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Girl's first blowjob on her boyfriend
This is the story of when I gave my first ever blow job to my then-boyfriend. We were both 16 and had been together for 3 or 4 weeks, and although I didn't feel comfortable enough to offer him my virgin pussy, I certainly begun to wonder about experiencing the physical side of love.

We'd been in the park one summer's afternoon with some of our friends, just hanging out and having a fun time. Terry was 16 and a half, and I found myself becoming more transfixed watching him kick a ball around with his friends. He was about 5 foot 6 tall and of an athletic build, and I found myself staring at his slender waist and body as he ran around, wondering at what exactly lay concealed in those shorts. We strolled home in the late afternoon, holding hands and talking. When we kissed goodbye, he offered me in to the house for a beer as his parents were away for the evening. I gladly accepted.

He gave me a beer from the fridge and we went upstairs and sat on his bed as we drank the cool beers and chatted. Out of the blue, he leant over and kissed me. I was a little surprised and taken unawares at first as his tongue probed gently against mine. But as I responded, it snaked into my mouth and we began french kissing. We laid down next to each other and continued kissing and caressing each other. I noticed his cock had started to harden in his shorts, making a bulge in the fabric. Gingerly, I reached out a hand and gently began to rub it. He gasped, and kissed me again as his cock stiffened more. I genuinely thought it'd tear through the cotton such was his excitement! He began to reach under my short summer skirt up my thighs and rub my pussy, but I pulled his hand sharply away.

"Not yet", I gasped, breaking off our kiss. "I don't feel ready for that yet".

I kissed him again, almost apologetic for exciting him. "There's something else I can do for you though".

He looked confused.

"Has anyone given you a blow job before?" I asked.

"No", he said. "Never."

"Would you like me to?" I asked him. I almost regretted the question the moment it left my lips. I felt so embarrassed the moment I'd asked the question, but I needn't have been.

He responded by tugging at his shorts, trying to release his straining, erect penis. I realised with a pang that this would be my first ever blow job, and that I'd remember this moment for the rest of my life. I was excited, but equally terrified!

"Stand up," I told him, as I moved off of the bed and I took up a kneeling position at his feet on the floor in front of him.

By this time, his hardened dick had almost strained and torn through the cotton. I reached into his waistband, and tugged his shorts down over his legs, letting them fall at his feet. There was a small patch of pre-cum on his white boxer shorts, and I realised I was only moments away from tasting his cock. I tugged down his underwear, and his raging cock sprang up pointing directly at my face. It was un-cut and about 5 inches long, standing up proud and true from a nest of dark pubic hair.

I grinned, and remembering some of the internet porn I'd seen before I gently extended my tongue and lapped at the end of his cock. He tasted warm and a little bit salty, but not unpleasant as I'd been told by other girls who'd given their boyfriends head. He gasped and took a small step toward me, nudging his tip against my lips. I opened my mouth and slid it along his cock, bobbing my head gently back and forth. As I gained in confidence, I took him deeper until my nose nestled in his pubes and my tongue lapped at his balls. His balls were swollen and obviously full to the brim of hot cum... and I planned to milk them completely! He groaned as I deep-throated him and gently humped his hips against my face. I continued bobbing my head, listening to his moans and groans as his salty pre-cum coated my tongue.

This was where I guess my in-experience came in at giving head, and as his thighs flexed against my willing mouth, I came up for air just at the wrong moment! His breathing deepened, and his waist suddenly bucked hard towards me. As it did, a big thick glob of cum shot out of him, past my left ear like an exocet missile and splashed against his closed bedroom door. It slowly ran down the door onto the carpet. His hips bucked again, and a second silvery-white string of sperm arked out of his cock through the air and landed across my fringe and forehead. He then plunged his twitching cock deep into my mouth, forcing the tip into my throat as he shot another thick wad of hot sperm deep into my mouth. It splashed against my throat and gently trickled down into my stomach, a similar sensation to drinking brandy, making my throat and gullet warm. His cock pulsed and twitched a few more times, each time spewing more sperm into my mouth and throat, he grasped the back of my head, pushing my nose into his pubic hair as I milked every last drop of virile semen from his balls.

I kept his twitching cock in my mouth while he came down from his climax, enjoying the taste and the sensation of him. His cock eventually softened becaming almost spongy in my mouth. He stepped back then and sat on the bed, his spent penis popping out of my mouth and now dangling gently between his legs. There it was, my first blow job! Judging by the huge amount of cum that had sloshed out of his balls, he quite enjoyed it!

The next thing I thought of was the sperm that had splashed out against the door, so I went into the bathroom and found a cloth to clean up the mess. As I ran it under the tap to wet it, in the mirror I caught sight of the string of white cum that had arked out of his cock across my hair. I picked it gently out my hair with my fingers, licked them clean and swallowed the salty mixture - the sperm must have gratefully flicked their tails and swam down my throat to join their buddies!

Cleaning up and mopping his cum from the door and the carpet I found a huge turn-on and I began to look forward embracing my lover again.

We lay on the bed, exchanging sexy little kisses, giggling and caressing. Before long, his cock began standing proudly up, ready for round two.

"You want some more, do you?" I asked him, and slopped another little kiss onto his mouth.

He just nodded, and stood up again - dragging me from the bed to kneel at his feet again.

This time there were no formalities, he just stepped forward and plunged his full length into my mouth. He began humping hard against me immediately, his thighs flexing, forcing the tip of his cock into the very deepest back of my throat with every thrust. He was fucking my mouth like a pussy, his balls slapping hard against my chin and a sheen of sweat appeared on his skin as he pounded hard against me.

His breathing again to become deeper, almost gasping. I reached my left hand up and tickled his balls. That was all it took, I felt those balls retract and his hips bucked hard against my face as I milked his balls for a second time. His cock spewed a string of salty sperm across my tongue, and down into my throat. This was followed by several globs of thicker, hotter cum - each one was its own spermy eruption exploding in my mouth as he took me for his pleasure. This time, his ejaculation was maybe slightly less intense, but equally satisfying for him.

After that, I developed a taste for his cum. I sucked him off many times after, in many different locations. Once in the park hidden from view by some bushes on a crisp winter's evening. The cold air making a huge contrast from the hot sperm that sloshed into my mouth and dripped down my chin. Another time in the fitting room at our local department store, while people went about their business just outside the door!

Eventually, I gave him my virgin pussy as well. But that's my next story!

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