rub my pussy and it only took a minute for me
to cum all over the big dildo in my pussy it felt so good but hurt a little.
I fucked my pussy all day with that dildo. I turned on the vibrator and it
was kind of loud so I stoped and got up and put some music on and then went
and layed on my bed again and shoved the dildo back in me and put a vibrator


I slept wonderful thaat night the next morning I woke up and was horny

thinking about everything the day before. mom was not up yet so I knew I

couldnt get the vibrators I was a little sore but I had to have something in

my pussy. I first saw a marker and I knew I was going to use that in my ass

and had to find something for my pussy. I look and looked I found a candle

and decided to use that for my asss instead it was long but slim then I saw

my hairbrush. I knew I was ready to go. I got naked put my pants and shirt


naked on my bed with the computer between my legs and I slowly put the candle

in my ass I had to spit on it at first it hurt a little but I knew how good

it was going to feel cumming on it. I then sucked on the hair brush and got

it really wet and slowly slid it into my pussy. It felt wonderful. I started

to rub my clit and orgasmed a lot of times i dont know how long i shoved the

hair brush in and out of me but it had to be at least an hour and half. I

came 30-40 times and finally couldn't go anymore til later that day.

all day I thought about the hairbrush and candle and the vibrators. I could

feel my pussy leaking in my panties all day, it felt weird being so wet in my

underwear but I loved it every time i got a chance i walked into my room

pulled my pants down and fingered my naked pussy with four fingers. I didnt

orgasm yet but just would use four fingers in my pussy hurt a little but was

awesome. I shoved them as deep as they would go I just want to scream. Now

i just go in my room everyday and do that to myself all the time just tokeep

my pussy open..

sometimes would take my rothers hand and put it inside me and told him not to

look he ouldnt tell anyway but it felt good to have another hand inside

Ok now to the dog where I learned the most about life and myself. Well it

all started with I got my owned computer and I set up instant messageing for

my self. I met a girl online and and we became sex buddies. She was just

into girls nad dogs, that I learned. She was older than me by two years.

and I wanted to be like her because she knew ever thing about sex. she

couldof told me anything and i would do it because i needed a good friend. I

never had a real best friend that i could talk to everyday and she was it she

told me what to do and i did it and never said anything about it. I know

some of the things she told me to do was weird but I didnt care I listened to

everything she said no matter what I Didnt know why I really never had really

good friends but She helped me through everything but i didn't want to ever

loose her. She was the only friend I really ever had and we still talk to

this day. People really never liked me I dont know why. We were talking one

day and she said her dog was licking her. I asked her where and she told me

and I was kinda weirded out at first. But Then she asked me if I had a dog

and I said yes I have a black dog I didnt know what kind and she asked if he

was big or small and I said big and she said great. she told me to go get

him and have him come in my room and to get naked and I said ok. My dogs

name is sal and he is always in my room besides at night my mom will not let

him sleep with me. Besides that I always have him in my room. If he is not

I say I want to play with him and then he comes in my room. I got naked and

told her ok and she said stay on your bed or someone will hear and throw you

blankets on the floor because parents can alway hear blankets and you CLOTHES

rubbing back and forth. So I threw ever thing on the floor and had sal lay

down and she told me to put my pussy in front of his face. I did and he

started to lick me and it felt awesome but it kinda hurt a little but she

said the more I did it, the less it would hurt and it makes your vagina

tougher which is good. I said ok and sal just keep going licking my pussy

and my ass, I dont know which felt better my ass or my pussy. then she told

me to have him stand up and slide under him and pull his cock out and to suck

on it so i did it tatsed weird at first but i loved it she told me to

practice putting it all the way down my throat so i did it made me feel like

i was going to puke because it was so far down my throat but she said

practice when you can shove the whole thing all the way down you would be a

pro and your future husband would love you for ever then she told me

to lay my dog on the bed and to have him roll over and to pull his dick out

of his skin. she said its kinda hard but if you lay him down and suck on him

it will come out easier. It was kind of weird looking but it was my first

cock and i was not going to pass this up. so i tried it was hard to pull it

out but finally i got it out i had to pull back hard with one hand and used

the other to pull his dick out, I had to push the skin all the way down and

he had a round bulge at the bottomshe said hold his cock at the bottom,and

she told me to put it inside me so i spread my legs and got on top of him

naked and pushed his cock inside me she told be this way its smaller and is a

good starting point. She told me to go up and down sliding it out to the very

end and slamming it back in by slaming down on it. she told me to rubb on my

clit and orgasma on his cock so I did like five times while I slid up and

down, Then she said now the real fun is going to start. Get on your hands

abd knees and he would get on me and fuck me like i have never been fucked

before so i got on my hands and knees naked on my bed and he did he jumped up

on me and wrapped his paws around me and started to hump me and he couldnt

find the hole so he stoped and i played with his cock for a minute then he

jumped back on me this time he scratched my back with his nails and it hurt

kinda bad but I was so horny I didn't care. he started to hump me and I

reached under and grabed his cock and put it in my pussy and he start to fuck

my brains out I reached under and and rubbed on my clit as fast as I could i

started to orgasm everywhere and i knew he knew when I did his cock would

just get harderand harder every time I came on his dick finally he fell out

of me I rolled over and played with my pussy with my fingers and orgasmed 10

times while he licked all of his cumm out of me. It was

so hot to know a guy dog was eating his own cum I wondered if guys did that,

I know girls love licking there fingers every time they shove them in there

pussy. i let him fuck me eight different times that day his cock loved me

and I loved his cock. After that day sal my wonderful dog got to fuck me

everyday and everyday I praticte sucking his cock. some time i just lay under

him and get his cock out and hold it and squezze it and his cum will shoot on

my face. i learned also that the more the dog licked you the cleaner your

pussy stays because they have clean mouths.I told my chat buddy thank you and

now was going to bed I love her after that we both I told her what to do and she told me

Things I learned as a women

Alway keep your pussy shaved smooth or with a small stripe of hair down the

middle shave everyday has the best videos and stories ever dont share with others dogs

stories not horny read a couple of stories and you will be

Guys love it when you know what you are doing in bed

Practice deep throating guys love when you can shove it all the way down your

mouth practice with bananas or anything you can find but the more you pratice

the better you get, practice on the dog, cum tastes great and is healthy for

you it takes a long time to learn to be great

the more you orgasm the bigger your tits get because it releases some hormone

in you body masterbate at least three different times a day orgasm as much as you can

try to get a vibrator

let your pussy and tits breathe and use tampons not pads plus you can

masterbate with tampons in and it feels good to cumming on them

find a friend on a chat and never tell anyone

have fun with your dog as much as you can

a guy doesnt want a girl that is inexperenced

never have sex with any guy outside of the fem til you are 18

pulling on your tits doesnt make your tits bigger but will make your nipples

bigger which your husband will love down the road orgasms and fingering is

the only thing to make them bigger

Never masterbate with clothes on

finger your pussy as much as possible the more fingers the better and the

deeper the better

like the taste of cumm guys will love you

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